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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 6  CBS  January 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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little bit. brandon, when will we warm up a little bit. we will get a couple of degrees in the upcoming days if that helps any. although it's warmer than it actually is, i will take that to the windchills blow zeros, 10-feive below zero for the windchill, it's more like 0 to around negative 10. it's still cold anyway you look at it. 8 degrees in harrison, 8 degrees in batavia, there's the wind between 5-10 coming out of the north, northwest. it could create an isolated slick spot on the roadway, and you see the darker gray, and lighter gray, mixed in between a while. that is where we can see a lot of light dusting. for most part, everything is looking okay this morning. sphene degrees by the time you ride home, about 10 degrees warmer from where we are now.
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here and especially on northern kentucky. more on that, and the snow is on the way, and a bigger system on friday. more on the colder weather, perry. perry, i sold you short during the 5:00 hour you were outside yesterday. [ laughter ] >> reporter: yes, very important to note. a lot of people are going to be outside today, because school is in session, yesterday for the martin luther holiday, most schools were off, today back in session. we're at uc. at the campus and this is where a lot of people are going to be outside, take note, i have ski pants on, a coat, a hat, gloves, i have my coat zipped up, very, very important. in these conditions, frostbite can set in so quickly, this is just an example of how you should be dressing. you want the least amount of exposure possible, and according to emergency health, frostbite
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during exposure to cold temperatures, it can cause permanent damage and most commonly affect the extremities, the ears, nose, fingers toes cheeks, and chin, but there are ways to prevent frostbite. you want to limit your exposure outside, if you can, that means just stay outside as little as possible, but if you have to be outside, and you're in the cold, dress in loose layers, put extra layers on your toes and feet, and fully cover your ears, and wear insulated gloves and mittens, also make sure to drink plenty of water or warm, hydrating drinks, if you do experience anything that would lead to you believe that you possibly have frostbite, and that burning, stinging, throbbing or prick ling following by numbness, seek medical attention as soon as possible. i haven't seen any yet, but on my way in, it looked there was possibly ice on the roads. jen, how are the roads so far.
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reports of incidents or slick spots out there. that may change atz morning change as the morning goes on, brandon said there's a dusting, and it doesn't look like it's slowing the interstates at all. brandon is working to see if there's any flurries going through, if it affects the roads. right now we're seeing normal volume traffic, and 275 out near loveland madeira, i-71/i-75 at kyle, not seeing major back-ups, and i-71, still looks quiet. could possibly see isolated black ice out there. we will keep a close eye on things, and right now we're incident free. a west side community is dealing with a rash of burglaries, and police believe it's heroin addicts looking for anything to steal. she came home from a day of
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someone had broken into her home. three boxes of jewelry along with three things of sentimental value. >> for main, i had a standard think about it, what is that door doing open, i know it was locked. someone also threw a cinder block through the door of another home, but the alarm went off scaring the thieves away. if you know anything about the break-ins, call crime stoppers, at 252-3040. police are trying to figure out who is responsible for a shooting at walnut hills. police were called around 11:00, and found a victim shot in the back and leg, and pistol-whipped, he was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. the university of cincinnati will pay more than $5 million in total compensation to the family of a man shot to death by a uc police officers.
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the uc agreed to pay $5.8 million to the family, and set up a memorial and provide pretuition children. they're becoming more important. people are look donald trump has been looking at -- leading the presidential polls, but no one knows if that will translate to the ballot box, that is because of the land lines makes it tough tore make the polls. the research centers has decided to change the strat strategy, calling 75% of cell phones for the polls in 2016. >> it's easier for us to reach young adults and americans and hispanics. the demographic profile looks more like our population. despite a decline in the participation, the benefits
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the film festival and that means a huge opportunity for a local group of dancers, the 5th, miles ahead, and goats, all three, all three of those films shot here in cincinnati and all three are headed to the sundance film festival. the 5th, however, featured a dance team, called a few kids. this one you may not have heard of again. crew members traveled, and it was a royalty hightower. >> i'm very proud of his life. it's funny how i'm the one that got picked. i never -- i don't think, like a -- or extra, i didn't know i was going to be tony, the leading role, but i thought, i had a chance to be here, i just didn't know it was going to happen. >> the film maker shot the movie at lincoln center at west end, and something about it, something about being an extra, next thing you know royalty.
