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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 20, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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that snow. back edge of it by 9:00, still back in the central indiana, so it's going to be late morning, early afternoon before it winds down. now it has been impacting visibility. at the international airport last quit claim deed, .75 miles of a middletown. so you get the picture here. it's generally light snow with pockets of moderate snow. here's the winter weather advisory union county. they've extended this until 7:00. the snow will be long gone by then, but a little patchy freezing drizzle is possible after the snow moves out. here we are at 8:00, snow continuing. continuing through 9:00, it's going to be between 11:00 and noon. still some snow out east in cincinnati. notice these little spots of what appear to be flurries here through 4:00. that might actually manifest itself in the form of some freezing
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afternoon, so we'll be watching that. i don't think it's going to create too many problems, though. >> 1" to 2", the total snowfall accumulation today for the vast majority of the tri-state. in the far north there could being some spots that come in with less than an inch. in the far south some areas may exceed 2" of snow. but generally 1" to 2" on average what we're looking at with this system coming through. this morning we start in the teens. snow continues through the morning. again, in cincinnati, between 11:00 and noon is when that snow tapers off. east of town it's going toiling i are a little bit longer. west of town it ends a little sooner and by late day we're in the mid 20s. clouds sticking around with a little bit of patchy freezing drizzle a possibility through the remainder of the day. temperatures today getting a little warmer than what they have been. warmer tomorrow. >> here's the system coming through. back edge of the snow, again into the south central sections of indiana, so it doesn't go back too much farther to the west now.
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it is beginning to end now in western indiana. so as we put things in motion here you're going to notice the system lifting out quickly. high pressure then builds in for tomorrow, so that gives us quiet weather as we move through tonight into tomorrow and then our attention turns to the next storm system which may have some impacts on the tri-state as we get into friday and friday night. here it is late thursday, developing down off the coast. louisiana, it's an area of low pressure that will eventually lift to the north and east. the big question is how far north will this thing get is. >> well, the energy creating the storm system had been out over the pacific ocean. it's hard to sample that energy when it's well out over the ocean. now that it's come on shore we're getting the better handle on the exact track that this system will take and the models have been trending more southerly with this system. so what that means is instead of cincinnati being right smack dab in the middle of this system, it looks like we're going to be more on the edge of this system.
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on friday appeared to be in our southern and eastern areas, but changes are still possible here, so stay tuned for the latest on this next system coming in friday. again, could be a situation where we get hardly anything in if our northern counties and our southern and eastern counties do get some accumulating snow. could kind of split the area here, so we'll continue to keep updated. nonetheless, this is going to be a big snow maker. it looks like we are going to be on the edge of it here in the greater cincinnati area. today snow this morning coming to an end. afternoon clouds, maybe some drizzle lingering. 25 degrees your high temperature this afternoon and tonight we're around 20 at 8:00. 18 by midnight. cloud cover continues to linger as we work through the overnight hours. by tomorrow morning we start to see a little clearing. we start at 15 tomorrow. head to 31 for a high thursday under a blend of sun and clouds. a chance for some snow in the picture on friday. that chance higher to the south and east of downtown cincinnati, 33 degrees your high friday and
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as we get into the weekend. saturday, you could be looking at a few flurries early in the morning. 35 your high temperature with cloud cover lingering there. it could be breezy too into the start of the weekend there, and then on sunday we're back to 37, partly cloudy skies, a warm-up early next week, chance of showers, 43 monday and then we get a little colder tuesday with some snow showers, 35 degrees your forecast high temperature on tuesday. there's a look at the weekend. again, could be some flurries early saturday. otherwise clouds and then we'll clear out saturday night into sunday with temperatures this weekend in the 30s. we're going to keep you covered on tv, online on social media, not only for today's snow, but also for that potential for some snow at least for some of us on friday. if you're on the go, grab that weather authority app. we're always updating the information in that app. it's free in the app store and on google play. just search for wkrc weather. a big question on a lot of folks minds. how are the road conditions? well, let's take a look right now. here's jen dalton on.
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no matter where you're going, the interstates are slow all over the tri-states and so are the secondary roads. i want to start with a new accident we had reported, 74 in the eastbound direction. we had an accident reported past north bend road. it is reported in the median. so that means perhaps there was a slick spot and it went off into the median and as i bring up the camera there, you can definitely tell we have some very heavy traffic from north bend all the way up to 75 this morning. now, i've been spending a lot of time on the top portion of the 275 loop between colerain and 75. that's because we've had five different incidents reported in that area. we're seeing flashing lights 275 eastbound near state route four and that's a car that had spun out and was pointing the wrong direction, so we still have flashing lights before you get to 747. watch for very heavy traffic and slick conditions reported all along the portion of the 275 loop.
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75. i'm not sure if the camera is picking that up -- it's not. this is a look at 75 southbound heading in from butler county down towards 275 and you can see traffic is very heavy all the way from about cincinnati dayton down to that area. now, looking at other issues, we had a report of an accident on 471. it was on the ramp to memorial parkway in the northbound direction and as we take a live look at 471, you can see traffic moving, but it is very heavy and bridges and overpasses are always areas we tell to use some caution. there's a live look at 275. folks over the bridge towards 471, it doesn't look too bad right now in that area. actually the east side, despite the fact that we have had snow out there as well hasn't had many incidents, but take a live look here at 275 out near state route 131 and the overpass out there and you can see that we are heavy all the way to madeira. no matter how you look at it,
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it's heavy all over. we also have adam clemmons on the road. >> adam, where are you now and how is it looking? >> jen, we just passed the exit on 275. we're head the towards 471 right now. i'll tell you what, we've been all over the tri-state and john gumm hit the nail on the head. i want not about how much. you conker? he conley considers. it's all about the timing. he mentioned visibility as well. the main problem with visibility that we've seen out on the roads is being able to tell what lane you're in. it's shifting. several parts right now we're driving on an overpass and you can see a little slicker. the stuck is sticking a little more promptly. they're moving a little slower on the other end once you get to the 32 exit. you're starting to see that backup
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stretching further back than it typically does for your morning commute. cars are -- cars are backed up all the way to that 32 exit. so slow moving. we've also seen some people out here that are quite frankly not respecting the snow. let me just tell you, folks, before you head out. respect the snow. drive slow. i'm a poet and i didn't even know it. we're approaching the 5-mile exit. we're going to get off at the 5-mile exit and show you a little like. if you're heading out, stay safe, overpasses. keep a safe distances and again respect the snow. guys we'll send it back to the desk. >> respect. that's a t-shirt waiting to happen. respect the snow. adam, thanks so much and be careful as you cruise around and give us a look at what's happening. we're going to check in with brandon in a little bit. i know he's been in florence all morning long. >> and what you see and what jen has been showing us and what adam
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will show us as to why we have so many school closings and delays this morning. more than 275 so far this morning. >> and a lot have changed as well. we started with a pretty good list and then those delays started going to closings. we'll go through a few of these. blessed sacrament school. closed. saint agnes in fort right has closed. thomas moore college, this one is new. thomas moore is going to stay closed until 10:00 this morning. bayden high school in hamilton. georgetown village schools, closed. that's a change. and hamilton city schools closed as well. another change for you. >> and we've got about a half dozen more to tell you about. middletown city schools have been changed to close now. we've seen a lot of changes from delays to closed, but middletown city schools now closed. monroe local school district also changed to closed.
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clothes. ripley union lewis huntington closed. we have a pattern. southwest local schools also changed to closed. saint ursula village. and saint veronica's school. williamsburg local schools changed to clothes. >> it's one of those snowfall and again we've talked timing a whole lot. i think we're going to get to lunchtime and people are going to say why? >> and it's all gone and then john gumm will tell you the rest about the forecast and what you can expect the rest of the day. i feel like that's going to happen with this snow. right now it's coming down pretty good. >> i'm sure we'll see a few more changes. john said most of the snowfall is going to happen by this morning and by noon it's going to taper off. he says we may end up with a little icy mix at the end. >> always on a morning like this you sort of help us tell the story.
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good back yard pictures. >> do we have any of those? >> we do. in fact, people heeded call. there's a grill in the background. thank you, judith. and then let's see. we had a couple more down here. well i first jennifer says the roads are completely snow covered. super slick. you can see the roads there. >> she's showing you, so very slick down there. independence, kentucky, john gumm, craig says here's your grill shot. there we go. nice one, craig. thank you. >> john gumm put the call out for something and, my goodness, you folks are going to help us out. and then tracy ann says hamilton west side you can see snow gathering there on the top of that truck in the we had of that that -- bed of that truck coming down. lots of good photos coming in this morning you guys from folks all around the tri-state. we got our grill photo.
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i'm going to put out a call for pets in the snow. >> once the sun comes up, the kids sledding and that sort of thing, so that will be good. >> keep them coming. keep them coming this morning. >> again, you can check in not only on the local 12 facebook page. if you want to get it on air the best way to do it on check on the facebook page. >> when she said about pets in the snow. my dogs, it's like -- they're like children out in it. they actually love it. >> daisy, the big dog in my family. her pads, if she steps out on our like it. out. >> snow should be afraid of her because she's so big. >> yes, but apparently not. her. >> not afraid of the snow. maybe the snow afraid of her. i don't know. perry shively is out in the snow this morning. >> you had a sled before or some sort of sled like device, perry. what are you doing now? >> good thing i'm not afraid of the
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zero actually went in to meyer here and got that shred earlier. let me tell you if you need something for your kids to hang out. there are plenty. there's a good selection. i also found some swim goggles which makes me think of warmer weather to come. i want to say thanks to the viewer who called in and corrected me. this is not -- this is harrison avenue. i should know that. my grandparents lived down the street from here not that long ago. but right up the street is reibolt. the reason i got confused is this is the 74 reibolt road exit. take a look at harrison avenue right here. you can see there are tire treads there. people are getting by okay, but as this light here turns red, they're having a little bit of trouble. so they are definitely taking their time going down this hill. that's important, because that's the only way to drive in this kind of weather is just really to take your time. because you're going to hit certain
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you can't see the lane markers here which could be a problem as well. so it's really hard to tell, and you can tell the right lane, the furthest lane over is the one that is the most clean where you can actually see pavement. the other lane here is tough to see any pavement. but the snow is still coming down. it is packed down. we're seeing a little bit more of the road as the morning commute refs revs up as more traffic is out here. people seem to be getting by okay down to 74. once you get into the highway, not sure what those conditions are at this point, but i do know on our way here about 4:30 this morning, we saw lots and lots of salt trucks this snow. i know in cincinnati they have 82 vehicles ready for a snow event and 25,000 tons of salt. so they are ready. and of course this is about the major snow event.
