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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati Sunday  CBS  January 17, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. >> breaking news alerts and the weather authority, forecast, this is good morning, cincinnati sunday. live, on local 12. >> liz:: a violent weekend in the tri state with two murders, how they are trying to put a stop to the killing. >> adam: honoring a social, icon, where you can pay tribute to dr. martin luther king junior. >> liz:: we are back in the travel and sports show checking out what all they have to offer from the traditional, to the non-traditional, and we will see you guys in a bit. >> liz:: all right and good morning to you, i'm liz bonis and thanks for walking up with cincinnati sunday.
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and we will have more on that in just a moment. a lot going on and first we want to get a check on the forecast and it is cold out there and it looks like it is going to be cold the rest of the week, and here is brandon orr with the no wait, weather. >> brandon: if you think that it is cold now, wait until you see the forecast, the wind chill, and because these temperature will drop, 20 degrees lower than they are right now and we are in the 20s right now, 25 at the airport and 27 over in munkin and 28 and we are around, 29 here in northern kentucky and we have a lot of clouds around and that is going to stick and evening thour we could see the peeks and the wind, coming out of the west at around, nine and the wind chills are in the teens and even though it is in the 20s it feels like it is in the teens and we are not watching a lot going on on prevision, doppler, hd but look off to the north and west and see this band of snow and that is an arctic cold front and chilly air and it is going to bring in the showers in the air, and we could see a coating
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and here are the snow showers that are going to pick up, in the day and 28 degrees and once that front moves through and it temperatures throughout the day and we are like lip the high temperature, right around, midday and 23 by 3:00 and we will continue to fall from there, likely into the teens by later on today. and right around, 5:00, and already, 19, and that is when our snow chance is supposed to turn into just a few flurries from time-to-time, coming up at 8:18 and it is going to be frigid, and there is a wind chill, and ten to 15 degrees, below zero and we are tracking know and a bigger storm system for friday and we will have the details, straight ahead, guys. >> adam: thank you, an over night, accident, shut down vine street and the police believe that it was caused by a drunk driver >> liz:: it happened at 2:30 on vine, and town ship, and the car hit the suv, and two of the people in the suhave, have serious injuries, and the driver of the car being tested under
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the influence. >> adam: a man who was shot in west wood and later died. >> the officers found him on a trail, just before 6:00 last night. he was taken to the uc medical center and that is where the investigators tell us he died. and someone was passing by the area, yesterday and saw him and called 911. and we are not sure, how long he was there or what led up to the shooting. residents of the avondale neighborhood are realing after a young man was shot and killed there friday night. >> liz:: and this led to an anti-violence rally, at the alaska avenue, apartments where the people told, brad underwood that they are sick and tired of being afraid. >> stop killing. >> stop the killing. >> reporter: 6-year-old, maria stands feet away from where a man was murdered. >> we have got to stop the killing. >> reporter: her mother, marry and the two listened to the latest call to end the violence in the city. >> it is hard to try to keep this from your kids, because it is everywhere.
