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tv   Local 12 News at 6  CBS  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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blast of cold air and snow showers, add up to a double whammy. >> kicks off on what is a frigid weekend. erica collura shows us what to expect tonight. we're looking at lower visibilities, especially heavier buffers of snow, scatter across the area. and about 10-15 minutes ago, cut-in-hill will look worst than this. traffic is slowing because of the snow falling in the area. and right now, we're at 27 degrees. winds are pretty breezy, making it feel colder. you could see the blue little areas indicate heavier snow. and cincinnati south, looking at flurries, light snow shower activity. in the middletown area, will continue to move towards monroe, across 75. that's the heavier snow north of hamilton. this is moving southeast as well, butler county, we have heavier snow right in the rural indiana area. otherwise, light snow shower
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again, this will continue to cause very low vis iblth around the trenton, south of middletown area and continue to go across 75. your weekend snow trend, it looks like this. slight chances throughout saturday morning into the early afternoon hours maybe. sunday starts off snow-free. by the afternoon and evening, we're looking at road issues. we'll talk about that and pinpoint when we will start to see more widespread snow later this weekend, coming up in about 10 minutes. back to you. 29-year-old, brittany russel was found murdered earlier this week. larry davis, spoke to russel's father who is trying to come to grips
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>>. >> father cannot hide his anger or sadness. >> right now, i'm not, you know, . >> punishment for my daughter. >> russel's daughter was murdered outside the dayton apartment complex, her six-month old daughter haven was in the back seat unharmed. police say sur priefd the cold because the car was running and the heater was on. even though he's very anxious to learn more information about the daughter's murder, billy russel, sr. says he will let dayton and middletown police do their job. she was dependable and loved the bengals. >> her smile would light up the room. her hair would definitely light
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the bengals game, sworn in the park. >> russel says, while brittany battled drug abuse, she was in the process of turning her life around for herself as well, as her two little girls. >> she was doing better for herself. she was staying clean and fixing to go to a rehab. that's a big step for anybody. i don't think she was actually going to turn her life around and do really good again >> larry davis, local 12 news. >> dayton police say, there's no evidence that brittany russel would be robbed. investigators say he pointed a gun earlier this month and demanded cash.
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found, call crimestoppers, 352, 3040 3040. >> 16-year-old woman was recently diagnosed. man who traveled to haiti, also had the dica virus. earlier this year, ohio and indiana reported the first cases of zika. >> 109 cases were reported in november. doctors say most of the cases were in children. whooping cough also known as pertussis. it could be severe when it strikes children under the age of 1 much we have a link at >> marathon campaign makes a stop in cincinnati. former president, bill clinton, for his wife's hillary bid to make it to the oval office. details on mr. clinton's message
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>> first of all, the message was, hillary clinton won the debate last night with bernie sanders, that is what you expect bill clinton to say. two of the crowd here at the clifton sanders. he made specific references saying, hillary clinton's economic plan was better. there was more likely to prevent a future recession. said hillary clinton would not demonnize muslims. one issue, that he hopes to be a future president. he said the future president will nominate from one to three supreme court judges. >> she will give you judges that will stick up for your rights and make us go forward together. >> to send a message, who is more qualified to be the next
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clinton. she's that experience from being inside the white house. she's very well equipped and prepared to lead the country >> it's interesting, in 2008, . >> in hamilton county, obama won hillary clinton in 2008. there were five big counties and blow-out. the ohio primary is march 15ingth. of course, they each have one state now and nevada. that's where it goes next. it will be back here sooner than
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jeff hirsh, local 12 news. john kasich met with voters in barbecue restaurant and hoping to capitalize in a strong finish in new hampshire. ted ruz is following the same game plan, by making to get the same support by evangelical christians. jeff bush is pushing for the evangelical vote. >> along with your bread and milk, you could grocery shop for
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>> police say a man kept pretty busy by robbing three local businesses in the same day. jimmy freeman was held up in redding, udf in lawn's hill and redding foodmart on tuesday. and investigators say he had a partner but the person is not yet identified. the gun used had a laser sight. and kroger steps in the battle. and senator rob portman and mark dl1el0wine join company
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nolaxin available without a prescription at the pharmacies. those who get it, will have to consult with the pharmacists on how to prevent an overdose. teens in kentucky may have to wait to light up. a bill in the state house will ban smoking for anyone under 21. anyone 18 and over could buy tobacco and legal products. and hawaii is the only state to raise the smoking age to 21.
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kentucky lawmakers wants to limit men's access to erectile dysfunction drugs. a democrat from louisville will require men to get consent from their wife and see a doctor twice before getting a prescription filled. married men would have to put their hand to the bible and only use it when having sex from their lives. you could check what other say on the local facebook page. >> and in time for valentine's day, new way to give more kissable lips. medical reporter says it's all in the delivery. >> there's nothing morrow mantic than the perfect kiss from the perfect person. what if you have the perfect family, perfect husband and you don't feel like you have the perfect lips for the perfect kiss. >> i thought -- i wore lipstick a lot. i didn't feel i had that look i
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>> at 15 and wee got this. heather logan got the picture perfect lips she loves in just days. we were there when she came back to see dr. jen middleson. two days after he helped her with. >> she went from this to this. >> it's just perfect. i'm really excited. >> it's a natural substance in the body, delivered in the lips through an injectable filler. now you could do it in a new way. >> conditionula. >> she allowed us in to show how the apparatus works. >> my goal, is to have pouty, puffy lip. i want the whole thing to be pouty and full and have the big full lips.
