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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 5  CBS  January 27, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3 3 jen dalton looking at tri-state roadsi-75 is clear in the cut-in-the-hill 3 new this morning.. we now know the name of a man who was killed in a westwood shooting last night.cincinnati police *just* released this information minutes ago.malone amason was found at the western glen apartments on montana avenue at ten o'clock last night.amason was pronounced dead in the parking lot.the gunman is still on the loose.we'll continue to update this story on local 12 and local 12 dot com. 3
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continues for a popular radio d-j and his wife \.b-105's duke hamilton, and his wife barbara, lost their home in a fire last week. local 12's perry schaible is live with how the community is coming together to help out. 3 you may have heard his name. duke hamilton has been at b- 105 since 1977. he's in the country radio broadcasters hall of fame. since the fire a lot of people have come out to helpthe hamilton's. today, there's another chance to show support. moe's southwest grill in west chester will give 50- percent of its sales from five to nine o'clock to the couple. they are also accepting donations to help them rebuild their pendleton county home and their lives. it's the home duke and barbara lived in for 25 years.right now, the hamiltons are living in a neighbor's rental home until they can move back onto their land. duke says he believes a space heater in the garage ignited the flames. tonight's fundraiser will be held at the
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chester. 3 for more information on the fundraiser at moe's southwest grill go to our website - local 12 dot com. 3 one person is dead after a plane crash near dayton, ohio. officials say the pilot was the only one on board of the "cirrus sr- 22."his name has not yet been released. emergency crews say the plan crashed around six o' clock last night into a hillside. 3 "i heard the plane, that's normal. you always hear planes near the airport. but this one the engines 3 revved up so loud and moments later there was no more sound and then a loud boom.""he was coming south to north at a pretty high rate of speed and he was trying to make a left hand turn to come over here and land. that's pretty much where they land here. and his left wing dipped, dipped kind of low."the national
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investigation later today. 3 classes are cancelled today at a school near indianapolis.. after a school principal was killed in a bus accident.we broke the news to you last night on local 12. susan jordan was one of three people hit when the bus jumped the curb. she was killed.. and two of her students were hit. they're hurt pretty badly.. but are expected to survive. school officials say this was just a terrible accident.. 3 "we want to make it very clear it was an accident and we just ask that everyone in this community and beyond please pray for our students and our great leader." jordan was outside helping students board buses when she was hit. she was the prinicpal at the school in lawrence for 22 years. 3 many state agencies in kentucky will experience some serious belt tightening in the weeks and months ahead. in his state of the commonwealth address, governor matt bevin announced he intends to cut the state budget by 9- percent. and, while some agencies
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refuses to borrow money or raise taxes to get the commonwealth's financial house in order. he says the biggest drain on the budget is the public pension fund. 3 "this is significant money. this is the heartbeat of this entire budget. because everything else we care about, including things that i want, things i campaigned on, things i'd like to see, things that many of you in this room and in this body would like to see, we cannot afford until we get our financial house in order and until we figure out based on audits and based on agreed upon plans what that looks like, we're going to not just wait, we're going to start addressing the problem now." the governor read letters from kentuckians suggesting what could be cut.. and he's hoping to get more of those suggestions. the governor also chimed in on the brent spence bridge.. he wants to paint it. 3 there's been a renaissance, of sorts, in price hill's incline district. but the latest proposal could take that to a whole new level.. literally. a big crowd packed the incline theater to check out three
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the old incline route.. one would light up the support piers. another is a park with a serpentine like park to walk up the hill. the last, and certainly most attention grabbing, is a high-flying gondola. it would connect to a larger system above the city. 3 "for residents of the incline district, they'll be able to transport themselves via the gondola to findlay market in just 8 minutes. from there, they'll be able to tranfer north all the way to cincinnati state and northside if they wish. it will also take them to horseshoe, mt. adams or newport on the levee." the project designer says he got the 3 idea from gondola's at ski resorts in colorado. he says the gondola would be a compliment to the streetcar.. but can get more people to more places faster. and, he says it would be cheaper to build. its all a long shot. but of the three options for
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most expensive. 3 people all around the world are creating unique new ways to build their "dream home." in covington, a businessman wants to build his out of recycled shipping containers. .. it's a trend popping up around the world. but the potential problem here is that this one would be built in orchard park.. a historic neighborhood. everyone agrees that it's a cool idea.. but they don't all agree it's meant for that part of town. 3 "so my two concerns are ecomomic...lost opportunity costs-this property could be developed at a higher price point. and two, it doesn't meet the guidelines.""i'd love it. it would bring interest to the street. people would come down and look at it. i mean, it beats an empty lot...right? the city hasn't made a recommendation one way or the other. the city's urban design review board will vote
