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tv   Local 12 at Noon  CBS  January 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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replica of noah's arc. fo he organization overseeing this massive project. >> construction of the $92 million first phase of the amusement park began months ago. once completed it will feature a 510 foot lock ark. claiming they blocked it from the state's tax tourism incentive, that could be worth from $18 million. they wanted to be able to hire people who would adhere to certain rye eligious beliefs. >> they cannot exclude based on religious purposes. >> saying it is free exercise for religion in this country.
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the ark encounter is set to open this summer and you can find the latest both here and on local 12 news and on our website at new todays the cause of a house fire is considered suspicious. cincinnati firefighters put out that fire at 11:00 this morning. an arson investigation team is determining the exact cause. >> we have information on the suspect. a man driving a stolen vehicle led fairfax police on a chase after he tried to steal electronics from a walmart right around 4:30 employees told police that they became suspicious when a man tried to fill a cart with electronics. he left one by the door and told employees he forgot his credit
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the suspect raced up red bank road and officially crashed into a rock wall and got out of the suv on the exit ramp and ran across the interstate and jumped a median. if you have any information call crime stoppers, remember, you never have to give your name. >> police want to know if you recognize a bank robbery suspect. the man held up the branch in high park plaza yesterday. he showed a gun to the teller and then walked out with cash. take another look here. police believe the robber got away in a black ford edge. call crime stoppers if you know who this is, the number is 352-3040. >> ronald king allegedly abused a girl under the age of 12. he was indicted on those charges last year. officers rescued a child from the fire. jury selection in the latest
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most of the day. be sure to stay with local 12 news and for the latest. >> the operator of a water treatment plant if north east ohio failed to notify the public that they could be drinking dangerous water. bottle water and led testing kits poured into sebring, ohio after residents were notified that it may not be safe to drink. lead and copper levels in 20 older homes date back to last summer. the slightly acidic water caused some pipes to leak metals into the water supply. >> i don't understand why they wouldn't tell us so they could keep us from going through illnesses. >> we recognize that our district office was probably too patient with the village as they noeflgs
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>> the head has suggestion spended the water treatment manager. schools in sebring are cancelled for a third day in a row. the water plant serves about 8100 homes. here is meteorologist brandon orr in your no wait weather. >> the 50 degree high temperature that we set at 2:00 a.m. this morning is long gone. we're well into the 30s. lots of clouds and a whole lot of sun, that's exact hi ly what we're going to see today. the south wind coming in from the west at 13 miles per hour. now it is ushering in a much cooler air mass to the west. to the west of downtown, 33 in brookeville, and 35 in brook oak. cooler weather continues to move in and the 40s are out of here. we'll stay into the 30s before we see the big warm-up for next
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not looking at anything on live precision doppler 12 hd. i wouldn't be surprised to see a couple of flurries on here especially as we get into the day and the evening hours. coming up in 15 minutes, we're talking about a few more flurries tomorrow. a big warming trend and a weekend rebound. temperatures likely making it up to the middle 50s next weekend. more on that coming up, jon hn. >> a private jet slid off the roadway. it hit a crushable material designed to stop planes and it came to a halt. >> the two pilots were the only people on board of the plane at the time and no injuries were reported. what caused the plane to slide off the runway is still under investigation. >> a texas couple is staying with family after their home was
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look at these pictures, ash is just about all that's left of their house. five miles west of colorado city. the morris family tried to sift through the rubble trying to find anything that's left. even though all that is left is charred memories, they don't plan on leaving. >> right here is home. we're going to rebuild right here. >> the sheriff's department says the driver of the 18-wheeler fell asleep. amazingly the homeowners say it was just an accident and they have no hard feelings against that driver.
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continues f 352-3040 >> iran's president visited pope francis at the vatican today. >> reports from london. >> reporter: the meeting between pope francis and iranian president began with a handshake and then he gave the catholic leader a persian rug.
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>> he says his country is not you safest and most stable in the region. he wants to ends decades of diplomatic distance with the west over its controversial nuclear program. >> this is the first time in nearly two decades that a pope has met with an iranian president. the pope prays for peace and the iranian president asked him to pray for him. >> the italians covered statues that they visited. >> an orange county prosecutor stated they let hannibal lecter out.
