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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 430  CBS  January 22, 2016 4:25am-5:00am EST

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3 morning cincinnati. (ad lib to weather)
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3 bob herzog looking at tri- state roadszero problemsi-75 is clear in the cut-in-the-hill mitchell ave construction 3 time/temp ...ahead at four-30 ...the tri-state is getting ready for another round of snow as you just heard ...and coming up, we'll take a look at how the east coast is preparing ...the women of mount saint joe's basketball team is honoring lauren hill're watching good morning cincinnati. 3 break one
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3 now at four-30 ...winter storm warning ...we'll let you know when a massive system will move into the tri-state, and how much snow it's bringing with it. 3 you can throw back some beer for a good cause this weekend. we've got the details of a fundraiser for a fallen firefighter. 3 and a very emotional moment for one mom the kindness of a stranger brought her to tears. 3 good morning cincinnati. i'm john lomax. thanks for joining us on this friday.and i'm sheila gray.the stories of the day are coming up. first a check of the weather.
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3 local 12's brandon orr is tracking brandon orr is tracking road conditions right now.he joins us *live* from northern kentucky.
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3 we'll have our hands full over next 24 hours ... but people along the east coast are preparing for a massive winter storm - set to hit the region today.the system is forecast to bring over a foot of snow, ice, and coastal flooding to
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and virginia, where blizzard conditions are expected, officials have already declared a state of emergency. don champion has the latest from our nation's capital. 3 residents in the path of a potentially paralyzing blizzard rushed to supermarkets and supply stores late into the night... gearing up to be snowed in.(sot chip carter/lowe's assistant store manager) "around 1 o clock today we got 700 shovels, than in about 2 hours, all the shovels were depleted, if i had a nickel every time a customer asked me for a shovel, i would be a rich man. (still weather more than 77 million people will feel the effects of the historic storm -- set to cripple parts of the east coast in just a few hours. (sot mayor muriel bowser/ d- district of columbia) i've lived in dc most of my life, and i don't know that i have lived through a forecast like thisin d-c, federal offices, as well as the nation's second- busiest subway system, will shut down this, maryland and virginia, where blizzard conditions are also expected, crews began treating roads with salt hours ago...
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yesterday's mess - when just an inch of snow caused accidents and delays throughout the area.(sot virginia governor terry mcauliffe) what happened last night was not okay. that can't be repeated during the following days.(standup: don champion cbs news washington, d.c.) along with the snow - the storm system will bring dangerous winds and ice -- that could lead to major power outages.-nats-in north carolina -- power companies began cutting limbs hanging over the power lines thursday. most people in the storm's path are taking it all in stride...(mos) winter was coming we had to know that. already - several airlines have preemptively cancelled thousands of flights and provided waivers to travelers - to rebook when conditions improve.don champion cbs news washington. 3 as the weather system moves north, storm surge, coastal and inland flooding and beach erosion is a major concern. meanwhile, keep it here on local 12 for coverage of the winter storm.our meteorologis ts will keep us updated.. and as always we'll be on top of closings and delays .. and breaking alerts on the road conditions.and for updates
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weather authority app to your smartphone. 3 new this morning ...we now know the name of the victim of a homicide in winton hills. police say 22-year-old markel combs was shot in the head last happened inside an apartment on craft street around word on any suspects, and police say the person who initially called for help is not cooperating. we'll continue to follow the story and keep you updated at local-12-dot-com. 3 tracy hunter will not be going to jail ... at least for now. the suspended juvenile court judge was supposed to start her six-month sentence today. she was conivcted of having an unlawful interest in a public contract.. which she's appealing. last night, the ohio supreme court said she won't begin serving time until after her appeal is heard. earlier this week, prosecutors dropped the eight other charges a jury couldn't agree on during her first trial. 3 there's a fundraiser this weekend for the family of fallen firefighter patrick wolterman.pints for a purpose
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pub in rookwood the pub, great lakes brewery, and ohio valley wine and spirits will each donate one dollar for every great lakes pint sold between five and 11.100 percent of the money raised goes toward the firefighter wolterman memorial fund. 3 despite the looming snow, the mount saint joseph women's basketball team wants to bring the sunshine back in lauren hill's honor. the first 500 fans at tomorrow's game will be given sunglasses like lauren wore to reduce the glare and ease her headaches. and number-22 t-shirts will be sold, and basket raffles held during the game with the proceeds going to the lauren hill scholarship at mt st joe's. tipoff at the harrington center against defiance is one p-m. 3 time/temp ...a deadly day at the bank ....what we know so far after a robber put employees through a terrifying ...a fun time takes a drastic turn.we're following the latest on an attack at a restaurant overseas, on good morning cincinnati.
