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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 430  CBS  January 25, 2016 4:25am-5:00am EST

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3 3 good morning cincinnati. (ad lib to weather) 3 3 after morning sunshine, clouds will increase monday afternoon before showers develop very late in the afternoon and increase in coverage during temperatures monday will center in the mid 40s. showers will sweep through the tri-state monday night and early tuesday, likely ending with pockets of flurries while tuesday and wednesday will be mostly cloudy to cloudy,
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late thursday and also friday, a warming trend is forecast highs will be in the low to mid 50s on saturday 3 water main break in clermont countyroute 28... mount repose
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3 new this morning... an ohio teen is dead after a crash in milford.the 16-year old driver crashed on glendale milford road around six last night. police say lauren wilfong ran off the side of the road.. overcorrected and hit another car. investigators say she was not wearing a seatbelt..she died at the hospital.the other driver was not hurt. 3 also new this morning.police need help to find the man who held up a green township family dollar store.he walked into the store on colerain avenue last night.. pointed a gun at an employee.. and demanded money from the safe. investigators say the robber was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and dark pants.. and his face was covered with a scarf. if you have information on the robbery ..
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time/temp ...ahead at four-30 ...facing a judge. a local man accused of killing two people in kenton county will answer to murder charges the big dig. how people on the east coast are dealing with more than two feet of snow.
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break one3 3 hoping to take to the sky. thousands of americans stranded at airports by a winter storm try to catch
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another american town is dealing with lead in their water.. this time in it's affecting schools. 3 no i dont get scared. its all in your mind. if you think about it you get scared.let the winter games begin. we'll preview kentucky special olympics at perfect north slopes.. as many gear up for their first event. 3 good morning cincinnati.thanks for joining us on this monday. the stories of the day are coming up. first a check of the weather. here's meteorologist brandon orr. 3 first wxafter morning sunshine, clouds will increase monday afternoon before showers develop very late in the afternoon and increase in coverage during the evening. high temperatures in the mid 40s. showers will sweep through the tri-state monday night and early tuesday, likely ending with pockets of flurries mixing in at times. while tuesday will be mostly cloudy to cloudy, sunshine will return early thursday. despite more clouds late thursday and also friday, a warming trend is forecast into the weekend. low to mid 50s on
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3 the federal government is closed today because of crippling snow...but millions of people across the east coast are headed back to work this morning.. emergency travel bans are lifted.. but as brian webb reports.. getting around on the snow- covered roads is tricky. 3 (pkg) -nats-federal offices and schools in the nation's capital remain closed this people in the
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under two feet of snowfall. -nats-crystal lucas got a hand uncovering her buried car from a good samaritan.(sot crystal lucas/ dc resident) even on a sunny day they probably wouldn't even say hello. but in a time of need people are here to help -nat/sot- this is our part of snowmageddonin virginia and maryland -- residents did their best to chip away at the mounds of snow ahead of the start of the work week. 70-year-old steve melnikoff spent hours shoveling out his entire driveway...only to have passing plow trucks undo all of his work(sot steve melnikoff/ va resident) i'm almost so outraged by state i'm liable to have a heart attack now thinking about it (standup: brian webb cbs news queens, ny) while much of new york city came back to life after record snowfall totals -- residents here in queens are still dealing with unplowed roads.(sot mos queens resident/ no name given) we're all wondering what happened to the sanitation department, why they didn't care about these blocksthe impact is also being felt at many of the nation's busiest airports. carol alves and her friends have been trying to get home to new jersey time for her
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carol alves/ traveler) this is not what i thought my 30th birthday was going to be like but it's a storyairports along the east coast are slowly getting back to normal...but hundreds of flights have already been canceled for today.brian webb cbs news new york. 3 meanwhile.. house majority leader kevin mccarthy says house will not be in session this week because of the storm. today's votes were already canceled and a short "work week" has already been planned. house democrats were scheduled to head to baltimore for their annual retreat at the end of the announcement has been made about the retreat at this point. votes on an override to the president's veto on a repeal of obamacare ... and on iran sanctions... will be rescheduled for february. 3 new this morning.. an ohio school is closed today because of high levels of lead in the water. the ohio e-p-a visited a high school in sebring near youngstown.. and found traces of lead that exceeded government regulated levels.. by about 40 percent.the city manager says the problem started when the water plant was updated.right now..
