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tv   Local 12 at Noon  CBS  January 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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moore took off. amor found him a couple of hours ter walking down the road. >> he questioned the gentleman outside of the vehicle, to the rear of the vehicle and was talking to him. he did a check on him and somewhere around that line a warrant showed up on the suspect, and from thn en on, it is a little bit of a gray area, we think the fight ep sued right there. officer amor sustained a lot of injury to his face and jaw. he was transported by the squad and airlifted out to uc hospital and a few hours later, he was released. underneath that blue tarp is officer john amor's car. i got a look at it and the evidence tech was looking at it as well as the police chief harvey boman.
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over the back end of that car, most assuredly it is from police officer john amor. amor's wife tells me he's at home, resting, he apparently has a broken jaw and possibly a broken nose. he took some real serious hits, he was still able to call for backup and call for an emt. the really concerning part about all of this, they have not been glock. it is believed that kyle curtis officer's gun. he ties in this area but also in clermont county. as you can see, there's a whole lot of activity right now, maybe they have got a hot lead on that. we'll keep tabs on it and let you know if anything new develops.
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show if something breaks and also first at 4:00. >> be sure to stay with local 12 latest details. if you have any information that police. >> the hunt is on for two people involved in west chester in a homicide. someone shot casso. this case. good afternoon, larry. >> reporter: good afternoon, john. just moments ago police made an announcement they have made an arrest. 18-year-old justin koch has been charged with complicity to murder as well as complicity to aggravated burglary. west chester police have been looking for the suspects all
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two on the run. he was a recent graduate from high school and he had so many friends. casso was shot and killed at his home near u.s. 42. it happened around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. there were witnesses to the shooting and family and friends are in shock today. >> i just keep thinking about why did it happen, what did he do to deserve it, and i just keep thinking about his daughter alice and his family. >> reporter: john, police are continuing to follow leads on this case and they are looking for at least one man and one woman in connection with this shooting. again, 18-year-old justin koch has been arrested and charged in connection with this.
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complicity to murder. he's being housed in the butler county jail. coming up on local 12 news at 5:00, we'll hear more from friends of tyler casso. live in west chester, local 12 news, larry davis. >> two suspects still at large. if you know something about this shooting, call crime stoppers. there at least three winning tickets in the $1.6 billion powerball jackpot. they were sold in tennessee, florida, and california. none of the winnerses have come forward as of yet. the winning numbers are 4, 8, 19, 27, 34, and a powerball of 10. now, a woman from upstate new york, who is staying here in the tri-state because she's having financial problems is one kentucky's million dollar powerball winners. >> i actually had just got home
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numbers online and had no idea that it was that big of a prize. >> that's all right. linda bought three powerball tickets from the travel center on richmond road. she bought them on the way home from a temporary job. one of those tickets was a million dollar winner. linda says she probably won't quit her job, but the money will help her and her three children. there's one in hazard and the other in paducah, they haven't come forward yet. that million dollar match five winning tickets were sold in ohio and indiana. >> a unique medical resource in district. fairfield city schools have the first fully integrated school based healthcare center at a suburban district. it is a one stop shop serving students health needs.
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healthcare center at oiler elementary and price hill. what makes it different is the coexistence of all four services in one building. nearly half of the students live below poverty level. several organizations including one sight. >> the child can come here and have a full comprehensive exam and while they are here, if there's a notice that the child has other needs, hasn't had their immunizations or physical, they can be referred here. if you notice that there's some type of dental hygiene that they them. the new healthcare center serves students in the school district. a dedication ceremony will be held at 5:00 tonight. it is expected to officially open in early february. >> well, today is the pick day of the week.
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and a mix of sun and clouds. here is meteorologist brandon orr with a look at your no wait weather. >> just passed 30 degrees yesterday. already 44 degrees at the international airport. we're going to make it above 50 degrees today. carrollton right around 48. vevay around 44. lebanon and liberty still around 38 degrees, that will pull in off towards the north and usher in the warmer air mass. we have a couple days' break from the cold but it is warmer this weekend. we do have clouds north of
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the northern gulf coast, that's our next storm system. cooler weather and even some snow showers on the way here in 15 minutes. >> claiming responsibility, isis
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new today isis fighters have claimed responsibility for an attack on the capital of indonesia today. the brazen attacks targeted foreigners at a starbucks, police say at least seven people, including four attackers have been killed. surveillance video aired on television and showed one of the deadly explosions. there were at least three suicide bombers in the city and two gunmen attacked the police posts. officials say several other people including some foreigners were injured in the attacks. british actor alan rickman has died. cancers. he was 69 years old.
