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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 5  CBS  January 25, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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those top stories in just a moment. but first we want to start with a first check of your's meterologist brandon orr.
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3 jen dalton looking at tri-state roadsi-75 is clear in the cut-in-the-hill 3 highway 28 is 3 shut down in both directions right now for water main break at branch hill guinea pk. in
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3 dozens of people are dead after a major snowstorm pounded the east least 29 people have been incidents such as car accidents, from carbon monoxide poisoning, and from heart attacks while shoveling snow.meanwhile, millions of americans will head back to work today and try to catch a flight, despite the elements. more than 800 flights were cancelled by major airlines in new york city, philadelphia, and baltimore.and experts say the blizzard could have an economic impact of up to 850-million dollars. 3 a murder suspect is in court for the first time today.. he's charged with killing two people in a car crash on new years eve..local 12's adam clements joins us live from the kenton county courthouse with why mark huffman is just
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3 bob.. for the past several weeks.. 57 year old mark huffman has been receiving medical treatment for the injuries he sustained in that collision.. he's finally been released from the hospital.. and he'll be in court this morning at 8..let me take you back to that night.. as i said.. new year's eve..huffman was headed northbound on kentucky highway 17.. he was trying to turn onto madison pike/pelly road.. but failed to negotiate that turn..he ended up driving into the southbound lane and hit a car head on..inside that car.. 24 year old ella mcnay.. and 31 year old david mcnay..ella died at the scene.. david was airlifted to the u-c medical center.. where he later died.. mark huffman suffered some pretty serious injuries.. he was listed in critical condition.. but again.. has made a recovery..if huffman is convicted of the murder
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50 years in prison for each count..reporting live in clements.. local 12 news.. 3 local 12 will have a crew in the courtroom today.. and we'll bring you the latest developments that come from this morning's arraignment.. 3 police say a man will likely face charges for an all-night standoff.boone county sheriff's deputies were called to the "crestview lakes villa mobile home park" late saturday night.the man and his mother had gotten into an argument.when officers got there ... brett cunningham had barricaded himself in a bedroom.deputies quickly got his mother out of the home. she was not hurt.neighbors were also evacuated. deputies say the 33-year-old threatened them, saying he had weapons. the swat team was then called. 3 "shouting, banging on the walls in that bedroom that he was barricaded in we weren't quite sure all that he was doing but it was quite a ruckus."after nine hours of negotiating... the swat team sprayed a chemical into the room and burst through the door.cunningham was arrested and taken to the hospital for a psychological evaluation. 3 we're waiting to learn the
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winton hills over the weekend. cincinnati police were called to kings run drive early yesterday morning.both victims were taken to the was in critical condition at last check.the other is expected to be okay.police have not released any suspect information. 3 new this morning ...we're sad to report the passing of a former butler county sheriff. w-m-o-h says richard holzberger suffered a stroke. the seventy-year-old was taken to u-c medical center on saturday where he died. holzberger was also a hamilton police officer, a councilman, and recently worked as w- m-o-h's traffic reporter. 3 friends and family said their final goodbyes this weekend to a local funk musician.funeral services were held saturday for ken "big bamn" smith.smith played drums for the likes of bootsy collins and in the local band "freekbass and the bump assembly".he and his wife were traveling on 1-75 last week when their van collided with a semi truck.smith died from his injuries. his wife is recovering from the time of his death, "bamn" was just finishing his first solo record.smith's bandmate says several local musicians have
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to help complete the record. 3 chris "freekbass" sherman, bandmate: "he was just starting to make his mark out there. you know, people were, i've had people get in touch with me email, facebook, musicians that we did some tour dates with that maybe met him one time, you know and we maybe did one show together, that they were adamant about making sure that they connected and, 'how can i be involved?'"big bamn was just 30 years old.a "go fund me" account has been set up to support smith's wife and five kids. if you'd like to donate, we have a link to the account on our website.donations can also be made at fifth third bank to the "family of big bamn fund". 3 there was a welcome home party this weekend for a young boy battling d-i-p-g.kyler bradley recently came home from children's hospital. firefighters picked him up saturday and took him to bridgewater church in fairfield township for the celebration. he gave a small wave as guests greeted and hugged him.his mom says he was
