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tv   Local 12 at Noon  CBS  January 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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manslaughter charges for dubose's death. the city will pay the family more than $4.8 million. the university will offer all 12 of the dubose's children free tuition and fees which is estimated at $500,000. that makes the total value of the settlement 5.3 million. they spoke about the memory just a moment ago. >> really solid memories. we play the memories back in our head. we got to keep the memories alive. i know i do. we all just -- everybody got a little piece of him in us. when we all come together, he's definitely there with us. >> this was the loss of a human life, this was a tragedy, the university is remorseful about it. we feel for the dubose family,
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this is very important to the university to reach in agreement at least with this aspect of this tragedy, so that hopefully, the family can continue to get closure and to move on. >> u.t.'s released this statement. i want to express on behalf of the university of cincinnati community our deepest regrets. this agreement is also part of the healing process, not only for the family, but also for our university and cincinnati communities. in addition, uc plans to work with the family to establish a memorial commemorating samuel dubose and the dubose family will be invited to participate in police report and the audit of the university's police department. back to you.
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be back in court february 11th to talk about a trial date. it is freezing today. you better bundle up if you plan to go out. meteorologist brandon orr looks at the conditions in your no wait weather. >> looking at our atrium weather center camera. a mixture of sun and clouds. 9 degrees. look at the wind chill, 5 degrees below zero. temperatures across the board, we're all still into the single digits. just now coming out in hamilton, lunken, crittendon, the same with batavia. winds out of the west breezy, about 10 to 15 miles an hour. here is precision doppler 12 hd. the dark gray pushing on
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the last bit is moving over batavia. it. that's it. it is not even rising much more than where we are right now. right about 13 degrees or so with a few more clouds. coming up, we're not only talking about more single digit temperatures on the way for tonight, but two winter weather threats in the planning forecast and it is coming up shortly. >> this year marks the 30th anniversary of the federal holiday martin luther king jr. despite the bitter cold, an annual celebration is underway right now here in the queen city. adam joins us. >> reporter: the celebration continues here at the hall. a lot of folks who participated in the march are here at music hall. just a very special day to pay tribute to the man who led the civil rights movement more than
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[singing] >> reporter: blustering winds, frigid temperatures, it didn't stop the hundreds who marched today to celebrate the life of martin luther king jr. fittingly beginning their ma frn on rosa parks avenue. endinger hadn't -- here at celebration here. just like dr. king envisioned, but it will take everyone working together to make that happen. >> as far as the community, i feel we're all going to have to do more, because this generation, i feel like it is their loss, we're going to come together, we're going to put
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been stopping the community from coming together, these kids are out here, they are lost, they need direction. >> i'm very hopeful. i think we have come a long way in cincinnati, we have a lot longer way to go. headways. i think this is a city that can be an example to the rest of the country. >> things wrapped up here. a lot of folks still inside celebrating dr. king. a lot of other events throughout the city throughout the day, again, to honor dr. king. local 12 news, back to you. john. >> john: they plan to protest. it comes over what they call persistent malicious prosecution of hunter. chounts
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evidence and theft. the second trial on those eight charges is expected to start tomorrow. last year a three judge state panel upheld the 2014 conviction for unlawful interest in a public contract. she was sentenced to six months in jail but free right now while on appeal. it won't cost a dime to get into the underground railroad freedom museum today. they just acquired a special copy of the 13th amendment. about half off amendment to the reds hall of fame and museum today. the cost is only $5 for adults. students and seniors get in for 4. the museum is open from 10:00 to 5:00. they are preparing food to help hungry children. this is the 8th annual power
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king day of service. those packs ensure that kids in need have something healthy to eat over the weekends. more than 4,000 local children get these packs every week. you can support the program by making a donation, click the get it link on our website at for more information. >> sanctions lifted. an important step in
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a man accused of >> ohio officer tom kotrill is the first to die in the line of duty this year. our sister station in columbus reports that jones's ex-girl friend called police that officers were in dan. they found the officer shot and danville police station. his gun and his cruiser missing. officers caught up with jones and arrested him about 1:30 at the park. they found the missing cruiser about a half hour from the shooting scene. >> make sure to stay tuned for the latest details on this case. >> sanctions on iran have now been lifted.
