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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 6  CBS  January 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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school delays went from a half a dozen,. belleview to is new to the list, and silver grove independent schools are closed. bayden high school hamilton are on a two-hour delay. hills beer owe hillsborough city schools, and south closed, louisville city schools are closed. we are running a full list at the bottom of your screen. and is a busy place, ha, john, good morning, brother. it's going to continue to snow throughout the morning. most of what you see here is snow, we are coming out of single digit lows, it's sticking to everything. northern snow, coming from a aura and indiana, and getting
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getting the same thick in oxford and collinsville, with the heavier bursts of snow coming through, when you look at this, most of what you see is light snow, peebles you are beginning to see the flakes out there and expect the snow to continue. the next couple of hours we're looking at more snow coming through the area, this is a radar loop into the future, taking through 8:00 a.m. the snow is continuing to fall. light snow, 16 at the airport and a windchill of 4 degrees, visibility is reduced in the snow as well. please allow yourself tons of extra time this morning. 18 at 8:00, snow continues, it's going to wind down around 11:00 and 12:00 around downtown cincinnati, drizzle may come after the snow, cloudy skies as we move through the afternoon, snow today, a winter weather advisory is in effect until 7:00 this evening, covers
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union county, and 1-2 inches of accumulation, in the far northeast, you might come in with less than an inch. and some areas north of cincinnati may squeeze out less than an inch of snow. i will have the latest on that, but right now let's check on road conditions with jen dalton. >> reporter: we are starting to see incidents pop up, and i want to focus on the areas where we're starting have reports of slick conditions and problems, 75 southbound near hopple, we are hearing reports of icy conditions, and also got a report in of an accident north of hopple, where a car spun out and it's facing the wrong way, none of the cameras are picking that up, but with report of icy conditions you will want to be cautious. 275 near colerain, we have had a couple of different reports of problems, we have one accident going in the westbound direction where a car flipped on its top, and in the eastbound direction we got a report of an accident
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the side of the road. let's see if that camera there is going to pick anything up. we may have issues with that being dark in the area. 275 near colerain and hamilton, reports of slick conditions, and with the issues being reported i imagine we're going to see more problems reported up there. we also have slow traffic out 275, near loveland mare loveland madeira, we are hearing about issues near the carol cropper bridge, adam clements drove out not too long ago, and the roads are getting slick, and he is on springdale on 275 showing us how the things look out there. adam. >> reporter: you mentioned that car that flipped on its top over the struble road over pass, we passed that within the last 10 minutes. they have it upright. we pass thed other accident, the car that slid off the road down an embankment, we passed that,
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awards from each other, probably about 100 yards apart from each other. yeah, we talked about the visibility, right now the visibility isn't terrible, but the visibility of what you are seeing on the roads makes it difficult. you can't see which lane you are in, and it keeps shifting. you kind of have to keep shifting with where the road isn't, so you can stay in a safe lane. the snow is falling, it has been significantly in the western portion of hamilton county, so far from what we have seen. we're headed north in the fairfield springdale area approaching 275 right now, or 75 on to 275, we're going to kind of hang around in this area and show you what you are seeing, bridges, overpasses, things are slick and slow-moving, let's check and see how things are in florence, that is where we find brandon orr. hi, brandon. >> reporter: roads are slick
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snow-covered, i'm here with road services, he has been driving around, 5:00 you have been driving around. >> yes, sir. the think i say respect the snow trucks and it's slick out, be careful with what you a rule doing. >> reporter: the side streets are completely snow-covered, how does that compare to the interstates? >> the more snow you have, the salt will start working, it's still slick, so don't take that for granted. once it gets bonding or what have you on the roads, it makes a little bit worse because it will pack in stuff. >> i appreciate it, thank you very much. there's a decent amount of snow-covered here, we are getting up to a snow bench, up to 1-2 inches. bob and john. >> reporter: all right, brandon, kudos to john doing
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brandon has a hazard doing around. we have "good morning cincinnati" reporters all over the tri-state. >> make sure to stay with us all throughout the day on conditions and -- snow and school closings. it's not a big step but it's a good step for pete rose as he will be inbe ducted to the hall -- inducted to the hall of fame. they plan to put a statue outside of the park. where he will be honored along with joe morgan and tony perez. >> probably a head first statue would be more of my alley than something like this. because i was known for that. but any statue. >> the ceremony will take place
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the reds will honor the 1976 world series champion be shb weekend. >> can you say a sold out house? a woman serve ing time for killing her boyfriend, wants a chance at another trial. there may have been a convicted felon on the jury. her lawyers want the judge to declare a mistrial tor at the very least give her a new trial. what was one of the most positive festivals in the tri-state will not happen. >> administrators say the festival had to end because of low turn out, thousands of volunteers and countless man hours were needed to pull off the summertime tradition, and staff members say they weren't investment. >> you had to look at numbers, and it was not an easy stition. you had a lot decision.
