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tv   Local 12 News at 6  CBS  January 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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downtown? not a whole lot. reduced visibilities right now, making for fine light snow. very insignificant in nature. i think that's the way it's going to stay over all over hamilton county. last night, you may be able to measure an inch or two, after it is said or done. cut off for the significant snow, maybe across the extreme hamilton county, we're not going to see much, enter in indiana, as we mentioned last night. as you will see with the number of reporters out, they have seen quite a bit of snow. east-southeast and south of cincinnati. here's a look at live precision doppler hd. we're in the back side of the storm, actually.
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of the storm in downtown cincinnati. that's why the snow totals were always so low for us an always much higher southeast and south. everything is pivoting a little bit right now. a little bit of light snow, pushed in hamilton county. and this is not going to make for much. this is a quick dusting or covering in the course of the next couple of hours. i think that would be the extent of it. pretty decent snow has been to the southeast and down to the south. that's where it will remain in the course of the next couple of hours. everything has come down quite a bit since yesterday. remember the 1-2 inch, over in downtown cincinnati. everything shifted 20 miles to the southeast. you'll still be hammered, mazeville south. tough to come by, but a few areas from peebles to augusta to southern owen county. some folks 2-4. dry ridge through bee thel.
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maybe an inch or so. cincinnati to the north. certainly less than an inch. some areas are picking up no snow whatsoever because it's dry north. bit. we will continue to see some fairly insignificant light snowing downtown. all of it, as you could see, moving to the east, in the so. continue to see some moderate snow, east of cincinnati and it will continue to build up there. for downtown in the next couple of hours, flurry activity, snow shower activity. heading down to 675. aa highway could be nasty in someplaces. temperatures in the 20s right
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miles an hour. midnight. coming up, fairly quiet in hamilton county. not very much. cutoff. we'll show you the dry air mass that really never moistoned up. little bit of sunshine heading your way. now back to the newsdesk with rob and cammy. . >> snow began to fall in grand county. he joins us live with a look what's happening now. brad. >> he mentioned, the state of emergency, the kentucky transportation and part of the
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the government offices, . we're looking at 22. we've been here for the last couple of hours. they are starting to lose visibility of the road. : this is nonstop through the main roads, on 22, i-75. some of the neighborhoods, they don't look as good. crews covering the main roads, before they get there. some of the restaurants are open. others, they are not right now. >> you are hoping to get some dinner here. >> hoping to get some chicken. >> doesn't look like they are open. >> doesn't look like that way. something. >> some people always want to go
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in the last hour, he said he's driving around. he noticed the roads go from good conditions. he described them now as gooey. reporting live in dry ridge tonight. brad underwood, local 12 news. >> we'll talk about the snow emergency levels are consistent in ohio and kentucky. level one, roads are hazardous, due to snow. level 2, only those who must travel should be on the roads. level three means only emergency crews should be on the roads. and essential travel is advised. drivers coming from the south, came through treacherous conditions. joe webb is keeping an eye on things along with 75, joins us. >>nd a so far, the bulk of the snow event, missed the urban and suburban corp. not until you get 20-30 miles
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you seen any impact on traffic. if things happen to get worst, not to worry. fresh road crews came on board at 5:00. >> we will keep on going. i think the snow event will stop around midnight and northern kentucky area. definitely our crews will be on all night and into the morning. >> the snow has picked up just a little bit here in fort wright in the last hour or so. it's still very light. i-75 is starting to get wet. the traffic is moving just fine. cammy. >> joe webb, thank you for the update. northern kentucky got fared the direct hit. bardstown. right now.
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>> i have a pretty easy assignment. i'm inside a live truck with a photographer mike davisson. he's doing the drive and i'm doing the talking. the roads are pretty snow-covered in bethel. we have done a tour of claremont county. some of the main streets have been treated. i've seen plows make their way, up and down plain streets. which is what we're on right now. side streets could use attention still. drivers who are out, are taking it pretty slowly. hopefully most folks are home, watching local 12. there's some drivers and they are taking it slowly. i could see some grass peeking out of the snow. it's hard to say for sure how much measurable snow. the snow is pretty light.
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roads are clearer where we are. the main drag, as opposed to the side streets that i did mention. just take it easy >> and local 12 is tracking the
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evening hours. . >> commuteies in the sut, have seen the heaviest snow amounts >> brown county is under a level
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that's where we find angenette levy. hi, angenette. >> we're here on 125. we've been here since this afternoon. snow is coming down. it's not really heavy. you could probably see it coming down on the street. the winds pick up in the last few minutes. this is 125. the ladies in the car are very nice, waving at us. the roads are covered with snow. we have not seen any big issues on the stretch. we've been here since about 3:00 in the afternoon. the sat trucks, the snow plows have been going by. there are a lot of people who are out driving around. it's not because they have to. it's because they want to. we met with the gentleman who is plowing some parking lots for a living. take a listen. >> so far, so good. the snow is not too deep. no breakdowns. everything is good.
