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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 5  CBS  January 28, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3 good morning.we'll get to those top stories in just a moment.but first we want to start with a first check of your's meterologist john gumm. 3
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3 3 3 3 3 3 community leaders have been working toward the goal of reducing child poverty in our city. this morning they will be hearing from a national thought leader on the issue of poverty. local 12's megan moore joins us live at the united way of greater
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3 that breakfast will begin at 8:30 this morning here at united way and those in attendance will get to hear from robert doar.he is currently the morgridge fellow in poverty studies at the american enterprise institute. a little background about him his areas of research include employment, health, education and community participation of low income americans and their children. doar studies and evaluates how free enterprise and improved federal policies and programs can reduce poverty and provide opportunities for those in need.the child poverty collaborativewhich was created by mayor john cranley is hosting the breakfast this morning. local 12 has been investigating our city's crisis for awhile. more than four out of 10 children in cincinnati is in a low income family. according to the annie casey foundation, which is a charitable group that helps
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three percent of children in ohio live in poverty. the same organization said kentucky's child poverty rate was slightly worse at 26 percent and indiana's was at 22 percent. lynn marmer the director of the poverty collaborativbe says it has to be all hands on deck to solve 3 we're working on setting up a web site. we'll have public meetings, we'll have small groups so people can gtalk. there's this idea that we're going to have community input, you shove the community in and take it out. that's not going to work here. it's going to take everybody to be part of this and learning together and building solutions togetherthe breakfast will run from 8:30 to 10 this morning. bob back to you. 3 local 12's jeff hirsh will be at the breakfast this morning and will have more on what later today. 3 new this morning.. a man killed in a bus crash is
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year- old stephen frank was killed crossing the street last night at hyde park square. his 41- year- old daughter, emily, was injured in the crash that happened around eight.metro says the bus driver was turning onto erie avenue when it hit frank.his daughter is in the hospital this morning in stable condition.police expect her to survive. metro says the bus driver was the only person on board. 3 sallie hilvers, metro spokesperson15:35 "it is very rare... ....exactly 3 what happened." 15:56hilvers says the driver has been working for metro for about 10 years.cincinnati police are looking into whether the frank's were in a crosswalk 3 someone in sebring, ohio knew that there were high
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samples back in august. the public didn't know until last week. and now.. new tests show five children have more lead in their blood than they should. investigators aren't 100- percent sure if it's because of the water. but, it's recommended that people there drink bottled water. 3 the water crisis in flint michigan has a cincinnati councilman calling a test of the 16- thousand lead pipes that carry water into people's homes here. councilman christopher smitherman says the city has a responsibility to inform people if the water is manager harry black later put out a memo addressing the request saying the water here is good.. and that the city always meets or exceeds state and federal health standards for drinking water. 3 21.35.11-17 kristin cooley"i would believe that, just because the history and word of mouth the water is good here in cincinnati." 21.34.30-36 jeff cooley"i mean i personally i'm not worried about it because i've had my water tested, so no, i don't think i have anything to worry about."the memo also says 95
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cincinnati have no or very low levels of lead.water works runs two tests a year at one hundred different locations in the city. 3 it's cold and flu season, so there's a good chance a bug is working its way through your, who whines more about those sniffles, aches and pains -- men or women?a new study finds there are differences -- and men may complain more because they actually feel turns out.. women can biologically handle illness better because they produce estrogen. .. and that estrogen might help women fare better during cold 3 [duration:0'17"](dr. robert klem "this study is looking at here are nasal cells infected with the flu virus. we expose some to estrogen, some not, and it looks like these little cells can eradicate the infection faster if they're exposed to estrogen.") researchers say we're a long way from using estrogen as medicine.studies also show that young men are the least
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all. 3 the tri-state is making quite the impression at a major film festival.four movies filmed in cincinnati are being screened at sundance film festival. since it's not always obvious that the tri-state is the backdrop in "miles ahead".. "the fits".. and "goat"..the greater cincinnati and northern kentucky film commission is on hand to spread the word.and it's getting some help from emilio estevez. 3 (emilio estevez, actor and director)01:04 "you can't explain it to people. you just need to have them come and see it--everything that the city has to offer." 01:1002:21 "people stop you on the street and they say, 'thank you for choosing cincinnati. thanks for being here.' that never happens anywhere else. ever." 02:28in addition to our midwest hospitality.. estevez says cincinnati's estevez says cincinnati's architecture and talent make the city an ideal spot for filmmakers.he says he would like to move from los angeles to o- t- r because
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3 a new zoo project is on the fast track.we'll show you the new home for gorillas.. up, an interesting day at work.we'll introduce you to a lyft driver.. who had a very memorable're watching good morning
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developers have a green light.. .. to go ahead with plans that could put a new grocery store along the streetcar route in over-the-rhine.the housing authority approved plans to redevelop property it owns on west central parkway. design plans show they could include offices and apartments.. more than 200 parking spaces.. and a 40- thousand square foot grocery's a 28- million dollar investment. 3 a new home for some of the cincinnati zoo's primates gets on the fast track.the zoo announced it has reached the halfway point in its effort to raise 12- million dollars for *gorilla world*.the addition will double the size of the gorilla exhibit.the extra space, which will include a structure that is similar to a greenouse is meant to give gorilla family groups space to interact.gorilla world is on track to be completed next year. 3 you might want to check your
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3 the leader of the armed group occupying the malheur national wildlife refuge in oregon is asking his followers to stand down.ammon bundy and several protesters were arrested tuesday on federal charges. protester lavoy finicum was killed during the arrest. officials say finicum reached toward his waistband, where he had a gun, and swat team members opened fire.through his lawyer, bundy asked his followers to end the occupation. 3 police in indianapolis say an initial investigation found no mechanical problem on a bus that lurched forward, killing an elementary school principal. they're still looking what caused the bus to hit susan jordan.the bus driver saw jordan push several students out of the way.two ten- year- old students are in the hospital with serious injuries. they're expected to survive.jordan is being praised at schools across the country for her selflessness.
