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tv   Local 12 News at 5  CBS  January 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> race is tightening and the front-runner is pulling the stops. how they are trying to woo iowa voters. >> at risk, children get a chance to see police officers in a new light. program that organizers think could save lives. this is local 12 news, live at 5:00. >> discrimination on the part of the statement. the judge's pointing and know that you can't discriminate like that. >> federal judge, kentucky is wrong to deny the tax incentive to a religious group. and ruling was a victory for answers in genesis, building a counter. >> and commonwealth violated the first amendment rights, blocking through a sales tax incentive.
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williamstown to find out what the builders and community members are saying about the decision. it's an exclusive look at part seeing. sales tax incentive could be worth up to $18 million for the arc encountered theme park. the buildings, the judge's ruling is more about principal rather than money. >> just because we're christians doesn't mean we can participate in programs other companies participate. you can't discriminate in christians like that, everybody can't. >> kim han, answers in genesis, kentucky was discriminating, because it plans to use religious preference in hiring, something he says law upholds. >> what people need to believe to be able to be employed at the arc and counter.
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have religious preference. >> and arc and counter is rising on 800 acres of land off i-75 in williamstown. inside, where it continues, ham says, is the world's largest timber framed building. there will be teaching exhibits, cages, features sculptors of animals the bible says noah brought back to the park. the park is expected to bring more jobs and businesses to the area. here. thinking a lot of restaurants here and lot of jobs for people. >> this town, something we fled it. the people. >> answers in jen genesis just as new jobs, what the court ruling really means. >> upheld freedom of religion and free exercise of religion.
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to us. >> ken ham says, had the judge ruled against answers in genesis, they would not have impacted construction or the opening of the arc. there are no tax dollars spent on the project. the commonwealth embraced the theme park and ended about face when it saw the park's religious preference in hiring. ham says the ruling is a victory for religious freedom. >> and you saw side that not many people seen. what was your impression? >> the timbers inside the arc, it's incredible. it's been shipped from all over the world. then we're the first actually to walk on the ramps that the public will be walking on, as the arc is completed. the arc actually goes up to the 8th story. there will be a restaurant in the top floor and separate
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it's a separate structure to say the least. it's quite an attraction. >> the arc, by the way, 510 foot long. the first phase is scheduled to open july 7th. answers in genesis, it could attract 2 million visitors a year. police identify a man, led them on a chase, after stealing a cart filled with electronics from wal-mart. have a look at the surveillance of clarence jones at the store in fairfax. they say he left the cart in the front door, told them he forgot his credit card. they got suspicious and called police who were there when he was ready to leave. he escaped by running across the inter state and jumping the median. police say he stole the suv he used to make his getaway from a man from lexington who gave him a ride during a weekend storm.
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molesting several young children face as judge. steven rowcowsky apeered in court on 12 charges. eight. police say he took videos and pictures of himself performing sex acts on some of them. he's accused of drugging some children. and investigators say he baby sat for some of the children, meaning some of the mothers from the karaoke business. it includes the maximum term. 10 years and another 10 years for criminal mischief. the suv crossed the center line last march and hit two other cars. one of the other drivers, mary anne garrer died in the crash. new information about the indictment of a pair of anti-abortion activists.
