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tv   Local 12 First Four  CBS  January 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> good afternoon. we begin first at 4:00 with a tragic death of a local high school student. >> grief counselors were on hand to help students and teachers. 16-year-old laura worefong died. larry davis has the latest on what we know about the crash. >> it was a tough day as
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their own. the day was to simply process what happened in the past 24 hours and also to support one another. 16-year-old lauren willfong was a junior at the high school. students says she left in the winter club and was driving along the stretch of willford road. she lost control of her car, overcorrected, crossed the center line and slammed head on into an suv. she later died at bethesda hospital. students were at the high school. and for some of the students, it was the first encounter of a deg of -- of a death of someone close to them. >> teach them and work to them
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with that comes working with young people in situations, it's the first time they are dealing with. >> brad, we mentioned that troopers said lauren overcorrected. that's what happens to a lot of drivers young and old. hear from advice on what to do to avoid overcorrecting while driving. and also as the students mourn the loss of lauren willfong. >> we will pass along any arrangements as we learn them. paula. >> a local man faced the judge on two counts of murder for causing a deadly new year's eve crash. mark, with the death, and 31-year-old david mcnay. huffman was driving north on kentucky 17 and lost control, trying to take control on pelley road.
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south side lane and slammed head on in the car. according to documents, huffman had drugs in his system. and the documents also indicate a woman told police that she tried to keep huffman from getting behind the wheel right before the crash. huffman was in the hospital recovering since the accident much she wore an arm brace today. judge ordered him to remain in jail without bond, if he returns . and hamilton county grand jury, indicts a delhi township man. he faces charges of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. and two counts of sexual imposition. court documents say two of the incidents happen in june of 2014. records accuse him of tying up a 14-year-old girl in a basement and removing her clothes.
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touching the victim's private parts while giving her a massage. he's due back in court on friday. many folks on the east coast spent the day digging out from the weekend's big storm. maryland was the state's hit pretty hard. reporters from the sister's station has a look what things are like in a couple of the communities. john gonzalez in silverton maryland, north of washington, d.c. the blizzard is gone. here's the aftermath. i'm standing in a foot of snow that hasn't been touched by a plow. take a look at the road here. we have seen a number of nakeds in the d.c. area that look just like this. residents doing their part by shovelling and plowing their driveways and even doing what they are supposed to do. digging the fire hydrants for the fire department well, they've dug their cars. what's the point? they can't drive anywhere. all the marks, they are not tire tracks. those are footsteps as the
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to figure out when the plow is trying to figure them out of their home. baltimore maryland. we saw accumulated snow of about 29.2 inches. while the crews have work diligently to remove a good deal of the snow from downtown baltimore. in neighborhoods like this, the residents are trying to dig cars out, finding themselves in knee deep snow, sometimes waist high. the good news, there's warming trend coming. and the bad news, there's no word that there could be snow flurries coming as soon as this weekend. baltimore still digging out of very deep snow. >> here we are sitting pretty. erica collura in the no wake weather center. it's only going to get worst. >> we're going to cool down. we see milder air for a few days
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live at 75. this is north of panic road heading toward the ronald reagan highway. temperatures are in the upper 40s. dew points 40. and winds a little breezy. we'll stay that way through the evening and through the day tomorrow. and nothing to track in our area. to the west, i'm tracking some very light sprinkles off indiana. we will continue to have development to the south and east. if you're heading out. take the umbrella and rain jacket to be on the safe side. we'll track chances for showers in the evening. otherwise we'll remaybe fairly cloudy. that will linger throughout the day as well. what we will linger, the milder temperatures. we stay in the 40s in the period. hamilton, middletown, you guys are at 50. 47 and batavia, have the winds in the south that are helping to kick in some of the milder air
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that's making it feel a little cooler much hey, wind chills in the 40s, we'll take it. in the next 12 hours, expect temperatures to stay in the mid-upper 40s. showers from now, starting from 6:00 to 7:00 in the early morning hours from tomorrow. if you're an early morning commuter, you may run through those. and we'll track more rain on the way and your chance of flurries in the seven-day forecast in about seven minutes. >> and if you filled out the gas tank, prices they have keep falling. we found gas falling $1.25 in the circle k in redding. aaa says the national average is $1.83 a gallon much the price of crude oil rebounded last week. some say the gas prices will be going back up in the next couple of days.