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with 12 nominations. leonardo dicaprio follows his win at the golden globes. mad max fury road follows with 10 nominations. gridly scott's sci-fi. the lesbian romance carol filmed here in the tri-state. harvey weinstein will not have a horse in the best picture race
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how chipotle plans t to >> the popular eos lip balm is now at the center of a class action lawsuit. she claims it left her with rashes, bleeding and blistering. the attorney says the claim that is false. >> chipotle has a plan to win back customers. give away more free food. sales are down after recent e.
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street. you can catch the closing
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>> not much >> a bus driver in cleveland was attacked by a man who pulled out
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>> no one did anything to help. can see here. when the driver pleaded for someone to call police. passengers kind of turned and walked away. the driver did finally manage to call for help himself and police eventually got there and took the suspect to jail. the fight started over a bus expected. >> i don't know what's more disturbing, the fight or the fact that nobody would call police. weather, we've had an uptick toward the warm side. >> we did. all of the sun we have going on right now. you walk outside and it is tolerable. we'll hold on to these warm temperatures, at least for a couple of days. we can loop our camera over the past three hours. high thin clouds moving in from the west northwest. pushing in towards that direction, back towards downtown
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switch around to the south and west. 44 degrees there. southwest at 10 miles per hour. that's why we have been warming up so much, so far today. still hanging on to the 30s in wilmington wilmington, that's areas north and northeast of downtown. the warmer air is pulling in down towards vevay, indiana first. i think we'll hit 50 degrees today. if you make it into the low 50s. above that high temperature of 50 degrees. we have some clouds moving in. but this is what we're watching, these are the clouds that i'm talking about that are going to move in from the south later on. i think we're going to see mostly sunny skies most of today. after sun is the before these clouds really move on in. wind coming in not only across the southwest. around 10 miles per hour. a little breezy at times, but
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54 degrees in paducah. 51 in louisville. with temperatures warming up that fast, 50 degrees may be cutting it short a little bit. so let's take you through the weekend. we have some clouds that are moving off towards the north. you can see some of the clouds down to the south. i'm going to show you a storm system that we have moving in towards the weekend. so here it is moving in from the south, the extra clouds. the rain starts to develop over the mississippi river, right around the overnight hours tonight and into early tomorrow morning. this is the rain that moves in tomorrow morning. if you're out for the morning commute. if you go out early enough and leave before 3:00, a few hit and miss showers. the more steady rain will move off into the early afternoon.
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like a rock saturday night and sunday morning. we have a whole lot of clouds over us now. there could be flurries or embedded snow showers on saturday. i don't think it is a big deal. it may lay down a brief coating. as we go into saturday, this is what we're watching, well on out towards the west, this storm system will eventually push to the south and east and could bring some light snow accumulations on sunday. either way you look at it, anything that is falling still looks to be mainly light. here is how the weekend is shaping up. a few snow showers on saturday. don't let it get in the way of your plans. maybe a light dusting out of some of those. 22 overnight. 27 for sunday. that's when we could have a better chance of snow showers moving on through. the coldest air of the season so far possible, temperatures into the lower single digits. i wouldn't be surprised if some
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especially if we still have snow cover around on early monday morning. >> police arrested a man who was accused of beating a police officer unconscious. investigators say he assaulted ripley officer amall last night custody. an officer who pulled up at the scene found him unconscious and bleeding. local 12's rich jaffe will have more details coming up on first at 4:00. >> be sure to join local 12 tonight.
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life in pieces at >> we have another local breaking news alert now. these are pictures of a house fire. it broke out just after 11:00 this morning. we're told by a crew on the scene, there are reports of injuries, the fire appears to be out. no word yet on a cause, so stay with local 12 news and for new details as they become available to us. >> would you split a hotel room with a total stranger? there's a new app for what's called winston club.
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travelers save money on hotels. they will screen all users and match people based on age and gender. i would have to be sold on that. >> last look at weather. >> we're looking pretty good today. temperature. so will be warmer than that. it depends on the snow cover, if you have more snow cover, it will be cooler. >> clouds will increase after sunset tonight. >> remember, news anytime at
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