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tv   Local 12 First Four  CBS  February 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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30 days febreze sm all spaces and air effects' [inhale + exhale mnemonic] two more ways to breathe happy. benjamin netanyahu. benjamin netanyahu. >> this is local 12 news. >> good afternoon, everyone. thanks for joining us. the republican field gets a little smaller today. kentucky senator paul rand announces he is spending his campaign for the presidency. >> there are also reports senator rick santorum is dropping out of the race. as for senator rand paul he says he'll turn his attention to his senate reelection bid. >> it is has been a privilege to give voice to the liberty movement in this race and i believe we have broadened the by being part of it. although i will very sign my canned
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liberty, for constitution and justice in the united states senate. >> i spoke with him today after that announcement. he feels he had a good showing in iowa coming in fifth, but this was about looking forward. we had 1500 kids at the university of iowa rally. we did pretty well, we beat four governors, we beat a senator but i don't think it was enough votes to have the momentum to win in new hampshire. and i've always been a big believer in spreading the message, but also doing it in a race that we can actually win. >> senator told me he won't endorse another candidate at this point. he does believe his race for the white house and the changes it brought about in replacing the republican primary in kentucky with a party caucus are important. he says having a caucus next month will make the choice made by kentucky republicans more important on the national stage. reporter joe webb will have more on the senator's decision and what it means for kentucky voters ahead at
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>> you could soon be paying more on your utility bill. >> they had a public hearing on the proposal today. currently more than 100 fire, police, and the ems agencies are dispatched through the communication center there. every local government using the system gets charged a flat amount each time an emergency dispatch is made. but those charges have been going up in recent years. adding a fee to consumer utility bills would help cover some of those costs. that fee would average about $20 a year for the average customer, but county commissioner wants to use existing counting money instead of adding a fee. >> we had sufficient resources available that were unobligated, that would cover the cost of this service, would cover the cost of this budget line item for all of 2016 without requiring the imposition of this new tax. >> there will be another public
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passes, it would only cover one year of the 911 cost and commissioners would still have to come up with a long-term fix starting in 2017. >> bond is set at $750,000 for a man accused of leading police through three states. anthony knight appeared before a judge today. deputies say he was behind the wheel during a 55-mile chase yesterday through ohio, kentucky and indiana. they took three suspects into custody when the chase ended at the harrison skyline. deputies recovered a gun and small amount of marijuana from the rental car. knight is currently charged with failing to comply with a police officer. according to the prosecutor, he's also a suspect in a shooting in dayton and he's expected to face fleeing and eluding charges in kentucky. the other two suspects are locked up in the montgomery county jail on outstanding warrants. >> a mother faces charges after police find her 2-year-old son practically naked and wandering
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a judge set bond today at $1,000 for tanisha caldwell. officers found him wandering around 2:00 in the morning. they cared for the boy, bought him clothes and kept him happy until caldwell could be tracked down. since mom is now locked up, the toddler is with children's services. >> boy, we got some heavy rains last night. caused some issues around the tri-state, mudslide east of torrance forced officers to close a stretch of columbus columbus bee a parkway. the mess shut down the northbound lanes just south of the overlook drive. crews cleaned up the mess and at last check that road is open again. so what are we going to deal with today? it's going to get a little bit chillier? how much so, brandon orr is in our weather center. brandon. >> it is going to get cooler behind that cold front that brought all of that rain last night. you saw what it did.
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the area. rainfall between 1", 2". at the airport, 1.5" of rainfall. and then it was done with by 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. and we've been dry ever since. temperatures have been slow to fall behind this cold front that continues to push through. 52 at the airport. it's been sitting right into the middle 50s all day long. we're now seniority to see the cooler weather move in from the west. versailles, 50 degrees. you can tell the cooler air is moving into southeastern indiana first. there are also some clouds. you can see there on the horizon, that's our camera on stop of the start 64 tower in college hill. here are the clouds, that area of dark gray pushing in from the west, it's going to be through us through the nights knight and winds will calm down a little bit. gusts have been between 20 to 30 miles per hour in the last few hours. you can see the dive in temperatures to around 37 by 11:00 later tonight. it's going to continue to fall throughout the day tomorrow. so instead of near 50 degrees we're only going to be into the 30s for
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it's not going to last for long. we're looking at a much warmer weekend before winter returns in a big way as we get to early next week. we're talking about possibly some accumulating snow as we return to work on monday. we'll talk about that in 15 minutes. paula. >> the terrorist attacks in paris and in san bernardino are on the minds of security officers as they prepare for this weekend's super bowl. >> preparations are under way to prevent any trouble that may occur. terry has the latest on that effort from san san fran. >> heavily armed officers are very visible at the super bowl this week. they're expecting a million visitors day and keeping everyone safe has been a two year project for federal, state and local police agencies. . >> our number one mission is to prevent acts of terrorism.