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dollars again today. it's kind of a double edged sword. >> my gas is costing less than my coffee habit. first at 4:00, looking into
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the winter weather could . >> right around 5:30 this morning. it turns out the building was vacant. and former butler county sheriff has passed away. journal news reports that richard holgz burger suffered a stroke. he was taken to uc medical center where he died. >> you are invited to share some feed line tonight. the meeting will take place from 5:00 to 8:00 at the lane public library on north 3rd street. brief presentation planned for 6:00 p.m.
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the city to connect with the river front as well as other existing trails. and we know weather could be a tough season, especially with the snow some of us just saw. >> we've had a pretty good winter here. it's that time of year. a lot of folks want the dreary days to go away. there are ways to fight the winter cold. if you love the cold and outdoor winter sports, you have to admit, it's a tough season. not only is it brisky but short he days and nights could bring on the blues. at least 12 million americans could suffer from a type of depression called seasonal effective disorder or sad. in am so cases, people with sad become depressed. function. that's because the brain goes through a chemical imbalance due to a lack of sunlight which
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symptoms, fatigue, difficulty concentrating and craveings for food high in carbohydrates. there are ways sad could be treated. modify your diet. there are specially designed light boxes used to treat sad. if the problem becomes serious, some doctors will recommend antidepressants or psycho depression to get through the dark days of winter. be with family. laughter and togetherness are great treatment for winter blues. it's important to stay warm even if the temperatures outside are frigid. for today's health minute, holly firfer. snow left a lot get through
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make sure . >> snow storm and a vehicle in its area. being stuck in the snow is not going to prevent a woman to going to work. she rode her horse for her seven mile commute. >> what better way to go to school than to ride my horse, give him out, give him a little exercise and enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way.
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so you might as well go with it. >> with no headlights, he had to leave work early before it got dark. she got a lot of smiles and lot of thumb's up for a lot of commuters. >> where do you park, when you go to work. >> i don't know where she works. >> 7 miles is nothing for a, a horse? >> i don't think 7 miles is that much. >> she's going to be having a pretty good option. >> we're going to see a down trend for the next couple of days. this evening, we're going to be in the 40s. other than that, it will be cool with the breezy conditions we'll have. those will linger tomorrow as well. we're looking at shower activity moving in as well. you could see blue skies out through oxford. some high and mid level clouds are moving in pretty much all afternoon. we will continue to see the clouds thicken up. looking live from the weather camera. it's a beautiful shot in oxford.
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you're one of the places that will see the first few showers we will see move from the westin to the east. we're tracking evening hours for the night. it will stay here this evening. 50l1sl0 -- 50l1sl0 are back. and we're helping, we're being helped with a southerly breeze as well as something called the health sector. we have the wind kicking out of the south around 15 miles an hour. we are also in what is called warm sector. the area of pressure between the two fronts. we're between the warm front and cold front. we're kicking in with breezy,
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the showers will return along with the cold front to the west. right now, we're pretty dry at home. we have showers that are developing and moving through indiana as we speak. the cold front sits right about here. we have showers to the front. that is what we will continue to see develop. we'll see hit and miss showers throughout the night and right now, we're going to see a few sprinkles. and rest of us are dry. fayette county, western franklin county and ripley county are going to be seeing the showers and moving in first. they will be moving from the west to the east or southwest to northeast. we stay mild and we'll be breezy on and off light showers. we're not looking anything tenth of the evening. the area of low pressure will continue to move eastward.
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at 11:00, we'll be tracking on and off showers. and i doubt we'll get into a whole lot of heavier rain. we're not looking into a whole lot of accumulation of rain. cold front pulling to the east. we'll remain cloudy and we'll be a bit breezy with winds out of the west through the day tomorrow behind the cold front. we stay dry on tuesday. after the rain early in the morning. wednesday, we look to stay dry as well. a few flurries will move in. that will stay to the north of us, as a ridge of high pressure will move in late, we'll be seeing decreasing clouds. we're dry pretty much tomorrow and dry in the middle of the workweek as well. we'll slowly see slowly falling temperature. we'll start off close to 40 at 7:00. most of us dry by 7:00. and then we stay cloudy all day
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it's going to be a colder ride home than it will be to work. see falling temperatures to the upper 30s to lower 30s. 35 for a high on wednesday, partly cloudy skies, after starting in the 20s. and we get to about 40 in the av. with a chance of a few flurries. start with 30 friday morning. friday, we will see sunshine and kind of a mix of clouds and sun. we stay dry on friday. looks like we're dry friday, with mostly cloudy skies. temperatures topping out at 53 degrees. and then a chance of rain moves back in. milder air, you get plain old rain. that's what we see sunday into monday. scattered temperatures, temperatures around 50.
