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tv   Local 12 First Four  CBS  January 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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thank you, tyler. . >> tracking the storm in the last couple of days. we want to get to them for the
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>> good afternoon. national winter service has said continued the storm warnings we've seen today. 24 includes highland county brown and all of northern kentucky. this goes all through saturday. the winter weather advisory for hamilton county. switzerland and dearborn county. this is due to the amount of dry air in place, especially to the north and to the northwest of cincinnati. we mentioned all along, littleton, snow, connorsville. brookville, liberty. for cincinnati, we're in the dividing line of virtually no snow to perhaps a half inch to an inch of snow. so we still have the 2-4 inches ban south of hillsborough, extending down interstate 71
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we have 6-8 inches of snow south of peebles. six inches of snow in mazeville and south. much of hamilton county, have taken out of accumulating snow. less than an inch, in wilmington and port william. and most of the storm will focus the efforts to the east and southeast. from where we had them a couple of hours ago. still plenty of snow to track. not so much in the 275 loop. i mentioned in the cutins, 1:00, 3:00 in the afternoon, the burst of snow trying to reach to hamilton county. that's unsuccessful in making a lot of progress in hamilton township. close to hillsborough.
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hillsborough and down to the south. i think some of the snow, will get to the grounds. and the hour-by-hour forecast, shows temperatures steady, evening. snow will be favored early, south and east of cincinnati and at best, lingering in the night. and another look at the snowfall total map and updated look at the impact in the winter weather event coming in 10 minutes. . >> and we will check back. communities to the south and east. bracing for the heavier snowfall. angenette levy is live in brown county in the community of georgetown. the snowfall there. >> and hi, brad. we're there on 125 and main
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georgetown ohio. take a look at the roads behind me. the snow is good falling out here. pretty lightly in the next hour and a half or so. we have an accumulation on the road. it's not impacting traffic at this point. a lot of people who live out here stay home or are making their way home so they can stay for the night. look at the video we shot a short time ago. this is in downtown georgetown, down by the courthouse. you have people driving through, very slowly, taking their time. we have seen a couple of snow plows. the people out here, waiting to see what happens. we see quite a few people coming in and out of the stores around here. we're going to talk to the people. obviously, it's going to be one of the big, the first big or possibly the bigger snowfalls here in the area, in the georgetown area. we'll keep an eye on things and see how things are going. right now, you could see over
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way here. there's a plow and a truck going by. we've seen quite a few pickup trucks. a lot of people take the time. a lot of people working inside, the trucks in the winter, so they can make extra money clearing driveways, things like that. i'm sure you could see a lot of people with >> and we will check with hers. and sydney benter. >> sydney is checking things in the eastern part of the state. she joins us live. apparently she's not available but joe webb is available. >> joe webb. >> joe webb, check in with us. where are you now? >> well, i'm at the top of the cut-in-hill, where just like scott dimmich told us, snow inside the 275 loop has pretty much been nonvented. you don't get too far south.
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and let's look at the pictures we took earlier today around 2:00 in the afternoon. it's been snowing steadily since 10:00. i-75 was well treated. traffic was moving pretty well in the roadway. northbound truckers, truck stop, 75 was snow packed, down to one lane through much of lexington. traffic is slowing down 20 miles an hour. drivers we caught up with, rest stop, richville kentucky, scraped ice down the cars. sigh the roads were a mess until they got 20 miles. i think it's safe to say, here in the heart of the tri-state, we dodge the bullet. and we know the snow event isn't over completely yet. i think it's pretty clear, like tom and tim and erica, scott,
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to get the least of the storm. i have to tell you, the story today for me, is this cold. it is cold and it's extremely windy, even though we're not getting the snow we expect it to get, this is a tough day. i mean this is really a tough day to get outside. expecting a big snowfall and made plans to stay. it is brutal out here. >> and you're up high on a hill. it's all about location, location, location, my friend. >> i'm ready to get into a warm location, warm location, warm location. >> we're with you, buddy. thank you very much. >> the good news, jane's location. >> jill. >> i can't hear. >> i couldn't hear him so i'm not -- >> wining inside. >> he's stuck in the cold. >> the evening commute is a little letter.
