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tv   Local 12 First Four  CBS  February 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> good afternoon, we begin with local breaking news in broup county. >> two people rush to the hospital after trying to break up two. near mount orab. air care flew two victims to local hospitals with injuries that they suffered trying to break up the fighting dogs.
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of the victims. local 12 getting the conditions opt people. and cell phone video, # 11 calls, piece together, on harrison avenue on wednesday. >> eyewitnesses track paul gasson's apparent track of destruction that ended on his death. all the way -- and it was an airo soft gun. and first of all, people on the west side, they tracked them. they followed him sometimes from the car.
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11. and. >> he exited the car and stumbled out and dropped the gun. and then picked -- >> and another eyewitness to the wrecked call. one woman thought he looked intoxicate intoxicated. all of this before confronting by police on harrison avenue. >> the officers encountered the individual as 3116 harrison. they initially gave him command to go to his knees, which he initially complied. they have additional complaint, commands to flight flat. you could see he raises up. >> with his right hand
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found found. >> forcing people and working in the area that's in place. >> the all-clear has been given. there are frightening moments. firefighters, near yankee road, hazmat crews to the tanker truck was leaking trioxide. >> there's homes that sent a reverse 911. >> stay home.
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make sulfur triacid. and crews work to contain the spill. there are no reports of any injuries. >> and several local schools had to be evacuated today because of phone threats. at least two of the calls were automated. just to be safe, administrators evacuated good ridge elementary, hebron. and loveland middle. all of the calls came around noon. police responded to each of the threats and nothing dangerous was founded in the schools. >> driver accused of slamming her minivan, while going the wrong way on charges of aggravated homicide. police believe he was intoxicated. and the judge ordered her to remain jailed on 300 thousand bond. officers are still trying to piece together when chen had been before she caused the fatal crash. they say she collided with the car around 3 a.m. wednesday
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arenas just left his job on . >> diamond worth $49 thousand, and hired to work on a home on january 30th, that's when he
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. >> and towards the weekend, and in this step, and brandon orrin to see how we stand. >> and brandon, i know you're excited, the warm weather on the way, just as i am. we're so close to the 60s as soon as tomorrow. and upper 20s, didn't take long. and this afternoon, right now, sitting that 43 degrees at the 4:00, it's warmer to the south and west, pooling in some of the warmer air. so the -- carrollton in northern kentucky, 46. still hanging to the 30s in wilmington and sabina.
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as the warmer air filters in. clouds are gray. it's moving from the north and west. and we're not looking at any rainfall. we're dry on precision doppler hd. and high thick clouds from time to time, temperatures, they don't move very much. they are sitting in the lower 40s, the warmer air really begins to move on in. we're talking about a big warmth and the breezy conditions. it's going to be breezy. and rain arrives late weekend. the hour-by-hour timing, shortly that
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>> first at 4:00, look at >> a used job fair is under way in kentucky. florists are looking for people between 16 and 26 to fill openings part-time and full-time. places like kroger, great american ballpark. the job fare runs until 6:00. >> and what i'm thinking, i'm in the market soon. >> and go and drool right >> megan moore takes us inside
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>> we are hanging out at the cincinnati auto expo, going on now until sunday. more than 400 cars here. right now, we're in the mustang simulator. you don't get a chance to drive one, you get to do here. and you were saying, some people get to test drive some ford vehicles. also toyota is doing it as well. technology. >> you could do a simulator. we can see technology that will impact your life and we have a system, uses thousands of voice commands. you could do everything from set the climate to the radio, and order domino's pizza right from your cab, from your car. >> and also, talking about people could test drive outside. >> that's right. you could go outside to the street, free test drive of the escape, the edge, and all the vehicles you could drive.
