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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 6  CBS  January 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> we are still seeing au few flurries, in the downtown area, for mason county, you may catch a flurry to the north and east of cincinnati. we're starting out with clouds, rainshowers overnight as colder air has poured in, we have seen flurries and snow showers dotting the area but not anything of major consequence. it's cloudy, 34 degrees, and a pretty good breeze out of the northwest making it feel closer to 35. 8:00, closer to 30, dan, we bring back the sun but it will be colder, highs expected to reach upper 30s to 40 by this afternoon with skies becoming sunny. it's all uphill from here. we expect temperatures to warm a good 10-15 degrees above-normal. i willty tail the will detail the weekend forecast coming up. first thing that is not
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that is a water main avenue. chon and wealth just got word a few moments ago. we will try to dig information for you. it sounds like there's a top of the line, between wealth and holm. brand new to the map at this hour. nothing else on the board and everything else moving okay. we're looking across washington way, not an issue and interstates in general moving along fine. sheila, back to you. hundreds of high paying jobs are leaving the tri-state. >> general electric is laying off 338 engineers. the layoff is because development programs have not been completed. although a small part to the country, it's contributing half of its revenue. >> it's where those engineers might live. there might be a half a dozen of them that live in one particular neighborhood. >> there's those impacts.
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being provide with a range of severance packages, based on service years, and many will be offered jobs across the country. the united states is suing a major university accused of deceiving its graduates. it claims that students make 15% more in their field than the graduates of other colleges. the field a says that is false, and wants devie to pay current and past students. they are expected to learn whether they will lose control of five mismanaged properties. the village, declared these buildings public nuisance? december. perry shibley is here to tell us what is happening today. >> reporter: the folks who live in neez properties these properties are not
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the landlords who are from new jersey have accepted the fact of the case. today they will learn what remaining responsibilities they will have in regard to the properties, whether they have to make repairs or whether that duty will be given to someone else. another party to be could be appointed by the judge. it comes after hundreds of complaint and 1800 code violations, residents say they have had to endure unhealthy and unsafe conditions for at least two years. it all came to a head when a roof collapsed at the burton apartments in avondale. >> we need a change now. our children are getting sick. walls are falling down on the tenants. >> we are working hard at our schools and our commonties, communities, and the raggedy landlords, that is what we got to get out. >> reporter: the landlord lives shelton manor, and valley view apartments.
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the court hearing at 9:00 this morning. local 12 is going to be there, and we will be bring the you latest at local this morning we will are learning more about a bus crash that killed a father. the bus driver made an improper turn. they were crossing erie when they were hit by a metro bus. the father was killed, and the daughter is recovering. they were in a crosswalk and life. police still have many questions but they believe it was an accident. detectives found a 1960 mercury convertle at ten speeds, recovered the car. they didn't find if any evidence of a crime. it's something we already kind of know, right? but now business insider a 2 of our restaurants were named among
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the best place to grab a bias in ohio high -- a bite in ohio, they praised, and as for the bouquet, they raved about the coziness and extensive wine list. a local bed and breakfast is considered as one of the best in the country because it keeps the meals. it started as one room that dates back to the 1830s, and then slowly true from there. there's even a log cabin behind the b&b. >> we like details and people. you need a lot of energy, so many things have been updated but the steps, they are warm, and sag just along. you have to think of how many people have walked up those steps. >> and nancy fresh homemade cookies are one of details that
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and one of the reasons that they garner a spot on the b&b of the country. >> they made quiche, incredible. >> they're saying the b and b website is the largest its kind. for them to be on it is big time. >> the steps, think of how many people have been up and down the steps. >> and they look so beautiful.
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6:09, too much time in the sun can have dangerous consequences. skin cancer when patients are diagnosed with the matt toss at that time ic mel no morey. the treatments could be painful and in the past not many survived, thanks to the research all changing. >> they sent it off and came back known on the can kandahar cancer. >> and he had all the lymph nodes under his armpit taken on. he was put on a treatment to kill all the cancer cells in his body. >> i was on that stuff for 5 1/2 months. i lost 80, 85 pounds.
