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tv   Local 12 News at 5  CBS  January 20, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> bad timing and it may not be the worst we're seeing this week. meteorologist, erica collura pwith a first look at the forecast. >> good evening, to you. we are going to see a dry evening. more snow is headed our way by the end of the workweek. right now, this is about a 14 hour loop. this starts early this morning through now. we have a lot of snow to deal with this morning. actually not a whole lot in terms of inches. just a lot to deal with in the way of roadways. snow-free now. we still have a lot of clouds in the tri-state. the clouds will stick around for a little while longer. hd radar is dry. not expecting anymore snow throughout the evening, so you don't have to worry about that. lingering spots definitely a concern tonight. snow totals from this morning 1 1/2 for wilmington. 2.4 from the international airport. and 2 inches for
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we have the winter storm in effect for the snow storm. that's on friday. friday through wednesday morning at 7:00. that's for the area shaded in blue. for brown and adams county, southward through pretty much southern tier of the viewing area. that's where we can see the most significant snow totals coming up in about 10 minutes. we'll talk about the timing. what we know now for friday's snow storm and little bit of milder weather on the way much that's coming up in about 10 minutes. >> erica, thanks very much. for parents, unexpected snow day could be a headache >> and we're here at the corner of cluff and -- anderson township.
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earlier, it was a bit of a scramble, and when they found out late in the morning, the kids will be off to school. >> it was a good day for some elementary, second grader con nor duggin. >> you like snow days. >> yes. >> i don't have to do that much work. and when i'm off, i could play. >> and luckily, the day to play was not too hard on con nonor's mom. well. if i'm off andnd kids are off, it's a great day. . >> for other working parents, a snow day could lead to a last minute scramble. >> impacts my job. having to stay home and take -- change my priority to work, from my children. you -- messes up my day a little bit. buses at forest hills schools didn't leave.
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hour delay. 7:48, district cancelled school. . >> why do you like it >> i like to sleep in. >> and good for kate. not so great for his dad. >> made it out earlier in the day. >> for stacy and her kids, this snow day didn't cause too many problems. >> been a bad situation before, being called off. i don't think the roads are drivable. i wouldn't have felt safe. the kids are going to school. >> it really probably wasn't safe for the kids to be on the road this morning or standing out in the bus stop. i did reach out to the superintendent of the forest hills school district to see how he made the decision this morning. unfortunately, i dn hear back from him. everybody is out here playing
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photographer and i, watching everybody have fun. now that the story is over. i think it's time for us to have a little bit of fun. guys, could you help me out? rob and cammy, send it back to you. >> you still are a big kid. angenette. >> good job. >> i think mike williams, the photographer needs to get there next. >> i wanted to see what happened in the end. >> good job. thank you, angenette. way to go. >> touchdown. . and drivers struggled with the slick roads and bad visibility for much of the morning causing delays throughout the area. local 12, perry schaible looks side. >> things got started in green township early this morning. the snow started to come down around 4:30.
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covered pretty quickly, despite the salt crews going up and down harris avenue. as traffic increased, the roads turn to slush. people who stopped near meyer, rival road exits were not taking any chances, stopping for the essentials and heading home. meyer and stacy told me the expected. >> should have been earlier than they were. had to take my grandkids to preschool. and they were really kind of slick in certain spots, especially in the river road. >> it's very slick. it's very slick. even in our four-wheel drive, it's still slick. >> the issues with the snow is not the amount much the timing. most came down in the morning commute, not fun at all for drivers. certainly a good time for the kids, who got an unexpected day off. schaible, local 12 news >> want to see the pictures how the snow affects your life and neighborhood.
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you may see them on the air. >> sydney benter, went out to see how much progress the road crews made out throughout the day. where are you now? >> hi, cammy, we're not far. from where perry was earlier. and turning to harrison avenue in the green township area. on the way over here, we did go westward northern. the central lanes are very clear. it's outside lanes you have to be concerned about in some areas. we're passing the dip stip in green township. will head on to the residential road. it seems like the highways are just fine and even the secondary roads are okay. if you look at the residential road, you know, some of the plows have been able to get through a main area. if you had your car parked on the side of the road, you may have a little trouble getting
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for the most part, roads are kind of wet and slushy. drivers, aside from going slow in some areas. seems to be pretty clear by this point and in the afternoon. we will continue to drive around to the residential roads and update you if we will run into some trouble. if you know anyone who runs into roads that are in trouble, tweet me. for now, reporting live in green township, sydney benter, local 12 news. >> stay with local 12 for continuing coverage on winter weather. we will explore the questions that everybody is asking. why is it so bad this morning with a couple of inches of snow. nightmare on wall street. the markets slide deeper into negative territory.
