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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati Sunday  CBS  February 7, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. >> breaking news alerts and the weather authority forecast, this is good morning, cincinnati sunday. live, on local 12. >> liz: the new hampshire primary almost here. candidates have a chance to debate and give a last minute push for final votes. super bowl sunday is here, you can find out tonight here on the game only on local 12 >> reporter: we can debate all day who is going to win, but one thing that everyone is a fan of
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that is here at the market place here. >> liz: good morning, super bowl sunday to you, and we have a great show to you, thanks for starting the day with us, i'm liz bonis. >> adam: and i'm adam and tons to talk about today, including the big story of the day, super bowl 50 and i am wearing a little bronco orange and a little bit of carolina blue and so i am just showing the neutrality here and hoping for a big game and i know that everybody is hoping for a good forecast if you have the plans and you might be able to grill some stuff today getting ready for the big game, here is meteorologist, brandon orr with your no wait weather. >> brandon: it was so warm yesterday that we warmed up into the 40 and plus, we had the strong southerly wind, and we had to boost up the temperatures and we will make it into the 50s and it is going to be a nice day and a nice, sunrise as well. the temperature at the international airport, just one degree, below freezing there is that wiped, out of the south west around seven and that is what is pumping up the warm air so the temperatures, vary a
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in the 20s like harrison, and the others in the third, and even a closer look into hamilton county and you can see how the temperatures, vary and california, in the campbell, county, kentucky, 27, and up 23 towards mason. when we have the high, thin clouds, it can vary, hd is dry and it will stay that way, until late tonight and that is when the changes move in, and so enjoy the 50s and i think that we will hit 50, and 51 will be the high temperature and some may make it warmer than that, and we are back in the 40s and this is the drop that we are going to see, continue all the way through the day on monday and that could mean, some snow showers, to kick off your workweek. and we will talk about the timing of the snow showers and how long they will stick around and what days will the roads be wet, verses when they will be slick and we have all of that coming up.
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the campaign, 2015, and may have a different time involving politicians >> liz: most spent, saturday night live somewhere on television, the latest now from new hampshire. >> reporter: on awkward start to the abc republican pub debate. some of the candidates didn't realize they had down called to the stage, they charged at marco rubio, all three are vieing for main stream, gop voters. >> this notion that barack obama does not know what he is doing, is true. >> the memorized 20 seconds. >> there it is. marco rubio is a gifted, gifted politician. but we have tried it the old way, with barack obama. >> donald trump made the first appearance. >> i would bring back water boarding and an hell of a lot worse than water boarding. >> the candidates were not the only one to appeared to tv last night.
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tested out his comedic chopz on saturday night lives. >> he complained about the wealthy one percent getting treatment, about a skit about the titanic. >> enough is enough, and we need to unite and work together. if we are going to get through this. >> reporter: earlier hillary clinton fired back about the questions about her trustworthiness and the 2012, been gacy attack. there is more information about this than you will find in most other kinds of events. >> for some candidates, tuesday will be a major break down for survival in the race. cbs news. man chest ter, new hampshire. >> reporter: sanders is the third candidate to appear on saturday night live, hillary clinton was on the show last fall. donald trump hosted the show in november. >> adam: new this morning, an ohio police officer is injured during a shoot out and a suspect is now dead.
