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tv   Local 12 First Four  CBS  January 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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reverend martin . >> good afternoon. brad is off today. six months after a university of cincinnati police officer shot and killed a man during a traffic stop, the victim's family settled out of court from the university. >> the settlement filed by the family of samuel debows is worth $5.3 million. and what both parties are saying
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the attorney for uc, the 5.3 million settlement is a fair deal. the attorney for the dubose family says while it's not an admission of guilt, uc is acknowledging some type of responsibility. >> it was last july that samuel dubose was shot in mount auburn. the uc officer was later charged with the killing. in the wake of protest, uc and the attorneys for the dubose family worked on reaching an out-of-court settlement in the claims against the university. the agreement calls for the school to pay the dubose family 4.85 million. dubose's 12 children will receive free tuition from uc, valued at half million dollar. uc will also erect a memorial commemorating dubose. it will call for an apology for
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santa ono expressed the school's deepest sadness and regret over the death of samuel dubose. the family will take part in community advisory meetings, that will oversee police reforms and audit of the uc police department. reaction from the attorney's both sides. >> the family is taking martin luther king's words. he told us to be peaceful while dealing with tragedy >> we really do hope by reaching an accord without the filing of lawsuit demonstrates how the president ono and every unat the university of cincinnati, cares about the process, feels for the dubose family and wants to continue the process of healing >> sam dubose's daughter says she doesn't consider this closure. what she looks forward to is the
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larry davis, local 12 news. former uc police officer ray tensing has been charged with murder. a trial date is yet to be set. we will hear from the daughter and fiancee of sam dubose about today's development. another big story, the weather. i was outside. we are looking at another frigid night. >> i will go from the car to the office. didn't stay outside lng. erica collura -- >> unsalt the wound. >> how cold will it get >> we will get the similar temperatures to these. five in cincinnati. we had a wind to deal with. we have the windchill advisory in effect up into early afternoon for some of us. we're dipping into the single digit temperatures, but we won't have that wind. three of the counties are under a windchill advisory. we may see wind chills that get
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right now, we're 14 degrees. we have to go back to march of these. and for low temperatures in the single digits, we have to go back to february. we'll continue to see a very cold night on tap. winds out of the west, 7 miles an hour. making the teens feel like the single digits. you will want to bundle up. cover the exposed skin. it's a good thing if you don't want to be outside for long. take some breaks if you have to work outside. windchill for fayette from now until 10:00 tomorrow morning. we can see some windchill values down to 10-12 below zero. we will continue to track a dry evening. overnight period will remain dry as well. we have high to mid-level clouds that will stream a whole lot later. they don't have a whole lot movement.
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digit lows that we will fall into tonight. we will only get into the upper teens for a lot of us. by tomorrow morning, we're starting off near 3 degrees. we have two good chances for snow. one wednesday and one friday. we'll talk about that in about 10 minutes. >> thanks, ericka. people around the nation will pay tribute to slain civil rights leader, dr. martin luther king, jr. the bitter cold won't stop the celebration. adams clements shares the tribute from over the rind. he had a dream more than 50 years ago. in the streets of downtown cincinnati, the dream was pretty much alive. mrufterring winds and that didn't stop hundreds from marching down the street to honor the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king. the group gathered, beginning at
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fountain square before ending here at music hall for celebration of the life of dr. king the group was spirited. up beat and seemed hopeful an confident that the future holds peace among all religion and creed. >> and working together. not black, not white, not jew. just working together as a human family. that's what you will see. >> and a way for us showing how the struggle was and still is to this day. it's still a struggle for us to be, to get equal rights, equal justice, anything. and you know what i'm saying? it's very important. >> i spoke to several people including one woman who was orange untilly from mississippi now living in cincinnati. she brought her kids. if the dream dr. king had five decades ago will be realized, it starts with our children.
