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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 6  CBS  January 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we will tell you why a local group is helping those in need in 50 different neighborhoods. i'm looking at next weekend. it's going to be so nice next weekend. >> don't wish your life -- >> don't. >> some freezing temperature. >> sheila, living in the now! >> brandon is actually living at the station now. this guy has here so many days in a row. >> brandon we hope at some point you get to go home or they get you a comfy place to sleep. >> i know i need a room. we will move into your office and i will pay you rent. quiet weather, nice and quiet workweek. i'm the loving the seven-day forecast. some areas are covered near
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a lot of us turn to the twenties, there's cooler weather, around maysville, peebles where it's been in the upper teens. around h12, not active, a couple of late rainshowers head, and 44 degrees by the time we get the ride home. we will be try, if you're back by 5:00 or 6:00, you can leave the umbrella at home. after 6:00, you may want to take it with you, because we are going to have rainshowers embedded within this cloud cover. within 15 minutes we will be talking about more rain on the way. that warm up is coming. talk more about that coming up, and now another check of traffic with jen. >> reporter: we do have a couple of incidents out there to start the morning. much quieter to start the week next week.
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gate that has been causing problems on the eastside. state route 38 is current lee closed because of this water main break. you can see this. they're going to be working on that quite a while with temperatures as low as they are right now it could cause headaches. again, we are securing that and it may be closed state route 28 at rancho, and enjoy the morning rush but as soon as we hear anything differently where we have one lane open, we will let you know about it. ravine, that is due to an accident. possible injuries, we do have a photographer, and hopefully they will be able to reopen that soon. as soon as they did, we will have a look at the interstates, things will remain pretty quiet. a northern kentucky man is facing double murder charges after two people were killed in a new year's eve car crash. >> adam clement is live at the
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adam. a 57-year-old mark huffman will be arraigned later this morning, in connection with that car crash. it's unusual in the fact that he is being arraigned now, it's been several weeks since that crash. the reason for that is that he was in criminal critical condition after that crash and he is now well enough to appear in court. back to new year's eve, huffman was trying, on 17, when he tried to make a turn, he failed to negotiate that turn and ended up in the southbound lane, slammed into a car head on. david and ella mcmay was in that car. 24-year-old ella was pronounced dead at scene. david was airlifted if the uc medical center and where that where he died. we will be inside the courtroom when huffman appears before a judge and stay tuned for any new development.
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to you. thanks, el la. if huffman is convicted of murder, can he face 15-20 years in prison for each count. a local county sheriff has passed away. richard hulls burger, suffered a stroke. he was taken to the uc hospital on saturday where he died. he was a counselor, and recent lee serve recentlyserved as hmoh's traffic of reporter. another honor lauren hill. she made great strides to help uncover a cure for the brain cancer. the bags included gloves,
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we caught up with one group handing out bags. >> pretty amazing, actually. it's amazing to see how many people want to come out, want to help, and i think the idea of kindness is really what is driving that, being able to give to your fellow man and ended the little acts that make every day nicer. yesterday's out reach is what the group calls a flash mob of kind acts. the group is celebrating its first anniversary, and members hold out events once a movement. got to beat orange at the super bowl, the denver bron doze, and the south carolina -- cron koaz, and the south broncos, and now the quarter is given another chance to win a super bowl championship. and cam newton is leading the panthers after a beant of of the beaten,
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he could become the third one to win the highs man, and. i like cam newton a lot. >> super bowl 50, will be here, the game starts at 6:30, and local 12 will have coverage all game. cam newton is a polarizing figure, in that there's a little posturing, and they say keep me out of it, but he does so many things, people don't get wind of. he showed up at a birthday party for a child whoa was sick. the only reason that they knew about it, is that somebody shot the video. >> he has character. go back. i want peyton to lose. >> the fact that everyone is dismissing. and they say he has diminished skills.
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he is a starting quarterback in yeah. he is ready to hang them up, right? it would be nice if he got another win. >> a politician talking about
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welcome back to "good morning cincinnati." even warmer weather than the middle friz on 40s on the way for next weekend. more on that in the morning check but now let's get a check of the roads. >> reporter: for the most part we have a couple of issues, and central park ravine is closed, state route 28, because of a state, and avoid that area until we hear the all clear, we also have the broken down on the ramp from 74 eastbound, to 75 eastbound, as you take live camera, you can still use that ramp this morning, elsewhere, not looking too bad.
