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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati Sunday  CBS  January 31, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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>> real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. >> breaking news alerts and the weather authority forecast, this is good morning, cincinnati sunday. live on local 12. >> liz: now at 8:00, new details on a double shooting. what we now know about the victims and the person police have in custody. >> adam: plus a big stock yard blaze, why the flames at an east cattle company were so difficult to contain. >> liz: and the stars were bright in hollywood and we are going to show you the big winners at this year's screen actor's guild awards. good morning, cincinnati thank you for waking up with us this sunday, i'm liz bonis
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and we are going to have the stories coming up. and first, it is unseasonably warm and a warm day on tap today, i do believe, here is brandon orr with your no wait weather >> brandon: how nice was it yesterday? we were in the low to mid 60s and today, this morning we are around, 50 degrees and stow you know that it is going to a warm day, 53 at the airport, and 45, and some of us are in the 40s and the rest of us are in the low 50s and we do have the extra clouds around and yesterday we did not have these clouds and the signalling of a cold front that is moving our way later on today and that is going to bring the rain and right now we don't have the rain on doppler, hd and it is dry and it is going to stay like that for much of the day today and i think that the rain will move in, closer to 7:00 and as we get close to the evening hours and early monday morning and it is going to be cooler tomorrow morning, behind the cold front, but the 60s return again as soon as tuesday and that also brings in the chance for the strong, thunderstorms and especially tuesday evening. and the storm prediction center has us in a slight risk for the strong to severe thunderstorms.
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the chances and go over the timing as well and m koing here at #:18 sgl >> liz: thank you, one person is in custody after leading the police on an over night chase. >> adam: it went everywhere, started in hamilton, and then hit, ronald reagan highway where the driver got off, and then it went all the way to reading and blar, in avondale and that is where the officers, final loi got the car to stop, and it was reportedly stolen and no word on the charges that driver will likely face. we have new, information about a double shooting in north college hill, one person facing charges. it involved, two teenagers just before 8:00 last night, one of the teen was hit, several times, and boeths victims were taken to the uc medical center, the police did take a third teenager into custody >> liz: we are covering america now, police are interviewing a person of interest in a deadly
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officers were called to a motorcycle expo yesterday afternoon when a fight broke out, investigators say they do believe that there was an exchange of gun fire, one person shot. and another person was stabbed and three others were hurt in that fight. the police say that more than one shooter may be involved and they are now trying to figure related. >> and all three of the escaped california, inmates, back behind bars today, and it is all thanks to a tip who was paying attention, a man flagged down the officers near san francisco, golden gate park just before 9:00 yesterday morning, that man then pointed out a parked white, van that looked like the one believed to be stolen by the inmates during their escape. the suspected master mind of the jail break, took off when the police approached and was caught, shortly after, a second inmate was found, hiding in the van and surrendered and that third inmate turned himself in
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>> adam: 100 firefighters were called to help a battle and a mazive blaze, destroyed, 7 acres of the stock yard, that is a beef, cattle auction, company, and nearby businesses were destroyed and several, cars were damaged as well. 20 cattle were killed in the fire, the interim fire chief says that wind was a major factor in quickly spreading the flames and no people were hurt. >> at least one ohio congressman is calling for the resignation of the head of ohio invier mental protection agency. the office should have moved quickly since longer warning to the village officials, missed several deadlines and notified the public about the lead tainted tap water and also said that he moved to fix the problem the day that he learned about the contamination last week. >> liz: all four tours of the red, will be at the mall today. they will be there from 11 to 2 for a special, question and