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snow event of this season. first time my kids have been off for a calamity day and i know here hopefully kids are sleeping in, because no school for them either. bob, back to you. >> perry, thank you. probably a lot of people running into meijer. >> what happened to all the stuff from last year. >> it always disappears somehow. but people will run in for shovels and salted -- salt i understand is a disposable and commodity. but sleds. how do you lose a sled. >> i don't know. i don't know. but the kids are going to need them, though. i tell you what, john, it's not going to be a ton. it really isn't. >> do you remember the snow we had a few weeks back. same kind of deal in the morning here, except the temperature was around 32. >> that's right. >> and the road temperatures were above freezing. so we had a lot of salt, put it down and we were in good shape. in this case, the pavement temperatures are really cold. well below freezing.
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see here generally teens and low 20s on the road surfaces, so what falls on an untreated surface, it's just going to stick. on a treated surface, yeah, the salt will melt it away a bit, but in many cases you're still going to see some areas where that snow sticks. this is a view into downtown cincinnati from the atrium camera. air temperatures, they're running in the teens right now. and this system that's coming in, it's a quick hitter, so quick shot of snow this morning. it will be gone by early afternoon. quiet weather then tomorrow and then some more snow a possibility at least for some of us as we get into friday. 16 at the airport, light snow, a wind chill of just 7. so if you're headed out, bundle up, east-southeast winds blowing at 6 miles per hour. we're going to see the snowfall throughout the course of the morning. this is a look at precision 12 doppler radar hd. get down to the neighborhood level
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notice the brighter white shades around cove dale. that's where the snow is coming down a little bit heavier. it's still light snow here, but it's coming down at a little better clip in some of these communities. we can come on into downtown cincinnati and show you that light snow which continues to fall here. downtown up to otr, we have some snow, very light snow continuing to fall right into downtown cincinnati. let's come back out and kind of scan things here. i wanted to show you some enhanced snowfall which is now occurring out here in the highland county and into portions of clinton county. this is around new vienna. whenever on precision doppler 12 you start to see this shading of light blue or teal stayed. that's where the snow is coming down a little bit more there. it's still generally light snow communities. notice back to the west of cincinnati and southeast indiana we're starting to see these little breaks in the snow where it's not coming down much at all there in
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around madison, dna, little breaks coming in, so there's areas that will begin to see almost flurries come through instead of the light snow over the next couple of hours. but you get the pictures. i'm going to expand the view out here again and notice the light snow does continue back into portions. central indiana now, so it's going to be several hours of this light snow continuing. the next two hours this is a loop into the future here with the radar. 9:20. communities. back edge of it by around 9:20 will begin to make its way into decatur county, indiana, so it gets closer. it's going to be it looks like between 11:00 and 12:00 before it begins to end in downtown cincinnati. in some cases you might see some flurries flying around downtown after 1:00. after that a little bit of freezing drizzle is a possibility. we'll be keeping our eyes on that into the early afternoon. visibility of three quarters of a mile at the international airport.
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bit heavier there. and 1.5 at middletown and like adam clements was mentioning, the biggest problem they're seeing is trying to decipher where the markers or the roadways as you're driving around. a winter weather advisory goes until 7:00 tonight even though the snow will be well over before then. fayette and union counties are the only ones left out of that winter weather advisory. and again this is a situation where they do not typically issue a winter weather advisory for this little snow. usually it takes 2" to 4" of snowfall, but in this case just because of the timing the weather service issued this winter weather advisory. here we are at 8:00. snow continues to fall throughout the tri-state. again, late morning we start to see that snow taper off. still some snow at 9:00 and then as we go between 11:00 and 12:00 we start to see the snow move out of downtown. west you'll start to see it come to
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through late afternoon clouds percent. you might seen see a bit of freezing drizzle or snow flurries through the afternoon. 1" to 2" for the vast majority of us. as you go north of town. there may be spots with less than an inch. south of town some locations may come in with slightly over 2" of snowfall here. not a huge snow. just a snow that's coming at a pretty inopportune time for the morning rush. 18 degrees at 8:00. we'll stay in the teens through the morning here. that snow again coming to an end between 11:00, 12:00 for most of us and clouds lingering through the afternoon, mid 20 says by around 4:00 this afternoon. there's a look at it on radar with the clouds here and you'll notice that snow coming in from the west, back edge, though, continues to creep closer to cincinnati, so that is a quick moving system that we are seeing here and there's a little -- what we call a vortmax, it's an upper level swirl that's coming into the area that's helping produce the snow. by noon it's over top of us so the
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happens and high pressure begins to build in tonight and tomorrow. that provides us with a quiet weather day tomorrow. friday a day that we're still keeping a close watch on here, a developing storm system down here in texas and louisiana is one we're watching. that's tomorrow afternoon at 5:00. this thing is eventually going to spread some moisture to the northeast. the leading edge of that moisture, it's going to be snow. and as we take you right on through friday morning, notice here low pressure lifting into northern parts of alabama, parts of middle tennessee and ahead of this thing, where the cold meets that moisture, snow is going to break out. now, the exact track of the snow is going to determine how far north that snow makes it. as of this morning, the numerical models are trending more southerly with this system. not good news. for kids that wanted another day off of school on friday. however, depending on how have north this system makes it, we could be right on the edge of the
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folks, this is one of these deals where 30, 40 miles is going to make a huge difference in what kind of weather you see at your house on friday, whether it's just a few flurries or whether it is accumulating snow. but as of now, the best chance of accumulating snow would be across portions of northern kentucky and east of cincinnati as you get out through claremont and brown counties. we will continue to keep updated on this obviously. we're going to get a good handle on this situation later today, tonight and tomorrow morning. the situation for friday. 25 your high today. snow coming to an end. we drop into the teens tonight. we'll see some clearing late tonight. 31 your high. partly cloudy skies thursday and then there's that chance for snow on friday. not an equal opportunity chance, though. the better chance south and east of downtown. 35 your high friday. flurries early saturday, 35 the high, upper 30s sunday. 40s with some rain on monday and then some more snow showers by
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>> all right, that's a look at weather. let's gets the latest on traffic conditions around the tri-state with jen dalton. jen? >> john just into our newsroom is a news release from the hamilton county sheriff. a level i snow emergency in hamilton county. you can drive, but make sure that your vehicles are out of any designated snow emergency lanes. that's for hamilton county. and in butler county our own megan moore got off the phone with folks up there and they say conditions are kind of bad along the interstates and we do now have an accident 75 near 63. that's near monroe. 75 seeing some bad traffic in the butler county area. i want to go out live now to adam clements. he's been driving around on the roads for us. adam, where exactly are you now? and it looks kind of bad wherever you are. >> yeah. things are slow moving. they have been pretty much everywhere in the tri-state that we've been this morning since -- i don't know, we hit the road
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we are currently on 5-mile approaching beachmont avenue. >> we were on 275 headed towards 471 and it just stopped. i mean, traffic came to pretty much a standstill so we decide to do jump off and check out some other -- >> beachmont avenue is a main road in anderson township and it looks like it's very slow moving for folks here. we're going to take a left and head towards mt. washington for folks familiar with this area we're going to be coming up on one of deb dixon's joint. the pelican brief. nice sea food. today, i would recommend not stopping in anywhere. i would stay home if you can. because what we're seeing, as john mentioned and i've been saying it all morning long, the visibility is with the lanes. it's tough to tell which lane
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of hamilton county on 275, towards the cleves area. it was pretty rough over there. lawrenceburg is where we first started to see the snow accumulating. very picturesque. it was lovely. lawrenceburg has a beautiful downtown. we spent some time there and it looked playing and then you hit the interstate and you realize, you know what? it looks better when there are no cars on it. we did as we got off onto the 5-mile exit. we were on 5-mile road and a couple of cars in front of us having a hard time. they were slipping and sliding. we have the luxury of being in kind of a heavier vehicle. it does pretty well in terms of stopping, starting. good traction, but if you've got a smaller car and if you don't have really good tires this is not the kind of stuff you want to be out driving in. snow is still falling. we are, again, now we are currently on beachmont avenue right here at the corner of 5-mile approaching
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beachmont levy and it's a heavily traveled road in the morning for a lot of commuters who make their way from the east side towards downtown. it's kind of an alternate route, but a lot of people take it as opposed to taking 275 which right now you're pretty much going to want to avoid either direction. there was only one stretch of 275 and it was between milford parkway and probably 32 -- you could take it up to beachmont avenue where you're not going to be one way or another sitting in some pretty heavy traffic as you make your way in. there's the pelican reef there on the left. good sea food. deb dixon loves it. raves about it. >> we're going to continue to make our way towards downtown, heading west on beachmont avenue. we'll keep updated throughout the morning. i know we are going strong all morning long and for now we'll send it back to you guys in the studio as we head for some very hilly territory. >> thank you, adam. you be safe out there. i'm going to handle a few traffic bits here for you, because we have
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the first thing and really the major thing you need to know, if you are heading out the door right now, it is slow no matter where you go this morning. so give yourself extra time if you do in fact need to head out the door. now i want to again focus on the top portion of the 275 loop, because if you've been with us, you've been hearing me say that has been by far our worst portions of the we are state and you can see five different incidents from blue rock, so this is a new one. 275 at blue rock we have a report of an accident, but pretty much every major stop along 275 you've got accidents. we've got them in both collections near colerain. keeping their flashing lights on as they she had on the interstate. we've had reports of slick conditions and we've had two different accidents near colerain this morning. we've also got one near springfield pike and you can see the flashing lights in the distance there, so
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275. traffic is stopped or moving very slow around that incident. we had one at 275 on the ramp to 75 southbound and now we've got another new one and this is moving east. it was all west of 75, this one is 275 at reed hartman. they're saying one lane blocked. when i bring up the camera in the area, so far i haven't been able to see the accident, so perhaps it's just east of there, because the camera at 271 and 275 shows some heavy traffic in both directions. again, top portion of the 275 loop, we've had a lot of problems. we have an accident on the northbound ramp to taylorsville and as i was looking at some of these cameras, i do notice 75 up near 63 as i mentioned earlier. butler county, our megan moore talked to the butler county folks fees? time to show you some of t the morning's headlines from around "the washington post" says a f accidents, but the roads are apparently very snow covereddor covered, so use some precaution in the monroe area. let's hit some of these other accidents that we haven't had time
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accident. up land place. eden avenue at king. an accident reported there. reading and taft. we have one at york. and then earlier we had an accident, 471 in the northbound parkway. i think that one may be clear. but take a live look at 471 here near grand and you can see in the northbound direction traffic is backed up all the way to 275. i want to go out quickly to the east side. because adam clements was mentioning heavy traffic. very heavy all the way up to loveland, madeira and again you're up to 71. quickly going over to the west side of things, 275 near kentucky 212, the airport doesn't look too bad right now. did want to mention. i checked theed the website, not too long ago and there were a few delays. i didn't see a cancellations yet. but if you're heading out to the airport, you may want to check your
7:31 am
moving into kentucky, 71, 75 at mount zion. 275 at taylor mill, again, as i've been saying all morning long. heavy traffic all over the place so if you need to head out you'll want to do it early. right now we've had a couple different reporters out and we've got our own meteorologist brandon orr, he's out on the roads checking in with us to see what it looks like. brandon, where exactly are you right now and how are things looking? >> hey, jen, we are in florence still. we're right along i-75, right by the exit of that brand spanking new costco to uc health stadium. and enter states are okay. traffic is target to move at least on the southbound lanes, but if you see back there towards the northbound lanes it's completely stopped. this is just stopping here within the past about 10 to 15 minutes. cars are still coming along at a decent speed and they're stopping all of a sudden, so that's something to keep in mind. also while we were out here -- we've been out here since 4:30 or so this morning.
