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tv   Local 12 at Noon  CBS  January 20, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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not a lot of folks are going to be out on the roads. most of them have been salted. 74 was a mess earlier this morning, quiet at this point in time. we did just get in two reports of accidents that are new. these are relatively new extent that just popped up. 74 near u.s. 52. this is not far from where we had that problem last week, i think where we had that big pile-up. but 74 near u.s. 52. exit 169. we have a report of an accident there blocking one or more lanes. buckeye traffic or odot just sent in a note saying that the road was closed on 71 bound near mile marker 40. bob herzog is handing me a note and it is right near 73. we don't have any cameras in
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71 southbound is closed near 73 right now. we will update you on social media, on local 12, on the air and on as well. again, as we look around at our interstates, most of them within the 275 loop looking okay. john, back to you. >> john: thank you for that. meantime the snow is on its way dusting. a look at your no wait weather. >> the snow is moving out. the threat for accumulating snow is going to end for the next hour or so. clinton, highland, brown, adams, bracklin, robinson and macon counties are the only ones in effect until 7:00. there will be lingering effects. use caution even as visibility ies
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potential for slick spots within the next couple of hours. a winter weather advisory is out for only our eastern counties at this time. temperatures will gradually rise up between 20 and 25 this afternoon. there will be flurries around early, visibilities will be improving and then we'll be mostly cloudy or have partial clearing this evening with temperatures gradually falling back into into the upper teens. temperatures won't rise that much through the day, but at least snow is moving out. we have some breaks in the cincinnati. live precision doppler 12 hd shows we're done with accumulating snow. well to the east of the 275 loop. snow still falling near peeples and georgetown. temperatures now are rising up to the teens. spots around 20s. wind chills in the teens for most. coming up, we have the potential for another round of snow as we
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we'll investigate that and discuss the impacts of that late week system in ten minutes. john. >> john: thank you. take a look at this. this video of people out and about at mt. adams. slick roads can be a real problem for people trying to get around the slick and curvy streets of mt. adams. >> adam has been out driving all morning long. he has had a chance to get a bite to eat and get recharged and he's back in westchester right now. good afternoon, adam. >> reporter: good afternoon. john gumm pointed out it was essentially like we drove to milwaukee this morning. no one 1 wants to drive to milwaukee. it doesn't look great, but conditions aren't that bad.
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on 75 southbound just north of 27 275 and that extended a while. we got off at union center and center. you may want to think about finding an alternate route like we are going to do. the story of the morning has been kind of hit or miss spots, parts of 75 looked fine. other parts still looked like they were a mess, it really just depends on what part of town you're travelling through. here in westchester, you can see the slop right here. then the closer you get to 75 and the entrance ramps to the interstate, it looks a little bit better. now that the snow is moving out, i think we'll be in pretty decent -- excuse me, i tropical microphone here.
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as we were wrapping up our morning coverage. >> thank you for that firsthand look there. megan moore is out in clermont county. megan, i know the snow is slowly moving towards the east, is it still snowing where you are? >> reporter: very, very lightly. we're here in newtown. i think they are pretty well treated. many of us have been out here for hours in the snow. i'm sure some of you are sitting at home not very envious of where we have been all day and all morning. we're here in newtown and it smells heavenly in here. we had to stop and check out the
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in new town. rc, you were saying that today might be slow for business, but i've seen quite a few traffic in here. >> yes. surprisingly, we have a lot of loyal guests that come out for the barbecue. it is definitely worth it. >> what were the roads like? >> here in new town, not too bad. they have certainly shaped up over the last hour and a half. >> it got gradually better as it got to this area. >> the weather has an impact on what you all do here. here is video of nancy, the pitmaster here, a lot of work goes into preparing and planning ahead for what the next day is going to look like. process. here we do everything fresh, so the night before we have to plan on what we're going to sell the next day. so nothing is going to be reheated. we have to guesstimate how many guests will come in.
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then see how that goes. >> we were talking with nancy a little bit, she said this weather makes things a little bit more difficult when you're trying to prepare the food. >> a little bit. we're working with wood and fire, and the big metal boxes, which are smokers, so we're attempting to cook in zero degree weather some days. it is like heating up your car, it takes a while to get insulated and heated. >> it smells delicious. some customers are here already enjoying some nice lunch. definitely impacting businesses, for the most part, it looks like the snow has slowed down, especially here in new town. >> we'll send it back to you, jon. >> make sure you check out the latest closings and delays, you can find a complete list on our website at >> more coverage of conditions winter is hard on your nose. from first sniffles to endless runny noses.
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. >> all right. more weather coverage for you now, local 12's perry schaible is out on the west side of green township. when it comes to conditions, what are you finding right now? i know it improved gradually all morning. >> much improved, we have seen that improvement throughout the morning, the snow started falling here about 4:30 this morning.