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able to take pictures with fans and sign autographs and the caravan, hits five states over three days to give the fans the chance to connect with coachers and player and broadcasters and expected to be live there ahead at 8:30 on good morning, cincinnati. our parent, company, sin claire, broadcast group continues to grow. >> adam: the company now expanding further into sports and entertainment programming. ki jackson has the latest on the announcement that it will purchase the ten nis challenge. >> reporter: with the rights to the top 100 tennis tournaments in the world, the only, 24-hour channel dedicated to the game, is the authority in the sports. >> the tennis channel is a company that is on a mission and it is very, very exciting obviously. and we really are all about bringing the world's greatest tennis, to the fans all of the
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>> reporter: tennis channel becomes part of the sin claire broadcasting group, the largest company in the u.s., it is an extension to the company's commitment to provide news and entertainment across the country, and soon, more people will have access to the tennis channel, but the new agreement, the network will go from reaching 30 million homes in the u.s. to 50 million. >> we have gotten to a certain, point and now sinclaire has the ability to unlock that and make it available to the entire united states. >> it is a main stream sport and the production, values on the tennis channel are the equivalent of espn and the announcers that they use are just world class and some of the all time, great tennis players are on the air. >> reporter: they will also continue working towards advancing the network digital options. giving subscribers more choices in sports coverage. >> whether it is actually on the primary channel itself or tv
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mobileably with them and or on the tennis channel plus, so they can watch the matches that are not on the primary channel and so it is exciting. >> being part of a bigger group i think is going to create other potential for promotion, and perhaps, for improving the programming, and beyond the first class level that it is at today. >> reporter: i'm ty jackson reporting >> adam: the 22nd annual screen actor's gild awards. >> they were held last in los angeles. lenardo earned, and expected to earn the first ever academy award. and brie, larson, won for room and the danish girl. and the supporting actor went to elba for the beat of no nation. and other winners, included
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drama, spot light got the oscar momentum by winning best ensemble. >> adam: i have not seen anything, i want to see the revenant. >> liz: it is 8:07 and still ahead, setting aside, divisions why the players from the bengals and the steelers are putting that rivalry on hold. >> adam: plus you can get your fill of chicken soup and chili
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>> liz: good morning, cincinnati there are a couple of cook offs today. >> adam: the 12th annual chili cook off today. 30 local cooks will compete for the title of chili meister and the public tasting will be held there and there will be activities happening all day long. if you don't eat meat, you might be interested in a vegan cook off that is happening in over the rien in three to five and gather the ideas and sample the chili for up to 20 competitors and admission, $15's door. >> adam: and hundreds of gallons of chicken soup will be served up today in the village and it is the 12th annual chicken soup, cook off. restaurants will put their best, recipes to the test, from 12:1
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there will also be a silent auction, door prizes and the kids a coup and the tickets are $6 for adults and $3 for children and family admission of any size, $16 and i no he that they also, make extra soup so they can take it to some of the shelters. >> adam: i am guessing that they banked on the colder weather. >> liz: i have done that event several times and it has been freezing cold. >> adam: oh, well, never a bad day for soup. >> liz: true. ahead, inspirational message from actor chris pratt and what he has to say to anyone struggling on the path to your dreams. >> adam: what to do if your hands are dry and we all deal with it, crackling and feeling like sand paper. and we have the handy relief, coming up next, on good morning, cincinnati sunday. >> brandon: and it is feeling like spring during the day
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and we will havee sdmra welcome back, it is one of
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comes to your skin, dry and cracked hands, >> liz: what can you do about it? we teamed up with the experts from the advanced surgery for a few ideas that might come in handy this time of year. >> reporter: when you are outside in this cold right now, no matter how much that you try to cover them up, it is hard to avoid the impact of this wicked winter weather, which means your hands and fingers feel. >> dry, and cracked, and sore, and they are red. they hurt. >> reporter: and while most of us know when you come in from that cold, some good moisturizer and a few hand products can make a big difference, there are a few other steps that you might want to take. it is not just about rubbing lotion or gel on the hand, it is getting underneath the skin and getting something to absorb to avoid the dry, cracked hands. >> there are tons of things that you can do, whether it is the product or at home care. >> liz: she is a skin specialist that says in the season of sickness you need to wash your hands a lot.