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3 morning ...more than 20 people are dead after an attack at a beachfront restaurant in somalia's capital.a party was happening when witnesses say gunmen shouted in arabic before going into the restaurant and opening fire. people on the beach were also reportedly hit.the islamic extremist group al-shabab is claiming responsibility for the's unclear if the attackers are among those killed. 3 also new this morning ...two people are dead and two more are recovering after a bank robbery in oklahoma.the f-b-i
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walked into the bank of eufaula yesterday morning and shot the bank's president and c-e-o.he then tried to take another employee hostage and shot her when she resisted. norris then took a female customer hostage and left in a car.after a chase, police exchanged gunfire and killed norris.the hostage was also shot, but is expected to survive, as well as the employee who resisted. 3 new this morning ...north korea says it arrested an american college student for anti-state acts.the virginia university student's identified as otto warmbier. pyongyang's central news agency says warmbier entered the north as a tourist with a "plot to undermine unity in the country." 3 time/temp ...making a successful career change ... how a former radio d-j turned a hobby into a full time job. plus ...moved to tears ...a mom gets very emotional when a stranger leaves something behind after the woman's child throws a, on good
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3 good morning... (ad lib) 3 it takes a lot of courage to start a new career... especially when it means sacrificing some job security...practicing a hobby while you're still getting paid is one way to explore
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hang your future on.brian douglas took the leap .. and talked to me for family 411. 3 24:59 nats- i like that. don't move.brian douglas is starting the new year with a new career. 8:53 i've shot ever since i was a kid. i've loved photography.but it was always just a hobby. brian had a successful radio career, and he loved it. when his kids went to college, he started thinking about a change.super brian douglas9:15 i love film, so about three years ago i started looking into what it would take to get into this field.nats - 25:09 it's a good look.he jokes that he mimicked paparazzi and started hanging around a movie shoot. what he really did was a lot of research on what it would take to be a unit still photographer.9:42 if you pick up a dvd box, you see photos, pick up entertainment weekly and see a photo in there.9:52 i'm the person allowed on the sheila grayunit still photographers for movies make up a pretty exclusive club. but lots of hobbies could be turned into careers if you're willing to put in double duty. that means practicing your hobby - take a class or shadow
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doing your job.56:57 julie- try it out in a way that you can really put one toe out therecareer expert julie bauke says start doing your homework at least a year in advance, and find someone objective to coach you through the process. super julie bauke7:00:00 julie - talk to someboy who's either tried it and stepped back, done it successfully, or anybody who has experience in doing something similar.17:32 brian - i was dumb enough or bold enough to email and say i really want to do this. any words of advice? and you'd be surprised how many of those guys are girls reached out an gave me might give up some income and security at first, so on top of knowledge, brian and julie agree you need some faith in yourself.11:56 a lot of prayer, and i just have a great belief in my abilities. it's not cockiness. i'm confident in my abilities. how's that?it's paid off. so far brian's been on movie sets with bruce willis, don cheadle, mariah
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recently arnold schwartzenegger.17:12 if you can do it, go for it. i'm all about people going for their dreams.just make sure to back up the dreams with the work. 25:32 that'll be perfect right there. perfect. 3 we have several links with more advice on turning your hobby into a career at local 12 dot com.just click on the news section and look for get it now links. 3 now here's bob with a local 12
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3 (traffic check)bob herzog
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3 3 a mother in western washington is sharing a stranger's kind gesture.when her son had an unexpected meltdown in a diner - she got an unexpected random act of kindness.michelle esteban shows us now.. that gesture was so sweet it's going viral.
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[lower third: | lauren nordberg | elliot's mom | 0 | <none>] [notes:13-17][lower third: | cyndi moody | madison diner | 0 | <none>] [notes:1:01-1:05][notes:note- nat pop dinner - exterior to interior][duration:0'02"]((nat pop: diner)) we've all been there, out for a meal out, when a child loses it. [notes:see elliott]6 year old elliot had one of those moments, his mother says it was an autistic meltdown. [notes:bite 609] [duration:0'11"](( mom says, just after we ordered our food, he just spiraled into a complete autistic meltdown 614 yelling and screaming it's a temper tantrum on a whole another level )) elliot is used to routine, but the restaurant was packed, noisey and he couldn't get his usually table, all triggers. [notes:bite 648] [duration:0'05"](( i started to get looks like as we often do when we have a meltdown)) when the returned to the diner, something happened that floored lauren, a patron not only paid her tab, but on the back left this sweet note, that's now gone viral. [notes:bite 821][notes:cover fisrt half of bite with varios shots of note, show face near end of sot][duration:0'08"](( lauren says, it says have a great day you're dong a wonderful job, god bless (face) from, a mother who knows ))lauren was overcome with emotion, someone who gets it.[notes:bite 841] [duration:0'10"](( i started crying, the owner started crying,we start huggin, elliot was like hey mom lets go,
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owner@ 3029][duration:0'10"] ((cyndi moody says it was just a sweet moment, she didn't know her, we dont' know her she's not a regular and she just really felt for lauren and thought she was doing a really good job and wanted to [notes:bite mom @ 1045] [duration:0'12"]((mom says, it's a cathertic moment when you realize ther is someone who isn't judging is on your side and completley understanding of what's going on in your life)) so moved, lauren posted her story and those kind word to facebook, to thank the stranger. they may never meet, but they will [notes:bite 1243] [duration:0'06"](( mom says, im keeping it in my wallet cause i think it's important to always have a reminder of those moments))and keep in mind the next time you see a kid having a moment.... [notes:bite 1609] [duration:0'05"](( mom says, a kid who is having a hard time, may be having a hard time, not giving a hard time )) 3 elliot's mom says she'd love to meet the anonymous diner patron and thank her in
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3 time/temp ...a big snowstorm is on the way go to the local12 facebook page and tell us your favorite thing to do on a snow ...a project by young local students could bring big bucks to their school ...ahead at five, on good morning cincinnati. 3 break four hershey' s miniatures. we pour ' em! we pass ' em! we pick ' em! delicious fun for everyone. hershey' s miniatures are
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3 good 3 morning.we'll get to those top stories in just a moment.but first we want to start with a first check of your forecast.
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