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tv   Local 12 First Four  CBS  February 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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new tech . >> good afternoon, everyone. hope you're enjoying the weather. it's not a bad ride to work. >> a lot of schools off. you have a lot of people sitting at home today >> kind after mix bag of precipitation. depending where you live. let's go to scott dimmich for a look what to expect. >> rain is favored in the southeast of cincinnati for the
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to the southeast of cincinnati, we'll begin to mix with snow. winter weather advisory has been posted for adams, mason, robertson, bracken, brownnd a highland county. this is in effect until 7:00 tonight to 10:00 in the morning tomorrow. cincinnati is not included in the advisory. no part of south eastern indiana is included. if you're in the advisory area, we expect 1-2 inches of new snow tonight and very, very early tomorrow. rain and lower snow amounts are forecasted primarily along 71 and 75 and the intensity of the coverage of the precipitation will be closer to since nat compared to areas well to the east. the coverage of the intensity, picking up southeast of cincinnati. snow begins to mix in around 10:00, 11:00 tonight. notice temperatures gradually fall to the 30s this evening. ultimately, we drop down close
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rain and snow is quickly moving out overnight, early tomorrow morning. we'll have a cloudy sky. this is all rain on live precision doppler hz d. and down to the southern and southwestern part of pendleton county. and showers beginning to move in the eastern part of adams county. visibility has been at or below a mile. that will be the case this evening. the screaming message, accumulation of snow, favored to the east. tomorrow, we keep a chance for spotty rain and snow going and much warmer air in the week. we'll look at the snowfall totals and the planning forecast in 10 minutes. brad. >> and springfield township home
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>> and timber mill court, with the victim and the fire, jeff. >> and the man is about 60-year-old. they have not released the name because they are trying to track down the relatives. the call came to 911, one minute after 9:00 this morning. crews will dispatch. when they got here, they found heavy flames. extra help was called, including wood lawn and wyoming, cold weather makes it worst and something else adds to the difficulty. the house was full of clutter, making it difficult to fight the fire and find the victim who is eventually located in the kitchen. the chief says the extra time would not have made any difference trying to save the victim's life. the fire was smoldered or burning or broke through the house and became visible. the victim was the homeowner. he was the only victim. there was a report earlier that there may be another occupant in there.
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at this point, it doesn't appear there's another victim. >> a neighbor says the homeowner had a number of pets. they also had the space heaters. the space heaters were kept in a back, sun room -type area that's one possible thought. and at this point, no cause, no damage estimate, and they have not still released the name. live in local township. >> and you know the relatives are notified at this point? >> that's why they have not released the name. >> many people are, fire
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fire investigators believe a pot belly stopped by with the phrase. >> heard about the fire, coming down in the summertime, to see what's left. >> and my family come down here? we used to come here as a kid. i would try to pass on to my kids after i moved here from ohio. many memories in here. >> sitting on the porch and drinking the glass coke bottle and ice cream and candy. >> tonight at 5:00, larry davis, shares other memories of the general store as well as plans. >> and man was shot by the cincinnati officer face add judge. he's charged with aggravated assault and obstruction of official business. he didn't stop when officer tried to pull him.
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police say he took off and eventually crashed and then try to run away. sergeant smith said he thought he saw him reach to his jacket to pull out the weapon. officers recovered the weapon. . cincinnati police made an arrest in recent homicide. 25-year-old, william chambers is charged with murder in the death of cameron clemmons. detectives found him shot to death on january 29th. and looking for your input
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4:09 pm your doctor right away. other side effects include, gas, stomach-area pain... ...and swelling. about linzess today. >> sfamly and friends laid man to rest. it happened in holy family church. stover retired after 67 years with the reds. he died last week at the age of 80. people living in delhi township could learn to be prepared for a disaster. they will host a disaster preparedness training session. half of the training will focus on the essentials of being prepared. the other half will focus on
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preparations. you could make due, to make sure, the family is prepared in an emergency. . >> groups selected to review the cincinnati police department. representatives of exiger, community action agency, in bond hill. they hired in the wake of hill. you could share your thoughts in a community forum, 6:30 to 8:30. tensing is charged with murder and involuntary manslaughter and set to go on trial in october. diagnosis. sometimes it takes one person to do something special to make someone in need feel better. >> holly explains. and jannis weaver is getting her hair styled. a few years ago, this wasn't even possible. >> it started coming out in clumps. it's terrible.