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a mystery man is being praised at the plowing, of a she have for a kentucky family. >> he saw me here shoveling and waived at him, and he backed the tractor up in the driveway, and makes light workout of what would have taken me hours. >> rehana, rockka and her family live on top of a hill, and every time it snows, it's a headache. >> a mystery man with a tractor showed up, and cleaned off the whole road. he tried to offer him money, and he wouldn't take any. the couple made some cookies, and a card and going to try to find him. one of our co-workers is on a farm, her dad did that. he went out. >> when i cut the crash and i kind of, and here comes vic down my street, he is on his machine.
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and it's done. >> get one of those. >> cleaning up a secret war.
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president obama's new a heartbreak story out of new jersey, a mother and a
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monoxide poisoning during the snow. >> a man put his family in the car to keep warm while he dugout. unfortunately, the tail pipe was covered with snow, and carbon monoxide over came the three died. the children and the 23-year-old mother were rushed to the hospital, where the one woman and the one-year-old boy was pronounced dead. the 3-year-old boy is in critical condition right now. police don't expect any charges against the father. the secret war. he has announced to announce a major initiative to declare unexploded bombs in laos. they were targeted during the u.s. aircraft, part of the ordinance did not explode on impact and continues to kill
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this is like the old movie tango and cash. three inmates broke out of a major security jail in santa ana. they cut through steel bars, and cell, sneaked through the plumbing tunnel, and used sheets to repel four stories to the ground. the escapees included a murderer murderer. the 73-year-old is expected to make a decision some time in march. news of bloomberg's consideration was first reported saturday by the new york times, and that newspaper reported that the media mogul would be willing to spend 1 billion of his own money for the white house bid. wow! >> a common complaint of tablets and snart smart phones is that kids are too attached to them. in this instance a 4-year-old tablet knowledge saved his mother's life. >> i think that him using the tablet is the reason why she is
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i had no idea he knew how to unlock the tablet to get on face. he she had a diabetic episode. she went unconscious. and he tried to call the house, he didn't get the house, and she face timed chadwick, and the 4-year-old opened the door when 911 sent rescue crews. and the family likes that they can rely on their little boy. >> they pick up using the tact and that sort of thing. apparently very quickly. >> 19-month-old son can, he doesn't totally know what he is doing, but -- >> yeah. >> it's pretty the fact that that young man knew to face grandma,. >> that's cool. >> it's crazy. that is really cool. >> all right. we have a couple spots, 28 is
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>> reporter: i'm hearing a couple of different things, i'm waiting on one of my producers on whether or not it's completely open. what has happened at 28 is we had a water main break that they are still currently work at branch hill guinea, and they had shut it completely down. i'm seeing tweets that potentially cars are able to get around this, but i still would avoid it until we get the all clear that one lane is at least open in both directions. we did clear this stent central parkway at ravine and as we look around, we have another one that just popped up, and that one is, oh, the 74 ramp to 75 northbound. this is the ramp right here. 74 eastbound, 75 northbound, as down there. you can get around it just fine, not really a big issue. look at the interstates, i-71/i-75 near kyle's lane, and you can see traffic starting to pick up pretty good. nothing terribly unusual.