7:32 am
trailers in the middle of the interstate. they're gone now, but you'll have to watch out for any disabled vehicles as you're going out and about, because we've seen two of them on the interstate alone right where we're sitting at this exit. secondary roads are even worse as you might expect. they're putting down salt, which is helping a little bit, but when it's this cold, it only goes so far compared to if the temperature was, you know, 30 degrees. it wouldn't be too bad. it would melt it pretty quickly, but now it's melting it a lot slower. we have this infrared thermometer and i've been measuring pavement coming in right around, there's 18, 19, 20 degrees or so. that's on the side roads, so the snow is having no trouble whatsoever sticking to it. it's a very dry powdery snow, because it is so cold out. we're into the teens out here. it's freezing. keep in mind it's much colder than when we typically see snow. it's 29, 30 degrees. in this case it's 10 degrees colder. so it's a different type of snow. not so good for making snow balls
7:33 am
and also good for sliding on the roadways and it seems like most of us are taking it pretty safe out there as well. i've also been posting a lot of updates to facebook and social media, and i'm with bob and john in there. i have seen grill after grill after grill. here's a patio. patio. patio. more grills. we appreciate the photos. i just don't know what it is. maybe it's people just like the warmer weather maybe. is that it? or it's just a good way to measure? bob and john, are you there? i didn't idea. >> i know exactly what it is. they haven't want to venture outside the house. >> that's as far as they're going. >> they can take those pictures from the kitchen. >> i like the spirit of what you're saying, brandon, thinking about being out there in what hawaiian shirt. you have the bad dad apron on, you're cooking up some burgers and dogs. >> i'm feeling like it's in the 2010s, a heat wave right now. >> brandon finally a hat on. when we had a little bit of snow earlier in the season and brandon
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people were unhappy. >> they will let you know. >> you may not be happy if you do have to head out and you're on the roads. we have found slick spots and we've been making calls out of the newsroom to dispatch centers across the tri-state to see where some of those crashes have been happening. jo there's just so many with the snow covered roads. level megan moore is in the newsroom right now with the very latest what she's been able to find good morning, megan. >> good morning. one thing i've certainly found. dispatchers are busy. some of them i wasn't able to get through to, but let's start off. dearborn county, harrison, brookville road and u.s. 52, there were a couple of accidents by the interstate. also state police are working some accidents on that interstate. also some out in the county. i called kenton county. the only problem was an accident on an exit ramp. i calls called warren county. they are dealing with a couple of accidents and also on schlotman
7:35 am
offshore right now. there are a few accidents. nothing major, but there are everywhere along the interstate. both interstates still open. also called ohio state patrol. they are reporting numerous crashes. they say, again, it's a mess, both north and southbound between union center boulevard all the way up to state route 73. last time i called them they said that they had five officers on accidents and that five were pending and then there was also one accident on 71, but, again, dispatchers very busy and are only able to get to a few of them. be careful. the roads are definitely slick and as you saw when jen was checking the traffic cameras it looks like quite a mets in several spots. so we'll send it back to you guys. >> it is one of those mornings where -- with you haven't heard this from any departments yet. perhaps this next gentlemen can tell us. if it's a really minor accident on a snowy day like this they'll say
7:36 am
we haven't heard word on that yet. >> we do have somebody from the indiana state police on the line to tell us about conditions there, because snow did come through indiana first, so it's been snowing there longer and we want to get a sense of what the roads are look. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> sergeant wheels, tell us what you're seeing there in indiana. >> sure. we're still experiencing some snow. the roadways are snow covered, but our indiana department of transportation has done a pretty good job of staying on top of this. and the interstates were -- they're pretty drivable right now. they are still snow covered in spots, but we encourage everyone to take their time and drive slowly and get where they're going safely. but as of now we're not experiencing any major issues on our main roads that come through our district in southeast indiana. >> interstates i'm sure are getting the more aggressive treatment from the transportation departments.
7:37 am
been able to hit the side roads as well. >> sure. the county and city departments i think are doing a pretty good job. we have not been notified of any major issues on any of the side roads early. and i think a lot of this goes to drivers taking their time, planning ahead. leaving themselves extra time to get where they're going and so i think everyone has been driving very cautious and done really well so far. that's what really helps us out staying on stop of it. >> and sergeant, you have to wonder after that mess we had out on i74 not long ago if drivers are taking it a little bit easier because of what happened right out there at the border and then do you know perhaps did they get out and were they able to treat a little bit more after we saw what happened here just recently? >> right and i think that incident last week was caused by a sudden surge of wind and snow combined which made visibility horrible. and luckily we've had not this that with this storm. it's been kind of a gradual thing,
7:38 am
on top of treating the roads beforehand and as it's come down they've been able to clear them pretty quickly. it's not over by any stretch and as the snow continues to fall here in southeast indiana, you know, we may see some more issues, but as of now that hasn't been the case. >> all right. well, it's good to hear thank you no significant problems and people are taking it easy and they're following the advice that people like you are giving them to give yourself a little extra time and a little extra room. sergeant wheeles, thank you so much for your insights. >> we do have a few changes to our school watch list. all the updates we've seen recently haven't been new additions to the list. covington catholic high school went from delayed to closed. we've got also batavia local schools are closed. bethel tate closed.
7:39 am
fayetteville perry local. if helebanon city schools now closed. manchester local. they are closed. milford exempted village. shawnee local. princeton city, closed. ross local, closed. southern hills ctc, now closed and springboro community schools. >> they're attacking this, but the snowfall has been steady for the last three or four hours and john has been tracking it for us, and john, how is it looking now. >> well, light snow continues guys just how we told you it was going to be. make no mistake about it. this is not a major snow system for the -- this is a very minor system, a very small one, but it's just the timing of this thing has -- it's been horrible. let's face it. coming in the morning here, road temperatures were really cold. they came out of single digit lows here, so you have road temperatures
7:40 am
untreated surfaces, this stuff sticks in a hurry and even on treated surfaces, some of this is sticking. this is a view of the required over the past couple of hours. you can see the light snow working through the area. it continues to fall right now. going to come in a little tighter in some communities. first of all, i want to come inside the i275 loop here where you can see light snow, nothing heavy at all falling at this point. there have been some heavier bursts here and there, but we've seen the snow falling. started out west of cincinnati early this morning, then spread to the east and you can see out here on the east side, anderson fall. in fact we do have live pictures that we can go to showing you some of that snowfall which is occurring adam clements has been out traveling around this morning on the roads in cincinnati. guys, do we have the live picture that you promised? >> guys, do we have that picture? >> hello?
7:41 am
there it is. the boss called in and said he wanted live pictures. so the gummer is going to put live pictures in his weather cast when the boss calls for that. so boss, here are your live pictures. >> this is giving people an idea of what feels like out there. i believe adam has been out in the anderson township area. it looks like -- it looks like he's out across from the beachmont levy perhaps now. that that's what it looks like to me. thumbs up from clements. he was getting ready to close the beachmont levy there and you can see how it's bumper to bumper. the roads kind of slushy there and then in between lanes you can see some of the fresh snow which is coming out. that is what your morning drive is going to look like, folks, it's not horrible. it's not the worst thing we've ever seen. it's just going to be slow. you've got to take it easy, use a lot of caution. this snow is going to continue to cross through the area. here it is up through butler county. light snow around hamilton.
7:42 am
hillsboro, west union, the light snow continues and across northern kentucky you get the picture. light snow everywhere. even back into southeast indiana. the back end of this is crossing through central indiana now, so it's going to be a few hours before the snow begins to come to an end. through around 10:00 a.m. you'll see the back edge of that snow approaching southeastern sections of indiana. so it is going to begin to wind down as we move throughout late morning, early afternoon. visibility still three quarters of a mile at the airport indicating some light snow out there. it's not horrible visibility that we're seeing with this snow across the area. pavement temperatures down in the teens and 20s, so it is sticking to the roadways, ease well those kind of pavement temperatures even with salt on the roads. there's the at a atrium. it's a quick shot of snow. it's going to be out of here by this afternoon. quiet weather tomorrow, then we have to watch for some possible snow returning as we get into friday.
7:43 am
light snow at the airport. a wind from southeast. the wind chill is at 7 degrees. here's a look at the winter weather advisory. it's up for everyone, except for fayette and union county. i'll tell you typically for a couple of inches of snow they do not issue a winter weather advisory. typically we can handle it, but this time of the morning is bad timing. that's why we have that winter weather advisory in effect. we'll put things in motion here. forecast radar starting this morning taking you through this afternoon. you'll notice through the morning snow continues between say 11 and noon and that's when it starts to wrap up in downtown cincinnati. i'll tell what you as that snow moves out there's a possibility we could see a little freezing drizzle. this happens in situations like this, so we could get a little light freezing drizzle after the snow comes to an end. as the cloud of physics kind of changes and we don't have the conditions to make snowflakes
7:44 am
not a big system at all, but it's going to move on out of here, again, between 11:00 and noon. temperatures edge into the low 20s early this afternoon. we'll make our way into the mid 20s late day with clouds continue asking, again, especially early afternoon we could see some of that patchy freezing drizzle, so here's this system. it's what we call a vortmax, an upper level spin that's coming across the area. it's going to quickly move on the toth east. as it does you can see the snow stopping in western and central sections of indiana. so this system departs, but there's another system we're going to have to watch as we get into friday it could graze the area critical condition bringing us a chance for more is now. high pressure brings us quiet weather tonight and tomorrow. on friday here's the system starting to develop late tomorrow afternoon off the attention and louisiana coast. it is going to make a bee line to the north and east. how far north it comes will determine what kind of snow we get friday in the greater cincinnati area. now, the models have been trending more southerly with this system.