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and i am always, watching the news. so, i am glad that she knows. >> reporter: she knows what happens around her. the violent reality in many, cincinnati neighborhoods. >> it was not like this when i was growing up, we used to be able to run around outside and play with our friends and now you can't. we can't. >> the job to be able to stand out here and for your representative. and you have to be a light that shines in the darkness. >> reporter: there are only five of them but it does not deafn the plea, the need for community, involvement has not been more imperative. >> we are not not going to stand by as the others lose their lives. >> reporter: they are walking after another homicide, 20-year-old, scott was shot and killed in the parking lot just hours before this gathering. >> stop the killing. >> reporter: from his window,
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>> i feel that they -- and it is just a lot. that is just crazy. >> reporter: the alaska avenue, apartments have been home for wear for five years and he is too familiar for what happens, outside of his window. >> and all of that, and they are going to do, and at least be able to have fun. but all of this stuff going around, i don't think that, i don't think that i am going to be able to do that >> reporter: the truth, understood by too many children, and too many families. had >> they kill people. stop it. >> stop. stop the killing. >> reporter: in north avondale, brad underwood, local 12 news. >> liz:: and if you no he anything about this homicide, or the homicide in west wood, you are asked to call crime stoppers
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>> adam: as gas station employee is run over his own car and now the investigators are trying the person behind the wheel. >> the employee had the car running and trying to warm up the engine at the end of his shift and then someone, jumped in the driver's seat and took off, running over that employee. and he was then taken to the hospital with broken bones, the deputies are looking for that stolen malibu max. >> the sfoen scam, making the rounds and you can be a target, several people have reported getting phone calls from the man who claims to be deputy, david scott and says that there is a warrant out for the arrest and have to send a money order to make it go away. the sheriff's office does not call and ask for payment over the phone, if you receive one of these phone calls you are asked to hang up. >> liz:: a lot of people are gearing up for the martin luther king day, march downtown, it starts at 10:30, tomorrow morning at the national underground, rail road and this is a previous march and those who march will stop at fountain
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then continue on to music hall for a celebration of king's legacy and there will be music and theater. and also, the national underground, rail road, freedom center will offer, free admission, tomorrow and the museum has just acquired if a limited time, a special, copy of the 13th amendment which abolishes slavely in the united states, and also have a copy of the proclamation as well, and there is activities for the children and adults. the freedom center will be opened tomorrow from eleven to five. >> adam: it may feel like summer is a long way away, but you don't have to travel far to boo et that case of cabin fever, megan moore is live at the travel, sports and boat show this morning and down at the duke, energy center and a lot of stuff down there and a lot of stuff to make you feel just warm inside, right? >> absolutely. and this thing behind me, i have never seen anything like it. very, very cool. and i am here with andy, and he is with the industries and this
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at least in this region. >> that is correct, on the west coast, there is a couple of manufacturers of them, and we are one of the first here on the east coast. and it is an adventure, style trailer, and expedition vehicle. and 100 percent, aluminum and lightweight and you can tow it with anything and put you in any kind of camping situation that you want to be. >> you started making these in the last year. >> in the last year this is our first model, it is called the peanut. and it is fully equipped for the show and this is all of the delux options that you can get on one. >> reporter: i want you guys to see how neat this thing is. everything is just self-contained and runs on solar power. >> that is correct, we have a 100 watt solar panel to keep everything in operation and everything, including the cooler here. >> you got to see what is in here. >> the freezer with the ice cream. and keeping it frozen, and the two burner, propane, stove built right into the unit and with the
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got a kitchen here under north the awning. >> you see the tent above us and it is great to have the tent and not have to have everything, packed inside of there. that is correct. you come out of the tent and we have an enclosed room that snaps in underneath the tent and the flooring and you don't have to get dressed up in the tent and the hot water, and shower and the instant, hot and 50 gallons of water on board. and you can see the solar, power and it runs, the 12 volt, system and the interior lighting and the fridge, and freezer, and it will be off of the gr i had for as long as you want. >> reporter: how much do they one? >> they have a starting price of $10,000 as you see this one, it is $25,000, it is outfitted with the biggest and the best and the most solar power >> reporter: neat and this is something that is a non-traditional camping experience. and we will take a look at the
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see. >> adam: that is not camping that is glamping. >> reporter: i am okay with that. it comes with a shower. >> adam: perfect. >> liz:: and there is a lot of other stuff there, and i mean that if you can't do the $25,000 thing, just real, learning and kind of hands on percents are there? >> reporter: absolutely. and i mean that there is a lot to offer here, of course, there is just this stuff, and also, they have some demonstrations, and actually right over this way and they have a demonstration, pool and there is kayaking and a boat and everything that you can do out here this weekend. but this seems to be a popular thing that he was telling me. >> adam: thanks, megan. we will check back in with you in a half hour or so chl the show is opened, from 11 to 5:00 and picks up on wednesday and will continue to next sunday. >> liz:: ahead, right now, 25 outside, really a chilly morning. and a new grocery store opening in northern kentucky this week and we will tell you how get in on the grand opening give aways
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>> adam: going barefoot at a
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game, we will >> adam: we are covering news where you live this morning, a local high school basketball team is helping those from around the world. >> liz: the deer park girls, hosted reading for the barefoot
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of people around the world who don't have any shoes, the money from the game will go to an organization, called samaritan's feet, it provides, shoes to close to ten million people. and the local, library is offering a chance for you to guy the great books to read on some of these cold, winter nights and they are cheap, too and the independence, brands on walt, nickel son, road kicks off a week long, used book sale and runs from one to five today and it will continue, during the library hours, through saturday and the paper backs are priced as low as 50 cents and dvds and audio books. >> a new store is opening up in fror reference, and all of these on the houston road, and you can expect the long lines at the door, the first shoppers will get a golden ticket, willie wonka style and they will give you a chance to win a year's worth of produce.