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i imagine the water main troubles. >> i imagine, too. >> the temperatures in the 20s, cincinnati coming in at 23 degrees, threat about where most of us are right now in the 20s, the wind coming in out of the south. you can get to see it, 8 miles per hour. some windchills are into the teens but too much lower than the temperatures, even though the wind is coming around 8, because the wind is coming from the south. right now, on the atrium medical bad. mostly cloudy skies, because we have clouds moving through from time to time. notice how it's cooler toward east in peebles and adams county coming into the teens. you can see updated 17 degrees at peebles. they're the coolest temperature on the map because they do have the most snow cover. that snow dropped the temperatures off, not only the low temperatures but the high temperature as well. some of them struggling to get to the freezing mark, a lot of them made it over the freezing mark. nothing going on doppler, nice
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next hour warming up, around 41, 42 degrees, and the cloud cover is going to begin to increase around midday. that is going to be the general trend, rain start to move in by 6:00, 7:00, it's all night kind of rain, it's a midst kind of rain, one of those plenty of dry periods, in fact, the rain has not developed, right around midday, and kansas city to tulsa, that is going to move eastward toward our area by late tonight. the rain is going to stay to the north and impact areas in the more than great lakes, not so much here on the tri-state. we are going to be free from snow, anything more than flurries. we could get flurries by the middle of the workweek. anything more than that cumulating snow. in fact, it's warmer air, 50 in tulsa, 59 down toward dallas, that is where the cold front is, behind these areas, you can see
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tart as to move by 5:00, rain, by 6:00, 7:00, starting in southeastern indiana, first, and over downtown by 7:00, and continues to push eastward from time to time. we have the cooler weather moving in behind it. it's not a really cool down, we're talking temperatures near average, 36 on tuesday, we get the northwesterly wind that typically get flurries behind it, that is where we have flurries on the forecast by tuesday, i don't expect it to be too much, don't worry too much in terms of impact on road. 37 by wednesday, we still see a few flurries in the morning, and peeks of sunshine, thursday interest friday, we still see a few flurries, we're in the 40s on thursday, friday, 53 by saturday, it's in the 50s that are moving in by the weekend, no big storm systems on the seven-day forecast, no big chances of rain, although as we get toward sunday, and the latter half of next weekend, we can see some rain starting to move in the tri-state. i can have more on that coming up in the next half hour.
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meet 3 meet, we are going to show you the country's vegan ever butcher shop and the line is wrapping around that
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>> no one i'm relala leonardo de caprio cancered the top spot at the movie, the revenant brought him $16 million.
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in close second with more than $14 million in ticket sales. that is followed by ice cube's comedy right around 2, earning close to $13 million. and robert de niro, dirty gray am was in third place. first in the nation's business opened in minneapolis. the herbavori's butcher sells things like kielbasa and porter house steak. the experimenting with seasonings and sausages to achieve a meat like texture, it starts, with wheat flour, and people are lining up outside the door to buy it. >> let's call it what it is. >> it looks like meat. >> think about what you just said. >> it takes like chicken! [ laughter ] >> i knew you weren't going to like it, bob. and it's national mentor month.
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here is one of the biggest mentors or influence inside your life. it's our facebook question, bob. my dad who taught me to eat meat. [ laughter ] >> we're getting food responses. a lot of mom and dad kind of -- good responses. a lot of mom and dad kind of responses. my mom and dad raised up in church, and taught us how to love and respect people. thanks mom examine and dad i love you. my private music teacher, and my navy cpo. greg into the instruction there in his life and he appreciated that. checking in mary lou is, my 4th grade teacher. i was new to the community and took me under her wing, and taught my children and is still in my life. she has that candid spirit, i knew i could because she said i could. >> i like that. >> it's strange you will see
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off string of people who -- the offspring of people who they taught. that is prepretty cool.
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go to the local page on facebook now at 6:30, an ohio school is closed after reports of unsafe drinking water. we will tell you where this is happening and what is being done to fix it. staying safe on the job. we will tell you about a new app that is designed to keep agents safe. about 100 very special athletes will be here on perfect slopes later on today. i will tell you what they're going coming up next. can we get a go proon perry's head. >> and have her go down.
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>> i think she would do it. >> perry, i'm having bad ideas. it's monday morning and we got good ideas if you want things to warm up. i know, it's really going to be nice this weekend. >> and john is off this morning. and brandon orro working his consecutive third day. >> it's pretty close. >> perfect north will have nice snow throughout the week, because they will get temperatures well below freezing. 23 degrees right now the at international airport. wind coming out of the south that, is bringing the warm air mass, that is why we're so much warmer today than this time yesterday. yesterday some areas were smear 0 that -- near 0 that had a lot of temperatures, 15 degrees or more warmer not that that.