7:45 am
snow, at least significant accumulations appears to be to the south and east of downtown cincinnati. stay tuned for the latest on this one, because 30, 40 miles will make a huge difference. it could mean the difference between flurries at your house or several inches of snow. depending on the track that this one takes. there are winter storm watches in effect to our south now from louisville down to lexington. so we are on the edge of this one. we will continue to keep updated with the latest obviously as we go through the next couple of days. we'll have more information coming up a little later on today. 25 your high today. clouds after the snow moves out this afternoon. again, a little bit of freezing drizzle a possibility. quiet conditions this evening. we're going to slowly drop and skies will clear out late tonight, down to 15 for a low. 31 tomorrow, we become partly cloudy and then there's the chances of snow on friday. 33 your high temperature on friday. the weekend is looking quiet now. could be some flurries early
7:46 am
partly cloudy on sunday. 37. a little more rain monday. perhaps some snow showers as we get into tuesday. let's get the latest on road conditions. here's jen adult. >> john, we are seeing accidents pop up right and left, before i get to the accidents, i do want to remind folks that maybe about a half hour or so we did get a release from hamilton county sheriff's department saying they're on a rhythm one snow emergency which means roadways are hazardous with blowing and drifting snow so you can go out on them, just be aware. and also remove any vehicle that are in designated snow emergency lanes. that's for hamilton county. i want to talk about 74 for a second. we've been talking a lot about the top portion of the 275 loop. that's where we've seen several problems. now we're seeing problems along 74. i've got a new one between drive fork and new haven road. that is a busy stretch of town at this time of the morning and then
7:47 am
past north bend road. it ended up in the median, but we have seen very heavy traffic in the area, so as i bring up the camera here if you can get it to just pop up -- it does not want to, it's cold. it does not want to pop up here. come on, buddy. there we go. you can see that the traffic there, 74 at north bend, it's a blurry shot, but it is very heavy and that lasts all the way up to about colerain. it's starting to spin out once you get to montana, i would say between harrison and reibolt and montana. wind chill at york. this is a big one too. delhi, an accident reported there and as we go up north, again, the top incorporation of the 275 loop has been by far our worst between colerain and now over to reed
7:48 am
different accidents reported. this cameras has not been showing one lane blocked. if we look at the camera just east of it you can see we have lots of heavy traffic. quickly again i want to show you we are still seeing flashing lights 275 near state route four. that's at the top of the loop. a car had spun out there earlier, so watch for very slow traffic, 275 in both directions at the top portion of our loop. we're still seeing flashing lights 275 at colerain where we had two or three different slide offshore. we had a car on its top earlier and area. as we look around we have lots and lots of slow traffic. head out early if you can. now, we have been driving around this morning and showing you what it looks like like out on the roads. right now we're going to adam clements and adam, where exactly are you now and how are are things looking? well, they're just as slow as they appear on tv.
7:49 am
if you take out of the mix the fact that it's not very pleasant to drive in, it's actually quite lovely. a pretty little picture here that we've got as we head into the heart of mount lookout coming up on zips, if you live in the area. maybe throw on a coat for lunch, walk down to zips, grab yourself a burger, maybe a beverage if you would like. this is that type of day where if you don't really have to go out, particularly in the morning hours here, just stay home. a lot of schools have been canceled and we've been able to see why all morning long. we have been all over the tri-state. we started -- we started in northern kentucky near hebron. into lawrenceburg. and lawrenceburg saw quite a bit of snow very early on. things looked great there and on the western portion of hamilton county, that's where we started to see some issues on the roads.
7:50 am
landed on its top on an overpass. that got flipped back over. we saw cars off to the side and emembankment. and we saw heavy heavy backups particularly on 275 in claremont county when we made our way east. leave yourself extra time if you haven't already left yet. if you don't have to leave, don't. >> this is the first time we're starting to see things turn into more of a slushy type of surface on the ground that's what we saw on the beachmont levy as we crossed it. we'll give you a look on some of the side roads. we will be here all morning long. stay with us for now. guys we'll toss it back to you at the desk. >> he's giving us restaurant suggestions. >> he's triangulating everything with where level reporters like to eat. we do have changes to the school list. this one not even on the list just
7:51 am
local, they have gone from two hour delay to closed. >> we talked about the snow out east. we talked to the indiana police. our boss, tim garity, our news director, he comes in from indiana to. i think you're on route 50, is that correct, tim. >> good morning, job, good morning, john. i'm on 50 right now. i just passed delhi township. what's interesting is coming down state line road between bright and 50. cars are going make 10 miles an hour down that hill. nobody was sliding, but everybody was being very very cautious going down the hill. going in towards cincinnati going east, one lane than plowed and is actually doing okay. we're doing about 30 to 35 miles an hour right now. the other lane is still covered right now. but fortunately at least on 50 i've not -- everyone is being very cautious how they're driving.
7:52 am
salt trucks out there and road crews. >> i've seen one truck coming each directions in the timebeen on the road. looking at the west side of 50, at least where i am right now, it looks like the salt truck hasn't been out here in a bit, but, again, as we've been on the phone, i was on hold and waiting to get on with you guys, the road went from being completely wet to now it's back to being snow covered again. >> tim, you've been in a lot of different markets. you know what i mean? >> everybody talks about how cincinnati people handle snow. people in this area handle snow. how are we doing so far? because this is not a major snow. it's a nuisance snow. how is everybody doing out there in your estimation? >> based on -- again, i've seen the accidents that we've been having that jennifer and adam talked about before i went on. but the stretch through indiana and high, i think everyone is taking it
7:53 am
i saw one pup kind of zoom past me going 55. you know, probably -- everyone else was traveling like 30 to 40 miles an hour and probably doing three times the distance they normally would. in fact, i'm passing a locomotive right now. he's probably taking it easy because of the snow. >> that's with charge not wheeles told us that people are being cautious and they're allowing each other much more room. tim, thanks for checking in and you --or -- we'll all be here when you get here. okay? >> we're not going anywhere. >> thank you for including the weather video. >> he said the boss asked for it, so the boss got it. >> i can't believe somebody put him on hold. >> you don't him on hold. you put him on tv. don't do it. it's like when they say perry schaible is ready. >> perry, you're still on the west side, right, perry? >> yeah, exactly.
7:54 am
i love a news director with a good sense of humor. if you're a kid, you may want one of these today. because most of the kids are off school. it might be some sled riding weather. i don't know. i can't get down this hill too well. if you're an adult it might not be as fun as it is for the kids, because you probably have to go to work and get on the roads. right here, harrison avenue you're looking at. we're off the 74 exit and, you know, things have been slow this morning. i would say though that with the traffic volume increasing that you can see more pavement right now. you can almost see the lines of the road, but interestingly. we're hearing more tires spinning and things like that. so as people hit this light right here, they have to stop and they're going down a hill, so it's a little bit tough to stop. what you want to do is make sure that you're looking up, paying attention to the road and giving the person in front of you plenty of space, because you don't want to
7:55 am
but as you can see here, the cars are getting by okay at this point. there's the salt truck. we've seen a lot of those out this morning. here's another one going up the hill. a lot of preparation for this snow. they're really out there getting prepared for it. they tried to get ahead of it. i saw a lot of salt trucks out about 4:30 this morning and they continue to be out as the snow continues to come down. take a look at this car here, though, this minivan pulling into this parking lot. that's something that you really want to be aware of throughout the morning as you try to make those turns. you can see there's a lot more snow coming into the meijer parking lot than there is on the road. so when you hit that initial patch of snow you might slide a little bit and if there's a car there, you could slight ride into that other car. so the snow, like you said, bob, it's a nuisance snow really, but for the kids it can be some fun. for the adults it's a little more
7:56 am
>> perry look like she's having fun. >> she is. she's having a good time. >> we've got some kids who are probably going to be having a better time now because some more changes, some delays have become closed. cincinnati hills christian academy has gone from delayed to closed. deer park community schools closed too. >> lock land city schools are closed. and mcnick has gone to closed as well and saint xavier high school has changed to a closed status as well. we've hit a lot of different areas. northern kentucky is one that's been hit pretty good-bye the snow and joe is on the way from northern kentucky. >> joe, how are you cruising now? you normally come in on 75. >> you know i normally come up -- actually i'm really not cruising. i'm going pretty slowly on turkey foot road just north of 275. i just drove over 275 on the
7:57 am
275 is just a parking lot and the ramp on to 275 was backed up on to turkey foot for at least three quarters of a mile. we got probably -- i had at least 1.5" on my driveway this morning. been premiller on turkey foot road where i'm sitting right now, pretty close to dixie highway. traffic is stopped. it's moving very slowly. the roads have been treated. it's not particularly slick, but it is extremely slow going. so if you guys are on the air for a couple more hours, i would probably be able to do a few more segments with you. >> the thing, joe, it's not a lot of snow. we've been saying that all morning long, so it's somewhat surprising that people are having difficulty. it's like everybody else, it's all about the timing of this one. >> i think it is the timing. i decided when i looked although my
7:58 am
my street had not been cleared when i got up this morning, but i looked at my driveway and i thought, i'm going to give it a minute and let the traffic clear out. well, i misjudged everybody else and i'm sitting here getting to know them a lot better on turkey foot road. >> you know, that is not -- i don't the state takes care of turkey foot road. are you seeing any road crews out there. >> i cleared off most of my driveway, an edgewood crew had come through and treated my street. they came through with salt. they didn't come through with a plow. the stretch of road that i am on right now, i believe, john, i think it is a state highway. i know it's a state highway and i think the state may maintain this. it's been plowed. but there is a strip down the center where there is snow and there is slush. but traffic where the cars that are coming at me are not into much
7:59 am
speed limit. so it's not particularly slick. it's just -- it's just slow. >> all right, joe. you take it easy on the rest of the drive in and if we're still going in a couple hours and you're not here, we'll check back in again. >> there you go. >> you know where to find me. i'm in my car. >> thank you, joe. and what you saw right there i think was a live picture from -- adam's car. he's headed toward the downtown area. he's come cross beachmont and it looks like the roads look really slushy right in there. >> this has been the kind of snow. again we've said it enough times. that is that it's not obviously a lot snow. we could see more on friday, but the timing of this has made travel a little difficult this morning. >> we fake about inconvenient snow. there couldn't be anything more inconvenient than coming down at its heaviest during the rush hour. >> we'll check back in with jen real quick.
