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tv   Local 12 News at 5  CBS  January 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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moore college hired him >> joe webb joins us in the newsroom with what he found. >> first of all, thomas moore college required robert marshall, the latest i'm sorry we have -- the latest arrest, is by far, the most serious. previous run-ins in the law. they happened in his 30s, before he was hired to provide security. >> and robert marshall was hired in thomas moore clem in 1999 and became security chief in 2003. five years before he got the job, in september of 1994, fort wright police cited him for reckless driving and dui. pleaded guilty for operating under the influence. and paid a f fine and lost his license for 90 days. nothing too serious. the same year he was hired, he got into serious trouble in florence.
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was the night manager at the thornton gas station in florence. on june 28th, 1999, police say he took 1350 on cash drop shift. police charged him to a felony. he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge. he sentenced to 180 days. when he was hired to work security atoms moore, robert marshall had at least one or two convictions in his record and spent six months on probation. now he's facing serious felony charges for images found in his home computer. he may have had a record, but his crimes are not connected to a school. >> in a statement, thomas moore and david armstrong, they are a values-based organization and are deeply troubled by the organization. armstrong emphasizes, there's no
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at no time, investigating officers were called into question, at the college or safety director. the school had no knowledge of the allegations until marshall's arrest yesterday. the statement didn't address marshall's prior criminal record, prior to him being hired. >> joe webb reporting. county jail. he's due in court on february 1st. preliminary report from police, metro driver made an improper turn before his bus hit a father and daughter. we're told his daughter is in stable condition. and founder of the food truck association and owns truck, cheese, it's called. the pair were in a crosswalk on edward's road. so far, no charges were filed against the driver.
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cocaine and heroin trafficking ring plead guilty to drug and money laundering charges. whitfield. they operated stash houses where they would process cuts, store the drugs. their group would then buy real estate to launder their money. as part of the bust, they recovered guns, cars and jewelry. more than 200 local employees of ge will lose their jobs. the company spokesperson, it's because the engine programs they have been working on for the general electric aviation position, are wrapping up. it affects 250 engineers and about 70 u.s. locations. public health agency, there could be 3-4 million cases in ezicca in the america's next year. ahead of the world health association. estimate is based on previous numbers of infections of the
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doctors think the ziga virus is behind the birth of babies with abnormally small heads. you will hear of families changing their travel plans. the moon shot on the face program in the 60s. and he's tapping vice president joe biden to charity effort. the food & drug administration and the national institutes of health are among the dozen agencies that are involved. he announced last year, when he said he wouldn't run for president, he would spend his final months in office working to recur the disease. his son bo died of brain cancer last year. >> warmer weather is on the way. local 12 brandon orr is here. >> it's pretty warm out there. right now, we're close to 50 degrees. harrison is 2 degrees shy.
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47 over toward lincoln. many of us in the mid to upper 40s. high temperature for this time of year. we hit 47 officially at the airport. down to 46. some of the temperatures are going to fall off. 45 minutes away. and we're dry over cincinnati. precision doppler hd, to the north, that's not the case. we have some snow, that's in white. you could see the leading edge, is just some rain. that's not big time heavy snow. we're talking about light snow showers and light rain showers. mostly flurries, by the time we make it southward. it's going to take time to get the rain to mix with a few snowflakes. we'll get rain showers near the area, especially north of downtown. we start to mix in snowflakes, by 8:00, 9:00, 10:00. how are we getting snowflakes?