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of kentol 60 miles northwest of columbus, a man was sitting in had a gun. that suspect got out and shot, officer, newfer and led the police on chase, the officers, returned fire and killing that gunman and now the investigators are trying to sort everything out. >> at this point, i do not know if he was struck by my officer, the officers himself. and but it does appear that he was shot. >> for the cbs afill ate, is now reporting that the officer was taken by helicopter to the grant medical center. his mother told the station that her son is in good condition. >> liz: the police have identified a pedestrian, hit and killed in park hills. that accident, happened yesterday morning, on dixie highway. 68 years, roger stevenson was crossing the road near a bus stop when he was hit, some witnesses tried to give him
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time that the ambulance arrived. the driver that hit him is cooperating with police, and suffered a minor hand injury. >> and the search continues today for a missing woman. she is 31 years old and her name is tera turner and was last seen last sunday and a search party came together at the california market place in campbell county that is where her brother said that she was supposed to have been dropped off the day she disappeared, her family concerned because there is no activity on her cell phone. >> i just hope and pray that she is all right. she is a small, petite girl. but she is, she is able to handle her own, but just, we are missing her. scared, and hoping for the best. and kind of expecting the worst, now that it has been 6 days. you know? so, >> liz: right now investigators say there is no sign of foul play, if you know anything about
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are asked to call the dispatch, 859-654-3300. >> adam: south korea says that north korea has launched a long range rocket that is meant to test. north korea claim last month that they tested a hydrogen bomb, it may have failed but they did not provide any details. authorities say that the search for two small planes that collided in southern california is a recovery mission, the crash happened on friday, in a harbor near the port of los angeles, two men, the ages 61, 81, were aboard a plane that was seen on radar, colliding with another aircraft that was flown by a 72-year-old woman, the crews used the sonar and under water vehicles to search, and only a small amount of debris had been found by the end of the day. >> liz: thank you, kick off for the super bowl now just hours away and the excitement in the bay area is at a fever pitch,
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panthers had the final free walk through, on the fields. and in super bowl city, the fans were able to enjoy a free concert last night as well. and here in our area, for most of us, this super bowl experience is going to be watching it on tv with the big old, super bowl party and that means that a lot ofry grocery stores, so megan moore is joining us, and that looks delicious. >> so delicious, you know they say don't come to the grocery store hungry, and i have the habit of doing that. and i came to the grocery store hungry this morning. and i mean, do you see all of this? it looks so good. i am here with the chef aaron nemon and you guys are going to be busy today. and i can already see that the parking lot was full. >> we are going to be busy today. come in early and get what you need and as you can see behind you. we have plenty of options to pick up.
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party trays and in this store, and we make several in the store and we do have options to put together the meat and cheese trays as well. and we have chicken wings, always, come for the chicken wings and that is one of the biggest items of the super bowl. and i would definitely, come and get, one of everything. >> yes. >> and i love too, that here is the market place and i know that is may not be in every kroger store but you guys make these dips prepared. >> we make them ready to go and you can pick the lid off and pop them in the mike wave and it is micro wave, safe and you can come in early and get them before and heat them up later on. >> so everything is pretty much, ready to go and what i love, is so, i mean that you always think that you bought enough. but come in the half time, i mean, i know that i graze all day, and especially on a game like this, and you said this is baycy lick like a holiday for you guys. so anybody coming out at half time, what do you expect will be around and the people can still
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>> we will be making stuff throughout the day. we want to keep it fresh and full for our customer and we want to take care of them. >> probably some of the more popular items. >> definitely the sandwiches and the pin wheels and the dips and those are more of our, our items that will go bigger. >> great. and also, we are mentioning two over here at murrays and if by chance you don't have the trays available, and they have cheeses here too as well. that they can, come and pick up and get some bread. >> those are the higher end, cheeses. and i recommend them if you want to put together a cheese tray. you can come and pick them up and they are already cut in wedges for you and all that you need to do is put them on i plate, and if you would a cutting board and it is ready to go. >> all right, if it delays sunday for you, it sounds like they have done most of the work for you. so there is a lot here, and coming up in a little bit, we will show you a quick recipe that you can make, if by chance, you run out of food and you need something fast and we will send
