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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 6  CBS  January 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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why emilio esstef easy is saying about sin. we will get to the top stories. >> it is, warm up for the weekend. got to get a little cold. here is john gumm. cincinnati in the 20s, temperatures have been going up during the overnight hours, we're at 36 at the lufkin airport. and batavia at 27. wind are blowing, that south wind, that is producing windchills in the teens. be ready for a cold start as you venture out and about. we have been picking up returns, a snow flurry is possible for the start of the day. we will get a little clearing later this morning into this afternoon. 8:00 around 12:00, partly cloudy at noon, and the clouds roll back in later today. we will push around 40 degrees
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chance for rainshowers arriving late an and into the evening. one more cold day and hold after the weekend, because it's going to get a lot warmer around here. i will have a lot more on how warm it get, plus a look at when snow returns to the mix. >> reporter: a few minor things going on. just heard about an accident at browns run, and friends. we have a broken down report at beakman and colerain. we did clear the broken down that was in a bad spot and could have caused bad headaches, as you can see from the live look at the area, all lanes open in the area. we look good along i-71-75, no problems from the air at this time. overnight construction, looks good. that overnight construction will be going on again tonight and friday. for now no other problems to report, a good start to the morning. we will let you know if we see
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back to you. a father dead and his daughter injured as they were crossing a busy intersection, and hit by a metro bus. it happened at high park. stephen frank died. his 43 years old daughter emily is in the hospital with serious injuries. that crash remains under investigation. a man in charge of campus safety is locked up. robert marshal had child porn on his personal chew ter computer and tried to hide it. right now there's no danger to the campus commune community. we are still waiting to hear about his court date. child poverty. this morning they're hearing from an authority on the issue, and local 12, megan moore is live at the cincinnati. what is happening today, megan. >> reporter: good morning, guys, that's right.
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hear from robert dorn, he is a national expert on this issue. and the breakfast is starting at 8:30. a background on dorn, he studies how free enterprise and improved federal policy and programs can reduce poverty. the mayor created the child poverty collaborative. and they have investigating our city's crisis for months now. more than four out of ten children in cincinnati are in a low income family. the anticasey foundation say they are a charitable group that helps disadvantage kids. they found that 23% of children in ohio live in poverty, and kentucky's child poverty is at 26%. indiana's is at 22%. and cranially addressed this issue back during the state of the city address. >> our goals include lifting 10,000 children out of poverty
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in addition we will help 5 you though 5,000unemployed adult to get in jobs with living wages. close unacceptable disparities city. i'm asking all of you to find a way to contribute to this effort. >> reporter: and as you heard there, it's an all-hands on deck issue. again, that breakfast is in 8:30 to 10:00 this morning, and we look forward what comes out of that meeting. we will be at the breakfast and follow the report for us. the ohio house is considering defunding planned parent hood in the buckeye state. the state voted to cut off the $1.3 million, and that money does not support abortions. it pays for things like hiv and cancer screenings. if it comes across his desk, kasich said he will sign into law.
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this year. defensive tackle is the captain for team michael urban. aj green, and carlos dunlap, adam jones, all on steve your urban, the only team on jerry right. it has raised half the money to open up gorilla world, that's an addition that will double the size of the gorilla exhibit. they still need $26 million to finish the addition. the extra space which will include structure similar to a green house, will give the gorillas a place to interact. gorilla world will be finished next year. now emilio esteves knows, that they are all ahead, being screened for
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cincinnati. >> a lot of those film locations will be called shot out. it's hard to make them look fresh and new again. with cincinnati, there's so many different looks. people stop you on the street and a thank you for choosing cincinnati. thanks for being here. that never happens anywhere else, ever. esteves is feeling right at born here in cincinnati. his mother and father was born here, and march shin martin sheen is from dayton. i wonder what happened to the movie that was being shot here. >> i think they started it here. >> it's going exciting. what is the next one? you know, they're coming. >> it's exciting. getting the housing market, talk about good things on real
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a 6:09 this morning in cincinnati refine. the top real estate trends for 2016. they believe that more people will be able to buy their first home or be able to buy their first one.