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recommends, using a dental brush or a sugar scrub, it not only helps the hands, absorb the products for moisture, but the doctor says that it is one of the things that you can do to reduce the signs of aging that show up on the hands, as they get older. >> there are many, many things that we can do to prevent the aged appearing skin. >> liz: jamie, suggested a product that has lahoba oil. >> the oil does absorb more into the skin. >> liz: it is made from a seed that comes from an shrub that grows in dry areas and said to have a long lasting effect against the dryness that can lead to cracked at the end of your fingertips. and those tips, are important, for flattering fingers. >> they are very important and i love to wear, i love to wear my rings and my jewelry, and have my nails, painted but the more that you do that, the more attention that you dra you to your hands and you know, my hands are just in terrible shape. >> liz: finally, michelle can
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shape with the help of hot mitts that sit on the hands, after you moisturize. >> it is a nice treatment to have, and to kind of sits, and sits on your skin for ten or 15 minutes. >> liz: if you do use them right after the soothe with the oil it sort of helps it soak into the skin. >> liz: now you can get that jajabo oil, and it is sell at a drugstore and a lot of skin care centers and costs about $8, and i went on-line and you find it at places like wal-mart and i got asked a ton of questions with that, and with the weather changing you are in and out and your hands seem to pay the price and i know that you are not worried about that, and i want to try the sugar scrub. >> i tell you while, working on your hands, very relaxing. well, it is warming up a little bit and that is the good time. >> it is warming up a lot and i guess that they hit the 60s and outside. >> and you breathe it in and it
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>> winter is over, now right? >> liz: we were wishing. wishing, yeah. >> brandon: until we get to two weeks down the road and we are dealing with the snow coverage, again and no snow over the next seven days and in fact we are watching the severe weather risk in the next few days, across the portions of the ohio and the tennessee river valleys and right now, looking outside there is a lot more clouds than what we saw yesterday morning and that is the sign that a cold front is headed our way and so these temperatures into the 50s are not going to last, forever. and we are going to see the ups and downs over the next couple of days that i will explain here in a minute. and right now, it is 53 degrees and the wind is out of the south and it is a decent, breeze and 14 miles per hour and not gusty and just a steady breeze and we are seeing the temperatures in the 40s for some of the other locations and hamilton and about, 50 degrees is the average temperature is across the area and we are not tracking anything on the precision, doppler, and over the tri state, and later on, scott dimmich and he will have the showers moving in, and
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kansas city and moving in our direction, especially by later on this evening and this is the timing of how it breaks down over the next 12 hours. and we are already in the 60s by noon and 63 by one, and the clouds will really start to increase, after 2:00 later on today and the temperatures are in the middle 60s and 65, degrees will be the high temperature, and p dro dropping back down and the chance of rain, increases as we get to downtown and certainly by 9:00 and we have the hit and miss, showers going on and so 50s right now and extend all the way back down to the south and west and this is about 20 degrees warmer than what we were yesterday morning, and do you remember, yesterday morning, and right around the freezing mark and certainly not the case today and now it is the warm weather is really made itself at home here in cincinnati. and there is the clouds that we have around and as we go into the late afternoon hours, i am keeping it cloudy and it has breaks and i groo he with it from time-to-time. we will see the clouds with the peaks of sunshine, here is the
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is spotty and rain for 30, and stop for 15, can and rain for 15 and stop and it is that type of pattern and into early monday morning, and by three and four a.m., and it is out of here, and the morning commute, will be wet and certainly in the afternoon we will start to see a return to the sunshine and we are look okay. and look at the clouds that start to return as we go into tuesday and that is our next storm system, one of which could bring in the strong thunderstorms to the parts of thea irand what we will see is the cold front moving in and we will likely see the long line of strong thunderstorms set up from southern illinois all the way down the mississippi river, and now the storm prediction, center has the yellow shading which is a slight, risk, and we could have a couple of strong thunderstorms with the damaging wind gusts and the highest threat is down to the south and west, and south, south west of bowling green and down towards, western tennessee and including memphis, and northern mississippi and they have an enhanced risk and that is this
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is the best chance of severe weather is from the south and west and we cannot rule out the strong thunderstorms with the threat, being the damaging wind gusts and the high, gusty winds and the timing of those, are into the evening, on tuesday, and then in the cool down and big time, behind that cold front, and 42 degrees by wednesday and then on thursday and friday we are seeing a lot of sunshine, but the high temperatures, about where they should be this time of year and into the upper 30s and you can see a couple of light, mix there on saturday and that is about it and no big snow, at least over the next seven days. >> it is nice that the cool down is 27 and that is 3, just a couple of weeks ago. >> i am going to layout in the sun today. >> good. and the speedo alert. >> liz: tell the narz. thanks, bra don, and no secret that the bang gels and the steelers are bitter on field rivals but they brokered a temperaturer truce, in favor of a common goal, military appreciation.
