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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati Saturday  CBS  January 23, 2016 5:00am-8:00am EST

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morning everybody thank you for waking up with us here own good morning cincinnati saturday. i'm liz bonis. >> and i'm adam clemens. some of you saw snow and some donld a big bullet. john gum is in the house -- >> this sthipg massive in the past 24 hours.
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right on the edge of this thing -- this is stale range together the east of us with heavy snow falling in west virginia into maryland and the northeast whether it's a down right blizzard not the case though here in the cincinnati area. we were right on the edge of it and over night we've seen snow continuing to move through the area. still a little bit out there right now this is the precision doppler 12 h.d. south and east of cincinnati. flakes flying and then it's steady light snow continuing in highland county down through adams west union where we have light snow continuing east of cincinnati. that's the way it's going to be over the next two hours. if you're east of town you're going to see a little bit of light snow continuing to push through your area. so will mying on the hills
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maybe a few flurries. that's going to be it about -- as we go through the morning. so we're not going to add to the snow totals. we saw an inch of snow at the airport. winter storms were east of cincinnati. again no advisories. no warn nipgs for hamilton county or northern kentucky -- warnings. here's the view. 23 degrees cloudy skies and a biting north wind at 16. that's giving us a wind chill of 10 degrees. morning. skies mostly cloudy. going head up to twenty-six at noon. you may see flurries early on. some snow showers are going linger into the early part of the afternoon so keep that in mind 31 degrees at 4:00 o'clock this afternoon with skies becoming partly cloudy later on today. one of the big questions for a lot of folks are how are things
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i'll tell you around the metro area things are looking a ok. it's as you get east that things are not quite as good. we've had reporters out and about and i believe we're going to perry who's been roaming areas. how it is -- is it looking perry? >> well good morning to you john? you know for the most part if you're headed out this morning i think you'll be ok but we're in anderson township. some roads are still snow covered. those are the secondary roads the high ways coming from mount auburn were perfectly fine. so four 71, 275 looking good. mostly wet. i shouldn't say perfectly fine because you don't know if you're going to hit black ice. so you do want to pay attention to that but again most of the main roads look ok. what you're seeing now are the
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these are still snow covered. you can see some concrete but not completely. you can see the lanes again not completely. so you want to make sure that you take your time. but if you are headed out you shouldn't have too many problems as long as you keep that in mind. as we head more east we'll see how those roads look. it looks like most crews have been out salting plowing and doing pretty well. guys, back to you. >> thank you very much. we'll check back in with you. >> the roads are pretty bad down south. >> i know i was in northern kentucky and snow is coming down there. good morning my friend. >> we just arrived here but check out this video that was taken yesterday in marysville. it was coming down pretty good. it's coming down lightly.
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of drifting snow. so some areas you can see the grass and others it looked like five, six, seven feet high or inches high i should say not feet. they saw feet of snow over towards washington, d.c. we'll talk about our trip down here. we'll talk about that in about 10-15 minutes guys. >> all right brandon stay safe driving. several towns south and east dealt with heavy snow showers which caused problems on the road. >> megan moore has a check on how things are going there. >> good morning megan. >> good morning. that's right. we're here and really just some very light snow fall. i think things are going to be tapering off in the next few hours but this is 75 behind me on our way incoming from cincinnati it wasn't too bad. actually the roads were just wet.
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wood when we started seeing the snow covered roads -- ridgewood. it taped period off in dry ridge. the main roads look like they've been treated. we've seen plow trucks out behind us clearing this area where there are restaurants, hotels. trying to put a dent into the parking lots here but this is what dry ridge looked like yesterday. brad underwood was here and it sounded like they got two to three inches. they might get a little bit today but for the most part it's starting to taper off. that should happen in the next couple hours. they've been out all night trying to clear the roads. they've been out since yesterday morning. also they said the state crews have been out on the inter states making sure the roads are clear. they say they'll probably do one more round and be done -- it should be tapering off in the next couple hours. here in this parking lot they're
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customers who might be coming out to get a bite to eat today. right here in dry ridge not too bad. so this is what we're seeing. we'll let you know if it picks up anymore. we'll send it back to you guys. >> megan, i wonder how it is under your feet. can you hear me? >> yes. >> can you tell me about if you're heading out this morning you might want to take a walk around. how is that feeling underneath your feet? >> yeah. underneath my feet it reminds me of what we saw wednesday. i'll show you the snow. it still doesn't pack very well. in cincinnati it seemed like a wet consistency. this still seems to be pretty dry. it's not very slick and the same on the roads when we were coming in. i thought we would hit slick spots but really not too bad. of course be careful but not too much of an issue here. >> good to know. all right you can continue to
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your screen. we have a link at adam. >> thank you, liz this is a live picture of washington, d.c. it's directly in the middle of system. you can see the white house there. six states have declared emergencies. winter weather blamed for six deaths on the road. the national guard has been snow. greg boswell has the latest. >> officials warn it could get ugly. >> this is a 36 hour storm with expected dangerous winds. >> the massive storm could dump as much as three feet of snow on the nation's capital falling at a rate of two to three inches an hour. >> this is where it's cranking in the morning d.c. up toward philly new york city and long island. >> the storm has been blamed for deaths in north carolina
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>> our first concern are the residents. that's first and foremost. >> conditions in the nation's capital have deteriorated rapidly. most drivers are listening to the call to stay off roads. west virginia family ventured out on foot. >> we came to have dinner with our friends so we thought we would walk because that was the better option. >> the jersey shore is bracing for coastal flooding. the storm cone sides with the full moon and high tide. >> this is going to be a significant storm but nowhere near the kinds of storms we've dealt with over the last six years. >> airlines have cancelled flights this storm will affect more than 80 million people. craig boswell washington. >> the heavy snow expected this afternoon in washington, d.c. we'll have much more coverage from the tri-state from our nations coming up later this morning.
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university of kentucky w50i8d cats will still play their cats. especially since this city got hammered by snow yesterday. kentucky governor declared a statewide emergency. clouds were out but driving was a challenge because the snow continued to fall. it didn't matter for one man. he said he was out and going train for the marathon anyway. >> beautiful and i get really excited. i'm off work. we're shut down. and the city is my own personal playground because the roads are pretty clear of cars. so it's great time to get a run-in. >> guts say guy is training for the boston marathon by the way. >> in other news. new this morning -- a building heavily damaged by fire. a building on 12th street in kendall on the. three different departments battled the blaze -- one person
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>> we do know there was one victim was pulled out of the basement. he wasn't harmed by the fire but he was unaware the building was on fire. i think people were inhabit thing building that shouldn't have been there -- >> the fire damaged neighbors -- neighboring buildings but fire officials stopped it. they do not know how it started at this point. >> still ahead it wasn't snow that caused a major traffic headache. we're going to tell you on what happened i 74.
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a look at how much snow we g good morning cincinnati. welcome back. 14 minutes after five. 23 degrees. you're looking down reading road heading to i-71.
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you can see things look free and clear but there are several parts off the tri-state dealing with unfavorable road conditions and we'll take you there live throughout the morning. >> two people accused of being high on heroin when they crashed on i-74 are expected to face a judge. the couple caused a major traffic back up own i-74. they were given narcan and both are in the hampton county justice center. two children were in the back seat and are expected to be ok. >> the u.s. state department is trying to figure out how to get a wyoming grad out of north korea. he was arrested in north korea for a hostile act or straight by the u.s. government. they say he's part of a con spur rasp sichlt it's the same rhetoric the communist nation
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citizens -- making a trip to north korea can have risks -- conspiracy. >> you have to have knowledge and dig further if you're going to be risking going into a country that dies have a travel warning. >> -- does have a travel warning. >> he was traveling with a china touring company. it's not clear when he was arrested. >> ohio sal dad lack tory -- factory is closed because it's linked to listeria. tests found listeria in doel salad bags -- doel salad. a person has died from the salad. >> if you have those bags of salad throw them away. >> new this morning an officers
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vegas about seven last night. police closed down several of the roads around the area where this happened. we are told however no officers were hurt. >> police are still trying to piece together this morning what canada. investigators say four people are reported dead. it happened yesterday in saskatchewan. they do have one person now in custody but did not release his name. children in the seven through 12th grades attended the school. >> the community is reeling and all of us across the country our hearts are going out to the families and to the whole community. >> school shootings are rare in canada. the country has gun laws that some say are tougher than the united states. the village's mayor says his 23-year-old daughter was one of the people killed in the
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>> still head massive storm system takes aim at the east coast. we'll look at the winter weather from space. plus how washington, d.c. and philadelphia preparing for two feet of snow that's expected to fall. >> and here in cincinnati we were right on the edge of this system. we'll let you know who got the most snow plus a look head at
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a little more snow re take a look as this space picture from nasa of the storm. gnarly two feet of snow expected in washington, d.c. which could shut down the entire city -- nearly two feet. john gumm it's a devastating storm. >> it is a big one.
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looking at snow measured in feet guys. we measured in inches. we're getting a snow fall totals. a lot of these are older. we picked up more snow overnight. those are old reports. we've picked up more snow. four inches at the airport. we got a burst of snow overnight up to 1.2 inches of snow. generally as you went west a sharp and i mean racer sharp cut off just about a half inch -- razer sharp. we've added snow since then. here's the weather warning.
