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tv   Local 12 First Four  CBS  January 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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and everyone in northern kentucky is under a winter storm warning. not tonight but beginning early friday and continuing through 7:00 a.m. on saturday. also, highland, adams, brown and claremont county have been put in the winter storm warning that begins early tomorrow and continues through early saturday. and that's where it will be perhaps in the tune of three, four inches. and switzerland and ohio county, clinton county has been put in a winter weather advisory. that goes in effect 4:00 p.m. friday and in effect 7:00 p.m. on saturday. generally, expecting one to two inches of snow. our snowfall forecast doesn't match up exactly with the advisory and warning. we'll bring you the snowfall map. most along interstate map, will
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inches of snow beginning tomorrow and ending saturday, we'll be focused well to the southeast of cincinnati. cloudy. no rain, no snow. temperatures gradually fall into and through the 20s. overnight, we'll settle down to overhead. live precision doppler hd shows no snow close to cincinnati right now. there will be clouds overhead but no snow. temperature now 28 at the international airport. and overall, we're thinking more snow to the southeast of cincinnati. less to the northwest. there will be some that see less. connorsville, laurel, brookville. there will be some. mazeville, and it will be six inches of snow. the heaviest snow will be 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night. we'll take you to the hour-by-hour forecast coming up in a bit.
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path of the huge winter storm. record-breaking. >> some say it could be buried under two feet of snow. how people in the nation's preparing. and from the north. >> it is crucial for people to stay out of the street. >> to the south. >> winter has finally arrived in north carolina. >> millions are preparing for a wicked winter weekend. in washington, d.c., it was chaos before the storm. less than an inch of snow turned highways into parking lots on wednesday. >> how long it could take? one hour, two hours, six hours. >> even the commander in chief couldn't escape his presidential motorcade stuck in the snow like everybody else. >> i would have hoped, they would have anticipated this a little better and treated the roads. >> the city admitting this morning, it messed up. >> we're very sorry for inadequate response. >> despite the failure
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weekend. >> we will treat this event as a homeland security and emergency management event in the district of the columbia. >> the worst of the capitol is expected to get the worst, a staggering 30 inches of snow. virginia has a national guard and maryland is bracing for the worth. >> we anticipate the heavy wet snow could result in downed trees and disrupted power lines with the potential for considerable power outages. >> the reach of the storm is massive. tens and massive. tens and thousands of people could be sitting at home this weekend in. >> and reporters from the sister stations in harrisburg, pennsylvania and baltimore, maryland, are keeping a close eye on the situation.
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baltimore, maryland. we're in the snow before the storm. workers are hard at work in the city trying to get rid of the first layer of snow ahead of a very treacherous winter storm expected this weekend. the national weather service has declared a blizzard watch for the greater baltimore area. already, roadways are iced over with snow and residual ice. we're told by officials as well as those living and working in the area, this is a great day of practice for what's to come. we're expecting conditions of possible whiteout conditions. zero visibilities on the roadways and up to one to two feet of snow. baltimore under a layer of ice, preparing for what's to come. >> it's the calm before the snow in harrisburg, pennsylvania. a little snow resting on the system. that will be nothing compared to
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12-16 inches of snow predicted beginning friday night, running morning. of course, that means food stores like the giant here outside of harrisburg is packed. barely any bread left in the stores. people are flocking there to stock up for the weekend. priscilla in lynchburg. the trucks behind me are refilling with brey to take it back to the roadways and hopefully will prevent the snow from sticking to the asphalt. with the government -- the national guard will be in touch with them tomorrow to treat the roads with salt. this, as the government predicts 18 inches of snowfall in our area. >> tomorrow's snow poses a quandary for morning officials. the morning commute is fine but getting students home will be a challenge.