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five americans being held prisoners. iran now has access to billions of dollars. the u.s. also announced it is implementing new sanctions of its own as part of tehran's ballistic missile program. >> iraqi security forces are searching for americans, they were reportedly kidnapped. it appears the americans might have been taken to baghdad, communications stopped. trail. the democratic contenders fresh off at sometimes contentious debate will attend ceremonies in south carolina. >> don't forget about the discussion on guns in america.
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roundtable discussion and the focus will be on the epidemic of gun violence, the strong support for the second amendment and president obama's efforts to support gun control.
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>> holiday sales were not as high as expected. sales rose 3% in november and december. that's below the 3.7% increase the group originally forecast. on line sales exceeded expectations and grew 9%. apple radio service will no longer be free. beats one will be the only station. all others will require a paid music subscription of 9.99 a month. itunes radio launched in 2013 when apple debuted its operating system ios 7. the wealthiest saw their net
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dollars between 2010 and 2015. the 3.6 billion people in the bottom half of the heap lost a trillion dollars. each group has $1.6 trillion and combined.
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>> just a tragedy in florida. a couple is killed after a powerful tornado ripped through their home. it ripped steve and katy wilson's home in rural manatee county. it hurled it across the road. steve wilson was later found crushed in the depry. his wife katy had a heart attack in the ambulance and died on the way to the hospital. space x latest attempt to land the rocket upright on a platform in the pacific ocean failed in a spectacular fashion. it failed with landing safely. it toppled and exploded on impact. space x ceo elon musk posted this video on instagram showing it landing. it is pretty spectacular, too.
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on to the platform. musk says ice build up may be to blame for this. it is pretty expensive, i would imagine, to preplace one of those, too. >> that one is not going to be used again, i think. >> i'll tell you what, we could use a little heat we could. >> it is hot -- i mean cold. really, really cold. >> it looks cold. you see it here on the tower camera.
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if you go to lunken, batavia. highs around 13, 14 degrees, that's it. there's a wind chill advisory that goes out around 1:00. we're just toward the end of it. they are thinking about morning. the wind will not be as breezy as it has been this morning. it will not feel as cold. the wind chill will not feel as low. you can see some of the flurries have been streaming in from the north and west. zoom in over downtown, it is this area of dark gray. a lot of that has been drying up recently. going back to around sunrise or so. you can see the flurries that have been pushing on through. you can see the definition and the clouds up here. at times, you can see the flurries that are falling out of some those clouds, especially
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side of your screen. this is on top of the star 64 tower. 14 degrees is where we're at around 3:00. 13 degrees by 5:00. we're back into the single digits as we get towards the latter hall of the of the evening. we start to get down to around 8 degrees by 10:00. we're headed to similar temperatures. we went employee -- below zero. for us to get below zero, we need snow cover. if we had snow cover, we would predicting temperatures below zero. we'll be a few degrees above zero. some of these clouds are moving in. they are going to continue into the early evening. plenty of clear patches overnight tonight. then we start out tuesday, lots of sunshine, even as we get towards sunset, i think we'll
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it is the evening when we see these clouds pull in. snow on the way, starting to move in here. 8:00 by wednesday, moving into the tri-state. initially. that's why it is going to be late morning by the time it makes it in here. surely by around midday, we have light snow across much of the area. looking at total amounts 1 to 2 numbers. isolated amounts up to 3 inches. get a break on thursday. thursday night into friday, another winter weather threat. it is something that we're watching carefully. we'll watch it in the coming days. it has the potential to put down something significant somewhere. either the tennessee valley or ohio valley, we'll have to pin days. >> as new information comes in, we'll get a more definitive look
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be sure to join local 12 tonight. stay tuned for top stories and the hour-by-hour forecast on local 12 news live at 11:00. >> rare pictures of firefighters wearing my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis to the grocery store anything but simple.
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>> some pretty incredible video shows what a california
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people from a department building fire. his helmet camera captured the entire terrifying scene. the apartment complex filled with smoke. the firefighter yelled it to a room. he brings his later to another window. sees people in there. yells for backup. then in one heart stopping moment, the person inside hands the firefighter a baby through the window. look at that.
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