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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 6  CBS  January 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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will it tough to get people home. it will be south of downtown cincinnati, and east of downtown cincinnati that is where the snow is going to hit first. we are seeing returns, none of that is hitting the ground. the air is simply too dry. the storm system we will be right on the edge of this thing. it's fighting dry air, snow still occurring here in kentucky starting to break out, and it's going to slowly edge to the north move north and east and pivot over the top of the region later today. winter storm warnings until friday at 7:00 a.m. includes all of north of kentucky, clark and adams county in the southwest ohio and on the edge of that where the effects will be mixed not as bad through southeast indiana. wilmington, downtown cincinnati, back to versailles, and laurensburg and vevay, winter weather advisory.
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storm. this is not going to be much of anything for you folks. windchill of 11, it gets winty today, too. clouds around by noon. we begin to see light snow affecting areas close to downtown cincinnati by noon. that snow picks up late afternoon, temperatures as close to 30 degrees. late day, how much? inch or less in the north and west. we're talking 1-2 inches for a good chunk of hamilton county, and 2-4, mount washington, anderson through a good chunk of anderson, and down around maysville over six inches of snow. i've got a time line coming up,let get to jen with a check on traffic. >> reporter: since traffic on the interstates is very quiet. it's going to be a different story later in the afternoon. i did want to bring up cdg's website and let you know we are starting to see can cancellations
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and from the east coast. areas like boston has cancellations. charlotte has cancellations in and out of cincinnati. if you are expecting someone from one of those areas or headed into one of those areas. newark has one, philadelphia a couple as well. be aware of that, because the east coast is going to be slammed. as we look at our map right now you can see we have a couple of problems. queen city an accident, that has a problem in the area. you may still see crews there. as we look around at our interstates, here is a four camera look up and 4 and i-75, that is going to be the case this morning, because a lot of schools are canceled, maybe folks decided to stay home from work, but we will keep you updated any issues, and he looks in grant county this morning, not a lot showing right now, but
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to be worried about, right? >> exact exactly. right now we are trying around, and seeing the right around the corner, between 8:00 and 10:00. if you watch this on star 64, we will go down and try to catch the first lake because it's closer and closer, and then it's moving so slow ever so slowly to the north. we're seeing a lot of dry air in place, checkout this graphic. this shows what is going on in northern kentucky which it's snowing much of northern kentucky. it's trying up so the only snow is up near the clouds. we're not seeing anything down near the growfnltd this is as we are expecting. we are not expecting any here in northern kentucky if you're around cincinnati. we're around 36, stewartville road. around i-45, and around the streets, they have so much salt on them already, because we
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seemed they're getting some rest before they're out. i know north chester, there was so much salt down there, you could barely see the lines on the road. we are talking more about why the storm is so difficult to forecast, and when the snow is going to move in grant county. john and sheila. brandon talked about the salting on the road. coming up dorchester, i haven't seen so much salt. 75 million people between here and the east coast are facing potentially record-breaking weather. >> winter has finally arrived in north carolina. >> and some places like washington d.c. are expecting 1-2 feet of snow. federal offices ares clod closed and it's the same? northern kentucky all state offices are closed. and happening here thousands of
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jim was showing us, a couple of samples. work at the downtown aaa are working 24 hour shifts. aaa is trying to not only accommodate he flights to cincinnati but getting people to storm arrives. >> i heard it worst as bad as they put it. we will cross our fingers. >> it's challenging all over the country, as people are trying to get out of the country ahead of that storm, there's limited flight availability. for people who are adjusting their flights for snow. make sure you stick with "good morning cincinnati" and local 12. today we will be moving to star 64 for more coverage from 7:00 to 9:00. we will keep posting more forecasts and you can get all the closings and delays on we now know the name of a 22-year-old man who was killed
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police say markel holmes was shot in the head and died. police say if you know anything that can help call crime stoppers at 352-3040. developing this morning the idea of a street cart in northern kentucky is becoming more of a reality. there's a new plan that will take it, the street car across the taylor south bridge. street car committee is looking for federal money for a feasibility study and they think it's not really a matt fer of if the street car will cross the river but rather when. the men and women who put their lives on the line for the rest of us were honored last night. there was a special moment involving the family of cincinnati police officer sonny kim. he was tragically killed in the line of duty earlier this year. his family accepted an award for
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sea horses unbridal fun, will feature sea dragons, shrimp fish, and trumpet fish. sea horses blend in their environment so they could be difficult to see, but the viewing tanks are designed to let you up close to them. the exhibit opens in april. i don't what it is about sea horses, but i can watch them for hours. >> the ocean is full of odd looking creatures, but this is as odd as it gets. they look like kangeroos or yeah. 6:07. are you ready for the snow. local 12 megan moore will join
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know before you drivive inin when baishz are first diagnosed with prostate cancer, many difficult and time-consuming treatment, but that is not the case anymore. researchers are pioneering new technology that is helping patients fight cancer without the agony and offering hope for the future. i have great help, i had got at the a physical every year since i was 30 years old. jeff med cap was surprised to get a call from his doctor. >> your psa is high. >> psa, i had no idea what that was. service announcement.