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wind down this is precision doppler 12 h.d. and you can see around the go 75 loop note a whole lot happening now. flurries possible but light snow possible even a few flakes flying in marysville area. over the next couple hours you're going to continue to see snow fall off to the east of cincinnati. it's going to be very light and adding trace amounts. so not much more as we sit on the edge of this massive winter storm. skies are going to clear out along and to the west of i-75. things won't be as cold sunday so the rest of the weekend is pretty quiet and warmer weather monday. by late monday we'll see the chance for showers as we get back into the 40s. 23 degrees. it's cold. the winds north at 16. as brandon orr mentioned earlier the winds have been blowing and drift thing snow in the areas
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the snow overnight. so off to the east of cincinnati watch for blowing and drifting snow through the morning. 23 degrees at 8:00 o'clock. skies mostly cloudy. stray flurries will still be around during the course of the morning. by noon we're at 26 degrees and then gradual clearing. we'll head to a high of 31 by 4:00 this afternoon. look at the sheer size of this system as we're sitting on the edge of it in cincinnati. dry air on the back edge so that meant for a razer sharp cut off. overnight. over the next 60 hours we get rid of clouds and we start to clouds. and then we're going to clear things out tonight into tomorrow. we'll see a few clouds mixed in with the sunshine tomorrow but a nice sunday coming away with warmer weather and then headed into monday later in the day the clouds increase and we see the
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coming in by monday night. that's monday night right around 9:00 o'clock. so rain will be in the forecast. thirty-one degrees morning flurries and clearing today. we're in the upper 30s sunday. skies partly cloudy and then monday we're in the 40s with showers coming later in the day monday. tuesday colder air spills in so we change rain showers to snow showers and then we get colder wednesday. then back into the 40s and -- at the end of next week into friday. you can track it everything in
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well, it is very cold outside again but don't worry. there are lots of great days to beat the winter blues this winter weekend. here are a few ideas. the travel sports and boat show does continue at the duke energy center through sunday and features 700 displays and exhibits. and this weekend it includes admission to the hunting and fishing show as well. >> and the spring floral show is in full swing at the chrome center and today from one to three you can make your own easter decorations. it will be an egg exciting time.
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for kids and four and under are free. >> the cyclones are home at u.s. bank arena taking on the comets and tonight is princess night. kids are invited to dress up as your favorite princess and you can meet your favorite princess. the first two thousand kids two to 12 will receive a light up crown. the puck drops at 7:30. >> and then sunday night the cincinnati pops are inviting do you travel back to the 1930s as the 12 piece pink martini orchestra joins our pop orchestra. the multi limb gaul concert will feature the von traps -- lingual. >> and for more information on all of these events and many more go to i'm jen dalton. stay warm. >> still ahead a winter weather team coverage continues. >> we'll take a look at road conditions across the tri-state
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higher levels of snow. >> and some of the highest snow fall totals are right here in mason county across the border
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we'll have more on that good morning i'm adam clemens. >> i'm liz bonis. here's meteorologist john gumm in the house. >> hi there liz. hi adam. the answer around 275 loop very little officially we ended up with an inch of snow with a burst of snow overnight. we were on the edge of this massive storm system and you can see the sheer size as it continues to pound the northeast even into west virginia. in the tri-state we're seeing snow wind down. most of it well east of cincinnati. we'll see flurries over the next several hours. not much around the 275 loop.
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marysville where we will have a live report from brandon orr in minutes. here's the view of the winter storm warning. still up for our eastern and far southern areas this will expire though at 7:00 o'clock this morning as this storm winds down and there's the view into downtown cincinnati largely unscathed by the snow. temperatures in the 20s right now. winds are fairly gusty. that's producing a wind chill of just 10 over at the international airport. the wind sustained out of the north at 16. we've seen gusts over 20 miles an hour. it's going to make for a cloudy morning. flurries off to the east early on by noon twenty-six. clouds gradually clear today as we reach a high temperature in the low 30s. i mention the wind. brandon orr is out in marysville joining us out -- with a live report. brandon you mentioned blowing and drifting snow out that way. how is it looking? >> yeah, jon that's what i'm
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some parts you can see the grass. there's that little snow. the other parts there's a foot. we're out through downtown marysville. when we were coming down here and we literally just got here the aa highway was find out of cincinnati. it was when we hit pendleton county. for a time it was completely snow covered. we didn't know what lane we were driving in but it's passable. there's a truck coming down the road that it is passable. he's are the snow drifts where you go through here and it's halfway up to my knees. you can see the grass. it's very difficult to measure how much snow. if i had to estimate a half a foot or so. you can see the grass that average out to six inches. i just talked to someone. he owns this mcdonald's that we're standing at. he says in the southern part of this county the roads are
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he was driving through pendleton county over towards falmouth. so we're going to walk around and get an idea of what's going on in marysville and we'll have an update. now we want to check with megan moore. how it is where you are in dry ridge? >> hey there brandon that's right. we're here in dry ridge and i'm sure this is how much the kids would have liked to have gotten here this is just what the plows pushed off in the parking lot. this is more of an accurate look at what they got probably two or three inches. not too bad. actually you know driving in here we saw quite a bit of snow coming down but we're seeing less and less. when i talked to brandon he was saying in the next couple hours we'll start to see it taper off and really come to an end. i talked with the road department and they've been out since yesterday morning keeping the roads clear. they weren't too bad the main roads. they look pretty good.
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cincinnati when we first got on i-75 south they just looked wet. once we got near ridgewood that's when we started seeing snow covered roads. then getting in here to dry ridge really the roads were wet again. so looks like state crews have been out locally. actually we have some plow trucks that have been trying to get all this snow out of here. so for the most part doesn't look too bad and if the snow is going to stop looks like they'll be in good shape. desk. >> thank you very much megan. i know it will take a little while but they can clear them again. a lot of kids started their day. >> some bad roads all across the drive. school was cancelled. local 12 perry scheib lee is
5:30 am
was hit or miss dicey. how are things where you are? >> well i think that's exactly what we're seeing right now adam. we're on ohio pike 125 just past 132 in amelia headed east towards bethel and just a few minutes ago there were wet roads. now you see what we're dealing with the right lane is almost completely snow covered. you can see some tire tracks but it's hard to see the lane lines. now to the left the other lane on the left of me that has more concrete just simply from the volume of traffic. this is where things get dice see. you saw photographer just change lanes there. well it looked like he did but it's hard to tell if we're actually in a lane at this point or not. here's where the lane is but when you cross these lanes through the snow and slush that's when you can start to slide. if your
5:31 am
you want to steer in the direction that you want to go -- avoid slamming or pumping the brake pedal. that's very important to keep you from sliding completely off the road hopefully but in these conditions it's very very slick. especially when you make lane changes so out here there are trouble spot and snow still coming down just a little bit. adam back to you. >> perry, you guys stay safe. we're going to stay in oh high owe. these are from last night. we spent a lot of time in georgetown this morning o dot says 100 drivers plowing and salting in that district -- the crews are dealing with winds blowing the snow all around the roads. >> well we're going to from our area to a place where they're really getting hit. eighty-five million americans in the path of the monster storm but the nation's capital expected to get the worst of it. it could take 48 hours for roads to be cleared which means monday
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really messy. we have more from brine todd. >> the snowstorm of a lifetime is heading into it's heaviest stages. it was an early arrival with snow pal seen before noon. by then d.c. mayor issued another warning. >> we see this as a major storm. it has life and death implications. >> tennessee and north carolina were hit first early friday with snow and ice pounding charlotte, greensboro, asheville. >> i'm going to grab last minute snacks here. >> traffic brought to a stand still. trucks side slipping. cars needing a push. even emergency vehicles got stuck. there were fatalities from accidents on i-95. then the storm bear relled north. officials in washington and other areas are pleading with
5:33 am
>> we want people to stay inside. >> snow fall and truck operators are hoping for that too. >> if there are more people on the roads how does that make it tougher for you? >> it makes it very unsafe for the public. if we go into a slide we have ice. we're asking the public to please stay inside. >> the national guard told all city residents to be off the streets by 3:00 in the afternoon. even with 2,500 personnel and 13,000 pieces of equipment to deploy they're concerned about northern virginia known with congestion. officials warning it will only get worse. >> it will begin a light fluffy mixture. it will become heavy and wet snow at times. >> many airlines have cancelled flights up and down the east coast through this evening. the flight aware shows air
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travelers hoping to beat that storm yesterday but only a few were lucky to get out. all flights into philadelphia and washing on the d.c. cancelled. crews are warning drivers to stay off the roads. >> i've never seen it this bad. i feel sorry for those guys. there's nothing they can do is sit will. i live up the road so i thought i will walk. >> -- it is there. >> high winds are expected to complicate efforts to keep the roads clear. major bridges could be closed. officials have asked drivers to stay off the road. >> in d.c. the traffic is bad even when there's no snow. they get flurries and that place comes to a halt. so imagine what this is going to do there. >> some of the worst commute times. >> well still head on good morning cincinnati saturday under arrest a local high school
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coming up next we'e're good morning everybody. it's five 41. take a look at this live shot -- courtesy of c.n.n. in washington. they're expected oh get some of the worst snow fall hitting the east coast. many places in our area got some snow a few more than others.