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to say thank you to a medical team >> liz: it all happens after a trip to the emergency room, we will share her amazing story and what you need to know about this cancer that we don't hear much about. that is just ahead. >> brandon: and the winter
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in the form of wind sh >> adam: good morning, cincinnati welcome back, a woman said that a trip to the hospital, led to what she is calling a miracle. >> liz: it got her to the liver team, and likely saved her life and i have a chance to talk to her and we share her story in this morning's medical edge. just a few months ago at the gallery, where these two sisters work, janie smith says that she was in terrible pain. >> i was at work and my back hurt so bad and i was lying on the floor in the office and i told my husband, the next day emergency room.
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made a couple of visits to the emergency department before where they were able to give her an injection to stop her pain, this time, however, it turned out to be a whole lot different. you see, dr., walker plash just happened to be on vacation in this emergency, room that day, he decided to look into the source of her pain. and discovered her pancreas was inflamed. >> in the emergency, medicine one of the things that we focus on is the most likely thing, but what is the worst thing that this could be? and if it is the worst thing what do you have to do to take care of that? >> reporter: it turned out that she did have the worst thing. if there is ever, a right time to find the worst thing, janie said this was it, because otherwise. >> she would have been dead. >> reporter: she had cancer, because dr. plash found it, she got to dr. thomas, a cancer surgeon who was able to move it before it spread. >> that is the best possible, out come for this.
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makes all of of the difference. >> reporter: she knows that almost never happens with this kind of cancer. >> this is why i do it, though, for these out comes. because eight out of ten, they are not respectable and i don't get this kind of out come. and this is why we do it. >> reporter: it is also why she let us come back and join her when she got the team back together... >> reporter: thank you for saving my life. >> pretty much it. >> reporter: pret where much it, one of those things that pretty much says it all when you are simply alive to say. >> reporter: quite often, jaudice is the first sign, and even that is after it spreads, if your eyes turn yellow get to the doctor, it rarely gets detected before then, and so quite a story there, puts your whole day in perspective. >> adam: so many of these doctors this is their job and what they do every day, and you see the other side of it and it
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someone to be able to say thank you like that. >> liz: and she said, normally you get the pain and a good reminder to all of us. >> brandon: it is cold out there. a lot colder and trend continues and it gets colder as we go into the night tonight and enjoy the warmer weather that we are having right now while it lasts. this is our tower, camera and we will see what is mainly dry and we are not dealing with anything and we have a lot of clouds around and you can take a look at the bridge and showing the dry, conditions and not worrying about anything there and that could change, later on today, and when we have the snow showers that could mean, the slick roads in a couple offa irz and so just keep that in mind, cincinnati right around, 25 degrees and that is colder than yesterday, but these temperatures are going to be about 20 degrees, lower by the time that we get towards, tomorrow morning and i know that just in time to get, and something for at least some of us go back to work and if you have monday off it is still going to be cold on tuesday. wind out of the west at nine
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breezy and that wind makes it feel like it is in the teens, when that is the wind chill, is the wind blowing on you makes you feel colder than if it was calm, and the precision, doppler that is calm right now, and we do have the clouds around on the satellite and notice off to the north and west and this band, of white, and central indiana and into indianapolis and this is the light snow that we are expecting today, it is not going to amount to too much, the thing is the temperatures are now, below freezing and puts the air temperatures into the 20s and i just checked the temperatures and ief they are into the upper 20s or just a couple of degrees, below freezing and so any snow that falls this afternoon will like lil create the slick roads at that time that are untreated. if they are treated they will be in decent shape and so keep that in mind if you are going out today, and these snow showers can move in any time, especially in the afternoon and continuing to 3:00 and 23 degrees, and also, notice the temperature and the high is around, 28 degrees, at noon. and once this arctic cold front