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two major airlines say they'll refund passengers worried about traveling to brazil and other areas impacted by thezika virus.united says customers can get refunds or reschedule without a change fee.american says it will offer refunds to pregnant women.zika is linked to dangerous birth's spread by mosquito bites.the c- d- c says to follow protection measures if you do travel.. like wear long pants.. thick shirts.. and bug repellent. 3 if you've eaten at wendy's recently ... it would be a good idea to check your debit card or credit card statements. the burger chain is investigating reports of unusual activity with payment cards.there are reports of fraudulent charges after restaurant visits.wendy's is working with a cyber security firm and law enforcement to determine if there has been a data breach. 3 a louisville lyft driver is celebrating his first anniversary with the company. it's a side gig for the financial consultant-- but his most recent ride may have been the hardest job of his life. 3 (1:23) it had already started happening--she had already started delivering the baby at that point, so they just
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there in my car." (1:30)jilson daniels received a ride request on friday night.. that was only twenty minutes away. the passenger called him repeatedly to make sure he was on his way.. because they needed to get to the emergency room fast!his girlfriend was in labor.daniels drove quickly through the city.. and when he looked in the backseat to see how his passenger was doing.. he saw the head!he pulled into the hospital.. and nurses rushed outside to finish delivering the baby in his car. the mother gave birth to sandra rose....6 and a half pounds and 20 inches long. 3 3 3
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3 a potato is trending this, really.we'll show you costly spud.. up next. plus, a friendship will continue forever.we'll introduce you to a duo who is on their way to their new home.
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3 how much would you pay for a picture of a potato?five bucks? ten?this photograph taken by celebrity photographer kevin abosch recently sold at auction for more than a million bucks.abosch is known for his portraits of famous people.he typically charges half- a- million dollars. abosch sold a simple portrait of an organic irish potato to a european businessman.once
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will be the 15th most expensive photo *ever* sold. 3 an unlikely friendship between a dog and a duck will be able to continue.workers at the garland, texas animal shelter say it's pretty clear "sirence" the dog and "thing two" the duck have a special bond. the two have been friends since before they arrived at the facility. shelter workers didn't want to break the two apart and they got their wish.the animals will be leaving the shelter for a new home today.. together.volunteers said they're sad to see them go but are happy they're going together. 3
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3 now at five thirty.tracking a tri state terror arrest.a suspect's mental evaluation will be in today.we have the latest. 3 candidates will face off.but not all of them.we'll tell you what voters can expect during tonight's republican presidential debate.
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3 good morning.we'll get to those top stories in just a moment.but first we want to start with a first check of your's meterologist john gumm. 3 3
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3 the mental evaluation will be in today for the local man accused in a terror plot. christopher cornell's lawyers have said there is reasonable cause to believe he has mental issues. cornell, who's arrested last january outside a colerain township gun shop. he's accused in a plot to blow up the u-s capitol. 3 a task force charged with exploring the pros and cons of legalizing medicinal marijuana in ohio is starting work today. panel discussions include house members.. business leaders.. and police. although a legalization effort failed.. polling surrounding the issue makes it clear there's still support among's not clear what will come from today's panel discussion. 3 tonight's republican debate in iowa..will go on without donald trump who says he's unhappy with the way fox news is treating him.trump is neck and neck with senator ted cruz in the polls. cruz still wants to debate him.on the democratic side, hillary clinton staffers are preparing for a final big push over the
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a dead heat with bernie sanders.the undercard debate starts at seven. the main debate starts at nine. 3 patrick wolterman will be honored at a benefit tonight. the firehouse grill in blue ash is hosting "pass the boot" tonight.they're teaming up with the firehouse brewery to raise money for the fallen firefighter's family.they made a special beer in his honor.. and the proceeds will be donated to his family.the event will start at five o'clock. 3 mercy health is looking for medical's hosting a job fair to fill 35 positions at practices throughout cincinnati.those interested in applying should have experience in specialties such as cardiology, family medicine, and neurology, among others.the job fair runs from four to seven at mercy health's regional office in blue ash on mcauley place. 3 spring training is just around the corner. reds pitchers and catchers report in 20 days. but, some of the players are already hitting the road. local 12's perry schaible is live outside great american ballpark with more on what
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3 the reds 3 caravan is ready to roll. it takes off this afternoon from the team's hall of fame and museum. this is an annual event designed to get fans hyped up about the season. there are four busses traveling more than three thousand, three hundred miles with stops in five states over three travel through ohio, indiana, kentucky, west virginia, and tennessee. players like billy hamilton, devin mesoraco, and tucker barnhardt will be on board with former players, front office staff, and broadcasters. the caravan gives fans the chance to interact with players and staff. they'll field questions and sign autographs at each of the 16 stops. 3 "the people in our organization work very, very hard to cultivate the fans and
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appreciate them. that's what it's all about."the caravan wraps up on sunday at the florence mall. there will be a special question and answer session with all four tours. 3 all fan stops are free and open to the public. for a full listing of tour locations go to our website - local 12 dot com. 3 now it's time for our facebook question of the's "clashing clothes day!"so we want to see the funniest outfit you or your child has ever worn.