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>> this is the ford mustang simulator. i'm sure there are a lot of long lines for this one. a lot of fun, nonetheless. the expo going on now through sunday. send it back to you. >> and the show's entire schedule and ticket prices, go to >> i want to do that. >> pope frances shares some virus. >> president obama plans to
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first the v >> president obama will do something no u.s. president has done in nearly 90 years. he's making a trip to cuba. the white house says president obama and the first lady will travel to cuba march 21st and 22nd and argentina on the 23rd and 24th. united states open ties. last president to visit cuba calvin coolidge in 1948. women threatened by the zika virus could use artificial
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and the explosion of zika cases has prompted women in north america to get pregnant. it fueled calls to loosen the
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overwhelmingly catholic reg oj and that comes the ringing. there's good news and bad news in the seven-day forecast. and a will the lot of sunshine. and we had high thin clouds from time to time. and they are thin enough, lots of sunshine filter on through. and precision doppler hd, nothing is coming. and wilmington, sabina and upper 30, fayetteville and 40. warmer to the south and west. crit
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and hour-by-hour forecast shows shows something interest. and we're seeing the warmer air pump in. that's when you know the air is really warm. the temperatures even overnight, will start to fall, continue to rise. 44 degrees around 6:00, will hit the low temperature well, well early into the night. the temperatures continue to rise and skyrocket, once the sun starts to rise. from jackson, you could see a little warmer. not too warm. eventually will go from the south and west. paduca, temperatures now 7 degrees warmer than it was yesterday. there's 80s out there in the plains and western end of kansas, panhandle in texas, oklahoma. closer to the upper 70s. it's not going to get that warm here.
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warm-up move in tomorrow. high thin clouds around now. we will have mostly clear skies. a good chunk of the evening. as we get through the day, the warm weather starts to move in. we have some windy conditions. we're talking about winds, 20-30 miles an hour, sustained and gusts 40-45 miles an hour. you'll definitely notice some winds kicking from the south and west. also the ban of clouds up here. there's some rain. and i think we'll stay dry late in the day on friday. we'll is a few clouds to deal with in between the sunshine. the heart of it starts to move in during the day on saturday. that's when we will see temperatures approach in the 60s. widespread, will be through the mid to low 60s during the day on saturday. as we get through the day on sunday, late saturday, into sunday, notice the green in the west, mississippi river, that's
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bring rain, by the time we get around on sunday.
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>> man on a backhoe, leads police in a slow chase. >> and not used to it. we're used to it.
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>> a >> quite a scene. florida keys, 59-year-old police led police on a slow speed chase.
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joyride over the 7 mile bridge. stephanie stopped with a spike strip. took them an hour and a half to figure it out. charged with reckless driving, grand theft and digging up the street. didn't know there was a law. he did a good job of digging the street. >> like star wars. i couldn't tell what it was. >> despite the postal service promise to deliver mail no matter what, new jersey mail carrier was not able to swiftly complete the appointed rounds. >> it wasn't snow, rain, sleet or dark in the night getting in the way. kimberly richardson shows us, he was trapped in a vehicle by a pack of wild turkeys. >> and it seems wild turkeys rule in the picturesque cul-de-sac in hills dale. if you shoe them, they leave right? >> no, they run.
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in the first place. >> hailen is talking about wild turkeys, surrounded by a letter carrier's truck. the post master called 911. >> place -- >> and this is the actual call. >> and you're not going to believe this, i have to carry this. being attacked by wild turkeys, being delivered a mail. >> he wasn't attacked, rather surrounded. word is, the mail carrier was the substitute. while folks got a real good laugh about this, they admit, the birds could be intimidating. >> so judge. >> i don't want to judge anybody. it. we see them every day. window. >> some, we don't see them. they are out there swimming. >> to be clear, this is not a
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the gang we spotted, may not be the same one that stopped the mail carrier in his track. that tells me, it is. >> that truck is in the driveway. they peck at it. they don't peck at the metal part. >> the mail carrier will proceed with caution. next time, he's here. >> >>. >> it could be scary. >> and we had a spare row in the house and it freaked me out >> and little spare row in the house. >> you go by your head and tell me. >> and hospital, decided to pay ransom to computer hackers. >> first at 4:00, border dispute.