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police are using high tech equipment to look for explosives and any suspicious activity. >> we can put eyes on anyone within the 30-mile radius. >> all the intelligence and data funnels to the fbi center, not far from levi stadium where police agencies can instantly share information. authorities admit suspects acting on their own are a concern. >> it's all about identifying the lone wolf before he or she acts. >> super bowl organizers told us they want tight security, but not so overwhelming that it becomes intimidating for fans. >> it makes you feel safe, but it kind of makes you feel like you're in a foreign country. >> so super bowl sunday, 70,000 will pack the stadium. authorities say there is no credible threat, but they're taking no chances with the safety of fans and players on the nfl's biggest
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terry cbs news,. >> the bay area is already home to some of the most sophisticated surveillance equipment. >> sharing a pizza for kyler. >> also weighing in on a neighborhood battle over a kroger marketplace. >> doctors are trying a very old
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the fight over a proposed kroger marketplace in west chester can soon be over. the development called the crossings of becket involved rezoning some property on the southeast corner of tiresville and princeton glendale roads. west chester trustees shot down the project so the developer took them to court, but at a meeting last night trustees said the two sides are working on an agreement which could settle the court action and allow for the rezoning with some conditions. they plan to discuss this agreement at a meeting later this month. >> you can help support the family of a young boy suffering from a deadly brain cancer today. operators of the liberty township are offering definite% off of all its proceeds to help the family. dining in, deliveries, pickup orders, it's going to go until 11:00 tonight, so kyler and his family are expected to come by the
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>> acupuncture has been practiced in china for. >> doctors are look to go see if it can help breast cancer patients. >> when she was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, her doctors put her on a treatment that discussed her to have some serious side effects. >> i had joint pain. my knees and my ankles and my -- my entire body just hurt. so her physicians recommended she take part in a trial study that looked at acununcture to relieve part of her pain. she said it worked. >> i was sleeping better and also the pain reduced. >> experts say more than 60% of women with early stage breast cancer suffer from host flashes, joint muscle pain and depression caused by their treatment. they thought if acununcture could help these patients with some of their. it could eventually be used as
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what they found is both patients that were treated with acupuncture, and sham acupuncture which involves needles that aren't placed in acupuncture pressure points said they felt relief. >> minimum side effects, and this can potentially have symptoms improve. >> the doctor theorizes that the pricks may stimulate the body which can relieve pain. and it may be a reasonable alternative to help these women. for today's health minute. i'm carl azoos. >> it looks like it would be painful, even though it's really not. >> i've done it a couple times. some relief. i've heard people swear by it. so i think it works in a lot of ways for a lot of people. a serious warning today for women about the use of alcohol and pregnancies. >> also ahead first at 4:00, president obama marks a first for his presidency. >> and 50 degrees is on the way for
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that's getting thehe listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in! president obama paid his first visit to a mosque in the u.s. today when he visited the islamic society of baltimore. the presses attended a community round table. the visit is a show of support for the muslim american community which he says has he counter increasing bias.