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a good year, agents are seeing increase to millennials buying homes, and more people looking to retire are wanting to down size. if you are rent prices are growing to be a lot less affordable. you can read all the trends along with all that is new and happening in town on cincinnati john. sheila, way degrees, now, it's cold again, windchills are in the teens, temperatures have been rising all morning. we are going to get warmer as a result. in the mid-30s by noon. skies many abouting partly cloudy and we push around 40. it could be a few evening showers that dot the area. a look ahead to a warmer weekend. a loot at authority forecast coming up in minutes. the on thing going on right now it's a burst water main that i heard at cincinnati road, watch out for that. that could cause headaches for folks. as we look at interstates, no problems to report.
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6:10 in the morning. so as we look around we are not seeing much in delays, we will let you know when we start to see any issues. waking up there's something face. the creature that is sent a help.
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better, they do not want to be welcome back. the leader of the armed millish is asking all to leave home. bundy is several others including a cincinnati man were arrested on tuesday during a violent traffic stop. others were killed, and other peaceful arrest have been followed since then and other protesters have been allowed to leave. president obama is asking public health and national officials to speed up the treatment and prevention of zika virus. all americans need information on how to protect themselves. it's linked to a waive wave of birth defects in brazil where babies are born with small heads. it's transmitted through moss mosquitoes. and they are going to pay tribute to the nasa's
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challenger died when a booster caused it to fail, breaking apart 73 second after launch. terrible, terrible. fit bit is one of the biggest gifts over the holidays, but now there's a class action alleging fraud. according to the suit two of the company's heart rate monitors, the fit bit charge, and charge hr and the fit bit surge don't actually measure your heart rate and that could be potentially dangerous. well, women have been doing it for years, but now men are starting to put more work into their look. >> over the last 50 decades, we have seen the definition of masculinity shift. it's made men much more accepting as using grooming product. yeah. >> male cosmetics, like injections, get this, 273% in the last two decades, and in the last five years, sales of personal hair products for the
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facial cream. we have to get some work done. >> your stuff is cheaper than ours. >> it's the way it should be. >> go buy the men's stuff. a woman is trying to shake it off avenue a nighttime terrifying encounter. she felt something stroking her face. it was an exotic rain forest animal. not expecting anything, she opens her eyes and sees an animal laying there. i thought it was a cat but once they got a look at each other. classic, both of them screamed, both of them ran. >> well, she pan panicked as you can imagine, and this little one ran up to the attic. the son-in-law came and found the animal. they took kinka goo to the vet and his owner came to pick him up, after he saw him in the news.
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pets, but in florida they are have a witness. let let rewind at how old this woman is? 19. >> hereticker is great. you wake-up with a tinkaju, and you will not live to tell the tale. i mean, you wake-up -- hi, honey. [ laughter ] >> how did her son know it was a kinkajoo and it would be attracted by juice. >> it's a raccoon dog, or something. >> maybe he knew the neighbor had a kinkajo. i don't know. local 12, your home or all strange animals. [ laughter ] >> all right. >> this morning. >> we look very good out there
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of the morning. we do have a couple of incident that have popped out. a report of a broken down westbound, near mile road. it's over to the shoulder, so hopefully that shouldn't cost you anytime. we also have a water main break, and na is at kyle station road at yankie road clean up is in some lanes blocked. we will follow-up on this and we can. right now all i know is kyle station and yankee to watch for, potential issues in that area. as we look at interstates, earlier broken down on i-71/i-75, near the present spence bridge. it's clear and out of the way, and we have no other problems to report at this time. volume of traffic still remains pretty light for this time of the morning. not seeing any major slow downs, john, keep it here and we will update you on any issues. temperatures are rising instead of going down. >> i like that. >> it's going to be warmer today. a couple of chilly days ahead. today included, tomorrow and bit weekend we're getting a big warm up.