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>> a dog dies after it's left with the ap mall welfare's van. sbca spokesperson says the pit bull mix was being transferred to two facilities. as a result, dog was found in
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the group says it never happened before with nearly 7 thousand dogs it transports a year. >> investors are wondering, amid the continued sell-off. jim wagner, stocks plunge because of falling oil prices. opening bell started a wild ride at the new york stock exchange. at one point, dow sank more than 500 points. an afternoon comeback reversed some of the damage. the dow finished down, 249 points. >> this is the new normal. >> falling oil prices sparked the initial sell-off. they are trading at 12 year lows because supply is way up and global demand is down. it's great news at the gas pump. the national average is $2 a gallon mark. it's bad news for energy
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thousands of companies, like north dakota and texas would work for them. >> will be losing their job or working less. the place they are buying shoes, is not making shoes. >> and it's a huge market for american goods. china's market, has dropped 40 percent since last summer and taking the world markets down with it. >> don't want to check your balances every night. >> the facility in wall street continues and it's not clear when it will end. joe wagner. >> and from a december that felt like spring. what record last year's weather
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we just >> schneider asked president obama on the denial on his request for flint. protesters outside michigan state house endured freezing temperatures
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the federal epa will not address the problem of lead contaminated problem when they learned about it early last year. >> governor is now the target of several class-action lawsuit. the latest is to stop flint from all water shutoff much the obama administration declared an emergency, decided the crisis doesn't meet the legal declaration of a major disaster. president candidates are sprinting towards the first nominating contest on iowa and new hampshire >> high-profile endorsement is a key role. donald trump and sarah pallin rallied in oklahoma, for the first time since he announced the support of the front-runner yesterday. >> are you ready to stump for trump? i'm here to support the next president of the united states of america. >> everybody wanted her endorsement. what you're doing donald, it's amazing.
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it is a movement. >> trump and ted cruz is running neck and neck in iowa. cruz took a hit when they came out against the texas senator. democratic side, president clinton stumped for his wife in new hampshire. hillary clinton leads nationally. the late of the cnn poll shows bernie sanders ahead of mrs. clinton by 27 points. iowa voters make their voice february 1st. sarah palin addressed her son's domestic violence. ptst. police arrested her oldest son and charged her with domestic assault. he hit his girlfriend and handled the gun while drunk. 2015 is the earth's hottest
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last year, the average temperature around the world was 58.6 degrees farenheit. that's up by a record margin. and nasa scientists say global warming is responsible. >> reason this is happening, it's because of the build-up of greenhouse gasses, carbon dioxide, that acts as insulating blanket on the earth. >> the vital signs with a fleet of satellite. and the national oceanic and atmospheric administration, rm whatter world means a wetter world, with more rainstorms and flooding and stronger heat wave. and the strong el nino, warming parts of the pacific ocean and changes weather worldwide. scientists believe 2016 will be even warmer. the first time in a long time i've seen such little snow do so much to cause traffic problems. >> and a nightmare. >> the timing.
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>> and right around rush-hour, you get that much volume of people. even if people leave a half an hour later than you do, you will get the same amount of cars. this is the days that you have to pack wrur patience. we'll continue to track the next system that could be more significant for portions of the tri-state. what we know now about the storm system. tonight, the roads should be just fine except for isolated slick and snowy areas like the secondary roads, that sydney showed you earlier. this is the picture from winchester. that's a nice winter theme. here it is. we're going to get more snow. share your photos on the facebook page, erica collura, local 12. share them on tv. share them on social media. i appreciate when you do send
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right now, we're cloudy, snow-free, which is great. live look at cincinnati, gloomy look from the atrium weather camera. temperatures are short of average. we're if the lower 20s from the airport. same thing for sharonville. alexandria, and off to the east, some of us like hillsborough, falling in the upper teens right now. peebles, one of the areas as well. at 19 degrees and west union, you're at 20. we're going to see a pretty chilly night. i expect them to be in the teens. right now, radar is dry. area of high pressure will continue to move in gradually. and the snow is continuing to move east of us. that will stay well east of us. the clouds will see partial clearing overnight and see a short window of time, we see a little bit of clearing take place and more clouds move in tomorrow morning. i expect mostly cloudy skies.