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talking about snow showers and mostly flurries. the weekend warm-up, rob was heading earlier, coming up in
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>> that's an effort under way to restore control over guns to ohio cities. democratic u.s. candidate, said today, he's joining forces with gun control groups to push a ballot measure. it will restore home rule rights. that means the cities could pass and enforce their own catalogs. will reverse the effects of a 2006 state law. >> facing substance abuse to take a big step in turning their lives around. they are the latest graduates of the veteran treatment courts. larry davis, for what was the biggest days of their lives. >> it was a show of support, local veterans whose lives took the wrong turn. the graduates, encountering drug and drug, he went on the
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>> i limited my world when i got out of the military. i started drinking heavily. working. i suffered consequences for that. >> the court has a treatment team of meantors volunteering their support for people like army veteran sam campbell. >> gave me all the support and dignity and structure i needed to get back on my feet again. >> hamilton county municipal court judge melissa powers started the veterans court in 2012. this is the community's way to offer a hand's up, not a hand down. >> and situation the men and women face their issues and work on self-improvement and to see where they were and end up after graduation, it is an amazing transformation. >> i feel great today. i feel great today. i would advise any soldier that
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help. >> now they have made it through the am pra, the graduates must be free and stay out of trouble. this class hopes to bring the number lower. at the hamilton county courthouse, larry davis. >> durk the program, veterans must meet with the va doctors,
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classes a as >> the standoff between an armed militia group and law enforcement in a wildlife refuge in oregon may be nearing an end. three more people that may be hold remain in custody. and they are saying five left in the compound. they may want to leave. there's a warrant for one of the men. one, may be willing to stay until they drop the charges. police arrested the leader. spokesperson robert lavor militant, died in a shoot-out with police. >> let me be clear. it's the actions and choices of the armed occupants, left us the way to die. >> they began as a protest over federal land ownership.
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anniversary of the spaceshuttle disaster. all seven astronauts, as you may recall, died. including teacher crystal mccullough. them. >> what hamed, it was sure disbelief in an unwillingness to accept that we really lost the vehicle and the crew. surely they had aborted. the crew is okay. watching it over and over again on tv, reality set in. >> felt the same way that day. to mark the day, family members of the astronauts who died came together at the kennedy space center in florida. >> women serving in the military maternity leave. that's part of the series of personnel initiatives, aimed at making military careers more appealing.
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and it's the same standard of all branches of services. they reduce the lead, from 18 weeks to 12. the army and air force will increase from 6 weeks to 12. paid fraternity leave will be expanded 14 days to -- expand the to 14 days. it was 10. it will be 14. . every time we feel the warmth of the sun, it makes me long for the spring. >> so much sunshine. warmed us up nicely, well above average. getting the ups and downs. yesterday, it's really chilly. today, it's warm. we're back to warm for the weekend. it's a seven-day forecast. the clouds, got at change. the clouds, it was hardly a cloud in the sky. they moved in pretty quickly. 46 degrees now. it was around 47.
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i think that will be the high temperature. now we're getting 30 minutes away from the sunset. wind coming in from the west, sunset around 10:00. with a lot of the temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. some other locations as well. as the clouds move in, the first sign the cold front will move in. it will bring rain and snowflakes will move in. 12 hd, right now, we don't have anything to track. at least in the immediate area. if you look to the north, that's where we have the rain. rain is green in white. we can see it push to the south. none of this is heavy. it's very light. most of it is some flurries with embedded snow showers. we have to get the temperatures down first, if you want snow naks to and we see temperatures
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most of it is mainly light snow showers and embedded flurries. keeping a look out for that as hours. and i don't think it will have a commute. tune in to john gum. and here's the wind from the west, southwest. look at the direction. you could see lots of warmer air. pulling it in all day. they made it to the 50s. we don't quite make it there today. 16 degrees, warmer than this time yesterday. i mentioned early, we only hit the freezing mark yesterday and in many locations. timing hour-by-hour, as some of the rain showers. notice it's not very spotty. it's not widespread, light. and then it tapers to early tomorrow morning.
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a mixture of sun and clouds tomorrow afternoon. it's going to be cooler than what you saw today. one inches in the 40s today. we'll stay in the 30s tomorrow. the big weekend warm-up. ups and downs. today, we're warm. tomorrow, we're in the 30s. 52 on saturday. 58 on sunday. rain showers will hold off until late on sunday. i think most of sunday will be nice and dry. we have a few showers on monday as well. tuesday, even a few thunderstorms into the mix. believe it or not, february rao starts on monday. groundhog on tuesday. highs around 62 degrees. some of the computer models have highs little warmer than that. right now, looks beyond average, around 62. >> we'll take it. republicans will hold the
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ed noft. and during the same time, he's going to do his own thing. prior to that, will you get a chance to talk to him one on one. what are you hoping to hear, that we haven't already heard. >> good question. we're still waiting to see. there's been some negotiating behind the scenes, as always on the campaign trail for setting up the interviews. we're going to ask, the fact other than generalities, from donald trump, and instead of saying, getting it done, pressed for some specifics. more to the point of what's happening. people are wondering how smart of the move, or duma move to boycott the debate. post your own event. and he's going to have a crowd as he does wherever he goes.
