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tv   Local 12 at Noon  CBS  January 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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things wrapped up about a half hour ago. there's pete still up on stage and still talking presumably about baseball. the announcement was made. pete rose will be the next inductee, the only inductee, for the cincinnati reds hall of fame. they are going to retire that famous 14 here at the great american ball park. no one will ever wear it again. pete did ask that if his grandson played in the major leagues if his grandson could wear it. they said anything for you pete. talking about the magnitude of this decision, obviously with rob mannford that presumably had given the blessing.
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rose talking about the decision. >> not a day has gone by since taking ownership of this pete rose. his hustle, style of play and unforgettable. ns in the stands but any player privileged to wear the same uniform as the machine. we thank the commissioner and mlb for their support of the reds induction of pete rose in our hall of fame. >> this is an honor that you can't believe how you feel. growing up here, i've always been a reds fan, i've always had the most respect for reds players. most all of the guys in the hall of fame who are living today
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against me, or for me. i would have been the first one, but larkin beat me to it. he deserves to be in cooperstown as well as cincinnati. this is the best hall of fame in all of baseball. i've been to many hall of fame at the cities that have their hall of fames, and our hall of fame downstairs is way beyond all of the other hall of fames. >> and there you can see pete rose still chatting it up. a lot of people feeling down with the fact that commissioner mannford said that pete will not be eligible for restatement which kind of goes hand and hand with cooperstown, with the hall of fame. he was asked if this was second best. he said of course not. he said this is just as good. just a great day here.
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coverage from today, including news about a statue. bob castellini, before anyone could ask, said, yes, there will be a statue. pete asked what will that pose be? joe webb will have that answer for you on local 12 news live first at 4:00. for now, john, we'll send it back to you in the studio. >> i know a bunch of us would like to see it sliding into first base, but we'll see. you can find out all of what pete had to say on his website. for updates and additional details. click on the get it link at turning now to the other big breaking story of the day. the bombshell news that prosecutors have decided to drop
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suspended juvenile court judge. >> good afternoon, anqunette. >> good afternoon, john. this all happened in the last couple of hours in the courtroom behind me. special prosecutors asked that the main counts be dismissed. the count involved allegations that she gave her documents that she shouldn't have. hunter and her supporters believe that these charges being dismissed today are vindication. [singing] >> reporter: judge hunter had very little to say as she left supporters. they were all singing as you could see. hunter's attorneys had questions, they had filed a motion about a computer sold by the county.
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documents. her attorney said there was nothing wrong with the way the documents were dated. they believe the computer, that they had questions about, that they couldn't get ahold of, hunter. >> we believe the computer was wiped clean in december of 2013 and was sold. so we were unable to be able to do a forensic analysis of that particular hard drive which we believe would have shown the dates that the thing was. >> reporter: hunter's supporters have said from the very beginning that this was a vindictive prosecution. we haven't been able to speak with special prosecutors about
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that in the past. >> thank you. judge hunter could be back in court on friday to determine if she'll serve jail time. her attorneys are asking the ohio state court to stay that decision. more cold, we don't expect to see temperatures out of the teens today. here is brandon orr with your no wait weather. >> this is a live look at our tower camera showing nice and dry afternoon with a little bit of sunshine from time to time. temperatures just now coming out of the single digits in some areas. we're making it up to the lower teens right now. 14 degrees now at the international airport. the wind chill is not too bad. the winds have calmed way down
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we're told the wind chills were below zero. that's not the case anymore. calm. no more than 5 to 6 miles per hour. other temperatures across the area, just about everyone is now out of the single digits into the lower to mid teens. around 18 degrees for a high temperature today. we'll remain dry as we go into the afternoon. right around 4:00 at 18. temperatures will continue to fall. not as bad as yesterday. only into the low to mid teens compared to the single digits. there's a winter weather advisory in effect. coming up here in 15 minutes. we'll talk more about the winter weather advisory and how much snow to expect for your neighborhood. we have a snow map for tomorrow. we get a break on thursday, we're still watching the friday. i'll explain why we have some uncertainty with the storm system coming up shortly.