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conditions throughout the day, including the morning commute. we hope you share your pictures tomorrow on the local 12 facebook page. and how folks in mazeville are stocking up ahead of the storm and angenest levy how crews are working on a battle plan to take them through the storm. and some people are working to bring it over the river to kentucky. today, business leaders met to discuss whether it makes sense to expand the street car. one of the biggest questions now is funding. local 12 joe webb will have more on today's meeting ahead at 5:00. all four men charged with the connection of the westchester teen is charged with murder. tyler and -- shot to death at his home on cincinnati columbus road last week.
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was charged with murder of cosan's death. rodney foster, justin cook and willingham were charged with complacency to murder and complacency to aggravated murder. tampering with evidence as well. they are all in the butler county jail. and the water crisis in
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>> >> some help for people in tri-state. a group posted on-line they want flint. kroger has agreed to help with a truck. will be parked from 11:00 to 9:00. >> organizers invite you to get more involved. preschool promise will host a public meeting at 6:00 to 7:00, on the church of living god. and you're encouraged to come and ask some questions. if you can't make the meeting, there's information available on-line and we will have a link on and it will be a while before the decision is made whether to declay the deadline
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deal with cincinnati's childhood poverty problem. the mayors met today. they gave until the end of june to come up with a plan. it's taking longer than expected to get the coalition organized. the deadline may move until december. they get leaders a chance to deal with the partners. right now, they are in the process of hiring the consultants. once hired, the consultants will report with the problem and come up with recommendations, with a time line for any of the proposals. >> most children learn to read in first grade. >> for some babesies in texas, they are getting a jump start. how the parents are giving their kids a competitive advantage in the classroom. >> 8-month old colton may not be ready to read just yet.
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lay the ground work, that helps them develop the language skills as early as zero. >> wants to develop the full potential. that starts early. >> for nisarrian, never too early. >> while i was pregnant with him, i read a lot of introducing books from an early age. so i wanted to, you know, lay that foundation for him. >> while they will light up the babies's brain so much faster and so much sooner. >> the classes taught, focus on prereading skills, like talking, singing and playing. the goal is to build neuropathways through repetition. >> when you have the demographic, you want to give them place toss come.
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it's nice to hear they care. >> breaking the glass ceiling in the nfl. >> a new trend brings winter art outdoors. >> a winter storm warning is in effect tomorrow. tomorrow night and all of saturday, from northern kentucky, from claremont to adams county. hamilton county, switzerland and ohio and clinton county has been put on a winter weather
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we'll go through . >> buffalo bills making history. the team offered smith. smith has been spent years. she's been named quality control coach. i think she actually started as an intern in 2003. if you live anywhere in minneapolis, you may have notice a quirky trend of local art. workers are freezing their jeans. a way to add comedy to the brutally cold temperatures. it's so cold, that minnesotans
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>> the problem, --. >> my goodness. blid ard watch and blizzard warning and let me give you a game card. between now and live at 6:30, we'll be presenting. the forecast, that you see now, will likely change some or could change for local 12 news live at 10:00 and will being will being. more updates comes tomorrow. winter storm warning is out for all of normal kentucky. adams, brown, claremont and highland county.
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cincinnati is included in the warning. there's a winter weather advisory. if you're in the warning, i want to bank with more snow. for some, mazeville, west union, 6-plus. and including those in the winter weather advisory. snowfall map coming in a moment. first thing is first. clouds thicken. and snow is likely as we get to the second half of tomorrow, late tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. there will be snow to the south, southeast of cincinnati. connorsville, laurel, will miss out on the fun. temperatures in the upper 20s to around 30s. sick por high school is at 27.
