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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 430  CBS  January 26, 2016 4:25am-5:00am EST

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3 3 good morning cincinnati. (ad lib to weather)
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3 time/temp ...ahead at four-30 ...digging out the east coast is still feeling the impact of a deadly blizzard. plus ...taking a stand against violent crime ...why members of one local community have had enough, and what they're doing about it, on
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break one3 3 now at four-30 ...cold complications of the east coast are still trying to recover from the deadly weekend snow storm. 3 curbing crime in norwood ... how it's police department is hoping people who live and work in the neighborhood will 3 special screening ...when you can catch an encore showing of a documentary about cincinnati's famous bat boy. 3 good morning cincinnati. thanks for joining us on this tuesday.. i'm john lomax.and i'm sheila gray.the stories of
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a check of the weather. here's meterologist brandon orr.
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3 the east coast is still dealing with the aftermath of that deadly weekend snowstorm. at least 42 deaths in 11 states are now linked to the blizzard.federal offices are closed again today in the washington's also another snow day for students in d-c.. philadelphia and baltimore.more than 25-hundred flights were delayed or cancelled yesterday. 3 a local man accused of molesting several children is slapped with more charges. steven rekowski now faces nine more charges for sex crimes involving six more children.. ages four to ten years old. police arrested him after the
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saw a video of her child on rekowski's phone.and investigators found more sex videos involving other children.some kids appear to be passed out, according to the dearborn county prosecutor. we talked to a child advocacy specialist who says parents should ask their children if there is a place they don't feel safe or anyone they don't feel safe with. 3 "you think kids are going to come to you but unless you ask they don't speak up then you find children say no one asked no one asked me so i didn't say anthing"if you have information about rekowski, or concerns about your children, you can call your local police station, or call crimestoppers at 352-3040. 3 the norwood police department is turning to homeowners and business owners for help solving wants to start a surveillance camera registry.people can enter the location of the cameras ... or a password or user name for their camera system.. so officers can easily access the lieutenant
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win-win, and will save time as officers investigate crimes. delhi township police and middletown police have similar programs. 3 surveillance cameras are way to fight crime.but cincinnati is looking for more solutions to stop violent crime.people packed the evanston rec center last night for the first of five public input local12's angela ingram reports.. neighbors say they're fed up. 3 nats/ 13:00 stop the shooting. stop the shooting. stop the killing :03a peace march through winton terrace drew a crowd of onlookers.there were prayers.and neighbors sick of the violence came out of their homes to hear the message.5:37 i'm telling you, it's time to take a stand 5:38and the murder of a 22-year-old man just last week drew outrage. 17:03 the shooting that took place the other night was two houses over, so one of those bullets could've went in my house :10 not only could it have hit me, it could've hit my baby 17:1418:33 we're a community. this is not a war zone. :35 we are a community and we want our kids to grow
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happy, healthy and have peace of mind :40 it was a small group... but enough to draw attention and show cincinnati mayor john cranley and police chief eliot isaac that people who live here care.15:00 we need to stop all the violence regardless if it's in winton terrace. :04 i'm talking about all around cincinnati. :06 59:03 that shows that we really have something special here in cincinnati :06 that are citizens are eager to be involved :10 they do care about their communities and i think it shows both were also at a public input meeting in evanston where neighbors from all over the city weighed in on the shootings.drugs, not enough jobs, and a lack of role models for the city's youth were all cited as causes. and the mayor says a quarter of a million dollars has been earmarked for witness protection... to get more people to speak up.55:39 we have this issue of people not wanting to come forward :40 they fear for their lives but 55:44 we often know who the killers are but we can't make the case, :46 ideas are on the table... and police are forming strategies.neighbors