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the south, and melting on 12hd, later that is going to change, but not until much later. if you're home by around 5:00 or 6:00, i wouldn't take the umbrellas. 45 degrees by 4:00, and we're down in the 30s overnight tonight once again, once we get the clouds to continue to filter in from the we have. the rain hasn't developed, but it's startle to in western missouri. that is what it's changing in. we're talking more about the big change in our weather pattern and how long that is going to last. i think it's going to last into february, what that could mean for rest of our winter coming up in 15 minutes. now we are going to get a check of the roads, here is jen. >> reporter: we look pretty good in most areas, a nice break traffic. i want to start with the problems, right at the intersection, we do have an accident blocking some lanes of traffic so can get through, we are intersection.
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route, it's still closed in both main break. we will update you when we hear that some lanes are open. as we look elsewhere, 74 eastbound to 75, well, we did have a broken down that was blocking one lane on the ramp, ago. so you're good to go on that ramp at this point in time. i-71/i-75 near kyle's lane, traffic is picking up, we're seeing volume of traffic pick up in the tri-state roads but no major problems, back to you, jen, thank you. a teenager is dead after he crashed in milford. this happened at 6:00 last night on gren dale glendale milford road. ran off the side of the road and crashed into another vehicle. officers say she was not wearing a seatbelt. she was pronounced dead and the other driver was not hurt. schools will not have classes and it's not because of school.
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elevated levels of lead and copper was found in the water there. they issues an advisory saying that children and pregnant women should not drink the tap water. 7 homes tested above epa standards of safe drink water. real estate agency haves access to a new phone app for a personal save teevment more than a safety, after one realestate person was killed. it alerts offices that an agent is meeting with a client. the app has a panic button. 7 people are sent to the hospital overnight after an american airlines flight was diverted. the american airlines flight was on the way from miami to milan and experienced severe turbulence, and according to the passengers all of the injured people were in the back of the plane, and some of the flight attendants had been standing up when the tur abuse turbulence happened. >> could you feel the
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>> of course, it was a very strong movement. >> the plane actually dropped. >> and everything went flying, and people, and yeah, it was pretty intense. >> passengers say that people on the flight passed out from the turbulence, and they needed oxygen. the plane won't take off for its original destination until 8:00 tonight. 6:34, 23 degrees, and more local news. if you want to learn to stay safe on your motorcycle or maybe get a refresher course, you can start registering today in ohio. the state's motorcycle rider education will teach somebody how to ride a bike or refresh motorcycle safety skills. it's $50 and runs from march through november. if you want to register for find out more, we have a link at the perfect north slopes are getting ready for a special event. today the business host the winter games for the the kentucky, over 100 athletes will participate in two main cat
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categories, and perry shibley is participating. i can't tell you how cool it looks from where you're standing right now. >> reporter: it's absolutely beautiful. i do want to note, that if you push me down the hill, i do know how to ski. thank you for thinking of me, bob. >> all the more reason to give you that shove. >> reporter: i don't need a shove, if i could get down the slopes, i would. they're in great condition after overnight grooming and a busy day yesterday and just in time for a very special event. this is the 19th time that perfect north will host the winter games through special olympics kentucky, and there are 8 love events going on. there's got to be -- 8 love event going a lot ofevent going on. and with me mark burger, talk about some of the event that people can see. >> this san exciting week for us. we do two sports at winter
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so we have snowshoers that will run from 28 to 100 meters in snow shoes, and then we have 5 skiing levels. this is an event of athletes of all ability levels, which is what a special olympics is like. it's providing an opportunity for people of all levels to come and exeat with compete with us. >> reporter: tell us why it's important to have something of this caliber. >> it's a great social and physical fitness outlet for them. and the thing, it's a perfect north, where there's going to be other skiers here today, ant opportunity to show what intellectual, and given opportunity if they're given training, you know the expectation that they can excel on. this is a big event for that reason in addition to the fact that it's just fun. >> and the public can come out and watch. >> absolutely, we can have the people come out and watch the events, no skiing experience necessary. we need course work and volunteers, people can come out and help out. >> what problem with that be, guys, back to you.
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the special olympics, is the world's largest program, and sports training competition for adult with intellectual disability. >> every time i do that, i see video of perfect north. they do it upright for the athletes. >> first class operation. >> zerks some yes.