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ace live view of the downtown cincinnati. it's a quiet morning, a cloudy morning, 28 at the airport with the windchill of 18. so with some wind it feels colder, the wind is from the south, southwest at 12. that is why temperatures have been rising with warmer air trying to push in from the south. clouds this morning, you may find a stray flurry, we will start in the upper 20s at 8:00. we will see a decreasing cloud later this morning going up to around the noon hour, late day cloud cover starts to increase as another disturbance works our way late in the day. we push up around 40 degrees, by this evening, you will see the chance for a few scattered rainshowers in the area, maybe a few flakes of snow to try to mix in with some of those rainshowers late today. notice cloud cover pushing through. a band of cloud cover with disturbance number one and a few flurries, certainly possible from some of these clouds. disturbance number two is up in wisconsin. it will drop down here later today.
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increasing right now. notice on radar some returns, most of this is not reaching the ground, but you may find a stray snow flurry or two about the area. 8:00 this morning, clouds with us, then a break in the clouds late morning into the early afternoon. so some sun trying to peek through, late day those clouds start to increase again, and notice here come a few hit or miss showers by 6:00, 7:00 this evening. those move out and then some snow flurries move in during the overnight hours. very light amounts of precipitation here. not a whole lot as fist disturb -- the first disturb answer moves throughout the area. tomorrow, a cloud and flurry, a gradual as warmer air works in this weekend. we are going to see temperatures really begin to push up. that mild air coming for the weekend specific air that will reach temperatures 10-15 degrees above-normal. where does that put highs, highs in the 50s, low 50s, a
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in all, a nice day, and 58 degrees on sunday. there will be a chance for some showers, especially late in the day, sunday, but better rain chances hold off until early next week. 40 your high today. mostly cloudy, a late day shower possible, and a shower possible early this evening, temperatures falling into the low 30s by around midnight. we will see skies remain mostly cloudy overnight with a chance for a flurry into tomorrow morning. 28 the low. 38 tomorrow, a chilly day again tomorrow, but there's a warm up into the weekend with very slim rain chances. better chance of rain, though, on the way monday, scattered showers in here monday, 58, and a good bet for rain on tuesday. that system tuesday, especially late day may bring heavy rain thunderstorms. tuesday. that storm system could create a blizzard over parts of oklahoma, kansas, back through colorado and up through iowa, parts of
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we're on the warm side of it until wednesday and then things turn colder 39 with a chance for flurries in the forecast. track all the changes with the free weather authority app on google play. 6:22, a famous adoption, a local public pug rescued by a movie star. it would be great to -- you can't miss this.
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he is only trending now, tyra banks and her husband had a babe boy. she had her boy through a surrogate. she thanked the woman who carried her son. if you love the clydesdale because there's a clydesdale baby. a macro brew. the fowl was born on thursday, and mack will live at the ranch and learn how to be an official >> so cute. all right, today is clashing
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today we would like to see a funny or a bad outfit you or your kids have ever worn. now we are getting pictures of both the people who are posting and of their children who now will never forgive you, because i'm about to but these images on television. first we got this image, and it's my son's the picture. unfortunately it's not a dress up. it's his real hair, delve lock period. >> that's the look. >> wow! that is wrong right there. it's like a reverse tale. >> that is fantastic. >> she was readily to go to kroger in this little number. >> got the little bag. >> got a princess on. >> don't forget your shopping bag. we will finish with this one, because this one is so time specific. in 1974, you would know this is
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these suits were really cool in 1974, so the wife made us a matching pair that we could wear when we would cruise in the ranch ro. >> like that could be any year but 1974. >> that is hilarious. >> that is perfect. us. >> thank you! >> i like that one a lot. right. join the conversation, too, just like the local 12 page on facebook and share your thoughts. we're looking at warming temperatures today, but that is still pretty chilly out there. we expect things to warm up quite a bit for the weekend. i will have more on that coming
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ed. keeping the water safe, now at 6:30, a local councilman's plan as other cities around the country find lead contamination. a debate without the front-runner. what donald trump is doing tonight when the other gop candidates take to the stage. nothing would shock me at this point. >> if people will watch it in the numbers they have without donald trump. >> i want to see the chemistry of the candidate up there without him, because he definitely stirs the drink. we will be watching, you probably will, too. all the stories coming up for you in just a moment. first it's going to be chilly. >> it's only 28 right now, it's cold. it's 28 degrees warmer than it was earlier. we're going in the right direction. temperatures will be getting warm, and only sunshine, 28 cloudy now. a windchill at 18, so yes, another cold start to the day, but temperatures going up with those south winds and on radar