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of using fake california driver's license to infiltrate the group. both members of the center for medical progress, face felony charges of tampering with government records. the houston grand jury that indicted the two, investigated planned parenthood and concluded the women's health organization did nothing wrong. both sides of the ballot are barn storming iowa. days, from the nomination process. as molly hall explains, they are focusing their pitch to get out the vote. with six days to go before the iowa caucuses, they are focusing on one group in particular. evangelical christians. >> as my friendship has grown, so has my admiration. >> jerry faldwell, jr. and evangelical preacher ahead of liberty university, announced he's endorsing donald trump. >> in my opinion, donald trump
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helping others as jesus taught in the great commandment. >> ted cruz met from preachers in iowa, saying he's the only one who could stop trump. >> and our values, judia christian values that build america are under assault. we need a president who will defend the constitution, defend our values. >> cruz has a 12-point lead among white evangelical christians in iowa. he's a virtual tie with trump for the virtual lead. and bernie sanders populous message helped him gain momentum in iowa. >> we will win in iowa. >> meanwhile, clinton says she's experience and managed to hold republicans. >> clinton holds a narrow lead
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>> former president, will be campaigning for his wife on thursday. >> ron paul will have a challenger in the kentucky senate race. jim gray filed for the democratic nomination for the u.s. senate. and gray is the wealthy former ceo of a construction company. he made history in 2010, when he was elected kentucky's first openly gay mayor. and cloudy and chilly day in the tri-state. >> scott dimmich with a look at the forecast. >> we're cloudy now. we've been cloudy all day long. i suspect the temperatures will be falling and in the coming hours with the cloudy sky ahead. we're down to 30 in the cloudy sky tonight. 29. and you could see there, across the street from the studios in mount auburn. looking past 71. the flag is standing in attention. the wind will gradually relax as the evening goes on. temperatures overnight will
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any clearing we get tonight, will be late and early tomorrow morning. for the start of good morning. cincinnati. we have no rain or snow to track on live precision doppler hd. larger view of satellite, shows rain in the far south eastern parlt of kentucky and extending to the tennessee valley. that rain is not come our way. the clouds we have now will be tonight. and the windchill is at 39 degrees. anderson township with the windchill. and we're mostly cloudy tomorrow. some flurries in the forecast. northeast of cincinnati on thursday. then the warm up comes just in time for your weekend plans. full authority forecast comes your way in 10 minutes. >> thanks very much. just more than a game. how police officers pairing up with local children could lead to success? that's next live at
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my whole life... and i raise turkey for honeysuckle white . we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) honeysuckle white . no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. . >> another sign of growth in the brewing rebirth. they announced it will be channelling the beer distributed in ohio.
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including boston's ipa, crank shaft, will begin next month. people living in high crime and poverty, get a lesson in hope. through basketball. and perry schaible shows us how a league pairing young people with field officers leads to success on and off the court. >> debbie bowman, president of girl's hope, boys hope, says basketball is the hook. the way to get the kids out the door. what they provide, is much more important than a game. >> what we really want to do, is get them to connect the youth with authorities. >> and instead of being just another distractions. this league is full of life lessons. before the kids step on the court, they have to take classes that extend par beyond the hard
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peer mediation, antibullying. it's a place to find commonality between the police and players. >> in the city, i see a divide between the police and the children. >> this is something you see before happening. >> oh, no. not at all. >> teanna helped with the program and witnessed firsthand with the benefits. cannotation. after the program, it got better. you could see the cops are trying to help you out. you don't see them, like in the news. you see them more like, human, harmless. >> and she's been a game changer for the kids and cincinnati's
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perry schaible, local 12 news. >> organizers are still looking for coaches and players. we have a link on boys hope, girls home. click the news tab in the top
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have been fired and six others suspended, because of the roles of the two unarmed people. it came in a high-speed chase. officers fired 137 shots. at timothy russel and melissa williams. one of the officers faced criminal charges. he was acquitted in may. it may have been a false alarm. navy officials say there's tho sign of a gunman or shooting at the navy medical center in san diego. there was a report of three gunshots. the navy spokesperson says it came from a single witness much the navy hospital previously said, an active shooter was reported and people were told to run, hide or fight. police in orange county, california, are asking for the public's help in tracking down two prisoners. two have ties to vietnamese gans. and fishes are focusing on suburban communities where the men could be hiding with friends much investigators are looking
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they got inside help. there are about 15 prisoners who gotten out through the roof since the jail open in 1958. when you look out the window, it looked like it ought to be 5 degrees. >> yeah. >> just gray and wintery looking. >> for some, it looks like it's going to rain. if you are about and about for any reason, going out the front door to just pick up the mail. we will be cloudy like the afternoon and this evening. temperatures will be falling through the low 30s and eventually in the upper 20s this evening. overnight, there will be some clearing. and we're still cloudy to mostly cloudy all the way through sunrise. i have updated the hour-by-hour forecast.