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topic of city we're done with the single digit and we're in the 20s to far this sorning. warming morning. and rain is on the way, i think after 5:00, or 6:00 is when it starts to move into downtown. that same rain changes to flurries tomorrow. we will have more on what you can expect with that, coming up in the full forecast. we have a couple of problems out there this morning, on the whole the interstate is not looking too bad. but state route 28 does remain closed in both directions right now. at branch hill guinea and that is because of a water main break. you will want to avoid that, we will have more on that coming up. we do have another couple of accident that are new. reed hartman highway, at cornell. this has all lanes clocked of blocked, from what i understand, there's traffic able to get by.
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of the loop, but we do have an accident which actually i think is on spring field pike at 275. that is incorrect. at 74, this one is clear, we had a broke undown on the ramp. and we're starting toy volume of traffic starting to pick up on most of the tri-state roads. back to you. >> reporter: cincinnati kids will be on the spotlight during today's city council meeting. >> information will be given to the councilmember from a recent study. that study will focus on the manufacturers that will affect kids. this is the second phase of that study. first is reveal the kids are concerned about bullying and the safety and availability of gun violence. the meeting start at 10:00. this week is school choice country. there's more than 100 events week. some schools are holding assembly and poster contest to celebrate school choice week. they are looking at home schooling, public schools, and
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this week, head to the house is not in session,
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6:44, federal offices in our schools are closed as people try to dig out from under two feet of snow. in virginia and maryland,
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away at the mounds of snow. travel is up and running again fl in new york, but people in queens are still dealing with unplowed roads. ands and the nation's busiest airports are still experiencing delays. airport are slowly getting back to normal but hundreds of flights are been canceled for today, too. the heave heaviest know was measured at 42 inches. the house won't be in session because of the winter storm. it was supposed to be a short weekend. monday votes were canceled, and house democrats were scheduled to head to baltimore for their annual retreat. votes on an override of the president's votey of vote -- veto over the obamacare's repeal will be reschedule for next month. people in south bend,
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hand. a restaurant called the skillet, airlifted 40,000 cans of water. the owner says they served more than 3,000 customers, and 300 people per hour. >> it's always been awesome. so they have always taken care of the needs, and once again, they did that. >> the skillet restaurant received a truckload of water donations. that is pretty cool. talk about a furry surprise. an oklahoma city woman was in the middle of moving when she found something unent examined with unexpected withher things. >> he said, are you missing a cat and we were trying my daughter tole 62. and i said, i don't have a cat. and my daughter immediately said that is doughnut. >> yep, doughnut. >> jenny loaded her things into a storage public, because it was
6:39 am
and the doughnut decided that was an easy, move, and he was locked inside for three weeks. if you are wondering how she survived. she licked the moisture of the inside of the pod walls to stay hydrated, and there's absolutely no evidence of the humans that were also in the pod. >> taking care of doughnut. >> doughnut was behaving mike matt day mon in the marsh an, sometimes you -- matt damon, in the martian, sometimes you just got to figure something out. and you just got to lick the walls of a pod. >> he i've seen the martian, i don't know what to say. >> you were handling it just fine. >> and there was nowhere else to go.
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[ laughter ] >> that's weird. >> there you go. >> okay. we do have a couple of issues out there to talk about. state route 28 does rank close in both directions at branch hill guinea road. do keep that in mind, it's due to an earlier water main. they are still working on it. it may remain closed through the morning rush, we have an accident that has lanes blocked, from what i understand you can get through this area, but you will see lanes blocked there and spring hill pike at 275 there's an accident there. i 71-75, you are seeing heavy traffic, and 71 heavy at red bank and wanted to give you a look at 471 as well. it's typical. so you are seeing heavy traffic, up to the bridge. 75 near union center, doesn't look to bad, it's starting to
6:41 am
no morning delays yet, but we will start to see congestion soon. >> when it gets to traffic and weather the studios clears out. >> did you notice how qai etit quiet it got here. >> reporter: no talk of martians. >> 19 days to volume valentine's day. still cold, and on the first day of spring is only 54 days a way, now less than 70 days until the reds opening day it's on april the 4th. looking forward to that. also looking forward to much drier weather on the way today for the atrium weather camera. absolutely nothing going o if we had sunshine, we would be able to see there's light of clouds out there right now. but there's peeks of sun and mostly cloudy as more clouds begin to push in later. 23 degrees in cincinnati, wind coming out of the south still around 8. so the windchill is into the teens, but nonetheless when we have the wind coming out of south this time of year, it's going to be a warm up, and that is exactly what we're getting today.
