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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 6  CBS  January 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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fall to the bengals. >> like a talk about karma. >> like i didn't know that a cup of frog with coffee meant something. it's tough. >> we name it stevens. good morning, we will get to the top stories but we want to take a look at the forecast. we have a few closings,. >> it's the christian, and the christian school at csodale check the website. >> so you cold is it? it's in the lower and single digits. when you factor in the wind is what makes it feel so cold is the wind coming out of the west at 10 miles per hour makes it feel colder than what it is. while you keep temperatures on the map, 5-6, 7 degrees, windchills are coming at 10-15 degrees below zero, here
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13 miles per hour, 14 at the airport from lufkin, 13 from time to time. when it's this cold the air is very, very dry, so the flurries are not doing too much, they're trying up fairly quickly. 13 degrees is where we're headed to today. no snow today other than a few flurries around right now. there's more cold on the way, but we will see the snow move in by the middle of the week, on wednesday and more on friday. more coming up in 15 minutes, right now i want to send it outside, from the 70-degree studio to adam clement who is covering the martin luther king junior parade. >> reporter: the theme of the par 8, parade, justice, freedom and equality, i can tell you
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element, it's cold. as for the parade, it's going to start at 10:30, the commemorative civil right march will start there, and it will make it here to fountain square where an inner faith service will be made right here, that's where a commemorative celebration to honor martin luther king junior, city officials sent out a statement, the city of cincinnati are asking people to bundle up. they're still asking people to turn out because this is a great event honoring a great man with a great legacy who did so much for the civil rights movement. come out, make sure you are bundled up, stay safe, it's freezing out here. with that, i'm sending it to jen dalton who hopefully not a lot of people are out here. >> stay nice and warm, go get in
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>> reporter: we have a couple of issues one of which has cleared, easterly avenue, we have a break between phyllis and beach mont, hopefully it will be cleared, and west mont avenue, and as we look at the interstates, they're going to be quiet throughout most of the morning, because a lot of folks are going to be off of work and school this morning. can you see things are quiet on 471, no problems reported i-71/i-75, butler county, you're look looing good, looking good, if we see any problems, we now send it back to the the desk. thank you, jen. the conceal carry class demand is growing here in the tri-state? the sheriff's department is offering new classes, they give a classroom and shooting range education, once that course is
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for a conceal-carry weapon. >> i want to take it because my husband already has a lot of conceal-carry, i do a lot of outdoor walking and wanted to make sure that i am able to protect myself. the course is free for active or military, and it's $67 for everybody else. if you live in northern kentucky your water rate is going up. the first hike goes into effect immediately. it will cost the average customer $2.08 a month. the next hike will cost you the same. a year from now. it will give them $5 million in annual revenue. good news for farmers no more turkey farms are testing forbidder flu. 100 tests came back negative
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thousands of turkeys in the euthanized farms are infected. that virus is different from the strain that led to the death of 1 million chickens and turkeys. school for the deaf is not going to host the festival. they decided despite its popularity it will try other fundraising efforts. they will continue the effort. >> hate to hear that, the knock tor null soup. the sports show, you can checkout sports, rvs and sporting equipment. the show kicks up on wednesday, and it's open everyday through sunday. this is the duke energy convention center, and tickets are $12. we do want to bring you a new update. 50 animals have new homes after