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and if you have a smart phone and tablet, . it comes in hand, especially when you want to know. the weather cam, cloudy sky right now, in the atrium weather cam in oxford. we have a cloudy sky overhead. temperature 26. winds out of the southwest at 5:00. no rain in the bucket today. we have showers this morning. those have moved out. we have no additional rain, snow, flurries, anything of that sort, until we get to thursday. clouds will win out over sun tomorrow. cloudy this evening. flurries look to be isolated. it will be stray. focus to the north, northeast on cincinnati on thursday. especially late. even though clouds win out for the next couple of days.
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highs in the 50s saturday. completely cloudy sky. brings the windchill down to 29 degrees. and we'll drop 10 degrees to get not overnight lows in the mid-20s. highs tomorrow, will be close to where we are now. 30-35, in the mid and latter part of the afternoon. we're dry tonight, dry tomorrow. there will be no accumulating snow. all the way through the back end of the week. best chance of rain is morning. all the way to the front and we have clouds right now. those clouds will be tough to shake in the next 24 hours. precision doppler hd shows no rain or snow anywhere close to the 75 loop. continues to march to the east of us. this is very aggressive.
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level clouds, there will be a lot of low to mid level clouds through much of tonight and tomorrow. we're mostly cloudy wednesday morning, wednesday afternoon. thursday, disturbance comes from the west. any clearing that comes through tomorrow night, is temporary. we could see specks of flights. and it looks like the best ability is going to be northeast and sind natty. tomorrow, we go to the mostly cloudy sky. gradual flooring. and high of 575 on. showers are turned in late sunday. other planning forecast coming up at 5:47 and local 12 news, live at 6:00. and using the big storm, how
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how the storm turned it into .
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sales for liquor. the top selling liquor brand was jack daniels, followed by fireball cinnamon whisky. >> lost story of the popular children book authors was discovered. beatrice potter, who created peter rabbit. the lost story is called the tale of kitty and boots. it's being published more than a century after she wrote it. peter rabbit did make an appearance but he's slower. eventually the publisher found a manuscript. the publisher, was delayed, for what would be potter's 150th anniversary. they researched how to build
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after eight hours, their igloo was complete. what did they do? they listed it. >> and to stay in a giant ice cave was not most of the question. >> the offers started coming in. and air b and b, stepped in, saying igloo didn't meet their standards. coming up live at 12:30, small voices count. 3:00 a.m. -- ambassadors >> and liz bonis, and important information with new moms. and pretty amazing family story.
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. >> using shipping containers is an interesting thing. it doesn't meet the guidelines for this particular area. >> they are environmentally responsible, economical and trendy. should covington allow shipping containers to be used for home. hot new housing trend has made its way and raising eyebrows. >> they want to build a home in the west side area. it's a concept that's been used successfully all over the world but just not usually in historic areas. joe webb joins us from the orchard street and ground zero for discussion.
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>> this is 307 and 309, that could be home, car parts and canned goods all over the world. this is a funky neighborhood much it's also a historic neighborhood. . they call this area, orchard park. it is an ecclectic to say the least. it's an eclek cltic of colleges, right across the street with a chicken coup. stained glass tree seeps to fit right in. steven grubs, and shipping container, is fine by him >> i love it. i mean, bring interest to the straight people and come down. you know, look at it. beats and empty lot. >> this is how developers,
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they offset to create porches in the front and back. when finished they look a lot more like homes than shipping container. orchard park is dotted dating back to the civil war. there are historic guidelines. a realer and architect, who is not yet sold on the project. property could be developed. two, it doesn't meet the guidelines. >> they expect to find 65 thousand for the project. and the property is owned by the center for great neighborhoods, want to make sure it builds people, builds community and is a smart investment >> we're trying to improve, the
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community for residents. we would want to insure that whatever is done there, continues in that theme. . >> not just an another road side attraction. >> the city of covington staff, has not made one way or another. the city review boshed will vote on it next month. stay tune, brad. >> next month should be interesting. developer runs a men's store. and he's not developing the shipping container home to sale. he will live in the home. >> and canton county man sentenced five years in prison for distributing child pornography. william chamber lann. cybercrimes unit. and cyberland was entered into a program.