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>> pretty much, something for everyone on this menu. >> and i am here, coming to work hungry today. >> cbs super bowl coverage gets started at eleven this morning and it is right here of course, on local 12 and we have a special program coming called super bowl 50, before they were pros. it then continues right up until kick off at 6:30, and after the game there is a special edition of the late show with steven and it is followed with local 12 news, live at eleven. >> if you are not going to sit in all day, and watch all of that. there is a chance to get out and hike the woods. >> we are going to tell you about a program at a local park ahead. >> adam: but first an indoor triathalon, they are offering the people a chance to swim and
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under one roof, it is next on >> liz: we are covering news where you live this morning, a special competition, being held in mason. >> adam: the community, center offering to take part in an athalon and you can swim and bite and run, but it is all done inside, on the pools and the stationary bikes, and they will offer, the different lengths for different fitness levels as well >> liz: we are expecting the weather and you might want to head to the park for a special
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and a naturist will lead the hike along the trails, in anderson, town ship and that starts at 2:00 and it is designed for all ability levels if you want to participate, you should meet at the season good nature center and it is free with a parked district permit. >> adam: do you think that they will have chicken wings on that tour. >> liz: i think that you do that before. a big weekend for college basketball as well. how xavier and uk, faired. >> adam: first, one of the biggest eating days of the year. we have great ideas if you don't
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over tomorrow mornin >> adam: welcome back, yes, there is a football game today, but for the casual fans it is about the food and this is the second biggest eating day, after, thanksgiving. super bowl sunday we have the shocking statistics when it comes to how much that we eat. >> we asked the experts about
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wear the sweat pants due to the weight that we gain. blame it on the popcorn, or whatever snack foods that you choose, mashables estimates that we eat enough, popcorn to fill, 14 million, large buckets, we eat enough pizza to stretch to florida. and avocados would weigh with the line man and add that up and it means. >> on average, an american, who watches super bowl, consumes about 2400 calories, and 120 grams of fat. during just watching the game. >> she is a registered dietism, and she says that amount of fat and calories. >> it is more than what we should eat in a whole day. >> she points out there are
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with the pizza and the wings and there are lower fat alternatives and all choices or you could eat less than the regular time. if you want to do that, you may want to reduce your alcohol, intake and you get a lot of calories from alcohol that can add up. when you drink it lowers your inhibitions, for eating less food. >> in fact, according to mashable, we drink enough beer on super bowl sunday that if you led it flow for 7 minutes it would barely equal the number of gallons of what urt that flow over niagra falls every second. to cut back. >> you can nature, lower calorie drinks with your beer. >> as for pizza. >> and you can load up on the vegetables. >> and you can use the veggies for dipping too. >> you can make your own dip, using avocados. >> if that is not good, pace yourself chl the game is at night, and most of us start eating the super bowl, foods on
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now just a couple of things, we eat enough, chicken wings today that you could give everyone in the world, three of them. >> wow, i did not know that. >> only the people like me are fascinated with that. >> i am probably going to eat more than three. if we had to space it out in the world, you would get three. >> adam: a nice way to look at it. >> how are you looking today? >> brandon: it is going to be a really nice day. into the low 50s. enjoy it while it lasts because all week long. it is really nice and once we go below freezing tomorrow, it is going to be a few days before we get above freezing again. and that is why we want to enjoy it. we have a decent amount of sunshine, and the high, thin, clouds and seeing the temperatures varying a little bit this morning, you can see that hamilton is at 2531 at the airport, and above freezing right now at 34 degrees. and the precision, hd and if we had anything and it would be the in form of snow and certainly