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their week early and they did. >> they left downtown and >> and i like the second, what joe webb said. even though i see flurries here. you're like the kid '. a lot of people were here very early. they didn't want to deal with the snow, depending where they leff in the trihb. obviously, to avoid any problems on the way some time. business was very light today. they didn't have a lot of customers especially those who work downtown. and leaving work for the day. one man, he got the call that
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on the bus. literally almost to work, he got off the bus in fountain square. got back on and go right back home. he didn't mind. others say they were going to call it a day around 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon. a lot of the co-workers leave early, what were they saying >> it wasn't actually that busy. due to the snow, people were gearing to come out. oh, yeah that's about it. >> what time do you normally would? >> like 6:00. >> you used to seeing downtown so empty. a lot of people got. >> i think people got out of dodge, to avoid the choice >> and i think some people were telling us, they think some of the co-workers decided to stay home, not even bother, either had child care issues because school was cancelled or they didn't have to deal with any issues on the highway.
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usually buzzing with people. some people are saying, later for the cold, i'm not trying to deal with it. they have caused it a day. reporting live from fountain square, local 12 news, paula, back to you. >> you think about the fact, this is friday evening and this is downtown. >> shut down the city. local 12 has your coverage for you. keep a close eye on the traffic . >> >>. >> and people pick up the night. and we will start the turn around, how quiet the interstate right now. they either left early or didn't go out at all. if you look at 71-75, cut-in-hill.
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inbound and outbound. and in fact, we're accident-free on the map. on a friday afternoon, that's kind of unusual. i wanted to take a look at the cameras that's a little further down south. scott dimmich said there may be light flurries going on, 71-75, richwood. and you could tell there is flurry action going on there, south, north of verona. the interstate looks fine. no issues to report at all. again, i will leave you with this four camera look of the interstate. we have no problems. i will be back in the next hour. >> always good news on the traffic. sydney benter, has a good look at the road conditions. >> is checking out things in the eastern part of the state.
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>> hi, brad, paula. sorry we los you earlier. it's starting to not be as good. no significant snowfall. around hos you could and were probably 30 minutes east. and i did just drive to sky borrow. a minute ago, we were following ohio dem of transportation. he was doing his thing and they are benefitting. we'll continue to pull it out here on claremont county. for now, live on moscow, paula. >> what kind of snowfall are we seeing? you could tell the
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getting heavier? is it constant where you are? >> i wouldn't say it's heavy. the flakes are -- they look small to me. if that makes any sense. they are not big fluffy flakes. constantly where you are right now, --. >> we lose her. she gets the significant snowfall that is less significant than we anticipated. >> and she drove and drove until she found it. >> follow the flag. >> and we would love to share your snow pictures with us. we will show the photos throughout the newscast. local 12 news has the winter storm coverage. our team of five meteorologist and live reporters. and we will continue to get the new cancellations for the evening as well. we are constantly updating the school watch ticker with those
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coming at 4:30, check in with larry davis. in mazeville, where the snow has been falling for a while and at 4:45, brad underwood will join
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>> live shot, 71 at red bank. and we told you earlier, a lot of businesses shut down early. a lot shut down for the day. traffic is light at 4:16 in the afternoon. hopefully it continues for your commute. as you're hearing, this a potentially crippling winter storm. path. . >> we got lucky. nation's capitol in the crosshairs. they started seeing their first snowfall in the afternoon. scott mc clain has the latest in washington. parts of the east coast could see as much as two inches of snow. and states of emergency has been declared up the east coast, with people preparing for the worst. >> it has licensed up implications and the residents of the district of columbia
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>> the blizzard warning, affects 30 million people from philadelphia to baltimore to new york. home. >> any unnecessary driving should be urgent. unless it's urgent, stay off the roads. >> snow has already started to accumulate on roads. north carolina has seen several fatal accidents due to the snow and ice. >> we're asking everyone to be very careful. stay off the roads. if you don't need to be on the roads and spend some time with . >> travelers struggle to get ahead of the storm. 5 thousand flights have been cancelled including all saturday flights. >> and the storm is causing problems. and we spoke to folks about
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>> bringing to florida about your wedding. >> and going to go to an airline, to get an eastern. try to get the eastern, and stand by now. >> and keeping a close eye on the road conditions, tri-state, for the loved ones trying to make it home as well. >> check back with jan dalton in a bit. >> precision doppler hd, shows no snow. the winter storm is in progress
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down to the 71-75 split.. >> look at this. this is a white out at the white house >> white out at the white house. >> you saw what happened earlier, where they get an inch of snow. imagine, several inches of snow or perhaps a foot or inch of snow. . >> for here at home, we made the adjustments, especially for
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lebanon and wilmington. . we have adjusted the forecast. the nags. the winter weather advisory in fact. everyone and early saturday. i think that the winter storm warning will verify peebles, augusta, perhaps south of owington. i think the winter storm warning is a bit much, boomton, and as far west and south as carol county. to the north of the winter storm warning, there's a winter weather advisory. clinton and warren count eye. i think this is over done as well. sf stekt. and the biggest concern for snow, well southeast of cincinnati.