8:00 am
>> we do have a couple ones that i want to let folks know about it and it's on this west side. glen way at rapid run. i know that's a busy area at this time of morning and injuries are reported there. you'll sew some flashing lights and you may want to avoid that area. we're also telling you about this accident at delhi and river road, another busy spot. up. we've got an accident on 74 eastbound near new haven road. morning. we had an earlier accident near north bend road. i think that may be clear. that car ended up in the median. take a look at the live look at 74 at north bend road. you are very heavy this morning crawling along all the way until you get to 75 at this point in time. so some really heavy traffic and there's a look at what it looks like once you get to that ramp to slit off to central parkway, traffic is able to do it, but those are the areas where you're going to need some caution. we haven't had any problems reported right there. i want to bring up some cameras and
8:01 am
are clearing that accident scene at 275 near state route four where we had a car spin out and go the wrong way. traffic at the top of the loop has been ammon city all morning long. with a u of l all the way from there. give me a second to see if we can switch these cameras. it's frozen, while we're waiting for that to unfreeze. he told me it took him an hour and 15 minutes to get from tylersville road. it was on a two hour delay, so perhaps he's a professor and was heading there a little bit early. the map is still stuck, you guys. not a good thing. we can reboot here. reminding you that the hamilton county sheriff did put out a level i snow emergency. that means roadways are hazardous with blowing and drifting snow. so you'll. to use caution. you can go out on the roads in
8:02 am
but make sure your vehicle is not parked in a designated snow emergency lane so those emergency crews can get through. we'll hope that our map comes back for us in just a second. for now i'll throw it over to john to tell us all about the weather. >> we still have a few more hours of this snow to go. it's light snow which continues to fall across the area. one of the big differences between this one and the snow we had a few weeks back in the morning is the fact that this is so much drier snow. it's that finer snow. it's because temperatures are colder. not only air temperatures, but road temperatures as well, so even when the roads are salted you get this snow falling, this tiny little flakes, they still tend to accumulate on the roadways, you get those slushy conditions in some cases even snow covered roadways. adam clements has been out in this snow all morning long. give me a bird's eye view of what's going on. adam, where are you at right now? right now we're on red bank road. we're approaching i71.
8:03 am
towards the ken wood area to see how things look up there. yeah, this is pretty much what we've seen all morning long all across the tri-state with the exception of right now we're starting to see things turn to slush on more of the slide roads. interstates from what we've seen the last time we were on the interstate was when we were on 275 and we got off at the 5-mile exit in anderson township, made our way down beachmont avenue, headed towards the -- towards mt. washington, toward the beachmont levy. that's when we started to see things get kind of slushy and that's what we're seeing on red bank road. we're going to cross over madison here as we've got the green light right now. cars are still moving slowly everywhere, on the interstates, we've seen backups. backups particularly in that rush hour in the claremont county area near milford headed north, all backed up all wait essentially to milford parkway and then headed towards downtown going in the
8:04 am
start to really back up near the beachmont avenue exit. so not exactly sure how things look there if that's alleviated at all, but odds are from what you guys have been saying, what we heard from joe webb coming in, we heard from our news director coming in from indiana, it looks like it's slow everywhere right now. not sure how 71 looks. we are approaching it now. we're going to hit a yellow light here. it's been pretty bad and it's been consistently bad since, i don't know, about 4:00 a.m. that's when we really started to see things coming down over in the lawrenceburg area making their way east towards northern kentucky and then the western portion of hamilton county was where we started to see things get rough on 275. saw some accidents, a car flipped over. another car off the road down an embankment, so crews have been busy, we have seen salt crews out, but a lot of roads it doesn't like like even if they were treated it doesn't look like it mattered with that cold air temperature and again
8:05 am
hit the ground, the stuff is stick asking it is causing some issues out here on the roads. we're going to keep our eye on things, we'll head north and touch base with you back here in a bit. for now let's send it back to john in the studio. >> one of the reasons own though the roads are treated, because the cold and those pavement temperatures are so cold. we kind of gloomed into red bank, fair fax and you can see light snow town. it's continuing everywhere, folks. this is just light snow. we're not on the air because this is a big storm at all. in fact we're only picking up anywhere from 1" to 3" of snow area wide. we're on the air because this is a high impact snowfall because of the horrible timing here that we're seeing with this. that's a look at radar now. light snow continues everywhere. we are seeing the back edge of the snow back into the south central sections of indiana and that will be moving our way over the next few hours. what i am going to do is loop the radar into the future, taking you
8:06 am
the back edge of that snow getting closer to downtown cincinnati. pavement temperatures have been in the teens and 20s that's the reason that even though the roads are salted you're still getting the slushy and many many cases snow covered conditions on area roadways. here's the view into downtown. visibility has improved quite a bit. looking back into downtown cincinnati the snow is lighter now. this is our atrium medical center cam and it's a quick shot. so the snow is going to be out of here by this afternoon. quiet weather on thursday and then more snow possible at least for some of us on friday as another system makes its way toward the tri-state. it looks like we're going to be on the edge of that one. 16 right now. light snow on the airport. winds east-southeast at seven. a wind chill of next 6 degrees. so it is cold outside. again, this morning, bitterly cold with a little bit of wind blowing. we'll be in the teens through the morning here. light snow continues and then between 11:00 and noon that snow tapers off.
8:07 am
over to a little bit of freezing drizzle, so that's something else we're going to watch into the afternoon, because that could keep the load conditions not so great as we move even through the early afternoon. late day just clouds around 25 at 4:00. we'll dip back into the low 20s by around search this evening. we'll see some clearing happen late tonight. here's the winter weather advisory. goes until 7:00. it covers everybody except for fayette and union county. i'll tell you what, i had a viewer write in and say, john, why is this not up also for fayette and union county. she actually slid off the road up there, hit a guardrail. hopefully she's okay, but she sent an e-mail and she was upset that it was not issued for fayette and union county. the reason for that, the national weather service issues these winter weather advisories and the criteria for issuing this is higher as you go north of cincinnati. in indianapolis they're not going to issue a winter weather advisory
8:08 am
>> in fayette and union county your criteria much like areas from dayton up to columbus where you're not going to get a winter weather advisory for this amount of snow. even here in cincinnati they typically don't issue it for this little bit of snow, but the reason they're doing it is because it's having a high impact during the morning with cold road surfaces so that is why take pet union doesn't have one, but it's just as bad up there if not worse, especially on those roads that have not been treated across parts of southeast indiana. hopefully that kind of explains the thinking, the rationale behind that. let's look at things into the future here. snow continuing through 9:00. by 11:00, still some snow out there. it's starting to favor our eastern counties though by 11:00 and then afternoon we see that snow completely moving out. clouds linger, and again, might see a little freezing drizzle following the snow as the conditions at cloud level don't become quite at favorable for snow, but still some moisture which could be squeezed
8:09 am
freezing drizzle. 1" to 2" of accumulation for most areas, although some to the south will see up wards of 3". already have a report out of indiana of 3" of snow from froggy radio down there. thanks for that report. some areas to the north may pick up a little less than 1". we're generally in the fun" to 2" category in the metro, some a little more, some a little less. there's the back edge of the snow again making its way along the i-65 corridor back into south central indiana. once this system moves on out of the picture, we are going to turn our attention to another system which may clip the area as we get into friday. so guy he will weather coming tomorrow and then as we go into friday we're watching another system coming in from the south, the models have been trending a little more southerly on this system, so friday we're going to watch snow south and east of cincinnati. some of us could be up into the cincinnati area. there's still some uncertainty in
8:10 am
this is one of those deals where 30 or 40 miles can make the difference any between just flurries at your house or several inches of accumulating snow. so take tuned for the latest on this one. right now again the models are trending south with the best chance of accumulation friday south and east of downtown cincinnati. obviously we'll continue to keep updated because this one could have another high impact on friday, at least for parts of the tri-state. 25 your high today. snow ends and we deep into the teens and clearing later tonight. 31 tonight. quiet tomorrow. a chance for snow on friday. the chances higher south and east of cincinnati as opposed to the north and northwest of downtown cincinnati. 33 friday, the weekend looks pretty quiet. flurries early saturday. 35, 37, we break into some sunday. a little rain back monday with some snow showers as we get into tuesday. we'll continue to monitor things in the weather office not only for
8:11 am
potential storm system as well. guys, back to you. >> you know, john, we're seeing pavement actually on most of the interstates, something similar to pavement. but there's some areas that are still treacherous. >> that's the box you see next to john and i on the screen, now full screen. see that bus right now. that's gilbert heading right toward the casino there. up toward the top of your screen that is the ramp that comes off 471 and heads out to redding. >> it joins in there as you head in towards town. that's completely snow covered. >> there's a lot of traffic that comes through there headed toward downtown. >> absolutely. so you can see where you could slip pretty quickly in a spot like that. i'm surprised at this point of the morning we don't see more cars headed in that direction. the upper hands of your screen that's southbound traffic. and on the northbound side even
8:12 am
but those ramps coming in from gilbert and heading down, i guess redding would be there as well. that's snow covered right now. >> it doesn't look as if it's got a lot of attention lately at least. so be very careful because it's also elevated. that address an -- creates an issue. >> brandon orr is out in florence and has been there all morning long. >> a little bit north of where you were before, though, right, brandon ? >> of course we came down to the world of golf in florence, the perfect place to go when it's snowing, i know. the interstates is what you manning. going northbound right along i-75 is a parking lot and it's been that way probably for about an hour or so now. earlier on this morning it was okay. traffic was moving. now it's just a standstill moving very very slowly and i've been looking traffic on my phone. it goes all the way up, even if you
8:13 am
towards the big mac bridge. it's not better either. >> i have an infrared thermometer and i've been measuring pavement temperatures. they're coming in around 23 degrees in florence. the snow is having no trouble at all stick to go to roadways. they've been laying down salt which is helping a bit. but compared to temperatures if they were right around 30, 31 degrees, it would melt the snow very quickly. it's melting it very very slowly. this is a very dry type of snow. teens. let me tell you. it is freezing. interesting. if the temperature was around 30 degrees, we would have less snow than what we have right now than the dry snow which is a little bit fluffier. some storm so we get more snow. that's something that's interesting about this one, but still this is a light one with snowfall amounts
8:14 am
i know john gumm said over towards indiana they got 3" and that's where we're expecting most of the heavier snow to be is closer to the south, especially in southern kentucky where they're the ones that had the winter storm warnings and snowfall amounts next excess of 4", 5", 6", so we got lucky with this one and we're hoping we can get lucky with the one coming up on friday as well. here in florence, the side streets are just what you imagined. it's no big surprise. they're very slick. we drove down the road. we are sliding a little bit. accidents. and the only direction on i-75 here that's moving is going southbound and they're doing okay. going northwestern oklahoma bound there's probably no accidents because they're still not moving, bob and john. >> absolutely. you can't have an accident if you're not moving fast enough to >> that's science. >> that is science. >> all right. jen dalton, i don't want to say demanding. she's been demanding that you send
8:15 am