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draft at military base in hawaii to put aside the team's rivalry in an effort to see who could collect the most military signatures to honor the real heroes and you can see the full video there on local it is good to see at the end of the day it is just a game. what those men and women do, so much bigger than football. >> liz: so true and a great cause to come together. coming up after the break, add a four legged member to your family. the sbca, great pets and they are looking for love. >> adam: plus from the king of the dinosaurs and the king of the ice skating rink, why one
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spot liligh >> adam: welcome back, it is 8:24, and 50 degrees and warm outside, current hollywood, darling chris pratt trending he tweeted a quick note to up lift those who are chasing their dream. >> liz: he snapped this picture after a long workday on an up coming film along the tweet that reads in part, i felt like posting this to say to anyone out there chasing your dream, 15 years ago, i felt the same passion i feel today. but i very little opportunity. i never stopped believing, ever. don't give up. apply constant, pressure for as long as it takes. it will break before you do. go get it.
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>> adam: it gives me hope that i can be an olympic gymnast. >> liz: how is that working for you? >> adam: we are going to chase it >> liz: speaking of chris pratt he starred in jurassic world and if you remember the scene from the first movie, know that the dinosaurs don't do well on slippery, surfaces. >> adam: but don't they, video of an ice skating dinosaur, check this out. it has racked up more than 50 million facebook views and trying to break the internet, take a look here. yeah. look at him go and that is grace right there. and you would not think that a video of a t-rex going ice skating would be popular, but it can't be wrong. he decided to try his tiny hand at ice skating and it has gone super nova and who knew that trex would be so athletic. >> liz: that is a talented skater.
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need good homes. >> liz: mike is here to show us a dog that you can take home today. hi, mike. >> good morning and great to be here on this sunday morning, and i have a wonderful little guy with me this morning. and his name is colton. and he is a 2-year-old min pin, like the purebred, min pin and pretty calm and alert dog and he is only, $40, which includes a dog license. and he is microchipped and he has had his vaccines. and we also have with us this morning, a kitten. and a 2-month-old domestic short hair kitten. kittens are $10 and they have been vaccinated and microchipped. and a great deal. i want to remind people this morning, today, these dog and cat will be available at our centerville, facility at 11, 900 con way road.