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he looks as he continues to be a candidate who is willing to buck the establishment, to go on its own, to be unconventional and do what he thinks is right and at veterans. perhaps in his mind, no loss. only smooth sailing. >> we've heard scott, there may be some other candidates, is that true? >> it's so crazy. you. we saw that today, when mike hulkle hulkleby, he is coming here. this is not an endorse am. stage. rick santorum showing up as well. we have not heard that from him. it's one more odd twist in the election cycle. >> it's been kind of crazy. i know it's tough to arrange a one on one with donald trump. good luck to you and we hope you
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>> if we do, we will make sure we will get it to you. >> we will have highlights from last night's debate. if he gets it, the one-on-one interview with donald trump, tonight at local 12 news live at 11:00. >> tough guy to corner, right >> pop culture icon, changes to reflect real life. what kids and parents are saying
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that's coming winter is hard on your nose. from first sniffles to endless runny noses. puffs plus lotion is soft. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better so you can face winter happily. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed.
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>> so here's a sign of spring. red caravan hits the road to get people throughout red's country excited about the upcoming reds season. four buses split up to travel 349 miles in four days. players along with team coaches and staff, will visit ohio, indiana, kentucky, west virginia and tennessee. they will meet stops before all four converge on sunday. all of the events are free and open to anyone who wants to go. there's a link for a full schedule at local 12 . barbie is getting a new look. doll loved by millions for nearly 60 years is a billion dollars industry.
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they added new body types, to a new line, ethnically diverse barbies. since 1959, barbara militant roberts, better known as barbie has been a household name. at 11 1/2 inches tall, barbie has had more than 180 careers. she's a pop culture icon. but after decades of dominating the doll world and weeks short of her 57th birthday, barbie is getting a make over. >> we were hearing that many thought that barbie was out of touch. >> as a typically white doll with unrealistic proportions, some parents thought barbie was sending the wrong message about beauty. >> people that would turn away
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that resemble their body parts. >> last year, they introduce 23 new dolls with different skin tones and hair color. now they are adding three new body types. curvy, tall, and pettit. the toy maker introduced the new dolls to a group of 4-and 5-year-old. >> they don't look like barbies. >> they don't look like barbies. >> the girls immediately noticed some changes. >> brown skin. >> the body type was not one of them. >> why did you choose her >> next step was changing parent's perception. >> thoughts, comments? >> i like it. ahead on local 12 news, super bowl bound. >> we have exclusive interviews with carolina panthers. they will pay for a super bowl ring.
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in hot water with the state. what got them into a condition. >> virus they are hearing a lot about. right now, there's no way to prevent it.
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. trip. >> concerns for pregnant women and warning about a virus that's spreading explosively. it is now been linked to brain defects in babies. good evening, everyone. we begin with a story unfolding on a virus that appears to be extremely dangerous to women who mosquitoes. >> world health organization, estimates 3-4 cases. and medical reporter spent the
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experts. she joins us with what we need to know. liz. >> experts at tri-health, this isn't dangerous to the average person if you're not pregnant, not having a baby. only one in five would show flu-like symptoms if we got it. as you mention the world health organization, set an emergency meeting to try to figure out how to reduce the spread of the virus and meantime, travel warnings have forced one local family to make a very tough decision. . it was supposed to be their dream trip to mexico. >> ten year anniversary, slash baby moon, last chance to take rocco out of school before he gotten to first grade. we planned it for february. >> instead of a vacation, the family will be taking a staycation with the two children, in the next to weeks because -- >> we actually cancelled the trip. >> lisa is expecting baby number
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she said they cancelled the trip due to ezekiel virus. >> it's scary to hear, your baby could be affected by travelling somewhere. >> the decision was rightly. it shows no signs the virus is going to slow down anytime soon. if lisa would be infected this way, there's nothing to stop the link of the dangerous links so far. the birth defect, you could see the impact right here. impacts the size of the baby's head and could damage the brain. >> there's no vaccine. no medication. it's a virus >> and right now, she says until we know more, we won't be able to do much to stop the complication until there's a vaccine. so while researchers are looking into, she suggests, women who
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to the recommended countries. >> if they are pregnant, they should postpone the recommendation, their trip >> and beyond just this family in brad and lisa's baby. >> the concern is the return here. >> something the family would never want to do. for now, the stay-ication, a us. >> and by the way, brad is part of the sales team here. big thank you. airlines and cruise lines are offering refunds for women booked for travel. they told me late today, think think. >> and it was a dream trip. >> she said there's no question. >> thanks, liz.
