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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 430  CBS  January 20, 2016 4:25am-5:00am EST

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mm 3 good morning cincinnati.
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3 3
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3 time/temp ...ahead at four-30 ...we're keeping an eye on
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tri-state ...local12's adam clements has some tips for drivers during the morning ...the reds honor pete rose with a big announcement ...the hit king is headed to the hall ... you're watching good morning
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break one3 3 3
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one of the nation's top startup events of the year will put the queen city in the foundercon will do just that ... 3 the reds honor the hit king ... and things are going to get busy when pete rose is inducted in the team's hall of fame. 3 good morning cincinnati.sheila gray is off today ...i'm john lomax.and i'm bob herzog. thanks for joining us on this wednesday.the stories of the day are coming up. first a check of the weather. here's meterologist john gumm. 3
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3 local12's adam clements is keeping an eye on road conditions.he's on i-275
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3 the first man 3 convicted of manslaughter in warren county in connection to a drug overdose death is expected to learn his punishment today.austin wells will be sentenced for involuntary manslaughter and corrupting another with drugs. wells gave ryan patrick what he thought was heroin back in january of last was actually a batch of cocaine laced with the powerful painkiller, fentanylpatrick overdosed and died. 3 there were months of build-up for tracie hunter's high- profile trial.but it was over almost as soon as it started yesterday.and that came as a surprise to almost everyone, but the judge in the case. judge norbert nadel presided
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then, he's retired.local12's angela ingram explains why the prosecution's decision to drop the charges did not shock him. 3 in an instant... a high profile retrial set to start today... was over.special prosecutors dropping eight felony charges against suspended judge tracie hunter. nats/ 1:30:33 "to god be the glory" 3 it caught many off guard...but not the man who presided over her first trial.45:46 i had no inside information :48 but i have been predicting all along that there would not be a retrial 45:51 hunters supporters call the case a witch hunt and say she's innocent.1:32:47 we've seen some misdeeds here especially regarding judge hunter. and we think it was just a big bully fight. we really do think it was just a big bully fight." 1:32:57 prosecutors say she's guilty... the expense to taxpayers for second trial is too great... and the case was caused division in the community. retired judge
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appellate court's decision to uphold her conviction in the first trial... is one of the reasons he's not surprised prosecutors dropped the other charges. 46:19 judge hunter was convicted on one charge, sentenced to jail by me and the trial was lengthy, a retrial would be lengthy and expensive :29 hunters lawyers say prosecutors knew they would lose in the retrial and *that's* why they chose to drop the charges. 1:25:32 "the charges, they never should have been brought forth. it's just that simple." 1:25:37 nadel sentenced hunter to six months in jail at the end of her first trial.for the former judge who's now largely removed from the case... it's time to heal and move forward. 49:32 i think the system needs closure because it's expensive and i think the community needs closure and hopefully there will be closure and i think judge hunter needs closure 49:42 3 angela ingram reporting. there's a hearing friday to decide whether hunter will serve time in jail. her
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aside until the ohio supreme court decides whether to hear her appeal.the special prosecutors say hunter still faces the possibility of sanctions from the ohio supreme court. 3 in more local news can now sign up to 3 take part in this year's susan g-komen race for the's the 19th year for the event, which will be held on saturday, september 24th on the cincinnati riverfront. because it's the 19th year, registration is just 19- dollars from now until march 31st.prices go up on april first, so you're encouraged to register early and build fundraising teams.we have a link with more information at local12-dot-com.just click the news tab at the top, then go to get-it-links. 3 this october, the queen city will welcome more than one-thousand entrepreneurs and leaders in corporate innovation.they'll network and
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the event brings together more than 800 founders of tech- based startups.they'll have the chance to learn from some of the best company builders around the world. hosting the event will shine a spotlight on cincinnati as a hub for innovation."techstars" global accelerator network puts on the event. 3 we are an early seed stage tech accelerator. we take 10-12 companies though a 12- 13 week program. surround them with mentors and investors, host a demo day and spin them off into the world. foundercon then connects those businesses with each other.techstars is recognized as one of the top business accelerators in the world. 3 pete rose is still banned from the game he loves, but he is no longer on the outside looking in when it comes to the reds...the reds announced that this summer, rose will be inducted into their hall of fame during ceremonies set for june 24th through the 26th... it was only last month that rose's bid for reinstatement to baseball was denied by commissioner rob manfred...