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nonevent for areas northwest of cincinnati. oxford, perhaps, closer to an inch near cincinnati, especially south of cincinnati, still have florence, switzerland, ohio county, back to hillsborough, and amounts really start to ramp up. bans of snow, cincinnati's risk of snow has gone down in a couple of hours. a lot of dry air near the ground. temperature and dew point is close together, it's difficult to get snow reaching the ground. at least in part. in this case, for many in full. there will be periods of snow, cincinnati. this afternoon and this evening gradually. and clouds will break up.
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you could track the snow, that would be favored south and southeast cincinnati. the weather authority app, updated the forecast, within the last hour. temperature 29, cincinnati. we can see the buildings in downtown well. i don't see a big concern, occasionally, we see a few flakes showing up here in the weather cam. even those will accumulate. the heavy snow, will beat the south of the event. little if any snow is expected, in cincinnati to the north, northwest. snow moves out for everyone overnight. temperatures 28. dew points 18. that's a problem. numbers will be close together for snow to be close to the ground. flurries and snow showers,
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cincinnati. not so much, . >> southeast of cincinnati, area of low pressure pulls out. snow continuing in the nation's capitol, all the way to tomorrow night. you deserve a break of snow and clouds. threat level, and be prepared.
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snow will accumulate. reduced. northern kentucky, areas along union. snow is favored, southeast of cincinnati tonight. breezy. we're up to 31 degrees. planning forecast shows we've got sun tomorrow and sunday. especially late tomorrow. wall to wall sun, with high clouds on sunday. opportunities for rain showers and snow showers will have to wait until monday and tuesday. the screaming message down. and around the 275 loop. expecting winter weather advisory. winter storm criteria and northern kentucky and in the ohio river. that's where 2-4, 4-6 possible. >> check the radar. >> we'll talk to you how great traffic was. we have a problem. >> kind of change a little bit.
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>> we got confirmation, the 74 westbound is now closed. between northbound and harrison rivals. you could see the emergency crews. one is an erratic driver. the roads are going to be slick. maybe an hour ago, the roads are not slick. potentially a couple of different things. 74 westbound is closed between northbound and harrison. it looks like forcing folks off
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you could see the drivers, >> blast of winter makes its way through the tri-state. there is snow. there's a lot of wind and there's a lot of cool temperatures we're dealing with. it's adjusted. we anticipated in the last several days. >> and as we thought, depends where you are. two tri-states; right?. >> tale of, at least two. >> getting, people are telling me, slow in covington. meteorologist, scott dimmich, and it's snowing everywhere. you guys continue with the latest. >> charles' reference, update with the alert. for the northern kentucky counties. also brown, claremont, adams and
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saturday. i think the most hoikly spot for the winter storm warning verify will be close to mazeville, west union and augusta. i think we struggle to make it a winter storm winter level. and there's winter weather advisory for part of south eastern indiana. hamilton county, warren and clinton county. i think we struggle to get this verifying. this comes from the national weather service. we're under a different school of thought, thanks to dry air being pumped to the north and northeast. 1-2 inches of snow, including hillsborough. especially areas south of cincinnati. 2-4 likely in the deeper shade of blue. 6-plus south of mazeville. this is a nonevent for areas north, northwest of cincinnati. especially hamilton, oxford, brooksville. flurries in and around