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two more full-time employees to recruit good pole workers. it's hoping to hear back from off. and the boe wants to boost staff and training going into the election year, because of some problems with voter check in, in november. you could call the board of information. robber. this man had a gun when they walked into the bank, demanded money from the teller and he left it a black car, possibly a ford edge. plant manager is denying claims of reporting lead levels. and
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water may not be safe to drink. homes were tested last summer. they issued last week, warning children and pregnant women not to drink the water. . controversial law may have cost millions of tourism. dozen out of state groups, opted to hold the objections because of the religious law. republican law. and critics said it sanctioned discrimination against gay people on religious grounds. some changes were made. critics say they are not enough. picture make the rounds of social media, shows a rare animal rescue. >> this is a slot by a transit officer in ecuador.
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highway, claiming to a pole. officers took it to the vet. you could find the story on local 12 facebook page. friends. cute. >> i think in that case. >> still ahead at 5:30. hundreds of jobs, from one
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stuck in the snow.w. >> a fire investigator is called out after fire breaks out in a west price hill. fire crews arrived around 11:00 in the morning. firefighters found a working fire in the basement. able to put it out quickly. fire did about 10 thousand worth of damage. more than 400 jobs are fairfield. corporation will move its main offices to the corner of south gilmor and mac roads. relocate. and they offered a company, ten year, ten million dollar property reimbursement package to do that.
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>> police department has three new pint size police chief. this gave it to kiery harris. these three children were chosen to be the top cops for the police department. they are part of an anti-bullying group, called small voices count. a 10-year-old started the group. >> kids are losing their life because they are being bullied. to stop the bullying, there's no reason to do it. most of the time the reason people bully, because they are hurt inside or something in their house is going on or they went through something, where they got bullied. >> i love that little girl. so precious. >> officers let the kids ride the segway. they got a tour of the swat truck and communications 911 center. >> that one may have a future in
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rallies the troops to help business reopen over the east coast visit. and the super bowl football is coming from the factory if
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meet the . >> woman who recently had triplets, raising awareness of a
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>> many new numbers may not know much about it. joining us to explain it is medical reporter, liz bonis. >> it could make it tough for new moms to breast fed. if she didn't know, there's a good chance other moms don't know either. . >> they recently willmenna into the family. they thought they faced concern. christine says when it comes to breast feeding this time around. >> felt like, a long tale, roomful of rockers. . >> it was really painful. >> it turned out, there was something medically going on
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there was a real simple solution. she needed a meeting with the lacktation consultant. the babies are now getting bigger and growing. >> when the lacktation consultant called to following up, to see what's going. . >> consultants referred him to eric. >> and finish, commonly referred to as tongue tied. >> and essentially, everybody is born with a thin ban the tissue between the tongue and floor mouth. in some babies, prevents normal tongue. >> and what's nice, it's a simple procedure that involves cutting the small amount of tissue.
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away afterwards. most moms won't notice the difference almost immediately. >> it's what it should be, you know. >> what it should be in the outcome as well. >> well, the only thing i've noticed, they've grown. they know what a difference breast feeding could make. and getting the problems faced right away, could help them with that and keep the moms from being discouraged and keep them from crying >> 12 babies, can't believe it. >> if you have questions on a new baby, you're invited to go to submit your question by clicking on ask the expert. local convoy making their way to washington.
