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tv   Local 12 News at 5  CBS  January 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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few minutes. >> up to the minute closeings will run at the bottom of the screen. for the latest in the forecast, back to you >> hope you're enjoying your evening, some of you. yesterday, i was saying, a lot of us could get throughout the entire school day by going to school. it was just for the south eastern part of the viewing area, where closures are a good thing. that's where we are seeing the most snow. areas northwest of cincinnati and even to north kentucky and the southern viewing area, not seeing a bunch of snow. we are not seeing snow showers and on off. we have a couple, forest park. this is still the radar is turned up a bit. a lot of the gray area you see,
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we still have very dry air. this took a good time getting here. it's making the decent and keeping it without evaporating before it hits the ground. we have snow showers, down to stout, as well as the south eastern part of the viewing area. all of mason county seeing some light snow. just around the thalmus area, seeing shower activity. i have some pictures that we'll bring to you in a moment. this is a 12-14 hour loop. it's making its way very slowly to the north. it will continue to stay to the southeast of cincinnati. this is from state route 23. you could see 133 is know cover there. two different worlds in the local 12 viewing area. and throughout the evening, coming up in a bit.
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chances of both rain and know in two minutes. >> local 12, angenette levy went to brown county and joins us from there. >> we're in the corner of 1225 and manzfield. they have a landscaping thuks am this gentleman just pulled in. things aren't really looking too padly. i want to show you the sidewalk. and if larry could come down. there's not really much accumulation. if you could look down the road, you could see there's a little bit more snow on the road than there was at 4:00, when we spoke with cammy, with brad and paula. this is in downtown georgetown, near the courthouse.
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little earlier. it's kind of a light snow. it's still a little bit light. was previously. we've been talking to a lot of people, feeling it out. we've talked to them about what they think about the snow. >> so far, it's been pretty good snow. >> i think the snow is beautiful and i love it. kind of love it. and notice -- just a little too much.
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we have not seen anything bad. >> trucks will have a story to tell. timing of the storm, has a potential to cause problems for the evening rush-hour. >> the problems doesn't seem to be widespread. jen is here to tell us what. that's on 74. and i heard a couple of difference things down there. just past, west of north end road. i heard possible slick spots. and maybe an hour ago. i didn't experience anything slick. just watch. and i also heard possible erratic driver. whatever it is, 74 westbound,
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look. if we get to montana and it's not backed up to that yet. we'll update you. and we want to tell you, brown county is now under a level two snow emergency. other than that >> sydney started heading east a couple of minutes ago. >> we will check on her and thenned. sydney, find out where you are? >> i'm on north market street and felicity. he did come out 22. it was probably five minutes, that we started to see the snow. it has picked up out here. it's hard to tell how much the accumulation that happened, because there's already snow on the ground. as far as snow is concerned, we're turning into market and
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quite a difference. we did drive through moscow. the same amount of snow that we're seeing in felicity. it does appear based on what we're seeing on the roads, it is sticking. salted and doing its job in someplaces, where it's melted, certainly. we will continue to drive around the communities in claremont counseledies. and you are probably sitting at home, where is this snow. we're going to keep driving road conditions. for now, live in felicity. local 12 news. >> local 12 news, has continuing
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from erica and tim. they are tracking the storm and the storm center.
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is making the snowy
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>> little or nothing right now. the weather is different no matter wherever you look. some people are seeing a lot. and joe webb has been keeping an eye on travel conditions throughout the day. >> he's on i-757 in fort wright. >> i could tell you right now, we just, we're here at the top of the cut-in-hill, where it started snowing around 4:30. light traffic combined with very light snowfall inside the loop. traffic is just flowing like it does on any other day. not very far south of here, it's a completely different story dry. salt truck idle, waiting if needed. half hour, snow fill and dry ridge kentucky, it's snowing since 10:00 in the morning. truck drivers, travelling
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lexington, was a nightmare. >> when i got out, and pouring snow and getting bad. the road just cleared up. >> fishtown, really interesting. traffic is really light. expect it in the next couple of days. >> drivers stopping in the richmond restaurant were grateful as they tip northern kentucky's ice off their cars. >> it was a mess. it was hard to keep the windchill off the windshield. we have the right vehicle. >>nd a the snow plows, are idling since 7:00 this morning, took off a few minutes ago. not operating the cloud. there's nothing to plow and not sending out any salt. there's nothing collecting in the roadway. we are told by nancy wood, the
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the crews will be hoor and will be here until the light snow continues to fall. >> we would love if you tell us how snow is affecting your life or your area, or not. and we can check the totals on the facebook page. parts of the tri-state has not even seen a flake. >> to the east, it's a totally different story.