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multiple chemo treatments for stage two breast cancer. at 22, it was difficult to deal with. that's where rebecca walden came in. she specializes in creating wigs for people who's hair becomes alpacea. hair. people are like, oh, it's just your eyes. it's just your feet >> and rebecca becomes more than a stylist. it becomes a friend.
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health, and they feel like themselves. it is, like i said, incredibly blessed. >> for today es health minute, holly firfer. >> and more plains to destroy the hospital in syria. >> and they have harsh words when it comes to the treatment of mexican indians.
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precision doppler hd . >> doctors without borders hospital destroyed, in northern syria. at least several people have died. activists say the russian warplane targeted the clinic. a missile also struck the children's hospital in the neighboring province killing at least five people, including several children and a pregnant woman. the attacks comes days after russia and other world powers agree to temporarily cease-fire. it's set to begin later this week. pope francis is denouncing how mexican indians has been exploited and excluded. they should learn from their culture. pontiff was celebrating with a deeply symbolic visit. and the center of indigenous
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celebrated mass in three native languages. >> jeb bush is getting a little help for his push in the white house from his brother, former president, george w. bush. the former president, campaigned in south carolina. it will be the first time since leaving office. the bush campaign hoping for a strong showing in south carolina, that handed out primary victories. >> and they are hosting the national town hall meeting tomorrow. called millennials and politics. and we will also examine which presidential candidate could best solve their concerns. that's tomorrow night from 7:00 to 8:00 as you join us in focus. >> outstanding in the storm >> and a lot of people were off school. you didn't have the impacts from
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some freezing drizzle. paul and i were here. i was thankful to be in it. you guys could make a little more noise. >> that's the spirit. they are cheering for more snow, i think. thanks for coming for local 12 news, first at 4:00. winter weather advisory has been posted for adams, brown, highland, bracken, robertson and mason county. it will be in effect from 7:00 to 10:00 in the morning on tuesday. and yesterday, we had a swath of 2-4 inches of snow. this go around, rain will develop.
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of cincinnati, as it moves through the north, it will begin to mix with snow. and this is the most likely area for accumulation. that's why the advisory has been posted. there will still be snow along interstate and 75. and amounts will be much lower from wilmington, back over to butler, hamilton county and also down 71-75. more on that in a moment. live precision doppler hd. more rain, inside the 275 loop. it's a gray dreary day with visibility consistency under a mile. we have showers in switzerland ohio, ripley, dearborn. and down to carrollton and also down 75, south of the split, close to dry ridge and williamstown and critton. southern part of bracken.
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individual clusters of rain are moving to the northeast at roughly 20-25 miles an hour. temperatures will gradually fall in the 30s. later this evening, the possibility of snow mixing in will come for the second half of the evening and early in the overnight. you could track the transition from rain to snow especially east and southeast of since natty, local 12, weather authority app. this is the forecast for now. we have the several model runs coming in the next four hours. the forecast may change, when you tune in local 12 news, live at 10:00 and 11:00. there may be some low clouds, patchy drizzle. patchy drizzle in spots. and rain will be increasing areas south, southeast of cincinnati.
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snow as we get to the second half of the evening. we're cloudy all the way to mid week. temperatures, 36 in cincinnati. light wind out of the no south. the light wind is a big reason why we are unable to pick up higher visibilities. and let's go to the model data, it's very clear. and we'll start. and snow begins to mix in with rain and as we near the midnight hour. the coverage of the intensity fared to the east and southeast of cincinnati, will diminish during the first half of the overnight. the disturbance has been trending further to the southwest with the latest data and more recent model run.
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showers, but for all intense and purposes, that will mist, nearly all of the try-state. and they were caught up in cyclonic plows, drifting in the ohio valley, stable air. 5 thousand feet above the ground. that's the reason why they will keep the cloudy skies. where i stand, will be where you miss. and areas well to the east and southeast of cincinnati, 1-3 inches of snow. most in the areas, peebles, will see one in two. that may change this.
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local 12 news. rain and snow favored southeast tonight. there will be lower. and cloudy sky, soming patch ae. and we'll keep precipitation charges out. it will still be warm. 59, the forecast high, friday, saturday, saturday. >> sick of the snow, better days
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. >> 35-year-old serving a life sentence for murdering her boyfriend. they called an asult after the guard denied a haircut. arias will have to demonstrate good behavior before having a
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>> one in five people will buy a something, valentine's gift for their pets over the weekend. i said guaranteed. >> and we spoiled them. the funny thing, it's actually my husband's birthday today. valentine's day is all about him. >> nearly 3 thousand dogs competing at the westminster show in new york city. >> would love to be there. >> winners will be announced tomorrow night. jayy has a sneak peek, all opportunities for dog lovers. >> there is more to the westminster kennel club than being best in show. >> and that's a tough entry. >> and nearly 330 dogs hit the agility course over the weekend >> really wonderful handlers make it look easy. it really is not. >> dog lovers came to meet the breed.