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>> she has a lot of pizzazz, ki see why the film makers would have been attracted to her. >> me, too. it's 6:07, and growing up with a good book.
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a christmas, how if you're ipet lover, check on the the doggest, for a photographic encounters with the
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he has a way of capturing a pup's spirit. need some fiction, rules of civility, the story of best girls friends whoofs whose lives are changed forever. you can see the whole lisa long with all that is new and happening in town in another cold morning we're back in single digits, warming up 10 degrees warmer than we are right now. 17-18 degrees with a mixture of sun and clouds. this dry weather is not going to last too much longer, a winter weather advisory in effect, we will go over small fall amounts, and first another check of traffic with jen. >> reporter: it's been quiet out there so far this morning, but we do have a couple of incidents that have popped up on our map. chlorine avenue, an accident reported between blue rock and
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loretta lane, we do have an accident, so watch that with colerain. can he have a couple, broken down with an accident, semi, right near mitchell. the good news it's over to the shoulder, so it doesn't being loo like it's going to affect the commute. i will keep a close eye on it. for now, no problems to report. antibiotic over use, what it means for the future cost and sniffles.
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>> rereme welcome back, everyone, the cofounder of one of the most popular bands of all time passed away. the eagles, fry, died of uls ra tive colitis, and pneumonia. one of the many great things glen fry formed. he formed the eagles in the early 70s with his friend don henley. and the eagle ease mix of country and california sounds, made them one of the more successful acts of all time with more than 1 50 albums sold. i took my friend to the grand arena, and i'm glad we did that. the texas prosecutors are holding a hearing to ask that at fliewns a teen, be moved from
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mexico, we are fled in fears that he would be found in violation of his probation. he killed four people in an accident, but received probation, because his lawyers argued that his wealthy upbringing left him undistinguished from determining. traders shows is asking that the customers turn the product away or return them to any trader's joe for refund. traders joe says no one has got gotten sick, this is just a precaution. it's a season for colds, new recommendations are reminding doctors to prescribe antibiotics only when necessary. they want to cut down on prescribing antibiotics for respiratory infections, and more than 50% of them are unnecessary. >> the goal is to prevent
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cause antibiotic resistence, which is killing people in this country. >> i want to make sure that when i'm sick, my body will be able to fight it off. >> prescribe antibiotics only when strep is confirmed for sign us infections that last more than 10 days, or severe symptoms last for more than three days. now a community is rallying to make his christmas right again. the 18-month-old only got one bit to play with a new go-kart from his grandmother, it was put on the porch while the family was changed to travel, and all of a sudden it was gone next morning, when we went to his porch. he is saying, car, car, it's gone, of course. it's a perfect way to describe when a grinch stole christmas. >> he put a note on facebook asking if anyone had seen it. then the local fire department stepped up to start fund raiding
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he got a new toy f150. got his own little pickup, with the left overses he got a helmet and a shed to keep his car safe and locked up. >> can he barely lock it up, driving his truck. >> a little future dale earnhardt, right there. >> super excited for this little boy. you can't take stuff from little kids, what is wrong with you. >> on christmas day. >> it makes me mad. it makes me mad. >> i had a neighbor who chased down these kids who were stealing his son's bike, chased them down. he got them, too. that is bad. >> can you do traffic. >> reporter: yeah. >> i'm mad. >> reporter: you don't get mad very often. i'm not going to -- >> not pretty. >> reporter: taking a look at the roads this morning, things have been quiet so far, a couple
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lane, we do have one vehicle leaking fluid in an accident reported there, watch for that along with colerain this morning. also have maybe broken down or at mitchell. you can see the two semis over to the right hand shoulder not going to slow you down. you can tell traffic through the area is moving long just fine. you will see the flashing lights as we're moving along the door. as you look around town, heavy traffic out there for this time of the morning. i-71/i-75 looks right for this hour at kyle's lane, not seeing any major back-ups there, so that is good news, 471 not seeing any major slow downs either, so far we're doing okay, despite the fact that it's very cold and we had a few flurries heading through the area. possible. we haven't had any reports of it, though. >> yeah no, reports just yet, but there's isolated flurries that may be heavy enough to put a light coat down.