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drop it around, 5:00 and i think that the snow chance will start to decrease, around 6:00 and the flurries this evening, which is good because the temperatures will be into the middle teens and you could see where the arctic front is where the winds pick up and it is, 13 miles per hour in spring field and ahead of it is barely reaching ten and you can see the temperature, map, and not too far to the west and across the border to illinois it is single digits right now and that is a big, temperature drop over a short distance that is why we are expecting, the temperatures, only into the lower, teens, by the time that we get to tomorrow morning and the really cold air and we have not seen this for a while and the negative 14, and that is the actual, temperature in the northern midwest and here we go, timing it out hour by hour and we can see the snow showers, that pick up in the afternoon today, and around, 6:00 and then taper off to just the flurries this evening. and just really chilly weather, sets in over night, tonight and into early monday morning and monday, we are nice and dry and it is looking good out there and just watch out for the wind chill advisory that we have in
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the chills and negative ten to negative 15 degrees and that is below sder sdoer row, and winter makes a come back, one starts on wednesday and this one we have a decent agreement with the computer models and one to three inches and this is an early, forecast and we have the ga iz to dow to watch this one and it could create the slick roads on wednesday and especially during the afternoon hours and not as much in the morning. we are dry on thursday and we are watching a much larger system for friday and there is very, high uncertainty with that one but i would stay tuned to the forecast and if you have any plans during the second half of the workweek it looks like things could get busy with the temperatures, hovering there, right around the freezing mark, and not too far from average and all that i will say is that i will try to get my sleep, while we can. >> adam: it sounds like a good idea. good sleeping weather, cold and chilly, and make the chili. sglm you know what? we have just been spoiled and i know that this is below average and feels extra cold because we had a warm december >> brandon: we had the third
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then we get shoved into regular, winter weather. >> liz: regularly four degrees. up for adoption, from the spca and we are going to meet them, harry is coming up next with the dog that you can take home just ahead. >> adam: plus the democratic debate tonight, when and where you can see the presidential
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that is coming up on good >> adam: spca celebrating a big morning, after another very successful telethon which aired right here on local 12 and we saw a lot of our furry friends and a lot of people in the house yesterday, that raised more than $64,000. and big day. and in addition, 50 animals were adopted yesterday after we showed them on the air and in case you missed the show you can donate on-line and we have a link on the website at local and always, and that telethon gets bigger and better every year >> liz: it feels like we were all in there for the same purpose and it is fun to watch the total as go up, and he with pt what to say thank you, for watching and donating. >> adam: they have plenty of animals that need a good home. >> liz: herry is here with a couple more that you can take home today. >> we have einstein with us today and he is a mixed cattle dog and he is about a year and a half old, and make an excellent, companion animal and very
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and he is teutered and it includes, the dog license >> liz: you can got those at 1100 con way road. at noon. we have new information, the servicing of a terrorist attack in west africa and what we are learning about an american who was can i would and that is just
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>> adam: first the p >> adam: prisoner swap, five americans returning home after a deal with iran >> liz: a final meeting with the candidates, before the iowa caucuses. >> reporter: the travel and boat show going on this weekend and there are a lot of cool things to see. we are going to check out some of these in just a little bit. >> adam: megan is going to come back with a canoe. >> liz: we wanted to bring back the canoe weather. >> adam: i'm adam clements. >> liz: and i'm liz bonis and we need to find out that we are not going to have the sum merl weather, brandon orr has your no wait weather >> brandon: you can go canoe be in this weather,
