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tv   Local 12 News at 5  CBS  January 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> good evening, everybody. rob braun. homeless. live. >> good evening, rob. you could see behind me, the repair cruise are boarding up the windows. they have already gotten the first floor done. the lower floors, some got out of the windows, actually there were six people in the house. they were all able to get out before the firefighters arrived. >> paul degrade was home upstairs >> somebody got in my door. >> that's the warning. when he got out, he saw why. the fire started in the first floor building. >> and didn't know what was going on. saw the flames and everything.
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>> four other people, two children, woman and man, were in the unit when the fire started apparently on a couch. >> attempted to pull the couch in the front door. he sustained burns to 40 percent of his body. he blocked with the burning couch. realized it was not a viable. to address to him any longer. break the window in a back bedroom. >> and actually got the kids out. >> he and passersby, out the back window. >> what about the woman, how did she get out? >> she was in the room when the couch caught fire and exited the building. >> as you could see, there's obviously still working on boarding up the building. the fire did start in the first floor on this side basically right behind me over there. as bad as it is on this side, we're told by the fair folks, the other side only suffered water damage.
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for a while. you don't know if it could actually be fixed or not >> man who was burned is hospitalized. police hasn't released his name or condition. there were no other injuries. you may be seeing rain in your house. erica is here with tim with how long the rain will be with us. >> good evening, to you. we will see more rain moving in the area. fashion. we'll continue to watch heavier pockets of rain. one is to the southeast of cincinnati. we have light to moderate rain downtown, to norwood. and the heaviest of rain from anderson down to clairiville and morning view. this is going to continue to cross the river and move through the other side of batavia in the 15-20 minute half hour. most of franklin county with moderate rain and heavier pockets of rain indicated by the
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one city included oxford getting into the heavy rain. that will continue to move northeast of town. mylan and jacksonville to east enterprise. heavier pockets of rain, east of thal mus and more rain moving into highland county. most of brown county and the western half of adams county under some moderate rain right now. it is moving to the north and east. and after this, we will slowly start to see the rain showers taper down. again, it does change to a little bit of snow activity. very light in nature. we will be tracking that coming in 10 minutes. rob, back to you. >> thanks very much. three more men were arrested. demarche demarchecus was charged. along with justin cook, who was already charged. and police found 18-year-old
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apparent burglary in his home in cincinnati columbus road in westchester wednesday afternoon. >> this is not a random chosen person or residents. planned out. >> two of the suspects, cheval and willingham played high school football for princeton. police are trying to track down three people in a car who open fire during evening rush-hour on thursday and left with a woman critically injured. police ruled out road rage. bullets hit the victim, alicia williams on her side. they exchanged gunfire with another driver. they found two different shell caseings at the scene. >> the male black passenger in her vehicle, fled the vehicle, shortly after the crash. he came back to retrieve an item
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so we're trying to find out who the subject is. we don't know if he's the intended target. >> williams's truck ran into the back of the metro bus after the shooting. police say the suspects were in a silver sedan of some sort. two managers in a local waste hazardous company, on charges tied to the 2012 death of a worker. grand jury indicted kile and gerald knocks in connection of a worker of environmental causes. fire broke out as he treated hazardous waste. a three-judge panel, state panel, upheld the 2014 conviction of a suspended juvenile judge were unlawful interest. appeals court ruled against
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prosecutorial misconduct. hamilton county, deadlocked on other charges you may remember. hunter faces another trial scheduled to start on tuesday. accounts begins with tampering evidence and theft. >> freefall ahead of the long holiday weekend. a rebound of shorts yesterday. the slide didn't get much better during the day. dow finished down. stocks finished almost 2.3 percent lower on the session to finish the worst two week open in a year ever. china's stock exchange tumbling into a bear market. just ahead, it wasn't official, but he couldn't wait.
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change his >> members of a group hoping to put marijuana legalization issue on the ohio ballot this fall, they are pushing ahead with the proposal. members of the ohioans, want the drug available for medical and recreational use. co-founder says the organization will gather at least 305 thousand signatures by july to
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they are waiting to see how they will act on their own. >> and lottery workers confirmed tennessee couple has one of the three powerball winners wednesday night, 1.6 billion jackpot. imagine how john robinson and his family feel. they told the national television audience, before it was officially verified in the afternoon, appeared alongside his wife lisa attorney and his daughter. and attorney said to go ahead and go public. the robinson said they bought four tickets at a foodmart a block away from their home in moneysford tennessee. they say they are still in shocked. >> we have not had time to really -- >> really? >> i hope to work a little while >> think how relaxed you will be.
