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tv   Local 12 at Noon  CBS  January 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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high school, we are all grieving and processing this news and here to support our staff and students during this tragedy. funeral arrangements are still being planned. be sure to stay tuned to local 12 news and for any information on this story >> a driver who faces two counts of murder for a deadly new year's eve crash appeared in court today. independence police say he was driving on northbound kentucky 17, failed to negotiate a left turn on to pelley road and they say his car then went into the southbound lanes and slammed head-on into the vehicle. according to court documents hoffman had drugs in his system and a blood alcohol level three times above the legal limit. hoffman had been in the hospital for treatment of his injuries and he wore an arm brace during his court appearance today.
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if he's convicted he could face 20 to life on each count. >> police say the robber walked into the store on colerain and pointed a gun at the worker. he eventually ran away but only after demanding money at the store's safe. he covered his face with a scarf. anyone who has information on the robbery is asked to call crime stoppers at 352-3040. >> covnant firefighters found flames right around 5:30 this morning. it turns out the building was vacant. flagrants were in the building just before the fire started. a big water main break, that pipe broke about 10:30 last night in miami township. road crews had to shutdown both directions of traffic to make repairs, weather, we're told likely played a role in the break.
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optimistic about the future, but quite a few obstacles stand in their way, that's the conclusion of the study's youth. 85% of cincinnati children believe they will graduate from high school but poverty hunger and crime can stand in the way. more on the report and what it can mean not only for the children but also adults and tax payers. >> estimates put the price tag at $850 million. restaurants, theaters and other entertainment venues took the biggest hit. people shifted their spending, stocking up on food and renting movies. the cleanup is only beginning. officials are encouraging their citizens to continue to be process. >> scott mcclain is in washington, d.c. with the very
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>> it will not be business as usual as east coast cities like philadelphia, new york, and the washington, d.c. area continued to dig out from the weekend's major weekend blizzard. stephanie rawlings blake said the cleanup will take time. >> i'm asking for residents to continue to be patient. >> in philadelphia, the airport resumed service on sunday. most mass transit will slowly day. >> we haven't operated these trains for a couple of days now, we're doing what we can to bring people in early to make sure they will operate. it is going to be a slow start. >> the new york travel ban was lifted and subways and railways will run today. >> leave your car where it is. don't try and shovel it out today. >> though they didn't get much snow, some residents along the
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damage from the storm worse than superstorm sandy 2012. officials continue cleanup efforts. >> this was a major event. there was a tremendous amount of snow. i caution everybody, it is going to take a while to remove all of this snow. >> in washington, i'm scott mcclain reporting. >> more than two dozen deaths in 10 states are being associated with the storm. here at home a much different story. in fact, we're seeing a bit of a warm-up today. here is meteorologist brandon orr with your no wait weather. >> finally starting to melt a little bit. looking at the brent spence bridge, the water looking nice, but the snow finally to starting to melt on the hillside. yesterday when we looked at this
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temperatures already above 4 0 degrees. vevay indiana not into the 40s yet. most of us starting to hit that 40 degree wind mark. the winds all out of the south at 10 miles per hour or so. at least for the time being, we'll start to see showers move in from the west. if you watched us this morningment morningme , we talked about the how the rain will develop. by around 6:00, until then we'll be dry but we'll see the clouds increase, 45 degrees our high temperature today. it is going to sit there, even as we go into the evening hours. in 15 minutes, we're talking not only about the rain that's on the way and how much to expect tonight, but when it transitions to flurries tomorrow. then we see a weekend rebound in terms of temperatures next weekend. we could be seeing highs into
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more on that straight ahead. >> brandon, thank you. >> athletes will heat up the slopes of the perfect north today. competitions get underway for the special olympics kentucky state winter games. two major categories snowshoeing and skiing. spectators and volunteers are all welcome at this event. >> next week, the first contest
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>> a man hunt is underway in southern california for three inmates who escaped from a santa ana prison. the men used bedsheets to break out the of the facility. >> investigators say this grainy surveillance video shows the three men on an unguarded area of the roof of the jail shortly after a friday 5:00 a.m. security check. from there they were able to rappel down nearly five floors to their escape. >> it appears to be a very sophisticated operation. they were allowed to go through security access points and had some cools to do that. >> they cut their way through a
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into plumbing tunnels. from there, the men bypassed three security areas and gained access to the roof. and used a makeshift rope to reach the ground. the three men were in county custody facing charges for serious crimes. 20-year-old jonathan tu was held on charges of murder. charged with torture kidnapping and burglary. facing charges of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon and being an ex-felon in possession of a firearm. this is the first escape from this jail in more than two decades. >> escapes do occur from time to time. people in jail sit around and think about ways to beat our system. investigators don't know what tools they used, whether --
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whether they needed any help. >> a week from today iowa will conduct the first contest of the democratic presidential race. republicans hit the campaign trail hard in the final sprint before the hawkeye state's big day. they endorsed hillary clinton for the democrats and marco rubio from the republican side. former michael bloomberg is considering an independent white house bid.