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>> brandon: i will be last one colder. if you think that this is cold, wait until you see the temperatures, and 27, and in the upper 20s in northern kentucky and even in southeastern indiana and the uniform temperatures, and a lot of clouds, on the medical center, camera and a couple of peeks from time-to-time, no snow over the area right now, on the precision, doppler, hd and over the next few hours, that is sgoeg to change a little bit and so we have a lot of clouds and the area in gray and we will call the west and already in indianapolis and this area of white, the arctic cold front and that is going to move in around and after the midday, and that is why we have the snow, picking up by noon and this is very light, and this is, and it is a big, snow shower and so it is not going to snow the entire afternoon and it is going to be hit and miss, even into the late, afternoon hours and i think that at 6:00, things are starting to wrap up a little bit as the temperatures faum into the teens, and we are already in the teens by 5:00 and so you no he that it is going to be a
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temperatures, and ten degrees, below zero tonight, as well as tomorrow night and more snow on the way, and not only on wednesday and also, on friday and we will break down the details on some of those with the full north, coming up in 15 minutes, liz. >> liz: thank you, bran don, turning no you into the coverage of the five americans in iran are now in the process of leaving that country. >> adam: the prison swap was confirmed after iran, met all measures spelled out in a landmark, nuclear deal, the u.s. and other world powers, lifted sanctions that have been imposed. >> the iran an state television, announced the news on saturday, a wap of four americans, in exchange for seven you are ran ans in the u.s., and also, dropped, international arrest notices and charges, for 14 iran ans. the four freed americans, are washington post, reporter, jason
8:28 am
american businessman, and pastor, whose wife spoke from boise idaho. >> i just want for my kids and then i told my parents and then i called his parents. and his sister. who are all, bawling and getting calls. >> the student, was also, released as part of a separate agreement. >> they should be on their way home to their families before long. >> the prisoner swap was announced hours before the united nations nuclear, watch dog, the international atomic agency, certificated that iran has met the commitments as part of the historic nuclear deal with six world powers. >> iran has undertaken significant, steps, and many, and i do mean, many, people, doubted, that never come to pass. >> reporter: president obama signed an executive order, lifting u.s. sanctionings related to iran's nuclear program, that means that iran can now sell oil on the open market. iran will have access to the global banking system and the
8:29 am
billion in frozen assets overseas, if it is discovered that iran is moving ahead with its nuclear, program the deal calls for sanctions to once again be imposed. cbs news. >> adam: and iran has agreed to investigate the where abouts of retired, f.b.i. agent, robert, levenson and disappeared in 2007. >> liz: werl learning that an american was killed at that terrorist attack in that hotel in west africa. we told you about it on good morning cincinnati saturday, they stormed a hotel and a cafe and it happened on friday and killed, 28 people. now the mother-in-law of michael ridering who was 45 said that he died during that attack he was an missionary in the area and leaves behind a wife and four children. a united nation's panel is saying that the world is in the midst of a humanitarian crisis and that $40 million is needed to help a growing, number of people in need of aid as a
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disasters, the full report is due to be released today when the u.s., secretary, general speaks in dubai and the un estimates that he have a $15 billion shortfall in the monthny needed in the past year. >> adam: democratic candidates are going to face off in south carolina, hillary clinton along with bernie sanders and omaly attended the dinner, and being the first state to vote after iowa and new hampshire. donald trump, and ted cruz have been taking jabs at each other on the campaign trail. >> and then today, to have another story, where he forgot, another bank citibank. and he forgot. >> tonight's democratic debate is the final one before the iowa caucuses on february first and that debate starts at 9:00. being on a boat somewhere
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doesn't it >> you can kind of do that this weekend. >> it might not come with the ocean view but it beats being stuck in the house, so megan moore is helping us out and giving us a little more, and the warm. >> a big, and we love that and we just need the singing and she is at the travel, sports. >> yeah. >> and in the center. hi. >> drop it. >> i know, i dropped it. look, i told the photographer too, and i was like, watch, i am going to drop it during this live shot, and it really does feel like summer though, and we were here like friday and there is a lot going on here, and so if you want a boat and if you want a truck and if you want an rv and they have everything and it is no the just that, and they also have the golf show going on and that is the last day for it and if you want to get your golf this and we will look into the things that you can do during the winter months and i know that everybody is tired of being couped up inside and come out tonight and they have that going guys something here.