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how these men escaped and whether they had help on the inside. the three escaped men are among 15 prisoners who have gotten through the roof since the jail opened in 1968. >> candidates from both sides are making the final pitches iowa voters. at a democratic presidential town hall, they did their best to set themselves apart. >> i led the effort begins wall street deregulation to see where hillary clinton is on this issue. >> there are different forces at work and you have to have somebody who is a proven, proven fighter. >> meantime, the republican battle for iowa also a close one, with donald trump and ted
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>> trump once again questioned cruz's citizenship while he was campaigning in new hampshire. >> even if you're thinking of another candidate -- >> they face off this thursday night in des moines with their 7th debate. >> expected to pay a visit to cincinnati. he'll lead a fundraising lunch downtown february 12th. to find out where it is, you'll need to donate a thousand dollars to hillary clinton's complain. hillary clinton is not expected to be there. the south carolina primary is
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>> tracking i >> investors will be watching apple reports its earnings for all the all important holiday season today. most report slower holiday sales because the 6s and the 6s plus don't have as many features as their predecessors. the global market tanked overnight. it is a different story on wall street.
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the dow jones is up 257 points. the nasdaq is up 44 points, while the s&p 500 is up 24. you can catch the closing numbers on local 12 news first at 4:00. >> airbnb wasn't really hot about this new listing on its home rental site. >> a brooklyn man built this igloo built for two.
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$200 a >> today the cyclones are hosting the fifth annual queen city blood drive. in years past, the team held the blood drive at the arena, but this year it is at duke energy center. it runs until 7:00 this weekend. all donors will get a free pizza and even a gift bag. >> northern kentucky university and delivering the keynote address about the challenges and
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disabilities. >> a panel discussion after the film. you can find a link to buy tickets at >> mr. positivity right there. >> i'm not so positive about our weather. seasonably warm. >> so warm. >> but not so much anymore. >> you stepped outside, you go, whoa, what's going on, it is so warm. we're into the 30s. it looks dreary outside, too. this is the temperature trend since around 1:00 a.m. we hit our high temperature 2:00 a.m. around 50 degrees. you can tell where the cold front came through right after this 46, between 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m., it continues to fall even as we get to the noon hour. this is where our wind switched around to. 33 in brookeville.
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down, just finally into the 30s near adams county near peeples and west union, they are the ones that saw the cold front move through last. this is a look downtown on the atrium weather center. lots of clouds and these clouds are going to stick with us as we go through the rest of the afternoon and evening. i wouldn't be surprised to see some flurries from time to time. when we take the loop. it doesn't even look like it is looping. i've been looking at this time lapse and i don't even see a break in the clouds. late tomorrow afternoon, i think we'll start to see some breaks in the clouds and a little bit of sunshine. wind gusts coming in from the west. not as strong as this morning. we saw wind gusts of 30 or so. it was a breezy drive in. especially on the bridges, now around 20 miles an hour. precision doppler 12 hd is nice and dry.
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may develop later on into the evening will likely be so light, they won't even be picked up here. down to around 33 by 5:00. we're keeping the clouds around as well. those will stick with us even into the early evening hours. we're headed to the 20s overnight tonight. chilly start towards tomorrow. certainly a lot different than what we saw earlier on this morning. there is some of the rain we had. most of us were nice and dry, we're still seeing clouds at the area in gray that's moving in be behind that rain. still into the 20s in northern illinois, illinois, that's where our weather is coming from. other than, we're mainly dry, this cold front really cleared us out and we're waiting for this high pressure to move in.
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clouds a little bit late tomorrow afternoon. once this high slides off to the west, and southwest, we'll have warmer air. that's going to pile up the # 50 degree temperatures closer and closer to cincinnati until it finally moves in by the weekend. the big warming trend, that's the biggest story as we go throughout the next week, into the 40s by thursday, can't rule out a few flurries late thursday over towards late friday. 43 degrees by our high temperature on friday. then there's the 50s as we head into the weekend. it is also not only 54, but 54 on dry on friday. if you want out tour plans, plan them for saturday. there. >> it is looking really nice.
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tonight, ncis at 8:00. >> we want to remind you about a breaking news alert that we're watching very closely. reports of a possible active shooter in a building at the naval medical center san diego, according to a post on the
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these are live pictures of the scene right now. the medical center advised everyone inside to run, hide or fight on its facebook page. we've seen police on the scene, including armored vehicles. reporters describe it as calm and say it appears as things are under control. be sure to stay with local 12 news and for the latest on the breaking news, more ahead for you first at 4:00. >> a last check on weather. >> temperatures into the 30s rout rou right now, continuing to fall. >> next [content sigh] ah, excuse me? mr. jones? hi. already? you booked an appointment. i just started cookin. we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. i haven't even started to bronze yet. we no longer give you an excuse
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