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wind chills for some between 20-25. we'll take 28 in cincinnati. 20 degrees overnight. highs tomorrow, if will be in the upper 20s to around 30. best chance for snow area wide tomorrow, will be available late in the afternoon. clouds coming in right now. low level clouds will follow. just after that. and there's the trouble maker. the area of low pressure deep south. the area will deepen and intensify, what we call the double barrel low. the low will essentially break into two parts. one of the areas of low pressure will give us accumulating snow tomorrow. especially late afternoon and evening. notice the lack of snow now on live precision doppler hd. high pressure keeps us dry this evening. dry overnight. early tomorrow morning. possibilities for flurries and especially south, and southwest
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not an issue for the morning commute tomorrow. even at noon, the coverage of snow will be limited and focus south of cincinnati. once we get to the afternoon, especially in the second half of the afternoon, snow is intensified much the intensity of snow is coming up. gradually, snow will come to an end especially late friday night and by early saturday, we have flurries. so at this point, we're expecting 2-4 inches of snow from vivie to florence. 4:00 to 6:00. augusta, ripley, peebles. 6 or more inches of new snow. mazeville, up, especially to the east of west union. notice, oxford, connorsville, brookville, an inch or less. this is the snowfall forecast now. the next major chunk of model
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10:00 or 11:00. the focus will change some in the coming hours. be prepared for tomorrow and saturday. heavier snowfalls between 6:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. more snow to the southeast. you will be able to get to workers school no sweat tomorrow. early. coming back may be more tricky. 20 as the forecast overnight low. clouds thicken. and tomorrow, cloudy from start to finish. snow showers favor the southern counties around lunchtime tomorrow. the intensity and coverage of snow picks up once we get to the afternoon. it may be blowing snow at times. i think it's more of a 6:00 p.m., 11:00 p.m. window. a lot of people said, am i going to be able to get in and out of sips -- cincinnati tomorrow. if you could get out of work
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also ahead first . >> if the pending snow has you down, mount st. joseph basketball team will try to bring the sunshine in honor of lauryn hill. first five will give sun glasses
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basket raffles with proceeds going to the laurel hill. >> and tip-off will be saturday, against defiance at 1:00. they are hoping for a big crowd to help with the scholarship. >> we're not going to worry about the snow interfering. it should be mostly gone by then. people should take some time to get there; right?? >> maybe a walk through the snow with the game, will bring you up your mood at that point. and sunglasses to help with the snow at that time. mother in washington, western washington sharing the stranger's kind gesture. >> when her son had an unexpected meltdown, she got an unexpected act of kindness. the gesture is so sweet is now going viral. we've all been there, out for a meal, when a child loses it. 6-year-old elliot had one of the moments.
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>> yelling and screaming. it's a temper tantrum in a wole lot of level. >> the restaurant was packed, noisy and he couldn't get the usual table. all triggers. >> i started to get some looks. i opted to take him outside. >> when they returned, something happened. patron left this note >> have a great day. you're doing a wonderful job. god bless from a mother who knows. >> lauren was overcome with emotion. someone that gets it. >> i started crying. the owner started crying. we started hugging each other. elliot, hey, mom. what's going on. >> didn't know her. we didn't know her. she really felt for lauren. >> it's a heartache moment when you realize there's someone out
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completely on your side. >> so moved, lauren posted her story and the kind words to facebook to thank the stranger. they may never meet but they will always be connected. >> i'm keeping it in my wallet because i think it's important to always is a reminder of those moments. >> and keep in mind, the next time you see a kid having a moment. >> a kid who is having a hard time may be having a hard time >> and she'd love to meet the a anonymous patron. >> and saying good-bye to a fallen police officer. >> young girl's plea for greeting card, starts a global
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you cant fake steak. and for lunch try our new steak and bacon cheddar melt. or any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7. major winter storm marching to the tri-state, battle lines, making a difference between a little snow. where would you like to be in the battle lines >> i think i would like a dusting. scott dimmich has been sifting through the models of new data.
