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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 430  CBS  January 18, 2016 4:25am-5:00am EST

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3 morning cincinnati. (ad lib to weather) 3 today will have a mix of clouds and sun, but very cold. high temperatures will be in the low to mid teens. after sunshine early, clouds will gradually increase late tuesday and tuesday night. light snow is likely wednesday; expect at least 1" of new snow accumulation wednesday. a second storm
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thursday night and early friday; this snow is likely to accumulate, but it is too early to forecast snowfall totals for this system. 3 bob herzog looking at tri- state roadszero problemsi-75 is clear in the cut-in-the-hill
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3 new this morning...police have two people in custody after a police officer was shot and killed.according to our sister station, w-s-y-x, investigators say the officer was on duty when he was shot in front of a police station in danville overnight.that's northeast of columbus.the suspect then took off in the officer's cruiser.a statewide alert was issued, and the suspect and another woman were found in a nearby home.they were taken in after a standoff. no word on their names, or the name of the officer.stay with local12 news and local12- dot-com for the latest information. 3 time/temp ...ahead at four-30 ...major renovation plan ...a look at what could be one of the biggest downtown projects in recent years ...
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democratic presidential candidates take on the issue during a weekend matchup ... you're watching good morning
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break one 3 now at four-30 ... tangling over who's tougher on gun control.hear what hillary clinton and bernie sanders had to say on the issue ... 3 tracie hunter returns to court ...what's happening this week regarding her conviction ... 3
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day ...and there are several events happening around the tri-state in honor of the holiday. 3 good morning cincinnati.thanks for joining us on this monday.. i'm john lomax.and i'm sheila gray.the stories of the day are coming up. first a check of the weather. here's meterologist brandon orr. 3 today will have a mix of clouds and sun, but very cold. high temperatures will be in the low to mid teens. after sunshine early, clouds will gradually increase late tuesday and tuesday night. light snow is likely wednesday; expect at least 1" of new snow accumulation wednesday. a second storm system could bring more snow thursday night and early friday; this snow is likely to accumulate, but it is too early to forecast snowfall
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3 gun control is a top priority for the democratic presidential candidates.. they hit on the topic during last night's debate.. two weeks hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley shared the stage in charleston south carolina. it's not far
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killed nine people in a mass shooting last summer.clinton says gun control is a major difference between the candidates.she and sanders both appeared on "face the nation" on c- b- s this weekend. 3 presidential candidate: "we ought to be smart enough to be consistent with the constitution to have more gun safety measures to try and save some of the 33-thousand lives we lose to gun violence democratic presidential candidate: "we think we have a good chance to pull off what will amount too-and i think you'll agree-one of the great political upsets in modern history. "other big talkers... the economy and health care. political experts say clinton is a favorite to win the primary in south carolina. 3 the president took executive actions earlier this month aimed at limiting gun violence. local12's brad underwood reports.. new concealed carry classes are being offered by the hamilton county sheriff's office to satisfy a growing demand. 3 02.40.15-19"shooters ready. fire. pop. pop. pop.""pop."inside the amberly village police
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citizens are getting the training necessary to legally carry their weapons. the nine hour training course provides both classroom and shooting range education. "nats of loading magazine."loading the magazine, handling the gun and firing it the right way. rhonda rhodes 2.44.55-08"i wanted to take it because my husband already has his conceal carry and just things going on in the news, just how things are. i do a lot of outdoor walking and i just want to be able to protect myself. "rhonda rhodes is one of seven women in this class. she's taking the course with her father in law. dusty rhodes 02.46.08-17"this is something i've been interested in for a long long time and the opportunity came up and i was excited to do, so we decided to do it together as kind of a family team. "but this course is different than other gun safety or certification classes. it's run by the hamilton county sheriffs office. 02.57.36-45 "in general the fire arms industry has exploded and there has obviously been an increase in gun sales and with
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carry. ""while this class taught by deputies is relatively new, armed citizens with ccw licenses isn't. over the past two years the sheriffs office has issued more than 10 thousand ccw permits."02.54.43-55 sheriff "this is the second class in two weeks. we assumed that we would be teaching one class a month but this is two in two weeks. "once the course is complete and you're certified all that's left is to submit your application for a ccw permit. brad underwood local 12 news. 3 sheriff jim neil says he got the idea to offer the courses from the hamilton police department, which has similar classes. the course is free for active or retired law enforcement and military . for everyone else, the course is 67 dollars. for more information on the training class, head to local12-dot- com. 3 police are trying to figure