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the temperatures, move in and we start to get the chases of rain and showers moving in. and you can see the clouds and these are mainly the high, thin, clouds that we were looking at on the camera but look to the west, this is what we are watching. you can see the area of the light snow and a little bit of rain, and the front that is going to push in our direction that is what is going to spark off the rain showers that we will get late tonight maybe if you are coming ba being from the super bowl, you will hit the showers and going to them, it is going to be nice. 50 degrees already, by two and the low 50s that is the high temperature for today, right around 3:00 or 4:00, and we will be partly cloudy tonight. and you saw the clouds that are off to the west on the satellite that really begin to thicken up between 7:00 and 8:00, and by 9:00, i have it completely cloudy and that is when we will see a chance for sprinkles by midnight as the big chance and we will see the showers roll on in and you can notice how the winds are coming in from the south, south west that is where we are pulling in the warmer air and you can see where it is 36,
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and that is the warmer air that we are starting to pull in. and warmer thatn this time yesterday morning, and we will show you the same map and it looks similar and so we have this warming trend that continues throughout the day when we hit the 50s do you remember the clouds, they love in and it is hit and miss, and we are going to see the partly cloudy skies and there will be sunshine in between. and now, watch these showers, you can see that develop right over cincinnati? and in the tri state in that is around, midnight or so and i think that the timing is good on that. and again, the rain showers and the roads will be wet and not snow covered and at least until we get late in the day on monday, here is monday, at 3:00, and you can see the snow, mixed with the rain showers at times and the temperatures will be slightly before freezing i think. and into the middle 30s and once you get passed the sunset, here it is at 6:30, the temperatures are going to drop like a rock, into the 20s and this is when the things will be dicey on the roads and also, notice how these are spotty snow showers and some of them contain the deeper blues and that is the heavier snow
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is coming in from all of these showers and we are pulling off the moisture off the lake michigan and that is going to be on tuesday as well and that is where we will expect the snow showers to push on through, the timing of this? again, it is over night tonight around midnight and the rain showers and we will see the rain mixed with snow on monday and then all snow as we get late in the day on monday. and impacts the wet roadways and the payment are wet on monday and they could be slick on tuesday and especially on into wednesday and the snow accumulations now, this is important, monday through wednesday and this is totally all snow from monday to wednesday and it is one to three inches. and so, it is very light snow that we are looking at, in terms of accumulations over the in ekt few days. but we finally start to, dry on out, as we get towards, the late workweek and look at those high temperatures, especially on wednesday, it is going to be chilly, degrees and the lows are close to the single digits. >> liz: quite a contrast. the dogs and cats are ready for adoption, going to show us
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home today and that is just ahead. >> adam: plus the former uc player, playing in the super bowl and why he almost, quit
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to get better >> adam: welcome back, spca starts their adoption at noon. >> liz: our friend kelley is
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great animals that you can take home. >> thanks liz, i have great adopable pets with me today, we will start out with jasmin and her big ears and she is ready to go and she is a miniature pincher two years old and lapping to and she is nervous to be on tv and she is here shaking, and she is ready to go home and spayed vaccinations and microchipped, you can adopt her at noon along with these two adorable kittens and $10 for all cats and kittens and these two are around, three months and still, young and both females and so they have been spayed. and vas natured. they are all available at noon, we hope to see you there, back to you liz. >> liz: thank you very much, kelley. we do news to tell you about, the death toll keeps rising in taiwan, the number of people not found, following a
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>> adam: honoring a cyclist who was killed by a driver, a man who died, doing what he loved the most. well will that sfx: car driving. sfx: engine revving.
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sfx: car speeding away.
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>> adam: honoring a fallen cyclist, a ceremony to remember a man who was struck and killed on a local road.