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>> there's a difference betw >> japanese auto parts maker takata is facing more trouble. a 10th death has been linked to the company's faulty air bags. as a result u.s. regulators added 5 million more cars to the recall. takata shares plummeted after that news. takata has struggled for years since the deflators were discovered to be defective. takata faces a number of private legal actions, millions of dollars of fines and a u.s.
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a recent study shows that women may be paying more for virtually the same product. they revealed a big price gap after comparing 800 items with clear male and female versions. on average women's versions of a product 7% more than the ones for men. price discrimination is not limited to retail. cbs went undercover, one female producer and male producer. they visited a handful of dry cleaners in new york city. they brought nearly identical cotton button-down shirts and requested the same service, we'll tell you about that on local 12 news at 5:00. >> joe jack dorsey says they are taking well-deserved time off. twitter stock has been falling
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>> the nasdaq is down 25. the s&p 500 is down 13 points. you can catch the market's closing numbers today on local 12 news.
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with the warmth >> hey, take a look at this. a weather satellite captured this view of the big blizzard
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weekend. a nearly full moon lit the clouds above while they were lit from below by city lights along the east coast. those lights are blurred in places by the cloud cover. take a look at the daytime images, a satellite also captured these pictures showing the snow covering following the east coast blizzard. what do you do when a massive winter storm is pounding right outside of your window? you record some video of course. this time lapse video was recorded by chase higgins, he's 15 years old and lives in washington, d.c. suburb of potomac maryland. he left it there in the window until late saturday night. this is a what he captured. >> that's pretty impressive. >> you know what, john, i've
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the guy is actually smart, he put it up high enough so that it was still going. >> that was pretty smart. he is 15 years old afterall. you ask a 15-year-old, they will tell you, i'm the smartest person herement >> our weather is more mild. >> we're doing the opposite of that, we're melting the snow with a lot of our time lapses. >> the atrium center weather camera not looking too bad. this trend is going to continue where we see lots of clouds continue to move on in. looping it over the past three hours or so. >> some mid and high level clouds and eventually we'll get low level clouds in here. much of today will be nice and dry. temperatures right now finally into the 40s. 42 at the airport. 41 in lunken. we do have 30s across the eastern part of our area. maysville 39. we have snow cover. but even there.
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we're really melting the snow pretty fast. now precision doppler 12 hd, we don't have anything on the map right now. we will have some green moving in and some blues moving in from the west at around 6:00. until then, we'll be nice and dry, thickening the clouds up by 5:00. they will become completely overcast, 45 degrees there and then as we go into the evening, that's when the rain gets going. it is on and off hit and miss rain. it is not going to be raining steady all even long. we have been waiting for it to develop. we'll see the first chance develop to the east of kansas city, there's snow up here as well. we have the winter weather advisory which shows the track of the snow nicely. wisconsin staying out of our area. that's some good news, we're just dealing with the rainfall overnight tonight, we're pulling in this warmer air to the south and west. memphis is right around 53.
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it feels pretty nice this time of year. we're not going to get that warm, but we're going to get into the 40s. here comes the clouds. the rain is set to follow around 6:00, 7:00 this evening. tomorrow morning, it will be a wet morning commute. we'll have some of these rain showers around. once this cold front moves on through and it will do so tomorrow morning. we'll switch the winds around to the north and west and you can see m some of the areas in gray. tuesday morning, we'll start with some rain showers, transition over to a few flurries, i don't think they are going to accumulate much. there may be an isolated stray snow shower that puts down a light dusting, that's what i would expect at the most. most of us may not see any accumulation, some of us may see a brief dusting. then high pressure moves into the area and that brings us nice and dry conditions, especially as we get towards the second half of the workweek. so then that high pressure moves
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winds around that high go clockwise. winds come out of the south and they are going to do so for several days, it is going to pile these 50s, closer and closer to cincinnati, eventually they will get here. especially by the weekend. check out the planning forecast, 41 by thursday. there's going to be a weak disstubbance on friday morning when temperatures are near 29 degrees. we'll end up around 45 degrees. 53 by saturday. 51 on sunday. that is well more than 10 degrees above average for this time of year. it has been a while since we have seen those 50s. they are on the way for next weekend. something to look forward to carry us that youout -- throughout the workweek.
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be sure to stay t tuned >> it should be an exciting super bowl 50 in two weeks. carolina and denver in santa clara california. it starts about 6:30 february 7th. cbs will have coverage all day long leading up to the game.
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basketball superstar this weekend. one of the neighbors called the cops on them. a police officer decided to shoot hoops with the kids instead of reprimanding them. shaquille shaquille o'neal surprised them with another game of basketball. >> we're much warmer than yesterday. middle 40s. rain moves in after 6:00. the clouds will increase around 5:00 or so. our next newscast local 12 news
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