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3 chief for the day.we'll introduce you to three new additions to the cincinnati police, a piano prodigy.hear the unbelievable skill from an untrained musician.that's trending today on good morning
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the difference between possible and impossible? it's a person who believes they can, surrounded and supported by others-by us- who believe it, too. u.s. bank -- the
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3 three kids who fight bullying got to help out at the cincinnati police department. chief eliot isaac gave the oath of office to kiree (ky-ree) harris, neko williams, and jimmy {fear-man pfirman.the three children were all chosen to be police chiefs for the day yesterday. they're part of an anti- bullying group called small voices count.a ten- year- old started the group to speak out against violence. 3 28:55 this is your police department. all these people work for you three. so you can tell them what to do 29:00 (laughing) :02 53:36 i like riding the segways and seeing the k9. i liked all of it 53:39 honestly :4051:03 a k9. how was that? epic 51:0659:00 i liked everything, but my favorite part was the communication center and how they work and the swat 59:07 if you know some children who would like to be a part of "small voices count" -- we have links on our webpage.
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3 refusing to participate.we'll tell you which republican presidential candidate is ducking out of the latest, a protestor is killed during a standoff.we'll have the latest on the oregon occupation.and local 12's megan moore will tell us how cincinnati is involved. >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, please listen carefully. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. it's a rate lock for your life insurance that guarantees your rate can never go up at any time, for any reason. many policies don't have one but you can get a lifetime rate lock through the colonial penn program. this plan was designed for people on a fixed income with coverage options for just $9.95 a month. that's less than 35 cents a day. your rate is locked in for life and coverage can never be cancelled.
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you cannot be turned down because of your health. call for your information kit and gift. both are free,
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3 3 one person is dead and 7 others are arrested afthe armed occupation of a national wildlife refuge in oregon. the f-b-i says one of the people facing federal charges is a cincinnati man. local 12's megan moore joins us *live* in 3 the f-b-i- and oregon state police arrested ammon bundy, the leader of the armed group along with his brother and several other members off-site from the wildlife refuge tuesday. they have been occupying the malheur national wildlife refuge since the beginning of the year. during the arrests along highway 395, authorities say shots were fired and one person was killed. that person's name has not being released but
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were a subject of a federal cause arrest. another person suffered non-life threatening injuries and has been arrested. we've also learned among those taken into custody was 50-year-old peter santilli of cincinnati. the group began occupying the wildlife refuge january second to protest federal land use policies. the f-b-i says all are facing a felony charge of conspiracy to impede officers of the u-s from discharging their official duties through the use of force, intimidation or threats. at the time most of the arrests were made it is reported bundy and his followers were on their way to a community meeting at a senior center to address local residents to discuss their views on federal management of public lands. we're told the cincinnati native, peter santilli was arrested a couple hours later. bob back to you. 3 after the arrests law enforcement converged on the wildlife refuge and were expected to be there throughout the night. 3 chipotle already faces lawsuits for a widespead e
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the target of more legal trouble -- a gender discrimination case filed in cincinnati.three former female general managers at greater cincinnati restaurants sued chiptole in federal court.they claim they were fired by their male boss who treated their male counterparts better.. even though the women received similar or better performance evaluations. 3 donald trump won't be at the next republican debate. trump's campaign manager confirmed the republican front runner would be skipping thursday's debate in iowa. it's being hosted by fox news.. trump has criticized the network for "playing games" and for including megyn kelly as a moderator. it is the last debate before the iowa caucuses on monday. 3 the hamilton county board of elections is considering hiring two more full time employees to help recruit good poll is also is hoping to hear back from companies who will give their employees election day off to work at the polls - and still pay them for a days work.the board wants to boost training because of some problems with voter check- in in november. 3
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playing the piano inside the lansing mall is an online sensation. 3 (:00) nats of piano sound (:05) sara hadley recorded this video of 18- year- old monntel west on friday and then posted it to's been liked and shared hundreds of thousands of times.and this makes it even better.. west says he has never been formally taught how to play.. doesn't read music, and doesn't have a piano at home. he learned on an electronic keyboard by watching videos on youtube.west says he's now getting plenty of offers for free piano lessons and even free pianos.west says he has even been contacted by a record label in los angeles.