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treatment was worst than dying. >> i had no strength. i was a mess. i prayed to die many times, because i hurt. >> reporter: four months after interferon treatments david's melanoma came back. and that is when he met a surgical oncologist. he pioneered research out now approved by the fda. >> we are trying to help the patient's immune system to fight the cancer and one way to do that is by viewing viruses. >> reporter: by infecting viruses it causes the immune system to move. it saved david's life. >> thanks to the advances in melanoma research. >> we have now turned the trend so the patients live longer than they used to.
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for saving my life. >> reporter: in salt lake city utah, mark ka bell reporting. the doctor says that more research needs to be done to find even better treatments for fighting melanoma, but even better than treatment is preventing skin cancer before it starts. one way to a prevent it avoid uv exposure from the sun. for more information visit huntman donald trump boycotted a debate, but that didn't stop hundreds from coming to see him.
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office, thee welcome back, everyone, gop presidential front-runner donald trump decided to go at it a a alone. >> trump's university event was not far from his own even event. the event was full to capacity with supporters lining up early to get in. the event raised $700 million for veterans. >> i like it, his boldness. i like his ability to get things done. coming up, we will hear from the gop candidates at the debate.
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monday at the caucus. happening now, authority say at least four militants occupy the federal wildlife refuge. officials released the full video as well of the violent traffic stops that resulted in the death of one occupier and the arrest of several others this week including the cincinnati map. they will leave the refuge if officers assure them they won't be arrested. women who have trouble sleeping could have much bigger health problems. new research from harvard suggest those women are much more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. doctors tracked more than 233 patients. they found that women snoring and waking frequently were three times more than likely to develop the condition. everybody runs late sometimes. maybe hit bad traffic, and hitted snooze button one too many times. sometimes i can't decide on
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excuses. >> i was throwing up sick, that is why i was late and i really over slept. >> yeah. >> someone in my family died. >> i didn't think it was a workday. it was a holiday. >> how did that fly? >> not so much. >> a new survey from career builder found hiring managers the most outrageous excuses they heard. they claimed that my hair caught on fire, and there was snow on the hill. and i was detained by homeland security. survey shows that a quarter of them are late at least once a month. yeah, yeah. hey, saying someone in your family died is -- >> you can't. >> that is not true, that is not it cool n that is karma.
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doesn't really exist and then killing that person. >> i would much prefer to kill someone who was already there. [ laughter ] >> the traffic map, there's no vaseline on any of our islands. you can't use that as an excuse this morning. there's water running at least one spot commonwealth avenue near elms, it's not far from dixie highway. we do have a report of a water main break. we made a call and it does not count like there's any sort of residual issues. by that, nothing shutdown. you will see a work crow down there more than likely. you may be repaired. right now it sounds like everything is going on between elm and dixie highway. take a camera, any old camera, the volume of traffic is starting to pick up just a hair but nothing to write home about at this point.
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as yesterday. we will start the day with bob. oh, the weekend. >> bring it on. >> looking really warm. >> take a look. it's a chilly start to the day. atrium looking downtown obviously. today. temperatures are going to make it into the upper 30s to near 40 degrees. then we turn our attention to the weekend, the weekend is going to feature a big fall with temperatures getting into the 50s by this weekend. we may touch 60 in the next week, but that is courtesy of a big storm system that may bring rain, even the possibility of tuesday. cloudy, wind north, northwest at 10 and windchill of 25 degrees. we reasonable from range from the low 30s, lebanon at 32, and the mid-30s at 35, and out of the west union it's 34 degrees. 29 at 8:00, temperatures fall off a little more.
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stray flurry or two possible. clouds begin to break, and we will see sunshine later today with temperatures topping out around 39 by 4:00 this afternoon. here is a look at radar, we have seen scattered snow showers and flurries working for overnight. a lot of that activity has faded away. a few more in southern robertson kaine. you may see a flurry flying around north of cincinnati. nothing that is going to slow you down. there's the shower activity that is pushing through overnight. it was snow flakes mixing in there and in the last couple of hours we have seen rainshowers pushing through the area. the clouds will begin to thin out, and the sunshine will fill the skies. tonight temperatures are going to fall in the low to mid-30s early before rising overnight. we will see rising temperatures as the warmer air kicks in for your saturday. highs tomorrow are going to make it into the low to mid-50s.