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when you talked about the saint rita school for the death. >> san rita had to close down the school last weekend rkt and they will continue their raffle. >> it's an iconic celebration of the summer so it will be missed. 6:08 right now.
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what you need to the weather after 6:00. tri-state. we are losing heat, what you see what you get. it will be late morning before off. we are expecting 1-2 inches of a dry, fluffy accumulation. had a good snow making snow by any stretch of the imagination. we are in the teens, temperatures making into the mid-20s, as the snow ends, you might he is a little patchy drizzle around as we get into the afternoon. snow is making for a tough morning drive, here is jen dalton with more on that. >> reporter: we have a couple of areas that have been causing us issues this morning, particularly 275 in both directions in colerain avenue, where we had a slide off and a car on its top reported. adam said earlier that car had
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we had a report of a car sliding the wrong way, near hopple. we had an accident reported southbound near sharon, but it's not showing up on the cameras, an accident at green road, from the eastside over to the west side down to the northern kentucky we are seeing slow traffic, a full update coming up. now back to bob. hello to another record. the late nate video no night video no one has apparently missed. plus it's a very snowy start to this wednesday, we have another updates coming up. cincinnati state won't open until 11:00, and also the university of cincinnati on what
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dedelay. welcome back, everyone with the snow still falling, we have updates constantly to the list of delays and closings. mostly closings. my land community schools, closed, and coming from latin school, newport central catholic, closed, south gate independent school closed as well. you mentioned cincinnati state, until 11:00 today, deer park city, community two-hour delay, 90 minutes for fenwick hey
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campus on a two-hour delay, madeira city two-hour delay,. miami, valley christian on a two-hour delay, marion is closed and that is new, and conferences there have been canceled. and schools are closed. 7 hills on a two-hour delay, saint urs la, and ain't xavier on two-hour delay. >> the ticker is of course, rolling this morning. this is the news of the day. the governor is releasing all of his e-mails to the public. it comes as the resignation for flint's water crisis. in the state of the state address, the republican governor has asked lawmakers for nearly $30 million to replace plumbing in schools and pay for children. there's a recall on one centies hazard. these are the two pieces of
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disney land 60th designs. disney says the snaps on them can come off posing that potential choking hazard to children. you need to contact disney for more on how to return those items. it's officially tax filing season, and the scammers can be taking advantage of you, they can be calling pretending to be ira agents, and more than 36,000 people have been called on the scammers, now it's more than 900,000, nearly a million people, and the total amount of money stolen, has grown from 33 million to $36 million. if you get a call like this, the irs says, hang up. >> adele is again breaking records, we show you this infamous carpool karaoke with adele, and the james corbin with the late show, the video is the more viral update in three,
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it's also the most watched late night show in years. when you're in that spot it's hard to do. >> go find that video and watch it, it's very entertaining. you can see most of the snow falling in the tri-state right now. >> that's right, let's go to perry shibley who is watching on. pushing off of harrison avenue, right, perry. >> reporter: guess, what the kids might need one of these today, because today here in oak hill school district, there's no school, and that goes for a the love kids across the tri-state. the snow is coming down here in green township. we are in the parking lot of meyer and rybolt road. we did hit slick spots as we made our way here from movent auburn, but we saw a lot of salt trucks out there throughout the morning, so crews definitely prepared for this. we saw at least 6 and i've seen several more since we have been
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you can see rybolt road, it's snow-covered. there are tracks in the snow, but you cannot see the lines and that is something to keep in mind. you just have to add some extra time as you head out this morning. the kids most of them, they have the day off. a lot of us still have to go to work, but it's it is slick. some people are asking me, it's not a lot of snow, how bad is it out there. it's still slick, there are crews out here dealing with the dropping salt, they are prepared, guys, back to you. i want to be out there sledding with perry. >> perry, what you did there, it was a great snow. some of us what really hate, other people really love. >> it's going a lot of kids jumping on sleds. >> it's not the fact that it's bad, it's the timing is horrible. for a the love kids this is the first day this season. some kids have had a view, but more my kids.