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a trail in westwood.23-year old kareem howell was spotted on the wooded trail off bracken woods lane this weekend after someone called 911.howell was taken to u-c medical center, where he died. investigators are also trying to learn how long he was there 3 the warren county has a warning about a phone scam... several people have reported getting phone calls from a man claims to be deputy david scott... the caller tells the resident there's a warrant out for their arrest.. and they have to send a money order to make the warrant go away.the sheriff's office wants people to know they never call and ask for payment by phone.if you receive one of these calls.. you should just hang up. 3 suspended juvenile court judge tracie hunter is due back in court this week.this, after an appeals court upholds her conviction.the jury at hunter's first trial convicted her of unlawful interest in a public contract.she was accused of interfering in a disciplinary hearing for her brother who was a county employee.hunter's lawyers claimed misconduct on the part
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and improper polling of the jury.the higher court rejected those claims.the jury at her first trial could not reach a verdict on eight other charges that included tampering with evidence and theft in office. the second trial on *those charges is due to begin tomorrow. 3 in more local news ambitious plan for a downtown street corner in the heart of cincinnati's central business district is in the works.a texas-based developer is making a 100-million dollar bet on downtown to convert fourth & walnut centre into a mix of hotels, redesigned offices, retail and restaurants.the property is currently about 50 percent occupied, with tenants including duke energy and everything but the house. the developer closed on the property january 8th for about 9 million dollars and the plans for the building are not yet final. 3 a new grocery store is opening in florence today. expect long lines at the new aldi's on houston road. the first hundred shoppers get a golden ticket.. which is an aldi's gift card. some lucky people will also win a year's worth of free produce. the ribbon cutting is at nine. 3
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soccer team is gearing up to start its inaugural season.and f-c cincinnati just added four sponsors, including cintas and kroger.the team starts regular season play in has sold more than three-thousand season tickets for home games at u-c's nippert stadium. that's the second-most in the league. 3 time/temp ... 3 missing americans ...we're learning new details about the disappearance of several americans in iraq ... deadly twister ...people are picking up the pieces after tornadoes touch down in florida, on good
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break two 3 leaders in the u-s and iraq are working together to find several missing americans in baghdad.reports out of iraq's capital say three american contractors were kidnapped by militias.the u-s embassy confirms that americans are missing.. but isn't confirming how iraqi government intelligence leader says they were kidnapped from their interpreter's home, then taken to sadr city, where all communication and contact stopped.kidnappings in iraq have been carried out by isis.. and shiite militias. 3 we're waiting to learn when three of four americans released by iran will return to the u-s.washington post reporter jason rezaian.. amir hekmati and saeed abedini arrived in germany yesterday. they're resting and undergoing medical evaluations at a military hospital.a fourth freed american opted to stay in iran, and a fifth one is
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their release was part of a prisoner swap.. the u-s pardoned or dropped charges against seven iranians who were in custody for u-n sanction violations. 3 there's still no sign of the 12 u-s marines missing off hawaii following a training accident.rescuers have been searching around the clock since late thursday, when two helicopters each carrying six marines collided off oahu.the coast guard says there's no intention to call off or suspend the also says families will be notified in advance when officials plan 3 in florida, two people are dead and four children are hospitalized after a tornado toppled a mobile happened in manatee county in duette, one of three counties with reports of tornadoes late saturday into early sunday. there's also major storm damage in sarasota and siesta key.two people even had to be pulled from the rubble of a destroyed home.luckily, they're both expected to be one was seriously hurt, but there is serious destruction to people's homes. 3 from my house on down to the end of the street, almost
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significant damage. this one obviously got the brunt of it. um, heart goes out to the family. that's rough. that's rough."the national weather service will be out today to 3 time/temp ...piano prodigy ... we'll introduce you to a 12-year-old who has some serious skills, and one of his biggest sources of inspiration. plus ...a new drama with mick jagger, kung-fu panda returns to theaters, and who took home awards during the critic's choice, on good
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break three3 good morning... (ad lib) 3 it's martin luther king junior day.. and the annual march downtown starts this morning at 10:30.the march starts at the national underground railroad freedom center. marchers will stop at fountain square for a prayer service, then head to music hall.a celebration of doctor king's legacy will be held will include music and theater. 3 and it's free admission today at the national underground railroad freedom can also get a reduced rate to a new exhibit.for five bucks, you can see a copy of the thirteenth amendment.. which abolished slavery in the u-s. the museum also just aquired it.the cincinnati museum center is also hosting free activities today from ten to five. 3 the freestore foodbank is also honoring the martin luther king day of service with its
