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tv   Local 12 at Noon  CBS  February 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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wooded area, of course, keener park, 126 acres of land here. we don't know exactly where the dy was found in the park, whether it was back in some trees or just what. the coroner's office is now investigating. i did contact the coroner's office just a while ago and they are preparing a media release in which we may find out more about whether it is a male or a female and how this person may have died. i went back there a few minutes ago. detectives began walking a bike path back into the wooded area, no doubt to process the scene for more clues and see whatever they can find. still an active scene off of susan springs drive in westchester. we'll have more if new information pops up within the next 20, 25 minutes. larry davis, local 12 news. john, back to you.
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be sure to stay with local 12 news and for the very latest information. >> a house fire in newport. they were called to the home on ann street. there's no word on the cause. we do know the people who do live there are displaced. be sure to stay with local 12 for the latest on this. >> attending a number of different events and one of the things he's talking about is his lack of support for tolls. the governor said recently said he plans to sign a bill that bans total for the brent spence bridge. his new plans to pay for a bridge. good afternoon, jeff. >> reporter: good afternoon, john. i'm at the chamber of commerce luncheon here at erlanger. the governor is expected here
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obviously business folks are very interested in the bridge. earlier today he was at the technical community college talking about workforce develop m. people really want to know about the bridge. the governor has indicated he will sign legislation blocking tolls on the brent expense bridge. his predecessor vetoed that bill. he says there is a way for ohio, kentucky and the federal government to come together to fund the $3 billion bridge replacement price tag. >> i am thoroughly convinced if the state of kentucky came up with one billion and the state of ohio came up with billion. we could with that level of good faith and skin in the game on our parts sit down with the federal government and come up with a billion dollars to complete the task. >> reporter: now, you are now doubt saying how is the state of kentucky going to come up with a
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this. the governor says there's a way to borrow that with bonds and pay that back over many, many years with gas tax revenue. ohio would have to come up with a bill, maybe the same way, maybe they wouldn't do it. he says he's going to try to work on that. he's not giving up on fixing the bridge or replacing the bridge. he's just got a different way that he wants to do it. not everybody believes it, but he says that's what he's going to work on. >> later this afternoon. governor bevin will attend a ground breaking ceremony for a new hospital in erlanger. that facility would treat patients who have chemical dependencies. >> the wind is just whipping that flag, look at it, and the camera itself is being buffeted around. don't expect the wind to die
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here is meteorologist brandon weather. it will take until this evening for the wind to die down. up to 60 degrees. yesterday. look at the wind, coming in from the south, southwest at 29 miles per hour. sustained winds, gusts are a bit higher than that. we've seen gusts as high as the middle 40s. that's what it is in middletown. 38 at the international airport. i've seen it higher than that so far today. wind gusts 47 degrees. closing in on 47 miles per hour. closing in on 50 miles per hour. all coming in from the south and west, that's exactly why we're at 60 degrees. pumping in the warm air very quickly. we have a wind advisory for the entire viewing area that goes out until 7:00 later on this evening. the winds will finally die down a little bit. there's the next batch coming in. while we're seeing a whole lot of sun now.
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cloud cover coming in later. not seeing any rain from those clouds. a couple of sprinkles or two. that's what we have here on the 12-hour forecast. 63 our high temp today. dropping into the 50s by 6:00. between 6:00 and 9:00. believe it or not, even warmer tomorrow. we'll go over the hour by hour timing coming up here in 15 >> sounds good. thank you. >> revered author harper lee has died. writing the well-known book to kill a mocking bird. one of the most beloved and taught works of fiction. we will continue to follow this story and let you know more, as soon as is possible. the body of justice antonin
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the flag-draped coffin. more on the conservative. >> a group of pastors prayed for the late justice antonin scalia. >> we came out this morning to visit. >> scalia's casket arrived. once inside the current members of the court joined the family in a short service led by his son father paul scalia. >> the father and the son and the holy spirit. >> after the ceremony the public was invited in to view the body. she says she respected scalia. >> she's definitely someone who really stands up for what he
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he thinks is right for his country. >> president and mrs. obama are expected to pay their final respects. the white house is sending vice president biden to represent the administration saying he had a personal relationship with the scalias. >> the private funeral will be held tomorrow at the basilica of the national shrine here in the nation's capitol. >> father paul scalia will preside over his father's funeral mass tomorrow morning.
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john >> american war planes reportedly struck an isis camp killing dozens of people, those airstrikes likely killed a senior operative last year. you might remember the one at the bartel museum pd a and another one at a beach. u.s. defense officials say more than 3,000 isis fighters are operating in that country.
