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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 430  CBS  January 19, 2016 4:25am-5:00am EST

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3 3 good morning cincinnati. (ad lib to weather) 3 3
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3 3 new this morning...a man is recovering right now after a shooting in east price hill. the man in his 20's was shot in the leg and pistol whipped around 11 last night.. at the alms apartments on victory parkway.police don't think his injuried are life- threatening. no word on suspects, or what
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time/temp ...ahead at four-30 ...a local community is dealing with a rash of break- ins...what police believe is behind the burglaries today ...suspended juvenile court tracie hunter could face new convictions ... you're watching good morning
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break one 3 3 now at four-30 ...marines still missing ...crews make a troubling find in the search off hawaii. 3 tracie hunter returns to court
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the trial of the suspended juvenile court judge. 3 fulfilling a bet ...cincinnati mayor john cranley will follow through with his wild-card wager. 3 good morning cincinnati.. thanks for joining us on this tuesday.i'm john lomax.and i'm sheila gray.the stories of the day are coming up. first a check of the weather. here's meterologist brandon orr.
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3 today is the one year anniversary of the deadly hopple street bridge collapse. the collapse killed brandon carl and hurt a semi driver. osha cited kokosing construction for using an excavator on the bridge deck, which wasn't strong enough to support it.the company was also cited for failing to stop demolition work after an engineering error was found that could have caused the collapse. 3 a suspected killer will face a judge this morning ...derrell gover is accused of killing 20-year old immanuel scott in avondale last week. scott showed up to children's hospital friday night with a gunshot wound.. and he died there. police think he was shot at an apartment building on alaska avenue. 3 a trial date will be set for
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who shot and killed sam dubose during a hearing next month. this, as the dubose family is getting millions from the school. u-c and the family of sam dubose announced a five-point-three million dollar settlement yesterday.. dubose was killed by ray tensing during a traffic stop last summer. his family will get four-point-eight million dollars, and the school will pay the tuition for all 12 of dubose's children.. should they choose to go to u-c. dubose's daughter, raegan brooks, took part in the negotiations. 3 "it was hard. sometimes i just wanted to walk out. they were basically putting a price on my daddy's life and all the memories that we had.""we really do hope that by reaching an accord without the filing of a lawsuit demonstrates how everyone at the university of cincinnati cares about the process, feels for the dubose family and wants to continue the process of healing." the agreement also calls for a written apology from u-c.. and a memorial on campus for dubose. 3 get in.. and get out.
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thieves breaking into homes on the west side.. and what's interesting .. is not just what they're taking.. but what they're leaving behind. local 12's angenette levy explains what may be fueling these burglaries. 3 sot 7:54 "this is the door that was broken into" bonnie lemmel went out to run errands last wednesday night... and when she returned home she discovered an unwelcome visitor had broken in. sot bonnie lemmel / home burglarized 8:13 "they came back here and they kicked in the door and it split right where the deadbolt is." 8:16 the thief went into lemmel's bedroom and stole three boxes of her jewelry... even rifling through her sock drawer. lemmel isn't the only person in green township who's been burglarized. on south road last sunday night... someone through a cinder block through the window of a house but only took an empty box. in that incident, the alarm went off - scaring the thieves. police believe the crimes could have been committed by people looking for money to buy heroin. 28:08 "here it is" back at bonnie lemmel's house, she discovered the thief had also stolen a world war ii
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were taken had sentimental value. sot 10:27 "awful. just devastating. like who would they do that to me? why did they pick me?" 10:38 3 angenete levy reporting.the victims say police told them there have been other burglaries in the township. if you know anything.. call green township police. that number is 513- 574- 0007. 3 suspended juvenile court judge tracie hunter is set to go on trial today for a second time... and her friends took to the streets in a show of support.a jury found hunter guilty of unlawful interest in a public contract .. and her appeal was rejected.during her first trial, the jury could not reach a verdict on eight other charges.she's being tried on those charges today which include theft and tampering with evidence. 3 duke energy has a warning for customers ...the company says says it's seen an increase in scams where customers have been threatened with having their power cut off unless a quick payment is made.a caller says he's with duke and instructs customers to get a
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information that will allow the scammers to get access to the money.duke says when it intends to disconnect someone's power, it sends a notice with the monthly bill. the company will not call you. 3 new this morning ....crews are called to an overnight fire in happened just before one at a home on ravoglie avenue near pancoast avenue.a neighbor heard smoke alarms and called firefighters. they arrived to find smoke coming from the back of the house, and quickly got the fire under control.a woman was able to get out safely.damage is estimated at ten-thousand word on a cause. 3 a local business is hiring 100 new employees.serta simmons bedding recently opened a new state of the art facility... the hiring will take place at the serta location on gateway boulevard, across from traders fairs will be held tuesdays, wednesdays and thursdays from nine-30 to noon and one to three ... and on saturdays from ten until two. all the jobs are entry level and the new hires could earn 12-dollars an hour. 3