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tri-state and will continue to bring you the very latest. >> we're loving this. gasoline selling for about the same price that drivers paid back in 2009 when we were in the midst of that recession. >> when you stand at the pump you can't picture a downside for gas under $2 a gallon but there are hidden costs to cheap fuel. >> the free falling price of oil has put an estimated 200,000 oil workers out of work. >> most people's reaction when i tell them is well it suction for you i like the gas prices. >> energy companies are getting pump meld with low gas prices. >> we've had to cut expenses -- we had to lay a person off and part-time. >> prices are at unprecedented
5:37 am
>> it slows economic growth. it slows the u.s. growth and global growth. >> and it has rocked financial markets to a degree wall street has never seen in the month of january. >> it's tremendous negative sentiment that feeds into stock market behavior and we're seeing that in states with oil. >> in moderate oil dependent states like texas, objection objection -- oklahoma, north dakota and alaska tax growth is down 50 percent. >> if crude oil remains below $30 a barrel agree sessions will hit texas and alaska is already in one -- re: sessions. >> at the current price of oil it would not cover the cost of our k through 12 education. >> claire went back to earn a degree in geology. she's been out of work for a
5:38 am
finding a job remain dim. >> so many people were laid off about this time last year. they took a lot of the entry level actual gentlemen jobs in other fields. >> in washington i'm jeff barn reporting. >> the university of virginia student from the tri-state is being detained in north korea after being arrested accused of hostile acts or straight by the u.s. government. he's a 2013 wyoming high school graduate. north korea claims he entered under the disguise of a tourist to destroy north korean unity. he was in the country for a five-day trip. agents detained him before he board add flight back to china. >> well still ahead we'll preview a big east battle for the muskies ranked fifth right now. >> and we're checking out the
5:39 am
perry s scheeib hey there hope your weekend is off to a great start and hope the weather wasn't too bad where you live. lots to start with the musketeers of xavier. later today a big east battle against the kids in the hall. seat on the hall coming off a
5:40 am
the muskies lost to georgetown. the highway use known as the three point shooting team but they knock down 10 triples. chris mack and crew have lots of respect for the pirates -- >> we have a really good team coming in saturday and we have a great respect for this team. they have as much talent and toughness as any team in our conference so you know anytime you lose at least -- it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth but you cannot feel sorry for yourself. you have to try to fix what ma be y be caused you that loss and move forward. that's what we intend to do. >> the hoosiers going after their 12th straight win taking on northwestern. the muskies battles -- battled the pirates. u.k. back home in the s.e.c. against vanderbilt.
5:41 am
going against the flames of illinois chicago. john brandon's club. the flames are flickering o and six in the league. new tradition the blowing of a horn to call the battle. the north off to an early lead. holland pay is -- pay he is it forward. murray leading with 21 points. he goes back to billups. the north scored over time to put out the flames. it wasn't make-or-break game for the bearcats of u.c. but it was close. after losing in double over time to temple the cats could ill afford another conference loss at home. so behind troy's 25 points u.c. went out and took care of business at memphis a four point win that has the bearcats believing once again.
5:42 am
of 16 from the field really helped control the tempo and pace of the game. had four assists along with three steals. a real turning point. nick kroen than has seen a world of difference from last season and this season -- >> i haven't talked about it but they lost their coach and poor larry has to go start being ahead coach and call plays which is not his job as an assistant really. the assistants really do the defense and we had six new guys. >> we just had to play slower to get everybody on the same page. it was how we had to play which was his first year playing point guard for us. >> that's your look at sports. we'll have all your college basketball highlights later. go out have a great weekend stay warm stay safe. >> thank you, brad. we're still dealing with snow
5:43 am
of downtown cincinnati as we zoom in on radar. i'm going to show you snow falling around hillsboro up to martinsville down to fayetteville in brown county. still some minor accumulations possible as we go through the morning here. you can see snow extending down to kentucky. snow continues to fall and we have more snow around the marysville area west union manchester still seeing snow around georgetown and even in claremont county around bethel still a little bit of snow and that's where we can take you right now with live pictures just to give you an idea of what road conditions are looking like. there's bethel and you can see the roads. not too bad out there. there's definitely thick spots. so out east of cincinnati you want to take your time generally town. that is where you're going to accumulations. over the next couple hours we do
5:44 am
continue in downtown cincinnati. so we're talking brown, highland, adams and mason counties. you're going to see snow and winter storm warnings until 7:00 o'clock to the east of cincinnati and south of downtown cincinnati. winds have been blowing that snow around as well. so where we saw the snow getting wind gusts 21 at batavia. we've had reports of blowing and drifting snow down in marysville from brandon over. here's snow fall totals -- brandon orr. we haven't had a lot of updates this morning. we have seen more snow overnight. overall in most locations we experience the little less snow than anticipated. falmouth with just five inches. sail deal at west union five at aberdeen. four in over onto. the international airport with one .2 inches.
5:45 am
overnight hours -- 3.3 at hillsboro. over two at bethel. two at williams town. an inch at union with a half inch at chevy. there was a large drop off to the west of downtown cincinnati. here's a look at the city of cincinnati from our atrium camera you can see east of cincinnati is clearing out. we'll see more sunshine as the day goes on. things not as cold tomorrow. we start a warm up even warmer weather as we head into the day monday. twenty-three degrees a north breeze at 16. and that's creating a wind chill of 10. so if you're going out early be sure to bundle up layer up because it's going to be a cold day. low 20s mainly cloudy. flurries around. east of town that's where you're going to see snow showers persisting and then in the afternoon gradual clearing into the 30s later today.
5:46 am
the storm pushing off the south virginia coast and we're right on the edge of this but the snow starting to wind down. still heavy snow in eastern ohio into portions of west virginia. if you're traveling today south of cincinnati east of cincinnati there is going to be travel issues. and we'll put things in motion here to take you through the morning. still some snow showers early onto the east of town. notice that the clouds gradually start to clear out somewhat as we move into the afternoon hours. temperatures into the upper 20s as we go through the day. upper 20s and low 30s expected by later this afternoon. then tonight we see clearing early. some cloud cover will arrive late tonight. low temperatures down into the teens. a nice looking day coming tomorrow as we see sunshine a few clouds a high temperature around 37 for tomorrow afternoon. we're going to get warmer heading into monday. showers late in the day monday and then as we go through monday night that's when we see rain
5:47 am
tuesday. we'll turn colder tuesday. highs around 37 degrees and flurries back in the forecast on wednesday with a high temperature in the mid-30s. look at the warm up next week. forty thursday into the upper 40s as we get into friday. you can track all the changes
5:48 am
it is just a little before six on this saturday morning. we're looking at a live shot from our tower cam where you can see the roads have been cleared pretty well in the greater cincinnati area not too much snow. further south however we're seeing mounting. lexington getting quite a bit of snow. >> things are bad there southern states tennessee, south carolina. they're catching the brunt of it so it's everywhere. >> the worst washington, d.c. was shut down even with no snow. >> they're getting a lot though. >> maybe up to two feet some forecasters are saying. >> coming up on good morning cincinnati saturday we'll continue our winter weather coverage. >> john gumm has our forecast and we have brandon orr in marysville. perry scheibley is driving around and megan more is in
5:49 am
p quite a variety to the snow fall in the tri-state. we have you covered especially in the areas hit hardest. >> that's right and in kentucky some parts got hit pretty hard in dry ridge. we're checking out how much they got. >> thank you for waking up with us here. good morning cincinnati saturday. i'm liz bonis. we've got meteorologists all over the place and i'm adam clemens. first snow is still falling as
5:50 am
john gumm has your no wait weather. >> yeah guys this is massive storm. in cincinnati we're right on the edge of it. that made it difficult to determine exactly where the cut off to the snow was going to be overall in the greater cincinnati area we got less snow than anticipated but boy they got hit south and east of town. you can see still some snow in virginia. it's snowing heavy there. the storm is making its way along the southern virginia coast. we continue to be on the edge east of cincinnati. falling. we actually picked up more snow overnight around the metro. the airport coming in oh initially with an inch of snow now. that's a look at precision doppler 12. flurries around the 275 loop. that's about it. still some snow around lynchburg coming down pretty good in some spots. still some light snow through back con county.
5:51 am
back ken county. we see a big east coast low keeping our snow going in the eastern counties so you're going add minor accumulation as we work our way through the morning. the winter storm warning is in effect east of cincinnati and south of cincinnati. that goes through 7:00 o'clock in the morning. there's our atrium medical center camera. we're calling for an inch or two of snow in downtown cincinnati. we had an inch at the airport. twenty-three right now. north winds 17. a wind chill of nine degrees. mostly cloudy. we'll make our way to 31 at 4:00 o'clock with gradual clearing but you'll see flurries and light snow persist to the east of cincinnati as we work our way through the morning time hours. we've had crews all over the tri-state taking a look at the road conditions and i think we'll look at more of that coming up in just a bit. >> you heard john say the snow
5:52 am
>> and because of that we have megan moore and several reporters to the south. we want to go ahead and find out what megan is seeing. she's joining us with the latest conditions in dry ridge. kind of a sleepy town there but waking up and clearing the snow megan? good morning. roefr reporter northern kentucky doesn't look like they got much of it -- >> reporter: it looks like the snow is starting to taper off here. fortunately we talked with guys plowing the parking lot here and he told me yesterday he was here three different times. i know they only got a few inches of snow. that's at least what it looks like to me but he said he was here a few times yesterday having to reclear it out because of snow drift. that might be an issue on the roads if the snow gets blowing around. the winds an issue. honestly not too bad.