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in chino hills, california, and melbourne beach, florida. the national retail federation says shoppers flocked on-line. the overall sales in november and december didn't meet expectations. they rose about 3 percent below the group's forecast of an almost 4 percent gain. this was even as stores pushed discounts throughout the season. today's local average for regular gasoline is $1.77, down 3 cents from yesterday. here on the prices reported to the local 12 news pump patrol. karen posted $1.45 in the udf at redding. brown said it's $1.45. kelly posted $1.62 at the kroger in lawrenceburg. if you see cheaper prices, post them on the facebook page and we'll put it on tv.
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led to lots of attention. also some backlash. now he's speaking out. why sean penn says his mission is a failure.
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when showers t turur .
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waters, for the crew members on a two marine corp helicopters that collided and went down last night. choppers were in a night time training mission. >> 11:30, heard the biggest explosion. boom. and then another one after. boom, and another boom. debris was spotted on the water but there's no word on the fate of the marines aboard. u.n. is hitting isis where it hurts, their bank account. the bombing of an isis cash depot. a pair of large bombs hit mosul iraq. and according to the coalition, that highlighted coalition, that's a whole lot of money. they hit several other cash storage sites in recent months. and sean penn sits down with charlie rose to talk about the
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with wanted drug lord joaquim el chapo guzman. a meeting that helped lead to el chapo's capture. kenneth craig has the preview. >> there's this myth about the visit that we made. >> sean penn tells 60 minutes, charlie rose, he doesn't believe his october interview with joaquim el chapo guzman led to the drug lord's capture last week. >> as far as you know, you had nothing to do and your visit had nothing to do with his recapture? >> the mexican government, they were clearly anil lated by the notion that someone found him before they did. nobody found him before they did. we're not smarter than the deaor mexican intelligence. we had a contact upon which we were able to facilitate an invitation. >> guzman escaped one of
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jul, by crawling in a hole in a shower and mile hole tunnel 30 feet underground. guzman is believed to be responsible for as many as 30 thousand deaths. officials say his cartel, the number one supplier of heroin, cocaine and marijuana to the u.s. >> do you believe the mexican government released this in part because they wanted to see you blamed and to put you at risk? >> yes. >> they wanted to encourage the cartel to put you in their crosshairs. >> yes. >> are you fearful for your life? >> no. >> penn says the focus on meeting with guzman and the recapture means his article, which is supposed to bring attention to the war on drugs has failed. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. >> and you could watch the entire interview with sean penn this sunday in 60 minutes. will be airing a bit unusual because of the steelers-broncos
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hard to say that steelers-broncos game because it should have been the bengals-broncos game. >> i'm having a difficult time? >> it's okay. it's always next season. >> that's what they say. that's what they are saying for a long time. it's raining like crazy. >> usually we are tracking snow. we had a lot of rain to deal with. if you're heading out in the next few hours, you will have to deal with wet roads. take a look what i'm tracking. satellite and radar right now, we have rain moving across the area. some of it heavy at times. cold front situated, pretty much in western indiana right now. area of low pressure in western michigan. we have the colder air that's going to be infiltrating the area behind the cold front. some warmer air moving from the south and west, milder. that's why we saw, we've seen
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we'll continue to see the moisture move up and be helped by the moisture from the south and southwest. live precision doppler hd, you could see the yellow pockets. that's the heavier rain. that's the heavy rain around amellia from light to moderate rain, including downtown cincinnati. to the west, getting into indiana, right down to lawrenceberg. we have moderate rain down the rising sun. this is moving northeast. this will continue to move away from brookville. connors indiana, moderate to heavy rain, north of town on liberty. wartime, going to move northeast on you, in the next 20 minutes or so. we have heavier rain near thalmus, drying a bit. and we'll see a little bit more rain for you in a short time. most of brown county, highland and adams county, dealing with light to moderate rain. this will continue to move north
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oxford. this is a live look from the weather camera. with rain, we have heavy rain in town, just short time ago. temperatures are very mild. lower 40s for hamilton and harrison. critton. and 42 for owington. a lot milder to the east of cincinnati, where we stay dryer, longer today. some of us still topped out around 50 degrees today. it's very mild, especially as you travel more east in the viewing area. tonight's forecast, expect the rain to taper in the next few hours. by 8:00, tracking a few showers, especially east of downtown cincinnati. temperatures will be falling in the lower 40s by then. if not the upper 30s by 11:00. still a few showers possible and then whatever moisture, we'll be slowly transitioning to wet flakes and raindrops. let's show you the next 24 hours.