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bottled water. 3 in local news.. happening today.the man accused of causing a crash that killed two people in kenton county will face a judge this morning. mark huffman is charged with two counts of murder in the deaths of ella and david mcnay. the mcnay's died when huffman crashed into them on kentucky 17 in independence on new year's eve. huffman was just recently released from the hospital where he was receiving treatment for his injuries.he could face 20 to 50 years or life in prison for each count of murder.we will have much more on this story coming up at five. 3 police need your help this morning finding the person who robbed a clermont county gas station. officers were called to the speedway on ohio pike in union township last night. police say the suspect demanded money and was able to run away before officers got on scene.they don't have much of a description.. his face was covered. no one was hurt. 3 the search is on for another tri-state man. cincinnati police say steve young is wanted for felony robbery, felony burglary and six
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is accused of kicking in an apartment door and taking items.he is also the suspect in a purse snatching in price hill.both crimes happened back in december.young has prior arrests for armed robbery, domestic violence and drug possession.his last known address is on wendee drive in westwood.if you can help police find steve young... you are asked to call crimestoppers at 352-3040. 3 the stage is set for super bowl 50. the denver broncos will take on the carolina panthers in two weeks here on local 12. peyton manning will appear in his fourth superbowl after a win over the patriots last came down to a two point conversion.. in the 17th meeting between manning and new england quarterback tom brady.. final score 20-18. the carolina panthers defense grabbed seven turnovers.. which is a record in a championship game.saint xavier grad luke keekly had a pick six and the panthers won.. 49 to 15. 3 don't forget you can watch super bowl 50 on february seventh right here on local
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california starts around will have coverage all day long. 3 perfect north slopes in lawrenceburg is hosting a special event this week. special olympics kentucky is holding its winter games there. the opening ceremonies took place last night.local 12's brad underwood was there and has more on what the event means to the community. 3 "music ."county by county and team after team. all of this years special olympians and their coaches march to the base of hills at perfect north slopes. this year marks the 36th year of the winter games and the 19th time perfect north has played host. steven heltsley has competed in all 19 of those winter games. "my first year i couldn't ski at all and now i'm over here doing all this advanced plus. you don't get scared? no i don't get scared it's on your mind if you think about it you get scared."after all the
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torch made its way to the cauldron. for steven's mom sue crowley, watching her son compete and win comes with mixed emotions. "scared at times but it's amazing to watch him."with the torch lit and oath repeated. the games are open. and before they get some rest, members of the cincy ski team show off with some tricks. on monday many of the athletes will be paired with members of the ski team. "we will pair them with their athletes to practice ski learn to ski some will conan on their skills and then we will actually run time trials tomorrow.""cheering, music." from perfect north slopes in lawrenceburg indiana, brad underwood local 12 news. 3 practice runs will be held beginning at ten-30 this morning.those are followed by lunch... and the time trials begin at one. 3 happening today... it's "school choice week" in ohio. this allows people across the country to look at the different types of education options.. like public and private schools.more than 16-
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planned across the u-s.. which includes more than 700 in ohio. for more information on school choice week and events planned.. just head to local 12 dot com. 3 in more local news.. you can start signing up for ohio motorcycle education. more than 180-thousand riders have received training the last 16 years. several courses are offered.. from the basics to advanced rider training. registration starts at eight this morning. you can find out more about the courses and signups.. at local 12 dot com and click the get it button. 3 still ahead on good morning cincinnati.. back on solid ground. we'll tell you why an american airlines jet had to make an emergency landing. plus.. the search is on for three escaped inmates. the elaborate plan they used to
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break two3 good morning... (ad lib) 3 new this morning.. seven people are recovering after an emergency landing in canada. the american airlines plane was headed from miami to milan.. when it landed in newfoundland. leaders say the jet went through severe turbulence. there were 192 passengers and 11 crew members on board. none of the injuries are life-threatening. 3 the cleanup continues in alaska this morning after a strong earthquake. the tremor
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gas leaks, house fires, and power outages.the u-s geological survey says the quake had a magnitude of seven- point-one.a man living in seward says it was hard to get to the front door of his home because "everything was flying off the shelves".30 aftershocks were one point, close to 10- thousand people were without power. 3 a massive manhunt is still underway this morning for three violent criminals who escaped a california prison. the search for hossein nayerl, jonathan tieu and bac duong has now expanded to several california counties. jailers say the three men spent months planning their escape and the plan was meticulous. authorities say it's likely they used bedsheets and other clothing to make a rope to climb out of a window. 3 (sot - jeff hallock)jh: "it seems that the inmates cut through half inch steel bars to facilitate their escape // the inmates cut their way through the plumbing tunnels and ultimately, gained access to an unsecure area of the roof. from the roof, the inmates rappelled off of the roof of the building behind me down to the ground. "police are also looking at whether a
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before the nightly headcount may have been a distraction to help the three escape. the fbi is now offering a 50-thousand dollar reward. 3 the latest right now on that oregon standoff at a wildlife refuge.. a community forum is cancelled today because of safety concerns. the judge who planned to host it says protestors wanted to block the entrance of the senior center.. where the forum was going to be armed group led by ammon bundy has been occupying a national wildlife refuge since january second to protest federal land use policies. 3 still ahead.. using their tools to help others. how some national guard members are making sure the snow doesn't stop people from going to work. "he realized what was going on and that he could get help from his daddy."but first.. using technology to help mom. why a four year old boy is being called a hero this're watching good morning cincinnati.