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they have a numbing agent. carisa doesn't feel her lips fill up. she can have irritation and soreness. >> the beautiful thing, we can reverse them. we can -- they are mallable, soft and easy to manipulate. if someone doesn't like it, we can dissolve it. >> much of the success has wafr you want to see in the mirror for your own lips. he said the results will last 8-12 months. she went from this to this. the biggest boost, her confidence? >> of course, yes. i think big lips are beautiful. >> whoever said a kiss is just a kiss, never knew all this. >> thank you, liz. >> depending on how much filler is needed, could cost $500-700. swelling from the procedure goes
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>> weather authority. this is erica collura, hour-by-hour forecast. >> we have some snow showers in the area. >> heavy snow falling in portions of warren county. that's going to cause some issues. you could see it fairly scattered. when we zoom in, we have heavy snow falling just around 11 to monroe areas across 75 going to pass over, 71 and continuing and 42 there, probelievely seeing difficulties from lebanon to flagman there. we have heavy snow falling around wanesville to harveysburg and north of clarksville. the bursts of snow could lower visibilities less than a mile as well as put a quick coating or half an inch to surfaces that are cold enough. we have some heavy snow working into forest park across 275. expect some slow traffic there as well as through north brook,
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this will continue to move towards southeast, blue ash in the madera area. we have moderate to light snow, downtown cincinnati, to northern there. you could see the blue showing up around downtown. we have heavy snow through southeast of camp springs. it just rolled through your area. that will continue to border the ohio river into richmond and lighter stuff through independence through northern kentucky and down towards owington, williamstown and brown, highland, adams county, you're under some sort of areas of flurries or light snow showers. this will continue to move from the northwest to the south and east. we have the whole batch to move through. that's the problematic issues throughout the evening. it's going to be lower visibilities and potential shots on the road. you can see the traffic moving
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the sun sets, probably see some slick spots develop even more. and that heavy snow, moderate snow moving over downtown cincinnati, will lower visibility as we look live from the atrium weather center. around 3:00, 4:00 and middletown and 3:00 from the international airport. and tonight, not only are we dealing with the snow shower, we have to deal with windchill values slipping in the digits. the winds that make gusts, 20-25 miles an hour, it will feel more like the single digits. and lingering snow shower and flurry activity through midnight. temperatures in the upper teens and will stay breezy overnight. next 48 hours, looks like this. 7:00, we're looking at areas or bursts of moderate and heavy snow possible in the next hour to two hours. and then those showers, snow
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around 11:00, 12:00 tonight. tomorrow, tracking the chance for a couple of flurries and snow showers, mainly before 2:00 or noon tomorrow. i don't think we'll have many issues for saturday. it's going to be very cold. temperatures will topping out at 17 in the afternoon. we start off around 10:00. we get to 14 by noon. we will track small chances in the afternoon and early morning hours. maybe a little sun late in the day. the next system comes valentine's day. head's in the afternoon and early hours. temperatures only get to 24. this is definitely issues on the road. monday morning, commute, if you have to go to work. kids are off from school. the roads are most likely be bad. temperatures are above freezing until monday. the models are really still up in the air. we'll continue to monitor this throughout the weekend.
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forecast, especially on sunday evening and even sunday morning. >> college basketball, as the schedule gets smaller, the games get bigger. that's the case for fifth ranked xavier. muskies in the big east road. and six more conference games to go. when it comes to the series, the butler hasn't done it. xavier dominating the overall series 36-15. first round they met this season, january 2nd, when butler was ranked 9th in the nation. x beat the bulldogs by 19. and the play of jp, and big 3's in the win over marquette jam. others may shy away from.
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the career high, against marquette on saturday. >> it airs like, to jp. the word that comes to mind, fearless. and that's one of our core values. you know, whatever venue you step into, we want guys to play without fear, to attack. it's who he's been ever since we recruited. >> and they host east carolina. and they won five of the last six games. and need center, elias to step up. and they've stepped up at times this season. big night, followed by periods of production and seven more in the conquest. the big man has to be a factor as the big dance draws near. >> we will perform and we'll win games. if they don't, we won't. we're no different than anybody
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octavious, when you look at the candidates, election craze. it would be huge if we can play well. that's my donald trump. bad, really bad >> over in holy cross, boy's basketball, a family affair. not only leading the indians, but coaching two of the suns as well. only play we'll see, be sure to local 12 for the story reds pitchers and catchers will be there as well. 18th, official start for the reds and the rest of the cactus league. unlike minicamp and the bullpen as well. time and time again, and check it out. new option, looks more like an adviser. the helmets will be tested this
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not much, for trainer, missed the final 104 games. he's rehabbing. more on zack and the information at short stop. be sure to get the skinny.
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former uc star, o .
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working on for local 12 news live at 11:00. cupid may be looking to steal your heart. conmen are looking to steal your money. one local woman logs $100 thousand to on-line dating swindell. a big moment for a little girl. tonight, a local 3-year-old with rare disease goes to the prom. >> and weather is something you have to pay attention in the weekend. >> we have very heavy snow. from middletown to wanesville. just be careful. we'll look at lowers and maybe a half an inch possible. areas of heavy snow in cincinnati. that's moving southeast now. >> thank you, eric cal.
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>> pelley: republicans fight for the christian right and prepare for our cbs debate. tempers flare between the democrats. >> madam secretary, that is a low blow. >> pelley: also tonight, a low blow of cold in much of america. the pope's pilgrimage to mexico. greyhound racing may be neither the end of its run. and steve hartman at a museum of love. >> i built it for other people to see, but it's for me, too.


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