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>> the doctor said, i think you have at the most two years. >> he started working with dr. jonathan at the cancer institute where new developments and prostate cancer researches that turned two years into no evidence of cancer many years later. and to say today that to try to find cancer in just body, you can't find it today. >> prostate cancer has improved dramatically in the last decade. >> this is one of the machines that we use to destroy in cities here in huntsman. >> and the high energy x-rays -- >> this complex machine is eradicating cancer -- >> we are gone from asking men to have to endure nine weeks of radiation therapy to as few as five treatment. >> reporter: for people like jeff, this is good news. >> if you are going to have prose at this time cancer, this is the time to have t because
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>> the doctor says psa screening can pick up cancer more than a decade before a man would feel a problem. there's a high risk of false-positives with screening. if you are concerned, you should contact your local healthcare provider. go to hunt man. there's a recall in a
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new this morning, a woman is in the hospital after police say a man shot her in a movie theatre while fumble with his gun. this is during a showing of 13 hours, the secret soldiers of benghazi near seattle. police say he admitted he accidentally discharged his gun. oil prices are back above $30 a barrel. all of the cold weather is pushing demand. that is a small win for the economy n a new report the international energy agency says the oil market will stay over supplied for at least other year. but these oil prices are good for drivers who are seeing an average of $1.57 a gallon this morning in cincinnati. an important warning for parent, rye tack is recalling 50,000v ready strollers and
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it received five report of kids bone fragments. the strollers were sold at babies r us, from april of 2010 to november of last year. the andrew lloyd weber musical is one of the longest running shows in broadway history running for 18 years before it closed in 2000. old man winter will be knocking at our door today. you already know that, but you have some time this morning to make sure your car is read evil local 12 megan moore is live this morning with some tips, and assistant crews is getting ready for today. megan. >> reporter: hi, there, sheila, as can you imagine, crews are more busy wednesday, as you can imagine, the timing, the snow, hitting when people are headed to work. just a bad time to be experiencing that.
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those people who were sliding into ditches and found themselves in other situations. of course, after that fiasco, they wanted to give people some tips who were heading into what we are expecting today. hopefully you will have enough time to prepare and get your car ready if you haven't already. the biggest for people who had dead car batteries. if your battery is 3-5 years old, get it checked. and get it checked once a year, but if you haven't done so yet, do that, also, spl some other things, check your tire pressure flats is what they're seeing and another tip, look before you walk while warming up your car. you don't want to get stuck in the cold. and aaa has 30 trucks out and about throughout the day. keep in mind, once the snow hits, they are dealing with the same element that are you out on the roads. be patient as with it may take some time to get to them and
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that's what they tell me. we have had thousands this week due to the cold and the snow, drivers are having a difficulty getting the car started to begin with, and then with the snow getting on the roads safely. and listen to this, last year in cincinnati alone, aaa says they replaced 14,000 batteries for this week alone, they have already ordered additional shipments because they have been going very fast. definitely just make sure that before you even get out on the roads, make sure your car can get out on the roads because of course, you don't want to get stuck at home or run into an issue especially being outside. the cold weather having a factor. the snow is going to be an issue if you have to be in it, just be prepared, of course, we will send it back to you. you check now so you're not in trouble later. the cold gets you, there's nothing happening right now. >> right, it's not like we didn't warn you, right.