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shooting faced a judge today. police said that darryl gover shot scott in avonsdale. gover faces murder and aggravated robbery charges and is contributely locked up on a 1 1/2 million dollar bond. he made a bet with pittsburgh's mayor over the bengals-steelers playoff game. mayor cranley will wear a steelers jersey. cranley will be at the city and gold. they have stepped up to provide. >> immigration challenge, the
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the case and diversity [content sigh]
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hi. already? you booked an appointment. i just started cookin. we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. i haven't even started to bronze yet. we no longer give you an excuse to work all day perfecting your tan. starting to even it out. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. including one-hour arrival windows. we'll also tell you how long our visit will take pbefore your appointment starts. >> the u.s. supreme court said today that it will consider a legal challenge to president obama's overhaul of the nation's immigration rules. the actions are aimed at allowing immigrants to apply for programs that could make them eligible for work authorization and benefits. they unveiled it more than a year ago, but federal courts blocked their implementation
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by texas and other states. the nearly 4.3 million immigrants have been caught in legal limbo. a crash in san jose killed two people and injured 18 others. the bus flipped on to the center divider. the accident snarled the morning commute, which was already slowed by rain, backing up traffic for several miles. the president of the academy of motion pictures arts and sciences is promising changes and quickly, but it may not be enough to quiet calls of people to boycott the academy awards over its all white nominees. jada pinkett smith and spike lee are among those who say they will not attend.
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one type of fraud that's's the eternal revenue service is accepting tax returns starting today. taxpayers are being advised to check their e-mail for health insurance forms and other types of information. the biggest fraud in irs history is growing.
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not paying their taxes and that scammed has raked in more than $20 million. now the government is launching back. a new report says robots could take over five million jobs just over the five years. there will be an increase in artificial intelligence in automated call centers. office and administrative jobs are most at risk.
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the nasdaq is up >> we have been kind of flirting with the snow, not so much today but maybe tomorrow, we get a real dose of summer. tomorrow is a real typical one inch snowfall. friday could be something more than that. we had some flurries earlier on this morning. not seeing too much on precision doppler 12 hd this morning. we had some around 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 this morning. we're looking okay. we can loop it over the past three hours. the clouds mostly have faded away. lots of sunshine out there. temperature now in cincinnati,
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lunken right around 15. the wind nice and calm. the temperature when there's no wind out there. that's what we're seeing this afternoon as the wind chill is yesterday. this time yesterday wind chills were still below zero. about three degrees warmer than what we saw yesterday. still seeing a decent amount of sunshine. after sunset, some clouds will move in gradually through the night. by 10:00, mostly cloudy and certainly by midnight completely cloudy. once the clouds move in, temperatures will become a little bit stable. winter weather advisory is already in effect. they issued in this morning, for hamilton county, including cincinnati, southward, including all of northern kentucky. brown kentucky, clermont county and southeastern indiana south of franklin county. a good chunk of our local 12 viewing area seeing that winter weather advisory. this is the storm system right here.
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and iowa and it will get here by early tomorrow morning. we're talking about right around the morning rush. mostly clear skies, this area in white is mostly clouds. then we start to see the snow mo into southeastern indiana, 6:00. downtown 7:00 and 9:00 that the slow moves in. as the snow is falling, roads will become slick by the second half of the morning rush, especially. by around noon, we still have snow going on. after that, it moves out. most of the snow is already pushing out of downtown. by the evening rush hour, we have a few flurries around. road conditions should be improving if crews can get out there and consult fast enough. we have a dry day. already our next storm system is pushing in.
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snow. an all snow event not only tomorrow but also on friday. wednesday's forecast, one to two inches of snow. most areas right around one inch of snow tomorrow. some areas could be up to two inches. if you have your snow more than two inches. you'll have to go down to vevay, indiana. most of the heavy snow will move towards south central kentucky. the storm system for friday still off the coast. that's important, because we can't really sample the storm out there. we don't have weather balloons that go over the ocean. once this moves on shore, later on tonight, we can put weather balloons on there and get much better data. the forecast is so uncertain, we don't have a good look at the storm now. the area of low pressure will move up into eastern tennessee and swing back the moisture into the cold air and we get snow there. the possibility still exists for
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through the day on friday. starting friday morning and lasting all the way up until saturday morning. so that's something to stay tuned. we could see a swathe of six-inch plus snowfall amounts, where exactly is something we're going to be pinpointing throughout the coming days. tim hedrick and erica will be in later. temperatures in the 30s. >> data is king. >> don't forget about the hour-long discussion on guns in america. the focus will be on the epidemic of gun violence. the strong support there is for the second amendment and president obama's efforts to tighten gun control. your voice, your future will stream from 7:00 to 8:00 on
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ncis is o on a a >> one seattle's bride heartbreak, it was too late to get a refund on the reception. the bride donated the venue, band and food to 150 homeless families for a night out.
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wrong into a right. >> she just wanted to marry the guy that she loved, and that's not happening, and if she can't that, then she's very happy to be able to share it with someone else. >> it is actually a nice setting and i can take my kids, my kids have fun getting dressed up and playing the role, so that's the fun part of it for me. >> the bride's kindness prompted hairstylists and makeup artists to donate their services for those in need. >> upper teens today.
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