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returns here. likely none of this is reaching the ground. although a stray flurry may be possible through the morning. maybe a stray flurry. these clouds move out and late day another distush answer disturbance will drop down from the north. and that is going to produce a chance for a late shower. the coats in morning, by noon, 35, we will break into some sunshine at noon. close to 40, there will be a chance for showers again as we get into the late afternoon and early evening hours, by the weekend we see a substantial warming trend around here, but return, too. more on that coming up. let checkout the latest traffic addition with jen dalton. >> reporter: on the whole we're looking good. we're seeing volume of traffic starting to pick um up this a new one, we have a report of a car into a pole on queen city
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that could cause some headaches, between merkin and wit comm place, that is over to the shoulder. i don't think it's going to cost you anytime. watch for a water main break, this one is in a clean up process. that could cause a few headaches if you are driving through that area. i-71/i-75 seeing heavy traffic from kyle up to the ohio river. nothing unusual. heavy traffic at loveland madeira and i-75 southbound starting to see typical heavy traffic as you head toward 275. no unusual delays on the interstates. back to the news desk. happening now, five ohio children have elevated lead levels where lead tainted drinking water has been found. >> that is sebring, ohio, but it's too earlty to early to know if that has been linked to water there.
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the tests show that lead readings are going down, but a few places are showing lead levels above federal guidelines. they are asking the city to test 16,000 lead pipes that carry drinking water into homes. the memo from cincinnati city manager harry black. 75% of homes tested have no or very low levels of lead. but the councilman says after what has happened in flint, mish ask michigan, and sebring as well, cincinnati should be sure. we should test the water more and we should be safe. >> we have filtered water. we don't see the minerals. i have heard that cincinnati water is very good. water works runs two tests a year at 2150 locations 150 locationses in the city to meet federal regulation. christopher cornell's lawyers asked for the tests he
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green town man ship was arrested last january outside of a township gunshot. he gun shop. he is accused of planning to blowup the cap to toll. capitol. it's a 50 city tour that gives fans a chance to see them off the field, good morning perry. >> reporter: good morning, to you jofnlt right now i'm you john, right now i'm outside of the reds hall museum. the players are going to load up and roll out about 9:00 this morning. the reds car van is annual event where the players and staff event roll out to set up for the upcoming season. pitchers and catchers report to spring training in just 20 days. starting today and over the next three days, those four buses
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3,300 miles with stops in five states. tourists travel through ohio, indiana, kentucky, and west virginia, and tennessee. players like they will be on board, with former players and staff members, and a they will field questions and sign autographs at each stop. catcher devon m erks sarako,erako says it's a great time to see the fans up close and personal. >> you don't get to do as much as we would like. durk the car van, you can go out and see them more relaxed. >> reporter: and bob tells local 12 that the reds work very hard just to let fans know how much they appreciate them. john, back to you. all right, perry, thank you. the car van raps wraps up on
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on the tours. with more information on the tour and where it stops, go to tell a graduate getting ready for a chance the a super bowl title. many around here watched lou dominate, and go to college machine. he is the second player to win rookie of the year, and player of the year the following season. >> could you envision it, i mean back in day saying that. >> this has been the goal fire long time. you grew up watching the super bowl. you grew up going to super bowl parties. there. we did this year. >> he and his panther teammates take on the broncos on super bowl 50 on february 7th. you can see that game right here on local 12. trending this morning, a dog in the tri-state that no one
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and nina:y. george clooney add the another dog to his family. he adopted this little guy, nate in secret over the holidays. he came during a hoarding day of 22 dogs. he has birth defect and had trouble finding a home. but they spotted him and got him as a gift for his parent nick and nina who live in augusta. he looks very similar to a dog that they had before. you know, george is big into rescuing animals, and his mom and dad are, too. that's the perfect gift and he is in a loving place. i was going to say nate will be well taken care of. it's 6:37. 28 degrees outside. if you're lacking for romantic valentine's dinner.