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when any part of our family starts to feel separate or second class or targeted, it tears at the very fabric of our nation. >> president obama is calling on americans to confront any bias and stereo typing. he believes it's on the rise because of tough talk on terrorism and the presidential campaign. >> you get the spring fever on stuff like today. >> i loved today. >> it was nice, wasn't it. >> we got teased, because it's going to drop quick isn't, isn't it. >> we warm back up for the weekend. it's what's coming next week winter. >> winter is making a come back, but at least we'll enjoy a nice weekend and you'll see in the 7-day forecast. but right now i've been walking 12hd and not seeing much, there could be a couple flurries off to the west and some cloud cover that has not made it to downtown right now. you can see it on the medical
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here and there, mostly sunny, cincinnati, 50 degrees. middle 50s also in wilmington, so it's taken some time to get these temperatures down but they're dropping. you can see where the colder air is moving in first there is southeastern indiana. veer vails is just about there, so that's the cooler air that's moving in. it's certainly taking its time in the eastern part of our viewing area. adams county at around 60 degrees. hillsboro, 59 and wilmington a little bit cooler than that into the middle 50s. you can see the clouds we had a little bit earlier are moving off to the east. there's that second line of clouds. there's the leading edge of it. and then you can see a couple of the spotty flurries through central illinois. the air is dry, i don't think a lot of these flurries are going to make it to the ground, so that's i don't have an icon on the 12 hour forecast, going with completely cloudy, 60 right at 36 degrees. and eventually we'll drop below the
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6:00 a.m., may make it into the upper 20s just past sunrise had we actually hit our low temperature. the wind speed is coming out of the west at aren't 20. this is sustained winds. gusts have been up to 30 miles an hour early on this morning as the front has been pushing through. 52 here, but look at the temperature difference from here all the way to indianapolis where it's 39 degrees. but as we zoom out we don't see a huge cool down. there's some 20s up near minneapolis and sioux city, but that's about average for this time of year, so that's what we're expecting for tomorrow, it's we've been so spoiled with the weather weather, 30 sounds cold, but it's average for this time of year. >> here are a couple of those light spritzes of rain, don't be surprised if you see one or two of those. it's not going to do overnight anything. even into the day tomorrow it's going to be mostly cloudy for a good chunk of the day, but we will see some peeks of sunshine.
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signs, it's going to be nice and that already starts the warming trend as we go into the weekend. so about mid 40s on friday. saturday, 48 and we're already back at 50 degrees by sunday. also notice no chance of rain at all throughout much of the weekend. so it's looking nice and dry as we request into this weekend, but then some change as we get a big pattern change as we go into early next week. here's sunday, here's the 50-degree temperature and look what comes our way. this is an arctic cold front because the air behind it is coming from the arctic, so we're seeing temperatures fall on monday. it could start out as a mixture of rain and snow showers and trashes over to snow showers late monday. these are going to continue for a while, this storm system, this lull in the great lakes is not going to move fast. we're looking at a three day piered of scattered snow showers and squalls. it's not the type that brings us big snowfall amounts, but some light accumulations as we go here
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you can see how we warm up on sunday and there's a downward trend with highs not even into the 30s on tuesday and then into the lower teens overnight and on wednesday 23 degrees for our high temperature. so that's when we look like to get at least some light snow accumulations, possibly some slick roads early next week. >> there will be some people excited about snow next week. >> at least it's coming in after the weekend. >> during school days, yeah. >> a woman with a bow and arrow targets an innocent bog. >> also ahead on first at four, you
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leave your dogog a at a dog in canada escaped serious injury after being shot with an arrow. we want to warn you, the images may be disturbing, so if you don't want to see, look away. she has been dubbed arrow because of the arrow that pierced her body. it punctured 1 centimeter above her spinal cord. veterinarians say any lower and she could have died. someone found her curled up on the side of a building. >> a vet treated her and expects her to be back on her paws in no happy. happy ending. >> speaking of dogs, a canadian couple vacationing in mexico gets a surprise phone call. >> they put their dog up in a pet motel before they left and as we see, her australia she happened had to act on her instinct.