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people in the communities of westchester township have come together for doctor martin luther king holiday. and tonight at 7:00, program begins at cornerstone church at princeton glendale road. it will include musical performances and an address by keynote speaker, president of the faith alliance. dozens of volunteers spent the holiday at the free store maryson, distribution center. it's part of the annual pack athon in honor of the dr. martin luther king day, sr. schools. and the packs, will in sure the kids have something to eat. more than 4-5 thousand children get a power pack every week. if you want, you could click on the link for more information.
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holiday, including a march in south carolina's capitol. the march began in the mount zion church and ended in the state house. for a decade they pushed for the removal of confederate flag from the capitol grounds. last july, they said it will be by many. it came in the wake of shooting that appeared tore racially motivated in a charleston church that left nine people dead. danville police officer is killed in the line of duty. danville is about 60 miles northeast of columbus. officer tom cottrell is the first officer to die in the line of duty this year. police say hershel ray jones is looking to kill an officer. jones' ex-girlfriend called to warn police late last night that danville officers were in danger. overnight, sheriff officers found them shot and killed steps station.
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missing. officers caught up with jones and arrested them around 1:30 in the morning in a park. they found the missing cruiser about a half a mile from the shooting scene. a woman initially taken to custody with jones was questioned and released. and don't forget about the hour long discussion on guns in america. it is tomorrow night. the sister station, wjla will host the round table discussion. the focus will be what many see as an epidemic of gun violence. this is in support of strong support of the second amendment and president obama's vision to tighten gun control. and closer to home, the hit king on deck for a local high school stag. >> and ahead first on 4:00, a new alledies listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay!
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>> this is what it looked like. more than a dozen. and they did it because the first 100 shoppers got a golden ticket which is in the golden gift card.
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>> and baseball's all-time hit king. pete rose for the oak hills sports flag. >> and british, on whatever forever hopeful donald trump should be banned from the uk. . temperatures flared, whether to ban donald trump from the uk after he proposed a ban on his open. >> donald j trump is calling for a complete shut down of muslims. >> and half a million people across the uk signed an on-line
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the government to keep the contender out of the country. >> his words are not comical. his words are not funny. >> you're talking about a candidate for the presidency of the united states. decide. >> and trump has threatened to cancel over $1 billion dollar of planned investors in golf courses in scotland. >> debate will send a strong message across, that trump went too far. >> to have someone to come to our shores, that demonnizes all the muslim community would be fundamentally wrong. >> i want to see donald trump come to this country. i want him to get a sense of the fury and frustration with his remarks. >> let me join. >> prime minister, called trump's devices stupid and wrong.
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uk. jonathan gig lotty, cbs news, london. >> interesting debate. rocket landing fails >> first at 4:00. >> out of nowhere, i was hit by a semi truck that caused me to ditch. >> sounds familiar, doesn't it.
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a pileup in the >> unmanned rockets successfully carried a satellite in orbit but failed the secondary goal to lapped safely. he came down softly in the platform and toppled and exploded on impact. one of the legs failed. and it may be to blame. >> and amazing you could accomplish so much. one little thing goes wrong. >> wow. >> and one person is dead after a series of crashes along the michigan highway. >> three people in critical condition as well. the accident took place in interstate 94 in hartford michigan. nicky shares the story, which is all too similar to last year's crash in the tri-state.
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domino chain reaction of collision, triggered by whiteout collision took kelly love by surprise. >> i was hit by a semi truck, that caused me to spin out, land in a ditch. my husband, he caught the semi truck, tail end, caught my husband >> and says cars were mangled and other vehicles were crushed between jackknife semi trucks. >> and it's foggy out. most people tend to slow down and drive more carefully. and in this case, it didn't seem intention. >> police say as many as 50 vehicles, dozen semi trucks were involved in a massive pileup that shut down in hartford. >> and we ended up in a 44 car crash. vehicles. we do believe there will be
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crash. >> michigan state police, heavy snow, high speed and reduced visibility is to blame for the wreck. >> i saw vehicles travelling with only one vehicle distance between the cars and at speeds of 70 miles an hour in this type of weather, low visibility. you need to see yourselves distance. >> kelly love says she's grateful she walked away unhurt. >> i'm very thankful, we walked out of the accident without a scratch, literally, if anything went differently. both of us could have been dead. >> yesterday afternoon, the temperatures were rapidly dropping, everywhere, when it was happening. >> it's very cold. temperatures are in the teens right now. we went into the single digits this morning. wind shield values much and tonight, we'll see a similar story. we already felt that throughout the day. it's not as windy as it was.
