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tv   Local 12 at Noon  CBS  January 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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odds are much higher that you'll receive two to four, perhaps best chanc for six or more inches of snow, basically near maysville, west union and into the far southeastern part of adams county and mason county. just to the north of the winter storm warning, ripley, hamilton, warren and clinton county are under a winter advisory from 4:00 p.m. today through 7:00 a.m. on saturday. snowfall totals here will center between an inch and two inches. so less snow is expected in the advisory area. more snow is expected in the warning area. the coverage and intensity of snow is increasing. not all of this snow is reaching the ground. there's a lot of dry air near the ground. with time, more snow will reach the ground. with the coming hours more on
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doppler 12 will be reaching as opposed to floating around the in the atmosphere. west union, down into brack p, robertson, mason county. we've had reports of reaching the snow in brown county. southern clermont county. the visibility is being reduced due to snow. near thalman, this is also snow reaching the ground. in grant county, carol county, gallatin county and owen county. farther to the north, not as ground. you'll likely see some flakes between now and the end of our loop. the take away here, 275 loop points to the north and points to the northwest. no not all of this ground is reaching the ground now. it will struggle to reach the ground, but with time more snow will reach the ground.
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i've cut our high temperature in cincinnati between 25 and 30, instead of around 30. we see the visibility being reduced in peeples. under two miles in mayesville. visibilities are maxed out as 10 miles. batavia and hillsboro points to the northwest. snow is not each reaching the ground at least in part. with time, visibilities will be coming down. i haven't made a lot of changes to the snowfall forecast that you saw earlier today on good morning cincinnati. in southwest ohio two to four. four to six, owenton. south of hillsboro. six plus in mayesville. we've got a lot to track. the intensity of snow picks up through the afternoon.
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tonight and the weekend looks much quieter, we'll take a check of live doppler 12 hd and take you through the hour-by-hour forecast again in about 10 minutes. >> one of the first counties that will be affected in our area is grant county and local 12 meteorologist brandon orr has been out driving around the roads all morning long. he joins us live with the latest with a picture of what's happening there. good afternoon, brandon. >> reporter: hey, john. we're on route 22. you can see the roads. there are at least some tire tracks, but we're maybe at a half inch at most of new snow accumulations. there's some heavier snow to the south that's in lexington that will move up this way. in ohio and cincinnati you're not seeing a lot of snow. there's a little bit on the way that's coming.
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dry air. earlier, i caught up with james haven, a transportation worker, he's responsible for 15 miles of i-75. we're coming over i-75 right now. he has this message for those on the interstate this morning. >> give us time and just be careful, because we're out there to help you. hopefully it won't be that bad and everybody will get through it safely. >> john, the salt is working on the roadways, that may change as we get some heavier snow to move in a little bit later. you. >> all right. thank you so much, brandon. people have to travel over the next 24 to 48 hours won't only do so by roads. we checked out the international airport. several flights to and from the east coast are either cancelled
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travelers are encouraged to double check your flight before you head to the airport. some across the country couldn't avoid driving through this winter storm. joe webb joins us after talking to a few at a truck stop. it doesn't sound as though they painted a very pretty picture. >> they really don't. we're in walton where the light snow started falling about 10:30 this morning. it is windy. the traffic here is moving without any problems at all. we stopped as you said at the flying j truck stop this morning. half of the truckers had driven just out of the storm and half were driving into it. the state highways crews that will be treating the side roads, staged until needed. the truckers soldiered on this morning. the drivers coming from the south were showing the snow and
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the snow and ice that's hitting central kentucky and has been since early today. they drove through patches where traffic was slow to a crawl by the weather, but it cleared up as they got further north. >> 64 is bad. i mean, it is completely snow covered, iced over. slippery, i got lucky and was following some plow trucks. >> when did it get better? >> as soon as i got just above clear. >> most people, it looks like they are staying home, because traffic has been really light. they have been expecting this for a couple of days. >> now the bottom line, john, to quote my old friend eddard stark. winter is coming. unlike eddard, we need to keep our heads about us, be calm, ride it out and drive carefully.