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of some clouds tomorrow. and on sunday, the clouds thicken up even more, temperatures get even warmer on sunday, and notice by sunday night, we watch some showers arriving in the cincinnati area. night. with will see some rain before the weekend is over. 53 much warmer tomorrow with the blend of clouds and sun. on sunday 56 degrees, even warmer with some showers in here late sunday into sunday night. 39 degrees your high temperature today, morning clouds and flurries, and then skies will become sunny this afternoon. tonight, we are pretty steady in overnight. partly cloudy overnight, 35 the low, 53 warmer tomorrow, and look at that sunday, 56 degrees. we will get cooler on monday, 51, chance for a shower early monday, and then on tuesday, we start dry, but as the day goes on, we begin to see rain and into the evening.
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60 your high tuesday, that front passes and then it gets cold depend by wednesday and thursday. flor hies wednesday near flurries wednesday, and we will see highs, and so cold air will return to the picture. when you're on the go this weekend, track the weather changes with our free weather authority app. you can grab that in the app store and on google play just search for wkrc. have a great weekend. back to you. farfetched idea coming to life, when drones could be doorstep. eating tacos for a college
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get a trending now, lego is unveiling the first wheelchair. the lego will come in a new park scene, the company is releasing. lego has been accused of a lack tie veracity in its figures. it got within 20,000 signatures and lobbied lego to include figures it has disabilities into its sets. trending now, barbie's most dramatic makeover in 60 years. girls and women don't come in one shape so barbie won't, either. it comes in 7 7 body types, and
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of criticism over barbie's unrealistic proportions. steaking of toys, and the like, today is national -- >> facebook what game do you like to play with your fam family. >> we got boys is we got games, my kind of thing. >> although my first poster says, what do board games have to do with national puzzle game? they are different things, well, then, we don't know. we just want to come up with a question and it's fun for us. if you want to participate, fine. you want to point out our shortcomings, that's okay. [ laughter ] >> candy land is the popular board game with my granddaughters. they love when they win. i do not so much when they get caught in the molasses swamp. dog poly. i've seen the star wars versions.
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i check it out often. jenga and giant jenga. >> after a few crews, it gets interesting. >> i know that you played it. >> perry shibley and i killed on that. >> where is perry. >> if things don't go well. >> she helped me win. >> a puzzle. that is what your body will be, if she gets upset. >> we love her. >> we love perry. she is very competitive. >> we just tease, because we -- >> we want to you join the conversation, with the local page on facebook to share your thoughts. i like candy land. >> we were losing back-to-back. >> i finally found out she was stacking the deck against her. there were favorable cards in there,. >> wow! >> i'm stacking the deck in your favor this weekend. we got warm weather on the way.
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this breaking news even today is that planned parent load is illegally performing abortions in kentucky. strong words from the governor in kentucky. more on the explosive allegation. a break in the case, why police were searching the home of a convicted felon. how it could be connected to the missing university indiana student. it could be affected that your baby could be affected by traveling somewhere. the zika virus years, why one local family decided to cancel their dream vacation. we are checking out, here is the duke energy convention center starting this weekend.