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well enough to go to the party. 3 time/temp other news ... the broncos and panthers will fight for the vince lombardi trophy during this year's super bowl.carolina rolled over the the arizona cardinals 49 to 15 in the n-f-c title game yestersday.earlier, the broncos slid by the patriots 20 to 18 in the a-f-c will be denver's eighth trip to the superbowl, and carolina's second. 3 dont forget you can watch super bowl 50 in just under two weeks right here on local 12.carolina and denver from levi's stadium in santa clara california.the game starts around six:30 on february seventh.c-b-s will have coverage all day long leading
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3 time/temp ...inmates on the run ...what we know so far about how three men broke out of jail ...random acts of kindness...local volunteers offered some much needed help to those stuck in the cold
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3 jen dalton looking at tri-state roadsi-75 is clear
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3 while the tri-state didn't get slammed with snow like the east coast, volunteers still braved the cold to help others stay warm.a group called "random acts of kindness" distributed bags of warm clothing in 50 different greater cincinnati neighborhood s this weekend. the bags included gloves, hats and scarves.we caught up with one group hanging out bags in mount washington. 3 "it's a facebook group, there's i think over 11 hundred members right now. it's not that everybody gets involved every single month, anybody can be involved, any age.""it's pretty amazing actually and it's a little bit overwhelming. it's amazing to see how many people want to come out want to help, and i think the idea of kindness is really what is driving that. being able to give to your fellow man and just those little acts that make everyday a little bit nicer."the
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group calls a kindflash...or a flash mob of kind acts. the group is now celebrating its first anniversary. members hold outreach events once a month... and volunteers of all ages are welcome. 3 time/temp ...spreading a positive message former drug addicts are using music to inspire ...isis may have just hinted at it's next target with the release of a new video.those stories and more, after the break, on good morning cincinnati. >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, please listen carefully. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. it's a rate lock for your life insurance that guarantees your rate can never go up at any time, for any reason. many policies don't have one but you can get a lifetime rate lock through
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this plan was designed for people on a fixed income with coverage options for just $9.95 a month. that's less than 35 cents a day. your rate is locked in for life and coverage can never be cancelled. your acceptance is guaranteed. you cannot be turned down because of your health. call for your information kit and gift. both are free,
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3 now to the latest on the terror attacks in paris video shows the nine attackers committing atrocities before the chaos on november 13th. isis released footage also showing the extent of the planning for the multiple attacks, which french investigators say was planned in i-s controlled territory in syria.this is a still frame from the also shows the attackers so-called final
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beheading hostages.footage also shows britains prime minister.a terrorism analyst says that suggests the u-k could be the next target. 3 there was supposed to be a community meeting over the standoff at an oregon wildlife refuge today.but a judge who planned to host it called it off because of safety concerns. this, after police became aware of plans to protest the meeting, and to block the entrance to the building where the meeting was to be held.the armed group, led by ammon bundy, has been occupying the refuge since the second in protest of federal land use policies.lawmakers in oregon have increased pressure on federal authorities to end the 3 police say they need public help to find three inmates who used an elaborate plan to escape from a maximum-security jail in californiaaccording to officers, they're exhausting every lead trying to figure out how the men got out of the orange county men's central jail in santa anna after a friday morning head count.the men, who include an alleged killer, somehow got hold of tools.they cut their way out,
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rappeled to the ground using they had help either from inside or outside the jail.the reward for their capture is now at 50-thousand dollars. 3 new this morning people are hurt after an american airlines flight makes an emergency landing.the plane was on its way from miami to milan when it hit severe made the emergency landing in newfoundland, canada, where three flight attendants and four passengers were taken to the airline spokesman says it's working on the next steps to get the unhurt passengers to their destination. 3 residents who've turned their lives around from a life of drugs and crime are now trying to help others do the same in one texas neighborhood.their mission is called reach the's hip-hop for a higher power, aiming to help people struggling with addiction or homelessness, through music. 3 "we all rapped but we did it for the wrong reasons. we did it to glorify the world, drugs, alcohol, but god has given us these talents, so we want to use the same thing we
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want to glorify god."that was recovering heroin addict rey sandoval.he now runs a discipleship and says hip hop music is good in spreading the right message to the people they want to reach.sandoval is one of the people pushing the message behind reach the streets.the event is organized by minister michael ramos.up until a few months ago, ramos had been selling drugs since he was ten and had been in gangs.he decided to turn his own life around, and dedicated it to god saying it's important to lead by example.