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south carolina, there is a flurry of last minute campaigning throughout the state. they were dueling for up decided voters. ohio governor john kasich in south carolina. >> over a year ago, a man who was like my second dad, he killed himself, and then a few months, my parents got a divorce, and then a few months later, my dad lost his job. and i was in a really dark place depressed. i found hope and i found it in the lord and in my friends, and now i've found it in my presidential candidate that i support, and i really appreciate one of those hugs you've been talking about. [applause] >> meantime on the democratic side, presidential candidate
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hillary clinton are in nevada for a final day of campaigning there. >> a five-year-old saves her grandmother after she learned an important lesson in school. in october, her class went to the fire department to learn that if there is a fire, they should get out of the house. while listening and learning and this came in handy. this week the stove in her home set on fire. the five-year-old jump out of bed and ran to her blind grandmother's room and told her to get out of the house. >> she told my mom to hold on to her shoulder and they got out of the house. >> once she was out of the house, she made her grandmother and her dog were okay, before
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for water to pour on the >> we have all seen and had to deal with those pesky potholes in the road. the damage from potholes has cost u.s. drivers $15 billion in vehicle repairs. on average paying $300 to report damage.
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first of all, make sure your tires are properly inflated when you drive. if you do see a pothole coming, but you can't avoid it. slowdown and release the brakes and then straighten the steering wheel. >> the cost associated with the pothole problem and we want the attention to be drawn to this issue, because motorists are paying a lot of money out of their pockets because of a problem on the roads. >> potholes are typically at their worst in march after the snow season. if you want to report a pot it is i pothole, you can do that on line. >> a million walmart workers are getting a raise tomorrow. $9 an hour to $10 an hour. pay for full-time workers will jump from 3%. here is a look at the latest
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dow jones down 51 points. the nasdaq up nearly 15 points and the s&p 500 down 3 points. you can catch the closing numbers on local 12 news first at 4:00. a change for the warmer,
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to tell us about a traffic bridge. live pictures from the traffic camera. looking at the top deck of the brent spence bridge. headed southbound, there's been a wreck on the bridge. you might also notice that this camera is bouncing around a little bit. that's because the wind is buffering. >> you can really feel it. the range between 40 and 50. that's pretty good. in terms of wind speed and thankfully we don't have any leaves on the trees. expect scattered power outages.
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go down. 15 to 25 with gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour. the wind advisory out no matter where you're located in the local 12 viewing area. 303 in hamilton. nearly 500 in kenton county. nearing 2,000 homes and businesses without power. i know that one in the county is right around the alexandria area. 27 that goes down through alexandria, you may encounter some traffic signals that are out. the rest of us just scattered powered outages here and there. i expect that to increase the next couple of hours. our winds are not going to die down for the next few hours. the brighter the blue, the higher the wind speed. 40 to 50 miles per hour. notice these dark blue colors start to move in. still going to be breezy. not going to see these wind
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that's good news that it will die down around sunset. we have some of these clouds on here. 63 degrees high temperature. starting at 6:00. we'll have a few extra clouds moving in here. a chance for a stray sprinkle. most of us will stay dry. just a couple of raindrops on the windshield. by 9:00, we start to dry out. also notice our low temperatures, even by midnight. they are still into the middle 50s. very warm evening in store. warm air continues to pump in from the west. all the way from texas to st. louis. very warm air continue to see move in. even warmer tomorrow.
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21 degrees warmer than at noon yesterday. it is finally starting to push into the tri-state. there's a couple of those clouds and a couple sprinkles that i was mentioning earlier. a lot of the clouds seem to shift down to the south. mostly sunny skies, perfect day. especially considering we're still in february. temperatures well into the middle 60s. a whole lot of sunshine. they will start to increase. there's some rain. half of the weekend is dry at least. early sunday morning, we already have rain pushing into cincinnati. continue on and off through much of the day. it starts to clear out and finally drys us out. we're looking really nice. the winds will be a lot calmer on saturday as well. 66 degrees. we're still watching another storm system late tuesday into wednesday. a mixture of rain and snow into the tri-state. with temperatures more seasonable this time of year.
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>> thank you. be sure to join local 12
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the amazing race at >> bee keepers in california are trying to figure out who is
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hives have been disappearing just as the season is getting underway. they ship them to farmers who use them to pollinate their crops. it pays for thieves to steal bee hives if you do the math. >> you go pick up 100 colonies. you've got 17 1/2 thousand dollars within the next month without doing anything. >> they get stolen right around pollination seeing. >> officials say they should install tracking devices. >> around sunrise and start to taper off a little bit. >> 40 to 50 today. >> our next newscast first at 4:00.
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local 12 news is always on, >> nick: hey. good. you're awake. thank god. >> noah: what -- what happened? what happened? >> nick: hey, listen, don't worry about it. you're gonna be fine. they had to give you a sedative before you got on the flight. that's why you're groggy. >> noah: flight?


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