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>> it's still really cold. >> we're going to dip in the single digits. it's still dangerous. you're going to cover up exposed skin. take some breaks, heat of the car and heat of the inside. we have some scattered cumulus clouds. this is a live look, at the weather camera. we're going to continue partly cloudy to mostly clear skies. we're going to continue to stay very cold. right now it's 12 in brookville. 17 in carrollton. off to the east, around 11 degrees in hillsborough. and we're at 14 at the airport. 14 for lebanon. we have a windchill advisory for 3 of the counties. includes clinton, union counties until 10:00 in the morning. those areas is where we can see the windchill values down 10-12 degrees below zero. we're going to see lower wind chills.
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live precision doppler hd remains quiet. us. we'll continue to have maybe high mid-level clouds stream in. clouds around well, to the north and west, is what we're tracking our next workweek. it's going to arrive through wednesday. it's going to dip through the dakotas and move eastward towards us. that's going to give us a first wednesday. evening forecast, it looks like this. 10 degrees at 8:00. single digits by 9. we'll be around 8 degrees by 11:00. next 48 hours, looks like this. 7:00, we're looking at high to mid level clouds moving in. we stay dry. you could see that by tomorrow morning. we had mostly clear skies. we have dry air around us
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we will see mostly sunny skies throughout the afternoon on tuesday. we stay dry all day long. by 5:00, the evening commute will be dry as well. as you move to wednesday, there's the system developing and going to continue to develop as it moves eastward. by 7:00 eastward, all of us seeing some snow. after 7:00, is when they will start to see it. places that will get more snow will be south of cincinnati. you could see where the disturbance travels. it kind of skims the river. we will see less snow totals to the west of cincinnati. on average, it looks like anywhere from 1-3 inches. it will cause some road issues. tonight and tomorrow, roads will be dry. wednesday, we'll look at slick and snow covered roads. we'll talk about that in a second. tomorrow's forecast, it's going to be snow-free. we'll start off with mostly
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single digit temperatures. wind chills down to 12 below in some cases. temperatures 12 it above zero by noon. 17 for a high, with more clouds venturing late in the day. dry tomorrow. snow moves in wednesday. please watch the roads. it's going to be dicey in the early afternoon hours. temperatures top out around 29. freezing. we get a little break with mostly cloudy skies. friday, we'll look at the next accumulation of snow. this has a lot of uncertainty. we will talk more about this the next half hour. this will differ from wednesday. temperatures will be above freezing. it really depends on the track of the system, whether it goes north or south. and if anything, we'll see a lot more snow, if it is indeed all snow friday compared to wednesday. both of days, will be troublesome on the road.
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>> most the winter, it's driving. >> thanks, erica. >> this is happiness. 9-year-old actor accepts the
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>> nine-year-old stole the show. and he delivered the cutest acceptance speech ever after and room. >> it's super cool. it's the best thing in my life. and it must be a super heart, from the great actors like category. >> and made a point to thank his parents. he said he loves them very much. lot of people are frustrated he's not getting an oscar >> there's close calls. and a car. woman disappears. you see it.