pets playing in the snow because she loves those. >> just been checking to see if any of you heeded your command. >> the people have. >> let's start with angelo who says my puppy bella is less than one years old. first time in the snow. doesn't like it at all. it's an action shot. you know how they do that when had he don't like it. thank you so much, angelo. >> spencer says my dog is happy to be outside. look that dog. he's like, hey, look at me playing in the snow. love this day. got a snow day. and then janet says, this is my sister dixie and i are playing in the snow. my sister dixie doesn't like it. i love the snow. my name is maggie. look at them. >> dixie and maggie. >> that's the main reason i wanted these pictures. >> i go to the high pitches and i can't -- and then she says this is your nondeck picture from williams
8:16 am
>> we were saying we wanted some deck pics. >> do i go into it or -- i really want to get into is it. we've got one more i want to show real quickly. this is from mike in brown county. you guys. did my map freeze again? there we go. look that nice photo there. >> those are beautiful photos. >> doesn't look like they got quite as much out that way. >> it's moving that way, though. >> i didn't mean to say that. but it's moving that way. >> all right, jen, thank you so much. >> keep them coming, guys. >> we'll get more to jen. send in those pit pictures because we love them. we're going to go to a spot now that got a little more snow that we saw in the picture from brown county. it's been kind of steady on the west side, but it looks as if it's let up just a little bit, right, perry. >> it initially let up and i think it's starting to come down once again, but as far as the road that has definitely let up. take a look here. has harrison avenue near the i74
8:17 am
there was a time this morning that we couldn't see any concrete at all, and then there was a time that we could only see roadway on the right side in the right lane. so now we're definitely improving as the traffic volume increases, but you can see there's some slushy conditions in between the lanes right there. you can hardly see the lane markers, maybe a little bit in that left lane you can see the mark to -- in the center there. but you know, it's really important to be cautious, because as you change lanes with all that slush slide. one other thing to keep in mind is all of these folks are headed down hill. most of them probably headed to the 74 on ramp. but if you're headed down hill, you want to make sure that you're looking up, that you're paying attention, that you give the car in front of you plenty of room. that's important, because when this light here turns red, what's going to happen, well, everybody is going to start to stop, and it may take a
8:18 am
these conditions. we have heard some tires spinning, things like that. so another thing to keep in mind right here is the roadway to the meijer entrance and there are tons of stores here, but as you hit this patch you see this car right here is going really really slow and that's because they're coming off the concrete and hitting a patch where it is snow covered. and if you go into that too quickly, that definitely can cause you to slide and then if there's another car there, that's just going to be a prison if you slide into them. so something to keep in mind as you hit the roads this morning. this morning i went into meijer and found a sled for myself. this is probably what the kids need these at home. i can see in the meijer store here plenty of sled to go around, probably because we haven't had much snowfall this season yet. for my kids i know this is the first snow day. kids here, they're off, plenty of
8:19 am
just the store that we're the closest too. they didn't have much salt, but they definitely have some shovels, so if if that's something you need to get done, but you can't find yours or it's broken, they have them here. something to keep you occupied if you're staying at home today. >> i can think of other ways to be occupied than to shovel snow. >> i appreciate the advice. >> all right. adam has been out and about on the roads all day and adam you've seen all kinds of different conditions. at last check you guys were headed towards the ken wood area, correct. >> yelp. we're here now. hey, remember when it was around christmastime and everybody was like, oh, where's the snow? we want snow. how do you like it now? >> because this is not pretty. long. we've been all over the tri-state and believe it or not, for slowly as we're moving this is a pretty substantial improvement from what we've seen in many other parts of
8:20 am
we're headed north on i71. i don't know how well you can see on the southbound side to the left of your screen, but traffic moving much much slower making their way into downtown. the exit ramps and the entrance ramps, those are a little dicey right now. took us a long time to to get on to i71. but we're here, we made it and it looks like for the most part, i think the more the cars drive over it, the more the roads are starting to clear up a little bit. that could also be attributed to crews laying down salt, plows coming through, getting rid of some of this stuff. but usually you can see the build up of snow on the side -- off to the side of the road here, but not really seeing that right now, just the snow that's falling. so i would attribute it to cars, just generally traffic clearing it out. slushy right now and that's kind of what we've been seeing. i'd say over the course of the past hour. the roads that were slick are starting to turn into slush. which is -- which is better than
8:21 am
were starting to see early in the morning overall, particularly on the western portion of hamilton county where we were seeing some issues between 5:30 and 6:30 i think is where we saw the bulk of our issues of course traffic backed up as we head into claremont county on both sides as you made your way towards 471 and heading towards 71, 75, that area. northern kentucky early this morning we've had brandon down there all morning long. we've got perry on the west side. we have you covered. again we're heading north and it looks like things are kind of starting to slow down. we are approaching the ronald reagan highway. i would imagine that's probably what is leading to the backup. we are approaching now. we're under a bridge. that's why it's dark. don't be scared. we're not scared. a reminder. if you're heading out, we've seen some folks and i said this about an hour ago, some folks that weren't really respecting the rules of the road.
8:22 am
not smart in this stuff. you know, we don't need any cowboys out here. be safe. respect the snow. respect other drivers. keep it safe distance. if you don't really have to head out anywhere, i would advise against going outside today. at least this morning until crews can get out and get this rush hour traffic off the road. crews can start to clean up and hopefully -- hopefully things will be cleared up around noon. >> for now we're going to send it back inside the studio. jen as a look at traffic, dogs. i don't know what jen is going to talk about, but it's going to be something you're going to enjoy. hey, jen. >> you need to be safe out there while you're having a good time on the roads. i wanted to start with our map without any of the incidents we have. because if you take a close look at this, you can see lots of red around the area. that is showing you where traffic is still just creeping along this morning. now let's bring up our accidents and you can see that we do have several around the area, so i want to start with a couple new ones that we have. oliver road at stevenson road an accident.
8:23 am
reported. we have glen way at rapid run. that one had injuries earlier. watch for that. and while we're on u.s. 50. our boss apparently is letting us know that he's on u.s. 50 a little bit further east closer to 75 and he said it's just creeping along. so coming over the sixth street viaduct area inbound, traffic along 50 and sixth street slow this morning. 275 up near blue rock, we've had a couple of different issues. we've got an accident report 275 near reagan so that top portion of our 275 loop has been the area where we've seen the most issues. princeton glendale 275. this one finally cleared. 275 near springfield pike. here's a live look that area. no more flashing lights over to the right hand lane and you can see traffic is finally moving much better through that area. it's still very slow near colerain. take a look at the live camera there. i still see some salt trucks going
8:24 am
like traffic is kind of creeping along up near colerain and that's where we had overturned vehicles earlier. we had cars sliding off the side of the road. it does look maybe like we still have something off to the right-hand shoulder at this point in time. roads around the tri-state area are still looking bad. you're still slow along 74 in the eastbound direction as well this morning. we're going to keep an eye on things for you and let you know how things are looking, but for now let's go ahead and send it back to the newsdesk. >> all right. we've had a number of people talking about the clearing of roads and that sort of thick and somebody who can help us negotiate at least what's happening in northern kentucky is nancy wood from the transportation cabinet. >> thanes thank you for taking some time this morning. i know it's getting busy and electric particular for you. not a whole lot of snow out there, but it certainly seems to be slowing folks down quite a bit. >> right. the timing is always a challenge, especially this morning with the intensity of the snow happening right at rush hour.
8:25 am
we have 130 of them district wide, and they'll be out there all morning until we find the pavement. >> now, a number of our coworkers, they come in from high across 275 on to 471 and they reported having some particular troubled. was that a real challenge for you this morning. >> it was. our trucks will be out there and they might start on a slow lane and make a pass and start on the middle lane and then traffic picks up and then the intensity of the snow and then it covers up what we treated and then we're still trying to get over to the fast line and work around traffic. so our drivers have a big challenge, especially during rush hours, but they're very dedicated and we'll be continuing all morning. >> and nancy, we've seen really over the years, john and i talk before it a lot. there used to be a day where snow like this, especially once it hit 71, 75 would just bring thing to a complete standstill. have you and are you sort of always
8:26 am
going to focus to make sure you're hitting those spots that are most heavily traveled? >> well, in recent years we find that having three trucks that are just dedicated to that 6-mile section from like the buttermilk to the bridge, that's what we called the cut hill area. we have three trucks that are just constantly patrolling and going up and down the hill and i just looked on the cameras and i see the pavement. i mean, it's still a slow go this morning, but the cut and in the hill looks like traffic is moving and we got that section of roadway open. so we're just going to continue the mission. >> we are looking that on our -- the traffic camera right now and you can see the northbound side is backed up some, but that's -- i morning you expect that anyway. but i will -- that's the way i come into work. and i can agree that they do an outstanding job in clearing the cut in the hill. so i guess that as you keep that
8:27 am
you will move trucks over to another section maybe. >> no. we'll still keep the three trucks there. they'll just continue that all morning and we have all of our 130 trucks out there running their routes. we focus on the primary routes first of course which are interstates and four lane highways. and then moving out to the secondary routes they try to treat those every four hours on the secondary roads. so it's just one of those mornings and kind of snows and the timing of this snow that we just need patience from everybody and we're moving along with the traffic. unfortunately we can't move any faster because a lot of our trucks are also sort of stuck with the rush hour traffic. but once this traffic clears this morning, they will be able to move a little bit easier and continue plowing and treating roadways. >> and nancy we're actually looking
8:28 am
he is on the move with one of our video gravers. are you sometimes surprised when it's a snow like this and it's not a lot of snow at just how much it seems to slow our area down and not just northern kentucky, it's all over the tri-state, but you're handling that side of the river so we'll ask you as far as what you see out there. are you sometimes surprised by just how much this affects a morning commute? it does. it's crazy. i mean, our office is right over here. we look at the interstate every morning and usually between 7:00 and 9:00 it's slow, and we're still seeing that. but i think everybody is being cautious and that's a good thing, because you don't want that to domino, somebody getting out of control and then having backups that way. so taking it slow on a day like today is not a bad thing. >> and we've been looking at a number of traffic cameras in northern kentucky and as you noted we can see pavement on just about every shot we've seen. >> nancy, when you have got a snow like this and of course we're all looking ahead to friday a little
8:29 am
what you are doing today as you look ahead? are you going to keep on plowing forward and you'll worry about friday when friday gets here. >> yeah, from some of the forecasts from what we're hearing from everybody we're on a fine line for friday so we just have to wait until we get a little closer so we can get a better game plan and let everybody know what we're doing, but right now we're focusing on this morning and getting the roadways clear and getting everybody to their destination safely. >> nancy wood from kentucky's transportation cabinet. thanks so much for spending a little time with us this morning. >> thank you. >> john gumm has been with us all morning long. this poor guy was in florida less than 24 hours ago and we welcomed him home with some white stuff. >> what a way to welcome me back. i was in shorts and a t-shirt all week. >> hey, take a look at the snowfall reports so far. we've got the highest report that i
8:30 am
as we told you the heavier snow would be to the south and west of downtown cincinnati. that's what set up 1.5". wyoming with an inch and closing in on 2" there in mars hill, indiana, so it's been exactly as we expected and you know the reason this event is having a little higher impact than the one a few weeks ago is because the air temperatures are so much colder. pavement temperatures are so much collet and as a result it's stickily to the roads readily and that's what we're seeing. this is precision doppler hd. it continued around the entire i275 loop. you get to donorsville, middletown, you get the picture. everyone is seeing light snow. hillsboro, west union, george down, augusta. county.