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including five, for central america. we have the full list under the get it now links on we're getting our first look at the living conditions inside a middletown home, where eight children were living in squaller. the parents, anthony and cat tina face charges of child endangering. the children were removed from the home. officers found piles of garbage, dirty clothing, cat feces on the floor. dirty mattress thrown out on the floor. there were holes in the walls, in the ceilings of the house. there was stagnant water in the kitchen sink and nothing edible to feed the children. the kids were taken to the grandmother's home in dayton. >> fire chief in switzerland indiana county is in hot water in the state. chief c, in b.b., the man we're talking about. his instructor certification is suspended for a year.
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the chief violated several training rules, including using an out of date corick cull lum. and chief c. tells local 12 news, he disagrees with the state's conclusions and is deciding whether to appeal. >> i city of cincinnati may have nation. >> and child poverty col lab rative leaders, jeff was there to listen as well. >> robert dorr, when mayor bloomberg was mayor.
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what the city would do if home. >> getting moms from mom and dad is lsz single female, have four or five times the rate of proverty rate. >> family members. marriage matters. two parents are important to the livelihood of children. : social services agencies, should be evaluated by how many should get work. >> revamping programs to focus on jobs, making sure all are connected to having a job. we should point out it's with the american enterprise institute. that's with the republican leaning thi pad. that's the group that favors charter schools.
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poverty col lab rative will listen to that, too >> this is something we need lots of different viewpoint. >> if this is an easy problem to solve, it will be soffed a long time ago. >> they hope to have policy regulations, be this.
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>> seniors shows their t . >> dance moves are so impressive, they are placing second. >> they are performed a zumba, and whip and nene moves earned them a prize and their video was seen by more than 9 thousand views. they will go to the fund, and the nenes will show their moves tomorrow afternoon, when they are presented with their checks >> there's a new police officer on duty.
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officer. his handler, whose former k-9 was put down. he was donated from the police department from the animal friends humane society. and spend some time yesterday for a power story. and bob, we were in charlotte. and sat down with the carolina locker room. lots of media. cam new top, just chilling. look whose locker is next to tedy's. caught up with saint superstar, kickley and offensive lineman, kevin nullwell. >> in high school, you never know what's going on.
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college ball. . >> changes at this point. play-offs are different and now it's at the super bowl level. what changes for you >> nothing. you've been in the play-offs, you understand what it will take. you have to prepare the same way. it's gotten us to this point. >> one cool customers. he watched them. .
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niagara flight. . >> visitors will be able to experience the sinkhole much the sky dome sinkhole experience. it will open in the anniversary. swallowed eight corvettes. the international exhibit will detail the aftermath and aftermath. >> the pros and cons and legalizing marijuana. panel includes members of the ohio house, along with businesses and law enforcement and medical associations.