8:32 am
childhood memories of the minikitchen. it is so cute and they have a lot of really cool things here. and we are actually going to come over here and i am going to talk with patrick, elliot and he is with the rvs are us. >> and i am glad to be here and there is a little of something for everybody and no matter your budget or if you have a big or a small car and let's talk about what you have right in this area. >> right here in this area, we have what is, they call the little guys. and you can pull in with the smart car, and the small compact, car and easy to put in the garage and the yellow one that you are looking at right now, 600 pounds is all that it weighs, and the accommodations in there and the flat screen, tv and air-conditioning and the stereo and an inexpensive unit, and you don't have to have that one time truck to go out and be part of the whole recreational field >> and i love that you said that you can hook this up to your smart car. >> yes.
8:33 am
people who do have smart cars. and there is no problem, pulling them around. and like i said, we have them to where, they are so light, that you can just push them around and put them in your garage and you don't have to go to the big storage unit to have to have someplace to hose them in. >> very cool and we want to show you traditional things too, and you have this one and these have changed quite a bit and this looks like a house inside. and we are going to look in here. and it is so neat and it is so spacious. >> and this is a, and this is a cherokee from the forest river, and this is the model and the twin slides on both sides and the bar in the center here is movable and so you can take it out of the way for the entertainment and also, take it outside, and the accommodations in this unit, and you have got the tloo he three quarter inches plywood floors and well constructed and the way that it is set up and a lot of people use them for the permanent housing now.
8:34 am
>> and so you can, in four to six months and come back to the buck eye state and spend the other six months with it. >> and that is awesome, and like i said, there is something for everybody, and depending on your price range and this one, usually runs. >> this one right here, usual lip runs, about $23,000. and we have the specials going on down here, and the turn out has been fantastic. and the sales have been great and the deals are ho the again, today. and so, we are hoping to see the public back in here today with us. >> i hear that and it is a good day for it. come down to the travel sports and boat show and they will be here today and thank you for being with us today, patrick. >> you are welcome megan, thank you. >> back to you guys. >> liz: a quick question, compared to what you are in, how much is the little yellow car arrangement there. >> the one that he said is reasonable. >> reporter: that one was $8,000? >> that was $8200 for the little, yellow pod. >> and it is cute. >> liz: you just want to have it in the front lawn to go calm ping.
8:35 am
from eleven to five today and picks up again on wednesday and well. >> coming up on cbs sunday morning and inspiration, behind the movie joy. >> we are going to make a movie about your life story and shortly after, david is on the for into talk to you. and i am thinking oh, my gosh, this is really happening sgla pick up. bill, introduces us to a woman's whose life story is a miraculous, and a film that is picking up several, awards, how the miracle, mop is cleaning up, coming up at 9:00. >> liz: that is a fun story. all right, but first we have to tell you about the really big games for the local, basketball teams this weekend. we will tell you how uc and xavier did, in the match up and just up on the road.