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updated telethon on saturday. also raise if i thousand dollars if you missed or want to help and contribute, you can donate online and we have a length at how to do that at and on goes the steelers in the universal round against the broncos. there were a few back and forth, denver hung unfor 23-16 final. they will go to play the new england patriots is this coming sunday, the bengals wasted no time sharing their feelings on social media. and he tweeted and just like that everything is right in social immediate media. and they sum it all up with a series of smiley faces. >> karma. and then jeromy hill had a frog and a cup. >> what does that mean. >> i don't think that can cover
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>> but i wouldn't know anything about that. >> okay, okay. >> i do, too, because i don't either. >> certain things i won't go into details. >> because they send certain messages to certain people. >> regardless of how innocent they may look. >> i don't know what he is talking about. >> trust me. >> we will move on. >> getting the last word. the messages flying as the
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iowa caucus. we're starting this mlk day with a windchill advisory, 10-15 degrees,ling not above zero, below zero, it's 7 degrees is at the airport, and headed to 13 degrees with a mixture of sun and clouds. jen, it's quiet on the roads it's a holiday, right. >> reporter: yep, going to see lighter volume than normal on the interstates, because things are so quiet. let give you a start by giving you a quick look at the interstates. a lot of folks are going to be off of work, we have a problem between phyllis lane and beachmont and keebleer and grant, we do have an accident, and a look at interstate, very
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it's 10 after 6:00, another local family is deal with a deadly cancer that we heard of before. >> just like lash she lauren she is not given up, and neither is her family. the smiths are inspired by lauren's family. the family says they want to work and contribute to the lauren hill foundation, but it's also all about focusing on brooklyn. >> the most important thing right now is we're trying to smile for brooklyn and make her have fun, and make light of situation for her, and you know, that is the major thing. >> we have links to brooklyn's facebook support place and go fund me page at >> how brave are his parents handling like that. >> the bravery that over comes the situation, it's
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i just think when they have the flu or something, to have something like that. gas for under $0.50 a gallon. >> where you can find that. >> coming over by my table, and hey, adele. a chance encounter blowing
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meetet the it is 6:15, and iowa caucus are coming. the democratic candidates had a battedle on stage, bernie sanders, and hillary clinton are neck and neck. hillary clinton reminded people she has fushed for healthcare reform since she was first lady. the biggest fight came over gun control. >> i think secretary clinton knows what she says is very disingenuous. i have a d minus voting record for the nra. >> i am pleased to hear that senate sanders has reversed his position on immunity. and i look gard -- >> i would have to agree with both of them, they have both been inconsistent. now we have to wait for the iowa caucus to see which
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most impressive, the iowa caucus will be deemed on february first first. 100,000 bottles of water are on their way, they are dealing with toxic contamination in the drinking water after the city took a cost saving measure, president obama has declared a moment of emergency at the city. gas prices were as low as $0.40 a gallon for regular gas. here at the queen city our lowest price is $1.39 which is not anything to sneeze at. the average price is $1.67 but it's still going down. 7 degrees at 6:16, if you met one of the most famous singer on the planet, you would tell everybody you knew. but how many people would believe you. >> it happened to two college
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when she was tipsy. now that adele admitted it on the show, everybody wants to hear about it. >> it's about 10 minutes crazy. she said, i haven't heard that yet. >> they ran into adele at a restaurant in london a few days before christmas, her mom yelled hey, adele didn't acknowledge them, and a few moments later, she came to talk, and promised them tickets to her show in nashville, now they're hoping adele will get back to them with the tickets. the story adele told is hilarious, because she must have had nine glasses of wine to go over, to a table full of folks that she didn't know. >> as good as part of the singing part of the car karaoke. and they were sitting and telling stories, that may have been the best part.