8:31 am
through versailles you can see snow. tunnel. the snow coming to an end in columbus, indiana and that end of the snow approaching decatur county, indiana, along i74 as well. let's loop things into the future over the next few hours. we start now ask we're going to take you right through 10:30. notice the back edge of the snow between 10:30 and 11:00 now my estimate for when the light accumulating snow is going to end. now, as the snow ends, you may see some light freezing drizzle continue through the late morning up into the early afternoon. pavement temperatures are in the teens and 20s. bad data there from anderson and oxford. but plenty cold enough for the snow to stick, even with the presence of road salt down. here's our atrium. this is from college hill. we're looking out at winton road there and you can see things don't look terribly bad at least from that view out there on win torn road this morning, but the snow
8:32 am
i can give you some other views too. there's tower cam. we're splitting tower cam. you can see the roads ways there. are we looking at gilbert there, josh? hard to tell. >> that's gilbert avenue and you can see there's snow on gilbert and the atrium medical center looking into downtown cincinnati. where light snow is continue to go fall. and i want to give you one other view her just to show you if we can, oxford. let's by that up. oxford. picturesque there looking at oxford and you can see the snow falling there on our atrium medical center cam this morning. temperature readings again running in the teens right now. we'll make it to the 20s. more snow possible as we get into friday. it's 16 degrees now a wind chill of 7 with light snow reported at the airport. temperatures in the teens through the morning. we rise into the mid 20s. again that snow shuts off going between 10:30 and 11:00 in downtown cincinnati.
8:33 am
mid 20s late today with cloud cover lingering through the day. there's the winter weather advisory until 7:00 for most everyone in the tri-state, fayette and union not included, but still bad conditions up there with a lot of roadways across southeast indiana not treated. there's the snow this morning. again, starts to taper off. there's the line at 11:00, it starts to move east of cincinnati and then by later today we are snow free. although again some patchy freezing drizzle is a possibility. 1" to 2" for most. an inch or less to the north. south will be 3". some places may be a little over 3. this is a quick moverrer, so it's coming in like gang busters. bringing the snow. it will move out and you'll notice to the west of our cloud cover lingering. once we get rid of this system, there's another one that we're going to watch as we get into friday and we're going to be on the edge of this one. high pressure later today. tonight, tomorrow, giving us quiet weather. tomorrow late day. we watch this low kicking out of
8:34 am
exactly where this thing goes will determine what we see here in cincinnati and still this far out, the models can be 50, 60, 70 miles off on the track of the low. 50, 60, miles can make the difference between flurries and friday. we'll be watching that as it gets closer. right now the models are trending more in a southerly direction for friday's storm so it looks like we're going to be right on the edge of this one with the best chance of accumulation to the south and east of cincinnati. certainly could change here. this is going to be a big snow maker. whether or not it's going to be a big snow maker for us or parts of our area or south of our area still remains to be seen depending where that storm system tracks and we'll have more data as we go through this afternoon and into this evening. 25 your high today. snow ending, clouds lingering, 20s dropping into the teens tonight. we'll see some clearing tonight. 31 tomorrow.
8:35 am
then there is the chance for snow on friday. a high of around 33 degrees friday. the weekend looks quiet. could be some flurries early saturday. highs in the mid to upper 30s this weekend. sunday looks nice, but chilly. monday we're warmer but wet with a chance for rain showers coming in and snow showers as we turn a little colder there into tuesday. but right now it looks like a decent weekend, maybe some flurries early saturday. depends on how that next storm system tracks sunday. it looks quiet and when you are on the go of course you can keep up with everything. john, bob, back to you. >> very good. thank you, john. we're trying to stay on top exactly how the snow is affecting. >> absolutely. and megan moore started her morning here in the newsroom talking about the frosting on top of cakes and now she's talking a whole different kind of frosting out there this morning. it looks like you have a aaa truck out there with you megan. >> roadside asness as you can imagine crews are very busy. we're here with roger and you said your day is just getting started,
8:36 am
>> it's going to be a very long day. i'm sure. i'm just looking at the cars and how slow they're going on the highways. it's probably going to be a very long day. i can imagine. yes. >> driving into work this morning, which way did you come and what did you see? >> i actually came down 50. i live in the west price hill area and coming down the hill very very slow move this morning. just trying to not to slide off the roads and as you got on to the highway, you could barely see the lines on the highway and it was very hard to tell what's a lane and what's a shoulder and just she she slow moving this morning. >> of course on a day like this, obviously the is now, it's not going to stop any time soon. what are some of the issues you guys are going to be responding to like see a lot of -- if folks are not careful driving, you can see a lot of folks driving off the roads or ending up on the embank. or in the ditches and stuff like that. some of our trucks have capabilities so if you need aaa to come out, call us. give us a little bit of time.
8:37 am
if your car battery is dead, call us and we'll come give you a jump start and take a look at it for you and we'll get you going whatever way we can get you going. >> you said as far as how many cases i may respond to this morning, what's that number? >> the fleet itself can easily -- you know, we can easily get up in the upper hundreds, but on an average day like this you can see a person probably tenor more. >> you're just getting your day started. you're actually helping somebody out right in this area. >> yeah, right in the parking lot i'm actually going to make my way over to them right now. hopefully i'll stay this area, but it's very likely i could end up day. >> thank you so much for talking with us this morning. be careful out there. >> thank you. >> i know it's probably going to be a long day for him and we're also here along i71.
8:38 am
route earlier and it looks like 71 south, coming inner. make it into the fast lane take it slow. i know a lot of people are in a rush to get where they need to go this morning, but just be careful that the most important thing is getting there. for now we're going to send it back to you guys. >> shows shots of i71. normally this time of the morning you're about finished. >> taking a look out from the tower cam right now. we're looking right now. this is an infamous intersection. >> let me tell you. i dry 11 miles from northern kentucky into my work here, but the toughest part of my road is coming up dorchester and making that left turn on to highland and this is at we are. >> look at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. see that car barely making it up
8:39 am
see that? >> absolutely. that's been me. >>been there. i feel you. >> i mean, i'm not going to come help right now because i can't, but i feel bad for you. >> let's find out if we need to feel bad -- he got moving again. see if we need to feel bad for another one of our local 12 reporters. larry davis in westwood. how are you doing, larry? >> hey, bob, not too bad, but i'm a little surprised at this. we don't have that much snow out there and it seems like they have plenty of time to get ready for this, and i would give the streets that i have been on harrison avenue c. for the most part 60% to 70% is covered by snow and people -- i'm going about 30 miles an hour. not too bad for conditions like this and there's not a whole lot of traffic on the streets right now, but my biggest challenge lengyel was coming down the development on the top of the hill at harrison and those guys always do a magnificent job of keeping that hill clean
8:40 am
and i was biting all my nails off on the way down, but i made it and then again on harrison it was worse on harrison than it was on that hill. so i'm coming down westwood near the boulevard right now and i see a pickup truck now sliding trying to get up the hill. this is a pickup truck and so you would think that normally he would be able to navigate a little bit better than this. but he's having some difficulty right now. i saw a plow truck out. take it easy out there. traffic is moving, but, again, i'm a little surprised that things are. so a slow go this morning. >> and larry, we were just talking to nancy woods with the transportation cabinet not long ago. we said the same thing. this is one of the things where people get that angry, this is not that much snow. why are you talking about snow. >> larry said, why this probably causing so much trouble. >> my guess is -- go ahead, larry. >> i was going to say, i think joe
8:41 am
i think it's a matter of timing. it's a matter of timing. once traffic hit the roads ways and those trucks were out, it's difficult for the salt or whatever to take effect and you have all that traffic on there and that causes a problem. so it's not -- it's surprising in a way, but then again you think, well, they've had plenty of time to get to this, but that's -- those of us who are driving right now who are complain being it. >> true. larry, give our viewers some sense you. like ordinarily how long would it have taken you to get to this point on your commute and how long did it take you this morning. >> well, i took an alternate route. i went down 74, eastbound on 74, but i was listening to jen dalton and she told me there were problems on 74 and i saw the cameras and so i decide to do take harrison down to westwood northern. so i'm going 30. i'm going to be late for work. but as long as i get there.
8:42 am
tonight, thank goodness. right now i'm on -- and i'm spin sitting right now. standstill. i think this is -- we're beyond, i think it's montana. so it's a little dicey right now, moving. >> okay. you're allowed to be late. technically you made this phone call so you're already on the clock. >> you're already at work. >> do i get overtime? >> i'll sign off on it, larry. >> i'll take care of that for you. it's funny, larry just mentioned he just passed montana and we were looking at a traffic camera on the split screen. that is 74 at montana and obviously eastbound traffic is very very slow right there, but jen tells me that the ramp that comes down -- you come down that hill on montana, that is a steep hill and jen says she's gotten several tweets, e-mails this morning saying that hill as you come down montana in order to get to i74 is parking lot right now.