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>> and beef . >> donald trump is with a war of words with the pope. pope made comments about trump's plan, prowar on the mexican border. >> pope frances is sounding off on donald trump. while flying back to the vatican, the pope responded to a question about trump's pledge to build a wall on the u.s.-mexican border. >> and person who thinks only about building walls and not of
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christian. trump responded during a noon rally. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. if and when the vatican is attacked by isis. which is, everyone knows, isis's ultimate trophy, i could promise you, the pope would have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. >> donald trump with a 2-1 advantage over ted cruz. governor hailey appeared in a town hall event. >> i'm here to ask for your vote, i'm as conservative as anyone running in the race. i'm a conservative that could win. >> here in mt. pleasant, will be delivering his message one door at a time. >> it's cool to see, the sun starting to come up and the recognition, starting to register.
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are set to open in less than 48 hours. craig boswell, cbs news, mt. pleasant, south carolina. >> and new poll shows hillary clinton with a one point lead over bernie sanders as they approach the nevada. >> some people have strong feelings when it comes to immigration. not a fan of trump in anyway, why was the pope in mexico talking about trump and commenting the u.s. should pay for any of their people who want to come illegally. >> trump is correct. open borders are destroying western europe and the u.s. . >> i think the pope is exceeding his authority.
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it's not just trump. we have too many people mass quer raiding as christians in the country. trump has captured christians and he's exploiting it. >> and this week, you could comparison shop, except for the expensive you may need like health care. the full measure did and found some incredible results that will help you thinking twice of getting treatment. full measure partnered with a consumer group. called dozens of hospitals. asked workers to provide the costs of an adult knee mri. and the costs range from several hundred to thousands of dollars >> most interesting thing to me, the cost variations weren't tied according to the analysts, not tied to rent, location, any
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there's no rhyme or reason we can find for when it will be different sometimes within the same city. it does pay in the instance to shop around. >> and you could watch full measure with cheryl atkinson, sunday mornings on local 12. >> everyone just keeps talking about saturday. maybe we should get right to it. let's go to brandon orr with the forecast. >> it will be so nice. we're nearing 60 degrees much the gradual warm-up to the low to mid 60s by the weekend. right now, it's warmer than it was yesterday. yesterday, the high was 36. we're way above that. 33, right on average. and a little warmer to the south and west. this is where the warmer air is moving in first. 47 in carrollton in northern kentucky. ask some high thin clouds. that's what helped us during the day. you could see some of the clouds
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north and west but no green. we're not looking at any rainfall. precision doppler, is showing up way. 40. this is the low temperature. 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, starts rises after that. midnight, 41 degrees. that's when you know really warm air mass is on the way. temperature rise in the overnight hours, usually they begin to fall. 60s are surely on the way. we're talking about the wind that's on the way for tomorrow. talking wind gusts, 40. higher than that. the warm-up on the way and maybe some rain to mix in the weekend. time the rain hour-by-hour, in about 15 minutes. >> it's not the usual food, when you think about good health. a new report may change your mind. >> the food is so popular right now. local superintendent, they can barely keep it on the store shelves.
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medical reporter, liz bonis. >> it's not hard to find. it's actually beef jerky. there's lots of it. in convenience stores, meat markets, now make their own. today, we ask the experts at tri health how to make the best choices, if you like jerky and don't want to damage a healthy diet. >> there's hot jerky and spicy jerky and really good jerky, to name a few >> i like teriyaki. >> there's so many, i can't tell you. >> in fact, you have more choices with jerky than ever before. many of the choices may be good for you. >> it would be turkey jerky and vennison jerky. >> the newer versions tend to be higher in protein. >> we do need some protein in
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one ounce of beef jerky provides about 9.4 grams of protein, which is quite high. it's a great high protein snack. >> she cautions, if you eat the whole package, that's often more than one serving, which could lead to higher levels of salt and sometimes fat than what is suggested for a day. >> there's a lot of people who really love the jerky. >> the good news, with so many choices. >> i like the vennison jerky. >> you may find the healthier option you may favor. >> got kind of an earthy kind of flavor to it. >> if you don't, keep looking. vennisson, alligator jerky, ostrich jerky, to name a few. a lot of flavors. when should you eat them? >> and there's bad times, some would say for jerky. maybe there's no bad jerky
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by the way, east gate, actually jungle gym sells three times the amount. because they have a bigger selection. these could range from $2-20. a local company. it may surprise you. i didn't touch that if you're able to sample it. smell it. it smells great. >> it's kind of a guy food. this is -- >> you're not a fan. >> i'm not a fan. >> and you don't need to refrigerate it. keep in mind, it's salt cured >> and i have purchased it. the geese in the military love it. when nephews were in iran -- >> they love it. >> iraq, i mean. >> there are people who come in, ship it overseas, to guys and girls serving our country. $2-20, depending on what you want to buy. back at 5:30. talking to you a little more about the healthy eating. >> enjoy.