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>> we will send you to bring connorsville. that's the lowest chance of snow in the event. that will begin tomorrow, especially late afternoon and continue into the evening. for our friends south, southeast to cincinnati, a winter storm warning is in effect early friday through 7:00 a.m. on saturday. this does not include hamilton county but includes boon, canton county and all of northern kentucky, claremont, brown, adams and highland county. that's where more snow is likely to fall. perhaps 4:00 or more inches of snow especially mazeville. switzerland, ohio, hamilton and clinton county are under a winter weather advisory. there's still an accumulation of snow, where we have the advisory from 4:00 p.m. friday to 7:00 p.m. saturday. amounts will be less. closer to 1-2 inches of snow. we'll go to the specifications
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if you have plans to watch the dog, enjoy some dinner, have clouds overhead. no snow, no rain. temperatures are fall in the 20s, gradually this evening and eventually down to 20 overnight. we'll start tomorrow cloudy. there will be some flurries on good morning. cincinnati, well to the south, southwest of cincinnati. initially, southwest cincinnati, snow will struggle to reach the ground. gradually, the intensity of snow will pick up, especially late in the afternoon and into the evening. right now we're tracking an increase of cloud cover. the main area of low pressure is down in the deep south. it's picking up moisture that will eventually come our way in the form of snow. precision doppler hd, it shows no precipitation anywhere close to cincinnati. 28 at the international airport. wind chills for some 20 degrees. if not, have windchill.
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most 1-2, 2-4 inch snow ban. some, 6-plus, well to the southeast. obviously, we feed to talk about the impact forecast. we will take care of that in 10 minutes. brad? >> when a big storm barrels down on you. first thing most of us do, check the covers. check the refrigerate or refrigerator. the community is getting ready for a lot of snow. with the forecast calling for several inches of snow, mazeville is getting ready. the bread man is keeping busy, unloading, keeping sure the stores are stocked with stores. and the past 24 hours have been busy here. and will no doubt be busier tonight and into tomorrow morning. everyone is rushing to the store, stocking up. while there appears to be a big run on potatoes, there's enough
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people are prepared to be snowed in, possibility through the weekend. right now the grocery run is a tough priority. >> for sure. i'm ready. you have to be ready. you are planning ahead and things workout. >> do you dread it. >> yes, i kind of dread it. you don't do too much dreading. you have to accept it. >> in the next several hours. there's more scenes like this. people putting away the groceries, with the big snow. >> larry davis, local 12 news. >> it's not just the grocery stores. larry explains the rush on hardware stores, ahead at 6:00. local 12, up to the minute closures.
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the area crews are working on a battle plan to stay ahead >> the 54-year-old faces two counts of aggravated arson. court documents indicate he tried to set multiple fiers. people were able to use surveillance video to identify bond. he's locked up on $35 thousand bond. funeral services, for an ohio police officer killed in the line of duty. officer thomas cottrell's body was found late sunday in danville. that's northeast of columbus. police say the girlfriend of hershel jones called 911, to say he had weapons and was looking to kill an officer. jones is in custody and is expected to be charged with murder. they indicate the services will be 11 saturday morning in the campus of ohio state university and central ohio technical
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plans call for a color guard, bag pipes and police escort from the funeral home to the campus. we have an update of a story we're following for weeks. a young fire survivor, upstate new york, is making a big mark literally around the world. >> they lost the family in the fire. she wants to get christmas cards. as teresa weekly reports, she's swamped with them. . like any 8-year-old, sapphire terry enjoyed opening presents. she has mountains of them as people sent christmas cards. >> we don't want people to pity her. she's go getting. nothing stops her. >> and fire killed sapphire's dad, two sister. left her in critical conditions. that's why she expected a card.
4:30 pm
it around the world. >> have stuff from iceland, australia, russia. just about everywhere big you could think of, we have stuff. >> she comes to the warehouse with her aunt, who she now calls mom. >> and on this day, liz dollton is getting ready to take sapphire to boston. this is one of the many procedures she will continue to have until she stops growing. >> you want to check at the hospital. >> you could check at the hospital. >> i recently checked for a little more, a little girl. >> absolutely. >> from china to australia. people have found at least one thing in common. compassion for a girl in connecticut and new york. >> and she's not only given me. she's given the world. all we want is people to believe that no matter what, you could get through anything. that's our whole motto.