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too, too many for the gummer, how are we doing on the roads, jennifer. >> reporter: we are doing okay are but we have had a couple of spots which have been problematic this morning, one of which is 75 in the southbound direction necessary sharon road as we look at the camera if that area. it's difficult to see because it's dark, but we had a couple of problems, a broken down reported northbound, and southbound, report of an accident which the cameras are not picking this morning. a couple of accident there and we had a report of a car that spun out in the southbound direction, near hopple and we have call in that was a slick spot this morning, the cameras are not picking that up, either, it looks like traffic is moving along okay. you are going to be slow anywhere you are going, there's a live look at i-71-75, you can see trucks moving through the area. i wanted to give you a look at 471, and areas near 471, this is
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pass, traffic is moving okay through these areas. here is 471, it doesn't look like the eastside yet is getting it as bad as the west side is, up near colerain, that is a spot where we had reports of two accidents, one which was a car on top, and one is a car that slid off the side of the roads. 275 near coal colerain is one of those spot in which you are going to have to use caution, but so far pleasantly surprised by the fact that we haven't had a ton of incidents. they have on top of it. it doesn't mean you shouldn't use caution out there. let's hope we can keep that going, and the traffic peaks morning. if you can put off going somewhere, certainly, and if you have to be somewhere, give yourself a lot of time. jen has been preaching all morning long. and there's the raid are and notice the blue color that is
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shade here coming through boone county crossing the river in hamilton county. this is coming into downtown cincinnati, and parts of northern kentucky. that is snow coming down at a better clip. it's coming down a little heavier, and it's coming over downtown cincinnati, and you are going to see visibility reduced, and the heavier snow as it crosses through the heart of the metropolitan area. i want to take you closer, love low, in downtown cincinnati, on to delhi, you can see the snow enhance a little bit with the blue colors, and getting up to coreyville, and otr, we are starting to see the heavier snow edging toward the east, and enhanced snow fall, a little bit heavier in the spots, here it is across parts of butler county, getting around collinsville, new miami, some of that blue shading showing where the snow is coming down. you folks down east, you are
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accumulating snow had a report of things getting snow-covered, in brown county light snow continues even in browns borough. enhancement in west union, augusta in maysville. we continue to see the snow, even toward owenton, light snow indiana. you get the picture, more snow. we can look at things over the next two hours, i start now and take you through two hours of through 8:22. you will notice the light snow continuing to push through the area. we won't see it come to an end until late morning. visibility reduced in some of the heavier snow as well. 1 1/2 mile visibility at lufkin airport, and 1 1/2 mile at the airport, and visibility really has come down in the wilmington as the light snow has started to pick up through parts of clinton county, here is a live look, and less of a view with the snow getting slightly heavier downtown. this is going to be a quick shot of snow.
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morning, it's going to move out 1-2 inches for most. we will see slick travel throughout the morning, quiet weather coming tomorrow, temperatures in the low 30s with a snow, and more snow is possible on friday with the next system which looks to clip the area. the latest guidance continues to trend this one to the south, which means we're going to be on the edge of it as we get into friday. 16 right now, light snow, a windchill of 7, it's certainly cold out there, too, winter weather advisory depose until 7:00, for most everyone, except for fayette and union county. here is the light snow continuing through 9:00, we see it taper off, between 11:00 and 12:00 downtown cincinnati. a little bit of drizzle may persist as skies remain cloudy, 1-2 inches of total snow fall accumulation with this system as it moves across the area this morning, teens this morning, mid-20s this an as the snow
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we will be up to 25 by 4:00 this afternoon, temperatures warmer today despite the snow. 31 tomorrow with a blend of sun and clouds, and then a chance for more snow in the picture on friday, 33 the high on friday. now this system we will have to watch, the latest guidance suggest the best chance avenue cumulating snow will be in our southern and eastern counties. as soon as you go south and east of downtown cincinnati, you folks have the highest chance of picking up accumulation to the north, and northeast chance. we will keep you updated. 35 flurries on saturday morning. quiet weather upper 30s on sunday. light weather and more snow as we get into tuesday of next week. we got you covered online, on tv and on the web. keep it here with local 12 with latest on today's snow and possible friday snow. guys, back to you. it's 6:25 and the list continues to grow, check on the bottom of the screen still
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pricey night out, how much movie
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you got a backyard, we're going to update you very quickly on the newest additions and changes to the school closings, scarlet oaks is on a two-hour delay, and the