5:53 am
roads were just wet. so that may not be too much of a problem unless it gets cold and we start to see ice. the interstates look clear. i talked to the grant county road department and they've been out since yesterday morning keeping the loads clear and it shows. they've been busy trying to keep the roads clear for people -- the parking lots they're getting to these. so i think roads may not be a problem. walking around on the snow i know you asked earlier liz what it's like walking around. i think you can get some pretty good traction if you have good boots. don't come out on your kids. you might fall and that would not be fun -- kedz. the snow is pretty dry. that's what we saw wednesday. so maybe more of an issue if it was really wet. it might freeze over. but yeah for now dry ridge not looking too bad and it looks
5:54 am
we'll send it back to you guys. >> all right. now that is a good thing because a lot of people venture out be shopping a little bit and you know how you think it's snowy and underneath it it's frozen. good reminder. i kid see people out in their kedz yesterday. >> people still wear kedz? >> -- yeah good point thanks for reminding of -- us of that. we'll check back with you. >> kentucky governor has declared a state of emergency in ken tuck kichlt areas farther south see close to a foot of snow -- kentucky. lexington. a series of crashes cause them to close the roads. the university game will continue at four at rup arena. >> -- we're going to now the east side in our area.
5:55 am
claremont county. >> perry schaible joins us and photojournalist eric gary hardt is driving -- we lost their shot but we do have perry driving out live and she's going to give us a look at the road conditions once we can get the shot up. >> okay. and moving from perry we're going to check back with perry in just a little while as we mentioned -- it's the east coast that's getting the worst of this snow. they've been slammed by this system. washington, d.c. has called in the national guard to help deal with the projected three feet of snow. today it could be falling at a rate of two to three inches an hour. conditions there are already bad. the good thing however is that most drivers are listening to the call to stay off the roads. one family from virginia says they're just going to make the most of this version -- winter wonderland. >> we came to have dinner with our neighbors with our friends. so we thought we would walk
5:56 am
>> good for you. philadelphia could see a couple feet of snow. new york city expecting a foot. the jersey shore bracing for coastal flooding especially this cone sides with a full moon and high tide. >> we're going to have continuing coverage. make sure you stay with local 12 and >> a young man from the tri-state being held in north korea. what we know about his detain meant just ahead.
5:57 am
right near the horse good morning cincinnati. welcome back. ten minutes after six. twenty-three degrees. you're looking at a live tower cam shot at downtown cincinnati. snow.
5:58 am
the snow is falling in marysville. other parts dodged a big bullet. >> a lot of commotion when the fire broke out in the neighborhood. >> crews were called to 12th and pendleton. that identifier mostly on the top floors. firefighters fought it from the outside -- that fire mostly on the top floors. squatters were in the basement and they were able to get out safely. >> a man and woman accused of overdosing on heroin and causing a crash happened with their children in the car. amanda gordon and clay wilson facing charges following what happened on i-74 yesterday right near an exit. both were revived with narcan and their two sons eight and 10 are staying with other family members. >> a high school graduate has
5:59 am
now the u.s. state department is trying to figure out how to get them home. the student was on a chinese tour. he's accused of hostile act or straight by the u.s. government. the same rhetoric the communist government has used in prior arrests of american citizens. >> we continue to share the latest on snow fall from all over the tri-state. >> local 12 brandon orr has been fwolg this storm. he will share details kind of who got what where this morning -- following this storm. >> that's from marysville. it's still coming down out in marysville where we've seen greater than five inches of snow in some parts of mason county. still flying.
6:00 am
look at the rest of yourr welcome back good morning cincinnati. it has been snowy depending on where you live. much further south getting a lot of snow here. not as much. but we've had teams driving all over our tri-state this morning. >> i believe perry schaible are out. how are things right now? >> yeah sorry we missed you before. we're on one 33 near bethel in wiggins vil and this is the thing with this storm. i think a lot of people walk out of their house in cincinnati area -- and think hey we didn't get any snow. the snow has come down but it's worse in different areas this being a prime example of that. take a look at one 33 completely snow covered. all you can see is in the left lane -- tire tracks but that's
6:01 am
you can barely see the lane markers. it's very very slick and the snow is still coming down. now this isn't snow covered for lack of trying we've seen several plows salt trucks out on the road throughout the morning so they're definitely working on it but the snow coming down may be faster than they can deal with this and again these are secondary roads so they're smaller tighter. they're going to be tough to drive on as people wake up and start to leave. like i said we don't want to be alarm mist in some areas immediately in cincinnati things aren't too bad but here in claremont county they are definitely snow covered roads snow still coming down. so people are going to have to deal with this throughout the morning. some areas on the primary roads we definitely saw ohio pike was very slushy. that causes problems because people get more comfortable. they think they can change lanes. that causes problems because
6:02 am
start to slide if you do start to slide you want to turn into the slide point your car in the direction that you want to go. so we'll be out here throughout the morning checking out these roads and continue to bring you guys updates. adam back to you. >> that's the thing. if the snow is still falling you can be out in the back roads. crews can be out there. but if it's still falling they're not going to get out there with the regularity they're doing on 275. >> you can go through one area and it will be fine and then another area. marysville is one of the areas slammed by the snowstorm. >> that's where we find brandon orr. snow still falling there brandon? >> yeah adam the snow is still falling. we finally got it together in marysville. it took us a while because the roads are completely snow covered here. on the way down on the aa highway we couldn't see what road we're in. as long as you take it slow and you're aware of cars around you
6:03 am
we didn't see any wrecks. checkout the snow drift this is caused when the wind was pretty strong yesterday. it's not that bad right now but when we put the ruler in it just completely disappears and keeps ongoing. so snow drifts are more than a foot through here. you can walk through it. it's up to my knees. i believe this is highway 68. this is completely covered. it's not as big as the aa highway but it's pretty identical pretty snow covered. the plows are coming through. they try to plow it and then the snow covers it again. the salt is helping to a point but with temperatures this cold it dovent esn't start and it's slower. we'll come pair that to cincinnati but guys we'll send
6:04 am
>> brandon i have a yard stick that someone brought come and see me before they send you out and i'll give you that yard stick. >> i know i needed that here. we need something bigger than the ruler. >> we got you covered next time buddy. thanks brandon. >> john gumm is in the house. >> i volunteered to go out there and do that. i want to make that perfectly clear but here i am -- >> all warm and cozy. >> there was a line. >> there was a sharp cut off to the snow and in our forecast yesterday morning we are trying to determine where that was. we said we don't exactly know where that's going to be and it ended up being 20 miles more east than what we thought. we did end up with an inch off snow at the airport. most came last night. snow is winding down but to the east the snow continues. h.d.
6:05 am
cincinnati but highland county storm still happening out here. it's generally light snow around the hillsboro area but it's still accumulate lg and out here you saw the shot from perry schaible -- and there's snow coming into claremont county and williamsburg and it's snowing pretty good there as you saw in perry's live shot. we've seen over five inches of snow already over to these areas. you'll notice in adams county we still have snow. we have a pretty good band setting up over peebles. east of cincinnati is where the snow is going to be. so as we loop the radar from now through 8/18 you'll notice in our eastern counties we continue
6:06 am
accumulations. that's why the national weather service has warnings up for our eastern and southern counties. it goes until seven. so it will come to an end soon. one other thing to point out we have winds gusting at 20 miles per hour. so we see blowing and drifting snow off to the east of since natty. these are old snow fall totals but we're going to update these -- cincinnati. overnight. again 1.2 at the airport. around three at hillsboro. we've added to totals in bethel and notice as you get back to the west shef yet very little -- there's the view into downtown cincinnati. we're going to clear out. it's going to take it's time. not as cold sunday. warmer monday as we get back into the 40s. >> 23, north wind at 17 miles per hour. a wind chill of nine degrees so
6:07 am
we start in the 20s with clouds. we'll see a gradual clearing trend. snow showers will continue east of cincinnati over the next several hours. by late today more. look at this massive snow system. thing. snow is quite heavy in west virginia and maryland this morning but for us we're on the edge of the snow. some clearing starting to take cincinnati. so we'll see that clearing eventually take shape as we move through the day. snow showers coming to an end out east. skies opening up a little bit with sunshine peeking through. and then we start clear. we'll bring back a few clouds tomorrow morning and more in the way of sunshine tomorrow. forties. here comes the little rain into the mix as we get into monday night. so expect showers late monday. thirty-one gradual clearing today. 20s if you're headed out the door with skies clearing out. thirty-seven partly cloudy tomorrow. forty-four.
6:08 am
and then -- or late monday. and then showers change to snow showers tuesday. otherwise fairly quiet in the next week. look at the warm up by the end of the week 40s thursday and friday with things turning warmer. don't forget our weather august thoerpt i think app. that snow is hanging out east of town -- authority. we're going to have slick roads as you travel east of cincinnati. >> thank you, john.
6:09 am
hhave. good morning cincinnati. in the downtown metro this is 71 dorchester. they've done a good job getting those roads treated they're fairly dry but in some parts of
6:10 am
snow fall. some outlying areas of cincinnati. we have crews all over and we'll show you that. we want to show you something fun. some cincinnati mascots are prepared to hit the ice at fountain square. >> they'll go head to head at 11. it is free to attend. you'll have the opportunity to meet and take pictures with the mascots both before and after the event. i've never played broom ball. it looks like fun. >> people are probably ready for that. >> speaking of the ice and cold we're tipping to follow the winter storm in the tri-state. >> these are live pictures from i believe the dry ridge area where we have megan moore and she's been out there all morning. one of the main areas she's been looking at kind of the shopping areas the parking the sidewalks. some of those places we'll be hitting today as we venture out of our homes.