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this, the panthers and the broncos to battle it out, for the trophy and super bowl, 50 and you can watch that big game right here on local 12. >> reporter: and in case of a lazy sunday for you and you are coming for the last minute and trying to whip something up quickly. we have an idea for you coming up. >> i can't see what that is, but i am going to want to eat it. good morning, cincinnati and thank you so much for sharing your sunday with you. i'm adam clements >> liz: and i'm liz bonis. and first a check of the weather here is meteorologist, brandon orr. >> brandon: an awesome forecast for today. and we already have a lot of sunshine and wait until we see how warm we get today, we are talking about the low 50s, mreefsh it or not. 41 degrees is where we start out, at least at the international airport and the wind pulling in from the south and the warmer air is on the way and you can see how we vary a little bit. and the northwestern, hamilton
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and hamilton, at 25 and we vary a little bit, in terms of temperatures and no matter where you are right now, it is going to warm up by later on this afternoon and we don't have any of the rain fall for the time being, late tonight, is when we start to see some showers, move in andly especially around the midnight hour, and then it gets warmer than that and especially as we get towards, 3:00 or 4:00 and then back to around, 47 by 7:00 and it will continue to fall throughout much of the day tomorrow and so we don't have a lot of clouds going on right now, and it is the high and thin clouds that we saw on the camera. this is what we are watching off to the west and we are going to bring in the rain tonight and change over to some snow as we go into tomorrow. and we are talking specific snow numbers. and we have been talking about it all week and then we will have more details this weekend and we have that coming up here in 15 minutes. >> adam: it has been one week, since michael left for a bike
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was hit and killed, while riding along highway 52. >> liz: 600 road in his honor and brad brings us a look at the local tribute. >> with just the noise of the street and the wind, they number many, but ride as one. in groups of 25, they followed the jeep, carrying michael's ghost bike. >> for all of us this is a sorrowful day. within the hour of the crash, news of his condition, spread within the cycling community, steve, the cyclist and the bike attorney says that being hit, as a cyclist's worst fear. >> you do everything that you can and a lot of the people that ride a lot and it used to be on the road and mix it up with the cars and keeping them safe and just someone who is oblivious, they are driving down the road with a paper bag on their heads and there is no defense that you can do. >> he died a day after being hit.
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was an assistant manager at rei. bringing up the rear, of the half mile long chain of riders is rei family. but not everyone, knew him and you didn't have to. >> if it were any other person in this area right now. i would be out here doing the same thing to them. every one of us would be. >> they did not know each other but they shared, mutual friends and they also, shared the love of being on a bike. >> the park was about halfway for the ride and about five miles from the airport and it was here that all of the ceremony. >> with the helmets on tight and the heads down low. >> after the service, most of the riders went back. and close friends and family, and then permanently placed his ghost bike at the crash site. in anderson, town ship, brad underwood, long 12 news. >> liz: investigators say that he was doing everything right
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was driving the suv that killed and hit him. at the moment he is charged with vehicular homicide and she was high on prescription, medications at the time. >> adam: we are learning new information about a deadly earthquake in taiwan, the death toll has reached 19 and more than 130 people are missing, the high-rise, collapsed this weekend, and the life detectors in the building, show at least, 29 people are still alive but they are trapped, and thousands of rescue worker continue to work around the clock and more than 400 people were hurt. >> liz: environmental leaders suggest that the children and pregnant woman, drink, bottled water in ohio where the high levels are found in the tap water, a change from what the environmental state protection agency has been saying. and initially the agency said that those groups did not need to drink, bottled or filtered water. >> meanwhile the epa says that
8:32 am
the federal limit, allowed in most of the samples tested during this past week. twitter chief executive says that the social media website, stream of tweets will stay live, and in real time. the news, and entertainment site, buzz feed reported that twitter was going to release it based on an algorhythm, and upset the users would created rip, twitter, rest in peace, twitter to debate that change. football and food and we are continuing to have that as a great theme here today and you can't have one without the other on super bowl sunday. >> especially on super bowl sunday. >> if you have to make a last minute run, kroger had the ideas and how you can whip up the easy desserts and the appetizer and a lot of stuff for the party to keep the guests happy. megan mo'o megan moore is live and tell us about it. you are whipping up stuff there, aren't you?
8:33 am
and it is early this morning, and this recipe, it is popping. >> it is popping. >> pepper popper, and i love the name of it. >> it is fun to say and it is fun to eat. and so i have already got this mixed up and this is one ripe, and one ounce, of cheese, and there is no added extra spices and you blend that in a mix you are or a hand mixer. and we are going to cut the pepper in half and just put it in the pepper. and then take your hot sauce, and then just kind of based on how much hot sauce that you like on your chicken, of course you can coat it. just keep. >> and just keep cutting it there. >> and so, we are going to just pour the hot sauce on there and it is as you like it. and this is on our hand breaded, chicken tenderses that we make in the store. >> you already have some of these prepared, right? >> yeah, they are ready to go.