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throughout the morning. jen has plenty of cameras back there, so if anything pops up, we will be telling you. light flurries, aryan gray, that is moving from the north and west. every once in a while, you can see the light gray, but very, very light, it's not accumulating much. you can see the lighter shades of gray, that is how you can see the a light coating. and it's cold, that's the big story not so much the flurries. it's cold weather, it's really cold outside. this is up near oxford and hamilton, nine degrees coming out -- wind coming out of northwest at nine miles per hour, when you factor in the wind, and the temperature, it feels more like four degrees below zero. that is why we have a lot of delays going on this morning until it warms up until 9:00, around 8 degrees, 10:00, 9, and 12 by noon.
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yesterday, today we have a high temperature of around 18. so a few flurries here now. this is the next symptom system. had this is the snow that will be pushing in 24 hours from now. it's going to take in time to move in here. it's mostly sunny to partly cloudy today. clouds increase during the midnight tonight. certainly by 5:00, and tonight, we have snow moving in to indiana. the air is so dry it's going to take plenty of time to get the moisture up to get the flakes to reach the ground. it may not be until 8:00, 9:00 to get snow over downtown cincinnati. the heaviest of the snow will be toward bowling green and southern kentucky. we're missing out on the heaviest of the snow fall with this one, we're expecting 1-2 inches, snow fall moves around 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon, and maybe have flurries for the rest of the day. most of it is coming late morning and early afternoon, right around midday. you get a break on thurksz but look at the bottom left-hand side of the screen, that is storm system number two mosques
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for the first one on wednesday, there's a winter weather advisory, this is for hamilton including cincinnati, all of northern kentucky and southeastern, south of franklin county, that is includes brown county as well. claremont county, along the ohio river is where we have 1-2 itches of snow expected. that is including cincinnati. most areas will be around one inch of snow, that is it. we are not expecting a lot of it. a couple of isolated areas may make an inch or two. some may see a dusting toward wilmington, most of butler county is seeing less than a half not inch of snow, the less is indiana, and owenton, where they can see 1-3 inches. a break on thursday, and another one moves in for friday, starting friday morning, lasting all the way to saturday morning. it's the 24 hour period. accumulations could be heavy. there could be significant snow possible somewhere in our
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closer toward central and northern kentucky versus over cincinnati is what we have to pin down in the coming days, it's snow that could be a significant one, on friday, more than six inches in the viewing area. no way to tell what the snow amounts are going to be right now, impossible, if you see any on social media don't believe it quite yet. it's going to take a day or two to pin down the details, a few degrees above freezing by the weekend. thanks, sheila. thanks, brandon. it's something so simple but it may be putting poison in your body.
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making good on a bad twob two entertainers, jada pinkett smith is boycotting, because of the lack of diversity. and lee is boycotting, too. this is a xenia and astronauts as the international space station say that has been a part of their mission for years, plants have been grown in pace before, in 2014, they started a veggie plant system, but this is the first flower. >> it's so pretty, too.
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>> how is your best friend. >> i love this, for a lot of different reasons, i'm going to stick with one main theme with this one except for the first response. i like the first response, and it comes from our buddy terry. i met my new best best friend on facebook, and my new best friend, the morning crew at wkrc. terry, we love having you, terry always participates with questions in the morning. but the rest of the group. i met my best friend in junior high, we married at age 16 and he is still my best friend. junior high. cary, middle school, kathy middle school. deen niece, denise, junior high school, and have been besties, there's something about that period of your life. you're awkward, and you're a freak. >> and things are growing and stuff is sprouting and you start to stink, and when you're around people that can accept you then,
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[ laughter ] >> the thing about you nobody else knows. >> that's exactly right. >> i had a friend who wanted to beat me up in middle school. >> we are. >> i had a bunch of my buddies from middle school and high school, much were over to my house to watch the steelers game. it was best. there's something about that age, you revert. >> i'm glad i wasn't around for that.