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a mess this morning. >> it was a mess yesterday. i was there yesterday and it was bad. i don't eat that much bread, but i just got this urge, go get some bread right now. >> the german rhee is rye is mine. >> i do not get any kick bags from kroger, although, kroger, i'm willing to workout that deal. i will call my people. >> it's good for recommendty. rehmty. >> reporter: we're okay. >> reporter: yes, we're okay, this morning commute is the lightest of the week because we're seeing a lot of school cancellations and delays, the accident scene is clear, and clear, we had an earlier fire, but we still have crews on the scene there. as we look around, here is a live look at i-71/i-75 up and down between union center and the brent spence bridge and you can see that volume of traffic
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normally we see lots of slow downs in the area but not seeing it right now. i-71/i-75. near kyle's lane not seeing a major back-ups in the area. 475 near 275 looks good as well. this morning's commute may be fairly easy than other days this week, you know. but later in the afternoon is when we're going to start to see the issues john says. we will be here all day. we will let you know if we see any issues and when those start to occur, but it starts coming later. the farther you go east of i-71, the more snow there will be. as you go west of 71, it drops off in a heartbeat to where this is a nonissue for a the lot of areas. let take a look at downtown cincinnati over the next 12 hours. cloudy this morning, the temperatures start out in the low 20s, and as we move
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perhaps a few flurries trying to sneak out in the atmosphere. this know is fighting dry air so it's taking a while for that atmosphere to saturate. by noon we begin to see the possibility of light snow. if you are planning on going in going a half day, you should be good to go if you wait by noon. if you wait too long, you will see the light snow covering the roads here as we look through the middle part of the afternoon. then it's late in the an and into the evening when it really begins to pick up. we're talking 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, for the downtown cincinnati area. is temperatures top out close to 30 degrees by later today. that's the time line. we will show it to you graphically with a forecast radar. this is the winter storm warning up for all of northern kentucky as we head through northern kentucky, and adams county in southwest ohio. i will tell you in the northern part of campbell and boone
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criteria of four inches which is required for a winter storm warning, maybe a little less than that in the northern part of this those counties. here is the winter weather advisory, it goes back to hamilton and up here in the warren and clinton county. butler county, fayette and union county, you're left out of the party here. no advisory because the cut off to the snow is going to be incredibly sharp. looking at downtown cincinnati, morning fine, it's going to come to the south of cincinnati and the east of cincinnati late it morning, and spread north of the river into the afternoon. worst is south and east, less to the north and west. traveling south and east later today, down i-71/i-75, east so 32, and east on 52, travel that way is going to be pretty bad. 24, cloudy with a windchill of 13. it's going to get windy. returns on radar, none of this is reaching the ground. brandonor has been
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about that. that snow goes from a solid to a gas to a vapor, so it's not coming around, that will pivot our way, let's show you a graphic altime line. graphical time line. even the georgetown closing to west union and maysville. here we go toward noon, just south of 71, owing ton dry ridge. batavia even with some, connorsville, aura, still quiet, finally late afternoon, we begin to see that pivot toward downtown cincinnati. the snow starts, depend look at how it winds up, think that in the mind early in the storm by 8:00 it pivots back past 71. some areas north and west, we're going to get some snow in hamilton, not a great deal. 25 is the snow. lingers a little longer in the eastern counties.
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here is one model. west. two inches in cincinnati, but it east. it amounts to nine inches from maysville down to mount olivet. that is one model, here is another model. constantly, light amounts north and west, 3.7 in cincinnati. look at that some amounts over 10 south and east. here is the forecast as we look at all the data giving the most probable outcome, less than an inch as we head to the north and west around 1-to-2 ver ailes, 2-4 inches across the chunk of northern kentucky at central claremont, 4-6, owing ton dry ridge, augusta, there's the 6 plus around the maysville area where we are going to get hit the hardest with the storm. 30 tomorrow, maybe flurries early, partly cloudy 37 on friday, rain late sunday with
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into tuesday. we got you covered. scott and erica will keep you updated on the winter storm which is grazing the tri-state, guys, back to you. hunker down, settle in, we're talking about what you like to do on a snow day.
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out what is your favorite thing to do a snow day? that is what we're talking about on the official facebook page. allie is going to take some pictures, and sled in the snow, and drink hot chocolate.