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rain. whatever is left, because we'll be cold enough, we'll start to see it slowly transition to a few flurries and very light snow showers. not expecting a lot of accumulation, if any. and tomorrow morning, they are tracking a chance, potential for a few flurries. we'll keep the track through the remainder of the day especially the first part of saturday. again, little if any accumulation expected. sunday, arctic cold front moves from the north and west. you know what that means. that will be a lot colder. that will bring snow showers in the area. slightly better chances for snow showers as well. you could see slight accumulation and that will stick to the roads on sunday. road conditions for the night, will remain wet. elevated. by sunday, we're being looing at the potential for some slick and snowy roads sunday afternoon and evening. scattered about.
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we're looking at the potential for more snow showers. we get colder on monday, topping out near 16 on monday afternoon. cold. windchill values will be below zero to start the day. single digit values. and more snow on wednesday, which looks to accumulate right now. we're back in the 30s, lower 30s for thursday and friday. >> pretty cold week. >> yeah, feels pretty cold. >> and multi-million dollar expapgs -- expansion will
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. >> filling the void vacated by hugh jackson. the team announce, ken vankemzee will take over. and jackson accepted the cleveland brown head coaching position on wednesday. the bengals also hired jim hamlet as head coach. he has experience with the saints and the rams, you may recall. $40 million expansion of the national museum of the air force will open in june. it's privately financed 22000
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aviation museum in dayton. it's expected to draw millions to the museum. curators are expected to move the hangar this past fall. nasa captured some major activity what they call the solar erings. eruption, cascade of magnetic solar arches. you could see the movement. the images were taken on extreme ultraviolet wave lengths. it's invisibility in our eyes, colorize to help us see it. >> move over t-rex, there's a big, bad, dino in town. the newly discovered, 122 foot skeleton is on display at the museum of natural history. bigger than the famous blue whale model by 30 feet. it doesn't even fit in the space. part of the 39 foot neck will
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see that in real life. coming up on local 12 news, live at 5:30, donald trump stoppable? political experts weigh in on the front-runner's staying power. kitten dyed purple and used
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dozens of formeme >> injured patients for the doctor cry out for justice. good evening, everybody. dozens of patients took to the streets to plead their cases. >> more than 500 former patients
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were unnecessary back and neck surgeries. today they picketed outside uc health and local 12 joe webb was there. it was not easy for many of them to get there but a couple of dozen of his patient made it to uc. most have court dates for their lawsuits against the doctor. most have a story to tell. >> he put six screws and two bars in my back that i never needed. two of them ended up in my aorta. >> put something in my right knee. >> had to have part of it removed because there was jagged and the screws fell out. dr. dorotme made my life a living hell. >> she goes to court. she can't hold her head up
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chronic pain sucks her energy and she's 33-year-old. >> it's hard when you have a person that fled the country to get any answers on why he did this. >> the doctor was indicted for health care fraud and making false health care statements in 2013. he surrendered his passport at the time and left the country and now is in his native pakistan. what is he doing today? while the protesters were protesting, he was practicing medicine. he's on the staff and teaching at the doctor's hospital in lahor, pakistan. >> it's a waste, all i could say. it's a sad situation >> protesters say they will be back next friday at christ hospital and the following friday at children's hospital. they are picketing the places that the doctor practiced. he didn't practice at uc's main location. most of the surgeries detailed in the lawsuits, were in
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>> heartbreaking to see the people. last fall, uc health agreed to pay $4 million, to pay billing. that covered a period from 2009 to 2013. attorneys from uc denied the allegations, saying he was not an employee. he just had privileges. >>nd a police are looking for two people who shot the hotel in hamilton. and we're still waiting to hear how the two victims are doing this afternoon. they are looking for anyone with information. please call crimestoppers. help investigators with any tid bit. 513-352-3040 is the number. measure that will allow some convicted felons to clear their records, makes it through the house. it will allow it convicted of
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records expunged five years. and the bill doesn't apply to people convicted of sex crimes, child porn, human trafficking and public corruption. past. the bills have support from matt bevin. supporters are more optimistic. and more than 226 thousand people in ohio are signed up for health coverage as a result of obama's health care law. 40 thousand of them. those numbers are from people who picked plans from november to last week. ohio uses the federal marketplace. open enrollment ends at the end of the month. anyone who remains uninsured after that, risks being fined. another indiana county is looking to a program. and leaders in lawrence county declared a public health
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spread through intra venous druggous. four other counties have it in place. cruz lives in houston. cruz argues since he was born to an american mother, he's automatically a u.s. citizen at birth. they want them to decide, if it violates the natural born citizen requirement. donald trump has questioned cruz's activity and love him or hate him, trump is still leading the pack of g.o.p. candidates. >> and were pundits on, as answers. >> for months, he's spoken his mind. >> i will build a great, great wall.