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3 3
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time/temp ...still ahead ... it's national mentor share the biggest influence on your life on the local12 facebook ...people were getting pelted with snow in our nation's capital.a look at the fun-themed snowball fight that drew a huge crowd. next, on good morning
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the difference between it's a person who surrounded and supported by others-by us- who believe it, too. u.s. bank -- the
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3 hundreds of people filled dupont circle in washington d-c this weekend for some
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in a giant snowball fight ... with a star wars inspired theme.after a blizzard left the d-c area resembling hoth, the minds behind washington d- c snowball fight association chose an appropriate name ... snow wars ... the snowball strikes back. participants were encouraged to dress up in star wars get-ups.costumes from other sci-fi franchises were also welcomed.and prizes were awarded for the best dressed.more than 500 people said they were attending on the facebook event, so it was a frantic snowball fight. 3 people weren't the only ones getting in on the frosty fun. four legged friends also got to enjoy some winter-time ... this adorable video comes from virginia can see two young kids being pulled in a sled by a very fluffy the national zoo in washington
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young bear looks pretty excited about frolicking in it. however, another panda cub wasn't as excited ...bei bei showed a little interest over a bucket of snow brought into his pen.he played in the bucket for a second, then joined his mom over at the bamboo. 3 time/temp ... 3 ahead at five-30 ...a new app has the safety of ohio real estate agents in mind it will help give them peace of mind while out in the field. youre watching good morning
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3 3 now at five-30 is helping ohio real estate it keeps them safe then they're showing houses. 3 3 good morning.we'll get to those top stories in just a moment.but first we want to start with a first check of your's meterologist brandon orr. 3
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3 new this morning ...the ohio state highway patrol is investigating a deadly crash. it happened just after six last night on glendale milford road in milford.investigators say 16-year-old lauren wilfong ran off the road, overcorrectr ed, crossed the center line, then hit an s-u-v.wilfong was pronounced dead at the hospital.the driver of the hurt. 3
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are trying to find a man they say held up a family dollar store in green townshipthe man reportedly walked into the store on colerain avenue last night and pointed a gun at an employee. he demanded money from the safe then ran away. investigators say the man was wearing a hooded sweatshirt, with dark pants.. his face was covered with a scarf. anyone with information on the robbery is asked to call crimestoppers at 352-3040. 3 two men are still on the run this morning after leading officers on a chase in green township.police tried to pull over a car with stolen license plates on colerain avenue around eight saturday night. the driver did not stop... turning onto banning road.a passenger jumped out and ran away near acre drive.the driver turned onto kipling, willowcove and intern court. that's when the driver hit a parked car in a driveway.he jumped out and took off running.a police dog tried to track the suspect, but could not find him. 3 realtors in central ohio will offer a new feature aimed at keeping real estate agents safe.her realtors says all of its 12-hundred agents will have access to a security phone provides a list of safe sites where realtors
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offices and co-workers that an agent is meeting with a client, and provides a panic button.the announcement comes more than a year after an arkasnas real estate agent was kidnapped and killed. 3 ohio governor john kasich has proclaimed this week as school choice week.he joins more than two dozen other governors and 210 mayors and county leaders nationwide in america's biggest-ever celebration of opportunity in's a public awareness effort to put education options like public, private and homeschooling, in the spotlight.more than 16- thousand organized events are planned across the u-s.. which includes more than 700 in ohio. for more information on school choice week events.. just head to local 12 dot com. 3 a special event begins today in lawrenceburg. for the 19th time, perfect north slopes plays host to special olympics kentucky. time trials for the winter games start at one this afternoon. local 12's perry schaible is live with details.
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3 the special olympics kentucky state winter games run through tomorrow. 3 time/temp ...still ahead ...a game of hoops takes a surprising turn ...why a former n-b-a star brought
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neighborhood was a pirate's paradise in florida this weekend ... we'll show you more coming up on good
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3 january is national mentor month today on facebook, we want to know ... who has been one of your biggest mentors or influences in your life?
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3 we want you to join the conversation -- just *like* the local 12 page on facebook to share your thoughts. 3 time/temp ..blizzard on the big day ..hear from a bride who wasn't going to let winter ruin the celebration ...oscar buzz is helping leonardo dicaprio ...we'll take a look at the biggests
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`f3 3 the house will not be in session this week because of the severity of the winter majority leader kevin mccarthy made the announcement yesterday. today's votes were already canceled, and a short " work week" had already been planned. house democrats were scheduled to head to baltimore for their annual retreat at the end of the announcement has been made about the retreat at this point. votes on an override to the president's veto on a repeal of obamacare, and on iran sanctions will be rescheduled for february. 3 the governor of alaska says he's relieved there wasn't more damage after a pretty significant earthquake. yesterday's seven-point-one magnitude quake was felt in most of alaska's biggest population kenai , four homes were destroyed in natural gas explosions, or fires, but there were no injuries.about 30 homes were
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staying at a shelter. 3 drivers are still getting a break at the pump this morning ...a new survey finds the average price of gasoline has plunged 14- cents during the past two weeks... the lundberg survey of fuel prices says a gallon of regular is now one-91. industry analyst trilby lundberg says that's 16- cents a gallon cheaper than a year ago... and it's the lowest price in seven years. she says the price drop may soon end as crude costs start going up however a big upswing is not expected by experts. 3 a tampa tradition kicked off without a hitch this weekend, despite weather concerns. little pirates and their parents came out for the gasparilla children's parade. 3 it was a massive crowd cheering on the pirates and floats that went by ...parents were probably a little chillier than their kids because the little ones were so amped up for the parade.but it was almost perfect timing ... right before the parade kicked off, the sun came out. the parade closed out with a
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3 3
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3 some of your favorite bands from the 80's - -heart, joan jett and cheap trick are coming to riverbend in july.
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coming up. plus .. shaq-surprise heck of a basketball game unfolded in a florida neighborhood this weekend're watching
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a man charged with double murder appears in court for the fist time today, why it's taken so long coming up. the broncos and the panthers are going to the super bowl. we will tell you why it could be a historic win for one quarterback.
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we will tell you why a local
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