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can call 541-6100, and also, want to remind people that today, the 31st of january, is the last day to buy a hamilton dog license, 2016, dog license at $19.75. if you purchase tomorrow, or later, it will double. and it is almost, $40. so a reminder, if you don't have your 2016, dog license, come out to one of our facilities and purchase one. or you can go on-line, also. thank you. and back to you. >> liz: thank you very much mike. coming up at 8:30, important, healthcare enrollment deadlines. >> adam: where you can get the help choosing a plan before the time runs out. plus -- >> liz: that is right, the red caravan tour will be here, eleven to two today and you can stop by and get some autographs
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fu >> adam: now at 8:30, fulfilling a selfish wish, how a local community is coming together for a young girl who turned the cancer battle to help others. >> liz: we don't have much time left if you have not enrolled in a health insurance plan. at least, state or federal. but you can get the local help today. >> adam: and on the road to the
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candidates doing all they can to drum up votes, out of this week's caucus. and good morning, cincinnati thank you so much for spending your sunday morning with us, i'm adam clements >> liz: and i'm liz bonis and we will be back with the stories of the day in just a moment. but first we want to get a quick check of the weather here is meteorologist brandon orr and i am so excited i can barely say that, hi. >> brandon: it is warm so early this morning, that is the big deal this morning, compared to yesterday, where we are 20 degrees cooler than today. and some areas are in the 40s like hamilton and a lot of northern kentucky you are in the 50s right now and that is where we are going to stay for most of the day today until we reach the 60s right around midday and a closer look in downtown and a lot of us are in 50s from the international airport and up, to college hill right at 49 degrees and 51, over towards sharonville and up to i75, and right around, 50 degrees and so precision,
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for now, later on today, we are going to see the rain move in and here is the timing and we can see the temperatures, into the 60s already by noon today and midday and it is going to start getting very, very warm and i have the mostly cloudy skies, and up around, two or three and i think that we can see the peeks of sunshine from time-to-time, 65 will be the high temperature, between three and four, and then we will start to see the rain chances increase and it will go from a small chance at six to a larger chance at 7 and 8 and 9 and you will start the hit and miss showers, and it will be cooler tomorrow and the 60s return again on tuesday and that could fuel the strong thunderstorm and we go over that potential here in 15 minutes. >> a former local, college security chief, busted for child porn is expected to make his first court appearance this week. >> he is due for arraignment tomorrow, and fired from his position at thomas moore on friday and after the police found dozens of porn pictures, involving children on his home computer. and thomas moore's president has emphasized there is no connection between that crime and the school.
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f.b.i. says that it is trying to resolve, the oregon wild life, occupation, peacefully but four activists are still hold up, they are concerned that the federal officials may try to month-long stand off. last week the group's leader, bundy and ten others were arrested, bundy is calling for the remaining occupiers to leave. in world news now, the world health organization will hold a meeting about the zika virus this week and declare a public emergency, the leaders will meet tomorrow to discuss the virus that has been linked to birth defects in central and south america, right now, brazil, remains the hardest hit, country, and there are current l i no medications to treat those infected with zika and no vaccines to prevent it. >> liz: in local news, it is one of the truly beautiful acts of compassion that we have seen, after battling cancer, victoria, passed away on december, the 19th and she was 15 years old
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they spent the time in the west end, helping whoever needed it. local 12, brad underwood shows us, after her death, that kindness continues on, thanks to victoria's wish. inside of the west end, home, the shop vac is loud, and the paint brushes are swift, the family volunteers, and members of the prince of peace, luthern church are making sure that everything is just right. >> it is amazing journey, really. it is all because of victoria's wish. >> reporter: through the pastor's church, victoria recently spent the time helping the homeless and others, transitioning into homes. what made her feel good, while battling cancer. >> that became her joy, it really was, something that she enjoyed doing on thursdays. even to the point when she was not able to walk any more and
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>> reporter: then make a wish wanted to give her a gift, but she declined something for herself, she still had others on her mind. >> it was amazing, she had really in her last month of life, really enjoyed serving others. and those that are less fortunate. and that was her joy. and it was make a wish came and said, how can we make your life more joyful that is the way that she picked. >> reporter: and the help, on work days you will find the family and the volunteers getting the house ready for kimberly, their 9-year-old daughter phillis thanks to the welcome home clabive, and the wish, kimberly and her daughter will have a home. >> do you want to eat? >> she gave you a hug. >> for victoria's mother joan, finally getting to meet the future residents of victoria's house of hope it was an emotional moment. i love you dear and you are going to love your house.