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>> they are bringing drugs. they are bringing crime. they are rapist. >> with the iowa caucus two weeks away, donald trump is still maintaining his g.o.p. lead. and no damage done, in his performance. political analysts, trump's bubble will not return anytime soon. >> based on history. one would think trump has not endured. >> i don't think we're wrong. and at the end of the day, he's speaking to voters no one else is speaking to. >> and one is as the republican field of candidate shrinks, the large number of voters will graph tate, and level the playing field. then the scores of trump voters, turning to rally, will be home on election day >> may tirn out in groves.
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>> and when it counts, trumps clearly savvy in the debate arena. . >> fighting 9/11, we rebuilt downtown manhattan. everybody in the world watched new yorkers. i have to tell you, that's an exciting statement that ted made >> donald trump has survived every thing that brought down. >> and in washington, jeff barn reporting. and strongest poll in a popular summer festival. what firefighters did to the people who lived inside the home
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p>> >> smoke detectors say the lives of a family, after a fire broke out in their home. they rescued the family dog. family members recently received two smoke detectors. and those detectors alerted them
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because of heavy damage to the house, the family cannot stay there tonight. the red cross is apparently helping them. and in news where you live, extremely popular summer festival, the tri-state is being cancelled for good. the saint rita school for the death is no longer going to rule out rita fest. the trustees of the board considered the cost and the staffing necessary to put on the festival. despite its popularity, it will be better to try other fund-raising efforts. the school will continue the ground raffle. and the festival has been part of the tradition for as nearly as long. >> the slopes at perfect north are all open. local 12 covers the story where you live. the ski resort got off to a slow start this winter because of the warm weather. now it's colder and the workers
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plenty of snow. all 23 lanes for tubing are open as well. perfect north will open early monday at 9:30 early in the morning because it's the martin luther king holiday. >> calling all photographers. you're invited to capture nature and share it with others much it's part of the great parts of the hamilton county photo contest. you could submit up to five pictures a month for a chance to win a prize. january's theme is landscape. contest runs through may 21st. find the entry form and click on the news tab and go to the get it now button. at 5:30, changes may be coming to sunday morning.
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pfifi >> changes could be brewing for cbs monday morning. his contract expires in december and the transition is expected to take place later this year. he's hosted the program for 22 years. inside the network, james pauley is seen as the likely successor
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all 1900 chipotle restaurants will close so staff members could attend meetings on food safety. the company has been tied to a series of outbreak including norovirus. the stores are expected to open midafternoon following the meeting. kfc is serving chicken with a kick. it pays homage to a popular specialty in the kentucky city. and it is the 4th flavor that's added to the menu in the chain's 86 year history. college senior in iowa is living in a nice apartment, but there's a catch. . not even close to a typical dorm hall.
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size of my last living room. my bedroom is twice the size of my bedroom. >> 21-year-old is the youngest senior living in iowa. she was studying last fall and didn't have a room. >> i wasn't going to stress about it until the month of january, which is crazy. >> until an offer from deerfield retirement center came to the table. resist. >> sent a resume, and coverlet letter, why i would love this opportunity and this job. clogging. >> and she schedules four performances a month, will get free room and board. >> and it's one less spot for a senior resident, she says it's
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>> music brings out aspects of social health and emotional health. that's going to be part of our efforts here. >> and intergenerational living enhances the lives of older adults. >> and having 13 grandchildren and one brand-new first great granddaughter. having hailey here is like having one of them outside our door >> . >> bringing back to summer and sun. >> oh, a long road ahead of us before we get there. we are seeing at least milder temperatures. 50s yesterday. you had to enjoy that. >> i did. >> today, we top out in the 40s. we're going to need the rain gear for the next 48 hours. i'm tracking the transition to snow showers as well. very light but better chances on sunday.