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will fulfill his playoff game bet today.he and pittsburgh mayor william peduto had a wager on the bengals- steelers wild card game.cranley lost the bet so he'll be wearing a steelers jersey while serving lunch today at city gospel mission. 3 time/temp ...instead of martin luther king day being a day of service, it turned into a day of protests ...and one police officer is in some hot water for advice he gave in a facebook ... conflicting accounts ...we're hearing different circumstance s surrounding the kidnapping of americans in, on
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break two3 new this morning ...11 people are killed by a bomb at a police checkpoint in pakistan. it appears the attack was carried out by a suicide bomber as a police chief arrived at the checkpoint. police, civilians, and at least one child are among the dead.17 people are one is claiming responsibility for the attack. 3 there are still many unanswered questions about the kidnapping of three americans in iraq.a government intelligence leader in iraq says the americans were kidnapped from the home of their interpreter in baghdad. but an iraqi policeman is saying the americans were taken from their car .. on a highway while driving to the airport.troops have closed streets and carried out house- to- house searches. 3 crews are still searching for 12 marines missing in hawaii. the marines were on two helicopters that crashed last week off the coast of oahu during a training exercise.
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but no sign of the marines, and no crash debris has been found.a u-s navy salvage ship is helping in the underwater search efforts. 3 authorities in texas are expected to hold a hearing today to ask that proceesings against the so-called "affluenza teen" ethan couch ... be moved from juvenile to adult court.ethan is still in mexico, but his mother, tonya couch, has been extradited to the u-s.ethan was just given probation after he killed four people in a drunk driving wreck.he and his mother fled across the border late last year over fears ethan would be found in violation of his probation and sent to jail. 3 a minnesota police officer is on leave this morning for a facebook post...the saint paul police department is looking into claims that the post urged drivers to run over protestors.. who rallied against the police killings of two black men.the facebook post also reportedly told people how to avoid being charged with a crime if they hit someone during a martin luther king day march and rally. 3 flint's mayor is headed to washington to talk about her
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karen weaver says she hopes to secure a disaster declaration.. because flint's water supply was contaminated with lead when it's sourch was switched in tests show high blood lead levels in children.and the national guard has been handing out bottled water. 3 time/tempcombating the cold ... symptoms from the chill can set in in minutes.what you need to know to avoid a trip to the hospital due to these temperatures ...the dangers of putting on the uniform the cincinnati police academy is prepping recruits to face the reality of the streets, on
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and for lunch try our new steak and bacon cheddar melt. or any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7. 3 good morning... (ad lib) 3 these cold temperatures come with a warning about how quickly you can experience a some of the symptoms that are hazardous to your health. local12's liz bonis asked the experts at trihealth priority care what we need to know to avoid some of the serious stuff. 3 {**pkg ** baby --it's cold outside --{**sot **< 2;29: 15 its rediculously cold, i am wearing like my brothers football gear under this because i am freezing.>{** vo **and the freezing temperatures outside -- are bringing people inside -- here --to trihealth's priority care
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2: 23: 36 the biggest thing is just to limit the exposure.> {** vo **doctor dr. abha tewari - washam says three things increase the need for immediate care when it's cold --{** vo **< dr. abha tewari care 2:23: 10 mostly folks slipping on the ice and injuries extremities or back, those types of things.>{**vo **but also just the feeling that frostbite might be setting in --{** sot **< ((cover with outside stuff )) 2:23: 57 typically folks will start to feel numbness and tingling in their fingers and their feet,,that hands and the feet usually the first thing to feel that type of frostbite.>{** sot **< stand up at : 2:31: 18 it is so cold out here,, that you can actually see the cold, with steam like this, and she points out,, that means in just minutes, you can lose heat, not just through your head,, but through your other extremities,, your hands,, your feet, so cover up everything that you possibly can.>{** sot **< 2:29: 40 what's the cold feel like? ,it's freezing,,>{** sot **< alexis/ 2:28: 50 so what are you trying to do to stay warm? have my hands in my pocket,,and bundle up,, that's it.>{** sot**< 1:29:07 lots of jackets, lots of scarves.> {**sot **< 2:29 25 not long,, been hear like 30 minutes and
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had to take a break,'s pretty bad..>{** vo **so bad,, that the third thing -- that might lead you to seek ugent care in the cold breathing problems --{** sot yeah,definatey cold air can trigger asthma attacks so folks with any type up underlying resp problems such as asthma or bronchitis or copd or something like that. they are much more likely to have attacks like that..during the cold season.> 3 liz bonis reporting. now their are lots of questions about whether or not the cold makes you sick.. it does not, but it can reduce immunity according to some studies, and it keeps us indoors more so we spread germs more easily.we invite your questions for providers at trihealth.just go to local12-dot-com, and click on 3 now here's bob with a local 12 traffic alert.
