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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 5  CBS  January 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the travel, sports and boat show kicks off today. we're live here giving you a look at what you'll get to see this year. 3 good morning.we'll get to those top stories in just a moment.bob herzog has the morning off.but first we want to start with a first check of your's
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3 jen dalton looking at
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3 a manhunt is underway this morning in west chester.. where someone killed an 18- year old man. tyler (kass- oh) kassow was home wednesday afternoon when he was shot. three people were involved.. and police say one is in custody.. but he didn't pulled the trigger. kassow's friends are left wondering why he had to die. 3 "he was a really good kid. really smart, just graduated high school this past summer. we were all so proud of him and i remember him being so happy." justin (cook) koch, of sharonville is charged as an accomplice.. and he's locked up this morning on two-million dollars bond. 3 a mariemont high school graduate loved by many is gone too soon.olivia erhardt graduated from mariemont in 20-14 and was studying science at columbia university.back in high school.. she was a gifted
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and an accomplished artist.she also was committed to serving her community.. a passion that took her on a medical service mission to honduras.that's where a bus her group was on veered off the road and into a ravine.25 3 (dr. jim renner, mariemont high school principal)01:27:18 "teachers were just absolutely shocked and devastated because it's one of those students that you grow attached to and you remember because you know that she's going to do great things." 01:27:26mariemont high school is hosting a memoral service for olivia next saturday.. january 23rd in the auditorium. 3 more whooping cough cases are being reported in kentucky.87 cases were reported between august and december.the public health department says northern kentucky and the louisville area have the most cases.whooping cough is a contagious respiratory virus.. transmitted through droplets when someone coughs, sneezes or even speaks.getting a vaccine can prevent it. 3 a local teen is giving a dog with special needs a loving home.. after no one else would take him in.instead of money
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birthday.. audrey higgins asked her parents to let her foster an 11- year- old, blind schnauzer.louie's legacy animal rescue tried to find a foster home for "bailey" last week.five- thousand people saw the plea for a foster family.. but no one would take bailey. audrey's parents let her take the dog for her birthday. bailey's health has improved ever since. 3 08:19 he wasn't drinking. he wasn't going to the bathroom :22 second night, he ate and he went to the bathroom and he drank. he actually started getting really playful and he rolled on his belly so i can give him a belly scratch. 8:36 last year, louie's legacy rescued 18 hundred dogs and cats.more than 10 percent of the pets they care for are seniors or have special needs. 3 cincinnati's travel, sports and boat show starts later today. you can get a taste of spring and summer..local 12's megan moore is *live* at the duke energy center to show us what's hot this year. 3
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3 if you are planning to head out to the show this weekend, adult admission is 12 dollars at the door, 10 bucks online, or you save three dollars if you buy your ticket at kroger. children 12 and under get in free. 3 a movie filmed here in the tri- state is up for six oscars... but "carol" isn't in the running for best picture.cate blanchett and rooney mara were both nominated in the lead actress's also up for best adapted screenplay, best original score, best cinematography and best costume design categories.the academy awards will be held february 28th. .. and this could *finally* be the year leonardo di caprio walks away with an oscar.his movie "the revenant" got 12 oscar nominations.. including a best actor nod. 3 winter weather is causing a
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people are getting creative in with icy, updating local rides.we'll show you the progress being made at kings're watching good morning cincinnati.
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3 at tri-state roadsi-75 is
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closer to getting its major renovation. the estate of the late patricia and ralph corbett donated 3- million dollars. it'll go toward the 129- million dollar facelift. music hall is 138 years's scheduled to close for the work in june -- and reopen in october of next year. 3 the park is closed right now.. but there is still plenty of activity going on at kings island.maintenance crews are hard at work rebuilding the cars from the rides.each year after the park closes, the cars are removed from the rides, striped, inspected and rebuilt during the winter months.right now, crews are working on the beast.two cars are left to complete.they'll be inspected and repainted before being re- installed on the tracks. 3 falling into a bear market. we'll give you an update on asian, helping a couple in love.we'll tell you about their big 20 thousand dollar wedding. 3
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are ending the week the way it started.. dropping 3- point- 6 percent today.the shanghai composite is now at a three- year low. the collapse in oil prices is affecting financial markets as investors worry about the health of the global economy.other asian indexes also slipped, despite yesterdays gains in u- s markets. 3 indonesian police say they have arrested three people in connection to yesterday morning's deadly explosion. officers said they found a flag of the islamic state group in one of the suspected attacker's homes.the flag feeds the claim that isis carried out the attack.five men attacked a starbucks cafe and a traffic police booth with hand- made bombs, guns and suicide belts, killing two people -- a canadian and an indonesian -- and injuring 20. 3 the f- b- i says the shooting of a philadelphia police officer is being investigated as an act of terrorism.police say edward archer walked up to a cruiser last week and fired multiple shots inside, hitting officer jesse hartnett three
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pledges allegiance to isis. f-b-i director james comey visited hartnett in the hospital.comey said at this point there's no evidence archer was part of an organized terror cell. 3 frustrated neighbors in ottawa, canada say they haven't been able to get any mail for days because their mailboxes are frozen shut.a sharp temperature drop has caused the locks on community mailboxes to freeze.. making them impossible to's only *seven* degrees there right, some people are getting creative: 3 (gwyneth davidson, can't open mailbox) (:42) "i have seen people punching the mailboxes, kicking the mailboxes, shaking the mailboxes and just pounding with their fists on the door trying to break up the ice that i guess is inside the lock,"(jennifer rayner, can't open mailbox) "i can't unlock it. it's driving me insane cause you know there's probably bills to pay."(1:02) canada post has hired contractors to de- ice the mailbox locks,but it can take up to an hour just to open one.