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>> hey, good morning, everybody, it's friday, we're excited that it's friday. get up and at them, get out and moving out the door. it's the weekend. it's cold again. >> it's cold this an, but this afternoon we are seeing some sun. >> we are going to see sun, it will take some time to scour out the showers, we are seeing flurries this morning, back to 33, cloudy at the airport, a breeze from the northwest at 10. the windchill 25 degrees at the international airport. that is what we're seeing mid-20s. cold depend, and on radar, we have been picking up snow showers, those moving out of the picture, south of maysville, clinton county. you may find a flurry. there was rainshowers, and snow showers working through overnight. and in some locations it may be the ground wet overnight. clouds they will be slow to scour out. the kids will need the coats this morning. close to 30 as they head out the
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mid-30s by lunch hour and mostly sunny. the weekend is going to warm up quite a bit. we turn our attention to next week thunderstorms, january thunderstorms in the forecast next week, we will have more on that in a bit. john forden dalton. >> reporter: we looked at how bad a situation we had not far from dixie because of a water main break. it doesn't sound like it's a huge problem, at least not right now. it doesn't sound like you have anything blocked that kind of thing. i will take this alert sign off of board until i hear something different. that is the only thing on the board. that is good. i-71/i-75 you can see doing okay there. spaghetti junction, 275 southbound traffic thickening up as you go from westchester down
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i-71 to 275 is in good shape, too. another ohio elementary school could have lead in its water supply. sha grin halls, there's an investigation underway. the ohio investigation and parent and students in sha grin falls not to drink water. they shutdown all of the the fountains and civics and it's sinks and it's providing bottled water. this is all in connection to the disappearance of the indiana university student lauren spearer. she went missing? june of 207. she was walking on -- june of 2007, and she was on her way to her home. that house belongs to a man who is in jail and linked to three missing persons including that of spear. >> if they could find her it would be awesome.
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some comfort and calming the situation they're in. >> since the disappearance, the family and police have never stopped searching. the world health organization is estimating we will see 2 to 3 million cases of the zika virus. expert at try health say the virus is not dangerous to the average person, it's only dangerous if you are having a baby. women who are pregnant should not travel to affected areas so a local family is canceling their dream trip. >> it was the last chance to take rocco out of school before he got in the first grade. we planned it for february n airlines and cruise lines are offering refund to pregnant women who were going to travel in areas affected by the zika virus. the nfl is honoring local schools who sent players to the
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they sent two to the super bowl and each one will get a golden football. they are also celebrating with another golden football. it will be a nice basketball game. >> dinosaurs are back and they are made their way back to cincinnati. be care! it's all in fun. we are live at the duke energy convention center checking out jurassic quest, megan, i'm quite jealous of you this morning. >> reporter: you sent me. i'm a huge fan of jurassic park. i feel like in a scene. it's amazing, so life-like, giant dinosaurs, and this is a part of the exhibit. i found interesting information, this is the t-recollection overrex over here. a lot of people believe that the t-rex is the largest dinosaur but i found that that is not the case.
6:27 am
this is actually one of the largest. >> twoness the largest karn it's one of the largest karn carnivores dino suarez. >> reporter: we have to show you. i promised i with get one of these to come out. this is a baby t rex. what is her name. >> this is dina, one of our baby t rexes. and she also -- >> so cute. >> and like we were talking earl yerl. some kids may come into this, you know, how they may react, it may be a little scary, but there's other things families can do here. >> we have dinosaurs, make a fossil and all kind of things for them to do that shands on, educational as well. >> reporter: these little ones were a hit you were saying? >> they are the most popular
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they come out on a schedule for a half hour every other hour. >> reporter: if the family wants to come out, how long do you anticipate people spending here? >> we say that it takes 2-3 hours for everyone to get through, all of the element that we have, so we, you know, recommend that people come out today and at the end of the day to avoid crowds in line. >> reporter: wonderful, and this is the first time that the exhibit is in cincinnati. i would say, it's all weekend, you have a chance to come out, and it's definitely worth their while. i want a baby t rex. >> i know. i want to hold it if you would like to check jurassic quest for yourself. find a ticket at local 12. >> it used to be an animated show that had a dinosaur. >> wasn't it land of dinosaurs.