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[ laughter ] thrtion there's definitely dangers add to the, police -- ready for anything. now at 6:30 how local police train for life and death as an
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a suspended judge back frnt of a judge. details in the trial tracy hunter is coming up. chemicals entering your body through your nails. now a new warning about nail polish. good morning, everyone, day. you can see the bottom of screen, the delays they're rolling. >> a whole bunch of them. clermont was on a two-hour delay, and cincinnati public, an hour delay. >> when you have to go out, and go to school, be careful right a way, because it's not going to warm upright away, right, brandon. even an hour or two, we're not going to get the temperatures up a teeing or degree or two, the sun helps a lot. that will help out quite a bit, but the winds coming out of the west, nearly 10 miles per hour creating a windchill of negative 4. that is about the same, just about everywhere. temperatures are fairly uniform. wind is fair
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most the windchills are at zero and 10 degrees below zero. anytime we have windchills below zero, it's all the same dangerously cold. winds coming between 5-10 miles per hour out of the west-northwest. coming in. notice the lighter colors, right around hamilton county, just north of downtown on the north side. some of these could put down a very, very light dusting, but that is all it takes to create a couple of slick spots. most of the roads are fine, just a 1-twor isolate areas two 2 isolated areas. 17 degrees for the ride home, after single digits today. winter weather advisory for downtown coming up in 15 mains. we're talking more about the winter weather advisory for tomorrow and what to expect and how we can see a lot more than that on friday. it's an uncertain storm system. we will try to break the details, and now another check on traffic with jen.
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several issues since last traffic report. want i want to update folks on this one. i do have a report that colerain is closed down in the northbound direction, because of this accident, at blue rock and letter eta loretta lane, and it's colerain avenue, northbound lanes are the ones that are closed right now. you want to avoid colerain near blue rock right now if you can. we will let you know when that is updated. ronald reagan eastbound, we have a broken down vehicle near redding, that could be slowing things down. we have a new one in petersburg, we were showing you a broken down semi, two involved here, 75 southbound over to the shoulder. that shouldn't cost you any times. the interstates starting to look pretty typical. you're slow on i-71/i-75, right now from kyle to the ohio river, john. suspending hamilton county,
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back in front of a judge to face 8 counts of a jury judge. >> in the newsroom to catch up to speed on all of those counts and what we can expect today. adam, it can be a little confusioning about what is happening right here. >> reporter: there's a lot going on with tracy hunter. likely there won't be a whole lot of action today. jury selection is expected to take most of the day. that will be at 9:00. as history has shown anytime tracy hunter is in the courthouse, you can't rule anything out. this is the scene for the march for martin luther king downtown. among the hundreds marching down were supporters of hunter, asking for justice, among the counts, hundred hunter is facing tampering can evidence, and improperly use a credit card. she was convicted to using a court judge to keep her brother from getting fired.
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in prison. that sentence was put on hold until this whole retrial process is completed. we will be following tracy hunter's trial from the very beginning, make sure to follow the local 12 page facebook, and twitter along as well. there will be an autopsy on central ohio police officer who was killed. the body of the thomas katril was found near the danville, municipal building. authorities have yet to say how he died. police say that jones' exgirlfriend called police to say that jones has weapons and was looking to kill an officer. >> and just as that officer was killed for wearing a uniform, a police recruiting class is happening now in sin. cincinnati. it includes ambush training, they are learning to be ready for anything such as when a taser, worthy incident if you will suddenly becomes a deadly
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there are 40 men, and 15 women in this recruit class. >> i believe the group of people, yes. are the right people to do this they have the right attitude. they know what is right and what is wrong and they will do the right thing on the street and we will help people. that is our goal. >> applications are being accepted for the next police recruit police class which is in july. we have until january 31st to apply for the next recruiting exam. we have information at 6:35, still 9 degrees, a woman is looking for a place to stay after an overnight fire. crews were called to ravoli avenue at 1:00 this morning. they were able to contain that fire to the kitchen. the stove was left on when she fell asleep. it caused $10,000 worth of damage, now the red cross is helping the woman who was displaced from her house. today is the one-year anniversary of the deadly over pass collapse, which killed
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construction for using a an excavator on the bridge that wasn't strong enough to support the excavator. an engineering error was found that could have caused the collapses. a new study out this morning that may make you question why you get out for work. it projects that robots could take over 5 million jobs over the next five years. more robots will replace laborers and will be a increase in artificial intelligence and auto may tive automated call centers. i hate toes those automated call centers, i want to talk to a person. customer service, customer service. >> and some of them have a prompt that if you say that enough, it will send you to the person. >> to get back to the robot. >> i will do the robot. [ laughter ]
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>> a robot, to do the sprinkler. i'm out of a -- i'm gone. >> 37 now. >> and night shift. >> it was to help the twin center.
