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tv   Local 12 First Four  CBS  January 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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[applause] >> it was a long morning for officers, but it pays off. police capture a suspect who's charged with viciously beating a local officer. >> thanks for joining us.
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curtis moore. >> they say moore attacked a ripley officer and stole his gun. >> law enforcement from across the area to respond to help him to search for kyle moore. in the end, they had good news. kyle curtis moore was want for assaulting ripley officer john moore thursday morning. moore had gotten into an argument with his girlfriend in the car. responded. moore took off. the officer spotted him in a pepsi plant. the two got into a vicious fight when she found there was a warrant. moore ran as the officer called for help. moore also took the police officer's gun. after a ten hour manhunt around noon, kyle moore walked into the nursing home outside ripley where multiple people recognized
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he was quickly taken to authorities. short time later, he led the authorities to a backyard where he thrown the officer's weapon. moore is facing multiple charges and the officer is recovering from home. in richmond >> and before that he was an mp in the air force. mary mount family is mourning the loss of their daughter who died in a bus crash while in a humanitarian mission in honduras. emilia ear heart, they died, while taking them home in a volunteer mission. ear nairs heart was one of the student on the humanitarian. high school. while there she was involved in
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she was a national merit scholar. her family still lives at mary mont. their auditorium on saturday, january 23rd at 9:30 a.m. and all are welcome. westchester police arrested casow. justin cook, was also charged with come plassency to murder and complacency to ag graph valted murder. police say kessel was shot in his home on cincinnati road wednesday afternoon. he died later in the hospital. they believe three people were involved in the homicide, including a black man wearing a black coat. and white woman with dark hair and glasses. they may have driven off in a dark gray protege with tinted windows. detectives are not saying if
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any suspect. >> cincinnati police are looking to see if you identify the fote o of a woman who stolen two photographs. they stole a purse, that same day police believe the woman you see here, used a stolen credit card in a meyer and fairfield. few seconds later, she went to a meyer and used another stolen credit card. if you could help police, call crimestoppers at 352-3040. the fire started just before 11:00 on walnut road. they believe the flames originated from the bedroom. woman, infant and two young children were able to get out. one person did suffer a minor injury. the crews say the flames destroyed the homes so the red cross is helping the family. there's at least three
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1.6 billion jackpot that was drawn last night. the winning ticket was sold in chino hills, california, mumford, tennessee and florida. none of the winners have yet come forward. the winning numbers in wednesday's night drawing are 4, 8, 19, 27, 24 and powerball is 10. >> i started waking everybody in the house. >> woman from upstate new york, here, because of financial problems, is one of kentucky's powerball winners. wendy bought three powerball ticket on richmond road. : one of winner. she said she checked the numbers when she got home from work around 2:30 a.m. drove down to louisville to
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there's 2 million powerball tickets in kentucky. one is in hazard and the other one is in paduka. >> what do we have for the rest of the week? brandon orr with the no wake weather. >> it's nice outside. it still does feel pretty nice. at the international airport, above the charts. and it's helping us warm up because of the sunshine.
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this is the clouds overnight tonight. it started to push in memphis. there's a cold front. and that's when we're watching for more rain to develop as soon as as tomorrow. right now, we're not looking at any rain at all. mostly clear. we start to see the clouds move in. down to the lower 40s. that's when the clouds start to increase. and clouds really taken off and eventually the rain by then. and timing the rain, weekend snow showers are on the way. turn it around. hurricane alex, there's a hurricane in the atlantic. we'll talk more about that shortly. >> brandon, thanks. new monitoring program for college students.
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>> this year's 50th annual st. patrick's parade will travel a new downtown route. it will start at mary way in central avenue and head east. and from there, it will head north. and turn east at freedom way and
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>> new way to help college students, become college graduateings. they have a mentoring program, who will be the first in the families to go to college. first generation students often comes from lower backgrounds. and the program will start this fall, 40 meantors and students. it should grow within five years to 600 students and adults who will help them. >> i've been around a long time as a teacher, superintendent and i've been surprised how a mentoring service could change the life of a child or children. they will have a web-based platform so meantors could share advice on-line. coming at 5:00, meet a couple of potential college students.