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saint albert, the australia shepherd sprung into introduction. >> her destination, the puppy cage for rescues hannah and carrie. >> i think she knew as soon as they were here and after we left, i think she thought, it's my task to go and see them. >> she kept watch over the shepherd puppies like they were her own. >> even show though she doesn't have puppies anymore and has been spayed, she still has the motherly instinct. >> their mom was a stray. >> when the kennel owners caught sneaking maggie on security footage they decided to let the trio spend the night together. >> it was pretty heartwarming. it's probably one of the cutest things we've had happen they're. >> then they informed the family on vacation in mexico. >> she said we have something to tell you about your dog, we're
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we were nervous. >> the news was all positive. >> maggie was with puppies which made her happy, made us happy, made the puppies happy. so a feel good story. >> we see so many negative and disturbing situations that it's just beautiful to see these puppies happy and healthy and a mom like maggie who was adopted. >> are you going to end it there? don't those puppies have to go home with them now? >> that's what i was thinking are they going to take all of them home? >> let's start a gofundme site and raise money so the family can support the whole group. >> lawmakers hear testimony over the water crisis in flint michigan. >> also severe weather rocks parts of the south. >> it's not something we often hear about in our community, booze and birth control. why the straes for disease control is now asking women to pay closer attention to drinking alcohol if you're even considering a
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i'm >> breaking news alert and the hour-by-hour forecast, this is local 12 news. >> no amount of alcohol is safe when one is pregnant. >> the strongest warning yet from doctors at the centers for disease control today about alcohol intake and pregnancy. >> the cdc says each year more than 3 million women potentially put babies at risk and they might not even know they're doing it. joining us now with what women's
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know is medical reporter, liz bonis. good afternoon, doctors saying that women may not knowingly put babies at risk due to alcohol use, they are just still quite often drinking alcohol and don't realize they're in the early stages of pregnancy. so today the centers for disease control asking women to consider birth control if they drink booze and could become pregnant or not to drink at all if they're trying to have a baby. they make this recommendation because they say one in 20 babies now born with some kind of lasting physical behavioral or intellectual problem due to alcohol. they now call these fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. without realizing it, the centers for disease control also estimates women between the ages of 14 and 44 are at risk of exposing a developing fetus to alcohol because they are drink, they're sexually active and could become pregnant and three found even when women are actively trying to get pregnant, three in four continue drinking alcohol, putting too many babies at
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>> no amount of alcohol is safe when one is pregnant nor any kind of substance. >> sister trisha cruise is part of the healthy babies and says they provide free support for pregnant women and this is oven a struggle for women who are simply trying to find the love and support that they need. >> if they can't love and take care of themselves, there's no way they're going to be able to take care of their children. and for me coming from my background, there is a direct correlation between moms and their ability to take care of themselves and their children and the poverty rate, which is number two in the country for children in this city in cincinnati. >> she points out that this is a public health concern. it is a problem for all of us in the community when children are born with symptoms related to alcohol use in pregnancy. and those symptoms will be lifelong for babies. >> it affects that child their
4:25 pm
when their born, affects their health, their education. >> she echos what the centers for disease control have said in this new information released about alcohol concerns in pregnancy, those of child bearing age, why take a chance? a baby could be born with anything from brain to kidney damage due to alcohol and every family needs to know this risk. >> this isn't just a woman's issue, it's a dad's issue, it's a dad's issue and it's a sibling issue, it's a parent issue, it's a grandparent's issue. the whole family needs to be healthy so the baby is healthy going forward. >> well said. now, one other number the cdc uses in all of this is the cost. it's more than 5 million dr. carson year to care for babies -- they say a lot of women do eat right and take prenatal vitamins, but if you want a healthy pregnancy you don't always think about alcohol use. there even was a bit of a time where they thought maybe a drink a
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that's even changed now. i went out and i was drinking and i got pregnant. the sooner you stop, the better off it is. so no matter what, it can make a difference. they're hoping people will just hear this and start that conversation. >> we are back at 6:00 tonight with an inspiring story about surviving cancer. >> thanks, liz. >> well, michigan's top environmental regularity says the state should have required city workers in flint to treat its water after they first discovered elevated lead levels a year ago. >> lawmakers on capitol hill today learned that state workers relied on technical compliance instead of actually assuring safe drinking water. the hearing is the first in washington since the contamination crisis in flint made news last year. frustrated democrats complained the republican led committee didn't ask the state's gop governor to explain what happened. >> we need to determine how children in the united states of
4:27 pm
been exposed to drinking water poisoned with lead? >> flint is under a public health emergency after its drinking water became tainted when city leaders switched from the detroit water system and began drawing from the flint river in april of 2014 to save money. the city was under state management at that time. >> with a similar lead tainted water issue developing in sebring, ohio, the senator has some strong words today. he is placing blame for oversight and notification at the state level. i spoke with him from washington today. >> the ohio epa and, i don't know if the governor's office knew, but the ohio epa knew for weeks, probably months, that that water was unsafe and they didn't bother to tell local communities. and i just don't understand why -- i mean, we've got -- we've got a state government now that seems to side with the poluters more than they do with push public health.