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it does appear she's hit but the car just misses her. you could actually see her walk away. workers drag the to people inside the car to safety. police are trying to figure out what sent that car into the store. . police arrest, singer don mcclean today. >> the coast guard continues, to search for missing marines. >> what does the call feel like? >> it's freezing >> it's so cold outside. you could have serious symptoms
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p >> if you've been outside today and look outside, you could tell, bone-chilling temperatures outside. >> meteorologist, erica collura tracking the temperatures for us today. good afternoon, erica. >> hey, ladies, we're going to see a really cold night. temperatures fall back in the single digits. we have differences. we also have two snow makers to talk about. i wanted to tell you the differences between the two before i track them in the full broadcast. wednesday's system is more of an early system.
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roads. anywhere from 1-2 inches are possible. we will continue to tweak the numbers as we get through the day. friday's system, will be developing throughout the day. it's going to be a transition in the lower portions of the day, so the evening commute, most likely to be greatly affected compared to the morning commute. there's a lot of uncertainty with the system and the track of the system. it has to do whether the system goes north or south. maybe we see all snow or mixture working in the sosh tier. it looks like a bigger snow maker compared to wednesday much those are two things we will watch out for. we will be tracking them in the storm center for you. right now, we're dry. live precision doppler hd is quiet. we have some cumulus clouds around. temperatures are mainly in the teens. and middletown at 16. 15 at hamilton. wilmington, 12 degrees. factor the wind around 10, 12
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feeling more like minus one. feels more like 3 in hamilton. windchill value at the airport of 4 degrees. very cold throughout the morning. frostbite throughout the half hour. make sure you do so. we have a wind shield advisory for fayette union. and over the next 12 hours, expect temperatures to dip within the single digits after 8:00, 9:00 tonight. mostly clear to partly cloudy skies. temperatures 3 degrees by tomorrow morning. we'll be tracking the temperatures. then going ip and snow chances as well for the next several days. back to you. the cold temperatures come with a warning, how quickly, some of the symptoms that are hazardous your health. we asked the experts, what we need to do to avoid the serious stuff. >> baby, it's cold outside
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i'm freezing. >> the freezing temperatures, outside are bringing people inside. here to tri-health's priority care in western hills. >> the biggest things, limit the exposure. >> doctor says three things could increase the need for immediate care when it is cold. >> folks are slipping on the ice, injuring the exstremities or back. >> and also, just the feeling that frostbite may be setting in. >> typically, folks will start to feel tingling and numbness in their fingers and feet. the feet are the first things they will try to feel the frostbite -type symptom. >> it is so cold, you could see the cold. in minutes, you could lose heat not just from your head, other extremity extremities. stay warm?
4:30 pm
bundle up. >> that's it. >> lots of jacket. lots of scarves. multiple layers. >> we've been lear for 30 minutes. just walking. we have to take a break. it's pretty bad. >> so bad, the third thing that may lead to you seek immediate medical care in the cold? breathing problems. >> definitely cold air, could trigger asthma attacks, folks to the underlying respiratory problems, asthma and copd, attacks of that during the cold season. >> now there's lots of questions whether or not the cold makes you sick. our doctors should know, it does not. we know from previous research, it could reduce immunity. it does keep us indoors more. we spread germs to each other more easily. we invite your questions. go to and click on ask the expert.