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client that manages property in the east coast, asks the company. and more than 40 tons of salt much and the team has been clearing lots of shopping centers and strip malls. they say there's so much snow, nowhere to put it. company has been there more than two days, maybe longer. a woman in maryland is alive and well, after being stuck in the snow-covered car for three days. woman is living in her car, and neighbor alerted the authorities. and they say she refused previous offers of help. national guard pulled her to safety yesterday. the humvee is able to travel to snow-packed roads after someone called for help. >> it was located on a side
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humvee was not able to get in the vehicle. >> and when she was rescued. she was taken to the hospital to be treated for hypothermia. . >> we begin the day with clouds and showers. showers are gone but, in the weather cam. wind shield 30. wind out of the west, northwest at 8. no precipitation, at least the top of rad son. many saw rain this morning, at time. worth noting, this is the weather cam on local 12. get the same streaming video on got an e-mail from the viewer the other day. when we have the camera zoomed out, we would like to have it moved around, hour to hour, time to time. like to watch the trains go to ohio. i thought it was a cool use of the weather atrium weather cam.
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track the sun. where the sun is going as well. dillsborough, 25. windchills are down in the upper 20s. 29 in williamstown. and windchill 33 in milford. still at 35 in cincinnati. we're holding steady for the next couple of hours. by 8:00. into the mid to upper 20s rolling past the midnight hour. there will be no precipitation in the tri-state tonight. we have a temperature gradient or large difference in temperature, in a relatively short area. 60 in atlanta. 63 in wilmington, north carolina. we're in the 30s. that's where the front is, that helps create showers earlier today. that's where we find rain extending to the deep south and all the way to the southern part of pennsylvania. rain to the south and to the southeast is not coming our way. the clouds that we have right now, will be tough to shake tonight and tomorrow.
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no rain, no snow, no freezing rain, no sleet. it include all areas in the 275 loop. 71 and south of the 71-75 split. great job, at least for the potential for breaks in the clouds. you see some specks of blue, suggesting that the potential for flurries, will be looking at surface reports, in and out of the tri-state. i have yet to see a report of a flurry. we will go with a cloudy sky, late in the afternoon and throughout the evening. overnight, cloudy past midnight. cloudy for the start of the good morning. cincinnati. potential there for some breaks in the clouds tomorrow. we're mostly cloudy at 9:00, noon, and 4:00 in the afternoon. temperatures inch out in the 20s and eventually to the low to mid 30s tomorrow.
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flurries focused in the north, northeast, cincinnati on thursday. we will have to wait for the weekend, when the sun returns in earnest. once we get the sun back, southerly flow will pop temperatures in the 50s. cloudy to start and leaning mostly cloudy by early tomorrow morning. 34 is the forecast high on wednesday. we're up to 38 on thursday. 40 friday. gradual clearing, forecast for the last day of the workweek. we'll start with a lot of clouds sun. friday, sun and clouds, 55. we stay between 50 to 55 with highs all the way to tuesday. we'll have waves of showers coming through. the weekend forecast basically saturday. the clouds return. the showers gradually develop on sunday. another check of the planning forecast anytime.
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brand-new, and you could
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>> and i could watch . >> actor who played fish. begotta said, his daughter said he died of old age. frances cast him as south hesio in the godfather. he became a popular -- >> he will be missed for sure. >> transgender athletes, may be able to compete in the olympic games. they are proposing a rule change. change they must be below a certain level for a year. transgender athletes have been allowed in the olympics, but only after surgery and two years of after surgery.
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represented on the football field. it is a 28 step process, cutting the panels, sewing them together and inflating them. turn right side out by hand. laced up by hand. you know, it's really, a craft job. these people are skilled craftman, is what they are. they make the best in the world. >> talking about dry-cracked hands. 350 employees make 3 thousand every day. you could watch super bowl 50 right here. right here, beginning at 6:30 on local 12. >> amazes me they make each one by hand ja did you see all. >> coming up new at 6:00, it's a
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teens are drinking it to get high. what parents need to know, about the new trend that's taken new. now they are the ones being
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close your e . >> realistically a gondola. >> could i, sure. >> flying high above price hill. seeing the west side of town in
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exciting ideas for historic location.
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