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going back toto good morning, everybody, you know where we are ta stouter as start as we begin the 6:30 half hour. that will be early cincinnati. cincinnati public closed today, that gives you an indication of how careful they are trying to be.
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ticker and the website because there's changes being made. >> absolutely. >> they planned on being closed early, are closed now. check the 26er and the local 12 website. >> we hear that there's snow coming down for southern and western kentucky. as we look at radar, we might have some snow on radar. radar is showing that the snow is falling from the cloud base but it's not making its way to the ground due to the dry air in place. we will see the snow through southern kentucky back in western kentucky where the kentucky transportation cabinets is reporting that we have some snow on the roads there. for us, quiet right now. but that snow is advancing our way, and it's going to arrive in our southern and eastern counties late morning into the early afternoon. winter storm warning all of northern kentucky, clearmont, brown, highland and adams county
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and bordering that, including the city of hamilton, it's a winter weather advisory for lesser amounts of snow. here is the few into downtown cincinnati. 24 degrees, cloudy skies and northeast winds at 13. it's going to be windy as we move through the day. the winds pick up, temperatures, they start out in the 20s, it will be around 24 degrees at noon with snow, light snow developing in and around downtown cincinnati at noon, and that snow will pick up late afternoon into the evening. how much snow are we talking? it's a huge range for next to nothing in the far northwest counties to 1-2 inches for a good chunk of southeast indiana, a good chunk of hamilton county with 1-2 inches of snow, and 2-4 inches, basically from the ohio river south so we get to batavia. hills hillsborough down to walton, dry ridge, owing owenton augusta. you will see as much as a half foot down there.
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snow for maysville in the viewing parts of the area. including the southern part of adams county. i will have a look at all of this coming up. >> reporter: mostly quiet around the tri-state. afternoon it's going to be a different story, but we have developed an issue involving an overturned vehicle. it's on the ramp from 75 way. so it's on the ramp going to 71 northbound, and then second street. they did have it closed, there's a live look for about a matter of five minutes, but it looks to me right now like they have some traffic moving in one lane. this is 75 southbound as you are passing 6th street and headed in the eastbound direction on to fort washington way which will take you to columbia parkway, so it looks like traffic is moving. you will definitely see flashing lights headed southbound into the downtown area this morning going toward i-71 or second
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traffic there is a good sign. as we look elsewhere, we are starting to see heavy traffic in most of the our usual spots. i-71/i-75, and 275 near the loveland madeira up like that. traffic is going to be lighter than normal so the schools are going to be out. let go to meteorologist brandon in williamstown in grant county. as brandon said, they're are tweeting that the southern portion of kentucky is already getting slams. >> you know what, i was looking and i saw some reports. they're getting a inice storm a ice storm at southeastern kentucky. they have reports of snow on power lines, and we here are not dealing with that. here in williams town and you saw that truck move by, that is here. it's a ghost town. we are next to the banjo cellar, you can buy, trade, and rent all
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the sign that is on the door, you wouldn't guess it, everything is closed, the schools are closed. the courthouse is closed so everything is completely empty as it should be with all of the snow that is on the way. we are expecting around a half a foot if not more in williams town. that snow moving in here as we get close to 9:00. we're going it to get on the road southward that is where the snow will move into our area first. hopefully on start 64 as you catch us during the 8:00 hour, we will see the snow push into that area. for cincinnati it's going to be later on through the afternoon, we will be here throughout midday, we will keep you updated. back to you. are they canceling banjo lessons, they are not fooling around in williams town. happening now, people from here to the east coast are preparing for a massive winter storm. >> it could bring more than a foot of snow, maybe two feet of snow, ice and flooding and
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washington d.c., mare and maryland and virginia. >> i think it could be disastrous for people trying to get out of town. >> in d.c. federal offices and the subway system are already shutdown. the storm could lead to major canceled. our last check shows flights boston, charlotte, philadelphia and d.c. are all canceled. if you have flight plans, make sure you check them before you head out to the airport. the snow is coming in a few hours and there's only one emergency shelter open in northern kentucky. a small group of volunteers is keeping the door open in covington. volunteers and wants to make sure that no one dies before they -- because they didn't have a warm place to go. showers, and the shelter raises 90% of its own funds. it's one thing that we have been trying as a city to communicate to the other communities that there are homeless, and other parts of
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covington, and there really needs to be a sharing of that responsibility. that shelter is always in need of donations and volunteers if you would like to help. we have a link at let's take a look at a link at star 64 for more coverage from 7:00 to 9:00, we will keep updated on the forecast if you need to head out. we can get all the closings and delays and early dismissals on wolterman died last month when he fell through the home of a burping home. three from every great lakes pine sold will be donated to the patrick wolterman fund, and happening tomorrow despite the snow, the mount saint joseph women's basketball team is trying to bring some light back to the weekend. first 500 fans at the game will be given sunglasses like those that lauren wore to reduce the