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im . >> urt isnd arrest in north korea. auto frederick north beer. his accused of acts fwens the u.s. government. he's the wyoming high school salute tearian. he entered the country in guys of a tourist. he was in the country for a five year. you'll hear from the countries that offer trips to north korea in slicks. >> and we caught people to move to the south as it moves to the
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could get the brupt of it. monster storm during the morning commute from georgia to virginia. we have a forecast that i don't think we have had in 90 years. it just shows how enormous the blizzard is from space. it's expected to sit over washington, d.c. for the next 36 hours, dumping up to 2 1/2 feet of wet heavy snow. officials are concerned about 50 miles an hour winds, tackling trees on roofs and power lines. . >> it's a life-threatening type of storm. >> with the potential of three inches a prowl. >> we know, to be safe. and air.
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the snow but a lunar high tide that has residents worrying about coastal flooding. . >> scared of the blizzard. >> officials say, 50 million people are in the storm's past. craig boswell, cbs news washington. >> so far, there's weather related deaths from the storm. >> hour-by-hour forecast. >> and you're watching the storm for a week. we're seeing a wide expans of anything from rain to a mix of rain, snow and ice, to snow. we're right on the northwestern
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much so we'll continue to watch the snow, it's mainly going to change southeast of cincinnati. car. and notice his vehicle here. and about four, five hours, later, absolutely coverage the car. this was taken at 3:15 this afternoon. in someplaces, we have not seen anything. that's kind of what we were trending towards yesterday. areas of oxford, not seeing anything at all.
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in franklin, and most of ripley and dear borne. through nourwood to blue ash, up to the 271 hill. but nothing significant. down towards northern kentucky and few folks, to crittondone. west union, we have picked up 2 1/2 so far. and light snow through brown county and southern half of highland county. these are the areas, that will be hardest hit. this is going to be the highest snow totals, even in south eastern county. we'll see some good snow totals. this thing expands almost 800 miles wide from tennessee to
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a ton of snow. we're just on the edge of the storm. the places that are getting hit the hardest, charlotte, where we're seen ice. bull's-eye like around the area of heavy snow. winds out of the north, sustained wind, that far or that high, makes it feel like a lower teen. it will be cold. some are battling with snowy roads. we'll take you through hour-by-hour. you could see things breaking down by 11:00. we'll have the activity in the
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and by 8:00 tomorrow morning. we'll see mostly sunshine. and it will be a nice day. around cincinnati, areas north, around northwest, we will be just fine. we're looking at a few clouds. and it's a nicer day. from cincinnati, less than an inch. we'll continue to see the potential for the one to two inches. claremont county and 4-6, south and east from there. and tomorrow, we start off at 24. we get to 30. 31 degrees in the afternoon. make sure you bundle up. 35 of shower, snow showers on
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wednesday, we're going to see maybe a few flurries on the back side of the day. thursday and friday, temperatures in the upper 30s, lower 30s. at least we're getting back to average. some of us may have to deal with
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>> it was a nasty accident on i-74 near north ben road on the westbound side. you see the remnants here. >> there's one lane open. things are really back up. there are reports, there are patch of ice. there's reports of an erratic driver. we are not sure of cause. as we get the information, we'll pass it along. local 12, angela ingram joins us live from fountain square. >> it really is, rob, cammy. i have to tell you, we're starting to get the flurries. we have people leaving the downtown area.
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shot earlier. some people telling us, people in their job, started getting work. some who work in restaurants, in particular, they didn't get a lot of customers. and they believe that's because of the weather. government square was busy, with people catching, metro buses calling it a day and starting the weekend early. other areas downtown were not nearly as busy. >> you see anybody downtown. >> is it normally like that. >> a lot of people down here, around this time. >> people were concerned about their kids. maybe some kids were getting out
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>> and as we get closer to 5:00. we did see a little bit more. nothing like what we normally see downtown. we talked to one gentleman on fountain square, younger guy, nice kid. i was on the metro bus, get the phone call that work is cancelled. angela ingram, local 12 news. back to you. >> coming up next, travel trouble. >> people across the country are trying to rebook their flights because of a winter storm. >> a crash that killed a local couple. what police are saying about the
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>> snow is flying i in how much snow you see, depends on where you see much we have team cover rag of the blast of winter. we're under a win storm wafrng >> the first flas was to the south and late. erica is here with no wake weather. >> portions of the tri hb state are under winter storm warning. we're seeing some fine flakes. and right now, we're looking live at downtown cincinnati from the atrium weather center camera. you could see snow lowering visibilities. we have some light snow across the area.