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two-hour delay, diamond oak cdc has changed to closed. and the gateway community and technical college classes are canceled until 4:00 this afternoon. you haved and we are going to deliver. >> we have a few coming in, just starting to hit local local 12 examine 12 and facebook page. that snow that is causing spinouts out there. i like this photo from shane. shane doing a little promotion from us, boom, local 12, that is what i'm talking about. i want to show you something that is real quick. teddy, my deck and driveway are covered, and milford getting ready to head off to school. teddy i need a picture. if i don't get a picture of somebody's deck with a grill on it covered in snow. >> it's john gumm's favorite picture. it's the gummers favorite
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good morning, everyone, welcome to a snowy hump day morning, a lot of schools have declared, they're just going to take the day, a lot of happy kids. sheila gray didn't join us today, as well. >> she is having a gad good time. i think her son is off of school today. >> which imagine. >> there's more than 160 schools that have declared a school closing. >> we are going to continue "good morning cincinnati" through the 6:00 hour. and john is telling us about the timing. we are going to pick up 1-2 inches, but just horrible timing and the fact that the temperatures are so cold. we are coming out of single digit lows, over the last couple of days and that is sticking to the roads, late snow coming through the area ia little enhancement to that snow moving to the east of downtown
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i again, i hear around col columbia high park, and the same deal over parts of butler county, getting jacksonberg moving through middletown, and snow coming at a clip, we are beginning to see accumulating snow, and over toward george town report of light accumulations and brown county now across all of northern kentucky, snow is coming down, a little over grant county and more light snow continuing to the southeast of indiana. when is it going to end, it looks like late morning leading to the noon hour, between 11:00, and 12:00, but over the next couple of hours, what you see is what you get with more light snow coming out. it's cold, stepping out a 16, a windchill of 9, with snow reporting on the international airport. the teens early on, around 20, with that snow moving east of cincinnati by noon. start a little drizzle may linger into the afternoon,
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cloudy skies across the area, way a winter weather advisory, and they got the winter weather advisory up until then. 1-2 inches for most locations, i guess spots north of cincinnati may see a little less than an inch conceivably, and to the south of cincinnati some areas may squeeze out more than two inches of snow fall. we're tracking another storm system, by the way, coming on friday which could grace parts of the area watching carefully on the snow, right nowlet is jen. >> reporter: i want to start at the it of the 275 loop, that is where we're seeing a lot of problems and a lot of slow traffic. we had slow traffic everywhere right now. leave a little bit early if you are heading out the door, between hamilton avenue, colerain, and now route 4 we have had several different problems, a couple near colerain, and now depend, reported -- again reported near route 4, we have an accident in the eastbound direction that is
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the camera in the area, can you see traffic very slow, light of people putting on flashing light as we slow down in the area. as we go colerain, a couple of different problems in both direction near colerain. if you normally travel near colerain, leave early, you use extra caution, we have flashing lights, that may be the third problem the morning at the top of the 275 loop. as we look elsewhere, 475 out on the east of 275 near loveland madeira, all heavy this morning. i have heard slick spots along i-75 southbound, we had an earlier car spinout near hopple. use caution, it was bad. earlier on the carol cropper, adam clements, we're going to go to him live, he is out on 275 near milford. how are things looking on the eastside, am adam? >> reporter: the snow is falling, it's tough to see where your lane is. i tell you what, if you missed
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beautiful majestic side of this snow fall in downtown laurensberg, this is the other side of things, if you look on the west side of your screen, it may be the screen as it appears on the screen. those are vehicles that are headed to the top of 275, where jen things are looking pretty rough right now. you can see this backup, this isn't a typical for this hour, but we're seeing higher volume of traffic. i think folks are trying to get out ahead of things, things are moving light slower than they typically would be, but this is throughout the tri-state. we have been in northern kentucky, southeastern indiana, the western portion of hamilton county, and the stroudle over pass, and another car off the road. the best advice just take things slow as you head out this morning, conditions, they're pretty much bad everywhere, and speak of everywhere, we've got you covered all over the tri-state. brandon orr is in florence right
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brandon what are you seeing down there. >> reporter: adam, the sale thing, the snow continues to come down. we haven't seen it on an inch here. we are on the secondary road which is completely snow-covered with about a half an inch or so, and not so much good for making, you know, snow men or anything like that, so much is sledding a a little bit better. during the 6:00, i talked to someone from public works at the city of florence, they said that the heavy traffic on the roads is now helping the interstates, because the dry snow is blowing off the roads when the cars go by. so far it's not backed up too bad, traffic is moving, we're along i-75 at florence, but i would imagine, as traffic starts to pick up in the next hour, it's going to start to backup as it's doing on toward the brent spence bridge. john. it's going to slow to a crawl, and jen has a look at that.