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program could mean for them. >> a one stop shopping for medical schools. and it's an area for behavioral needs. this is a similar model to the health center in price hill. the health care center, serves students in the school district. they will start seeing patients in the next couple of weeks. dedication ceremony will be held tonight. >> it's a rare handed copy of a document, you'll get to see in your own hands. >> and shares a glimpse from the national freedom center, where the 13th amendment is going to be on display. . >> starting tomorrow, we get to see a rare -- and this 13th
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i'm here with richard cooper, director of museum experiences at freedom center. very rare opportunity. let's talk a little bit about the 13th amendment itself. and they are a very few copies of these. >> there's only 12-15 of the documents signed by abraham lincoln. 13th amendment, freed the enslaved people in the united states. that's about 4 people. >> this specific copy. who did it belong to. actually reads here in the hall of congress. >> this is something that will be available to public starting friday. >> and it will be available starting tomorrow all the way through june 30th. it will leave and it will go to
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museum at the mall. >> if you want to see it now, now is the time to do it. >> and we're excited and have at the same time, emancipation proclamation on display in the same room. >> awesome opportunity and for now, we'll send it back to you guys. >> to celebrate, the freedom public. that day, you could see the 13th amendment at a discounted rate of $5. >> former backstreet boy gets rested for bar fight. >> harry potter and die hard fans remember actor allen.
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>> rickman was battling cancer. he was known as his role, and professor in the harry potter series. rickman was 69-year-old. former back street, nick carter, arrested after a fight outside the bar. the 35-year-old waited to make the first court appearance.
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intoxicated when the officers confronted him. another man and worker repeatedly told both men to leave. once outside, the man allegedly head bulted an employee and carter allegedly grabbed a one by the throat. >> and it's melting the snow pretty quick. they had nearly two inches in oxford look at the weather camera. this is a live view. you could see there's a little bit of snow left. when we loop it in the past six
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lot more snow cover. 54 degrees in cincinnati. winds coming in around 12. that's where we're so warm today. and other temperatures close to 60 in carrollton. 58 right now. 56 in veve. remember, the wind is coming from the south, southwest, it's pulling the warmer air in first, towards carrollton and veve. and making it above the 50 degree mark. precision doppler hd is completely dry. we don't have anything to deal with. we have clouds earlier this morning. . this is the clouds we're waiting on down to the south. this is the moisture moving to memphis. the cold front that's going to spark the rain for tomorrow morning. it's towards the west. once it interacts, it will start to see the rain develop and move
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morning. we're not going to get below freezing, especially in the middle of january. 9 degrees towards 5:00 and we have cloudy skies by 6:00. after that, is when the rain moves in. if you have any plans going tomorrow night and school. and google play and the app store. track it on radar. we will have rain moving in, with the moisture pulling from the south coming in at 12 miles an hour. as i mentioned, wind speeds at cincinnati. 20 towards louisville. decent breeze. and 59, same there in paduca. it looks a lot warmer. 33 degrees warmer than this time yesterday.
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start to see the colors in the map. that will bring big changes in the weekend. here it is hour-by-hour. clouds move in. by 7:00, we have the isolated showers hit and miss. the more widespread rain will move in late morning and midday. if you are going to the morning rush, most of it will be dry. certainly by midday, we have rain moving in. overnight, friday night, saturday, we go below freezing. we have snow showers popping up from time to time on saturday. it will be flurries and embedded showers on and off throughout the day. this weekend, saturday's forecast, 33. even cooler on sunday, with a slightly better chance of some snow showers. this is when the real cold air moves in. sunday night into monday morning. monday, highs around 16 degrees. i promise you hurricane alex.