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3 to join the conversation -- just *like* the local 12 page on facebook to share your thoughts. 3 a champion goes for gold.we'll introduce you to an athlete who isn't letting anything
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3 you can get just about anything delivered on demand these days -- from high- end restaurant meals to baby formula.but you've probably
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you.. gasoline!"we- fuel" launched this week and is one of a growing number of companies that will come out and fill you up for a fee.much like uber, you can track your gas driver on an app.. and get a real time estimated time of arrival."we fuel" has a device that plugs into your car.. and tracks your tank's emptiness. 3 (:25) you just plug it into your vehicle, and we can read the tank level, know exactly the position of the vehicle, and we can open the fuel hatch so we can deliver the gas without user intervention. (:35)it's more of a luxury than a reality to avoid the gas station."we fuel" charges an almost eight dollar delivery fee.. plus the average price per gallon in
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3 tri state drugs are in the spotlight.we'll tell you what lawmakers are doing to try and
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3 3 duke university is suspending all sorority activities.this after an alcohol- related
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rush event.according to an email sent out by campus officials, a new sorority member was hospitalized in critical condition.she is expected to be response, duke officials called an emergency meeting with all ten sororities and say all agreed what happened was unacceptable.they also talked about how to keep it from happening again. 3 representatives from the drug enforcement agency testify on capitol hill about drug abuse. the senate judiciary committee held a hearing on heroin and prescription drug addictionthe d- e- a testified along with police officers about the effects of addiction.senator rob portman also talked about how the epidemic is affecting people in ohio. 3 (sen. rob portman/(r) ohio) (:45) "from prevention efforts to law enforcement strategies to addressing overdoses and expanding evidence based treatment to supporting those in recovery, this legislation is comprehensive. it will help communities pursue all of these proven strategies. we need them all. not just one." (:58)according to the national institute on drug abuse-- drug overdose deaths involving prescription opioid pain
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dramatically since 1999.. and heroin deaths increased five- fold from 2002 and 2014.2014. 3 the commodity crash is coming to your local cafe.but don't expect to save any money.a pound of arabica coffee -- the type starbucks serves -- has fallen by about a third in just the past farmers are expected to have a huge harvest, creating an oversupply of beans, which has led to the drop in prices.but no one expects latte prices to come down.a decent rise in wages is another ingredient in making your coffee. 3 when it comes to wrestling or any sport.. everyone wants the chance to beat the best. so when andy howland stepped onto the mat to face an undefeated senior you would think he would be just a little nervous. but he was too busy smiling. 3 (:43) paul: "he has a good record you know?" andy: "i know." paul: "undefeated." andy: "yeah."paul: "until he met you?"andy: "uh, yeah." (:48)andy has down syndrome, but he doesn't let that stop him from playing the sport he loves. last week, he took on
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one ranked wrestler in his weight class. deven said andy put him in a headlock.. and he couldn't stop the power.the moment was caught on camera. andy's bravery and deven's sportsmanship has since gone viral.deven says it's really cool that a simple act of kindness is getting attention. andy's coach says he's been wrestling for seven years and has been body slammed many times during wins and losses. but win or lose.. andy always has a smile. 3 3 3
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3 waking up to a stranger! coming up at six.. we'll tell you what exotic animal climbed into one woman's this year's gerber baby is chosen!you just have to hear more about this adorable face.. up next. 3 "the rock hall three for all tour" features heart, joan jett & the blackhearts and cheap trick .you can see the show at riverbend on july 22nd. right now caller 12 wins two concert tickets. (513)
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the hope is tackle the issue of child poverty in cincinnati. this morning community leaders will hear in a national expert on that issue here at the united way. a family tragedy. now at 6:00, what we're learning about a father and daughter, as they crossed an intersection.
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