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she was not able to communicate a lot and she just reached out and hugged me it was neat frmths the house is not ready yet, but it is close, kimberly and her daughter are expected to move in about six weeks. in the west end, brad underwood local 12 news. >> liz: that is a great story. if you like to help by volunteering or donating, we have details, at local and you can hover on news and click on the get it now link. >> adam: you can help to save a life today, mountain carmel, christian church is hosting a blood drive in honor of sports producer doug, diagnosed with acute, leukemia he went into remission and now he needs a bone, marrow donor and since the family members are not suitable matches you can find out if you are a match from ten to three at that church. >> today is the last day to enroll at a health insurance
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act, if you do not enroll, by midnight you cannot sign up for a plan to 2016, unless you qualify for an enrollment period. if you are unsure of what options are available, we have a sign up event, from four to midnight at the store's distribution center on tennessee avenue in bond hill. >> it is one day before the iowa caucuses, and the presidential candidates, pulling out all of the stops to attract voters, the latest des moines, register poll shows that donald trump has reclaimed the lead on the republican side, and while bernie sanders and hillary clinton said to be neck and neck in the democratic side. the winners could still be decided that means by the undecided voters. karly hall has the latest now from des moines. >> how would you like to make the pundants look dumb on election night. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders urged a young crowd at the university of iowa for caucus on monday, warning he
8:32 am
out. hillary clinton attacked sanders on his plan for free, college tuition. >> i do not believe giving free college to donald trump's youngest child is in the best interest of all of the hard working americans who need help. >> reporter: among republicans, the dow moin register poll shows that donald trump has a five point lead over ted cruz and a 13 point lead over marco rubio. >> the only thing that matters is the poll that is going to be taken on monday. >> reporter: trump campaigned with reverend. while cruz. look forward. >> donald trump will be back on television. >> our goal. >> reporter: ethal is a hot topic made from corn, the state's number one crop. >> it could be the deciding issue. >> he will only, consider candidates who favor a mandate to increase the amount of
8:33 am
>> that is my life hi hood and supports my family. iowa voters have the opportunity to find out where the candidates stand on the issues today as they make the final push ahead of monday's caucuses. cbs news, des moines iowa. >> liz: the new york times editorial board announced the candidate that it is endorsing and it is hillary clinton and on the republican side, john got the nod >> anchor: teachers are using cake and cookies to teach the children how it works. cake represents the peb can and cookies for the democrats and they vote on what type of cake they would love to eat and another group does the same with the cookies and one from the dessert does not have at least, ten people on their side they can do one of three things, we can go in where else or persuade other to join or give up on the
8:34 am
>> some of the kids in the chocolate chip cookies are set in stone. >> we are hoping in the caucus, that we ran with the cookies, that there will be some realignment. the kids are excited about that too. >> adam: if only it could be as simple as cookies and cake. we don't want to leave you hanging, chocolate chip, won the democrats and ice cream cake won the gop side. >> liz: the band, cold play celebrating the 20th anniversary this year, and anthony mason tell us that they will be the life of the party at next week's super bowl. >> my daughter said the sweetest thing yesterday, she said how are you feeling? and of course, we are nervous, and she said, dad the worse thing that will happen is that you will get turned into a mink. and that is what she said. and the people would just forget. >> liz: that is cute, a front row seat to cold play and plus,
8:35 am
and campaign, 2016, politics as usual, and all of those stories are coming up on cbs sunday morning and airs right here on channel 12, right after us at nine. the temperatures take a dive as we head through the week and meteorologist brandon orr is going to let us know how low they will go in the full weather forecast. >> adam: enjoy today while i can.
8:36 am
the red caravan, and all o of >> liz: good morning, cincinnati it is a quarter to 9:00, and you are looking at a quick shot of the bend in the river, and brandon orr is saying that it is 53, and 20 degrees warmer, and things are changing this week and he will up date us on that forecast in just a moment and speaking of the updates and here is ally with an up date on sports. >> reporter: xavier basketball and they don't get caught up in their own play and they have shown ability to have a shortened memory, and up and down the floor, and saturday, a teenage, beat by 20 this month, and the first nine shots of the game are down, the, nothing, but the kids making the trip, and you can't lose in front of the kids and 13 in the second half, and reynolds the base line jumper and the two man, game, and sunger and throwing it down.