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tomorrow afternoon. this is the snow. the next system for friday. this will continue to develop and evolve. the models have been trending more south each and every run. i'll show you what's happening in the models. this blue indicates a winter storm watch. this is mainly for southern tier, brown and adams county south. the purple, the winter weather advisory, that's south of the local 12 viewing area. this storm will impact a lot of us. the winter storm watches span all the way to tennessee, to portions of the carolinas. we have a blizzard watch for washington, d.c. the bright green color you see there. we will see an impactful of storm for portions of the tri-state. it will be a nightmare for areas of the mid-atlantic. here at home, it's going to be windy. wind chills will be in the teens.
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higher snow totals to the southeast of cincinnati. with the new models in the afternoon, they are trending even more south than we were earlier today. we will continue to track this. i guarantee it will change several times, by the time we get to tomorrow afternoon. here's what the model looks like. tonight, we're dry. much isolated slick spots. secondary roads, that's about it. tomorrow, we're snow-free and partly cloudy skies in the afternoon and early evening, as you see here. that's 5:00. evening and morning commute will be great. this system comes from the south. this model doesn't bring in until late in the day. this will continue to develop throughout the day. there's 7:00 friday evening. it's here right now. we'll continue to watch that develop throughout the day. we can see snow earlier to the south of cincinnati. tonight, we're dry. temperatures fall into the teens tomorrow.
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high, mix of clouds and sun. friday, it will be a messy day, late in the day for some of us. windy for saturday. temperatures back 40 degrees on monday, with chance of rain turning into snow on tuesday >> thanks very much. out with the old and in with the new. changes after this weekend. your college-bound student needs to know about the s.a.a.t.t. this small-business owner is looking to expand. how can a bank help? at huntington, we love working with small businesses.
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. >> the college entrance exam this weekend. hundreds and thousands of students nationwide will sit, squirm and stress in the reading, writing and math test. revamped version of the s.a.t. makes its debut in march. the new test will focus more on what students are focused in the classroom. there's no longer a penalty for guessing on the redesign exam. the essay will be optional. >> school meals, could be a bit tastier under legislation approved of senate committee. it's aimed that the obama administration, healthier meals rules are too restrictive. bipartisan measure, to ease requirements for whole grains and delay a deadline to cut sodium records. the change will help them plan
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heading to the movies will cost you more. average ticket will hit a record high of 8.70, which sounds low compared to what a lot will pay for the movie. prices were up almost 5 percent compared to the same time last year. they continue to go up. box office revenue hit $1.1 billioney plenty of fans who made star wars the force awakens the most successful movie of all-time are counting the days. and that wait will last a little longer. star wars, episode 8 will be released 7 months later than originally planned. it will be on december 15th, 2017. mark your calendars. it was originally slated for may of next year. the company didn't cite specific
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and live at 5:30, clothing for rent. the wardrobe warehouse is only for plus-size women.
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many customomer >> fresh powder. easy to clear on the sidewalk. and it appears, it wasn't easy to clear from the roads. good evening. everyone. it was not much snow. what did fall create add huge mess on area roads. it was close to a lot of areas. i suppose, it was not that much. it was enough to close schools. >> closed a lot of schools much
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local 12, larry davis is live at queen city and harris avenue. show us what the drive home. hopefully a lot better, larry. >> and much, much better, believe me. it is improved quite a bit since early this morning. the hill coming down harrison avenue. treacherous. drivers had an inch uphill and inch downhill as well. that's the case for many commuters. >> the snow started falling around 4:00 a.m. it is cold and every snowflake, seemed to stick. from there, it was all downhill. >> despite highway road crews, putting salt down during the drive to work, snow covered the roads and highways. it made it tough to melt the snow that's on the roadways. during the heart of rush-hour, drivers have a tough time
5:28 pm
the commute was reduced to a crawl in some areas. >> i thought the city would have had better notice. i did see the trucks yesterday -- and it seemed like this morning, some of the areas, side streets and that, went real well >>. >> late morning, harrison, and it improved quite a bit. basically went from the time being. the drive home from work tonight, will be smooth sailing. back to you. >> and ericka will have in a moment. and talks about the conditions across the river. >> we're here in port mitchell, i-71, stand still this morning.
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by the noon hour, as soon as the snow starts to stop and traffic moves in again. we talked to christy and she says, the roads are terrible this morning. vast improvement from what they were. >> side roads were bad this morning. and i see the salt truck is coming through the side roads. highways are bad and dixie highway is bad this morning. >> if you have to give a message. >> and take it slow. get out there. the roads are not that bad. >> we didn't see a lot of snow in northern kentucky. one to two inches. it was unusually cold. typically, we see snows. we're in the teens. drive powderly snow. pavement temperatures, well below freezing.