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got. >> eating crunchy tacos ahead and it's part of the a class. we will tell you which
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mexican food as part of a welcome back, everyone, a
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one is i75 where we have 18 seen a lot of overnight may maintenance. there's a lot of overnight work on i-75. keep that in mind, and i will try to punch cams ra up here for on the roads. you need to drive around. at 128, at hamilton, a report of a crash as well. might find a stray flurry this morning, especially north of town. 33 degrees, now cloudy, but a gradual clearing trend expected. skies many abouting mostly sunny later today. we will top out close to 40. so we will be much cooler than what we saw outside yesterday. the weekend, anything but cool. a big warm upcoming. i will take a look at the weekend forecast. we heard of a drone delivery before. >> now a local company is putting it to the test. >> a work horse group is trying
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it can fly up to if i miles an hour and carry a package up to 15 pounds. the delivery driver can pick the location on a computer screen, and the driver can go on the next position, or the next delivery. >> we think this will be the future. >> and it's just a question of how long it will take to get all of the regulations and things in order to make it happen. >> work horse got approval to start testing these deliveries next month. >> they have a person to be operating them and doesn't allow drones to deliver packages. the company is hoping that that will change in a year or two. if you got to drive a truck out, and launch it from the truck. >> i guess it takes time off. you can deliver more packages during the day, because you are not getting out of the truck and running up to the houses. >> you got to send the drone out. >> you fot to send more than one at a time. >> there's more to it, somebody
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>> maybe they can do within a 10-mile area. >> that's true. >> a lost questions. >> coming up strong allegations what kentucky's governor is saying about planned parenthood. of if you guys asked one
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governor a accusing planned parent hood of performing illegal abortions in the commonwealth. the organization does not have a license to carry out the procedure in his state, but planned parenthood and lienal legislative supporters say the organization is in compliance with the law. 7 followed up with tweets about taking legal action. happening today, just a weekend ago, until the iowa quack caucuses on monday. >> the gop will hit the campaign trail. ted cruz is in second place in iowa, and marcos in third. the candidates called this debate the best one yet. >> we should have a path to legal status for the 12 million people that are here illegally. on the issue of people that are here illegally, we can reach a compromise, and in the committee you said i want to bring people out of the shadows.
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direction of the major donors to support amnesty because he thought it was a politically advantageous. >> trump said he would appear at the debate, but only in fox would contribute $5 million to his charity. new york officials are considering temporarily diverting water from the falls to make some major repairs to the popular tourest destination. they plan to repair 2, 100-year-old pedestrian bridges near the falls. the project could cost $34 million. young cancer patients are turning into stars and models. they're getting celebrity treatment for a new documentary of children's cancer. new golden stars follows several families through the journey. it's looking at the work of canadian doctor who is trying to find treatment for kids. it's everybody college
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you get college credit for eating tacos. i'm not making this up. this is true. you can study tacos at uk at university of kentucky and it count toward a degree. they are offering an under graduate class called taco literacy, and mexican food in the u.s. south. they want to student to learn more about how to create social connections through food. it includes writing a restaurant review, sampling tacos and collecting data. student are meant to explore the community and figure out how to connect the stories of people and food across borders. >> i want to take that class. >> food brings people together. >> we do taco tuesday. that's the thing, we reach out to people on facebook and we eat tacos and we talk about things, important things. >> yes, yes. salsas.