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a homeless couple's a homeless couple's heartfelt love story spurred some floridians to pay it forward.(bonnie mcsharry, cross creek owner) (1:17) "you can hope and you can come back from anything and i think everybody deserves to have a great life." (1:24)rocky and evelyn said they'd wanted to get married for a long time -- but couldn't afford the 93- dollar marriage filing fee. after their story was posted in a florida newspaper, they got an offer for a dream wedding worth 20- thousand dollars.they picked the perfect location -- an exclusive wedding venue called, "cross creek ranch." the owner of the location is letting the couple use it for free.she says she wants to pay it the couple is picking out their flowers.. the dinner.. and a decadent wedding cake. 3
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3 3 a supernova is found by ohio scientists.we'll show you the stunning, a huge celebrity makes his debut. we'll tell you how you can see "bei bei" the panda here in
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3 panda cub bei bei is set to make his public debut at smithsonian's national zoo tomorrow. it will be panda- monium in d.c. as he greets the public for the very first time.when bei bei's older sister, bao bao made her debut in 20- 14, more than four thousand people stood in line -- some for hours -- to see her.we can keep track of bei bei right here in the tri state.the smithsonian is running a panda cam online.we have a link.. on local 12 dot com. 3 a "supernova" 3 is trending this morning. astronomers say they captured the biggest and brightest one *ever* observed.the stellar
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times brighter than our sun! the blast produced light 20 times brighter than all the stars in the milky way galaxy *combined*!it looks just like a white blur because it's in another galaxy, nearly four billion light years away from earth.scientists from ohio state university helped with the discovery. 3 a big red 3 documentary.coming up at five thirty.. local 12's perry schaible will tell us how fans can take part in a reds kickstarter project. 3 plus, the s- p- c- a needs your help.coming up at five thirty.. we'll tell you how to join in on our adopt a pet telethon happening this weekend.
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3 now at five.two people are injured after a shooting in details, up next. 3 plus, a robbery suspect is still on the loose.we have the latest details after an the city. 3 the story of one of baseball's greatest dynasties could soon be seen on the big screen. 3
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those top stories in just a moment.bob herzog has the morning off.but first we want to start with a first check of your's meterologist
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3 3 new this morning.. indianapolis police say a suspect died while in police custody last night.police say they went to a home just before nine after a teen reported a man attacked her and her mother.police say officers arrested the man quote - "without incident or
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complained of chest pain.. so officers ordered an ambulance. he went into cardiac arrest in the ambulance.. and was pronounced autopsy will be conducted later today. 3 also new this morning.. two men are injured after a shooting in hamilton.police say it happened in the parking lot at "hard times bar" on 7th street around 2:30 this last check.. the victim's names and conditons have not been released.we do know they were taken to ft. hamilton hospital.local 12 photographers were first on the scene.we'll bring you the latest details as soon as we get them. 3 also new this morning.. a pizza delivery driver was robbed and the suspect led police on a high- speed chase. officers say it happened around 12:30 on west galbraith road.the suspect came to a stop near winton place and ran away.a police dog was brought in to find the man.. but he's still on the loose right now. the delivery driver wasn't hurt. 3 don't forget to join us tomorrow morning for our annual spca adopt a pet telethon here at local 12 from 10 to 1.there will be lots of dogs and cats up for
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home!if you already have a pet to love.. we will also accept donations for the s- p- c- a. they care for thousands of animals in the tri state each year. 3 forty years of the best baseball teams in the history of the sport took the field to win their second consecutive world series title. local 12's perry schaible is *live* with more on a new documentary that will feature the big red machine. 3 no team has ever been more dominant than the 1976 reds. the combination of bench, morgan, rose, perez, foster, concepcion, griffey, and geronimo earned 63 all-star selections, 6 m-v-p awards, and 26 gold gloves. 3 they're known as the great eight...arguably the best eight professional baseball players on one team at the same time. despite their success, there has never been
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what made them special...until now. "over the years they've done segments and highlight reels and the guys have talked on camera, but they've never really collected all the guys together like we're doing for this project."terry lukemire and his team from barking fish entertainment believe now is the time to do it. this is the same group that created the documentary on pete rose five years ago. the plan for the be something fans have never seen before.. "having the stories told by them and we're actually trying to make an argument that they are the greatest eight position players of all time. comparing them murderer's row and the boys of summer and other great dynasties in the past." the players on are on board..."there's a lot of dvds out there that just tell the highlights and show the score for those games, but there's nothing out there that really tells you why the team was so special and what took it from a normal team to a legendary team.")now, the group just needs funding. they're using a
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million dollars....the crowd funding site *kickstarter.* "not only do i want to see it get done and preserved for future generations, but just being someone who has heard these stories first hand, i would love for other people, other reds fans to be able to hear it."today is the last day to contribute to the kickstarter campaign. 3 it's a great way to preserve the past for future generations. if enough money is raised, you'll see baseball's all time greatest dynasty on the big screen. this project has a lot of support from celebrity fans.. including nick chad lowe. 3 for more 3 information on how to contribute to the film.. .. go to local 12 dot's an all or nothing proposition. if they don't raise enough money,
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3 now it's time for our facebook question of the is "humanitarian day."we want to hear about something nice that someone has done for you. 3 3
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3 to join the conversation -- just *like* the local 12 page on facebook to share your thoughts. 3 amazon is lowering their prime fee.we'll tell you how much a year's worth of "free" shipping will cost you this weekend.