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weighed more than 100 pounds. >> it's just not a chance to learn about the dog, but to show off the tutus. tomorrow, it will be top sporting and the pressure could be best is building. >> we always have high expectations. >> even the handlers have a grooming routine before the show. >> put on makeup. make sure i'm nice and clean. make sure i'm not nervous. >> are you nervous. >> a little bit. >> everyone wants a shot at top dog.
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couple of favorites. rumors the injury german shepherd. >> last year's winner was one named sweet pea. >> and chances for show tonight. >> show tonight >> dog show on grain. >> and first at 4:00, offering hope for people who are having second thoughts from getting the
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>> washington . >> others may be getting a little more snow in the evening. >> scott dimmich is tracking the latest round of winter weather. he looks at the timing for us. >> brad, paula, it looks like prime time, we're seeing snow in the tri-state with the event coming tonight. we'll center from 7:00 p.m. and 2:00 in the morning. initially, we're expecting rain. that is basically now to 7:00 for areas southeast, south and east of cincinnati. that slug of rain lifting in the south eastern part of the tri-state, will begin to mix
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early tomorrow morning, we expect 1-3 inches of new snow from highland to robertson, mason and bracken county. the advisory is where the highlighted area, from 7:00, to 10:00 in the morning tuesday. i think few if any problems will persist through the morning commute tomorrow because snow will quickly be winding down and moving to the east overnight. rain is going to be likely for areas south, southeast and east of cincinnati this evening. notices the intensity of rain. temperatures near freezing and overnight, we ultimately drop down to 30 degrees. i suspect it will be mainly snow and if not, mostly snow by 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. precipitation is moving out. for the entire night, we will
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live precision doppler hd, no rain, returns near loveland. widely scattered showers trying to get organized near florence. rain showers around 71, extending back to switzerland ohio. this is all rain from dry ridge, williamstown to mazeville. heaviest rain in the tri-state light to moderate. everything is moving to the northeast with time, in the coverage and intensity of rain will be picking up in the next few hours. 36 at the airport. long. visibility at or below a mile. batavia and cincinnati northern kentucky airport. track the precision tonight. 1:00 to 3:00 for the advisory area. cloudy tomorrow with some showers. couple of days, with highs close to 60. give you another check of radar in a bit.
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president obama ordered flags to be flown half-staff. patrons, anthony scalia who died this weekend. and wedgy jiang has the latest from the spring court. >> owner of the west texas ranch, says the 79-year-old was found in complete repose in his room on saturday. scalia was on a hunting trip and was "his usual personable self the night before." he was known as the titan while serving the nation's highest court. with four conservative and four liberal justices. >> on the campaign trail, candidates on both sides have reframed the presidential election as a referendum.
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the supreme court rulings that none of us have to follow the fight. >> and the next president should appoint scalia's replacement. president obama pledged he would do it. >> plan to fulfill, to nominate the successor in due time. >> demonstrators gathered at the snowy steps on monday, urging senators to consider the president's decision. >> what we don't want to happen, congress to hold the supreme court congress. >> and scalia had deep friendships. and many of whom are praising the dedication as they grieve. wejia jiang, cbs news, supreme court. >> no autopsy necessary. he had a history of heart trouble and other illnesses. his body was flown from texas to virginia on sunday.
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held quarter million dollar bond. he is charged with the murder of darryl johnson. attorney for williams calls johnson's death an accident and says williams is very sorry. it started when cincinnati police responded to tulsa court for a report that someone was shot there. they found johnson dead inside a vehicle. bond is set at 25 thousand for a suspected bank robber. the attorney for damon says he might be on a downward spiral following the loss of his job and a possible cancer diagnosis. according to court papers, draper robbed the stock yard bank and paxton avenue last month. we're following a neighborhood crime alert. folks could use your help. they say a man entered the car dealership sunday january 24th, around 4:00 in the afternoon. officers say he removed keys from several new vehicles in the showroom.