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>> we're learning about a local breaking news alert. and it's happening right now, halfway road, timber creek drive. the cruiser are trying to rescue the horse, that ended up going into an ice that's on a pond. we have a local news crew headed to the scene.
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a manhunt, for three inmates who escaped from santa anna prison. cut their weight through a dorm screen and made their way into plumbing tunnels. from there, the men bypassed three security areas and gained access to the jail's roof. they use add makeshift rope braided to reach the ground. three men were in county custody, including murder, attempted murder, kidnapping. another manhunt turns into a rescue mission after two fugitives trying to escape from the law, nearly died in freezing conditions. >> the two suspects were hiding in a wooded area, when they had no choice but to call 911. mike lure has the story. in the high sierra, along highway 50, it started with a
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>> two male okay -- occupants. >> and 30-year-old christine crossland, a parolee took off running to the woods. authorities say they found a 9 millimeter gun. >> at least three different kinds of controlled narcotics in the vehicle. methamphetamine, marijuana. >> the duo dashed down the canyon and crossed through the south fork of the american river. now wet and cold, they ignored a law enforcement warning to surrender with a winter storm in full force. by nightfall, the fugitives were freezing, called 911, begging to be arrested. search-and-rescue teams from the el dorado sheriff office, quickly joined the hunt. >> yes, there's a very high likelihood they will not survive. very long. >> the two men huddled together overnight to keep warm. on saturday morning, the s.w.a.t. team found them and
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river to awaiting ambulance for treatment. >> i never seen two people happier to go to jail. they knew they were going to be dry and warm. >> warm is good. >> both were treated to a hospital and turned over to authorities for arrest. >> coyotes tries to go shopping
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>> . after this weekend's blizzard blanketed the east coast, the slow process of digging out is under way. . >> at least 20 deaths are blamed from the weather. a tale of two cities in this weekend's monster blizzard. new york is bouncing back quickly. >> things are not entirely normal but a lot of city is operating well. >> it's a different story in washington. the mayor says they will be dealing with snow all week. >> there's still lots of work to be do. >> they call the comparison between the two recoveries is up fair. >> is it a safe situation for the children to get there?
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folks advising him. >> d.c. schools remain closed. d.c.'s mayor says she's asking for federal help to dig out. across the entire region, pooling water on roads, likely to refreeze overnight is creating a new hazard. meanwhile, air travelers are slowly feeling the pain. 12 thousand flights are cancelled, including about a thousand today. . >> i'm thrilled to be getting out on time. . >> had a forced vacation in d.c. it was good. it wasn't too bad. >> in washington. scott mcclain reporting. >> we dodged 99 percent of that.
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early commuters are still dry. you could see traffic moving smoothly. and at least we have had dry roads at the time. we're tracking few isolated showers. few light sprinkles just on the western edge of franklin county, just north of connorsville, moving northeast of fayette county and some light rain moving on the western edge of osgood. we have more showers, and tracking overnight. on and off rain at times. you could see very spotty in nature. that will continue to move northeast and skim the western side of the viewing area. very mild. 10 degrees above the normal. lower 40s for wilmington.
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expect a pretty mild evening. winds out of the south 10-15 miles an hour, perhaps 18 miles an hour. we'll be fairly mild, mid to upper 40s. showers at times, especially in the 7:00 hour. we'll track the showers overnight as well. have the showers until at least 5:00 in the morning. we'll mrolly get into a little light rain. and temperatures, by 6:00 a.m., close to 40. we may see falling temperatures throughout the day. we'll track more rain on the way, as well, as the track for flurries and a couple of days in the 50s. you don't want to miss that. that's coming in 10 minutes >> 130 million project, dayton international. dayton daily news, reporting, financing has been secured for the next phase of project,
4:27 pm
and add a new floor and rebuild some of the parking lots. the entire renovation expected to continue over 10 years. won't that be fun. federal aviation administration this week signed in the airport's use of passenger proceeds to pay for a 28 million bond issue. and that clears the way for a bond sale later on this year. we're following a neighborhood crime alert. police investigating a fraud report from main street bank. these two men stolen credit card information, to buy gift cards 26th. if you could help police identify the men, call crimestoppers at 352-3040. unusual side that has cold store in indiana. coyote got stuck in a vestibule saturday night. employees locked a second set of doors, when police and conservation officers arrived at the store, the coyote was hiding
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officers helped to steer the coyote out of the first set of doors. >> paul is going crazy yesterday watching football all day long. the match-up is super bowl 50 is carolina against denver. peyton manning and the broncos held on to beat patriots 18-20. carson palmer turned the ball over seven times. james brown has cbs sports and he's getting ready for denver. >> tipped in the air and it's intercepted. >> this may have been peyton manning's longest victory. not because he beat tom brady but always seems to get his number. the 39-year-old man is not
4:29 pm
>> you could believe it? he beats them with his experience. >> patriot star, tom brady, always under the lights, was with broncos defense all afternoon. this is manning's 4th super bowl appearance and is the 4th oldest quarterback to lead a game in history. >> it's an awesome effort by our entire team. what an incredible effort by the patriots. for us to beat the team today, what a special win. >> football is a young man's game. the carolina panthers, may have the best young quarterback in the national football league. >> brown, wide open. >> cam knewton and his carolina panthers, dismantled in the nhl championship game.