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up... but that's what needs to happen. 15:10 we need to take control. i'm talking about serious control. take our streets back 15:16 3 angela ingram reporting. cincinnati's police chief says he'll unveil a new anti-crime strategy in the next few weeks. meanwhile, there's a meeting in all five police districts. the next one is next week in westwood. 3 right now.. the latest on the wyoming high school graduate detained in north korea.we just learned friday that the otto warmbier had been detained earlier this month in north korea at the end of a five day trip.the tour guide who was with warmbier says he was taken to the hospital from the airport.the guide says the college student was questioned about an incident at a hotel.. and then taken to the hospital while the rest of the tour group flew home. 3 a kentucky religious group is celebrating a legal victory this morning...a federal judge ruled the state's tourism cabinet violated "answers in genesis" first amendment protections..kentucky tried to
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up to 18-million dollars. answers in genesis is building the ark encounter, which is due to open in july.kentucky initially celebrated the project, but reversed course and took away a tax rebate, which led to a lawsuit in 2014. 3 don't expect the bengals' failure to win a playoff game for the fifth straight year to bring ticket prices down for next season.they're actually going up.season tickets for 2016 will range from about 38 to 102 dollars per game.the overall package will be cheaper because paul brown stadium will host only nine home games -- the tenth will be in london.the team did reduce the cost of tickets for the preseason games they make you buy with a package.they'll range from 23 to 62 dollars instead of 35 to 95 dollars last year. 3 starting today, you can get a sneak peek of f-c cincinnati. the team is hosting a combine which is open to the public today through thursday up at wall to wall soccer in mason. it will be the first time the coaching staff will get a
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currently on their roster as well as some of the players who stood out at a recent open tryout. 3 a local high school is showing an encore screening of an e-s-p-n special.. highlighting a famous local bat boy.teddy ballgame tells the story of cincinnati native teddy kremer, and his impact on the will be shown on february 16th at mount notre dame high school.. and teddy will be there for a panel discussion after the can find a link to buy tickets at local12-dot-com.teddy will also speak at a think tank event at northern kentucky university tonight and tomorrow.he'll deliver the keynote address and take part in a panel discussion about the challenges and opportunities faced by people with disabilities. 3 time/temp ...displeased with a university's decision ...why one college's action against an assistant professor isn't sitting well with the school's ...getting to the bottom of a prison escape plan ...there are still many unanswered questions surrounding the break-out of three inmates, on good 3
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3 we're following the latest on a prison break in california experts say the three inmates likely had inside help ...the inmates vanished early friday after sawing through a metal gate, crawling through plumbing tunnels, and rappelling to freedom down a rope made of bed linens.the big question for investigators is how they were able to plan and carry out the escape with such precision.some experts say the inmates shouldn't have been housed in a common dorm since
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felonies. 3 fallout this morning from protests last fall at the university of missouri..some are calling for an assistant professor to be fired.melissa click is now charged with misdemeanor assault.. after trying to block student journalists from covering protests on campus.. over racial issues.the university curator says it's disappointing that click just got a letter in her employee file.. and says police and the prosecutor acted faster than the university to protect student rights and safety. 3 the families of ten of the crew members of the el faro, reach a settlement with the owners of the sunken cargo ship.court documents say tote maritime will pay each of the 10 families 500-thousand- dollars to settle pending lawsuits.the el faro sank last october after it got caught in a hurricane near the bahamas. all thirty-three crew members on board died.attorneys for five of the families filed a claim in november saying el faro was overdue for repairs. 3 michigan's attorney general bill schuette is investigating flint's drinking water crisis.
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questions whether the probe will be impartial.they say they're concerned because of past political donations by special counsel todd flood, to the campaigns of schuette, and governor rick snyder ... both republicans.but flood says such contributions will have no bearing on his ability to conduct an impartial investigation. 3 time/temp ..a ripple effect ... the agency that provides student loans is facing problems that could cause major troubles for those students later in ... a tiny black-belt is making waves in the world of karate. meet her next, on good morning cincinnati.