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permission to honor the 17 time all star... 3 fans were also excited about the big announcement. reds owner bob castellini called yesterday 'one of the greatest days in franchise history'. that's a big statement. and fans say it's about time. one of those fans is priscilla sparks. she's from ellijay, georgia, and she and her niece drove nine hours to be here yesterday. 3 "we all make mistakes in life and do things. but whatever your record is, it should still stand. and he is, in my opinion, one of the greatest players ever." that weekend is going to be a busy one down on the waterfront.. june 24th.. the big red machine will reunite for the 40th anniversary of the 1976 world series title.. the next day will be pete's official induction into the reds hall of fame. and sunday the 26th.. his number 14 will be retired.castellini says the team also plans a statue outside of great american ballpark to honor rose along with his teammates
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tony perez...hear what pete has to say about the announcement, ahead at five. 3 time/temp ... 3 search suspended ...why the coast guard is no longer working to find missing marines in ... terror attack in pakistan ... what we know so far after gunfire and explosions at a university, on good
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break two 3 morning least 19 people are killed after gunmen storm a university in pakistan. police and the army exchanged gunfire and explosions could be heard at bacha khan university shortly after it opened this morning.police say at least two of the dead are a student and a teacher.several others are far, no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. 3 the search for 12 marines who have been missing after two helicopters crashed off hawaii is called off.the coast guard suspended efforts to find survivors yesterday afternoon. it started thursday when a witness reported seeing the helicopters flying, and then a fireball.after nearly a week
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life rafts that were emtpy, as well as some of the helicopter wreckage on the sea floor, but no sign of the marines. 3 republican presidential candidate ben carson suspends his campaign events after a campaign volunteer dies. 25-year-old braden joplin was in a car accident in western iowa with three other campaign workers yesterday morning.he died later that afternoon. 3 time/temp recommendati ons for women who recently suffered a loss.what you should know about pregnancy after a ... some college grads think judge judy holds a much more prominent position than t-v, on good morning
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break three3 good morning... (ad lib) 3 a report just released from the national institutes of health has important news for women who may have struggled with a recent looks at how soon a woman should get pregnant again after losing a baby -- especially early in a pregnancy.medical reporter liz bonis asked the experts at trihealth why this really could change what's recommended for women. 3 {** vo **it turns out,,trying to conceive --soon after a pregnancy loss,, may actually *increase the chances of having a healthy baby.unlike previous advice.. which says
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due to concerns about the mother re-building up the need for a nutrient found in green leafy vegetables called folate or folic see pregnant women need more of this nutrient from supplements. it prevents birth defects such as spina bifada -- which impacts a babys brain, spine and limbs.{**sot **< dr. ka-kay-see) / ob- gyn / 1:54:23 but what the recent study showed was that it didn'seem to have an impact and actually patients have a better chance of getting pregnant soon after the loss,,than waiting after three months, or three to six months as the original recommendation had been..> {** vo **doctor regina whitfield kekessi (ka-kay-see) says this study confirms --that since woman often have an easy time getting pregnant again in the first few months after a pregnancy loss --there is no need to delay for fear of losing another baby.{** sot ** {** sot **< 1: 58: 26 it certainly would
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them to encourage them that all is not lost with this recent miscarriage,,and hopefully would encourage them to try with tthe next cycle.> {** sot **< question from liz at 2:01:13 so you looked at this trial..did you feel like it was a well conducted study?> {* sot*< 1:59:30 it was a valid study,, and the results actually support what we see, clinically, i can think of a number of patients who have proven the results of this study.>{** vo *the study applies to women who've experienced a loss, without known complications,, at less than 20 weeks gestation -it found these women have the same chances ,, if not greater,, of having a live birth, than those who wait three months or more.liz bonis, local 12 news. 3 we have a link to more information on the study at local12-dot-com. 3 now here's jen with a local 12 traffic alert.
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3 turning now to a local breaking news alert.police right now searching for the man who just held up the u-d-f. this is the store at the corner of vine and seymour in carthage.police say the suspect was last seen wearing a blue shirt and black pants. he had curly hair and some facial hair.we have not heard word of any injuries or any possible weapon.stay with local 12 news and local 12 dot com for the latest. 3 a group of college grads quizzed about the supreme court have given t-v's judge judy a big seems a good percentage of them were
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is actually a supreme court justice.jeanne moos takes a closer look. 3 how dumb are we?(judge judy sheindlin/host, "judge judy") quick"dumb ideas come from people who have dumb brains" brains so dumb that almost 10 percent of college grads think judge judy serves on the supreme court.(nats)just like the time an earthquake shook her courtroom....(nats)the thought that college grads think judge judy sits on the supreme court sent shockwaves through society...(mos)the statistic came from a survey of 1000 college grads done for a report called "a crisis in civic education."the 10 percent statistic inspired tweets such as "you raised stupid kids!"(jeanne moos/new york)"but college grads may not be quite as dumb as this makes them sound. consider how the question was framed." "which of the following people serves on the u.s. supreme court? elena kagan, lawrence
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judith sheindlin."the correct answer is....(mos)she better get it right, she's a lawyer. many folks picked...(mos)he was actually a federal judge . (mos)the thing is, 3 most people had no idea who judith sheindlin is.(mos)(nats - judge judy show)and if you answered "uhhhhh" to 3 this multiple choice question...(nats - judge judy show)jeanne moos(nats - judge judy show)cnn new york(nats - judge judy show) 3 time/temp ... 3 it's national cheese lovers day share your favorite
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local12 facebook ... scrapping one of the tri- state's most popular festivals. why a summertime tradition will not return next year ... ahead at five, on good morning
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break four hershey' s miniatures. em! em! we pick ' em! delicious fun for everyone. hershey' s miniatures are
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3 its national cheese lovers day. so on facebook, we're asking ... what you're favorite cheese-filled dish 3 3
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conversation -- just *like* the local 12 page on facebook to share your thoughts. 3 3 (show open) 3 3 3 remembering a fallen officer. we'll tell you how the danville police department is remembering an officer killed in the line of duty. 3 inducted into the hall of fame. plus, we'll tell you what additional honors pete rose is getting from the reds. 3 good morning.we'll get to those top stories in just a
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