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>> american prisoners held in iran, are reuniting with families. it comes as international sanctions are lifted. now learning more about the negotiations that led to the relief and what happens next. craig boswell reports from washington. these are among the first pictures. a former u.s. marine after his release from an iranian prison. his reunion with family members, and undergoing medical treatment. >> i'm still in disbelief. honestly, everything just happens so quickly. >> in all, iran released five americans over the weekend. three were on this plane that included washington post, ryan who was reunited. >> he was deprived of his information. he's depride of human interaction. he knows he has work to do to get back. >> matt flew directly to boston
4:32 pm
only four other prisoners were part of the swap. the white house agreed that released seven iranians. the fifth, they were not part of the deal. >> also not included was robert levinson the 67-year-old disappeared and remains missing. his family talked with cbs this morning. >> we were not called in advance. hi to turn on the tv to find out what was going on which was really disappointing. >> shortly after the prisoner swap, u.s. and other world factors, freeing up billions from iraq >> and separate from the nuclear program, u.s. announced sunday, it's sanctioning 11 individuals and companies in connection with iran's ballistic missile program. delayed response, missile test conducting this fall. >> crews still searching after
4:33 pm
crashed off the coast of hawaii. each aircraft carried six marines. coast guard members were around. to find the aviation meters. the search for survivors will continue until they make a decision with the marines to halt it. >> before we stop, we will notify the family members. they will have advanced notice, they are intending to stop. we will notify the press before we stop as well. >> ocean safety lifeguards have covered more than 150 miles in their search. they have found debris consistent with the helicopters. singers-songwriter was arrested early today. he's accused of domestic violence assault. police responded to the home around camden maine. officers arrested him. they arrested him without incident. they later released him on 10
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last . >> hol it day sales were not as high as expected. sales rose and that's below the 3.7 percent increase that the group originally forecasted. >> no longer going to be free. to customers. beats one is now provided by apple. all other stations based on
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paid apple subscription of $9.99. features guest host, music selected by apple dj. i-tunes radio launched in 2013. and stock market closed for the holiday. >> you've heard the expression, rich gets richer. and how rich the world's 62 richest people have collectively as much wealth as 3.6 billion people who make up the bottom half of the world's population. that number there, that really big number, that's all the people in the bottom half and 62 people, 62 have that much, back in 2010. it took a whole 388 ultra rich wealth.
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than everyone else combined. liz?
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>> check on the developing >> terrorism alert desk in washington. they say the group had direct ties to the paris attacks in november.
4:38 pm
suspect traveled to syria with one of the paris suicide bombers. the death toll from last week's terror attack in jakarta is now going to 4. first the bomb goes off. few minutes later, someone starts shooting. new southeast asian faction carried out the attack. university of virginia is charging two men with isis. the department of justice says he planned to travel to syria to fight with isis. also erected amman hassan, investigators say helped farook drive him to the airport. from the terrorism newsdesk i'm jonathan elias. >> we want to bring you a happy update. at least 50 animals have new
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right here in local 12. adopt a pet telethon. and if you miss, and we have a link on all of us are there. it was a fun morning, saturday morning. >> it was nice and cold, people want to stay in and watch. >> i got to be in sharonville, which is such a beautiful facility. the generous locations will keep it going. >> you had horses >> rabbits. >> had a rat. >> and did have a rat. >> and we have some good stories. anybody out there wears nail polish and all of you do. we have an important story for you. the average woman paints her nails once a week. nail polish contains several chemicals. research discovered, not just one chemical is going in your
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deb dixon will visit the police academy. how they are convincing candidates, this is a good time to wear a uniform. especially in light of the recent police killings across the country. joe webb will have an update on the violent crime over the weekend. convenience store clerk started the car to warm it up. when he went back inside, another man jumped in to steal the vehicle. when a clerk came out, the car thief ran into the clerk and broke both of his legs. at 6:00, joe will talk to investigators and the clerk's family. i'll be back at 5:00. >> tough story. >> you bet. >> we're going to look at the freeway. this is 71 at red bank. the roads -- >> and you could start your car. and tomorrow, of course tra, similar stories. temperatures will fall in the