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you a big mornings. they' re bad breath, bad hair and a bad case of the mondays. and organized wardrobes that help you pull it together. they' re showering, shaving, and shuffling. and bathrooms that get big families out the door. they' re number ones, number twos,
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life' s morning madness. and comfortable, organized bed and bathrooms that make them better. good morning, 6:40, it's 28 degrees, you might find a stray flurry this morning. otherwise, we will find skies clear. 35 at noon and more clouds will roll out late day. we will top out close to 40. warmer than yesterday. we will see a chance of showers later this afternoon and
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things warm up for the weekend. a look ahead to wet conditions coming next week in another few minutes. a couple of things going on here. we got a report into the newsroom of a person in a wheelchair struck at 42 and using and florence. scene. we will let you know any update on that as soon as we get them. we also got a car into a pole, at merck city. we do have a photo from the scene from our photographer. it's the left-hand lane in the queen city. it's blocked at this time. so be aware that you may she delays heading down to queen city, over to you. thank you, jen. a 6-year-old birthday dream is coming true. >> a mom drew a picture. >> the baker had to make it come to live. >> the baker spend some time on
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the candy canes, lollypops, cookies, and on the top is han solo, with his weapon. and the baker made it exactly like the drawing. >> that is great. >> i think that might be han solo and esdra. >> really. >> i'm not 100% sure. >> i will have to analyze that a little deeper. >> whatever! [ laughter ] >> we make sure we have it right. >> that is right. >> that is right, sheila gray. >> 6:42.
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a dream come true. the 7th gop debate is tonight at des moines, iowa and it had will happen without trump. >> trump will hold a fundraising for the veteran on campus. the veterans of america announced they will decline donations from the event. will you just consider, i want you to consider, all right. think about it. this is much tougher being with you, because frankly, you're smarter. this is much tougher than doing the debate with megan kel kelly
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>> as an american citizen, i have been unable to stand up to one reporter or one moderator, how he is going to attempt to make america great again. the debate without donald trump start at 9:00 tonight on fox news. iowans will cast their caucus votes this coming monday. eating lot of apples, berries and onions ma help you keep your weight in check. those are the vegetables and fruits that have a high count of flaf noise. they report less weight gain. a cheaper dinner for valentine's day. maybe you got one in the works. it's only one a couple of weeks away. how about waffle house. waffle house is offering a candle night din fer for dinner for those who want to take someone out. it's a waffle house love story. this is different, you know, you can get almost anything
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what about gasoline? out in palo alto, california, a company is trying gas station on wheels, and delivering gas on demand through apps. you can track a gas driver and get a realtime eta. right now it's just in testing, but it could be expanding soon. trending now, a canadian teenager with ausism is getting attention for his dance moves. he has a movement disorder. so they attempt to channel that into some grooving. check him out, doing a little java jibe in between whipping up starbucks beverages. he thought he could never get a job as a barista after sudden movement. after some encouragement, he is thriving at work. the dancing helps them focus and has boosted his self confidence. after he was offered the position at starbucks, sam told his parent that for first time
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got some real meaning. >> what a great boss? this guy was willing to take a small step and have this young man, have a strong development in his life. >> he changed that guy's life, just one little thing. >> you never know what is that one little thing. it's really neat. >> good for the boss, too. >> thinking outside of the box. how do the roads look, jen. issues out there. i don't know if it's going to be a serious issue, but when a pedestrian was struck. we don't have a report back yet. we have report of somebody being in a wheel being struck. u.s. 32 and ewing boulevard with possible injuries. it's in the florence area, or a photographer and as soon as we have more information we will let you know about that. praying, of course that if there's injuries they're just minor, but we will bring you more information as soon as we get it. a broken down near westbound,