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>> stay with us for more update on conditions and school closings, we will take a lack at cincinnati app as well. 16 degrees, you have seen the roads kind of getting worse out there. the timing on the snow fall is not great. we're staying on local 12 through the 8:00 hour to keep you updated. now here is another live look at the roads.
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6:41, light know continues to work through the area this morning, this is precision doppler 12hd. we have light snow across much of the area now, and it continues back in indiana, so it's going to be until late morning before the snow comes to an end, looking at 1-2 inches of snow for the vast majority of the local 12 news viewing area. not a lot of snow just horrible timing here with the morning drive. light know with the powdery snow, we are going to be around 20 at noon. snow comes to an end, 27:11 and between 11:00 and noon, and a little bit of a drizzle and temperatures in the mid-20s, it's feeing to going to be quiet tomorrow. but i'm tracking another storm system which could grace part of the tri-state with more accumulating snow.
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portion of the 275 loop is by far the area where we have seen the most incidents. look at this map, with 1, 2, 3, 4 incidents reported. i got a new one. what they mean is the top side of the loop, not in the actual north side area. 275 near route 4, take a look at this camera here. you see the flashing lights, that is in the eastbound direction, and right before the flashing lights showed up, i was looking at a car that spun out and was pointing the wrong way, you can't see it because of the flashing light, anywhere between hamilton avenue, coal colerain, we're seeing three or four different problems, we are seeing traffic on the top of the loop. we are seeing another issues, there's a live look at 275 near colerain, what i want you to know it's slow everywhere, head out the door. we will continue to update you on any issues we see coming up, john. a university under attack
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the death toll rises. and be sure to be careful as you head out. this is a live look at reading and liberty. the other change right there at the base of mount auburn. you can see traffic is a little bit light. and you can see, that is good, but it doesn't look that good in other places, jen is keeping an eye [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even "turkey jerks."
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[butcher] i'm sorry! (burke) covered march fourth,2014. talk to farmers. we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything.
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new this morning, at least 20 people are dead in a taliban attack on a pakistani university, witnesses say there were two large explosions, the security forces moved to stop the attacks, and at least 30 people, staff and the security guards are hurt. four attackers have been hurt. developing this morning, ben carson is suspending his campaign event for today. it follows a deadly accident involving his volunteer. braidden, jap lin died on tuesday after he was injured in a car accident in iowa. the former neurosurgeon posted a picture of himself on twitter to express his condolences. vermont is trying out a new treatment, i monthly injection to stop heroin cravings.