6:11 am
we'll have the very a lot of us in the tri-state waking up to hardly any snow but we're going to show you some areas that are hit hard.
6:12 am
some in dry ridge as well. we're checking out the tri-state and i know brandon is in marysville. we'll see him in a little bit too. >> snow to the south. thank you so much for waking up with us on cincinnati saturday. i'm adam clements. >> and i'm liz bonis. >> first a quick check with the forecast. good morning. >> all right. good morning, guys. hey i'm over here checking things out to the east of cincinnati. we still have snow flying east of downtown cincinnati. some of this has still been accumulating especially out through claremont county and brown county. this is precision doppler 12 h.d. around hillsboro. still some snow falling. especially south of williams burlington -- williamsburg.
6:13 am
brooksville light snow. county. this is an accumulating snow -- rip lee. this storm is not through with areas east of cincinnati yet where the snow continues to fly. some spots closing in on six inches or better of snow in the far southeastern part of our loop. it's just been flurries the past hour or so. we did add snow overnight which put our total to over an inch of snow with this system. it's massive system at that. look at this thing. it is pounding parts of the northeast on the back edge of it. we're starting to see that snow coming to an end across the greater cincinnati area but areas to the east is going to persist before it winds down. winter storm warnings will expire in a little bit to the east and south of downtown cincinnati. there is down town cincinnati where we escape most of the snow.
6:14 am
winds at 17. a wind chill of just nine right now. we start with clouds and flurries around the i-275 loop. light snow persists east of snow. temperatures mostly cloudy. we work our way into the low 30s. there's a nice warming trend following this system. we'll step you through the weekend and into next week in a few minutes, guys. >> thank you very much, john. >> i know john and brandon have been talking about the worst of the snow in north kentucky. >> megan moore is live in dry ridge this morning. couple inches on the ground still? >> you know i think it depends where you stand. clearly they have cleared off the roadway. we're in a residential area. we wanted to see what the roads looked like here. for the most part snow covered. some people have been traveling down this road but then you step
6:15 am
there's quite a bit more snow. so it's kind of hard to judge just how much they got. probably a few inches as looet -- least. earlier when we were coming this way on i-75 south roads were not too bad. interstate not too bad. roads were mostly wet. and then heading near ridgewood we saw the snow coming down and it's sticking down to the roads. like here in the residential areas i'm seeing some people have their lights on already. they may want to vep church out this is what you're or going to see -- if you try to get out of your driveway. depending on how good your car and tires are you may have a problem geth out. we've seen a lot of plow trucks. they're trying to clear the parking lots -- also driving this way some of the main roads
6:16 am
where we came off the exit it looked like the roads were more wet but some of the roads you may see snow covered. so depending on how well your traction is on your tires you may slip and slide. for the most part not too bad. the snow seems to be tapering off so that's a good thing too. hopefully you'll be able to get out this weekend. i know some people are tired of the snow and that might be a possibility to get out and do something today. >> megan john gumm says he needs seven different measurements within a five feet radius and then average those together so we need you to work on that ok? >> ok. i'll do that. >> go get in the van and stay warm. >> let's look at what we found last night in brown county. you can see in georgetown efforts to clean private lots.
6:17 am
counties are in odot district 9 and the state reported 100 drivers plowing and salting in the district -- adams. people are urged only to drive if absolutely necessary rifl. people seem to be staying put -- necessary. >> this storm system is coming down hard in the south. now this is video from south carolina where plows were working to keep one the falling snow and dropping temperatures. lots of accidents there. cars ending up in ditches on the sides of the interstate. >> you can deal with the winter weather therein new engineers see in the garden state. not only is there concern about the snow fall but high tooidz could bring flood from the coast. yesterday bulldozers were busy trying to shore up a san dune that was built after super storm sandy. >> airlines have cancelled more
6:18 am
that rush was on yesterday to get out of airports from cities as far south as charlotte all the way back to new york city and the east coast storm has caused a rip pell effect all over the country. -- united cancelled harry's flight and now he will not be able to return until monday. >> i would love to be back with my family and they're going to be there and get two feet of snow and probably the power is going to go out and there's nothing i can do to help them. >> that storm is expected to impact 80 million people. >> we will of course have continuing coverage of the weather conditions this morning. we'll be following along with a storm on the east coast. make sure you stay with >> turning now to local news. today kroger will help with an effort to to bring fresh water to flint, michigan. the city's water was tainted after switching systems to change money. a truck will be parked outside
6:19 am
you can bring donations to take there. now the truck will hopefully be filled and at 9:00 o'clock it will make it's trip to flint. >> a local child suffering from brain cancer gets a special celebration. tyler has been released from cincinnati children's hospital after some more procedures. he'll be picked up by firefighters at one and taken to bridgewater church. people will gather to welcome him home once again. he has dipg which is the same illness lauren hill had. >> brandon orr is in marysville this morning. that's an area they're getting quite a bit of snow. we're going to check in with them to see how the roads are old up out there.
6:20 am
we'll preview theirir claremont county saw a lot of snow last night. >> perry and eric have been driving the roads. good morning, perry. >> hey good morning you, liz. you know what? i think what you're seeing on the picture may be different. it almost looks to me like you cap see pavement where we are on ohio pike in yankee town. you cannot see pavement at all. the road is completely snow covered. it's tough to see which lane
6:21 am
it actually is very slick out here. we have seen more drivers hit telling road. we also saw one that slid off the road. so it's very very important to get out here to take your time and to know what to do if that happens. if your car starts to skid you want to steer it in the direction that you want the car to go. so avoid slamming or pumping the brake pedal. that should help you stay on the road. this car was actually off the side and dipped down. so it's going to be tough to get that out of our -- or off the side of the road and back onto the road but those are things that people are dealing with. i think this snowstorm is really tough because some people walk outside. they say the roads are just wet. there really isn't any snow. clearly in some areas there is a lot of snow and here's the thing. it depends on where you are completely. when we turn off this ohio pike sometimes there's snow filled roads.
6:22 am
clear even though those are the secondary roads. so it depends on what you're seeing. on our way out here four 71, 275 those look ok -- but they look wet but worry about black ice that you can't see. this here is more visible and again ven very very slick for folks in this area. guys back to you. >> perry remind us again exactly where you are -- i think i counted maybe two cars. it looks like there's not a lot of traffic this morning? >> we are actually in brown county so we have moved from claremont count toy brown county ohio pike. and it's yankee town. -- county. >> all right. we'll check in with you shortly and exactly what you said is true but take your time. >> we do want to take a moment if you're staying home. you may want to stay in and watch some sports. we're going to throw it to brad
6:23 am
>> we hope the weather wasn't too bad -- lots to get to this morning. we start with xavier. muskies bouncing back from their second loss their first at home. later today a big east battle against seton hall coming off to a loss to villanova. the highway use aren't normally known as the shooting team but they knocked down 10 triples. chris mack and crew have lots of respect for the pilots. >> we have a really good team coming in saturday. a team we have a great respect for. they have as much talent and conference. anytime you lose it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. yourself. you have to try to fix what maybe plagued you in that loss and move forward. that's what we intend to do. >> it's going to be a great day of basketball headed your way.
6:24 am
the hoosiers taking on northwestern. the muskies battled the pirates at home at 2:00 o'clock. u.k. back home in the s.e.c. the red hawks are on the road. >> northern kentucky at home going after their second horizon state win. john brandon's club. new tradition the blowing of the horn. jaylen finds lavon for the triple. north is off to an lead. holland over to cole for another three ball. murray leading with 21 points. later on murray goes back to billups. inside for the bucks. north scored 17 points in over time to put out the flames 82 to 69 the final. >> you know it wasn't exactly a
6:25 am
bearcats of u.c. but it was close. after losing to temple the cats could ill afford another loss so u.c. went out and took care of business against memphis that has the bearcats believing once again. just standing around. the junior point guard went nine of 16. really helped con rent to the tempo and pace. had four assists along with three steals. nick cronin has seen a world of difference in his team. >> i haven't talked about it all year but they lost their coach and poor larry has to go start being ahead coach and call plays which is not his job as an assistant really. the assistants usually do the defense. we have six new guys. we just had to play slower last year to get everybody on the
6:26 am
that's just how we had to play which was really his first year of playing point guard. >> that's your sports this saturday morning. allie will be here later today. go out and have a great weekend. stay warm. stay safe. >> we've been mentioning when the college basketball u.k. is going to play anyway today even though lexington has quite a bit of snow. so does marysville. >> absolutely. that's where we find brandon orr in marysville. brandon marysville is one of those pretty little sleepy country towns and you've got a guest with you there. >> yeah. everyone is off the roads. we're not seeing too many cars but one person that is mark. you've been out here trying to clear the parking lots for the businesses. how does this snow compare to a couple days ago? >> a couple days ago it wasn't nothing. we didn't do nothing but spread salt. >> and this is not as much as
6:27 am
get? >> no i thought we were going to get 10 inches or so. >> i think we got lucky compared to what they had just to our south. >> yes. >> you were talking about the owner of this mcdonald's. it's a mess down in family mix berg. >> i know time is money -- thanks for talking with us. >> be careful. >> now snow amounts were around half a foot or so and you could see in the parking lot how much snow is here on the pavement this is including what melted when the snow initially started to fall and they had the road salted and pretreated and ready to go. so it continues to fall here lightly. we're going to see it for the next few hours. it's not going to add on much accumulation. checkout how this appears over in cincinnati. this graphic shows they got an inch for cincinnati. that means totals is a little more than eight inches.