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things drastically improved. what the weather tonight. and no wake weather. >> good evening, to you. we're looking at a big improvement for the evening's commute. you could see this. slow and go, 275 east of loveland madera road. temperatures around 20 degrees. winds on the north at 70 miles an hour. making it feel like we're in the teens. at least the majority of the roads, main roads are cleared. secondary roads are a different story. this is 3:30 this morning. snow is in downtown. that continues to move eastward. right now we are mainly cloudy. we're going to stay cloudy for a while longer. we're not tracking anymore snow. that's great news. watch for isolated snow, lingering slick spots.
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snowfall. we picked up one to three inches. we picked up 2.4 at the international airport. 2.3 in aurora. as well as georgetown and amellia. sherman picked up two inches and 2 1/2 in carrollton. next system to the west. the n us issued a storm watch. and it means potential for significant snow is there. we will talk about what we know with the storm coming on friday coming in about 10 minutes. >> depending on the perspective, this snow storm was pretty or wasn't pretty at all. sights in the city as we've seen. snowflakes going through the queen city. this is shot from my front yard in the city as well. if you move past of this, i'll stand in the middle of the street, in the middle of the
5:32 pm
this is a nice one from one of a kind servant. this from the rooftops since cincinnati, snow flies in the early morning hours. nice shot as you move across. as erica told you, not a whole lot of accumulation. field is gone. this is a great place to play football this morning. through the streets of cincinnati. we want to see some of the things you've done for us, what you've sent. send us your snow pictures. we'll post it on the facebook page and we'll put it on tv. >> i know this is snow. i noticed it today. a volatile and violent day for stocks. dow dropping more than 500 points, before closing 249 points. senator ran paul began warning in july of a stock market crash. the feds have been reckless in keeping interest rates low for
5:33 pm
he says we're not done with the down side. he thinks we will see a market correction. >> the federal reserve has created trillions through quantitative easing, filtering out into the system. some people have made a lot of money of this. top 1 percent, has gotten 31 percent richer. there are problems and i think the federal reserve feeds into the income and equality. >> he doesn't believe we're done with the down side. he's backing a bill that will give congress oversight. it has bilateral support from democratic presidential candidate, bernie sanders among others. . and stay the course, right about.
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this one. >> repairing crumbling roads and bridges. how lawmakers in indiana plan to have the money. >> disappeared four months ago.
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find her, next.
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help police, possibly hispanic and middle eastern. officers say he held up the first financial bank. he indicated to the teller he had a gun but didn't show one. if you could help police, you're asked to call crimestoppers at 352-3040. middletown police may follow tips. she disappeared from the streets in september. police station say the boyfriend admitted to being her pimp at the time. eric sexton goes on trial for promoting prostitution. >> where lindsey or her remains may be. now it's paid off through crimestoppers. call the hot line, with that
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identify by conumbers and not names. . still ahead at 5:30, treating breast cancer. focusing on how a woman breaths could prevent a deadly side effect. live picture of the road
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>> the distribution center for winnie b., a rental clothing company. she began her business in a new york apartment. items are dried, washed and each garment is inspected three times before it's packaged and shipped. so far the owner says she's shipped more than 3 million boxes and has plans for many more. high-tech help is making a big difference for women who are living longer after breast cancer. here to explain how, medical reporters, liz bonis. >> new way of treating breast cancer. rather than focusing on killing the cancer, they are now focusing on preventing and deadly side effect for women with radiation. they do it than treating cancer j i and the call came in after
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>> i was at my mother's in lexington kentucky >> you have cancer. >> that cancer for jenny reynolds, turned out to be on the left side. she was in the term, and we now know -- >> if we inadvertently treat the left breast, radiation, we can cause cardiac injury, 10, 20, 30 years down the line. >> to spare her heart, they trained her to do a deep inspiration breast hold. she refers to it as -- >> little thing, doing yoga breathing, having radiation, could make a big difference. it's amazing. >> pushes the diaphragm down and thins out the heart. that we deliver radiation to the left breast, we're able to avoid the heart. >> here's how it works. dr. peterson shows me in the
5:40 pm
left breast, it moves the radiation so you miss the heart. >> over here, it's the lump ekt ome. this is the full expanded lung. if they had not taken the deep breath, chest wall and heart, almost touching. . >> to make it happen, patient is hooked up to the machine. it shows you the peak place to breath and hold. you guys will tell us to breath in. see what happens and breath out. all right. ready. >> breath in. here's the graphic. we go up to and breath out. . >> so far, her cancer is gone and her heart unharmed >> so simple. makes such a difference. part of the newer way of treating the whole person. not just the cancer, as women