8:34 am
and fresh and we have them cold on the cold wall. >> i am going to try this. >> get in there and you see, i like the heat and we will see, and it is going to be hot. >> that is good. >> thank you. >> a lot of textures and the crunchy and you have the chicken, and this is one quick recipe and i know that there are a lot of people and especially by half time and you are going to be like -- and we are in trouble. >> you are running out of food and you need to come back to the store and we do have the recipes for you here and of course, on the local 12 website. >> that is right. you were here in the studio on friday and you have the other recipes that you were whipping up. >> yes, i made chipotle guac amole and i used the smoked and dar cheese ball. today.
8:35 am
much. local 12 is carrying the super bowl this year, pregame, coverage starts at eleven this morning and goes all day, and the kick off at 6:30 and we will after the game and be carrying the special edition of the late show, with steven, followed by the 11 news, here live. and speaking of the big game, a former uc player is there with the broncos and we will hear what he actually almost quit football but the decision to stick with it is paying off. that is just ahead. >> liz: plus, xavier looking intiek a championship game and
8:36 am
helped them to overcome a tough >> liz: good morning, with two more road games, xavier at home, to boost the status, and they are 6-1, on the road and so that is good. and what is good is the top two games went down, oklahoma last to kansas state, and unc, and host and shooting 15 from the field and it goes up 6, though, and henry, and the middle range, and he finished with 22, and the second half, miles davis, and okay. he meant to do that, right? and throws it down and the tied game at 63, and tied up at 75, and edmon, to jc, and for the three point lead and he is doing what he does. and blew it now.
8:37 am
today and the muskies come up big when it counts. 90-82. >> everyone is different and someone is having a bad night and the other players are going to come up and step up and so coming off of the bench i have the same amount of energy that i have starting the game. >> there is a lot unique to jp and the word that comes to mind is fearless. and that is one of our core values. >> and you know, whatever venue we step into, whatever the moment is, we want the guys to play without fear. you know, to attack and then it is, and it is who he has been since we recruited him. >> the bear cats, riding a four game, win streak into saturday's game and they meet the tigers at home to start that streak and they won by four, and shot, 50 percent for the game and today, neither team, knocking down the shots but uc were out, rebounded by eleven, and the tigers grabbing 24 offensive boards and they grabbed ten the last time, that the two teams played. and marco, and the base line,
8:38 am
by 15 and he noo you that was 30. and the second half, uc back in it, and troy, and draws the foul and gets the roll and the one, and uc is down, and now, to the three to make it a one point game and 56-55 but, wood son said nothing, fellows and step back and memphis comes away with the 63-59 win and the super bowl is here, super bowl, 50 tonight on local 12 and just for a second think about all of the names on the football, and there are 58 players and including the practice squad and think about how many of those players that you don't know off of the field. you think that you might know them. but there is always, something more and that is the case with the former uc and the defensive end, and the 25-year-old, line man is from the valley and the only one to play in the league in the 12, regular season games, he racked up 36 tackles and five and a half, sacks and four blocks. and designed, a 40 million dollar deal to remain with the broncos and he rode to cashing
8:39 am
>> my head, coach was a tad senile and he brought me up to the office and said that he heard that i was thinking about leaving. i didn't have any money, i was broke and i was tired of being broke, i was broke, and i was tired of not being able to feed myself and not being able to buy myself a pair of shoes. i had enough. and we had a losing season and i was like i am out of here, man and i am done. and that was, that again, shows that like, all that he had to do was tell me, you don't want to be a quitter. and i was like, you are right i am quitting. >> it makes you want to do something, so go and do something. you can see it on local 12, and orlando, pace one of the eight new hall of famers and the class of 2016 was announced last night, make it a great day, everyone >> liz: thanks, the future inventors and engineers all came together this weekend. >> adam: more than 450 students from across the blue grass state took part in an lego
8:40 am
48 teams of students, aged 9 to 14, competed, and this year's theme was trash trek. and now the students, explore the world of trash collection rather, and sorting and reusing by building and programming robots. and they also identified a problem and worked to develop a solution for it. good for them. years of hard work and service are acknowledged and for hundreds of boy scouts, this brand new eagle scouts were celebrated during the court of honor. this is the highest honor for a scout, only about 5 percent of boy scouts achieve the rank of eagle scout. he served as mc at this temple, downtown cincinnati. rob himself is an eagle scout, along with scott dimmich and brad underwood. >> liz: the long vacant, lincoln grant, school is coming back to life with a purpose. the first school for african american students is about to get back into the education business.