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keys, about $1 thousand. if you ask to know who the man is. you could get cash for your tips. and new laser technology is helping people get rid of their unwanted tattoos. doctors say it's more powerful and effective than anything else in the market. how it's helping one man turn over a new leaf. >> good to see you. tommy prasser is married and ready to start a family. for him, it means getting rid of this arm tattoo that he got when he was 18. >> when did you start thinking, it's a bad move. i don't want this. >> mid-20s. >> dr. chase in is working to erase it. he's using the fda approved laser technology.
4:38 pm
is nearly gone. targets specific colors of, inc. >> compared to others in the market. >> this is by far the powerful machine. >> for patients, that means fewer treatments and smaller chance of skin damage afterwards. number of treatments depends on the color and size. >> treatments cost $700 a session. other than redness and tenderness, most patients don't experience major side effects. >> these before and after pictures, shows tommy's progress. >> i was blown away. >> and he says he's finally comfortable again in his own skin. kenneth craig, cbs news, martinsville new jersey.
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toot, limiting the design to dark green and blacking. those are the easiest numbers. >> depends how deep the ink. they believe they can completely remove it. >> who will do the green and black. you're thinking forever, when you do it. i would think. >> some voters will weigh in on i hope we have a buyer for the house. me too!
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. >> voters in austin, texas will decide whether uber drivers and lyft will be fingerprinted >> some say it's not needed and others say it's needed to
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and nordstrom will now accept returns from the discount stores, nordstrom rack. and despite the change, store managers are encouraging shoppers to still make returns through or the original retailer. >> travel is the safest its been in the past five years. airline accidents dropped significantly last year. airline association reported significant airline crashes. huge drop from the year before. 2014, 641 people died in airline accidents much the tally didn't include two major airline
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>> also ahead, . >> and airstrike in northern syria destroys two makeshift hospitals and killing at leave of least seven people. both hospitals were supported by doctors without borders. >> tier group says they were the ones that carried the bombing of the jetliner. group says it blew a hole. and it plans to destroy the plane but they failed. >> in nigeria, at least 58
4:46 pm
bombers blew themselves in a camp that is supposed to be sheltering people from terrorism. other lives were spared because a third bomber found out her family taken shelter and didn't detonate her explosives. the attack happened last tuesday. the victims were stayed in a camp by people, in a boca har ann violence. i'm jonathan elias. great video. . moose attacked a great samaritan. moose got stuck. and he tried to free him and moments later, moose attacks him. you think the man is happy did it. i should have left you alone. >> depends on his pain. >> and he was scared. he wasn't far. >>nd a, a look at the developing story.
4:47 pm
to big savings in the gas pump. what's good news for american drivers is actually bad news for some industries including the recycling business. with oil prices so low, plastic makers are finding it cheaper to make plastics from oil. the grammys are presented here on local 12. some northern kentucky entrepreneurials will be watching closely as they launch a u.s. adventure. . and it was a wild ride this morning for a young couple as they race mother nature, trying to get to the hospital, before their baby was born. they didn't make it in time. everybody was okay. a story you will only see on local 12 news. how this baby came to a family that's prepared for an emergency. it's a great story, coming at 6:00.