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pack-a-thon.volunteers will prepare the food packs at the freestore's distribution center in bond hill.the packs are full of nutritious food.. and they're given to students on fridays to make sure they have something to eat for the weekend.local12's perry schaible will have more on today's efforts, live at five-30 on good morning cincinnati. 3 if you haven't checked out the reds hall of fame and museum yet, today might be a good day. it's offering half-price admission .... five bucks for adults and four-bucks for students and seniors.the museum is open from ten to five.and all visitors will get a free stars of the queen city exhibit poster.the exhibit has pieces representing each of the 100 different players in reds history chosen to represent the queen city at the m-l-b all-star game. 3 martin luther king junior has been inspiring others for decades.and apparently not just people of his generation. cherney amhara introduces us to a piano prodigy, who says the civil rights leader is one of his biggest influences. 3
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3 all shapes and sizes... some are born with gifts... and well lets just say 12-year-old dante walker opened his early. *nat*"i like playing it makes me happy, i like also playing for other people, i also like making other people happy."so he does by volunteering his time to play at sentera martha jefferson hospital. his only trouble is trying to teach someone like me"for me i guess it just kind of came naturally once i learned the basics i remembered which each note was and it went from there." inspired by his big sister who also plays and skills sharpened by teachers suprisingly, one of his biggest inspirations isn't a musician at all."if dr. king hadn't done what he did i wouldn't be here, because there might still be segregation and i wouln't be able to go to some schools be with my friends or even come here and have a chance to play for all of these people."on monday walker will honor the legacy of dr. king by performing at charlottesvil
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still he says there are issues blacks face daily, even referencing the picture he plays next to."i see a whole bunch of people, with different jobs but then i see only one colored person, who does nothing more than clean, while everybody else is helping people save their lives."but even that is motivation"i think that sitting next to this painting can show that we can achieve more for people who don't think we can do these things, by having them see that we can do it, it can change what they believe in."walker says he hopes to be an inspiration for kids like him, but until then.... he plays to touch the ears of whoever listens... *nat* 3 (ad lib) 3 now here's bob with a local 12
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3 (traffic check)bob herzog looking at tri-state roadszero problems i-75 is clear in the cut-in-the-hill 3
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3 mick jagger's highly
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vinyl premieres in new york.a karate chopping panda returns to the big screen.and the big winner at the critics choice awards. suzanne marquez has an eye on entertainment. 3 the critics choice awards were handed out in los angeles last night.spotlight was named best picture.(vo)mad max; fury road" took home 9 awards including best action movie and director of the year, actress amy schumer received the critics choice mvp award. ///(vo-red carpet)angelina jolie, jack black and kate hudson hit the red carpet for the hollywood premiere of kung fu panda 3.(vo-movie clip)the animated 3 martial arts comedy arrives in theaters january 29th./// (vo-red carpet)and, the stars of the new hbo series vinyl turned out for the new york premiere.(vo-movie clip)actor bobby cannavale stars as richie finestra, a record
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sex, drugs and rock and roll. executive producer and rolling stones frontman, mick jagger says the idea for this project came to him 20 years ago.(sot mick jagger, executive producer) "i think that it's a really fascinating period for new york. it's very rough and ready, there were no boundaries or barriers so that was a good place to start."(vo) vinyl debuts in february.and, thats your eye on entertainment . sm, cbs news, los angeles. 3 (ad lib) 3 time/temp ...martin luther king day is a national day of go to the local12 facebook page and let us know what you like to do to serve'll need deep pockets if you want a hotel room for super bowl weekend ...just how much it's costing dedicated fans ... ahead at five on good morning cincinnati. 3
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3 3 it's martin 3 luther king jr day on this national day of service, we want to know on the local12 facebook page ... what do you like to do to serve others? 3 3
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3 we want you to join the conversation -- just *like* the local 12 page on facebook to share your thoughts.
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3 now at five. 3 clashing on 3 gun control.we have the highlights from last night's democratic debate in charleston.. leading up to the iowa caucuses. 3 (1:24) people are kind of waiting to see who is going to be there, who is going to be the two teams. (1:28)the cost of the super bowl.we'll tell you how much rooms are running for in san francisco.. near levi stadium. 3 good 3 good morning.we'll get to those top stories in just a moment.three local schools are delayed this morning.cozaddale baptist and switzerland county are on two hour delays.and milford 3 christian academy is on a one hour delay.all our closings and delays are on local 12 dot let's check out your
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