4:28 pm
should be involved in overseeing what the state epa does in. >> well, i don't want it to have to be that, but we know that it was only the federal government that cleaned up lake erie, the state and local governments didn't do it for whatever reason a generation ago and the ohio river and other things -- the federal epa shouldn't set the standards, but i really do want the state epa inside the governor's office, the state epa to do this and to do it right. >> the senator also talked about the heroin problem today. we'll have more on that coming up at 5:30. >> millions of americans are in the path of more severe weather today. a day after destructive tornadoes swept across the south. >> yeah, the outbreak flattened homes, knocked out power in mississippi and alabama. david is surveying the damage in collinsville, mississippi. >> at least 12 tornadoes reportedly tore through the southern u.s. tuesday. >> tornado on the ground. tornado on the ground. >> reporter: this one touched
4:29 pm
its all the way to alabama, leveling homes and leaving a path of destruction that stretched across both states. in rankin county, mississippi, firefighters rescued at least eight people from flood water. >> when i seen it coming down the road he knew we were going to be okay. >> willie jackson and family hid as the tornado hit their home. >> we survived by the grace of god. >> the tornado that hit collinsville, mississippi richard apart the first baptist church. the pastor told church members he heard the tornado sirens blaring and rushed his family to safety. >> the pastor loaded his wife and son in this white suburban and pulled along the side of the church hoping the wall would protect the vehicle. you can see what happened to the back window. >>. the family raised inside the church where they hid under a desk. the same storm that fueled tornadoes in the south created blizzard like conditions across the plains.
4:30 pm
parts of nebraska. there are no reports of injuries or deaths related to the tornadoes in the south. as for today from tallahassee north to delaware, the real threat is flash flooding. mississippi. >> it could have been so much worse. >> it got loud around me last time. it was raining for quite storm and it caused some problems today. >> i guess i was just sleeping of it. >> a lot of people got lucky. some people had some issues. what are we dealing with toned? in the weather center is brandon orr. brandon. >> we certainly missed out on the severe weather, missed out on the tornadoes. those stayed to our south, but we didn't miss out on the rainfall 1" to 2" was reported across the area. a good average across the area. we're not looking at anything on doppler 12hd. it is completely dry. the latest rain we had on there was
4:31 pm
that has since moved out. temperatures are starting to fall. if you watched just 30 minutes ago, you noticed how versailles was 50, look now. 46, 47. that's the cooler weather oozing in from the west. it's not going to be in the 50s much longer. 60s over towards adams county up towards wilmington was into the 60s earlier today. close to it now down to the middle 50 as the cooler weather moves in. we're also going to get rid of the clear skies which we have mostly around right now, partly cloudy skies at times but you can see there's the leading edge of cloud cover coming in. we're also getting the winds to calm down a little bit. you know this morning they were gusting up to 40 miles per hour. now between 20 and 30 miles per hour and they'll continue to slack offer as we go into the evening hours. same with our temperatures. 37 by around 11:00. mid 30s by around mid night. completely cloudy, although there may be a quick break or two every
4:32 pm
down to the freezing mark by 4:00. likely in the upper 20s for actual low temperatures. coming up at 4:40, talking about cooler weather tomorrow, warmer weather on the way for the weekend and winter weather making a come back next week. lots of talk about it in the 7-day forecast. thanks. >> a major airline opts for a family plan.
4:33 pm
mum is the word from a amazon is reportedly planning to bookstores. that according to one u.s. mall executive. the online retail giant opened its first brick and mortar location in
4:34 pm
it as a physical extension of the company's execs haven't commented on the news. >> how about a burger with those side of books? through february 14th when you order a happy meal at mcdonald's you'll get a small book. the one is the classic paddington. mcdonald's wants to hand out 17 million books. >> toyota is recalling more than 300,000 suvs and trucks because of air bag problems. the air bags mounted on the roof can inflate without a crash. toyota says the problem is an issue with the computer that controls the air bags. if you own one of the vehicles you'll get a notice in the mail and dealers will replace the computers at no charge. stocks closed mostly higher after a surge in the price of crude oil get a respite to the beaten down energy sector. the dow jones rose 183 points and nasdaq dropped 12 points. the s&p 500 gained a whole nine points.