8:36 am
look at who is m moving >> liz: glood morning, cincinnati it is 7:43, and that will be the warmest that it will be in a while, if you are stepping outside, brandon orr will up date the forecast and we
8:37 am
and the arizona cardinals are moving on to the nfc, championship game, after a vick ory against the packers. >> adam: hauled in a touchdown pass, and barely a minute into over time to cap a wild finish, and the cards, beat the packers, and two plays, earlier, he avoid a sack, and hit a wide open and takes it 75 yards, from scrimmage, to set that up, and rogers set that up, with a wild, hail marry, but it is cardinals on top and face the winners between the panthers and the sea haukz, and the new england, patriots back in the afc championship game, for the fifth straight year, tom brady hooked up, for a pair of touchdowns and brady added a running score from the one yard line, up and over, and passed over the chiefs, 27-20, yesterday, and new england, awaits the winner, between the steelers and the broncos and that is in denver, and you can catch that game right here on local 12, starting at 4:40, big day in college,
8:38 am
ali with a look at the morning sports. >> reporter: good morning everyone, xavier had a game plan and they stuck to it on saturday, and rebounded by 14, and the point, guard, seeing the action after sitting out three games with the concussion and not missing a beat and he played, 25 minutes and adding 1 appoints and 5 assists, and games, far is going to be in the three games, and the 9 point, lead and the double, double, and 9 boards, and xavier running and the gates and following in with nine, but miles, davis, stands at three and xavier, ones it. and the bear cats in action, and planning to avoid a sweep at the hands of temple, and the out, shot, 62060, percent and with the defense, and yesterday he was good with the refer, but the shots they were not falling and including from the three, and one of 18, from beyond the arc and here is one, though, to get
8:39 am
and end of the regulation, and misses a runner but follows it and ties it up at 56 and, going into the over time, people and was out for the majority of the first half, and trying to end the team and this is barry and can't get it to go and so that means, several, over time and uc, up tleep, and devon, and this kid, with the 30s from the long range, this season, and not again, to 50 percent, and ties it up to 65, and the temple, ball and no one was boxing out, and bond with the put back, and 20 seconds to go, and the bear cats with win it or tie it. and open and he was in the back court and the temple, and sweeps, 67-65, in the final in double, ot and kentucky and auburn may not seem like a match up, and uk, owns s fcc, active, winning streak and that opponent will be auburn, and the games and uk looking for consistency and looking for an entire, 40
8:40 am
that did not work in the second half, and tyler puts it up, and auburn is down five and, and a hand in the game, and a high of 26, and under, two to go in the game, and tied up to 65, and the tough shot of the back and sophomore with the two and the triple and double, and the and one, and auburn will go up one, and after he makes the free, throw and lewis, and he leads the port with others and before the buzzer sounds, pearl, and the tigers with a five, point, upset and how about the former stand out, luke, and he put on a show on saturday, and in the door, against, notre dame and the freshman guard went off with 15 shots and the sixth freshman, and how about the one for the highlight real and you get to this, and the jab, and the hard swings, and to watch it over and over, and the bad news, that he is probably wants his loss by four and so he will be fighting the irish and that is a look at your sports this morning and i'm allie, and we will see you
8:41 am
authority, make it a great one >> liz: who would have predicted auburn over kentucky. >> adam: it happened and brandon it is chilly out and it will keep dropping. >> brandon: it is going to drop today and we will hit the temperature on midday and we will be around the teens around sunset. >> that is a quick drop and that is a flip-flop and normally we warm up before the sunset and you can see what it looks like outside, on the tower, camera and looking mainly dry conditions and we do have the clouds around and we will see a few snowflakes falling out of some of those clouds and we will take a look up at the oxford from the medical camera and you can see the flurries moving on through and if you look really closely at the roof of this building, you can see a couple of them already, starting to fall and they are only going to pick up as we get to the midday or so, and there is the 26 degree, mark and up in oxford and it is hard to get picked up on radar and we can see that it
8:42 am
and in the george town and brookville and across, northern kentucky and about the same as everyone else up there to the mid and the upper 20s and here is a little bit of the snow flurry activity and you can see a little bit of that starting to make it close to oxford and most of that is off to indianapolis and it will pick up and you can see it on the clouds and radar and how we are locked in with the clouds and there could be a few peaks of sunshine and we want to keep it mostly cloudy and you can soo he how the wide, spread. the band of light snow and that is going to move through the day today and the difference between today and yesterday is, and the temperatures are below freezing and especially since we have been so chilly over night and whatever, falls will most likely make the roads, slick and we will keep that in mind if you want for go out and about and you have to get the errands done, i would suggest, to do it now this morning and because the temperatures will pick up in the afternoon and this is when we can see the quick roadways, and it is less than an inch and most of us will get a coating and some may not each see the accumulation at all. and so just a coating at most.