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our minds at the time. the roads are in pretty good shape, though we had a couple of alerts pop up on the map. >> we are watching that map for you this morning of the one of the issues on i-75 and it's out there between the norwood lateral and mitchell. be weary of possible debris out there. there's several cameras out in that section of i-75. that is the section where there's a lost overnight 48 freeway manet maintenance. obviously, i can't see chunks of debris. i can see the traffic is a little chunky where you have that construction, and the high-speed lane set aside from the other lanes. it starts slow through the area, but nothing at least right now to indicate that they got lanes blocked, because of the debris out on the road or anything like. that i will keep watching it for you. if something changes, i will let you know. on the map, we have an alert on 128, so just be weary of. that otherwise everything is typical this time of the
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did you see sheila's face when tacos. she didn't know what to do. >> she is, what is happening. >> some day, we will get seel a on taco tuesday. >> i was on there once. >> not an extended appearance. >> she is usually busy working on her series. >> thank you, john. >> taco tuesday, it's our series. >> true, it's our version of work. >> he yes! do. >> ready for the weekend. >> we got this jet stream flow that is going to push warmer pacific air into the ohio valley. temperatures will be a good 10-15 degrees above-normal into the upper coming weekend. partly to mostly cloudy skies. more cloud cover coming sunday, by late sunday, a chance for a shower, but the big story is going to be this warmth. it's going to push temperatures into the 50s this weekend. 53 saturday, much warmer on saturday than on sunday, we will hit a high of around 56 with a
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late sunday afternoon into sunday evening. colder weather anticipated for today. thas is the atrium weather medical cam looking downtown, and we have cloudy skies right now. 33 degrees in the airport. wind northwest at 10, and the windchill at 25 degrees. bundle up if you are headed out. it's going to be cold. temperatures falling more close to 3:30, and by noon 34, we begin to see the clouds break into the afternoon, and by late day, we have strong indications that we will become mostly sunny. temperatures, though, much cooler than yesterday. our high expected around 39 and we dig back into the mid-30s this evening before temperatures begin to slowly rise overnight. the warmer air work in. notice the clouds, pretty extensive through the greater cincinnati area. we have seen rain and snow showers work through overnight. a lot of that activity starting to wane now. but to the northeast of cincinnati, we're finding a few
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and highland county as you travel up 71, closer to columbus, they're having snow showers up there. they're not expected to bring any major problems due to the fact that the ground is so warm. affected through noon. still cloud but the clouds begin to break late this afternoon up around 39 degrees town town. generally upper 30s, low 40s today, not quite as warm as what it was yesterday. a few clouds passing tonight. by tomorrow morning, we're in the upper 30s, we get a little warmer during the overnight after hitting our lows late this evening and then tomorrow, expect a blend of sun and clouds. at times more clouds than sun, but still an outstanding day. look at that up to 53 degrees for your saturday, and then the clouds begin to thicken somewhat as we take you into sunday morning. we're in the low 40s sunday morning. pretty warm for a morning as we head out of january into february here. sunday afternoon clouds start to thicken, especially later in the day. temperature readings are going to climb into the mid-to upper
6:41 am
take you out into sunday evening, here comes the cold front in the area that will produce a chance of showers. it's around 44 on sunday evening, so the best chance of rain is going to come later in the day on sunday. here is the planning forecast 39 today, gradual clearing, 53 tomorrow, and 56 on sunday with a chance for a late day shower. chance for an early shower on monday, we clear is out 51, cooler, but tuesday the day we are going to climb to 60 degrees on tuesday. a chance for rain and even thunderstorms later in the day on tuesday. and we seeing indications, perhaps a few of those storms could be strong. we're on the edge of that so we're going to be watching that into late tuesday and tuesday evening. colder weather then for wednesday and thursday, flurries on wednesday, ask highs by thursday of next week only around the freezing mark. so we will get the feeling more like february as we go beyond tuesday. with you track all of those
6:42 am
have a great weekend.
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he is the new vi it's 5 until 7:00. this weekend, the reds are back on the road.
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>> their trip will give them a chance to connect with former players. you can visit for a list of all the stops and groups. >> it will highlight, and the game tomorrow. the pink in the rink game against the quad city mallards it at 7:30 at u.s. bank arena. they will be hosting the frozen 5k to benefit the pink ribbon girls and that kicks off tomorrow morning. >> it's going to be a nice morning. >> and the brewery is hoeding the holdingthe weekend bonanza, and they have local food truck, admission is free. it start at noon and goes until 1:00 in the morning. coming up cbs this morning of the wine country's growing influence on football. the important role of vino on super bowl 50. and we have a tri-state tradition, bop fest kicks off
6:45 am
we have a special tribute, and the man and bob get to get a bob cave from kia. >> there's a teamous holland lost bunny. >> why is he famous? >> he is the face, tricks are for kids. it beat out 700 silly rabbit to become the honorary trix rabbits. photos were submitted back in october to become such rabbit, now that sane cinnabon is getting a celebrity treatment. the houston kroger unveiled the trix boxes. i don't know how i feel about it. >> didn't you always, though, feel bad for the trix rabbit. >> i did. because he never got the cereal. >> you can't be mean to a real
6:46 am
>> the coyote. >> eat the road runner. >> nibble on them.
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