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(burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a stag pool party. (party music) (splashing/destruction) (splashing/destruction) (burke) and we covered it, october twenty-seventh, 2014. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum temperatures into the single
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we will 10 degrees warmer later on this afternoon, but with 70 degrees is the temperature right now. it's not saying too much. the 17 is the high, mixture of sun and clouds. clouds moving tonight, sicknalling snow on the way -- signaling as snow tomorrow morning. we will tell you what is the impact that will have on the roads on the commute tomorrow morning. we will take a look at the impact on the roadways. >> reporter: we have a couple of issues out there, one of which is causing headaches fore the mountain area, north of there, colerain avenue, and blue township, between blue rock and loretta lane. and one of them is a rumky truck that is apparently leaking diesel fuel, so the northbound lanes of colerain in that area are shutdown. you may want to avoid that at this time. a couple of issues at progress drive at petersburg, an accident reported there, and a broken down eastbound, that could be slowing traffic there. interstates, not looking too bad. the typical delays starting to build. guys over to you.
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the fallout for the bengals lost continue. >> yes, today the mayor will be wearing a steelers jersey. >> but it's for a good cause, you know that, before the game earlier this month, the mayor, made a a lose being wager. and he had to wear the jersey, and serve food at a rescue mission. today the mayor will be wearing black and gold, and montgomery, and they will all be served. >> oh, that is kind of -- >> great that he is doing it. that was great. >> the jersey is not good. he is going to rub down like isopropyl, alcohol. >> montgomery, all over the. >> it's 6:41 now. sleep away that whole weekend.
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> plaanet happening today, michigan governor state of the state.
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contamination crisis. several gathered outside of his home calling for his arrest. they are presented two class action lawsuits targeting governor rick snyder. we are learning more about the negotiations that led to the u.s. and others lifting the iran. in all iran released five americans over the weekend, shortly after the swap, the u.s., and other lifted economic sanctions related to iran's nuclear program, freeing up billions of dollars for tehran. >> it's also sanctioning 11 individuals and companies in connection with the ballistic missile program as delayed response to a missile test conducted in the fall. the average woman paint her nail once a week. but there's a new warning on the nail polish and the chemicals that linger on her nails. the chemicals in some polishes can get inside of her body. the researchers tested women for
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every woman tested had higher levels after painting her levels. the chemical is died to reproductive and developmental issues on animals. >> i was shocked, i thought i was caution, nail polish is not one of the things that i worried about. >> they are calling the research speculative and misleading. >> catching up on your sleep on the weekends can reduce the risk of developing diabetes. university of chicago studied 19 young mense and men and found getting fewer than nine hours of sleep on five nights, but after sleeping for two straight nights, the risk goes back down. it's one of the worst things we can do for the sleep cycles. exposure to a smart phone blue
6:38 am
circadian rhythm. apple is putting night shift. it's in the new ios set up. it changes the blue light to a warmer setting that is supposed to be easier on the eyes. if you watch planet earth, you have never seen anything like this. snoop dogg decided to necessary 8 what was happening during a show. it's kind similar to what we all feel while we watch. >> oh, my god. that's why we get -- >> when they told, we got to get out of here, come on. we got him cornered right now. oh, we're going to head up woody! they ain't scared of me. of [ laughter ] >> they're totters -- otters.
6:39 am
whatever they are, they just scared that crocodile away. >> those are river otters. >> they are river otters? >> yeah, they are mean, i saw a river otter release one time, and this thing was snarling and reporters. >> in between them and the water. >> yes. >> i want snoop and samuel l jack jackson to narrate everything i watch. everything, have you heard snoop rad that children's book. ed -- read that children's book. >> not going to sleep, yeah. >> it's special. [ laughter ] >> the roads aren't too bad, jen. >> reporter: i was ready to read that book last night. the roads are looking okay right now. [ laughter ] we do have a couple of problems to let you to know about, one of which is on colerain avenue.
