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tv   Local 12 News at 6  CBS  January 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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of the wkrc tv counties. an inch of snow, cincinnati county. perhaps a lilt more to the south and down to the southwest. timing is everything, with the particular event. as i mentioned, there's nothing out there right now. as we look at sat light and radar put together, you could see the west of cincinnati. developing in iowa, illinois and missouri, you have the next disturbance that will deliver some light snow. all starting very early tomorrow morning. and could play a role in our tomorrow morning commute. this is 8:00 tonight. i think we'll start to see clouds increase overnight. this is 5:00 in the morning. so during rush-hour tomorrow morning, between 5:00 and 9:00 in the morning, you will see periods of light snow across the area. and most of it should be out of here by noon. we won't see a lot of snow, but
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make a big difference at 8:00 in the morning. give yourself am so extra time just in case there's a chain reaction upstream, which affects you traffics. and they will fall down to 15 degrees tonight. we're watching another storm for friday. there's absolutely no consensus on the store. some guidance gives us very little snow. some guidance. please join us in a few minutes. now back to rob. always amusing. pete rose is heading to the reds hall of fame. his number will be retired and june 24th, to june 26th at the great american ballpark.
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announcement. good to see everybody smiling including me, joe. >> this place will be hopping in june, with the marine reunion and return of all the reds hall of fame inductees over the year and all here to celebrate the team class, a class of one, pete rose. calling it one of the greatest days of franchise history. they welcome pete rose in the hall of fame. after he pretty much ruled out a trip to cooperstown. >> we want to make sure we pick up the vacuum. the commissioner gave us permission to do that. >> rose, who said he's not giving up on cooperstown. the reds coopertown is the ultimate honor. >> having the relationship with the reds that i've had, is earn
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happened in my life so far, you know. 4192 is pretty big. >> pete rose's hall of fame plaque will join his teammates with the big red machine. all of the hall of fame inductees are invited back. plus the 1926 team will have an on field pregame reunion. the famous number 14 will be retired at the noon game against the padres. castline, will join the likes. and no details were given, when asked, rose offered the long shot design. >> what do you want the statute to reflect? head first slide, base hit,.491 pete rose. >> well, i certainly don't understand the turkway in the $2 window.
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>> and for me, the most iconic picture, was sliding into home gate. . >> he wants his statute to reflect he. it's hard to imagine a statute of baseball's fit king without a baseball in his hand. in addition to the hall of fame induction, the number of statute, the baseball commission also agreed, for pete rose to come to the ballpark without permission. he no longer has to buy a ticket. castelini. >> joe webb.
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turkway? >> i love that >> amen. i have been covering him for 29 years and he never seizes to surprise me. >> and historically they induct team members and statutes. and when he heard there's no time line, pete rose told casteli to hurry. you could go and watch the entire thing. and suspended judge will not be retried on eight fellline counts. the prosecutors from the charges. and why both sides have different tastes on why the charges are dropped. angenette. >> that's right. tracy hunter arrived here today.
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eight felony counts, including misuse of county credit cards and tampering with evidence. they believe she was innocent. the special prosecutor said today, even though they were dropping the charges, they still believe that she was guilty. tracy hunter walked into the courtroom. a lot of her supporters was there. she was ready for the retrial. the special prosecutor said they will dismiss the charges because of the cost to taxpayers and the division the case has caused in the community. hunter has been convicted of one felony count, involving an allegation, she gave her brother confidential document. she's appealing the conviction. the jury, of course, deadlocked in the remaining counts during the last trial, which may have been part of the decision to drop the charges >> as a result of the conviction, she's no longer relevant. the court system community.
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here, to prosecute the remaining charges, serves no useful purpose. >> prosecutors, that tell us in advance that they will dismiss. they knew we were working diligently to defend the case. they knew they had a great defense to the case. my position, they dismiss because they knew they couldn't win. >> special prosecutors said in court today, that tracy hunter still faces the possibility of sanctions and possibly losing the law license from the ohio supreme court. meanwhile, one of her supporters, sissel thomas shez she wants to see the case. reporting live from the hamilton county courthouse, local 12 news, cammy back to you. >> since dropping the charges was a surprise from the defense team, what was hunter's reaction. >> you know, we asked her outside of the court, cammy.
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when you talk to judge hunter, she's always flanked what appears to be security guards and her, and her supporters. they surrounded her today. i asked her what she was feeling and what her reaction was. she was, glory be to god. she told me that twice. they started singing that as they walked down the hallway. >> angenette, thank you. hunter could appear in court on friday to determine whether she will serve her six months jail sentence. her attorneys ask her sentencing stayed while she assumes her position. one of the members of society is arrested and charged with rape. dionne brandy was picked up today. he was indicted for raping and assaulting a mentally disabled adult. he's currently in the hamilton county jail. he did it wearing a steelers jersey. the bengals lost the play-off
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lost the bet with pittsburgh mayor. he paid it off by wearing black and yellow, gold star chilly and greaters. city boston mission, provides hot meals for those who need a hand. >> that's brave. >> it was nice that he's helping those folks. >> coming up at 6:00, if you have surgery or injury that requires pain killers, you may not get them.
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>> man tries to pull a fas >> there's guidelines in ohio for prescribing pain killers for short term pain. a coalition of state leaders along with the governor, guidelines calls for a minimum number of pills to be prescribed. they recommend doctors use alternatives to addictive pain killers when treating pain, surgery, that lasts less than 12 weeks. a lok allege pharmacists is doing his part to fight prescription drug abuse. deer park pharmacy owners, has installed a drug drop box. experts say most young people get their hands on prescription drugs in their home. they say depositing on used and
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line of defense in defending drug abuse. they are trying to trick the sbca to thinking he had the dog euthanize. he took the dog to be euthanized but the microchip in the second
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datsun now will have t t >> gun control is sure to be an issue in the upcoming election year. >> where the top candidates stand on second amendment rights. >> two weeks before the primary, g.o.p. candidates are on the attack on the explosive issue of gun control. >> this president, if he could get rid of the second amendment.