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take a look at live precision doppler hd in 10 minutes. >> paula, brad? >> communities to the south, are the ones that are hard hit. >> they get to go out in a mess. live in mazeville, it has been snowing for a little while. larry. >> more than a little while. it's been snowing since our trip down here, which is roughly, we left around 12:30 in the afternoon. we got here around 1:30. it's been snowing here ever since. as you could see, nothing is moving in downtown mazeville. the trees were snow covered. slippery. there's hardly anything out here, mini mart with the gas station. couple of people here and there, stop to pick up gas. maybe some bread and milk, if there's anything left. there's a level one snow emergency here. mazeville mayor, david cartville
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conditions are hazardous with blowing and drifting snow and drivers are urged to take extreme caution when they are out on the roadway. now coming in to mazeville, heading east in the aa highway, it got icy real quick. as -- it's treacherous. the aa is tricky to begin with, when things are normal. when you have snow, you have really some -- you have really got to be careful as you're driving. once we enter mazeville and came down the hill and came to downtown, it is inching our way to downtown mazeville. mazeville mayor, say they are ready for this. here's what he told us while ago. >> people have gone home. they are staying off the streets. we're getting things plowed at speed. the snow is thrown a distance on the road.
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mazeville. you have traffic and people walking the streets. i could hear kids. saying. that's how quiet it is. another tell tale sign. the mcdonald's, it's closed. it's closed at 11:00. another convenience shop. he said he's closing at 5:00. he's about to shut down for the day. the people in mazeville, they are in for the night. larry davis, local 12 news. >> mcdonald's closed? >> that really says something. i could hear the kids too.
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looking to your left. skwa. >> local 12, meteorologist, will being tracking it continuously. we continue to update the
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. >> welcome back, #:38. everybody is sitting back. you know what happens, as we go out. reporters get told, get your stuff ready. sydney is one of those, driving around the snow. sydney has found some snow. haven't you, sid. >> i found snow. i got lucky because we get into the warm news trucks. i'm with the photographer, mike d. he's the one driving. we did find the snow in claremont county. and we drove out 52. and it took us 20, 25 minutes to get out. it's east of you.
4:34 pm
and you could tell, the plow has been here. and plenty of salt down. it looks like they will probably have to make a second pass through some time in june. the snow is picking up. it's hard to tell, if it's blowing or because we're driving in it. it looks like it's pretty steady. we'll check in to let them know what we see. and we're -- near phyllisity in eastern part. and sydney benter, local 12 news. news >> i don't think it's a puffy snowman snow. we can put it out there. >>nd a the storm creating issues around the whole country. report. >> the snow continues to fall
4:35 pm
40. previousy much shut down, traffic crawling. several inches of fall here and music city. you could take a look at some of this here. there's a lot of ice underneath. >> north carolina, the snow storm is packing a pufrm. no signs of letting up anytime soon. dot crews are going by at a fast rate. having trouble keeping the roads clear. the snowfall is coming down so heavy and so quickly. shows up, anytime soon. and people are trying to venture
4:36 pm
accidents and surrounded motorists across the area. >> and right before northbound and rebel. >> and accident we had earlier, an erratic driver. maybe slick on the roads. the temperatures are right around the freezing level.
4:37 pm
some of the traffic has b been . >> it is falling west and east of the city. where's the snow.