4:30 pm
single callers who are a generation apart. peyton manning is 13 years newton's senior. >> i don't know who we are playing yet but we will be ready to go. >> did you think you would play in a super bowl to oppose him? >> we will live in the moment right now. we're going to be excited >> super bowl starts right around 6:30 sunday, february 7th. cbs will have the coverage all day long, leading to the big game right here on local 12. >> did you watch either one of them? >> a moment of the first one that we aired. i do like peyton manning. i was happy for him? >> who did they play? >> they played their guy, tom brady. i knew the guy. >> the second game?
4:31 pm
fascinated. carolina is an exspans >> he draft well and you organize your team and you do it in order. you could get there. that goes to the five play-offs. you can't get past that point. >> taking a quote on prepackaged
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>> i do my own meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and as you can see, we need an internet that can do
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their spends, stocked up on food, stocked on their shovels and rented movies. care row's wants to make single cup take outs recycleable. company is trying to see more recyclable material will affect the takes. and the dow jones industrial fell to 208 points, down the nasdaq, lost 72 points. the s&p 500 dropped 29. >> and one person died. 12 people were hospitalized after getting sick with listeria. the salad was sold under various brand names, including dole, simple truth and president's choice. manufacturing code begins with a
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cammy durkin join us nexx >> isis now has release add
4:36 pm
show nine of the ten men in paris. it shows the attackers so-called messages. some of the militants actually beheading hostages. the identities of the victims not known. one man says the group was shown to act on the isis leader. the goal was to bring france to its knees. >> warning from the top law enforcement agency. and they are ready to attack in europe. agency also says isis has set up secret training camps and is preparing fighters to follow out special attacks in europe. >> a man, and pledging allegiance to allah. he revealed hes plot to co-owners.
4:37 pm
from the terrorism alert desk in washington. i'm jonathan elias. we continue to follow an alert in boone county. one horse fell to the pond. he's okay. local 12 news crew is headed to the scene. the good news. . sod kids in florida got a visit from a super bowl basketball player. a gainesville officer was set, he decided to shoot hoops for the kids instead of reprimand them. and they kind of went by. shaquille o'neal heard about the story. helped him with another said of
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>> and treated with what -- lungs. hash tag, doan cry. >> joe webb is exploring fires. there was a fire this morning an the second qun in the coming months. three of the fires damaged other buildings. the city had to demolish two of them. we'll have an update on all that. many college graduates may be drowning in debt. coming up at 5:30, the federal agency that's tasked at handing out the loans, is mired in controversy. >> a 44-year-old man who is accused of performing sex acts on the 4-year-old girl.
4:39 pm
parents have called authorities. he now faces six charges, and not in the care of the kids. that's where he'll be back at 5:00. >> see you the traffic on on-71. right around 4, you can't complain around here with everything that the east coast. >> 50s are nment forecast. two days in the 30s. and the rest of the forecast, it will be in the 30s and 40s. it's a little bit of snow we saw. a little bit here in the last day or so.