6:28 am
for now we'll send it back to you guys. we'll go around. we'll try to talk to more people see when they're trying to opening -- open the businesses. >> brandon we heard that truck starting up. >> it was so loud i felt bad. i said can you turn this off so we can hear you when you talk? >> so he's cost thing guy money and making him get cold. good job, brandon -- costing the guy money. >> brandon said six inches. we have hamilton county in cincinnati in a band of one to two inches. we were on the low end and it took all night to squeeze out that inch of snow. >> and you said things moved east? >> 20 miles farther east than what we were estimating. i told people -- i wrote a big dissertation shin.
6:29 am
be a sharp storm because there's going to be a sharp cut off. we're going to give you an estimate and that's the estimate. it was 20 meals east. east of town roads are bad -- 20 miles east. someone wrote me and said hey we have snow falling in hamilton. yes. hillsboro some light accumulating snow. we're not going add much to totals but you're going to increase totals by a continue any bit around georgetown and snow continues. it's starting to end here in claremont county but flakes around 679 still seeing light acouple lating snow -- and it's let up in marysville that is band of snow has pushed back west around german continue and
6:30 am
continues in adams county. -- there's embedded bands here with a little bit of accumulation expected with that band but not much more in the way of accumulation. the next couple hours some snow and scattered flurries across the tri-state will persist before things clear out. winter storm warning expected to come down very soon and it will be dropped to the east and south of cincinnati. winds have been gusty too. and the places southeast of cincinnati. we've seen blowing and drifting snow out that way as well. winds gusting at 25 miles for hour at lunken airport. five, west union, aberdeen, six in marysville brandon orr says. 1.2 at the international airport and three inches from critical
6:31 am
cheviot a half inch overnight. there's the view downtown with in your rears here and there. we're going to clear out today. not as cold tomorrow. warmer monday. that's the trend to get warmer in the days ahead. twenty-three now north winds at 17 wind chill at 9:00. we'll start out with clouds flurries and light snow east of cincinnati. we'll head into the low 30s this afternoon. massive storm system. this thing is pounding the east coast. we're right on the edge of it. we've been on the edge of it over the past 24 hours and the heaviest down of in tennessee and kentucky. you can see how the snow has been winding down over the past few hours. so things are beginning to improve and that is the trend here. snow coming to an end today. clearing later on. we'll hit 31 degrees. tomorrow we're partly cloudy up to 37. and then monday we see rain
6:32 am
snow is going to start melting away 44 degrees monday. a few snow showers tuesday. especially early in the day. upper 30s. wednesday looks quiet maybe a flurry. look at the warm up by the end of the week. we're back into the 40s next week. you can track the weather changes with our free weather authority app. i would say i've been doing weather 20 years in cincinnati. half that in cincinnati. that was one of the top five most difficult storm to forecast because of the cut off being in the middle of my viewing area. i'm looking at the models. i'm like really? because we're not going to be able to tell exactly where that's going to be. so you do your best there. thankfully we didn't get the heavier snow in cincinnati. >> it's almost like people are disappointed and we should be grateful. >> yeah. >> all right.
6:33 am
>> we'll be sit 6:57 and chilly 23 right now. >> we're following conditions
6:34 am
>> there's eric good morning everybody. thank you for waking up with us for a third hour of good morning cincinnati saturday. >> i'm liz bonis. >> and i'm adam clements. john loam max describes villa hills. >> this is my back patio -- i
6:35 am
it's kind of dark. you can see where my dogs have trainsd through it and i'm guessing perhaps we got an inch of snow -- i live in northwestern kenton county. so that would have been one to three inches. just with john gumm there's a picture of my grill with snow on top. >> i'm grad we got the grill in there. >> love it. >> across parts of northern kentucky we have snow come through overnight that add towed the total roughly -- added to the total. 1.2 out at the international air poert. >> you know it's cold -- airport. >> do you know the name of john lomax's doing? >> johnny cash. >> only john loam max can pull
6:36 am
>> indeed. we still have snow flying east of cincinnati. you may see a flurry around the metro but most of this stuff is off to the east. it's winding down. still some snow going down in highland county around hillsborough. out here through brown county -- crossing around augusta germantown, marysville and back ken county. even into eastern pendleton -- even around mount olive vet you can see snow showers in west union. next couple hours snow can find areas east of cincinnati slowly going to break down so we will see snow coming to an end. we'll be on the edge of a monster. this is pushing up the eastern say board. right on the edge of it in cincinnati area.
6:37 am
east of town. we're going to see dryer air working in today. so gradual clearing is expected saturday. there's the heavier snow. the winter storm warning has been cancelled. except for adams, mason and robertson county. this very extended it out there. there is still some snow flying. here's the view in downtown cincinnati. twenty-three at the airport. north wind. we're starting in the 20s. we'll see garage you'll clearing heading for a high temperature later in the low 30s. i'll be back in a little bit with more on what you can expect for the rest of the weekend but right now i want to send to it the man who should be standing in this warm studio and not outside in the snow in marysville. meteorologist brandon orr joins us. house it looking out there brandon? >> hey it looks good going they created a snow hill out here --
6:38 am
what it's like in marysville. of course it's a lot different. here. so the snow has been blowing around creating snow drifts. you go from hardly anything and then it's up to your knees. the rule already just about disappears in some places. >> so on average it's six inches 68. it. there are tire tracks. there have been plows salting but it's so cold and the snow still comes down. so as long as it's doing that the plows can't get the upper hand on it. this is the double highway but how big a bull ledge did we dodge? check this out. we have close to six in whens in marysville but there's the international airport a little over one inch -- inches. if you total that up in cincinnati more than eight
6:39 am
we're closer from this storm alone. down in southeast kentucky snow totals up to 20 inches. that's where the heaviest of the snow fell. that's why we're uncertain where the bands set up. coming up in other next half hour we're talking to owner and we're going to see when we can get the businesses open in marysville in 30 minutes. guys. >> got to get a mike muffin right? >> snow is going even out -- well, we have people all over the northern kentucky area. brandon has been in marysville but we have megan moore in dry ridge. she's been in a couple areas this morning. where are you now, megan? >> oh the snowplow. >> a little deceiving here. you may think i'm in marysville but i'm not. i'm in dry ridge. and you said the gum measure
6:40 am
totals -- i'm going to try to come down this hill without hurting myselfmer needed help measuring the snow totals -- i'm going to try to come down this hill without hurting myself myself. here's a more realize stick look. this is kings drive here in dry ridge. honestly it looks like they got a few inches realistically and obviously residential roads snow covered on our way in. seventy-five south looked wet. didn't look too bad. you're probably going to have an issue there. i talked with grant county road department. they said they have been out throughout the evening clearing the roads putting salt down. we've seen a lot of plow trucks out. we're over near the businesses. they're clearing out the parking lots. i know some people are going to
6:41 am
eat. i'm sure people are tired of being stuck in their house. dry ridge not looking too bad. they got a whole lot more closer to cincinnati even less. we're going to send it back to you. >> i'll pass that estimate along to mr. john gumm thank you very much. >> several towns have been driving around. >> good morning perry where are you? >> hey good morning to you liz. you know we are in bethel between near amelia so we're on ohio pike and you can see the results of the salt on the roads. good good thing. the crews have been out here overnight all through the morning. dropping salt. plowing the roads. and this is what you get when that happens. it's not snowing any longer so they've been able to clear it off.
6:42 am
concrete and we actually have lanes. you don't want to get too comfortable but there is slush. you can see that as we driving along. there are snow drifts in the right lanes that force you over. so when there's another car next to you like that truck right there you don't want to get forced over and get into the other lane because of course that causes problems as well. now earlier you saw a totally different scenario when we were in yankee town. in yankee town we saw there was a car off the road. we stopped to see if we could help that gentleman around he said he saw an animal in the road tapped his brakes and he slid across the road and into a ditch. so you want to keep some things in mind though if you get stuck. you want to stay with your vehicle. don't walk outside. if the weather is severe. keep your dome light on because it uses a small amount of
6:43 am
that conserve gas by turning the vehicle on only periodically to warm up. because if you keep it on you could have some problems. he was waiting for a tow truck and police. that is the only issue we saw. but again we do see some positive results now from the salt that they've been laying down all morning. >> guys. >> perry you're near amelia. they've got side streets there as well. are they salted too from what you can see? >> from what we've seen they are more snow covered. although this is really like a mixing -- mixed bag. when you turn down one road you could see concrete and down scenario. keep that in mind. i'm not going to say don't go out in certain areas there are certain areas under snow out. this is not one of those. if you have somewhere to go take your time.