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dennis says so far so good. he's not had issues in the road. he said he'll be out for the next 30 hours or so, depending on how much snow plows and we have not heard of any major issues. we met up with people who are out and about. they have not complained very much. a lot of people we talked to tonight, actually enjoy the snow. they think it's been a little too warm this winter. a lot of them is planning to head home and hunker down for the evening. >> you're a trooper. >> another county in the eastern part of the tri-state is dealing
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adams county is under a snow . couple carrying for an 84-year-old woman are indicted. investigators say kim ber and john reid caused death of jar old chandelier while at gun point. the investigators say tag ert and reed lived in the home and were carrying for the woman who was described as fupgsally impaired. they face charges, involuntary manslaughter, reckless homicide
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a graduate of the high school is under arrest in north korea. >> she's a third year student of the university of virginia. was detained at the airport on january 2nd. as local 12, debra dixon, he ignored warnings not to visit the country. >> he's accused of plotting to destroy north korean university. the report says the university student was arrested while perpetrating a hostile act against the democratic people's public of korea. pyongyang's airport, before boarding a flight back to china. the wyoming school's board of education, is doing what the state department told it to do. saying nothing. not releasing a picture. it did confirm, bere graduated
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salutatorian and the gifted soccer player. >> i'm a risk taker. >> travel agent's mantra. life begins at the end of the comfort zone. she says a trip to north korea is a dangerous risk, not an adventure. >> you have to have some knowledge of what going on and dig a little further, if you're going to be risking, going into a country that does have a travel warning. >> the state department posts travel warnings on-line. >> reiterates the highlight of the risk of arrest and long determine detention due to the dprk's inconsistent application of the criminal laws. >> the first line is. >> strongly recommended guest. >> strongly recommends, by u.s. citizens against north korea. >> warn bered, and based in
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website cells off the beaten track. they are totally marketing to the mind-set of, . >> risk taking including your mother, destinations, your mother would get away from. >> there's no american embassy in north korea. >>. >> and it's not off line, where you thought it would be. . >> 250 miles makes a big difference. and a little ban of shower, snow shower that comes through. that's the extent of it. the cutoff line, little further to the southeast. that's a live shot here.
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sort of book, doesn't it. >> yeah mazeville kentucky. i don't know how much snow. i will guess around four inches. west union, around adams county. two inches, williamstown. two inches, perrenna in bracken county. two inches in hillsborough. all the areas, to the east of cincinnati. if you're travelling east, along 52 or 32. you will definitely run into bad roads, as you have east of cincinnati. there could be a slick spot here and there. we're only seeing some light snow at the moment. >> maybe a quick dusting or covering. you will need that ruler to the southeast and to the east. and visibility reduced just a bit over the city right now.
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look at the dew point. it would be snowing better much downtown. the dew point, or the difference between the temperature and the dew point, two significant, in cincinnati, to make for any sort of snowfall. it may change a little in the next couple of hours, but not a lot. we're not going to see a whole lot, of any snow, over much of hamilton county. we will continue to see the wind. winds in the north, 23 miles an hour. temperatures in the mid to up he 20s. simply state too dry, is a little moist. tip, there's a dry dew point. the temperature is only 22. southeast of cincinnati.
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to the north of downtown. big difference for us, our snow will shutoff probably around midnight tonight, for a lot of folks. snow in washington, d.c. will continue tonight and through the daytime hours tomorrow. blizzard warnings in the nation's capitol. here's a look at provision doppler hd. pivoting in the point. and cincinnati was not in the front side, where you see the overrunning on the warm air in the cold. we're simply getting a little back side snow. i think that will continue on and off in the next couple of hours. hamilton county, a little bit of light snow, stretching to boone county. an then some more snow to the southeast and to the south. i would look for a color blue, showing up, if anything was
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heavy snow accumulation. simply don't see that. it's certainly much more of a steady snow, east and southeast of cincinnati. again, most of hamilton county, not much snow at all. certainly less than an inch. some folks get in the way of snowflakes at all. to the southeast, maybe an inch, some areas maybe an inch and a half or two. and then 2-4. the big winners down here. peebles, mazeville, augusta, down to robertson county. south of dry ridge. south of owington as well. heavier snow falls down there, probably in the neighborhood of 4-8 inches of snow. 7:00 tonight, still some snow. it starts to break up. midnight tonight and i think it really starts to take off from downtown cincinnati. leaving the nor'easter counties
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in the morning. if you head in the aa highway, things will continue to get bad. in our area, things will start to see some sunshine tomorrow. winds are strong out of the northeast, at 23 miles an hour. here's your planning forecast. 31 tomorrow. sun will reappear tomorrow. maybe a few rain showers late and then a chance of a few snow showers as we get in the day on tuesday. friday, we top out at 41 degrees. . bengals, heading north to cleveland. now taking more of the bengals staff.
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he spent dozen years with the bengals. tight end coach for the dallas cowboys >> it's time for gina -- bengals, will name the captain, along the south. devanty friedman. rams defensive tackle donald. tuesday, they will take teams, selecting parents for the game, scheduled for january 31st in honolulu. and patriots, or cardinals or both, advance to the super bowl. and a special teams alternate. there are players on both teams
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if they win, thehe . >> dealing with the blast of winter, areas in the south and
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tri-state are seeing the worst conditions. this is the live pictures, where people are dealing with lots of snow and gusty winds. brown county is under level 2 snow emergency tonight. >> a little more snow to come. >> worst snow, and bans of light snow, giving us a covering or dusting from place to place. if you head out east, that's where you will get the show. and they will continue to see snow out there, well past midnight. ours should dwindle around 11:00, 12:00, in and around downtown cincinnati we should remain very light. i don't see the column of air moistoning all that much more. and little snow over hamilton county. the bulk to the east and to the southeast. you could see a radar picture right now. some snow over hamilton county. there's plenty more over adams
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and stretching more to pendleton county. we'll update everything at 10:00 and wstr. >> not too bad in the weekend. >> sun returns back on saturday >> that will feel good. >> thank you so much for joining us.
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