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>> roads how are we doing. yeah, but not everybody is off of school because we have a couple of school delays. >> i surprised. >> the roads a lot of people are going to be off work, not everybody, so if you're not, and heading out the door, we do have a couple of issues out there. we got the all clear on westwood between cleebler keebler, and grant, we have earlier water main break, but a lot of people are going to be off of work. a lot of people are going to be off of school but not everybody, if you are headed out the door, things look great at burr burlington pike at loveland, madeira, you can tell at sharon road, it's going to take you 13 minutes from sharon up to 63 to get to that area, so the light involve of traffic out there this morning. you will have to do that all morning long. if you see any issues, we will let you know about it, make sure you are prepared before you head
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>> it's if you didn't see any ice on the roads unless you get a water main break. the temperatures are in the lower teens, the lower single digits we have been talking about it all morning long, the windchills are 10-15 degrees below zero, we do have a few flurries from time to time. it's so cold outside, and it's not causing any problems. the flurries are evaporating before you hit the ground, you can see it moving in from the north and west, that's all we're going to see today. we're looking pretty good on precision doppler 12hd. looking the at the atrium medical weather center, a few patchy clouds from time to time, and those are the clouds that are producing a couple of those flurries, temperatures across the area have warmed up a degree or two over in cincinnati 7, 3 still over toward wilmington, and the wind coming in toward the west at around 10, and windchill below zero, averaging between 5-15 degrees below zero, that is why we have the
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much of the area, most of it north of kentucky, and off toward the north, it doesn't matter if you have an advisory or not, it's dangerously cold no matter where you are in the local viewing area, temperatures you make it to the single digit, 12 degrees at noon and 9:00, we call it partly cloudy from time to time. 13 degrees will be our high temperature, around 4:00 or 5:00, you see a lost our clouds being -- light of our clouds are being pulled in from south and central can dah. the only snow is off the lakes because they're el pulling cold air and in that case a few of the snow showers which are going to stay off toward the great lakes, we are seeing a few clouds sneak being right in, part of cloudy skies which we
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the computer model shows that, notice this increase in clouds by wednesday morning, this is snow sneaking in southeastern indiana, moving in at rush hour. i would say wake-up an hour or two earlier on wednesday to get on the road ahead of this. the pavement will be below freezing. the roads will be freezing, and taper to flurries by wednesday night, this is by 6 6:00, most of the heavy stuff is going to be, and 1-3 inches of accumulation on wednesday, not a huge storm but it will create snow-covered roadways. second one to move through on friday. this could start as early as thursday night, goes through saturday morning, the heaviest on friday, an area of low pressure to the south, right through the tennessee rife valley. we have snow on the backside
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up, if this is farther toward the south, we could be completely dry and southern kentucky gets the heaviest of the snow. it's very uncertain where it's going to move, we have 4 days watch it. we have four days to watch it, temps are going to be very cold over the next week. thank you, brandon, 6:22, 7 degrees, she is woman's best friend and she has a special place at the wedding, why a service dog is stealing hearts
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>> trnding trending now, you it's national hot chick in response to a specialty in nashville. the spicy chicken at all kfc stores. a picture that is worth more $1,000. a special bond between a south dakota bride, and her service order. her service dog della helps her calm down in special situations. since these photos went viral, she has been of support from the special services community. mlk day is also a day of service. >> as it should be. >> how do you help or serve others whether it's today or other time of the year. that is our question.
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are so simple but are so helpful to people in different ways. we are looking at these kinds of responses. i like to sit down and make afghans, this time of year, everyone needs to stay warm, and it warms my heart when i can make others smile and keep them warm. >> it sounds awesome. >> michael, this again, sounds so simple but i like this. send cards when someone is sick and having a hard time. thinking about you, people are surprised to get a card in today's world. it's nice to open an envelope with your maim on it, name on it, and have someone write how important you are to them. >> i like that, it's hard to cut through all the clutter online, and it's hard to get through the card. >> i've been a police officer, and a counselor, so i've been serving others most of my life. >> thank you, david. >> i try do more more than just what is expected.
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>> so thanks for going the extra mile not just today but all the time. >> that is what makes our society roll as well as it does, we don't always do as well as we
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we want you to are. ohio loses it is first police officer of the year. breaking at 6:30, the violence in ohio town, and an officer is shot and killed overnight. remembering martin luther king junior, what you can do for his legacy today. and things are quiet here at the food bank the major disprix center but they won't be for long when hundreds of volunteers kids.