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pull the trigger. >> there's a reason gun americans of america. >> and they agree, enough laws are in place to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. the focus should be on mental health programs. all fully sup -- support. >> everybody will say they support the second amendment. >> donald trump heard that message loud and clear. trump the mogul used to support longer background checks for firearms. now trump the g.o.p. candidate has gone to the right. >> every republican candidate is trying to come out with even a more extreme position on gun rights than the other. >> the top democratic presidential candidates, favor some sort of gun legislation with very few differences. >> it's time to pick aside. either we stand with the gun lobby or join the president and stand up to them.
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bring background checks the law of the land. days ago, senator bernie sanders reversed himself from a law he favored, giving immunity to lawmakers. >> and i am pleased to hear that senator sanders has reversed his position on immunity. >> and senator bernie sanders says the gun control should fall to the visit space. saying the republicans have little interest in doing anything about gun safety. reporting from washington, jeff barn. >> guns in america is the topic of a national round table issue that will be streamed live on local 12 at 7:00. and good evening, everybody. let's start here. clear skies across the area. clouds will increase tonight and you will see some light snow as we get into tomorrow morning.
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when the light snow falls, temperatures will be well below freezing. and surface temperatures will be well below freezing. any snow that falls will be able to stick on untreated surfaces. if it starts to snow at 5:00, 6:00, in the morning, and snows until noon on and off, you could better bet, there will be some traffic problems somewhere. we're also talking about a storm for friday. very little consensus on the storm, but i will tell you what i know at this point. 18 degrees right now. the dew point at 2. usually the temperature will fall to the dew point. the clouds will be increasing. i think the temperature will down to about >> with the next storm system heading our way. here's a live look.
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and here's the next disturbance. it's snowing in des moines, kansas city, down to st. louis. that's moving straight to the east, at about 30 miles an hour. very late tonight, early tomorrow morning, just before rush-hour, we should begin to see a little bit of light snow. let me throw things into motion for you. that's 4:30 in the morning. just getting into the south eastern indiana counties. the heaviest snow down to the southwest of cincinnati. and remember, this is going to be a light dry snow with the temperature well below 32 degrees. even though we don't see a lot of snow, some will fall between 5:00 and 10:00 in the morning, during rush-hour. that could mean a few problems here and there. by noon tomorrow, most of the snow should be exiting the eastern counties. as we get into the day, on thursday, i think we'll pick up partly cloudy skies across the area. and another developing storm
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later. nuisance storm. one to three inches of snow. generally one to two from cincinnati to walton, dry ridge, florence, enter augusta and mazeville. and to the west. wanesville, oxford, up to connorsville. and a slight chance of 2-3 inches, in southern county and in central sections of kentucky. an inch or two. the timing won't be good as we begin to see some snow around 5:00 in the morning. and that's why the winter weather advisory runs from 4:00 tomorrow morning until 7:00 tomorrow evening. i think it will probably be hour. be aware tomorrow morning especially as you head off to work because of temperatures
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problems on bridges, streets and highways. not a big storm. 18 degrees right now in cincinnati. columbus has 17. munsy at 17. louisville at 23. lexington checks in at 20 degrees right now. again, we'll drop down to about 15 degrees tonight. then the temperatures should slowly warm by then. by early tomorrow morning, when snow starts to fall, a temperature near 17. you only have to squeeze out a tenth an inch of liquid to provide you with an inch of snow or even better because you're going to have a higher snow to liquid ratio because of the cold temperatures early tomorrow morning. 25 for the high tomorrow. 32 on thursday. what about friday? we still have snow on the forecast. let's talk a little bit more about that. saturday and sunday, 34 and 37. slightly warmer as we get into next monday with a high temperature of 34 degrees. there's friday's storm right there. it's getting off the pacific ocean.
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southeast. what do we know now? we don't know a lot right now. possible friday storm. snow is the most likely precipitation, phenomenon to occur. much of it could stay south. it could be a situation, where westchester picks up an inch and southern sections of grant and owen county pick up six inches. snow. we'll be detailing the snow in the next 72 hours. >> i'll be listening. >> most amusing. >> pete rose has some good news. >> there's a big celebration planned. brad steinky has more. brad? >> it may not be cooperstown but one of cincinnati very own. cincinnati reds announcing they will induct rose. it includes most of rose's teammates with the big red
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honor will be june 24-june 26. reds will also honor the 1976 world series champion. they gave the reds approval, ceremony that will include the retirement of rose's number 14. speaking of numbers, rose has incredible records. look at the incredible numbers. mvp, world champion, the games all-time leader and hits. those are numbers from the past. today, it's about the present and future. you could tell how much it means to charlie hustle. >> and having a relationship with the reds over the years, i've had, this is certainly the biggest thing that happened in my life so far. you know, 4192 was pretty big, with the ovation. this is -- this is the ultimate. this is the ultimate goal. any player in his or her sports. >> rose would be the last of the reds grade a.
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perez, foster, geronimo and rookie, sr. and plans are on the way to add a pete rose statute outside of great american ballpark. rose was the set-up for some greatness. >> what a garden spot i had for the line-up. i don't know if anyone could say this, but i led off, big red machine. the next three guys up all got statute outside the ballpark. i don't think anybody else has been in that situation. think about that. not plaques, statutes
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. >> thanks for being with us, everybody
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