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jenny could do all of this, because the cancer was found early in a mammogram. she faithfully got the mammogram every year. . good evening, to you. have better news for this evening. other than some isolated slick spots and secondary roads, the main roads are fine. we're not tracking any more snow throughout the evening. we have cloudy skies, though a live look from the atrium weather camera. temperatures are falling more than average than what we would like. indiana. same for areas around wilmington and hillsborough, in the mid to upper teens. and down to the south, thal mus and owington in the lower 20s right now. we're not tracking any additional snow showers or anything like that. we stay snow-free this evening. the clouds are very, very slowly
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we'll see partial clearing. the snow we saw, well to the east. now our focus is in the next system, that will move in on friday. the system that continues to evolve as it moves eastward. models are changing every single run. i want to keep that in mind. we have the winter storm watch in effect, the national weather service has issued for friday, winter storm. and that goes into effect friday morning through saturday morning. for the areas shaded in blue. you have brown and adams county. grant, owen, pendleton and mason county for the winter storm watch for the potential in the winter snow. in the shaded areas, the best chance to see several areas of snow. areas to the north and west. areas in the northwest corner, connors, liberty, brookville indiana, may not see much of any snow. we will continue to fine tune this through the night and
5:43 pm
give you estimations of snow totals for friday. what we know so far for friday's snow storm. it will be windy all day long. we're looking at higher show totals to the south and east. we're closer to the system. that's when we will have the winter storm watch in effect for friday, saturday morning. the models are trending the highest snow totals, more south every run. the highest snow totals inching to the south. low pressure to the west. we get into an area of high pressure, later tonight and through the day tomorrow. that will help clear clouds out and especially tomorrow afternoon. we're looking at a mix of clouds and sun after a mostly cloudy start. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds through the afternoon. no snow to deal with, falling from the sky at least throughout the day on thursday. things start to change. increase cloud cover into friday
5:44 pm
system glide to the south of us, bringing us snow later on friday. it's going to be an afternoon, evening event. we still didn't have much in the area. by 5:00, expect to track some snow, at least in the southern tier of the viewing area. that will continue friday night, potentially lingering, early flurries. ton's forecast, it's going to be snow-free. temperatures fall into the upper teens by 8:30, 9:00. we'll be mainly cloudy, seeing some partial clearing after 11:00, 12:00 tonight. we cloud back in tomorrow. it's going to be cold. watch for isolated slick spots. secondary roads may be messy in someplaces. top out in the upper 20s. friday, it's the next big system. that will bring us accumulating snow especially for the southern tier, viewing area. temperatures will top out at 32. saturday we may line up with a few lingering flurries in the
5:45 pm
we're milder for sunday. that's where we should be this time of year. we see a return to sunshine. highs near 37. that's probably going to be the better of the two days for the weekend. showers return on monday. changing to snow potentially for tuesday. it doesn't look like an accumulation but a mix overnight and into tuesday. >> pay attention. >> erica, thanks very much. moment of time between a young nfl fan. >> and best moment of my life. this is so cool. the player who got his start right here in the tri-state has a special bond for the little boy. taking himself media by storm.
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>> everyone is talking about how bad roads were this morning. >> and how they are doing right now. where are you sydney and hope it's a lot better tonight. >> it is a lot better, paula and brad. main roads are pretty well clear. i want to show you some of the side roads. wardal and westwood. main road to residential road,
5:48 pm
the roads are probably touched earlier by a plow. it looked like they need attention still. pretty snow covered, seen folks out, shovelling sidewalks, using brooms to get some of the snow off their cars. you could see the road is really pretty snow covered. if you live in one of the side roads in westwood, you're seeing what i'm talking about. we'll continue to follow some of the road conditions over on the west side. we'll have a full report later live at 11:00. sydney benter, local 12 news. >> slow down, sydney. >> you probably think that looks >> thank you very much. >> investor fears in falling oil prices. we talk about, making for a wild ride in wall street. show you where the market closes. >> and familiar face heats up the race for covington mayor. joe webb.
5:49 pm
it is clear, sailing f >> it was nasty out. well said, the small amount of snow that fell in the tri-state results for major problems for drivers today. good evening, everybody. no surprise. morning commuters had a tough time getting to work despite a rough morning. >> drivers had a rough time
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