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break three3 good morning... (ad lib) 3 feel-good stories are coming out of the east after a major winter storm dumped more than two feet of snow in some places.some friendly national guardsmen are putting smiles on faces of those affected by the snow.this weekend's blizzard was no match for the members of virginia's national guard. they jumped into action to help emergency workers get to their jobs.they used their humvee to drive people to hospitals and even transported blood for the american red 3 (sgt. rick hyde, virginia concerned everybody in
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i'm out here helping my neighbors to the best of my ability and my fellow soldiers are doing the same thing,"this virginia battalion plans to stay active and run transport missions until the state of emergency is lifted. 3 drivers continue to get a break at the pump. a new survey finds the average price of gasoline has plunged 14- cents during the past two weeks... the lundberg survey of fuel prices says a gallon of regular is now one-91. industry analystssays that's 16- cents a gallon cheaper than a year ago... and it's the lowest price in seven years. she says the price drop may soon end as crude costs start going up again .... however a big upswing is not expected by experts. 3 leonardo dicaprio has conquered the top spot at the box office this weekend with his snowy frontier saga.his survivalist movie "the revenant" is expected to bring in 16 million dollars."star wars: the force awakens" is projected to be second, with more than 14 million in's followed by ice cube's comedy "ride along two"... earning close to 13
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3 3 (traffic check)bob herzog looking at tri-state roadszero problems i-75 is clear in the cut-in-the-hill 3 after morning sunshine, clouds will increase monday afternoon before showers develop very late in the afternoon and increase in coverage during the evening. high temperatures monday will center in the mid 40s. showers will sweep through the tri-state monday night and early tuesday,
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flurries mixing in at times. while tuesday and wednesday will be mostly cloudy to cloudy, sunshine will return early thursday. despite more clouds late thursday and also friday, a warming trend is forecast into the weekend. highs will be in the low to
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3 one new york family is especially grateful for the touch-screen technology in their home. david hermanovitch explains how a four-year-old boy saved his mom's life. 3 pkg:four-year-old chadwick depew loves using tablets-- mainly to play games.{natpop :02david"what's your favorite game?"chadwick depew/norwich "my monkey game."david"your monkey game?"chadwick depew: "uh huh."but one instance of his mother's health complications last week was no laughing matter. chadwick's mom was diagnosed with type one diabetes when she was six years old. the disease causes serious threats when her blood sugar gets too low.alice depew/mother"i was talking to my mom on the cell phone and
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slur my speech and i started feeling a little sleepy."soon after that, she went unconscious. alice's mother-- who was in north carolina-- called alice's husband stanley, who was working at the time. stanley tried calling the house phone-- and got no answer. that's when he called the tablet-- and guess who answered?chadwick"and when i saw that green button i pushed it."{natpop :01 {chadwick"hi daddy!"chadwick "and had a cell phone on it." chadwick's dad told him to answer the door when 9-1-1 arrived-- and chadwick did just that.david hermanovitch/ wbng"a common complaint of touch-screen technologies like tablets and smartphones is that today's youth are getting too attached to them. however, in this instance, a child's proficiency in technology saved his mother's life." stanley depew/father"i think that him using the tablet is the reason why she's still with us today. i had no idea he knew how to unlock the tablet to even get on facetime. that was the first time ever."having the presence of mind to stay calm in that scary situation.alice depew: "he realized what was going on and that he could get help
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"this is a scary situation in general and it just puts me a little bit more at ease know that if something were to happen, at least i can rely on my son." 3 depew says this is not the first time his wife has experienced this because of low blood sugar.but it is the first time it's happened when she was alone with the kids. 3 3 coming up on good morning cincinnati.. using hip hop for some rappers are "reaching the streets" to stop drug addiction.braving the cold to help others. we'll introduce you to a group who is doing random acts of
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3 january is national mentor we want to know -- who has been on of the biggest mentors or influences in your life?
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3 3 (show open) 3 now at five ...deadly winter weekend ...a look at the impact felt on the east coast ater getting slammed with massive amounts of snow ... 3 a murder suspect makes his first appearance in front of a judge today.local12's adam clements explains why it took so long to get him in court for a new year's eve crash. 3 goin' to the ship ...we now know which teams will battle bowl ... 3
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