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that tried to legalize pot last year is also on the panel much even though the legalization effort failed in the november election, polls shows there's a lot of support of supporters to legalize marijuana. >> he dropped his appeal against deportation. he plead mexico, while serving 10 years probation, for a drunk driving crash. couch will determine if his juvenile case will be transferred to adult court. >> more americans than ever has health insurance on obama care. >> sharon atkinson is going to dig into the health care increase for the insured on sunday. president obama recently said
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option for less than $75 a month. not everyone says that's affordable. . >> one woman says she used to afford insurance with obama care. now with her current situation, she can't afford and it doesn't cover what she needs. she's just simply going without and paying the fine. >> you could see the complete report on full measure, with cheryl atkinson this sunday, airs at 11:00 a.m. on local 12. a giant project that's on tap that could hold the flowing water in niagara falls. new york state has to temporarily replace. and more than 750 thousand gushed over the edge every second. that water could be diverted to the niagara river, so the two 115-year-old stone bridges could be replaced. they will be closed to the public since 2004. >> will replace them or they
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if they crumble in the river, we will have an environmental mess to clean up. >> water was diverted in the falls for 1969 for months. the army corp of engineers could study. they were on the top, underneath all of that water kept rushing. isn't that amazing. >> i would imagine they will stop it, will still draw people in droves. how cool the water stop >> that's pretty interesting. interesting weather outside too. if you notice, noticed outside. all that sunshine. the clouds have moved on >> and it's a nice sunset, isn't it? with the clouds moving in and the sunlight hitting the bottom shortly. downtown, grab your camera. send the photos. the last glimpse of sunshine before the clouds move in, signalling a little rain, little snowflakes moving in our
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that's little further to the north near college hill. the clouds solidly into the area. if you're in northern kentucky, you're still seeing a lot of sunshine. all of us in the mi el 40s. we're dry from the immediate tri-state. to the north, we're talking about north of the local 12 viewing area. we start to have the huge showers moving on in and eventually to fayette county and southeast indiana. we'll eventually get to butler county. that's what the clouds did little earlier on. that's the storm system moving our way.
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there's not a lot of moisture. spotty, light rain showers, changing over. few snowflakes priment. you could see that, it's mainly rain at 7:00 and 8:00. temperatures drop to the 30s. they continue to fall. midnight, a degree above freezing. few snow showers, mainly flurries. and one or two areas, barry light dusting. winds coming from the west, southwest. and we're pulling the warmer air for quite some time. with the cold front inching closer. we'll pull the air from the great lakes. even up there, it's not terribly cold. that's actually pretty warm this time of year, from the areas, up near detroit. the cool down is brief with highs in the 30s. warmer weather to the south. it's making a huge comeback by
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hour-by-hour, you could see some of the rain showers we have around. it's very spotty. we're not looking at a wall of steady light rain and snow. this is hit and miss snow showers overnight tonight. and mainly just flurries. again, the ground is going to be very warm. not too concerned about the problems. we dry out in the afternoon. it turns out to be a nice day. temperatures are seasonable to the upper 30s. it's where they are this time of year. saturday, can't rule out, you see some of the clouds, some may be thick enough to produce a light sprinkle. maybe a quick rain drop or two. i wouldn't count on it. for most, it's going to be nice and dry. if you want to go outside this weekend, will be in the 50s and looking into the rain chances, seeing what best to do it. saturday it's the best shot. as we go to sunday, we start to see the rain chances increase
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into the evening hours. look at the temperatures into the 50s. . >> that's the problem when it gets that hot.
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>> thanks very much. . >> running late happens to all of us. >> many kinds of lead. new survey that is revealing some creative excuses for being late. >> get back to work. >> seems like all of us are running behind. >> how often are you late? >> three out of five days. >> some excuses are plausible. >> my baby pooped. >> and told them i was like throwing up sick. that's why i was late when i really just overslept. >> did they buy it? >> yes. >> others are even more creative. >> so much for my family guy. >> i didn't think it was a workday. it was a holiday. >> how did that fly? >> not so much. >> think that is bad, is survey
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hiring managers the most outrageous excuses. there was fresh powder. and vasselin truck. and i was detained by homeland security. >> more than a third of employers, they don't care if you are late once in a while. >> quarter of us, showed up late once a month. >> why did they come up with an excuse? >> to avoid any trouble. >> or maybe because the actual reasons are boring. the survey found more than 50 percent get tied up in traffic. a third oversleep and 15 percent were delayed dropping their kids at school or day care. jamie lucas, cbs news, new york. >> and 60 percent of workers say they arrived work, they stayed later to make up for the time. excuse. i'll be interested to see them? >> be some good reading.
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who lost a wife to cancer is fighting the disease himself. >> usually he's the one signing a helmet for fans. in a moment, that's gone viral.
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>> how prepared for >> i mean i've got a young family. i want to be around for my kids, for my wife. >> father of two boys, in search of the perfect match for his bone marrow.
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