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>> first at . >> i'm sheila gray. and ultimate insider secret that will help your house. welcome to bargains and buyouts. think you have to spend a lot of money to get the new room. whether it's a lamp or leather sofa, bring a truck or other vehicle. you will not need it. when you get there, be ready to buy. here's the biggest thing about the prices. you could haggle with them. you could talk them down. read more about the deals and
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on toyota is recalling nearly a million vehicles because of the seat belt. the flaw could cause some rear belts to fail. affected vehicles, toyota rav4. if you drive one, toyota dealers say they will fix the problem at no costs. managers paid thousands to hackers, to get the computer system back up and running. hollywood presbyterian handed over 7 thousand worth of bit coins. and workers start noticing the problem almost two years ago. malware blocked access and preventing electronic communications. and the system was restored on monday. fbi is investigating. survey finds 80 percent of millennials say they are fearful about preparing their taxes.
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the highest of any age group. almost a quarter of those, 18-34-year-old, the biggest worry is making a mistake on their returns. new survey finds businesses are falling behind, when it comes to accepting chips and enabled credit cards. the straw hacker group, 37 percent of businesses could read the cards. the chip technology is widely used in canada and europe and considered more secure than original cards. stocks ended modestly lower. it's not so bad. after a three day rally, it lost steam. the s&p 500 dropped 9 points. ford motor company, touting pothole protection policy, on the sports sedan. the shock absorber system automatically stiffens when
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it allows a system to be elevated instead of dropping in a hole. some luxury holes, they have similar technology as well. fusion is the first mid-sized car in the price range that's offered the feature. >> as if airplanes are not crowded enough, air buss, it throws a roll of airplanes into a bench. different ways to configure the seats. adjusting people would are different sizes. >> yeah, if you're travelling with little kids. >> travel with poem, okay sitting next to. >> cammy durkin will look at next at the developing stories. >> first at 4:00 --
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>> and >> from the terrorism alert desk in washington. the first time ever, a case against an alleged isis reporter court. opening statements on the way abdul kareem. accused of providing material support. and his alleged co-conspirators
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u.s. troops in iraq moved to a region, and they are setting up a new base with iraqi troops near islamic state groups front lines. isis fired groups, killed with chemical weapons. the attack sickened dozens of troops. >> secretary of state, john kerry met with holiday studio executives for advice on fighting isis propaganda. how to counter what he calls the islamic state terrorists? from the state of washington, michelle walsh. and strange intruder is menacing people living in one town. tumbleweeds, outside roof high. the cleanup, leaving locals frustrated and exhausted. >> frustrating, and a good
4:49 pm
it's displeasing. >> mentally more draining. >> wow >> locals say the tumbleweeds. and this by far the worst. it's coming from a nearby farm that hasn't been maintained. a couple of hours of work is optimistic. >> take you all day. >> what day is it today? >> today, it's thursday. >> and national drink line day. >> i saw that on twitter as one of the hash tag. >> esta national -- >> and people in a grateful community are getting ready to celebrate and help one of their own as they recover from a brutal beating. john "the mole" is still off work after being attacked on the night of january 13th as he was trying to arrest kyle curtis moore. moore is behind bars on six charges. they return to the scene with
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rich will talk to him about his recovery coming at 5:00. remember the story of fritta underwood. survived physical and emotional abuse of the couple that held them captive for nine months. we told when the captives were sent to prison. fritta's tamly lost contact. larry davis showed the emotional reunion. >> the electric panel, were supposed to start fires, not stop them. coming at 6:00, show you what you need to look out for, to avoid a possible fire, like one that caused the local family their home. i'll be back at 5:00 with rob. >> story will let you go and look at your circuit panel. >> it was very well done. >> cam will see you at 5:00.