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light snow with traffic on 71/75 here moving great. john. >> john: joe webb reporting live, thank you so much, joe. a quick note to pass along, due to the winter storm no live racing at the park. they plan to close early this evening at 8:00. the snow makes life tough for most of us, it can be even worst
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emergency crews p pm kkkkk . >> quite a few rural communities are expected to see snow. as we have seen in past, that can make getting around really tough. what if you have a he had m -- medical emergency. how one department is preparing for the worst. >> reporter: good afternoon. snow is lightly falling. ground. it seems to be right on time. when we first got out here, it started to snow for a while. i'm joined from the chief from the fire department. you have been here 35 years, of course this doesn't scare you. what kinds of things do you do
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>> we make sure all of the firefighters have extra clothing. we make sure the areal and the automatic chains are working and the 4-wheel drives and the pickup trucks. we make sure the generators are operating and full of fuel, so we're ready for that. ready to go. >> reporter: definitely, so always prepared. what are some of the things that can anticipate as problems, especially as the snow starts sticking to the roads? >> we have one vehicle that helps us get through. a lot of our emergencies today would be auto accidents and people who are shovelling snow or falling. if you're shovelling snow, be careful, don't overdo it. tomorrow is another day. >> absolutely. tomorrow. take it easy. don't try to get out there and
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or even probably a few hours from now. i would say. >> it is going to be hard to keep up. >> you guys are fully staffed. you have volunteers this afternoon as well. >> yes, we're fully staffed with employees and volunteers that came in extra. >> battling the elements. >> that's true. >> getting through it. >> we're going to send it back to you. >> megan moore reporting live from independence. >> ted hubbard says his trucks are filled and ready to go. once the snow hits here in cincinnati, the trucks will be on the road. crews will plow and salt. >> the national weather service says that blizzard can rank near the top ten ever to hit the region. more than 77 million people are in its path. it will make its way through the eastern seaboard over the
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washington, d.c., the mayor says their town is expected to get the brunt of the weather. conditions they have not experienced in 90 years, there could be up to three feet through sunday. the new york city area is expecting up to a foot of snow and the new jersey coast line is preparing for an eight foot icy storm surge. more than 16,000 homes and businesses are without power so far. >> well, local 12 is your source for all of the latest information about this blast of winter. so be sure to stay with us right here on local 12 news at for the latest details. you can follow us on twitter, and facebook, and don't forget
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>> local 12 news is first to tell you today that a student detained in north korea is from cincinnati. currently a student at the university of virginia. also a graduate of wyoming high school. officials in north korea say he's being detained for what they call a "hostile act".
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under the guise of being a tourist. he was detained before he boarded a flight back to china. local 12 is following the story closely, more on a news cast and on >> a tip to hamilton police led detectives to an accused bank robber. police say he demanded cash from the teller and said he had a gun but never showed one. the tip left them to fairfield
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>> tracking that >> good afternoon, everyone. visibilities are starting to drop. that's an indication that the coverage is starting to pick up. this is very light snow. likely flurries. visibilities are dropping. 1/16 of a mile visibility in peeples. light snow in falmouth. also at the airport in mason county. if you're just seeing flurries now, the coverage and intensity of the snow will pick up this afternoon. especially for areas long south
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many enjoying flurries now. the amount of lift in the atmosphere is going up. we'll keep you updated online beginning on local 12 news first at 4:00 through local 12 news live at 6:00. you can track the snow along with me and everything you see in the weather center is on our free app, wkrc is what you search for the in the app store or google play. clermont county up to highlands county, all of northern county is in the storm warning. two to four inches of snow. winter weather advisories from clinton county. hamilton county is in this winter weather advisory that begins at 4:00 today and begins ends
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no real reduction on the weather cam in college hill. the temperature 25. the wind chill 15. snow will be increasing over the next few hours. it will be heaviest to the southeast of cincinnati and the wind will be up this afteren into. blowing snow is a concern. right now, we have a temperature of 26 in cincinnati. we'll only add a couple of degrees. we're in good company with cold and we have an area of low pressure rolling up the spine of the appalachians, it is all snow for us, rain is confined to the carolinas. heavy snow is found over western kentucky, central kentucky, eastern kentucky, those areas are getting blasted with snow. snowfall rates are starting to
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this is en generally light snow. visibility under two miles. near falmouth, snow is steady. plenty of snow showing up on live precision doppler 12 hd. some of the snow is not reaching the ground now. the intensity of snow is really starting to pick up. hillsboro back to the eastern edge of the 275 loop. plan on a thump of snow there. snowfall basically confined to areas south of cincinnati. it ramps up this afternoon and then ramps down this evening. at this point, i'm expecting one to two numbers of snow in this light blue area. two to four basically south of downtown cincinnati. hillsboro right on the dividing line of four to six. six plus for mayesville up to
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i'm not as confident on the bands for four to six and two to four. we may shift those slightly or tighten those up later today depending on how radar trends play out this afternoon. generally higher totals, south, southeast of cincinnati. it looks like the heaviest 4 to 9. planning forecast shows snow
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snow decreases >> let's check in one more time with brandon orr, he's on i-75 headed south. going to southern grant county. snow has really picked up in intensity, the salt is working excellent on the roads right now. it may not last for too much longer, we'll check in with you
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