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good morning, everybody, it's a chilly start to the week. so chilly that the schools that are in session today, and not many are, because of mlk, but the three local schools have delays, and cot dale, baptist, and christian is on a one hour delay. and it's bone chilling, there's no other way to say it. >> if you have something to do, make sure you layer up, right, brandon. the wind is doing it out there, the wind is coming from the west, and you see the flag pulling in the wind is what is making it feel so chilly out there. 5 in harrison, it's been coming up a degree or two at the airport. other areas continue to fall, brookville and liberty now down around 3, the cold of the part on the map, wilmington is found at around free. that is where we're going to hover in the single digits at least for the next several hours. we will add 10 degrees for the temperatures for the highs
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we had the precision doppler 12hd, we are here in the next few hours, and we have partly cloudy skies, 10 degrees by noon and we're headed for around 13 degrees for the average for a high temperature, some may make it warmer than that if you see more sunshine in the back to the single digits cold tonight. snow on wednesday that, is one is going to be lighter, by friday. we are talking more about that, coming up in 15 minutes and go to fountain square that is where we have lucky adam clements in chilly weather. we haven't said it enough this morning, adam. >> reporter: lucky is an interesting word. it's the special kind of cold where that information from brain to mouth takes a while, and the mouth gets a little frozen but talk i must and talk i will, and of course, today martin luther king junior day, the parade 41 years going strong and it will kickoff at 10:30, that is going to be with the
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begin at the freedom center. at 11:00, they will make their way here to fountain square, that is where an inner faith place. after that it's on to city hall for a commemoration. celebrating the life of dr. martin luther king. it's cold, and this is when you certainly don't want to detract from coming out and supporting dr. king and take part of this. city officials have issued a come. and they wanted you to be bundle up, be safe and be smart, when you head out on this cold, and here is jen. >> reporter: great word, be safe and smart when you're headed out the door no matter where you are going, because the windchills are biting out there. we only have one incident, this may have cleared, eastern avenue, but you may still see crews working in the area. we had an earlier water main break there.
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you see some of those. waz we look at the interstates, volume of traffic is going to be quieter than normal today, because a lot of folks are off of work and school, not everybody, if you are heading out the door, we have seeing volume of traffic pick up at loveland and madeira, it's telling that if you are headed northbound, it's going to take you 13 minutes to go between sharon and 53, travel times is normal for this time of day if not lighter, sheila. thank you, jen. we have sad news to begin with this morning, ohio's fist fallen officer of the -- first fallen officer the year was shot and killed at danville, ohio that is north of columbus. he and his cruiser was gone. the officer was found outside the danville municipal building. after a two hour search, the person accused in that shooting was in custody. we will bring you details as we
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two new hampshire newspapers are endorsing john kasich for president. kasich is not the flash yesterday candidate in the field but he has a leadership from his time as ohio governor. u.s. senator rob port man, the ohio house speaker and the state republican party have had had a announced their support for kasich. there's a ribbon cutting for the new aldi's on houston road, you can see some lines, because the first 100 shoppers gets the golden ticket. that ticket gives you a chance to win a year of free produce. hundreds of volunteers come together at the distribution center. >> they will be putting together, packages of food to help hungry kids, and perry is live with more on what is happening there, good morning, perry. >> reporter: they will be here at the mayor's and distribution center, at bond hill inside, and inside is a
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it's cold and windy out here. this is a free source, 8th annual power pack thoon in pack a thon, in honor of the martin luther king junior service. the idea is to get the packs to make sure that kids have something to eat over the weekend. power packs are given to grade school kids on fridays and making sure that they have something healthy in their hands and the packs are full of things like granola, fruit and dried cereal and more than 4,000 children participate in this program every week, and go home with these packs, so what they're going to do here is just continue to make hundreds of those packs as they are ready to go when they're needed. bob, back to you. pepper i won't pepper you with questions, i will let you go back in the truck. >> reporter: thank you. all of the volunteer spots are filled, but you can still help, to get that information go
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of also happening today, the national underground, railroad freedom center is offering free admission. >> it's in honor of martin luther king day, the museum as hey has a could have east copy of the museum right there. >> you have a chance to donate blood and do a little giving back to the community. >> the blood center is holding the annual march tip luther junior king blood drive. it's at the national underground railroad freedom center. and the mew see museum is offering free. >> the start the queen city, just $5, $4 for students and seniors and you can check it out from 10:00 until 5:00. the choice awards are out this morning.