4:35 pm
>> after four years american airlines will once again allow families with children board early. >> it will make traveling less stressful for parents. the change will go into effect february 15th, letting families with children under the age of two board the plane before other passengers, which is what mostly sunny airlines do. >> yeah. and i don't think passengers mind seeing that. it's, like, you need a break. you need a break. >> next we'll see a look at today's developing stories.
4:36 pm
media may come back to from the terrorism alert desk in i'm jonathan alias. >> five people have been arrested accused of planning several attacks on night spots in france. the man and woman are said to have been plotting the terror attacks outside the french city of lyon before leaving for syria. >> authorities say a bomb probably caused this mid flight explosion that ripped a hole in a passenger plane mid air over east africa. one man was killed by being sucked out of the hole but the pilot of the able to land this plane safely. no group has come forward yet claiming responsibility. >> the u.s. secretary general is urging north. it is a move that could advance the country's long-range missile technology after its fourth nuclear test just last month.
4:37 pm
washington, i'm jonathan, alias. >> we've heard this a good resume and solid references or not the only thing job applicants have to worry about these days. a report from the society of resource management finds one-third of candidates have disqualified a candidate in the past because of information found on their social media accounts. just the last year they've gotten rid of a third of them. in another survey they asked the most common social media mistakes they're making. 45% said posting negative or inappropriate comments. 35% said posting or being tagged in inappropriate photos, and that happens to athletes and actors all the time, they're tagged in something, michael phelps was tagged. >> i've been saying this to my kids for years. >> i tell them all the time. >> it's fine. it's fine. >> it's just my friends that read it. nobody k see this stuff. >> it's there forever. >> cammy joins us.
4:38 pm
>> scams are everywhere, facebook, sometimes it's pretty easy to to spot a fan or fishing expedition. coming up at 530, rich jaffe will have the story of a man who put his heart on the line and the real target was actually his money. also administrators at the university of cincinnati are bringing in heavy hitters to figure out what's next for the campus police department. the president promised an exhaustive review of the police department following that officer-involved shooting of sam dubois, he was shot to death. coming up tonight at 6:00, deb dixon will tell us about the well respected team that was chosen to oversee the review. as most of you know cincinnati will be well represented in this weekend's super bowl including former offensive guard andrew norwell, he plays for the nfc carolina panthers, coming up at 6:00, larry davis discovered a bad case of super bowl fever at his high school and of course the
4:39 pm
and black, and denver's color is orange, so i'm going to guess that right now this week at anderson high school there's wearing a lot of carolina blue. that's my guess. >> when i talked to andrew in the locker room, he says they're going crazy in anderson so i'm looking forward to. >> isn't that nice. >> it's going to be tough -- it will be tough this sunday. >> take a look at the traffic on 71 north as you see it slowing up a little bit towards red bank in stop motion fashion, but it is clear, because we had some troubles last night, so luckily on the transit this afternoon it's pretty clear right now. >> yeah, there's some sunshine out there too. it's not going to last for too much longer? >> sunshine? >> sunshine. it's here for at least a little bit. >> we have more clouds moving in within the next couple of hours and especially tomorrow we'll have a decent amount of clouds around and a big cool down, so there's a big difference from with a we're seeing explain. here are the clouds, this is just north of downtown. the medical center camera in oxford
4:40 pm
clouds have moved in becoming overcast. nothing is coming out of those clouds, although there are a few flurries that i saw reported up toward indianapolis. the air is to dry, i don't think a lot of it will be hitting the ground. you may see a brief snowflake or rain drop, but i wouldn't worry about it. southeastern indiana dropping into the mid 40s already. that's the weather that's pushing in. if you're in hillsboro, west union, see at 60 degrees. just updated now, right around 59, so the cooler weather is even moving in there. northern kentucky ranges from so it's cooler to the west, that's exactly where the leading edge of that cloud cover is we were just looking at on the camera. been sweeping toward the east all day long. there's a couple of the flurries off to the west, but again it's not even worth an icon because the chance is so low. down to around the freezing mark
4:41 pm