8:43 am
teens by around 5:00 and ha is why we have the wind chill advisory and this is the northern kentucky and in the boone, and can the counties and the claire mont, to the north and west, and cincinnati and hamilton and okays ford and most of southeastern indiana with the exception, and either way that you look at it, most of the bind chills will be ten to 15 degrees, below zero starting late tonight and tomorrow morning and we have a repeat of that coming up monday night into tuesday morning and through the two, very, very, chilly nights and because of this arctic cold front that is here, and bringing in the gusty winds behind it and it could be broo breezy at times and you can see the temperature map and it is 22 in indianapolis and 8 degrees, over in illinois and that is a very short, distance but yet, the temperature is dropping so fast and that is why we are expecting it to fall into the teens by later on tonight and in fact, the temperatures in the midwest, in the northern midwest, right around, negative 14 degrees, and that is 14 degrees, below freezing and that is not even, including the wind chill and so
8:44 am
that the front moves in and we can see the snow showers breaking out and most of them moving in midday and we are already seeing the light flurries pushing into the area, continue to five or six, and then taper off to the flurries this evening and you could still have the slick roadways around from time-to-time and as we go into the over night tonight and this is whether we will see the cold air and the coldest air of season ofar push in and we are not looking at much in the way v flurries on monday and we will see the sunshine and looking good and this coming workweek, there are two snow chances that we are going to be watching and one moves in on wednesday and we are starting to get the confidence that about, one to three inches and widespread and this is the early, forecast and we have several days to watch it and so we will fine tune the forecast in the coming days and you will get a break on thursday and we are watching a larger storm system and this has the high uncertainty and it looks to be a larger storm system and so keep that in mind and we will get the winter weather through the second half of the workweek with the temperatures in the 30s and each though we get the snow
8:45 am
cold as it is going to be for the next couple of nights. >> just layer uch and get the extra blanket on. >> liz: perspective it is not
8:46 am
>> adam: we will have a >> liz: welcome back, good morning, cincinnati a little before 9:00 a.m. and if you look up you can see that it is kind
8:47 am
inside looking outside. and brandon orr says that it is probably about the warmest that it is going to be all day, and so enjoy i this morning and you will be fine going to church but after that you want to bundle up and watch football. coming up later this morning. >> adam: full measure, cheryl takes a look at one of the most expensive prisons in the world and president obama's attempt to shut it down. >> i think that the white house has made it clear that the president does intent to do it this and so we interviewed graham, and he said that it could be a show down and called president obama delusional in his words and if the president thinks that this is the right time to shut it down. sgla it starts at eleven right here on local 12 >> liz: and now for a look at this morning's top stories. >> adam: the police believe that a drunk driver may be to blame for a crash, at vine avenues and the car hit an suv and two people inside of the suv
8:48 am
the driver of the car was being tested by police, under the suspicion of driving under the influence. >> liz: cincinnati police found a man, on a wooded trail, just before 6:00 last night. he was taken to the university of cincinnati medical center, where he later died from his injuries. apparently someone passing by, saw him and called 911. but the police are not sure how long he had been there or what led up to that shooting. >> adam: people are gearing up for the martin luther king day, come memberive walk downtown that will be in the underground, freedom center and it will be made and continue on to music hall for a celebration of dr. king's legacy. >> liz: a cold day for that. >> brandon: we have the snow flurries this morning and in the midday pick up just a little bit. and the temperatures are below freezing and keep that in mind and you can send in your photos
8:49 am
local has the forecast, and scott dimmich will be in later to have a look at road conditions and such as well. so the temperatures, the temperatures, and reached around midday, and noon, and 28 fwreez and falling into the teens, by 5:00 and so it is going to get, cold really fast this afternoon and into the evening, and the snow showers, taper off to just the flurries after 6:00 today and then we have that wind chill, advisory and the low temperatures around, 4:00 and the wind chills, ten to 15 degrees, below zero. >> liz: and the drop between noon and four. >> brandon: exactly with the snow showers. >> liz: thank you for waking up with us, and good morning, cincinnati sunday. >> brandon: have a great day.
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