8:37 am
now he is going to do something, even nicer and maybe not nicer, but turn around jumper and he had 15 yesterday, and creating defense and screaming the defense, and miles, davis, and xavier gets the 21-point win, 86-65, and he is at the kansas and wild cats, back at alan field house for the first time in ten years, and yesterday. the teams were played in the last ten years, and the j, hawks and put up 209. and the place where kentucky perry was hired and the first job, and the series, is led, 22-6, before last night's game and uk, down, and u.s., to the elbow jumper and to get them in one and tied up at 72, and alex says get out of here and under the going, regulation and ku, down and wane said get out of here, career, high, 33 for the junior, and kansas missed 17, and 33-7 and could have ended it, and the regulation and did not end it there and go to ot
8:38 am
and over time, and both, bowed out and kansas and holds on as the fog and 90-84, and in over time, minnesota and indiana, and minnesota has not won, until, december 17th and that is a one, point, game and gives. minnesota the one point lead and after the stuff and troy, williams and the miss and thomas and bryant to follow and he had a career high, 23, points, yesterday, and teammates are loving it and yogi on the break and gives indiana a three-point, lead and hold on 74-68, and the high schools hoops. lasal a big one and hills trying to chip away, and dj, and buries the three, and just too much last night, football and stand out, and jeremy, larkin and the strip, and the finish and watch this sequence coming up, and back behind the back and sometimes it does not work but
8:39 am
without the wins at 79-44, and won, the non-conference games and she was the push over the good to great edge that thomas moore woman needed. ask before they transferred from the d3 program to florida and now they are just out of everyone aels's league and won, 50 straight, games giving up for saturday's match up, and all but three of the 17 players on the roster, scored yesterday, and thomas moore up by 20 in the first quarter, and spot lining down and to beat the buzzer, 27-5, after one quarter, and the second quarter, and to the daily bush, and the middle, three foot, jumper and owing, and then we will get moss and the ball at the top of the key and moss had a game high, 17 points and eight assists and for it, 105 points and 105-31 the final. and that is your look at sports, and i'm ally and we will see you here tonight for the sports authority and until then make it a great one >> liz: after traveling to five different states, we get to talk sports with the reds today and
8:40 am
this weekend with four tours of the reds caravan and making a final stop at the mall today. >> adam: the mrarg are going to be signing autographs and taking questions and that is where we find, megan moore, and she joins us live from the mall, big day today. >> reporter: absolutely and a beautiful day for it. that is right. i am here with carn, the senior, vice president with the reds and you have been going along on this caravan, wherever they have been going. we have been on the road and all four buses go the back last night after the 3300 miles we have covered and yes, we got back last night and i personally, along with bob of ohio, and nashville, and day tonight, and indianapolis and now we are culminating everything back here in our own backyard and just like reds fest. we are going to have players, and coachers and broadcasters and free, autographs right here in the middle of the mall. >> reporter: this is the first time that you are doing it at flor ens.
8:41 am
own fan base. and we have all of the players back and they don't leave until this afternoon and we went ahead and booked this year and we felt that the food court here in the center of this mall is a regional location and so that way that the people that live close by will have the same fun that we bring on the rooed to all of these locations. >> and what i love on the other side of the building we have the fans lining up. >> there is a line over there that is fantastic. and i got to tell you, that we spend a lot of time with them and part of the reason that we do this is that they can hang out there in the winter. they love it and especially these new, young guys and their eyes were this big and the people come out everywhere that we go. >> so we are going to have five major leaguers and so if you want to get the autograph, of hamilton, and devon and samp son and they are going to be here with brian price and minor pictures. all three. >> all free, a great opportunity, and it is going on from eleven to two today, thank
8:42 am
>> i look for toward to seeing, everyone here. >> thank you guys and we will send it back to you. >> thank you so much, the hardest working lady. >> there is some big names there. how fun. >> and well, if each of the fans stopped this weekend, the reds raffled off two tickets for the opening day, on april fourth to face the phillies. >> liz: i love that we are talking about that guess what? that means that we are going to have the spring weather soon, here is brandon orr. >> brandon: we don't have a lot of sunshine out there this morning. we do have a lot of clouds with time-to-time. you no he that does not matter with how warm it is out there this morning. a lot of the temperatures. low 50s right now, in cincinnati international airport there in northern kentucky and the south wind at 14 miles per hour and we are in the upper 20s this time of year, for the low temperatures. and the average high, temperature, 39 degrees, and nowhere near that this morning, and we are going to warm up at least, ten degrees from where we are right now.