8:41 am
a local 12, joe web has the story. >> out there. and there we go. developer, kimberly, stevenson is convinced that she is unlocking more than an 85 year old arc deco building. >> we really have a love for prepurposing abandoned historic structures. and trying to bring their historic beauty back to life in a way that will be useful for the community. >> the historical african american, school closed in 1976, and it has been vacant, since 2004. and the group, hopes to turn this massive dust and peeling paint into what is called, the scholar house. 45 apartments, with the low income, single parents, who were going to college. >> we will have support services, academic services, child care availability, after school care availability and supportive services for the whole family. >> reporter: summer just earned
8:42 am
business in gate way and hopes to move in when the apartments are finished. >> you know, i have been, and i can get a long term career out of getting my education and that way, you know, i can provide for me and my son. >> 11 million dollar, renovation will turn the original, 1931, school building into apartments and offices and restore the auditorium for the community use. the second building will be built on the back, next to renovated basketball courts and a ball field. more than just single parent, student housing. >> it also provides, a supportive network within the housing community so that parents are supporting each other, and supporting their kids, and the kids are learning the importance of education along with the process. >> this is the group's sixth scholar house project. it seems that the concept helped to break the cycle of poverty other places.
8:43 am
single parent, families go on to pursue higher education. >> it brings back the life of an abandoned landmark and can continue to be an anchor in the east side. >> i believe that this is a feasible plan and this is a plan that really can help i guess, honor, the history of the building. >> now, joe tell us that the scholar house will have 39 apartments and 6 bedroom units and the hope is to have the first families moving in later this year >> adam: the forecast does not feel like super bowl sunday but we will take it. >> brandon: yeah take it now before winter moves in, especially if it gets worse tomorrow. and it looks to be winter like. >> liz: it is february. >> adam: it is february. we are talking 50s today >> brandon: next week will not be bad when it comes to snow fall and you can see the high, thin, clouds pushing on through and the temperatures range between, the middle 20s to the lower 30s and so some areas of
8:44 am
and 35 degrees, and but you can see the other areas around 24 degrees and the reason that it varys a little bit is because we do have the high, and thin clouds across the area last night and that is why the temperatures, vary, and doppler does not have any rain fall on it for the time being, about you we are watching the clouds move inning and those are the high and thin clouds that we are looking at and off to the west are thicker and they will start to thicken up after sunset tonight and you can see the shourdz and the rain showers and a few snowflakes mixed in and it is going to increase as we get over the area and the computer model breaks it down well. and 50 by 2shgs, and the low 50s by 3:00, and we have the partly cloudy skies and here comes the thicker clouds as we get to seven, and 47 there and 45 and you can see the slow temperature drop that we are going to see all night and all day tomorrow. the winds coming in out of the south and bringing in the warmer air where you can see it slightly warmer, there in to the middle 30s with the clouds that they have out there. and all of these temperatures
8:45 am
degrees warmer than yesterday morning. and so the warming trend continues into this afternoon and so we have some of these spotty clouds and in the area of white that we see and it will go back to that and because i want to take you through it because it shows you the timing of some of these very well. there are the clouds that we have and that is the area in white, that is not the snow and the snow will show up in blue colors and as we get to 8:00 or 9:00, or ten, and you will see the showers notice something develop over the area and this is the rain showers tonight and around midnight and so if you are coming back from the super bowl events and you may encounter the roadways, and sno snow, expected tonight, until we get to early tomorrow morning and you can see some of these snow showers and the blew, and move on in and they are spot combr and mixed with the rain and so during the day on monday, and during the daytime heating when we get into the early afternoon and but by midnight the sun is down, on monday, i should say and that is when we will start to see some of these snow showers really start to crank up and the temperatures