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than 1.7 million pieces of mail and counting. hope they keep coming. >> i do too. we talked about it before.
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pmen? comes about wal-mart increased pay to half million workers to at least $9 an hour. the average hourly wage is just over $13. critics say the pay raise is nothing more than a publicity stunt. unions are lobbying for a living wage of $15 an hour.
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refunds for anyone who hoover boards. they are investigating more than 3 dozen instances of hover boards. and to wear safety gear as some falls could be serious. they offer amazon's decision to offer refunds and is calling for other retailers and manufacturers to do the same. as far as its decision, amazon is still selling hover boards. >> gas companies, as energy prices recover from a steep price from before. point. the s&p 500 rose 9 points. we're still a little down for the week, counting. i'm not. >> of all those, working on a death proof car with the goal that no one should be killed and seriously injured in a new volvo by 2020. the automaker is working on a car with an autopilot feature.
4:34 pm
avoidance. and one of the models, volvo xc 90 has at least no u.s. fatalities in four years. >> impressive. hope it comes with an itty-bitty price tag. >> it does cost more to be a woman. department of consumer affairs, looked at 800 items and found if the same product is packaged differently from women to men. it will cost 7 percent more. >> paula has been screaming this for years. paula screams for everything other than those made for men. >> it causes us to look, place, presentable for men.
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>> i feell >> from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm jonathan elines. they arrested two men. one arrested thursday night and other tuesday morning. and since the attacks, prosecutors have taken ten people into custody over their suspected involvement. a 1400 christian monastery
4:36 pm
images from before and after satellite pictures in 2014. destroying. it won't be the first time they targeted historic sites. >> the next area peace talks could be delayed for at least a day or two. from the terrorism desk, i'm jonathan eliance. >> every year, we try to top it. >> and it started out simple enough and it snowballed. a giant olaf from disney's frozen, and samantha and her dad spent almost an entire day building the snowman and is waiting people are passing by in grand rapids. >> they did a good job. >> oh, yeah. >> how many times have you seen that? a million times? >> frozen?
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>> you leave the room when your daughter plays it. >> somehow i escaped frozen. >> i could sing "let it go."." >> during the next commercial break. no great big surprise. i'm talking about snow. we have you covered in the approaching snow. tonight at 5:00, angenette levy is categorizing how to attack the snow. it's not just the quantity but the timing and temperature that could have a big impact. at 6:00, larry davis is back with more on how smaller towns are bracing for the snow much she stopped in the hardware snow, where business is brisk. also, an arrest, stemming from a shooting that stunned the city back in jul. sources tell us, 24-year-old jarld frost was arrested unrelated to the daytime shooting of a 6-year-old girl. china was caught in the cross
4:38 pm
for someone else. deb dixon tells us how it connected to the crime >> can't wait for the song. thank you very much. and it looks a little gloomy. >> yeah, it does. >> it's not snowing but everything is moving fine. the question, how much longer will everything be moving this smoothly? first anticipating of trouble, you don't think happens until probably late morning; right?. >> late morning, really, in the afternoon, expecting problems, exception being owen county, pendleton county. those will be the trouble spots and those will be around and after lunch tomorrow. the first half of the late afternoon, early evening commute tomorrow, we're okay. the second half, conditions deteriorate rapidly. this is especially for the 275 loop. anytime, 2:00 on in northern kentucky, we're fair game from at least some trouble spots. i suspect they will be more
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heavy snow with the event, likely falling between 6:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. on friday. and again, what we're showing you now, is probably going to change by the time local 12 news at 9:00 and 11:00 goes in the air. we will have an additional model to review. everything will be changing, star 64 and, of course, tomorrow morning on good morning. cincinnati. i have just updated the hour-by-hour forecast, weather authority app, to show mostly cloudy skies, temperatures falling mid-20s to 23 at midnight. you could track precipitation as it overspreads the tri-state tomorrow. all in the form of snow. track the return, cloud cover and get the updated hour-by-hour forecast, planning forecast in the free app. wkrc is what you search for in the app store. a winter store warning is out. for adams, highland, brown, claremont county and all of northern kentucky, from early to