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right now on live precision doppler hd radar. we have heavier pockets of rain as well, moving through cheffette and cold -- down -- this is getting to the 275 loop. there you go. villa hills. downtown cincinnati getting into moderate rain. that will continue to move northeast across cincinnati. we will get into heavy rain in cincinnati in just about 10 minutes or so, if not less. florence down to independence and walton and critton, seeing some heavy rain. that will continue to move northeast. taylor mills, you're in line to see the heavy rain. nothing severe. just plain old heavy rain. that's about it. it is lowering visibility. light rain through thalmus. georgetown, seeing some light to moderate rain. fayetteville, seeing heavy rain. will continue to move north in the next 15 minutes. west union, seeing some rain,
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clinton county, blanchester will move through wilmington. and lebanon, right along 71, 75, still wet at times. it's starting to pick up. starting to pick up and move to the east. we'll start to see a drying trend off to the west and northwest, we have colder air that will infiltrate the area. that will bring the transition, whatever is lingering later this evening. it will be a few showers, to light snow showers and snow flurries. right now, winds are in the south. we have winds from the north and east in illinois. around 20 miles an hour. and where you have the southwesterly breeze right there in indiana, where we have the cold front. behind the cold front, you get colder temperatures. upper 20s and lower 30s in northern indiana and illinois. we're still in the 40s here. 43 in cincinnati. and same for wilmington.
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georgetown, west union and mazeville, all at 49 degrees. you could see the rain we have in downtown cincinnati, that will get heavier in the next 10 minutes. lowering visibility, five miles. we have three miles visibility in batavia. pretty good in wilmington. 3 miles visibility in middletown. we'll start to see the steady rain move out around 7:00 or so. 8:00, we're going to track a few showers, especially east of downtown cincinnati. temperatures falling in the lower 40s. by 11:00, we pay see a few wet flakes mixing in, mainly west of downtown. we'll continue to watch milder air to the north and east. that's because we stay dryer to the east. here's the next 48 hours. 7:00, we're tracking some rain. after 8:00, after 7:00, 7:30, most of the rain will be wildly scattered and pushing to the east. couple of showers still left across the eastern half of the viewing area by 11:00.
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lingering, we can see a few flurries. that's what we see here. little if any accumulation, i doubt we'll see anything. road conditions, and nothing will accumulate on the roads. if you see anything on saturday, which we have a chance for scattered flurries, we'll see isolated slick spots early saturday morning on elevated surfaces. that's about it. sunday, we have a better chance of snow showers along the arctic front. front will give us to the single digits monday morning. we're probably looking at scattered snow showers, that could likely accumulate. we can impact the rain and snow in the free wkrc weather app. temperatures fall out. snow showers especially late afternoon and evening hours. so what's the road sunday. the next chance for snow will be wednesday. those are the two days you want to pay attention to. monday morning, it will be dangerously cold. 6 for a low. 16 for a high.
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local team's championship is called a miracle. it's part of a hollywood movie. the bushes saves pieces of history before it is too late.
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>> a starving boy is among those being helped as a second wave of aid reach key cities. and it's controlled by the rebels. it's under seige by forces by the regime. and the 40 thousand people are starving. the u.n. secretary general, using starvation as a weapon is a war crime. a team found 22 children under the age of 5 suffering from malnutrition and six children suffering from severe malnutrition. dan hagerty, playing a mountain man. his rep says he went to the doctor for back pain in july, diagnosed with cancer in his spine. he worked as a trainer for walt disney when he was discovered. he was 74-year-old.
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team peek and u.s. astronaut, tim copera, replacing a broken electronic box. they finished their work before discovering a water bubble inside his helmet. they have 31 minutes to complete the job. that's the amount of nighttime on the particular swing around the world. tim peek is the first official astronaut. . and 8 week old kitten abandoned after >> and smurf bonded with the new roommate, smurf and wanda have become inseparable. judging by the injure ice, believed that smurf was used as a chew toy for a dog.
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association is caring for the animals. they hope to send smurf and wanda to a foster care. they will be together.
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