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number two t-shirts will be sold and raf raf felz held during the game. tip off and at the heritage center is set for 1:00. happening this weekend, the ken special olympics are kicking off. the ceremony starts at 6:30 on sunday night. you can see all the athletes, and lighting of the cauldron. the competition starts at 6:30 with skiing, and horseshoe racing. it's too bad that they are not getting more snow, but i'm sure they will have plenty there. >> i'm sure they have made a lot because it's been so cold in the last week. 24 degrees, getting ready for round two, local 12 megan moore is live this morning with how to protect yourself and your family if you have to head out on the roads this weefnlgtd
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winter w was co good morning, 6:41, 24 degrees, skies are cloudy, temperatures pretty steady through the morning with light snow developing around downtown cincinnati as we move into the early part of the afternoon. that snow picks up quite a bit late into the afternoon and the evening with temperatures heading close to 30 degrees. winter storm warning for all of northern kentucky, and highland and adams county in southwest
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advisories bordering that and trace amounts of snow north and west. some areas south and east of town. you get at maysville, and southern adams county could be looking at a half foot or more snow. we will have more of a detailed time line coming up in the complete weather authority forecast in just a little bit.
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why psy is bowing down to at 6:45, on top of a breaking news. north korea korea arrested a high school student and he attended high school here. he is an under grad at university of virginia. they add he has links to the u.s. government. someone at the u.s. embassy in south korea says the embassy in contact with warm beer's family. new this morning, at least 20 people are dead after an attack at a restaurant in somalia. the islamic extremist group is taking responsibility for it. somalia security forces has control of that restaurant.
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beach before going into the restaurant. trending now, adele's song hello smashing the record only 88 days after it was up load loaded. that is best since psy's gang gum style. it was snow was expected to hold off until noon that may allow drivers more time to make sure that their cars are in proper working order. megan moore joins us with live with more tips. many of us are experiencing the click click, when the cars doesn't want to go. >> reporter: that's right. it's the most unfortunate sound especially in these conditions, it's cold already, that's a lot of problems delays we're seeing with the cold and the snow.
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the snow, a lot of people sliding off the roadways and having trouble with that. they definitely want to make sure you are prepared. of course, they are prepared to take quar of care of you, but they're expecting to, they're expecting snow but for many that may be later in the day. aaa as 30 trucks throughout the day. and it's all hands on deck for a time like this. drivers are coming in early and preparing for a large number of calls they are expecting throughout the day. once the snow hits, the crews, are you out, they are dealing with the same element that you are getting through the snow, getting through traffic, so just be patient, and one of biggest problems, i'm told that they were seeing this week were dead batteries, of course, the cold and issue there, with the snow holding off until later today for some, you may have some time this morning to take care of your car, make sure that it's
6:37 am
tips for you as well here. >> just make sure if have you a battery that is 3-5 years old get it checked. you want to get it checked, at least once a year. check the tires, they may be low because of the cold temperature, look before you lock, if you have the car warming up, take a look and make sure you didn't lock your vehicle. last >> reporter: last year they said 14,000 batteries they went through, and this to deal with the additional volume, they have been going through them quickly. of course, they are busy locally, also their corporate travel division is busy with people who are out on the east coast doing business trying to scramble to get home, because they don't want to get stuck in the storm that is heading that way. busy all around, you can do your part to make sure you are not stuck in a rut and hopefully, if
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today for some people, you may be able to prepare for that now. back to you guys. megan, thank you, we're kind of flip flopping what we did on wednesday. wednesday which was awful in the morning, bit an it wasn't too bad at all. >> the afternoon commute. >> this afternoon -- >> now we're setting things right. we will get home okay. except for jen who will probably be back this afternoon. >> maybe i will live here, the glamorous life of a traffic reporter. take a look now, we are very quiet. we had the overturned vehicle on the ramp from 75 southbound to second street and heading on to 71 in the eastbound direction going around fort washington, as you can see, it's all clear. they have moved out of the way quickly, so no more problems on i-75 southbound, traffic is moving along line. we have a report of an accident at i-71/i-75 at 12th street. as you look at the cameras in
6:39 am
over to the shoulder, camera is dark in the area. i don't think it's affecting your commute. they say it's on the shoulder depend. as we look at the cameras along i-71/i-75, no major back-ups, actually things look pretty good. normally we see lots and lots of taillights going slowly past kyle's lane, but we're not seeing it right now. as we around the tri-state, can you see the climate, lighter than normal. a lot of schools have called off, and some schools have decided to close. afternoon different story. a lot of the worst of this is going to come late afternoon, jen, just picture where i-71 cuts through the area as we go east of i-71, that is where conditions will deteriorate as we go through the an, west of there, not so bad, this snow is going to be like hitting a wall. it's hitting a wall of dry air, so it's not going to make a whole lot of progress to the north and west as the day depose goes on.