8:46 am
stick to the roads a little bit. but you can see how it is spotty and it is not all widespread snow and here is how it breaks down as we go throughout tomorrow and especially through wednesday and. and the timing of it again after midnight tonight and we can see the rain changing over to the snow during the day on monday. and the impacts and the mainly wet roadways on monday and because the pavement temperatures will be above freezing and so if you are worried about the snow day on monday and i think that we will be okay. and most locations we will see the wet roadways and it will become, slick tuesday into wednesday and those will be the days that we are watching out the roadways for the slick conditions. and each day, we have the potential for maybe a round of an inch or so, and so when you add up monday and tuesday and wednesday we are looking at one to three inches of snow combined, between monday and wednesday. and again this is going to come very spotty and it is impossible to tell, which neighborhood is going to get what snow fall amounts because it is going to vary so much, and the amounts down the rooed that could have three inches by wednesday and five miles down the road and
8:47 am
around, an inch and so it is going to vary in that kind of way, as we get towards, thursday the things will start to dry out, and 25 degrees and so we really don't warm up too much after the snow fall and especially since we will have the light coating of the snow on the ground and that will keep the temperatures down in the workweek. >> we will have our eyes on that. >> especially the timing. thanks so much.
8:48 am
final look, >> liz: welcome back, cincinnati, because of super bowl, sin claire, investigative news show will air on cw cincinnati later this morning instead on local 12, this week, guest host, scott takes a closer look at new year's eve attacks women in germany, how it played a huge role toward a change towards refugees. >> because the blame is shifting, a lot of people are reexamining what does it mean for this kind of culture clash between the regular or the average, ordinary citizen who has been in germany and suddenly this community that they have to live together. >> liz: it starts at 11, and you can find the cw cincinnati on channel 12.2, over the air or 12 on time warner cable system.
8:49 am
top stories an ohio police officer, shot during a confrontation with a suspect. enter>the court: this happened last night about 60 miles northwest of columbus, and the suspect reportedly shot at officers after he was confronted to waiting outside of a house with a gun. the suspect was chased down and killed during the shoot out. >> liz: new hampshire primary now just two days away, it makes or breaks a race for many candidates and last night, the republican candidates, debated on live tv and bernie sanders and hillary clinton entered questions from reporters about the attacks in ben sagy gacy as well. >> local 12 has the subpoena power bowl this year, and the kick off for the game, between the broncos and the panthers but the pregame, coverage is going to be running all day and starts at eleven and after the game, there is a special edition of the late show, with steven colber tand brandon, a good sunday. >> brandon: into the low 50s
8:50 am
we will see, a mixture of sun and clouds, today and so we are going to see a decent amount of sunshine, and as we go into the showers we will see the clouds increase by seven or 8 or 9 and it becomes, completely cloudy and the rain showers will hold off until midnight and you can south. and the winter weather, comes in tomorrow but i think that we will just see the wet roadways, move in on tuesday and wednesday. >> probably a good thing as everybody is waking up in the predictions? sdmrl i am not saying it. >> brandon: 20-24. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning
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