20s i think by sunrise tomorrow, that's when we'll actually hit our low temperature for the day. wind coming straight out of the west at 20 miles per hour that's sustained winds. gusts have been a little bit higher than that, between 20 and 30 miles per hour, so a big difference from this morning. we had some power outages around the area this morning with wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour, so they're continuing to slacken off as we go into the evening who and over hours that's the air that's on the way here for the day tomorrow. we're going to struggle tomorrow to reach the upper 30s for high temperatures, but if you look back toward the west you don't see temperatures in the teens. it's about average for this time of year. it's typical wintertime temperatures. so we're not seeing a huge cool down, it's just dropping us back down to average. average temperatures this time of year, 40 degrees. we've been way above that. we're about 10 to 20 degrees above that during the day today and especially yesterday. so here's are some of the clouds that we have around, you notice
4:42 pm
just a couple of those light raindrops from time to time. we hold on to the clouds. this is the area in most, mostly cloudy for much of the day even into tomorrow afternoon. they start to clear out late tomorrow night and into the day on friday. you can see they push off towards the east. it's looking really nice on friday. it's a warming trend as well, slightly above average. temperatures into the middle 40s on friday, but a whole a lot of sunshine and we're also going to see some sunshine as we go into the weekend with a few clouds from time to time. 48 on saturday. 50 on sunday. that's about 10 degrees above average. but that's as high as it goes on the planning forecast, because some big changes are on the way. sunday, temperatures near 50. doesn't last for long, an arctic cold front is moving our way. that's going to bring the pattern where we see these on and off snow showers moving in from the north and west and we could have that pattern for several days in a row where we see some light accumulations. this is not a big heavy snowstorm. it's a dusting here, dusting there,
4:43 pm
grass as we go tuesday into wednesday, especially tuesday that's our best chance for a few of those snow showers and then high temperatures there you can see that's why we call it an arctic front, because it brings arctic air. highs only in the mid 20s by next wednesday. >> it's where we should do be. right? >> you're never really where you're supposed to be. >> it's normal to be not normal if that makes sense. it's normal to have big warm ups and big cool downs. >> donald trump who came in second claiming voter fraud in the iowa caucuses. >> what? >> he tweeted ted cruz stole iowa and that's why the polls were so wrong. so we asked you about it on facebook, and rhonda who is from iowa responded on our facebook page she said, i'd have to say that i saw no fraud here on the republican side. trump simply was not as well liked here as he seemed to think. in fact there was no one at our location who would even stand to speak in favor of him. >> jay says the accusation is plausible, i can see voters who
4:44 pm
they had been told that carson dropped out. they both appeal to evangelical voters. >> she says because the polls are how people vows, seriously a poll could show you're going to get 100% of the votes and the people who voted on the polls don't show up to vote and you get zero. welcome to reality. >> johnny wants to tell trump, okay, at first you took this loss graciously and now you sound like a sore loser. so suck it up, get back to work and win this thing. you can join the debate. go to our local 12 facebook page, and give us a like while you're there. >> stay at home moms creates a very personal keepsake.
4:45 pm
commemorating the. >> an artist mother in texas comes keepsake. >> she is developed a method for consult using pearls out of breast milk. how do you freeze time and hold on to this moment. the answer it turns out was right in front of her. >> i really wanted a way to commorate the bond between mother
4:46 pm
>> she takes real breast milk, adds pressure actives and lets it sit in the refrigerator. from there it becomes a solid that you can mold into anything you want. a top coat resin hardens and protects the precious milk. >> each shade is a different shade of cream to white, so you're getting what came from you. each pearl is unique to you and your child. no two are alike. >> why stop with breast milk. >> the planned parenthood sent. unsettling even, but for the hundreds of women who have bought the pieces it's therapeutic. her facebook page is filled with messages like this. thank yous from mothers who have had trouble breastfeeding, some dealing with post part up depression. there are even some mothers here who have lost their children. >> with each pearl it represents so many things to so many women, and when people buy their breast milk
4:47 pm
and a lot of stories are empowering. the gift of life. >> sure. the. >> the breast milk pearl is life sustaining and sustaining and life giving for many women. >> well, and boudreaux debuted her breast milk pearls for a group of moms and orders started pouring in. >> maybe some more now from local 12. >> we're back at 5:30. now we're live at 5:00. >> thank you very much. paying for 911. the new charge that could show up on your utility bill. >> and a mid air blast rips a hole in the side of a plane. terrifying passengers and killing one. what investigators say about the explosion. >> from outer space with astronauts to your outer wear here on earth. meet the local college students building a consumer business out of of nasa technology.
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