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3 3 3 local high school bands will get a chance to win a professional recording package today.the music resource center is joining bogart's to offer the high school band challenge."new noise cincy" is for teens in 7th grade throuh 12th grade.the event starts at seven tonight at bogart's on vine street.. and tickets are 5- 25. 3 you can try more than eighty different beers tonight at jungle jim's!.. although we don't recommend drinking them all at once!the store is celebrating the barrel aged beer bash.many of the beers come straight from the
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this event might be your only chance to try runs from seven to nine tonight and again are 40- dollars and that includes a commemorativ 3 christmas is delivered three weeks late.we'll tell you how a highway worker is making one family's dreams come true.
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3 3 ten 3 candidates go head- to- head..
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debate in south carolina last night.the g- o- p hopefuls are giving voters another chance to hear from the contenders before the iowa caucuses. something happened during the debate that has not really happened during this political cycle.the crowd turned on donald one point they were booing. 3 (1:05)(donald trump/(r) presidential candidate)"if for some reason he beats the rest of the field... (booing) see they don't like that (1:12) (:12) (jeb bush/(r) presidential candidate): "we need to united behind the winner so that we can defeat hillary clinton because she is a disaster." (:17)(:30) (gov. john kasich/(r) presidential candidate): "our children and grandchildren are counting on us to get it done." (:33)(dr. ben carson/(r) presidential candidate): (1:25) "if we manage to damage ourselves, and we lose the next election...this nation is over as we know it." (1:32) republican candidates will debate again on january 28th in iowa.the iowa caucus will be held on february first. 3 after dozens of food poisoning outbreaks, chipotle is closing its stores to talk about food safety.all stores will temporarily close on february 8th.a company spokesperson
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the changes they will make to enhance food officials investigated six outbreaks tied to chipotle last year involving norovirus, e. coli and salmonella. the company's sales slid 30 percent and its stock price 3 amazon is offering a huge discount for its prime membership this weekend.the subscription fee will drop from 99 to 73- dollars.the promotion starts tonight... and ends sunday... only new customers can take advantage of the deal.the online retailer says it's celebrating the two golden globe wins for one of its original shows "mozart in the jungle." 3 a couple of weeks ago.. a highway worker in north dakota found a bag full of christmas presents sitting on the highway. he has been searching for the owners of the gifts ever since. (deanna wojtczak- minot) (1:36) "i'm very thankful that they were found and i'm very thankful that we have people that would return them and things like that."(1:41)deanna wojtczak's presents flew out of the bed of her truck just a day before christmas eve.she was devestated to tell her kids on christmas morning... and three weeks after the gifts fell out
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returned in perfect condition. dale sveen.. a highway worker.. thought he was cleaning up a bag of trash when he found the unharmed gifts on the side of the took him nineteen days to find the owners through a facebook post. 3
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3 a determined mom.coming up at six.. hear from a local mother who is trying to raise thousands during a rock n' roll, the secret to a happy marriage.we'll tell you how one crafty couple is making it work. 3 barry manilow is bringng his one last time concert tour to b-b-and-t arena at northern kentucky university. caller 12 gets to see the show february 11. (513) 763-5656.
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a market collapsing overseas, how the wall vote could respond with markets asian markets falling ahead. i did not steal this have a a boat. we have golf, at the boat and travel boat show. it looks like a propeller. she follows through, man. i know nothing about golf. good morning, we will get to the top stories coming up in just a moment. you will need something that will make you think about warmth because it's going to get told this weekend. after a high in the 50s, he today still mild, we will be in the 40s, but rain also makes a come back today.
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just cloudy skies, looking into
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