8:43 am
cincinnati, and 48, in hamilton, and also, 53 degrees, and we don't have any showers going on and that is the predecision, doppler 12, hd and for now, any way, tonight, if you tune in to scott dimmich he will be showing the showers moving in there outh eastern indiana and then into downtown, cincinnati. you can see the rain is right now. it has not made it into st. louis yet and it is back in kansas city and there is not a lot of rain or a lot of moisture, and we will see the rain fall amounts around a quarter of an inch in most areas. 62 degrees, already by noon, and can you believe that? and 65, by around 3:00, and that is very similar to what we saw yesterday, and the really big warm up and down to around, 59 degrees by 7:00 and as the rain really starts to ramp up and it is hit and miss, showers and it is not going to be a steady rain, but we will see it, at least at some point, and the warm weather, extends down the
8:44 am
temperatures are normally 60 degrees, this morning and it is above, 60 down to memphis and it is that funneling of air that we have been seeing, moving into the area, over the past couple of days now, and we will see the winds, switch around to the south and west, and that also, usherring in the moisture that we will see. by 3:00, the clouds are thin over kin cincinnati and we can see the peaks of sunshine, every once in a while and we will see the clouds, increase by 4:00 or 5:00 and by 8:00, we will have the hit and miss, showers and you can see how it is spotty and the last bit of it is along, cold front and that will push to 3:00 and 4:00 tomorrow morning and i don't think that it will be raining during the morning commute tomorrow but the roads will be wet from the rain over night. and then we will look towards the west as we go into the day, late on monday, which is looking pretty nice, and we have a lot of sunshine and into tuesday, is when these clouds will really start to increase in white and you can see the snow which is going to stay to the north, but that storm system that could bring in the strong thunderstorms across the ohio river valley to the tennessee river valley.
8:45 am
has us in the yellow area and that is a slight risk for severe weather, and we can see a couple of strong thunderstorms and made for it with the damaging wind gusts and the winds are going to be gusty on tuesday and the highest threat especially for a couple of tornados and it is down to south, and memphis and northern mississippi and as the cold front moves through, you can see how much that we really cool down into the upper 30s and although that looks, chilly with the 65, that we have today, it is average, where we are supposed to be this time of year. >> liz: it is warmer than freezing. >> >> brandon: yes.
8:46 am
we will have the top >> liz: good morning, cincinnati if you were just joining us this morning, it is a little before 9:00 on sunday and we have been waiting for you, thanks for spending part of your day with us here on good morning cincinnati, pretty shot from the power cams and a warm morning, the forecast is ahead and the police have one person right now chase >> adam: it started around, 1:15, and the chase, then went on to ronald reagan, highway and on to 75 south, where the driver got off right near paddock and ended on reading and blar, and the car was reportedly stolen. no word on any charges that that driver may face. >> liz: and add to the warm up. >> brandon: the warm up continues, today we are back into the middle 60s just like we were yesterday, and it is going to be a really nice day.
8:47 am
the 60s by noon and we have the peaks of sunshine every once in a while through the afternoon and the clouds will increase, at 3:00 and that is when we will have the high of 65 degrees and now the timing of the rain and we could see a few of the showers and indiana around 6:00 and i think that around and after 7:00 if you have the plans and the rain is going to move in after sunset tonight and on and off, there you the evening, and we are watching the severe weather, possible for tuesday and scott will have more later today. >> adam: get out there and enjoy it, not before we join us this morning. >> liz: cbs this morning is next, thanks for joining us, real-time closed captioning
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