6:40 am
about. it's the colerain avenue right at blue rock and loretta lane, where it turns into kipling. this is south of colerain township, green township line. this is in the mount erie area. southbound, i think you can get through, but northbound two vehicles involved one of which was a rum key truck is why leaking diesel fuel. we have a broken down on the ronald reagan county highway in the eastbound direction, we have a access in progress drive and peter road. we have broken down semi, i don't think those are going to cost you anytime, because they're onto blocking any lanes. as we look at i-71/i-75 near kyle's lane, things are looking typical. you are starting to see traffic butter milk and folks are headed back to school and work, although there's delays because
6:41 am
mostly because of the cold. we have been watching for slick spot. i know you have been looking at some cameras. >> reporter: every time you tell me to look at the cameras and so far no problems because of this. >> the flurries we're not seeing too much on the roadways that, is what i expect on the roadways, although there may be one or two isolated areas that can put down enough. all it takes is a little bit, to get slick spots, there's precision 12hd. very light flurries, every once in a while, you will see lighter color gray pop you, that is where you can see flurries just heavy enough to put down, very, very light on coating on the roads, did you see how cold it is and some of the flags around the building are starting to fly around, we have the wind coming in west-northwest, right around nine miles per hour. even though it's nine degrees the windchill, it feels more like 4 degrees below zero, that is the aim all across the area, but the windchills hovering
6:42 am
warming to around 14 degrees by 1:00. even though schools are delayed, by 9:00, 10:00, we're still into the single digit. we're still seeing windchills below zero, it's that cold of a day. it takes a while to get the temperatures up in an air mass like this. right around 18 degrees is we're headed. three degrees warmer is what we're expecting today, versus yesterday, not all that much. a few clouds from time to time, but the clouds start to increase tonight around midnight, especially in the central plains. we will see that hour by hour, this is the clouds and this is the area in white, that is not snow just yet. snow? blue. by 5:00, we will see snow heading into owenton, and much of southeastern indiana between 5:00 and 6:00. notice when it pushes eastward, it tends to breakup a little bit. it's very dry air. by the time, closer to 8:00, and maybe 9:00, certainly by 10:00, 11:00, midday at noon, we will have snow across the area and we will be here watching it.
6:43 am
the clouds even breakup a little bit overnight and the day on thursday, we will be dry, that is our break tweent two between the two storm systems, because we have a second one on the way. there's a winter weather advisory between cincinnati, and all of northern kentucky, i should say. 1-2 inches is expected. most of us can expect close to this one inch mark, but some areas, let's see a couple of heavier snow showers will make it up around 2:00. i would expect around 1 inch of know, and wilmington hillsborough and anywhere in butler county, and southeastern indiana, 2 to 3 expected toward vevay, and if you are going 2-3-inch. it could be bigger. snow between friday morning and saturday morning, accumulation is very similar at this time.
6:44 am
somebody telling us how much the snow is going to be on friday. it's still several days, it's still high uncertainty. that is why we don't put out snow accumulation on friday. we don't want to rush to put out snow accumulation. significant snow is possible, more than six inches of snow, somewhere in the viewing area, whether that is central or northern kentucky versus the middle of sin cincinnati. i'm sure by later on today and tomorrow, we can pin the forecast. bob and sheila. >> brandon, 6:53, and he is known for his rhyme or his
6:45 am
in a new 6:56, 9 degrees and jury selection starts today in the suspended trial of tracy hunter. >> she was convicted of interfering with her brother's employment, but the jury was hung on other things such as tampering. and today the jury will retry her on the charges they can't decide. today is the anniversary of
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oceanside cited them for having a bridge deck that was not strong enough to support it. they stopped work, after an engineer was done that could have caused that collapse. pete rose still can draw a crowd at the oak hill sports stag. he filled the woodland increase, and hertz sog was emc the athletic department. he had that room right here right in the palm of his hand. i'm going to tell you about. >> i hope you aren't eating green eggs and ham, one fish, two fish, red fish, and make sure you grab your hat, it's cold, all the places you will go. dr. zeus work, filled -- dr. seuss' work filled children's books. now people are getting an opportunity to see dr. seuss, fred guisele.
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collection has been shown in a public place. i had no idea he did not dr. seussian work if you will. >> i read a biography of how he got startrted.. look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking abou t, but, uh. the yogurt made from
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