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where you see the white shade or whiter shade. that's in central portions of brown county. we'll zoom in to 275. and little bit of a snow shower back there. and the pine flakes, as i showed you from our camera. we have light snow through northern kentucky. these are fine flakes from hillsborough to the county. most of brown county, you could see snow shower activity. little bit heftier and not all claremont county covered in snow. not all of is going to get slammed. a lot of us going to see a flake of snow. that's to the areas, to the far
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we're seeing the edge cut in half. this is the picture from the hillsborough area. this is 247 headed to hillsborough. you could see the roads are covered with snow. you could see a little bit of tracks. state route 41. and you could see the roads are covered there. melanie sent this picture. piles of salt in front of her driveway. she will be able to get out in the next winter. we'll talk about the snow shower still in the way for all of us. and the seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. state of emergency as the snow continues to pile up. local 12, larry davis. >> brad, what i'm saying. mazeville is a beautiful town, as we know, it. it's very picturesque.
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you could see. things have improved quite a bit. i think everybody is pretty much stayed in for the evening to write out the storm. >> coming to mazeville in the aa highway, you inch your way down the hill. snow plows were out in full force. cars and sidewalks are being cleaned off. david says, the city is under a level one snow emergency. it means, you need to drive with caution, due to the blowing and drifting of snow. while some cursed the snow, others are enjoying it, even finding any hill to go flooding.
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i think it's like, it's fun for the children. there's a lot of ice on that way. >> and they are having fun. she's worried, the people are out here driving in this. even people driving, are having a lot of fun. they are fishtailing up and down the street. and sure find the things, they are going to have trouble in today. there's an mcdonald's. the mcdonald's is closed at 11:00 in anticipation of the snow. we've seen some slice around here today. one thing, the most unusual site that we saw. and it's in and out so quickly. we miss getting video, with a guy on a moped. he's maintaining control.
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having fun but staying in the evening. >> larry out of the mouth of babes, for adults, disaster waiting to happen. many people hunkered down. and if you have to be out. jen dalton on what it is like to be on the interstate. >> i get to start with that. there's not a lot going on. we cleared the accident scene that was blocking at one point in time, all lanes. they are sending a salt truck. one point, completely shut down, west of north ben road. as you could see, all lanes open in the area. accident could have been caused
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and i want to let you know, brown county is level two emergency. we have an accident, that popped in buckwheat road, 131 and blue ridge way. interstate around town this afternoon, it's pretty quiet. guys, back to you. >> quiet. >> and obviously many people left work early or didn't go it work. residential streets. sydney with a first land look on the conditions. where are you right now? >> we're in bee thel. i like to say, from the
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tour. we have, have made our way to beethey will. pretty slushy. you could tell the plows have been in the main road. a little less cared for. some of them could use more attention on the more residential roads. and because you could see a little snow, i'm thinking, maybe an inch or so. we will continue to drive around in claremont county, which is one of the areas, seen quite a bit of snow, folks are seeing in hamilton county. we will have more updates throughout the newscast. benter. >> nice drive there. stay with local 12 news for continuing team coverage as the winter snow storm blankets part
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they will bring you updated information as the snow moves through the area. next at 6:00, live report from grant county. join good morning. cincinnati for a wrap up on the conditions. . still ahead at 5:30, new information on a crash that killed a covington couple. >> special group of athletes that will gather this weekend
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>> . >> definitely. the winter weather causing airlines to cancel 2800 flights. the major airlines has issued waivers over the weekend. sunday, most carriers hope to be back to full schedule. international airport, some people with direct flights are able to get out on time without any problems. those with connections, they have the most difficulty. >> we have to switch flights >> that's not good on a good day. especially today. donald, he's a professional boxer.
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the events, has to be cancelled. state troopers in kentucky, getting the combat vehicles, whether the snow storm. picture. troopers using military troopers to help stranded drivers earlier today. you're sending the pictures of the snow in your area. we enjoy seeing them. >> scott dimmich shares us, and ready to share them. >> take a look at the photo from megan jackson. it's feast or famine, when it comes to snowfall totals in the tri-state. it looks like they have some issues down there. let's look at the photo from fallmuth, kentucky.
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this is manchester ohio. down in lewis county. thanks for tammy for sending the photo. asking the photos on twitter. post them to the local 12, facebook page. you may want to put them on tv. take your photos if you tweet them on still ahead at 5:30, how the
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. >> welcoming you back before. 5:46. georgetown, downtown georgetown. so crawling. snow is not falling too heavy. that's a good sign as well. >> man accused of causing a new year's eve crash that killed a covington couple. mark huffman tested positive for drugs and alcohol, with a blood alcohol level almost three times the legal limit at the time of the crash. police say huffman was on kentucky 17 and independent when he failed to negotiate a left turn road. he hit an suv head on. the crash pinned him under the suv and she died at the scene.