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it shouldn't cost you anytime. near 75 southbound, we have a water main to watch for, kyle station road at yankie road. it looks like it is causing a little bit of a headache in that area. avoid kyle station at yankie road. we have been telling you about an accident between wit comm where a car hit a pole. i do have a photo back from our photographer adam robin. it looks like the left-hand lane block. that could cause headaches for folks heading from the west side, watch for that. temperatures have been going up, jen. >> reporter: what do you say the trend is your friend. >> the trend is to get warmer today. we're looking at readings which will climb close to 40 degrees, about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. there's the view in downtown cincinnati. this is from the atrium weather medical weather cam. clouds throughout the city of cincinnati right now. you may find a stray flurry
6:39 am
morning, otherwise, wait until late this afternoon, really into this evening before we find a chance for a few rainshowers moving in, maybe some flakes of snow to mix in with the rainshowers before they add, shouldn't be a big problem for us, and then we track a january thaw coming this weekend. temperatures are going to surge into the 50s, rain chances week. 28 right now. cloudy at airport. winds south, southwest at 12, and a windchill of 18 degrees. temperatures have been rising on the south winds, and they will be up close to 30 at 8:00. clouds around, maybe a stray flurry earl on. and clouds move out. we get some sun through the late morning and early afternoon hours and late day. we start to see the clouds move back in. we top at 40, we have a chance for a few hit or miss showers and the picture as we get into the evening hours. clouds coming in this morning. we are picking up flurries on this doesn't appear to be
6:40 am
the air fairly dry. nonetheless you may find a stray flurry out there getting some returns on precision doppler 12hd. radar, a lot of cloud cover, very little in the way of precipitation this morning. as we move through the noon hour, we start to see some sun peeking through those clouds. the clouds thicken again late day, and we will track some showers working in by this evening. upper 30s north of cincinnati, 39 hamilton, up to 33 falmouth, and 40 downtown cincinnati. here comes some showers, you can see a few showers working through, behind them, a few stray flurries possible into tomorrow morning as we start to see slightly colder air. we will see clearing tomorrow morning. temperature colder than today back in the upper 30s, in saturday, we start as to see warmer air arrive. saturday morning, we're in the low 30s. saturday afternoon, i expect highs to get back into the
6:41 am
a sprinkle saturday, better chance for rain getting into the early part of next week, but the pattern for the weekend has got a feature the mild pacific air flowing in here. temperatures will be anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees above-normal putting us in the low 50s on saturday with the sprinkle chance, and up to 58 sunday with a chance for some showers later in the day. rain chance appears pretty small during much of the day on sunday right now. 40 for a high today with a chance for a late day shower. we're in the 30s tonight with a chance for early showers and overnight flurries, 28 tomorrow morning. depend, still chill -- again, still chilly tomorrow, and for the next week, we see more mild air for the start of the week. scattered showers, 58 on monday, and a good bet for rain on tuesday, maybe even a rumble of thunder with highs on tuesday,
6:42 am
you have to see new this morning, police need help to figure out what happened after a 42-year-old man was stabbed. that man showed you attitude mercy west hospital at 2 fly
6:43 am
life-threatening injuries. police believe that he was stabbed, if you know anything call crime stoppers. they will start looking at the idea of legalizing, marijuana again. house leaders and police will be in panel discussions, although legalization did fail in november, there's still support among voters. happening tonight a way to help honor, fallen firefighter, walter, and fire house, hosting pass the booth. the fire house brewery created a special beer in wol ter man's honor and proceeds will be donated to his family. barbie gets a makeover. ahead a look at mattel and the look at america's dual. can acupuncture help with pain?
6:44 am
a real life demonstration. am i getting the a acupuncture. >> he is getting national attention for his moves. this is so good. no noah cut letter does more cutler than play ball. it's pretty cool. he just had to try it. >> i messed up a lot, but at the end i got it. >> then how did you feel? >> i was happy that i got it. >> noah's dad posted a video on instagram mimicking the trick he moved. it became so popular, the warriors invited him to california. he got to meet seth curry. you can follow noah's move on instagram. >> look at ta little
6:45 am
handle. >> that the thing about seth curry, he is 6-3 but among the
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