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3 going back to the future.we'll tell you what piece of the film franchise you could park in your york traffic is a nightmare.we'll tell you the happy reason for an hour of're
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3 3 the delorean is going back to the future.. and into production.the car was made famous as the time machine in "back to the future."the last time the vehicle was built was about 35- years- ago.that will soon change at the delorean motor company in's the first time the vehicle will be made on american soil.
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sell the new cars for less than ten thousand dollars.but only 300 deloreans will be built. 3 a new baby just couldn't wait to come into the fact.. he couldn't even wait to get to the york police department officers helped delivery baby nicola.the new mother gave birth to the seven pound boy on f- d- r drive near the united nations.she says she just couldn't get to the hospital in time.nicola came into the world just as the morning rush hour was underway. mom and baby are doing fine
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3 now at five thirty.flint, michigan isn't the only u- s city coping with lead in the water supply.coming up, an ohio city is also still dealing with the problem. 3 a local father turns a class project.. into a published children's book. the curious tale of "oscar" coming up. 3 good morning.we'll get to those top stories in just a moment.but first we want to start with a first check of
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meterologist john gumm.
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3 jen dalton looking at tri-state roadsi-75 is clear in the cut-in-the-hill 3 school is back in sesson today in sebring, ohio after a water scare.e- p- a test results show two water fountains tested below federal allowable right now.. the superintendent says they have
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off the water supply.there will be large plastic bags over water fountains that 3 toni viscounte, sebring schools superintendent:"we have bottled water as well. i bought thousands of bottles so that we're prepared, hand sanitizer, if they're not comfortable using the water. hopefully, that will alleviate parents' concerns."there was a council meeting last night with sebring neighbors and parents.the school superintendent sent out a call to all parents to let them know about the water testing. 3 you can drink some beer for a good cause today.west sixth brewing, stagnaro distributing, and goodfellas pizzeria are teaming up to support the non-profit, over-the-rhine community housing.the group will receive donations from west sixth's pay it forward program, which donates 50 cents to a local non-profit for every six pack of cocoa porter sold.the donation will be matched by's from six to nine and goodfellas will donate one dollar for every west sixth beer sold. 3
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will open a new store in northen kentucky today.the 29th fresh thyme store will open on carothers road today in newport.the ribbon cutting ceremony will be at seven this morning... and the first 250 shoppers will get 20 percent off their purchase today.each customer will get a free reusable shopping bag too. fresh thyme sells natural and organic foods. 3 the cincinnati reds will make an announcement today.. that will involve local kids.the announcement will be about youth baseball and softball event coming to cincinnati this summer.not many details have been released.the reds will make their announcement at four o'clock.. at the p- and- g cincinnati m- l- b urban youth academy.we'll bring you the latest announcements on local 12 and local 12 dot com. 3 if you're a parent.. odds are.. you've gathered your kids around a time or two for story time.nothing beats a good children's book.. and that's exactly what one local father thought.. but he got tired of reading the same old books to his kids over and
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own.. which he now reads to them.. over and over again.. take a look. 3 "it's always fun to brush my teeth.."braden moore loves to read to his two young children.."wash my hair and scrub my feet.."and they.. love reading with him.."i love to practice on my art.." "and make believe i won a grocery mart."so.. braden decided to make story time with landon and rhemy a little more special.. and a lot more personal.."i illustrated it first.. just him doing stuff.. and then i wrote around it.." "oscar" the penguin.. started out as a class project when braden was studying graphic design.."so is this a special software you use to create the book?" "it's adobe illustrator."it ended up.. as his own peice of published literature.."i think that's the main reason i did it though.. i didn't really do it for sales.. i did it just to do it.. for my kids.. i guess you could say that..""most parents will sit around and read their kids dr. suess.. you're reading them something
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cool." "that's pretty cool, yeah..""he wrote it up and it was pretty cool, but i didn't ever think it would leave the computer.."braden's wife heather says.. her husband the author? she didn't exactly see it coming.. but she couldn't be happier with what it's teaching their kids.."we teach the kids that reading is so important.. and we try to make it as fun as we can, and then when they see their dad.. i mean, they put some of the words in the book, some of the ideas are theirs.. so it's pretty cool, and it really sparks their imagination.." braden says he'd love to keep writing children's books.. and already has his next project in the's called "gus".. and it focuses on the family's 13 year old pug.. "it's going to have my son and daughter in it.. and they'll be kind of hanging out with him.. and it's a rhyming book, so it'll be fun.."i had so much fun today, but now it's time to sleep.. goodnight my friend, and have a great week.