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it's closer to africa than it is here in america. moving towards the north, toward greenland. nonetheless, extremely unusual for the hurricane. when we get towards hurricane season that starts on june the 1st, we will look to start with a letter a. january. >> crews taking unique approach
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frozen car we showed you earlier in the week. >> how would they get it thawed. reporter showed us how the car became a tourist attraction. >> the ice car turn into a tourist attraction along route 5. high winds whipping the lake erie surf drenched the
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and megan row used her day off to check out the removal operation. >> it was amazing. you never seen anything like it. once in a lifetime. you have to check it out. i happen to be here when they are taking it out. >> after getting the car from the owner's insurance company, lenny and his four man crew came in with the plan. melt the ice with calcium fluoride and remove it. >> 28 years of doing this, never seen anything of that magnitude. i was excited to get the call. >> 350 pounds of calcium flouride. within minutes, they broke the car free leaving an ice sculptor of a different kind. >> will start melting. and within 15 minutes, we were able to extract it from the ice.
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flouride will work bether than rock salt. it has a lower freezing point once it melts the ice, the liquid liquid liquidfied calcium. >> just wait until june. >> they started the car right up. >> impressive. >> and so it actually works. he probably has something on his hands, support something, at least to him. >> do you think the chloride damaged the finish? >> i don't know. he got his car back. >> a quick follow-up. >> yesterday, we told you about a group of 5th graders. they wanted to help him make feel a little better after making a field goal. today, he signed autographs, took photos of kids. he told the students thank you from the bottom of his heart.
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>> checking out this year's oscar nods. >> also at 4:00, republican candidates are squaring off tonight. we'll take you live to charleston for a preview of the debate.
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for your arms but >> stage is set for the first g.o.p. debate of the year in north charleston. and ashley brownstone is covering the debate and joins us with the latest. >> we're a few hours out and political experts are calling this a critical debate that will help save the contest leading to the iowa caucuses. >> and then there were seven. north charleston, south carolina, where the stage is set for the top tier republican candidates. with the contest starting in about two weeks, it's becoming clear on which candidates are getting a shot of the nomination. >> south carolina is mentally
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there's a lot of satisfaction here. >> they polled all of the debates and every single poll i've won. >> visiting man donald trump with his confidence unwaivering. political experts say he must face attacks tonight. senator who has avoided >> we need to nominate an elect a president as conservative as obama to liberal ones. >> in recent weeks, trump and others question if cruz who was born in canada was qualified to run despite his mother being a u.s. citizen. meanwhile, in the last 24 hours, candidates are making stops to north carolina with one vote. >> it's about becoming a uniter and being part of the healing process in the country to reignite our spirit.
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poll numbers. they determine whether a candidate makes it to the under car for them >> and carly fiorena. we're in 5th and few people on the stage. >> expected to protest, the south carolina democratic party. as for the debate, it's scheduled to start at 9:00 in the fox business network. that under cared for him 6:00 eastern town. >> and ashley, thanks much. we'll have highlights for tonight's debate. a deadly attack that's claimed at least two lives in
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jonathan has the latest in the newsdesk. two people hurt and gunfire in jakarta, indonesia. and gunmen attacked a police station nearby. u.s. embassy issued an alert, telling them to stay put and until further. and he said he's confident isis. it's part of an islamic battle, says that's a battle that could be a syrian town. u.s. reported finding hur fying conditions. from the terrorism alert desk in london, london. drawdown in guantanamo is having a tax down on congress.
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congress not the president who will control its fate. does the president have the authority to close guantanamo bay? >> well, that's the big question. i believe he thinks he does but i believe some members of congress say he absolutely does not, at least without their approval in fact, they've written things in the law, including the spending bill that prevents them from taking unilateral action. the president does intend to do this. so we interviewed senator lindsey graham. that could lead to the showdown with congress in the executive grant. he called president obama delusional in his words. he says the president thinks it's the right time to shut down guantanamo. >> you could hear from one man, who helped capture the enemy combatants in the program, full measure.