8:43 am
>> well, and i mean, perhaps that's another one of the reasons we do have as much trouble as we do. a lot of hills around here and a lot curves and when it hits like it hits. when i came in there wasn't a snowflake on the ground yet. >> i did 60 all the way in. >> when it hit, it hit at the bad time of the morning. >> i tell you what, adam has been out there. he's been out east, he's been out west. he's been everywhere, man. >> where are you now, adam. >> welcome back as long as we're playing the role here and issuing out grades, i'm going to go ahead and give the roads a d plus that's d as in dog. i not beimpressed with the quality, and that's speaking for a great portion of the through state, and i am proud to say, i've pretty much been everywhere as you said. we are on ronald reagan cross
8:44 am
you will, but i'm calling it mucky or yucky. it's kind of gross out. the roads are still covered and the volume of traffic has light end up at least headed webb. if you can see on the left side of your screen, that's the eastbound portion of traffic. they are not going anywhere fast. they're heading towards i-75. i-75 southbound looks like a mess. it was -- it was backed up as far as we could see. the cars that were trying to make their way on there were backed up and that's causing this backup which is looks like as far as the eye can see quite literally here we're approaching north college hill, mount healthy exit here on hamilton county 127. kind of going back to where we started in the morning in lawrenceburg where we saw some snowfall around 4:00, 4:30. that's when we saw things start to pick up.
8:45 am
county on 275 in both directions we saw issues. we saw cars turned over. we saw cars off to the side, down emembankments. i would dish out that d plus, but i don't know that there's anything necessarily that could have been done. when you have these temperatures as john gumm has been saying, temperatures so cold the pavement temperatures so cold the snow is going to be cold objects. once the snow falls, once it hits the ground, anything that was laid down previously really isn't going to matter and we saw that today. we've been seeing it all over the tri-state from the east side on 275 all the way to the rest side near cleves and into indiana. northern kentucky we've obviously had you covered there as well and the roads have been a mess that's the story of the day. roads are messy. and we're on them. but we're on them and we're proudly bringing you updates as much as we can and i hope that you'll -- i hope that you will check back in with us here shortly.
8:46 am
>> don't you worry buddy. we're going to keep on keeping on until level. >> we're going to be on through 10:00 this morning. of course we're trying to keep track of the accidents and that sort of thing that are happening and local 12 brandon orr is out there. >> we were out driving around. we were going south on 75 away from cincinnati. that side of the road is moving along pretty good. it's the side that's northbound going towards downtown is the one that's a mess. we came by and saw what looked like a show accident and they had a couple police cars out there, they were in the process of clearing it when when he pulled off the road they just left probably no more than 10 seconds ago. they literally just all pulled away and cleared it. but there's another one going northbound about a mile between here. there's small accidents all along i-75 because it's stop-and-go,
8:47 am
people are having trouble stopping. we're just passing the 1" mark. at least here in florence. the snow is still coming down. they're having trouble keeping the roads clear because because of hold cold it is. it's been in the teens and now into the lower 20s for much of the area much of this morning. we're going to continue to be out here. we're going to get back in the car. we'll be driving around and we'll talk to you in a little bit with what's going on elsewhere. guys, back to you. >> all right, brandon, thanks so much. be careful out there. it looks like we're still having a few issues out there. we've hit the time of the morning where a lot of our reporters start making their way in. >> and they're trying to get in any way and their commute has been ordinarily is. >> and i believe on u.s. 52 is where we find i believe paula tony might be on the phone. good morning, paula. >> good morning.
8:48 am
because i put on facebook that 52 riverside drive going west into town was just hardly any traffic at all 45 minutes ago and now fits real slow going. it's not quite a standstill, but very slow, so certainly allow some extra time and that always tells me that that means columbus bee -- columbus bee a parkway and there's almost no traffic >> so clearly people are trying to make their way to work and it's just -- allow extra time. the road is clear, but just very very slow. >> and it's sort of surprising i think paula on a morning like this where we have as many closures as we have in terms of schools being out and that kind of thing that we still end up with so many slow spots though we have so many fewer cars on the road. >> that's what i am thinking. i guess people feel they need to get to work as do i. when i heard larry david called in,
8:49 am
>> you're on the clock, paula. >> you're on the clock. >> there you go. you be safe and we'll see you here in just a little while. >> thanks, bye. >> there have been actions here and there. brandon told us about one down in florence and jen has really taking a look at the big picture. >> she's been all over social media this morning. you've got something up over on facebook over there. >> we're doing a little bit of social media magic here. she sent us a video on our facebook page when somebody e-mailed to me that i sent to twitter and i can bring it up. this is a look, we were telling people how heavy montana and the northern is. she says a standstill at the westwood northern boulevard on montana and several people had posted on our facebook page. i'll play it again. that's the hill, bob correct me if i am wrong on montana that goes down towards 74 and it can being treacherous in these kind of conditions and you can see folks
8:50 am
to the westwood northern boulevard. that's what this video is showing us this morning. so thank you for sending that in. that really gives viewers a personal view of exactly what's going on there. give me one second as i load my traffic map back. we appreciate seeing that video, because i can bring up cameras all around the interstates but we don't often get a close look at the roads. as we are looking at our other traffic problems that we see right now, i know brandon was saying he had one along 71, 75, we're still seeing some heavy snow out there this morning. take a look at this. 275, it looks like the roads are moving along okay. i know earlier it was kind of treacherous out there, but it definitely looks like we're seeing maybe some precipitation coming down there. you can see up near colerain where we had multiple problems earlier this morning. it looks like things have light end up out there as far as traffic is concerned. all around the tri-state. here's where paula was coming in.
8:51 am
this is as columbia parkway heads into downtown. you can see that it appears that that will be salted and traffic seems to be moving okay once you get into that area. lots of fender-benders out there this morning, but again on 275, the top loop is where we've had lots of problems. we've had one near blue cold, colerain and pool, an accident reported there at this time. princeton glendale at 275. we've got new haven and hamilton cleves, so lots of stuff to watch out for this morning as far as accidents are concerned. fender bender-ish, but our interstates are starting to lighten up a little bit. i want to go back and end near the cut in the hill where we're still seeing some slow traffic along 71, 75 as you can see from this look here, but it looks like we're lightning up out there as far as volume. john?
8:52 am
>> and around an inch of snow reported in amelia, wyoming, 1.1" of snow reported in hamilton so it's not a lot but enough to make for some issues because the roads are so cold due to the fact that we've had single digits readings. low temperatures in the teens and the 20s. bad day coming out of anderson township. this is a look at precision doppler 12hd. light snow continues to fall across the greater cincinnati area. it continues from hamilton up to middletown, up to lebanon, williamsburg, and i think you get the picture here. however we're begin to go see the back edge of that snow approaching the greater cincinnati area, so through northern kentucky, snow. but look at this. into ripley county, it's starting to shut down now. so you're wrapping up with 2.8" of
8:53 am
as some drier air comes in from the west. we can look at things into the future over the next few hours. you'll snow the snow lifting out of the area. we'll take you now through 11:00 a.m. and the back edge of that snow, the end of it coming through downtown cincinnati roughly by about 11:00 so it will begin to end. as the snow ends you might see a little bit of patchy freezing drizzle behind the snow. here's the view into oxford. isn't that a -- some light snow falling in oxford right now from the atrium medical center camera. 16 degrees at the airport, east southeast winds at 8 giving us a wind chill of 5 degrees. we're in the teens this morning. we'll make it back close to 20 at noon today. snow coming to an end roughly around 11:00 and then into the afternoon, clouds continue. temperatures in the mid 20s by late today with cloud cover through the evening, even into the evening. we'll see a bit of clearing come into the picture late tonight. there's the winter weather advisory for everyone with the exception of
8:54 am
just as bad that way as well with some snow continuing to come down. here we are putting things in motion through the morning. snow again coming to an end roughly by about around 11:00. there it is. this model doing great. the forecast radar here at 11:00. spot on. notice by the afternoon all the snow is gone. clouds persisting the rest of the day. temperatures getting into the 20s. another point i want to make will help that salt do a good job later this afternoon. so that will have to kick in so your drive home will be way way better than what the drive in is going to be through 4:00, cloud coverage continues. some north less than an inch. some to the south could be slightly over 3" by the time everything winds down. this is a quick mover, this one moves out of the picture and then we're watching another one potentially moving into the picture on friday. now, the next one that we're watching for friday we're going to be on the edge of that one and
8:55 am
watch over the next couple of days. high pressure builds in later today and tonight. so the weather quiet tomorrow. tomorrow we're looking good. we're going to bring back some sunshine, getting to the low 30s. we'll melt away from the snow we have. birth by late tomorrow, here's low pressure moving out of attention into louisiana. it will move to the northeast. half north it goes has a huge impact on our forecast here in the cincinnati area. now, the latest computer model information we have then taking a more southerly track with this. why is that important? just a distance of 30, 40, 50, 60 miles can mean the difference between flurries at your house and accumulating snow on friday. right now my gut is telling me that the best chance of accumulating snow is going to be southeast of cincinnati on friday. as you get into the southeastern counties you folks have the highest chance of accumulating snow to the north and northwest of downtown cincinnati. the lowest chance of seeing accumulating snow at this point. stay tuned for the latest.
8:56 am
information later this morning into the afternoon and we will continue to update you on friday's forecast. but the potential for snow is there, especially in our southern and eastern counties during the day friday. look at this, winter storm watches friday. this does cover the louisville area to electrics it's ton to jackson over to charleston, west virginia, so they've already started issuing those winter storm watches to the south of us, a little more certain that they're going to see significant travel issues on friday down that way. 25 your high today. skies cloudy. tonight 20 degrees at 8:00. 18 at midnight. we'll see some clearing late tonight going down to about 15 tomorrow morning. 31 your high tomorrow with a blend of sun and clouds and then 33 friday, a chance for snow. that chance higher south and east of cincinnati. lower to the north and west of downtown cincinnati. let's look at the rest of your planning forecast here. you're going to find temperatures
8:57 am
chance for a flurry early there and then sunday quiet, 37, some rain -- yeah, rain, not snow returns on monday and we get up to 43 and then some snow showers possible into tuesday of next week. taking a look at your we could, morning flurries saturday, 35 and upper 30s with a blend of sunshine and clouds anticipated on sunday. guys, back to you. >> well, we're heading toward rarified air. >> we're going to continue to report on the snowfall that's happening this morning. it's only going to be on local 12. we'vewe've we're always on, but we stayed on local 12 because of the issues we've seen on the roads this morning as we continue from final to 10:00. we are going to continue with special coverage this morning in you're onstar 64 right now you'll want to switch back over to local 12. >> we've had a number of people to call into tell us about their commutes in. we also have megan moore out.
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