6:44 am
roads is i think what adam said earlier this week. that's important because you are going to see different things. >> thank you very much. we'll check back with you shortly. >> new this morning as well ohio state troopers are asking drivers to be aware of emergency responders. they're asking people to move over when approaching anyone with flashing lights. the roads are covered in snow or ice and that's accounted for 63 seen so far. >> right now you are looking at a live picture of washington, d.c. i can promise you that is washington, d.c. in the middle of this storm system. now six states have declared emergency sees as the storm hit the atlantic region. there's been six deaths and the national guard have been called in to help. conditions in the capital have
6:45 am
are staying off the road. >> the first concern is the residents. >> the jersey shore is bracing for coastal flooding. the storm cone sides with a full moon and high tide and airlines cancelled 3,500 flights. more than 80 million people expected to be impacted by the storm. >> we do have more news for you this morning. a fire destroys a cincinnati building. firefighters found flames on the second and third floors. it's located near the horse shoe container. one person was taken from the basement and crews add it was hard to fight because they simply could not to go to inside it. >> a lot of heat with the fire and we're trying to open the roof line. we can't go inside because the stairwell is burned out from the second to the third floor. so we have to hit pretty the outside. >> now we are told that
6:46 am
effected but firefighters were able to stop that fire from spreading much more. more than 75 firefighters called to the scene. at this point they do not know what caused this fire. >> well still ahead it wasn't snow that caused the major traffic headache. we'll tell you what happened on i-74 now has two people facing charges. >> plus our team of meteorologist have a look at how much snow towns saw. the snow is still falling in
6:47 am
a lot of parts of the police say this couple caused a major traffic back up on i-74 west yesterday. they were revived with narcan and taken to the hospital. justice center. they had two children in the back seat. those children however expected to be ok. >> an ohio salad factory is listeria. dole shut down in springfield northeast of dayton. tests found the bacteria in a bag of salad made there. twelve people have been hospitalized across the country and one person in michigan died from it. the salads were sold under a variety of brands including dole
6:48 am
little salad bar. away. >> seven last night police closed down several roads around this area. were hurt. >> police are trying to piece together this morning what led to a school shooting in canada. investigate torts say four people are reported dead -- it happened near saskatchewan they have one person in custody but did not release his name yet. kids in seven through 12th grade did attend that school. >> the community is reeling and all off us across the country's hearts are going out to the families and to the whole community. >> school shootings are rare in canada. the country does have tougher gun laws compared to the u.s. the village gentleman's mayor
6:49 am
who was a teacher was one of the people killed in the shooting -- >> still ahead how cold temperatures can affect your health. we asked experts what you 140 do avoid frost bite -- what you should do avoid frost bite. >> snow is coming to to an end. this storm is moving out.
6:50 am
most snow and what we can e expxpec good morning cincinnati. you're looking at a live shot of downtown. you can see kind of a pretty shot this morning but it's cold outside. it's 23. there are a lot of areas still covered with snow. not necessarily in the metro area but in and around it and into northern kentucky. all of these we have reporters in the field and we'll share details in a moment. >> talking amount the cold temperatures. they really come with a warning about how quickly you can experience with the wind some of the symptoms that are hazardous to your health so we asked the experts today what we need to know avoid the serious stuff at tri health. >> baby it's cold outside. >> it's ridiculously cold. i'm wearing my brother's football gear underneath this because i'm freezing.
6:51 am
bringing people inside here. >> the biggest thing is limit exposure. >> three things can limit injuries. >> most people fall on the ice and injury their backs or extremities. >> typically folks will start to feel tingling and numbness in their fingers and feet. the hands and feet are first where you start to feel that frost bite symptom. >> it is so cold you can see the cold with steam like this. she points out that means in just minute you can lose heat through your head and other next stream met tees your hands an feet. so cover up everything that you possibly can -- extremities. >> what's the cold like? >> it's freezing. >> my hands are in my pocket and bundle up. that's it. >> lots of jackets. lots of scarves. multiple layers.
6:52 am
we've been walking for 30 minutes. we have to take a break. it's pretty bad. >> so bad the third thing that might lead do you seek immediate medical care breathing problems. >> cold air can typically trigger asthma attacks. so folks with any underlying respiratory problems or things like that they're much more likely to have attacks during the cold season. >> now there are lots of questions about whether or not the cold makes you sick. it doesn't but it can reduce your immunity and keep us indoors so we spread germs more easily. we invite your questions for tri health. click on ask the experts at our website -- >> the cold may not make you sick but i sure am sick of the cold. >> you know what makes me sick? it's not the cold. snow coverage. we're not fans of it.
6:53 am
>> are you okay? >> i'm feeling ok. >> can i get you something? >> a little tea with honey. still snow flying to the east of downtown cincinnati but this thing is winding down. we did see a little more snow overnight with about an inch of accumulation across northern kentucky and southern -- southern hamilton county. there's snow flying in highland county. you're going add more to the accumulations you've seen. flakes flying around georgetown and relationship lee and crossing over the river into mason county -- rip lee. still some light snow. it extended back into adams county. it's going to wind down. you have light acouple legs shins expected -- accumulations.
6:54 am
picture so we do expect the snow to end as we work through the morning. elsewhere perhaps a few snow flurries but that's the extent of it. the next two hours in these areas but not much more accumulation. winter storm warning until noon for these areas. in northern kentucky. the winds blowing the snow around to the southeast of cincinnati. the winds gusting 18, 20, 23 miles per hour at lunken and middle town. here's the snow fall totals. some of these are older totals. but a half foot at marysville. over five inches at falmouth. five object the dot at western. 1.2 at the airport.
6:55 am
you went back west of downtown cincinnati -- five on the dot. not as cold sunday. we have a warming trend coming into the picture and warmer weather monday. twenty-three a north wind at 16. the wind chill 10 degrees. so if your i don't ear headed out to walk the dog bulbed dell up -- you're headed out to walk the dog bundle up. we have light snow and then a clearing trend along and west of i-75 today. we'll make it into the low 30s. east of town you're probably going to stick with the clouds a whole lot longer. there's the massive storm making its way up the east coast. we were riding the edge of this thing with heavy snow down through south central kentucky into tennessee. there's heavy snow going in west virginia. so travel east of cincinnati to the south of cincinnati. it is going to be dice see as you get into the areas with heavy snow as we move through the day yesterday. we do expect things to quiet
6:56 am
the snow moves out. skies begin to clear as we work our way into the afternoon. we'll see clouds tomorrow. lots of sun. monday we get into the 40s. by monday night here comes some picture. rain not snow. tuesday colder air works in. we'll see flurries and snow showers as the rain changes over tuesday. here's your planning cloudy. nice day tomorrow and monday it's going to warm up. showers monday night. giving way to flurries. fairly quiet through next week. look at the warm up. low 40s. upper 40s friday. tracking with our free weather
6:57 am
>> we'll be good morning cincinnati. it is just about 7:30 this morning. twenty-three degrees as you can see. this is a live look right near the dry ridge area on 22. some of the roads now have been salted and cleared a little bit but you can see there's a fair amount of snow. megan moore will join us live therein just a moment. >> now don't worry. if you want to get out and about you can do a lot of fun things --
6:58 am
sports and boat showdown at duke energy and it runs through sunday. it features 700 displays an exhibits and hunting and fishing show as well. and the spring floral show is featuring flowers and fresh green grass. today from one to three you can make your easter decorations today. tickets are $4 for adults $2 for kids four and under get in for free. >> the cyclones are at home at u.s. bank arena. tonight is princess night. kids are invited to come dressed up as your favorite princess and you can meet your favorite princesses during the game. the first two thousand children ages two to 12 will receive a free light up crown. puck drops at 7:30.
6:59 am
cincinnati pops are inviting do you travel back in time. they have a 1930s 12 piece pink martini orchestra joins the traditional orchestra. the cosmo policy tan concert as it's known will feature performances by the von trapps -- it starts seven sunday night. >> still head on good morning cincinnati saturday. a major storm hits our nation's capital.
7:00 am
taking a look at the ro burr it is cold and snowy but we want to thank you for waking up with us on good morning cincinnati saturday. i'm adam clements. >> i'm liz bonis. thanks for waking up with us. we want to get a quick check from meteorologist john gumm. >> a lot of wind and cold but off to the east of cincinnati we still have snow flying this morning and it's still coming down in highland county hillsboro expect -- extending
7:01 am
a little snow through adams county. we have snow still falling. minor accumulations are possible east of cincinnati but that snow is beginning to work out of the picture. you may find a stray flurry elsewhere in the tri-state. we were right on the edge of this massive storm system. sit creating blizzard conditions along the east coast -- it is creating blizzard conditions. for us the snow starting to wind down as this storm system pulls away but it's windy out there too. so you're going to find blowing snow east of cincinnati. it's a winter storm warning which continues until noon. a half foot or better of snow into those communities. >> we saw 1.2 inches of snow at the airport last night. twenty-three degrees now. cloudy skies. look at that wind north at 16. degrees. low 20s this morning.