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really >> and a nice cold, nice snow. if you like this warmer weather, 5 4r degreeing. warmer weather is pulling from the southwest to 50. and so we have lots of sunshine. that's one reason why we really warmed up. wind coming out of the southwest pretty decent, too. live doppler hd for right now. tomorrow morning, john gun will be tracking some football. these are the clouds pushing in and already making it in southern tennessee. that's where we will see the rain fire up. 40s.
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most of that is down to the south right now. plus snow showers on the way for the weekend. single digit temperatures, winner makes a come back. up. if you haven't started a new shape. maybe it's time to get what you need all wrapped up in an hour. >> liz bonis checks in one of the hottest workouts. she joins us with details on the living longer report. >> there's a big grand reopening this weekend for limit less limitless jijitsu. it offers an all in one workout that may help you kick it up a notch. >> at least a few days away.
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>> instead. >> and it's a mixed marshall arts gym. offers offers. >> amanda is focused on cardio kick boxing and so are a lot of women these days: fell in love with it. fell in love with the boxing, and the whole entire cardio workout. >> it's a combination of self-defense moves, aerobic exercise which gives serious calorie burning. . >> whaur surprising, it's the
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works on your gut. >> you're working your gluts, and everything is on align. >> as for the next step, brazilian jijitsu, i chose to watch. >> you could check it out and details on the class. there's a lot of specials throughout the month. it works out to $15 a week. all of the details at >> i say start with the bottom part and do this. you're doing jumping jacks. the whole time, you're moving.
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>> back at 5:30.
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class-action s suit >> i'm sheila gray. the city's own it girl. the thing is, she's not real. here's the story behind blaze bender. she shows off the latest fashion, dining hot spots, everything that's cool. she's a fictional creation of a hip guru. and the role is a product placement. she conveys how certain products conveys with her life. what trends she loves. you could find the link with what's new happening in town on
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. >> chipotle has plans to win away customers. and they say they will double the amount of free food to get customers back in the door. the popular eos lip balm is now the center of a class-action lawsuit. suit claims the egg-shaped lip balm left her with rashes, bleeding and blistering. the company claims they only use the best ingredients eos products are safe and they use, meet or exceed all the safety standards. stock market closed slightly higher. the price of crude turned higher. the dow jones industrial rose 227 points. one point, it was up 300. nasdaq added 38 points while the
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and best and worst airline ratings. alaska airlines is number one. on the good list, virgin american number two. delta most proved, number 3. american came in at the bottom. ratings based on criteria like on-time arrival and bag handling. and in a photo of el chapo and sean penn taken during their visit. he looks just like this one. the shirt was sold in the los angeles store. the retailer is advertising it as most wanted shirt, selling it for 128. it's on back order. if it's weird, we want one. >> yeah .
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>> also >> there's a chili competition happening in the other side. they are one tenth, and it's all over the country that's racing. it could be fun. >> carrie.