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3 the man accused of murdering an ohio police officer is expected in court, his appearance is for other charges, which we'll get to in a minute.but first, we're hearing the startling tip the police station received just minutes before the officer lost his life."i'm in danger." "the cops in danville are in danger too. my ex-boyfriend's out in camo looking to kill a cop." that was at 11-20 sunday night. 27 minutes later, officer tom cottrell's body was found just steps from the danville police department. his gun and cruiser were gone. two hours later.. police caught up with the suspected killer, herschel jones. people who knew office cottrell say he was more than just a police officer -- he was a friend and community leader. 3 "he was our son's little league coach for baseball. and
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was... he was just a good dude." jones has a long rapsheet.. he got out of prison in 2014 for burglary. and in october.. he was arrested for rape, domestic violence and stalking. the rape charge was later dropped. he'll face a judge in this morning on previous charges. he's expected to be charged in the officers death soon. 3 the officer was killed only because he wore a uniform.a police recruit class is going on now in cincinnati with intense training, including ambush training. with everything going on in the country, how do departments convince parents and candidates its a good time to wear that uniform. local 12's deborah dixon went to the academy to get an answer. 3 these are the imagines from across the country over the past year. of highly publicized police shootings....violent protests..... ambush shootings such as this one in philly andof course sonny kim
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taser lethal reload that's too 3 slow" at the cincinnati police academy recruits are learning to be ready for anything. such as when a taser worthy incident suddenly becoming a deadly force one.. " all these things trust me will come together" a not so gentle reminder that anything can happen at anytime an instructor turns gunman in class." gunman comes in starts shooting"" there is definitely a danger for cops, an attitude of hate toward police"the training deals with that. its physical tactical and very psychological" we're constantly putting them through decision making drills one after another have to decide what too tactic stress psychological aspect of
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3 " there are forty men 15 women in the recruit class 47 have degress 15 are military"" maam i come from country dangerous day to day basis" 47 year old leon herbert is the oldest a anti poaching officer in south africa. he had his own photography business before signing up for the police department. to him it's simple. someone has to protect good people" i believe this group of people have the right attitude know what's right and wrong will do the right thing on the street and i watch t.v. day in and day out, i feel i can help the community"several times a day these recruits walk past this memorial wall. sonny kim's
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at the academy deborah dixon local 12 news 3 applications are being accepted for the next police recruit class which is in july. you have until january 31st to apply for the next recruit exam.we have more information on local 12 dot com, click on the news tab then the get it now link. 3 time/temp ...still ahead ... it's new friends we want you to go to the local12 facebook page and share how you met your best ...three movies shot in the tri-state will be featured during a prominent film festival.that's ahead at five,
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3 it's new friends today on facebook, we want to know did you meet your best friend?
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3 we want you to join the conversation -- just *like* the local 12 page on facebook to share your thoughts. 3 3 (show open) 3 now at, it's cold outside. coming up, i'll give you tips for staying safe in the winter weather. 3 a dangerous chemical.we'll tell you about a new study involving nail polish.. and how it could lead to reproductive issues. 3 cincinnati is the new hollywood.we'll tell you about three films shot in the tri state.. that are now heading
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