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>> and wearing my shiny bling >> i've got the snacks. >> good for you. >> and taking a look at the traffic here today. take a look at something. taking a look at 4-5 feet in front of you. it is mostly fog, they are dealing with? >> mostly fog. you have a light wind, stable the ground. tough to get the moisture going somewhere. the low visibilities will continue in the evening. including some snow. and closer to interstate 71 and 75, less snow. cincinnati, down to 75. up 75, 71, southwest indiana. >> dive into it. another round of snow from the weather authority. once the weather advisory is posted for hillsborough,
4:49 pm
mazeville and surrounding communities. it points to the north of cincinnati. at least not in the tri-state, to the south of cincinnati, for one to three inches of new snow tonight. from 7:00 tonight, for the highlighted counties. it looks right the rain and snow will be figured tomorrow and the overnight. main story, we're focused with rain early. and but the snow begins to mix in, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00 tonight. and it will add up to 1-3 inches of new snow, on top of what's on the ground in the advisory area. tomorrow, we've been mentioning for a couple of days, we've had an opportunity for rain and snow showers. they look to be spotty and focused in the southwest of
4:50 pm
finally, we get some warmer air. strong wind, friday, saturday, means temperatures soar, close to 60 degrees. it's chilly right now. far from 60. we'll get there soon. 36 down in hillsborough. hillsborough at 36. we'll gradually fall in the 30s tonight. ultimately down to 30 overnight. but as much of the precipitation tonight, falls to the east and southeast of cincinnati, the temperature will be near, if not just above freezing and highs tomorrow will be close to where we are right now. no real sun, warmth anywhere close to the ohio valley, as rain overspreads eastern, south central kentucky. heaviest precipitation will be to the south, southeast and east of cincinnati. very clear indication, looking at the satellite radar data. it's rain right now. colder air will begin to ooze in the ohio valley. wind turns later on tonight. it will push the temperature a
4:51 pm
more snow to mix in. this is all rain we're tracking now on live precision doppler hd. areas of fog, drizzle. sprinkle in the 275 loop. these are showers, extending south of versailles, to owen. and this is all rain, bracken county, southeast brown county, southern half of -- and gradually, the precipitation, is going to lift to the northeast. colder air comes later tonight. that will allow for more snow to mix in. forecast model, timing for the change over to a rain-snow mix, instead of just rain. notice, we get to the second half of the evening. we see shades of blue, suggesting snow or at least rain-snow mix. that's why the advisory is out for the eastern counties. notice, rain is right up along
4:52 pm
totals, basically an inch or less, where we have the green colors here in the model. notice, tries to back in little bit more, the early part of the overnight. it doesn't quite make it to southeast indiana. there will be a cutoff in totals. this is a wetter snow. inch or less. 1-3 inches of snow, mazeville, peebles, georgetown, hillsborough. and notice, all of the precipitation is gone, when the clouds are still here. it's an inch or less. dry ridge, owington, blanchester, ledman and also clinton county. the exception of far eastern part of clinton county. and then points from there, all the way down to nassen, robertson, 1-3 inches of snow, probably in the lower end of range for most outside chance, 2-more inches of snow. rain-snow mix.
4:53 pm
totals will be highest in the east, southeast. visibility will be down in the next several hours. rain will mix with snow, later tonight and early in the overnight, back to a cloudy sky. 37 forecast high tomorrow. spotty rain and snow showers focused to the southwest of cincinnati. if you want warm air, remember. check with the forecast there. forecast will hold tomorrow. >> and nomination, a judge to replace the supreme court justice, anthony scalia, has been a hot topic in the race for president all after sudden. >> some republicans don't think
4:54 pm
anyone since he's a lame-duck. liberals thinks, obama will far less justice. >> justice scalia's body is still warm. obama was already going at it with a right to appoint a new justice. he should have waited. mark jacobs, president obama's promise, they will stop him in every turn nomination process. >> congress has the duty to bring his candidate to a fair vote. the supreme court should be left in limbo. and you could join the debate by going to a local 12 facebook page and give us a like.
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the stage. . >> music's top artist is prepared to take the stage for the 58th grammys. >> recent deaths of many legends, they promise to strip a lot of motions. daniel notting ham takes us inside the staple center in los angeles. >> the stars are arriving at the red carpet as the excitement builds for the grammy awards.
4:58 pm
the song from the grammy-nominated album, 1989. swift is up for 7 awards. >> and rapper kendrick lamar leads at 11. >> love the incorporation of funk and jazz in his music. >>nd a newcomer, andre day will team up with elling in a duet. >> adele will give a much anticipated performance from her smashing record album, 25. and they will give tributes to some who past away. lady gaga will show off her tattoo. >> and meant so much to so many people. it's nice to have this moment to
4:59 pm
>> and the eagles will honor their co-founder, glen frey who died last month. daniel nottingham, cbs, los angeles. >> and cohost, nancy owe oddle. and music's biggest night from los angeles and live at 11:00, probably at 11:30. everybody, will try to watch and tweet. >> that's exciting for you. >> we're back at 5:30. local 12 news live at 5:00. >> what firefighters say made a deadly fire in a mobile home particularly difficult to fight. >> people pour to see for themselves after fire destroyed a historic business. the plans to save the iconic number of drivers. >> serious spike in the safety
5:00 pm
this is local 12 news, live at 5:00. >> erica is keeping an an eye on rain or more. >> the temperatures will apply a big role on what happens. >> rain will mix with snow. and that's why the national weather service has issued a winter weather advisory. i know we're all familiar to that from 7:00 in the evening to 10:00 tomorrow morning. and that includes areas for highland, brown, adams and robertson and mason as well as bracken county, which is we're looking at rain right now. later, we will start to see the


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