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traffic, and moving in 275 and loveland and madera. and slow one way as we anticipate at 4:50 in the afternoon. >> near 60 tomorrow and certainly in the 60s, all of us by saturday. >> and checking outside, you could see the snow starting to melt a little bit. it's looking straight down in the parking lot. see the snow hanging around the shaded areas. it's melting very, very quickly and it will be gone by the end of the weekend. especially we have rain in the mix. we'll time it out. there's good times to see. and right now, we'll look outside. it's a nice shot on the atrium weather camera, looking at downtown. high thin clouds, none of which is producing any rain at precision doppler hd.
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and towards south eastern indiana. cooler near fayetteville. lebanon, 39 degrees. that's where the cooler air is starting to move on up. we're going to bottom around 40 degrees. it's going to happen in a strange time. and it's going to hit 40 between 8:00 and 10:00. after 10:00, it will be rising. 41 by midnight. that's when you know, we'll be seeing the warm air, when the temperature rises instead of fall. 44 degrees around 6:00. it will skyrocket, once the sun starts to rise. right now coming from the south and east. looking towards jackson. that's a little warmer than where we are now. when it switches to the south and west, that's the air. that's down in padca, near 60 degrees right now. 60 earlier on today. 80s going on in the plains. it's not going to get that warm here. either way you look at it, 60s
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it's not too bad of a deal. we will see it by the weekend. here's the clouds we have around now. those begin to push on out. we think it will be mostly clear skies overnight tonight. it will be pretty breezy tomorrow as the line of clouds. this is the weak cold front. there's not a lot of moisture. we're not expecting rain. that's why we have cloudy skies. i think we'll flip between the two. watching the winds very carefully. this is our model predetectiving wind speeds. the brighter color blue is the higher wind speeds. and wind gusts is what we're looking at, right around 2:00 on friday, winds will start to peak. you could see winds sustained between 20-30 and gusts of 40, if not a little bit more than that throughout the day. as soon as we get past sunset, you see the purple colors,
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it's going to be tomorrow peeking sometime in the afternoon hours. we will stay dry. sunday. specifically sunday morning. if you want to go outside and do anything, want to miss on the rain, saturday it's your day. especially since it's going to be 63 degrees. bit. then the downward trend to 40 degrees, by the time we get to next week. storm system will bring a light mix of rain and snow tuesday
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>> what's in your cheese? >> you like pulp in your cheese. >> parmesan cheese may be more. >> some manufacturers use large amounts of fillers. michelle miller visit add cheese maker, warning consumers about fake cheese that's on there. whether sprinkled on pass at that, or grated into pretty much anything, americans's appetite for cheese has been heating up for the past four decades. experts believe some of the parmesan eaten by cheese lovers
4:58 pm
>> americans are consuming probably 100 million pounds. >> and neil schumann, says sell yue lows. while 2-3 percent is in the industry. it's essential every day grated -- 100 percent grated parmesan cheese, was actually 8.8 percent cellulose. while wal-mart's came in 7.8 percent. wal-mart would not comment for the story. joe oscotold cbs, it pulled the parmesan from the stores. >> to help customers distinguish between cheeses that are real and those loaded with fillers,
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and they will put it up on the products and urging others in the industry to adopt them as well. michelle miller, cbs news, fairfield, new jersey. >> didn't say it would make you sick. >> live at 5:30. >> and using deadly force. cell phone video of the officer involved shooting. why police say it shows officers had no choice but to fire. >> and she says, want my money back. filing a lawsuit against one of the woman. >> war of words breaks out on the top presidential candidate. the leader of the world's largest church. this is local 12, live at 5:00.
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justified when they shot and killed a man yesterday afternoon. good evening, everyone. police -- >> police chief, elliotizer, paul gaston of north fair mount refused orders to lie on the ground and went for a weapon on his waistband. the officer and the man killed and joins us live from the newsroom. jeff. >> less than 24 hours after the incident on harrison avenue, cincinnati officials released phone calls, dispatched traffic and cell phone video, all are part of ongoing investigation. >> on ron smith's cell phone video, you could hear the gunshots and shock >> oh, my gosh. >> my granddaughter was with me also. she's 10-year-old. she's basically traumatized by the whole incident.


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