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getting up and down this hill here, making their way to i-74. throughout the morning conditions improved. we saw snow-covered roads go to some pavement, some lanes in the road, to slush and now it is pretty much just wet. people not having any problem at this point. it still kind of seems to be a little bit tentative, taking it a little bit slow as they head down this hill to the highway. as you can see, they are getting by pretty well right now. that doesn't mean you can just drive at normal speeds and not pay attention. as you kind of cross lanes and get stuck in that slushy stuff, that still could causes you to slide a bit. this hill coming up here still has a lot of slush on it. that's not because they haven't tried to clear things out there.
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i've been impressed by how many snow plows have been paying attention to this specific parking lot. the problem becomes when you turn off of harrison, which is fairly clear at this point. you're turning into that slushy stuff. people get halfway up of the hill, the tires start to spin and that's when they have trouble. >> i talked to myra stacey, she said she didn't have too much of a problem. >> getting some stuff for my mother she's 92. we picked her up some doughnuts and fresh milk and, you know, essentials essentials. trying to stay warm and go home and watch movies. >> reporter: yeah, i think that's a great idea. another great idea, sled riding. kids maybe it is time to get out there. one of the first snow days of the season, hopefully they are enjoying it. john, back to you. >> john: i'll let you get back
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you, perry. >> the snowy conditions are trending today. several local 12 viewers spent in pictures.
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look at your facebook posts. >> what i was trying to say was, the local 12 facebook page was very, very busy this morning and it has kind of gone to the dogs, technically, it is the afternoon now. a lot of people taking the opportunity to sent in pictures of their pets out in the snow, enjoying the snow. some not quite making it inside. linda checks in with her six-month-old mini aussie rosko. rosko is going to town this morning. >> then, i like this one, from melissa, melissa checks in with a picture of tuxie. tuxie is thinking, oh, look, it is a dog. in the snow where it is cold. look at me, i'm a cat, i stayed
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lots of pictures this morning, thank you for checking in and letting us tell the story. >> john: meteorologist brandon orr. >> reporter: we're right next to the kroger at i-75. when we were at kroger we talked to kristi, she was coming out to do some shopping. she said when she was out earlier, the roads were bad, but fast improvements in the last couple of hours. >> the side roads were pretty bad this morning. i see the salt trucks are finally coming on the side rods. the dixie highway was fine this morning. >> if you had to give a message out to the other drivers out there driving in this, what would you tell them? >> i would say take it slow, but you can get out there, the roads aren't that bad. >> you see what the problem is,
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>> good afternoon, the winter
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much of the tri-state this morning has been trimmed back. it is only out for our far eastern and southeastern counties through 7:00 p.m. accumulating snow has already come to an end for areas along and to the west of interstate 75. there will be flurries and snow showers from clinton county down to maysville for the next hour or so. the winter weather advisory continue to see get trimmed back as snow moves out of the tri-state. we're done with accumulating snow. there will be lingering flurries around this afternoon. all of the flurries that we have in the tri-state are in highland, adams and brown county. i expect snow to come to a complete end by late this afternoon. we're likely see partial clearing. we're up into the low and mid 20s by late this afternoon.
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weather authority app has been updated. something that will be of great use even if snow is coming to an end, another round of snow forecast on friday. a lot of uncertainty in the track and the amounts. the forecast will be updated later today. tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night, a lot of you have been focused on snow today and friday. we will provide updates on air, on line, and from our meteorologists on the go in the coming hours, especially with friday's event. right now, we have a temperature of 20 degrees atop the radisson on the atrium center weather cam. snow is coming to an end. we'll have to track more snow as we get close to the weekend. madeira is 18. versailles at 18. wind chills are in the teens. we'll take 19.
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degrees late this afternoon. snow is moving out. i expect partial clearing late this afternoon and this evening, we'll see filtered sun tomorrow, we're back to cloudy with at least snow showers on friday. steadier snow to the south and southeast of cincinnati. big area of low pressure coming through the eastern 2/3 of the nation. snow is moving out. snow showers and flurries favored to the southeast and east of cincinnati at 1:00. a weak area of high pressure moves in later today and tonight. we'll scrub out some of the clouds, but not all of them. mostly cloudy tonight. we'll have filtered sun tomorrow. occasionally we'll see a brightening of skies, more clouds than sun tomorrow. clouds thicken up tomorrow night, notice rain and snow, depicted in green, blue, and the yellow and red colors and then
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overspreading the tri-state on friday. we'll be on the northern flank of this system. we'll see more snow than anything. there's uncertainty in the track. the threat level through tonight, be aware. we have picked up one to three inches of snow. i suspect road conditions will improve thanks to snow moving out. higher amounts to the south and the southeast of cincinnati, the track is still uncertain. we'll review the latest data and give you more today. 24 the forecast high this afternoon. partial clearing is forecast later today and tonight. planning forecast shows that we've got warmer air coming for the weekend after that bought with snow on friday. and sunday. some flurries around when you watch good morning cincinnati on saturday.
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we'll have >> a really bad day on wall street so far today, the new
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