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3 "oscar" is being distributed by tate publishing.. and you can buy it.. pretty much everywhere. it's on amazon.. it's at barnes and noble. we went ahead and made things easy for you if you'd like to but the book to read to your kids.we've got a link on our website.. just go to local 12 dot com.. click on the red get it button. 3 making money on the winter storm.we'll tell you what a group of friends is charging
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3 now it's time for our facebook question of the is national chocolate cake we want to know -- what's your favorite chocolate dessert?
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3 we want you to join the conversation -- just *like* the local 12 page on facebook to share your thoughts. 3 more than one million dollars per pound.we'll tell you just how much money one company is making on a celebrity weight
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3 3 two people are dead and three others are hurt after someone opens fire at a homeless camp in happened last night at a long- standing encampment known as "the jungle."police are still looking for the shooter.they believe the shooting was targeted and don't think other homeless people are at risk.
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mile from safeco field, where the seattle mariners play. 3 federal agents arrest a milwaukee man on charges of trying to buy machine guns to attack a masonic temple. investigators say that 23- year- old samy mohamed hamzeh also wanted to travel to the middle east and kill israelis but abandoned that plot.he's charged with unlawfully possessing a machine gun and registered to him. 3 the u- s centers for disease control and prevention expands its list of places on its zika virus travel alert.the u- s virgin islands and the dominican republic are now on the list of countries and territories where zika virus transmission is present.the agency recommends pregnant women avoid traveling to those places.symptoms of the virus include fever, rash, joint pain and red eyes.zika has been linked to a rare birth defect. 3 apple posted the most profitable quarter for any american company in history...
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company's era of unprecedented growth is showed i- phone sales growing -- but that growth is slowing down. apple says it believes sales will fall in the current quarter -- for the first time in 13 years.i-pad sales fell 25-percent and mac sales fell four-percent. 3 oprah winfrey gives weight watchers stock a heavy boost. the media mogul is an investor in the company and a member of its board and diet a video she posted to twitter yesterday afternoon, she said she's already lost 26 pounds using weight watchers.shares soared more than 20 percent following her revelation.that means the company's market value rose by nearly 150 million dollars.that's 5- point- 6 million dollars for each pound she lost! 3 some friends in new york are getting creative with the large amount of snow that fell on the city. 3 "this is new york people have done crazier things with their money so we didn't think $200
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was not the most out of the question thing"they researched how to build an igloo on youtube, then got to work in brooklyn.after almost eight hours, their igloo was what did they do with it?list it on "air b-n-b" as a romantic boutique winter spot for two -- for two hundred bucks a night!the offers started coming in -- but then airbnb stepped in, saying the igloo didn't meet its instead they're using it for
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3 a major department store is trending this morning.we'll show you the startling post from one mother.. coming up at six.but first, an unlikely hero.we'll show you one department's new parking lot
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watching go helping a local deejay rebuild after fire. a mother's legal change how it's helping a park in northern kentucky. chief for a day, why these youngsters were forced to rule the streets of cincinnati and learn from the city's finest. good morning, everyone, we
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