6:42 am
in the 20s, precision doppler 12hd, nothing going o there's an increase in clouds that happens around midday we will start to see more clouds move on through. 40s is going to carry much the afternoon. 45 degrees by the 4:00, that will be the high temperature in the middle 40s. it becomes overcast by 5:00, 6 being and by 6:00 we have showers moving in from the west. not all night rain but hit and miss showers. we're talking about this morning, the showers haven't even developed yet, but they will toward kansas city, and sweeping in the mississippi, and the snow that you see here up toward nebraska, the dakotas, it's staying off toward the great lakes, that is where the cooler air is going to stay, but here we're looking at this area in green. 60 degrees so far this morning. that is the kind of air that is moving in, not so much the 60s but mid-40s later on this afternoon, here is the rain that moves in by 7:00 and into this evening. we have rainshowers around.
6:43 am
today. although tomorrow morning, once the cold front moves on through, it drives the south briefly, but we see cooler weather move on in. whenever we have the northwest winds funneling in this time of developing. i would expect to see flurries within some of this cloud cover, especially date in the day, and they could continue into wednesday as well. i don't think they're going to cause too much of a problem, some areas include a a lot of dusting. but it's going to be mainly flurries before the high pressure starts to move on. and we're setting up that wawcialtion looking forward wall,and we're looking at t this weekend's warm weather as the 50s start to move into the certain area, high pressure over toward florida, and on the western end of that, we're seeing the southwesterly wind, an extended period of it, not only wednesday into thursday, that is when the warm up begins,
6:44 am
that is when the 50s are moving in here. we see warm up, with cool periods in between and snow mixed in from time to time be but certainly it's not going to be the last time we're going to see 50s, we will likely see them in the coming weeks some more warm ups are likely on the way, but for now back to you bob ask and sheila. 6:52, stay with us with the stories of the morning. >> we will tell you how a volunteer is helping kids with mobility issues go skiing.
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bend on friday, 5 until 7:00, 23 degrees, and a teenager driver is dead after a crash in milford. this happened at 6:00, at glendale milford road. she ran over the side of a road over corrected and crashed into another vehicle. officers say she was not wearing a seatbelt. she was pronounced dead, and the other driver was not injured. a northern kentucky man is facing murder charge for a crash that killed two people on new year eos 's eve. huffman was left in critical condition, and he is just now
6:46 am
we will be there while he goes before a judge this morning. the main broke at 11:00, at miami township, and highway 28 was shutdown? both directions at last check. it should reopen shortly. we will continue to track repairs, and jennifer will have the latest traffic reports on star 64. a corps' company is organizing blind dates for its employees. and we have two hours of news at star 64. going for gold, our perry shibley is live at perfect north for a fierce competition starting today. speaking of skiing, school field trips can be the best part of going to school. but for students with disabilities, a that can sometimes leave them feeling behind. not like that for student. they spent the day on the slopes thanks to volunteers from hope inc. they were able to ski using
6:47 am
the adapted ski gear cost roughly $4,000, and volunteers inust be trained to use it properly. the volunteer, steers the skis, while the student goes down the hill. >> isn't that great. >> it's a little ingenuity and a lot of care and they can share the same things that make the able bodied have fun, too. >> heck, i can't ski, i would like to try that. that is really cool. >> it's cool. >> i've never been skiing in my life, guys. >> really. >> i have never been one day. >> we're going to head out to perfect north. >> it's like i went once ask that was good -- and that was enough. >> i like the skiing. >> we will have more from perry shibley on star 64 as well. she is talking about the special
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olympics with great, great activities. >> we have two more hours to go. we are just getting starred.
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