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we were talking about cars. let's talk about real cars. if you are a fan of great cars, you want to see this story. record of 6 1/2 million vehicles were sold in the u.s. some of the greatest was in the international show of detroit. we'll have sneak preview on what's driving the cars of tomorrow. the downtown covington face is changing. it's about to undergo a transformation. demolition crews will soon flatten 7th and 8th street. at 5:30, joe webb will join us live where it will all take place. the cdc says one in five children has been bullied at school in the past year. students in saint henry say the only way to fight bullying and win is by starting a conversation. sheila gray has more on the
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family 411 report >> >>. >> take a look at the traffic. things are moving smoothly so far. nothing that should delay anybody in the commute coming home, should it. >> no more ice on the roads, at least for the time being. one person is excited about the winter weather ahead for the weekend. i found on face book. only one we can find. obviously excited to have the stock monkey excited for the weekend forecast. it will turn much colder than what we had around right now. it's pretty warm. it's very unusual for it time of year. we don't see it too often. last time, it was last saturday, we got close to the temperature,
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i'm -- christmastime. and i promise you, if we can do a time lapse of the snow to see it. it's been working on and off. it doesn't look like it's still working. it's still down for a bit. you could see some of the snow working. that's the park in oxford. as the sun came out, temperatures are dropping, melting a lot of the snow that's still on the grass. especially areas that's shaded. believe it or not, could make it 50s. by tomorrow, rainfall on the way, shouldn't have too much snow left around. 54 degrees here. it's warmer in some areas, south and west of downtown. same with b.b. indiana. these are pretty much high temperatures right now. 55 in bat tavia a lot of the temperatures will
4:44 pm
they will see if we, we rise a degree or two. nice and dry, especially since the ground. most of them, and these are the clouds that's moving late tonight. that's still to the south and east, south and west, will take them forever. they are getting to memphis. it's going to be after midnight, by the time we will increase the clouds. 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, and we're to the 20s this morning. that's long gone at least for the time being. you could get an update to the forecast. and 54 here. near 60 to the south and west. and paduka near 59. sitting at 66 and lewis. across the 60s to southern plains. warmer weather is trying to move in
4:45 pm
the way. little bit of everything for everyone. and you could see it pushing in. it doesn't look to be too heavy. no flooding concerns, no big problems other than it will make the roads wet for the evening commute. o as we go to friday evening, temperatures will start to drop. you could see some of the snowflakes, with some of the last minute sprinkles and flurries. even in the evening hours. some could be snow showers. could put a light dusting in some areas. that's about it. not looking at too much during the day on saturday. slightly better chance with the
4:46 pm
after that, it's the cold est est. sunday night, monday night, temperatures are in the middle teens. at least we see some sunshine. that's good news. . >> if i get the time, i could deal with anything else. >> sunshine and the stock market. >> you were up today. >> and thanks very much. >> this year's oscar nominations
4:47 pm
>> i saw >> oscar nominations are out. leonardo dicaprio. >> madam max, also had some strong showing. also the martian director, scott was snubbed. and a look at the surprises and the snubs. and the relevant, leaves with 12 nominations, including best picture, best picture for leonardo dicaprio and best director, alex and droe, who is going for his second win in a row.
4:48 pm
the martian, nod 7. best actor for matt damon but not for ridley scott >> and brian, surprise some with the best actor nomination. and rounding the category, michael fox bender and eddie. and critically aclaimed carol was shut out. rudy mara earned a best actor noed and cate blanchett. she will go against front-runner for room. jennifer lawrence for joi. and charlotte rambling for 45 years. sylvester stallone is anything but the underdog. his two nominations for playing the iconic rocky balboa come nearly 40 years apart.
4:49 pm
the actress, has already spark add backlash as all the acting nominations went to white performers. susan marquez, cbs news, hollywood. >> adding to the controversy. naa naa, straight out of compton, was snubbed for best picture but it did get a nomination. >> there's always a controversy. >> police catch one suspect and continue to search for two others in the fatal shooting of a local teenager. it may not have been a big prize but to one kentucky resident, it could make all the difference. a woman who won a million dollar in last night's lottery. from style, a sneak peek of the cars you'll be driving tomorrow. this is live at 5:00.
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police arrested one of the suspects in the shooting death of a westchester teenager. >> 18-year-old was shot outside his home yesterday afternoon. he later died. local 12 larry davis joins us live from the westchester police department with how those two, people who knew him remember him. larry? larry? >> reporter: since the shooting yesterday afternoon, westchester police detectives are trying to come up with the leads in the case. one person was charged as you mentioned. two others are still wanted. police are trying to figure out what led up to the deadly shooting of a recent high school grad. police say three people were involved in the shooting of tyler casso in the home in westchester. brook is the girl's brother. >> o'donnell says casso
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last year.
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