4:41 pm
this morning, fall to 5:00. tomorrow, slightly colder temperatures. a, we won't have the breeze to keep the temperatures up. the breeze is kind of a double edge sword. it made it feel so cold this morning. we won't have as low as a windchill as we did this morning it's going to be down right cold. we still have three counties under a windchill advisory until 10:00 tomorrow morning. take a look this morning. we were colder in someplaces. wind chills were even colder. right now, we have not made it to the teens. we're 14 degrees in cincinnati. crazy. we have not seen these numbers. this colder this afternoon since march of last year. march of 2015. right now we're at 18 in georgetown. 14 in mount orb. 12 in brookville. and 14 for west union. middle teens for fallmuth and
4:42 pm
wind speeds right now, 7 miles an hour. they will calm down. throughout the day, we won't be as breezy. winds out of the west, making it feel like the single digits. we have windchill values in the single digits. they are going to get colder as they fall in the single digits for temperatures. it feels more like 4 degrees. windchill advisory in effect for fayette union and clinton county. that's where we can see the lowest wind chills. right now we're looking live, pretty shot with scattered shots and blue skies as we look at the atrium weather camera. no snow for the sky. remains quiet. the air is so dry. i don't think we squeeze out any precipitation. we do have good chances for snow coming this week. satellite and radar right now, we have some of the scattered
4:43 pm
high and mid level clouds throughout the west. those will stream throughout the evening. i will expect mostly cloudy and extreme skies. and that's what it will feel like. temperatures will feel like 10. fall in the single digits around 8:00. it will feel like we are slightly below. and make sure you bundle up. and winds will be out of the west between 3:00 and 8:00 miles an hour. and under the mostly clear to partly cloudy skies. the model brings in a flurry. i expect to see a dry forecast. again, we stay dry overnight through tomorrow morning. there's 8:00. the morning commute will be very cold once again. you will have to heat up. and it will be very cold. temperatures in the upper teens tomorrow.
4:44 pm
it is going to be down right cold all ties long. tuesday night we're dry. wednesday morning, we're going to try to track a couple of snow showers. a lot of the precipitation moves in after 7:00 tomorrow morning. there's 8:00. we're looking at some snow south of cincinnati on the model. a lot of the snow moves in. it's pretty quick throughout the morning, early afternoon hours. by 5:00, i expect a lot of us to be snow-free. the system will glide to the south of the river. it means we'll be more in the way of higher snow totals south of cincinnati than we are north of cincinnati. right now it's looking like 1-3 inches. you could track the rain but the snow coming up throughout wednesday. next chance on friday, free wkrc weather app, search on the google play. and tomorrow's forecast, dry forecast, but a cold one. temperatures start off around 3. windchill values below zero for
4:45 pm
turning partly cloudy with highs around 73 degrees, winds out of the northwest. first accumulating snow fall of the week, that will be wednesday. watch the roads, especially throughout the morning. highs top out in the upper 20s. we'll be in the 30s for thursday. get a little break before friday's system moves in. this will be a late day nuisance. it looks like a bigger snow maker as well. there's still a lot of uncertainty. we thankfully dry out before saturday. before 7:00, we may be tracking some snow. temperatures around 32 for saturday. 39 on sunday. close to 40. and we'll be tracking the potential for a little bit of snow but mostly some shower activity on monday, with highs around 40 degrees. we'll be warm newspaper to see rain in the afternoon much wednesday and friday, accumulating days to watch out for and when we'll have problems on the road. >> thank you, erica.
4:46 pm
through part of florida. . >> tragedy in florida. a couple is killed after a powerful tornado ripped through their home. >> as melanie michael showed us, the couple spent the final hours with the most important people
4:47 pm
>> as the sunset in rural manatee county, the impending night fall seems to bring with it anxiety and heartache. less than 24 hours ago, under the cover of night, a raging, twisting force of destruction ripped through duet and took the lives of two of their own. >> praying for them. just wonderful people, world is not going to be the same. >> steve and katie wilson spent the final hours with the people they had. sunday afternoon, they took a walk and cooked smores over the fire. hours later, the terror began. >> the winds picked up. it started storming. the grandkids were in the barn. >> the family was caught in a family storm. family loved by friends and neighbors.
4:48 pm
knew their love for people, their generosity. their generosity is unbelievable. >> tornado ripped their home off the foundation and crushed it like a tin can. curling across the road. churning and the metal. and when it was over jim's body was crushed by debris. in a shocking twist of the fate, his wife, was rushed to the hospital >> >>. >> local 12 news, live at 5:00. the video of his death stunned the community. now the family of a man shot
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