4:40 pm
a live look at downtown cincinnati. you could still see a little bit of blue sky. weather camera, right around there. this will thicken up throughout the evening. hd radar, from fayette to ripley county, seeing a little bit of light rain. this is north of look-out, near the baseville area. couple of sprinkles, to con norville. this is moving northeast. brookville, you'll probably get into light rain. if it doesn't die out. that will continue to move northeast. we will have a little bit of shower activity to the west. south of indianapolis. that will continue to head northeast as well. a lot of this stuff, will miss us. we will have a cold front to the west, with developing shower activity to still see later tonight. we will continue to watch the showers and move across the western half of the viewing area this evening. we have the cold front, that's to the west. can't make it out there. in front of it, you get the
4:41 pm
that's what we see moving through western tennessee. areas of low pressure to the north and west. we're under the influence of a southerly breeze around 15 miles an hour. that's helping us stay fairly mild. we stay in the 40s. right now, we're 48 degrees. 10 degrees above normal this time of year. lower 50s in southern indiana. we'll see the lower 50s, not so much tomorrow or the next day, later in the seven-day forecast, we'll get to 53 degrees. right now, we're 48 in batavia. 49 in harrison. mid 40s for brookfield. and 47 in adams county for boeing peebles and west union. tonight's forecast, in the mid 40s before the cold front moves through. breezy at times, winds in the southern direction. sometimes up to 20. it's going to be breezy, nevertheless. we will continue to see the chance for on and off light showers. that's about it. maybe a 10th at the most is what
4:42 pm
the overnight period. a lot of us will get less than a tenth of an inch of rain. we'll see showers, and so 11:00 we'll see few showers. by 8:00, we're all dry. early morning commuters, up until 6:00, expect a few showers during your drive to work. after 6:00, 7:00, we'll be -- have claudz. and we'll be having fallen temperatures. we start off in the lower 30s. and moving into wednesday, wednesday morning at 8:00. little ridge of high pressure will help the decreased clouds late in the day. we'll start off with more clouds, you'll wind up with. we'll continue to see some partial clearing take place for
4:43 pm
we stay dry pretty much both tomorrow and wednesday. tomorrow's forecast, before 7:00, we'll track a couple of light showers. 39 degrees around 7:00. we'll be falling in the mid 30s by noon. it's going to be breezy. it will feel a lot colder tomorrow than it does right now. winds in the west direction around noon. it will be kind of breezy. 34 by 4:00. in the lower 30s by 5:00. the planning forecast looks like this. falling temperatures throughout the day tomorrow. make sure to bundle up. early in the morning, we'll see a couple of showers. wednesday, partly cloudy. late in the day, we'll see more sunshine. temperatures top out in the 30s. it's still a bit chilly. couple of flurries thursday evening. once we get cold enough. mix of clouds and sun. sunday, we're tracking rain. and that will linger through
4:44 pm
at times. temperatures around 50 degrees, after starting off in the mid to low 40s. >> heating bill loves this. >> recent study. women are och playing more than men for virtually the same product >> mike hedrick, women are paying for goods and services >> and cheryl, buy quite a few products. they don't objectionably strong perfumes. and we've seen someone who gob
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style, double in women's. >> rita tez anything mechanical. and i've been told, the cheaper price, lawnmowers, same thing. give us a like on our facebook page.
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report, amounts of . >> woman's heart attack may have different causes and symptoms. some risk factors could be more dangerous. >> first ever statement of the american heart association. adrian diaz, on what every woman needs to know. >> three years ago, marcia felt nauseous. she finally headed to the hospital hours later >> had no idea, expected shoulder pain and heavy chest pain. >> scientific statement, there could be some key differences between men and women, when it comes to heart attack symptoms. >> may not feel like they expected to feel. there is usually discomfort somewhere in the chest area or in the neck or jaw, the back,
4:47 pm
they can be in either arm or shoulder. >> this is the first time the association has put out a statement on heart attacks in women, which highlights that women often have different causes of heart attacks, such as the type of plaque build-up. >> if your high pressure is risk. >> diabetes could be strong a risk factor >> and one year later, marcia had the same symptoms and another heart attack. this time, she didn't wait. >> they tell my friends, if you have stomach pain or light nausea, don't hesitate. i'm glad i'm alive after that. >> she continues to manage her high cholesterol and high blood pressure, medication, diet and exercise. adriana diaz, cbs news. >> report says black and hispanic women have morris being factors like diabetes and obesity at the time of their
4:48 pm
>> robin, here live at 5:00. >> and why this overnight blaze in a local building is sparking concern. >> trying to return to normal. millions dig out from the snow storm that paralyzed the east coast. products may be the same, the pricing isn't. and an undercover investigation shows, women pay more than men. this is local 12 news, live at 5:00. >> it becomes scary. also >> another fire in another abandon building in a local city, has some people keeping a closer eye on their neighborhoods. another vacant building caught on fire. it's the second one this month. months. >> no one has been hurt but three damaged other buildings. the city had to demolish two of them.
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covington on what he's learned
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