4:38 pm
>> brad underwood, will be checking little later. they are definitely covered with snow and it's pretty windy as well. >> many of you are sharing your pictures with us on the facebook paining. >> and scol dimmich, he's doing traffic photos of all morning. >> jumping it to, on the road. >> and i'm not sure where that is, that is somewhere southeast of cincinnati based on the amount of snow. >> winter wonderland. >> >> >>. >> let's go back to the man. >> and don't want to drive down the roads or driving quickly
4:39 pm
blue creek ohio, down the road. southeast ohio, spending wiping snow. if you haven't liked local 12 on facebook or twitter. we got to do the -- >> and winter is not a winter sharing opportunity. >> if you have it, you got it >> as we've been saying. and that includes brent county. fill us in, brad. >> brad, we didn't really start to see any snowfall until we got to the dry ridge exit on 22 and
4:40 pm
this is 22. we will see a plow truck. we have been seeing this since we've been here for an hour. we're seeing some private crews, some video from earlier today. the side streets, some of the neighborhood, those haven't been touch yet. one thing we have not seen, on 22 near interstate 75. the speed really hasn't changed. people are driving the same. i want to show you the gas station near the pump. we've been here about an hour. there's some snow in the outer portions of the parking lot. that's from the earlier snow this week. starting to see the slushy
4:41 pm
hour. the crews are doing a great job as they continue to make their way through the main thoroughfares, especially 22 in i-275. brad underwood, local 12 news. >> let me ask you real quick. some reporters said, joe webb on the webb, how cold it is. what's the temp like in dry ridge now? >> it's been like this for about an hour. that seems to be the biggest issue. it's not as cold as it looks, necessarily. the winds are making it colder. >> brad underwood, thanks very much >> making it a family night, stay inside. >> we'll take a look what's happening on 74. that's a hot spot, bad accident on westbound 74. >> finally got a lane.
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. >> as we mroech 5:00 in the afternoon, we have snow, and areas close to the kentucky river, south and east, much of
4:44 pm
struggling to reach the ground, at least in parts. in and around cincinnati, mainly flurries especially in the shade of gray in the eastern edge of the 275 loop. down to the international airport and especially up to the dearborn hamilton county line. i think we struggle to pick up an inch of snow or, any snow, and further to the east, and to the southeast of cincinnati, this is where the winter storm is. this is where the possibility of two or more inches of snow will be. . >> time for diminish. along the ohio river from stout,
4:45 pm
augusta. >> if you're travelling southbound on 75 and 71, expect drops in visibility. perhaps sudden drops. and overall, the threat for snow will be focus well to the south of cincinnati. hamilton, connorsville, northwestern, points to the northwest. winter storm warning, for batavia, all of northern kentucky. i think this is done, with the exception, and in the tri-state. there's a winter weather advisory out. and southwest, ohio, from cincinnati to wilmington. and ripley, dearborn county.
4:46 pm
and the northern edge of the winter storm warning, probably one to two inches of snow. : close to cincinnati, and an inch of snow is probably being generous. northwestern hamilton county, not much. i think you'll be able to get out and about without any problems. take the dog for a walk. enjoy the flurries around you. that should be about it. mazeville, reporting visibility under two miles. notice visibilities in the 275 loop. ten miles. that's how high it should go. the dew point is well below the temperatures. those numbers are close together before they should reach the ground. there's a tight. snow will be focused south and east downtown.
4:47 pm
we're at 26 now. sycamore high school. thalmus at 25. and down 20-25 overnight. and snow will be favored, south, southeast of downtown. there is no snow, well northwest downtown. big system, big impact. in the tennessee valley. woor in the far northern edge. snow, peebles, augusta, perhaps the back edge of the shield of precipitation, tries to build to the west at times. i think is struggles to accumulate and coverage of snow rapidly diminishes as we get to the overnight. we will be mostly sunny tomorrow. threat level, be aware. more like be prepared. cincinnati, some slick spots at best. flurries, and all snow to the southeast. visibilities will be down. we'll start tomorrow at 23. snow this evening, especially southeast.
4:48 pm
will be mostly sunny. we're at 31. planning forecast, up to 43 monday. showers coming in light. more snow showers likely on tuesday. the message, out and about this evening update on updates all the way live at 11:00 tonight. i believe we'll have two meteorologists in for good morning. cincinnati saturday. i'll begin tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. >> thanks very much. >> lits take live on what's happening there. sydney benter is in the car.
4:49 pm
georgetown and along the side . >> runningot of time, trying to get to your facebook comments. >> brown county went to a level two snow emergency. depending where you live, you may want to stay off the roads >> huge storm that could dump major snow to the south and east of cincinnati. moves through the tri-state tonight. good evening. everybody. it's going to be a big difference in the amount of accumulation will you see. >> much of kentucky is getting heavy snow. it's led matt bevin to a state of emergency. >> westbound 275 is open right now.
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