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drug works to control cravings, even this if they try to get high, they don't feel it. the average movie ticket price is going up. a ticket is at a record high of $8.70, that is up $0.40 from this time last year. the higher ticket prices have to do with large farm at screening and format like star wars and jurassic world. it's snow is falling across tri-state. >> as a result, there's school closings and delays continue to grow. we will talk about all changes this afternoon, but first we will go with perry shibley who is along i-74, hi, perry. >> reporter: if you took a snow globe and you shook it up, that is how it is down here. snow is coming down. if you are waking up getting ready to go to work, this is probably what you're going to get up and see, snow-covered, the snow has been coming down
6:38 am
going to take you a little bit of time to get it cleaned up, the word of the day, slick, it's very slick, very slick conditions on the roads right now. i will show you what rybolt looks like. this is rybolt road behind me where near i-74, and what you can see is some tire marks, tread marks inside of the lanes, but you can't see the lane marker. it's imperative to really take your time, and pay attention once you get on the roads. as this light turns to red, we've seen a lot of cars slow way down, because they're going down a hill here, and really, really take their time, tap the brakes as they continue down the hill to the highway. so far people seem to be getting along okay, we haven't heard any brakes going off, and we have seen plenty of snow plows. we saw about six on our way here about 4:30 from mount a burn. have seen several since then and
6:39 am
has a as though plow or a truck in it right now. seeing a lot in the parking lot here, they're definitely prepared for the snow getting ready, maybe warming up for friday. who knows what he will have, but the kids already off school once this week today. bob, back to you. perry, remember a quarter of a mile up the hill to the left there's a starbucks. >> that's a pretty steep hill, too. >> it is, because you're coming off the avenue or rybolt road. >> can you ever hit the starbucks? >> no, it's a relatively new building. because of the timing of the snow we so that changing in terms of closings. holy cross has changed to close and edgewood school and fairfield city schools have changed to close. they were on a delay before. city town local school has a change to close as well. a two-hour delay, not only are we getting new entries to the
6:40 am
the list. >> that means fewer people on the roads, which is a kind of a good thing. >> kind of a good thing, and we have people out there. but before we hit the roads. i took a look at cbg's website. it's spun out and going the wrong way, so it looks like they may have emergency crews on the scene as well anywhere between colerain, we have had multiple
6:41 am
we had an earlier accident, that one may be cleared, up north, an accident 75 northbound on the ramp to tylersville. those ramps are a lot of times the areas where we see slick spots. i-75, we had report of earlier ice south of i-74, and we had a spinout. we had an accident to watch out for, and let's take a look at a couple of different spots, colerain again, it look like the flashing light are out of the way. i-71/i-75, 471 are all heavy this morning. if u heading out the door, you want to give yourself extra time and be prepared, because the interstates are slow, and heard that the carol cropper bridge, but has been an hour ago. the other snow fall that we had with the morning snow coming in. we picked you generally an inch of snow or so, road temperatures
6:42 am
temperature is colder but as we look at light snow continues to fall. it is coming down a little bit better as we are getting to the east of cincinnati. snow is sweeping through clinton county, and highland, and adams and brown county, around the maysville, germantown area. we saw a burst of heavier snow earlier. as we look across southern campbell and claremont county. we are seeing enhancement with blue shadings showing up on radar. owenton, light snow continues and back across all of southeast indiana, it's light snow. so the next two hours, more of this light snow working through the area, we won't see it completely wind down until late morning, early afternoon, the
6:43 am
the snow is coming down a heavier clip, heavier at the airport with three miles of a quarter visibility out there. keep in mind with the snow coming down. not only will the snow be slick, visibility will be reduced as well. it's a quick shot of the snow coming in and out of here. by late morning it's gone. quiet weather coming tomorrow and we're on the edge of another system on friday which could bring some accumulating snow in part of the tri-state. 16 now, a windchill of 7, late know continues at the airport, winter weather advisory until 7:00, although the snow will be long gone by then, you can see the snow still around through 9:00, but the twain 10:00, and 11:00, 12:00, from west to east that snow will wind down. they have become a little bit of light drizzle as the snow ends, you might see that transition to some freezing drizzle. 1-2 inches of snow fall, before it's all said and done for most of the tri-state. conceivably you could see a little less to the snow,
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teens between 11:00 and 12:00, in downtown cincinnati is when the snow wind down. temperatures in the mid-20s by late day. here is a look at the quick-moving system across the area. snow still goes back into central indiana, so again, it's going to be until late morning before it completely comes to an end. once it does, quiet conditions on the way tomorrow with high pressure over us, but then our attention turns stiern turns to a southern storm system that will be across southern indiana. how this system affects the tri-state is still up in the air. the models are trending, while there's a chance for snow on friday, it appears the best chance of accumulating snow is going to be to the south and east of downtown cincinnati as the models continue a trend to the south. could that change? certainly. say tuned for the latest, but at least a chance for late snow friday, especially south and east of downtown cincinnati where we could be looking at some accumulating snow as we get
6:45 am
snow ending today, 25 degrees your high temperature tonight, we're mostly cloudy, early becoming partly cloudy late. dipping into the teens tonight, tomorrow morning we start out around 15 degrees, head to the 1, a nice day tomorrow, and friday that chance of snow coming into the picture, 33 degrees your high temperature on friday, a little more rain
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showers on t t welcome everyone, our school watch list continues to grow and
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