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and martindale won the best actress for the good wife. leonardo de caprio took the award for the revenant, and brie larson for her role in room. i can see room, room has not gotten a lost publicity, but apparently, these people just live in a room. >> oh, gee. >> they have a child that grows up. >> wow! >> after this -- i heard the movie called brooklyn is really good. >> well, it's 6:37, we certainly have movies. >> no we don't. >> the way to go home. what is happening to the american prisoners traded in
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and playing with a purpose, this very cold morning, windchill advisory in effect through 11:00, we could see windchills 10-15 degrees below zero. not going to last for too much longer for a mix of sun and clouds, that is as cold as we get on the forecast, there's snow on the way, we have more on that and the full forecast coming up. we had an earlier water main break and we're saying when it
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a pop up all over the place, we have added another one, that is smith road, a new water main break has occurred there. we have a broken down i-71-75, between pike and kyle's lane, it's not going to cost you anytime. the cut-in-the-hill, we can get had that one to come up. i will show that you traffic is not slow in the area. we're pretty light out there. we will let you know if we see any issues. guys, back to you. a 12-year-old boy in virginia is making a special debut on stage today. >> duante of plays for his family, and but he volunteers his time to play for hospitals for others. ests inspired by his sister who also plays piano. one of his biggest inspirations is not a teacher at all of the today he will honor dr. martin luther king's of memory, by
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>> if dr. king had not done what he did, i may not be here and because there might be segregation, and have a chance to come here and play for awful these people. >> duante, is only 12 years old, and he hopes to be an inspiration to many kids like that. >> well beyond those 12 years. >> look at his fingers flyover the keys. >> he was playing stevie wonder, and classical music. >> i have seen classical music for years, and years, ask and it
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developing this morning, no surprise to anyone, presidential can disee date, candidate, hillary clinton, and bernie sanders, went head-to-head last night. >> sanders called her disingenuous, and told him he was a d minus rating with the policy. the wealth yesterday country in the history of the world, we should have healthcare for every man, woman and child as a right.
6:35 am
improve it, but to tear it up, and start over again, pushing our country back into that kind of a contentious debate, i think it's the wong direction. a new poll gives clinton a big lead over both of her democratic rivals, sanders is winning in the new hampshire polls, they're tying in the caucus. they are waiting to be reunited with their families. the three including "the washington post" journalist, jason rosian where it seems that the seven iranians were held without charges in the u.s. they are expected to be in the hospital for several days undergoing medical treatment. happening right now, rescuers are still searching twor 12 twomarines -- 12 marines after two helicopters crashed. the marines range in age from 41
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how much should give the kid for allowance. what should you have to do for the alliance, is an alliance even a thing. >> a st. louis boy decided to ask his dad for $20 for alliance, but that request was met with a very official denial letter from his ceo of dad's savings & loan. that letter came complete with the institution's letterhead and slogan because apparently i look like i'm made of money. >> that is crazy. >> the denial side cited insufficiency funds and a history of not doing chores. the letter says that he can appeal to the complaint department, mom. >> mom is always the complaint department. they always know how to play home and dad momand dad. >> give him something. >> i'm busy in here. >> have you done alliance. >> we do alliance. >> it was hard for me to not tie
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specifically, because my kids never would have had any money at all. i did a failed effort to try to -- [ laughter ] >> you know how to budget and those kind of things. >> threat a good response. >> i like how they changed the ing logo to dad. >> not too bad at all. >> jen, roads, not crowded today because of the holiday, but there. >> reporter: we were talking earlier and we had a water main break, with the temperatures cold out there, it's the time of day when we see water main breaks pop all over the place. we have one at floral avenue, hopefully we will be able to scene. we have a broken down i-71/i-75, before kyle's lane. it's over the shoulder, it's not going to cost you anytime.