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downtown cincinnati, from the atrium weather camera. we're looking cloudy. the morning drive, fine no issues whatsoever, but as we move through latter half of the morning, south of downtown cincinnati, that is where we begin to see the snow arriving thaifort, and at first and then it's going to spread to the north. that snow edges itself to the northwest of the ohio river. we're talking about the heaviest amounts of the southern and eastern portions of the local 12 viewing area, much more to the north and west. travel to the north and east, tough, we're talking 75, 71 going down through the commonwealth, not going to be fun later today, tonight, and tomorrow, and travel to east on 32, on 50, 52, same story that way as well later today and tonight, 24 at the airport, temperature has been rising, wind out of the northeast at 13 miles per hour under cloudy skies. no snow this morning, but as we get into the early part of the
6:41 am
develop in and around downtown cincinnati. it's not until very late in the afternoon, though, that that snow really begins to pick up. so after 4:00, going around 7:00, we begin to see the snow coming down at a moderate clip if not a heavy clip in some communities especially along and to the east of interstate 71. here is the winter storm warning are, all of northern kentucky. adams and southland ohio goes through 7:00 tomorrow morning, and bordering that, where the effects of this will be great through southeast indiana, hamilton county including the city of cincinnati, warren and this is i a winter weather advisory. you folks in fayette and union county are left out of any advisories or warnings with this system. it's not to say you won't see a little snow but it's not going to be nearly as much as other locations. this is radar. we got snow coming down of south of sin, not yet. not reaching the ground at this point.
6:42 am
is what is going on with this system. it's fighting dry air, the low pressure center coming up the tennessee valley. fighting dry air, that is why it's going to be such a shortcut off. even freezing rain as the brandon orr mentioned, freezing back there in western kentucky. we are expecting all snow here, 10:00 this morning, look at that snow spreading across the southern part of the area. maybe even over to georgetown, mount olivet starting to see the snow through noon, best chance of snow south and east of downtown cincinnati. notice the sharp cut off as the snow tries to fight the drier air, and then finally of that moisture winds out a little bit, that is why in downtown cincinnati, i believe the heavier snow comes in the afternoon. notice heading in that evening, snow breaking out in a lot of communities except in the far north and west.
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through 10:00, still some snow. at midnight it starts to shift downtown and then it starts to breakdown during the overnight hours into tomorrow morning. here is a model. trace amounts over connorsville, a couple of inches downtown. when you get into northern kentucky, it picks up, 7, 8, 9-inch amounts, here is another model, slightly different, a little more in downtown cincinnati, and a lot more around maysville. maybe closing in on a foot on that model. this is our human forecast version, the most likely scenario here with less than an inch in the far northwest, between brookville, oxford 1-2 inches, versailles, harrison, right around the blain chase ter area, and 2-4 vevay walton, and batavia hills hillsborough hillsborough, peebles, georgetown, and then 6-plus in the far south. likely even more in the far southern part of the viewing area.
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the weekend, maybe flurries tomorrow morning, upper 30s sunday with sunshine and a little rain late monday and snow
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local 12 heading to northern kentucky where we're waiting to see the snow.
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