5:37 pm
hospital, where he died of his injuries. huffman was also critically injured in the crash. she will face charges in court on monday. >> tips lead to an arrest of the bank robbery suspect. he was arrested where police say he was preparing to leave town. after the pictures were shown, tips were called in to police. indicated he didn't have a gun. he stated he was egyptian with no relatives in the tri-state area. he passed a note to the teller in witten road. he's about 6'2" with a thin build. if you could help police find him, call crimestoppers, 352-3040.
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opening serm moansies gets under way at 6:02, with the lighting of the special olympics caldron. the athletes will get to take in some practice runs. and snow boarding, skiing and snowshoe racing. >> you know the phrase that could be worst, the people in the east coast, the snow will be measured into feet and not inches. facing gail-forced winds. coastal flooding. and snow began falling in the nation's capitol earlier in the afternoon. few hours later than predicted. blizzards are in effect from washington to new york. it's snowing in the south. rain and freezing rain turning into snow in nashville. my son is there. he said there's about ten inches. highway patrolman said interstates pure gridlock. snow plows and salt trucks can't keep up with the winter weather. snow totals there could range
5:39 pm
it's passed that in many places. some areas will get harder and much harder than others. this is video from brown county. and picked up over an inch there. we have reports coming in from hillsborough, two inches. west union, three inches. port smith, to the east of our area about five inches. a report of bracken county, 3 inches as well. kelsey marie yates. you could see the roads are very messy. this will continue to happen like places in mazeville. places in southern brown county. adams county continuing to see
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and downtown is getting a little bit of fine flakage. we'll continue to see lower visibilities. right now, they are around 1 1/2 miles visibilities in downtown cincinnati. right now, we have light snow. the whiter shades is where you will get legit snow showers. the darker, grayer shades are fine flakes. finnytown, seeing the fine flakes. and cheviot. and marro, getting snow shower activity. and georgetown to haywardsville, seeing snow shower activity. all of brown and adams county, seeing some very light snow. we have a couple of snow showers still around west union. down through brooksville. all of robertson and all of
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ridge, williamstown seeing some snow showers. we're off the cusp of the shutoff, and little bit of snow. some areas are going to be battling the cold and wind chills tonight. some areas will be dealing with messy roads in addition to the cold wind chills. this is the entire storm system. it spans all the way from western tennessee to the mid-atlantic states. almost 800 miles wide. areas well to the east of us are going to get slammed. we're just going to see some messy roads and portions of the local viewing areas while others get missed completely. right now we're in the mid-20s. 25 in georgetown. when you factor the 18 miles an hour winds straight from the north, it feels like the lower teens. we have a windchill value of the lower teens in cincinnati. temperatures slowly fall through the mid-20s, we keep the chance in for snow showers, especially
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areas of butler county, central and northern warren county and even most of clinton county, as well as franklin union and fayette county, not going to see too much. areas to the south and east, claremont, brown and through the kentucky counties and southern ohio, we're seeing some persistent snow shower activity on and off. that will continue at least until 11:00, 12:00 tonight. after that, we shut things off for everybody, by 8:00 tomorrow morning. we're waking up with mostly cloudy skies. we see some major improvements in terms of cloud cover through the day tomorrow. we'll still have to deal with messy roads, especially in the southeast area. here at home, areas north and
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1-2 in the light blue area. 2-4 in the medium blue. we're looking at the potential for 4-6. tomorrow's forecast, it looks like this. 24 around 7:00. it will feel more like 10 degrees. it's going to be very cold. the breeze kicking in the north, northeast. chance for rain late in the day on monday, turning to snow shower activity on tuesday. we get back closer to average, in terms of temperatures. with the exception of monday.
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>> sounds good, >> all right. this is a live picture of the nation's capitol. it looks nice and serene right now much it's covered in snow. they are expecting two feet of snow. before this is all over. >> a deputy in oregon couldn't believe what he found in the middle of the road while he's on patrol. >> a toddler spotted in the middle of the highway, running, picked up the child and returned him to the frantic parents much the 2-year-old slipped away while they were cleaning up in a gathering in a nearby community center.
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it could be a lot. how much snow, you see, has everything to do with location. we're in the thick of it,
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>> the amount of snow you're seeing depends on where you live. this is a live look at mazeville, where snow has been falling for hours. the snow moved from the south, creating lots of problems this morning. >> the list of closeings and cancellations is growing all the time. tim is tracking the storm for us. he joins us with the latest on what to expect? >> plenty of snow to the southeast and to the south of
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downtown? not a whole lot.
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