7:02 am
and single digits. sky is cloudy with flurries. by noon 26. mostly cloudy. clearing as the day goes on. we'll make our way to around 31. we'll be back with who got the most snow in the tri-state. we'll go to one of those places that did get the most snow. brandon orr out there. i'm jealous out there brandon. i would have loved to have been out in the snow. it's still falling in marysville isn't it? >> hey, john you want to come out and switch with me? >> sure. >> you're more than welcome. i will take the warm studio it is cold out here. we've had six inches of snow here in marysville which we dodged a bullet. i'm hearing from locals here it's a mess. at least the roadways are indecent shape. we're here with time -- decent shape. do you think you can get it open today? >> absolutely. we would have been open if it
7:03 am
lot worse so you know thinking of the safety of my employees you know we just erred on the side of caution and just decided to open later than usual. so -- >> that's what it seems like around here. they've prepared for the worst but they're waking up to six inches we can deal with that. >> absolutely. this is nothing compared to last year. >> at least you're getting things running. thanks for talking with me. we're talking about this earlier in marysville. watch when i walk through this. it starts coming up closer to my knees. it's more like a foot. the wind was blowing so bad yesterday it was blowing the snow around. this is one of the last final pushes of snow. it light tend up to flurries. >> when we came down here it was
7:04 am
it's when we came into pendleton counties. certainly in marysville the roads are snow covered. it's going to take a good part of the day to get the snow off and get things running smoothly and see the pavement. we'll be here throughout the morning. when you're watching us on c.b.s. we'll have cut in s throughout the morning and we'll show you how the conditions are improving -- and people are getting back to normal. cut in s. megan not much snow there but the roads are dice see? >> -- that's right. not as much snow. the snow is not coming down. we're seeing light flurries. so not as bad. we're now on a side road that runs along i-75 and looks like traffic is picking up this morning. on our way in this morning we didn't have any issues for the most part. it was wet. but with how cold it is we mentioned it is very cold out
7:05 am
with the cold temperatures we could see dice see spots on the roads. especially black ice under the overpasses -- you might want to watch out for that. traffic is moving okay. and you mentioned marysville. the businesses may not open today or may be delayed -- but here in dry ridge they've probably got a few inches or so. i don't think that's going to be a problem as far as business messes opening up. -- businesses opening up. the side roads are slushy. the interstates are looking okay too from what we've seen. but dry ridge not looking as bad as marysville. but honestly the best view is the window. if you get to stay inside today i would say that's your best bet. it is chilly. >> we'll send it back to you guys. >> she has a point. looking outside it's very pretty
7:06 am
weekend early. >> schools cancelled classes because it was so hard to drive. pair i have driving live. perry, it looks pretty clear -- perry. >> yeah exactly adam. >> we're right near the area where the new high school is going to be built in amelia. we're headed back toward 32. so you know things are definitely improving. you can see the result of the salt that they dropped down. crews have been out all morning. we've seen snow plows everywhere and several of them. so if you have something to do this morning and it hasn't been cancelled you shouldn't have too many problems getting there if you're in this area. do keep in mind some secondary roads are still snow covered. that's just a result of what happens with storms like this. but you know besides that the main roads look pretty good. take a look.
7:07 am
some parts where there is some snow drift over into the lane but besides that we're moving along just fine. one little thing as you do turn from the main roads to side streets those are more snow covered like this one you see right here on my left. on the left of your screen. but you know the thing is when you turn into those you may slide a little bit because you're going from pavement to the snow or slush. so take your time. you don't want to slide into another car. aside from that things are looking good. adam back to you. >> perry, thank you. >> we took these pictures east of where perry was where the flakes were falling. this morning odot says 100 drivers are plowing and dispatchers are describing the roads slick but they have not had any serious problems. >> you're looking at a live
7:08 am
getting hit probably the worst washington, d.c. smack dab in this storm system. eighty million people expected to feel this winter storm pounding along the mid-atlantic states. two feet of snow could fall in the nation's capital. don champion has the latest from washington, d.c. >> living up to expectations the storm dumped heavy snow from tennessee to new york overnight. roads were treacherous and drivers who dared to venture out were miserable. >> i would like to have that 60 degrees back. >> near mount vernon, kentucky hundreds of people were stuck after numerous accidents forced officials to close interstate in both directions. wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour are creating blizzard like conditions. authorities say look out for each other.
7:09 am
if they're senior or handicaps. >> two feet or snow could be on the ground by the end of the weekend. home. the city subway system is shut down until sunday. >> close it down inside is just kind of ridiculous. >> at the airports travelers face another frustrating day. more than 7,000 flights were cancelled friday, saturday jennifer is stranded in chicago trying to get home to north carolina. >> i'm just hear for the meet particulars. i have my briefcase computer and phone and that's about it. >> forecasters expect the storm to move out sunday giving millions a chance to dig out before the new work day begins. don champion. >> one in seven americans could actually get half a foot of snow by sunday. >> unreal.
7:10 am
airlines to cancel 2,800 flights. all major airlines have issued waivers for travel over this weekend. by sunday most carriers plan to be back on schedule. those with connecting flights had the most difficulty. >> you have to zich a flight. sometimes you have to take two or three flights just to get home and that is very tired and frustrating -- >> that was a professional boxer. now the weather forced events to be canceled. >> kentucky governor has declared a state of emergency. areas further south in the state have seen close to a foot of snow. this is that huge traffic jam 65 miles south of lexington. that was a big mess. >> it was a big mess. >> still ahead this morning on good morning since not an i
7:11 am
winter weather -- cincinnati saturday.
7:12 am
grad is detained in good morning cincinnati. state troopers in kentucky getting outcome bat vehicles to
7:13 am
they're using a military surplus hum very to tow a stranded driver. >> -- they got hammered in kentucky and tennessee and west virginia. parts of our area got hit hard as well this storm system didn't turn out exactly as we thought it would basically on the back edge of it we had trouble with the forecast. this is my forecast 24 hours ago. i was calling for one to two inches of snow for hamilton and southeast inch or less to the northwest. however we had to basically take everything and shove it 25, 30 miles east. the back edge cut off was sharper than what's the -- what the numerical guide showed for. so we saw in and around cincinnati closer to around an inch of snow fall.
7:14 am
they had an inch or less in hamilton and kentucky it picked up rapidly two to four, four to six. six plus confined to mason and robertson counties this was the observed snow fall last night. we've added a little bit to it since then. those amounts will be slightly more. that band was off to the east and southeast than anticipated earlier. i want to show you snow fall totals from the tri-state. marysville a half foot. falmouth. five inches west union. georgetown 1.2. then as you went west amounts started to go down to. three inches on hillsboro and that region. some amounts are old measurements that happened last night prior to 11:00 o'clock. there's precision doppler 12. still some snow coming down. highland into adams.
7:15 am
but it is moving away from the area now. we're starting to see the snow move out. blowing snow. adams mason robertson county. even in our eastern counties. so that will continue to give us issues on the roads. those winds have been gusting over 20 miles an hour at times. those of you downtown from the atrium weather center we're going to clear out. warm up coming. not as cold tomorrow. warmer as we get into the day monday. twenty-three degrees. a wind chill at 10 with north wind at 16. we start in the 20s. flurries finish in the 30s. massive storm system pulling east. we were right on the edge of this thing and you can see how the snow is winding down to the east of cincinnati. that's the trend here. everything moves out. the sun shine peaks through the clouds. we might go mostly sunny in some
7:16 am
snow ends. -- location. monday we're getting into the 40s around here but late monday and monday night notice the clouds increasing. yes it's rain. not snow arriving monday night. although the back edge of that will transition into flurries and snow showers tuesday. thirty-one today. gradual clearing. it will hit 15 tonight. up to 37 tomorrow. into the 40s monday with rain likely late monday into monday night. ending as snow showers tuesday as we turn cold eunder. another warm up later this week. -- grab our weather app in the app store and google play. so we're looking at img proving conditions but out east -- improving conditions but the roads will be bad for a while out east.
7:17 am
>> we have another story we're following. a graduate of wyoming high school under arrest in north korea. he's 21 years old. he's a third year student at the university of virginia. he was detained at the airport on january the 2nd leaving after a five day tour. local 12 shows us he ignored warnings not visit that country. >> north korea state media announced the arrest of this young man saying he's accused of plotting to destroy north korea unity. the report says the university of virginia student was arrested while perpetrate agg hostile act against a democratic people's republic of korea -- he was arrested before boarding a flight back to china. the wyoming school board of education is doing what the state department told it to do saying nothing.
7:18 am
it did confirm he graduated from wyoming high school in 2013 and a gifted soccer player. >> i specialize in adventure travel. i'm a risk takers and i do encourage people to go outside their comfort zone. she says a trip to north korea is a dangerous risk not an adventure. >> you have to have some knowledge of what's going on and dig further if you're going to be risking you know going into a country that does have a travel warning. >> the state department posts travel warnings online. >> it reiterates the risk of arrest and long-term attention due to their inconsistent application of it's criminal laws. the first line is strongly recommended against.
7:19 am
korea. china. it's website sells off the beat on the track unique experiences. >> they're totally marketing to that mind-set of risk taking. >> risk taking including destinations your mother would rather you stay away from. deborah dixon local 12 news. now the family not making a statement either. there is no american embassy in north korea. sweden represents american diplomatic interests there. >> we do have one final look at
7:20 am
good morning cincinnati. here's a look at some top stories. new this morning a fire at a building near downtown received fire. >> firefighters found flames on the second and third floors of the building located on 12th street in pendleton right near the horse shoe casino. one person was taken from the basement. three departments were called to the scene. the fire damaged parts of neighboring buildings but firefighters stopped it from moving to other buildings. >> firefighters are holding a benefit at five at the pub in brookwood commons and apportion
7:21 am
family who died last month. gummer it is cold out. >> wind chills in the single digits 23 degrees headed up to 31. any flurries will come to an end. the light snow off to the east of town will come to an end as well. the winter storm warning will expire at noon. we'll head to 31 today. tomorrow we'll start out at 15 and end up with 40s. and we'll have rain next week. >> congratulations for surviving snow mag get didn't. >> -- we'll be back in 30
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