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things are moving along fine on 71-75. many folks are off school and work, not everybody, if you are headed out the door, we are seeing involve traffic picking up, but it's not like anything you would see this time of the morning. grab a big coat. >> at least the pavement is dry. >> that's good news. >> we had ice and snow it would be rough. >> all we have a few flurries moving on through, it's not even doing too much especially since the air is so dry when it's this cold. you can see some of those on precision doppler 12hd. we can see the sensitivey of the radar. you can see the areas of light gray over downtown, no matter br you are in an area. the little streamers from the north and west producing a little bit in the way of flurries, they're so bright and so light, we don't expect them to do so much. like we had, a half an inch of snow and most of which we have
6:39 am
some the flies on top of the building, wind, they are not too gusty, just sustained around 12. this is at the international airport. combine that temperature 7 with the wind coming at 12 to get a windchill of 9 degrees below zero. that is why we have a windchill in effect. they're getting flurries out there, that is why we have the icon out there. otherwise there's the windchill advisory which expired at 11:00 today. get more, from where we are right now. temperatures are not rising that much, about 10 degrees warmer from where we are right now. 10 by noon and 5:00, and notice how we have a couple clouds from time to time, more so than we have now. as we see some the areas and clouds moving through the midwest that will make it here in the cincinnati, tri-state later on this afternoon. we have the cold air in place, high pressure keeping us dry at least for a little bit, today and tomorrow, but tomorrow we
6:40 am
bit of change, a sign of what is to come, when we start the sunshine to end with a lot of clouds, that's an area of dark gray, sneat the snow starting to push in at 5:00 on wednesday. i will go ahead and plan getting up an hour or two early on wednesday if you want to beat the snow. it should move in by midday is when the heaviest will move through the tri-state. 1-2 itches is what we are expecting right now. we have a couple of days, to watch the decent agreement on the computer models, this is going to be a light event of 1-3 inches, it's friday, one that could be a bigger storm system t doing make headlines across the eastern coastline could see heavy snow starting as early as tuesday night and ending as late as early saturday morning. still very high uncertainty where this storm system is going to go. an area of low pressure is going to develop and move to the south and northern mississippi, and
6:41 am
is going to spread a swath of snow, so we're putting all of that moisture in this cold air and cincinnati, a computer model is hinting in southern kentucky of we still have 3-4 days to watch this. it's possible this could trend north, and it could trend to the south a little bit and we just miss out on the snow. that is why we have to watch the trend carefully over the coming days and fine tune the forecast. just to be in the snow, there could be significant snow on friday, somewhere in the tennessee valley or even in the ohio valley. we're going to be watching it as we go through next week. temperatures moderating, 34 on saturday, and 35 on sunday. we start to see sunshine in an area as well. certainly not as cold as what we have around today. bob and john. all right, thanks so much, brandon.
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6:25 and as the gun debate control grows on the campaign trial, the classes for the can sore conceal-carry. >> a nine hour training course gives classroom, all you have to do is submit an application for
6:43 am
after the class is over. for more information go to as an honor of martin luther king junior, the museum is offering free admission, and the museum just add inquired for a limit -- add inquired for a limited a copy of the declaration of emancipation. also at the non-under ground freedom center. this week we have another shot at seeing the sin travel show-boat show. you can checkout the show and the rv equipment, it's every day through sunday at duke energy center. tickets are $12. snow doesn't seem like much of a mistier he. mistiery in. here in the tri-state it snows,
6:44 am
like a wonder. >> snow falls from the sky. [ laughter ] >> and it blankets everything. [ laughter ] >> it covers it. >> completely. [ laughter ] >> daddy is funny. >> what a laugh. >> what a great laugh! >> i wonder why she thinks it's so funny. >> when is this snow you're talking about. >> that's what people do when i say snow -- on wednesday. [ laughter ] >> see, brandon orr just said it's going to be snow. >> brandon said there's going to be snow on wednesday. [ laughter ] >> no, i don't want it. >> i don't want to believe that. >> we couldn't see what dad was wearing. >> dad had a funny hat on. >> or maybe he was doing some crazy gestures.
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we are going over to star 64, we have two more hours on local news so if you join us
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