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break three3 good morning... (ad lib) 3 hoxworth blood center is of cincinnati and the cincinnati cyclones.they're holding the fifth annual queen city blood drive today at the duke energy center.anyone who donates blood from ten to seven today will get a free queen city blood drive t- shirt, as well as a pair of cyclones tickets, free pizza, a gift bag and more. 3 cedar village retirement community is looking for people who need work's hosting a job fair today to fill 42 new positions in its nursing facility, aquatic therapy program, home health agency, and private duty care giving services.available jobs include nurses aides, home
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and dietary servers.if you're interested, bring a resume to cedar village retirement community on cedar village drive in mason from ten to one. 3 many americans who graduate from college find themselves drowning in debt.they may not have jobs, but they do owe a massive amount of money in student loans.kristine frazao reports.. the federal agency that hands out these loans is mired in controversy. 3 when the housing bubble burst - so many in this country said - never again.but the government accountability institute's peter schweizer says it *is* happening again, but instead of home buyers getting predatory loans -it's students.peter schweizer/govern ment accountability institute "they're studying social work or they want to be a school teacher and those are very noble and important professions but the reality is you're not going to be able to pay a 200,000 student loan back if you're making 35, 40 or 50 thousand dollars a year." it turns out the agency in charge of doling out those loans have been charged with inefficiency and mismanagemen
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accountability office report. department of education documents show that while the top bonus there was about 38 thousand dollars in 2011, in 2014 it was 75 thousand dollars - a 96 percent increase.peter schweizer/govern ment accountability institute 9:43 you have students who are not incentivized to try to pay off their student loans and you have a sprawling bureacracy that rewards inefficiencystandup on capitol hill, lawmakers are calling out those inefficiencies and calling to simplify the system where currently the agency gets to set its own goals and define its own version of foxx/chairwoman, higher education subcommittee "it's clear we've allowed this system to become far too complex to serve students well."at a hearing in november the f-s-a touted improvements, like making financial aid forms easier and reducing operating officer we updated our systems, increased capacity and provided training to thosuands of financial aid professionals at thousands of schools to move to 100 percent
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growing concern problems now will lead to bigger problems latersen sherrod brown/d-ohio "when kids graduate with huge debt they can't buy a house, they're less likely to start a family they can't start a business, they just can't get going in their lives."another bubble some in washington worry could be the next to burst.i'm kf reporting. 3 now here's bob with a local 12 traffic alert.
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3 the latest incarnation of the karate kid is a nine-year old girl in japan.not only does she have incredible focus and determination, she also has
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c-b-s's seth doane got to meet her .... 3 she wears a lot of pink and has an infectious giggle but, there's another side to mahiro takano (tah-kah-noe): nats - karate scream she has a black-belt in karate and is a three-time national champion in japan. (sot - at competition - seth kneeling) (seth:) you're so sweet to talk with but you look so serious - so scary out there.. (mahiro, in japanese:) when i'm training or competing - i'm concentrating, she said. (wide shot - see seth on knees talking with her)there's a lot at stake for this nine-year- old who stands about 4-feet tall. (sot - at competition) (mahiro, in japanese:) i'm an ambassador for karate, she said, hopefully it'll become an olympic sport. nats - (tv commercials) she has raised karate's profile ahead of japan's 2020 olympics. she appears on commericals, in a
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face for this sport of warriors which dates back centuries. nats - competition at a competition outside tokyo, we saw her poise power and precision. we had to ask about the "ki-al" (key-ai) - that gutteral noise which shows strength: (sot - sit-down interview - seth & mahiro cams)(seth:) can you make that sound for me now - sitting here?(mahiro:) "hai".. (she nods, softly)(seth:) go ahead(mahiro:) (she makes gutteral scream)(seth:) wow (laughing) // i didn't even see your face - i closed my eyes when you did that (chuckling) (sot - interview with coach at competition) (coach:) when i, you know, do "kimite" with her ooh i'm scared because she's so (seth:) you get scared of her? (coach:) yes! ***(seth:) as the coach! takako kikuchi (tah-kah-koe kee-koo-chee), who also coaches mahiro's older brother, says mahiro has boosted karate's popularity. (sot - interview with coach at competition)(kikuchi, coach, in english:) when she just started at my dojo she was only four years old - but she was different from start. (possibly add: - completely
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she was good?yes )*** if karate gets a slot at the 2020 olympics, mahiro would be too young to participate. that's alright, she still wants to compete at the olympics after that. she may wear a lot of pink but tells us her favorite color is gold. seth doane, cbs news, nagaoka, japan 3 (ad lib) 3 time/temp's spouses day share what you want to thank your spouse for on the local12 facebook ... from a quick bathroom break to crossing the finish line ... one dog had quite the big day ...we'll explain ahead at five
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3 it's spouses on the local12 facebook page, we want
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thank your spouse for today? 3
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we want you to join the conversation -- just *like* the local 12 page on facebook to share your thoughts. 3 3 (show open) 3 now at five. opening up the dialogue about violent crime in our city.. how leaders and neighbors addressed the issue.. just ahead.. 3 helping officers solve crimes. we'll tell you why a local police department is asking for your help with a new program. 3 plus, preparations are underway.we'll show you how levi's stadium is transforming for the super bowl. 3 good morning.we'll get to those top stories in just a moment.but first we want to start with a first check of your's meterologist john gumm. 3
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