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this start time for the winter storm warning, varies depending on which county you live in, the northern kentucky. the theme here is clear. this is where the heavier snow is going to fall with the event that begins tomorrow morning for the extreme southern southwestern part of the tri-state. really, it holds off until the back end tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. hamilton county, switserland, winter weather advisory is in effect from 4:00 p.m. friday, to 7:00 p.m. saturday. here, there will be still accumulating snow. snowfall totals will be lower. weather cam shows temperatures 27. up in college hill. windchill 27. windchill is lower at the international airport. 20 for a windchill. 28 in cincinnati, down to 20 overnight. cloudy to mostly cloudy in the evening. cloudy all day tomorrow. snow developing especially mid to late afternoon, in and around
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heavier snow will be waiting tomorrow evening. cold pocket of air is in place. we need moisture in an area of low pressure. all of that is to the west and to the southwest. it's very clear. it's mostly rain in the deep south and also in the mid-south. it turns to snow as it rolls up interstate 71. we have no snow to track, live precision doppler hd. that will not last tomorrow. at least tonight, we're nice and quiet. model misses a lot of the clouds overstating the trihn state. the low level, mid level clouds arriving. wake up tomorrow morning, i suspect there would be some flurries, well to the south, southwest of cincinnati. the coverage, intensity of snow starts to come up in the afternoon. this model is aggressive with snow. i suspect we'll have to wait until after lunchtime before snow showers become more numerous. we start to see trouble spots. some bursts of heavier snow,
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late tomorrow arch, especially tomorrow evening. i'm expecting 1-2 inches of snow, wilmington, oxford, brookville, connorsville. 2-4, right up to the southern edge of downtown since that they, from vivie, hillsboro. owington to peebles. six inches reserved in the far trieastern part of the tri-state. the commute tomorrow, especially the second half of the evening commute, could be tricky, thanks to wet and possibly snowy roads, especially in northern kentucky. that's where travel could be very difficult, down to aa, especially down 71-75 to cincinnati. down to 20. no snow tonight. snow increases in coverage tomorrow. the wind will be up. even though we make it to 29, the windchill will likely be in the teens. and then finally, we get another weekend. flurries break out.
4:43 pm
how we make the forecast, send the weather balloons in the sky.
4:44 pm
will thee h >> senate arms services committee, held, president obama
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>> eric has served as an advisory since june. if confirmed, fanning will be the first openly gay of a branch in the u.s. military. how it's another sign that times are changing. eric fanning appeared before the armed senate committee, considering his nomination to be army secretary. fanning said his highest priority, one million active guard and reserve soldiers. >> and specifically making sure they are ready, which means insuring they are resillient, fully trained and properly equipped. >> one of the most pressing threat is the death of isis fighter. on that, john mccain has a simple question. >> are we winning? >> mr. chairman i think it's too early to tell. we're clearly putting a lot of pressure on isis. they are showing they can put great pressure. >> i believe it's a long fight.
4:46 pm
the size of the u.s. army. >> two years ago, we didn't have isil. i am confirmed. it's preventing us to do a lot of things to make it readier and keep it whole. >> fanning had previously served in high level positions in the pentagon, including chief of staff for the secretary of defense and under secretary of the airport. if confirmed, he will make history of the first openly gay . and people are a little on edge with the snow storm heading to the tri-state. >> what's being done to insure the roads are safe for drivers tomorrow. >> the street car is not officially running yet. already, there's talk of more. see the concept that could help it cross the river. an nfl team makes history.
4:47 pm
first full-time female coach.
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