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tv   Local 12 News at 6  CBS  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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a big storm is heading our way. >> and heavy rains will occur tonight and during the daytime hours tomorrow. and eventually by late tomorrow night and into the day on thursday. we're going to have one to two inches of snow. take a look at satellite and radar data. the curtain of rain begins in the northern sections of tennessee. you could see the counterclockwise swirl on this thing. it's heading in our direction. again, it will be warm enough that we see rain in the area. take a look at 11:00 tonight. rain getting into the i-275 loop. it will continue to be moderate and heavy tonight and overnight. that's 3:30 in the morning. we have patches of heavy rain
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into tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon, periods of rain at anytime could be moderate to heavy. notice what's off to the west. the bluest snow and i think that arrives around 10:00 to 11:00 tomorrow night, with surface temperatures around 35-36, maybe warmer than that. it won't stick at first. as we get to early thursday morning and thursday afternoon, i do think we will see a bit of accumulation. winds right now out of the northeast between 8-14 miles an hour. down to the upper 40s, between 8:00 and 8:00. the rain beginning around 11:00 at night. severe weather to the south. louisiana, mississippi, alabama, the panhandle of florida, getting hit right now. we'll see the temperature fall with the snow and then climb as we get to the weekend. i'll detail all of that coming
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back to rob and cammy. we're following a local breaking news alert. a spill of soybean oil could cause the driver to lose control and hit a pole. a woman was taken to the hospital. crews had to close the intersection to clean up the mess. the police did catch up with the tanker. it's unclear how long it is leaking the soybean oil. after a deadly crash, that police say involved heroin. detectives are trying to sort out who is driving and who may be looking into drugs. the man who died on 275. >> jeff hirsh spent the afternoon looking at court records and he looks into a man who by his own admission a drug addict and drug dealer. >> when you go to the documents,
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drugs and inability >> and the man has a long paper trail of trouble in fact, in the letter that michael wrote to the judge, gillham spoke of fighting the battle of addiction for years. he was named in an indictment, that includes involuntary manslaughter and drug charges. court documents shows, josh george overdosed in a house in 2007. police believe gillium sold drugs responsible for his death. he pled guilty to trafficking and marijuana and cocaine and got a three year sentence. gillham, in a theft, receiving stolen property. possession of heroin in 2014 and another guilty plea. in a letter, gillham asked for a treatment program.
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deep journey into heroin. he asked for a chance to be a productive member of he society. he entereded up. and yesterday he ended up dead. >> the letter that gillham wrote to the judge is very articulate and very sad. in discussing the battle, he reached an inviting hand out to early death. almost praying for my misery to end. was it a jail house conversion or the group of drugs too strong? we will never no. back to you. >> as we told you, police are trying to figure out, if gillham or someone else was driving the car. another person, bill jones, that is sh behind the wheel. jones was not and 7-month old
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the baby is the son of jones and thomas. at least three local cancer center is at the center of the investigation. fbi agents raided the cancer center as well as cancer centers in adams and sayyotta counties. and members of ohio attorney general office unit. agents didn't provide details on what they found. local man, accused of abusing the girlfriend's daughter. he told the girlfriend, daughter fell downstairs after a child was found with the injury to the face. and doctors at children's hospital says, they found bruises over much of the body. a girl told detectives she didn't believe the injury came from a fall. according to court documents, poppawell agreed to causing the
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he allegedly ran away from the udf on vine street. they say, he left his daughter in the car with drug needles. records indicate he spent seven months in jail. doctors at the cdc are investigating several reports of the he sexually cdc. the latest reports, zika is easier to spread splu sexual. jichtd and their concerns on the norovirus. stud, and students began complaining about symptoms last week. the symptoms include nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. workers from the environment services department, did a deep cleaning of resident's halls and
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new poll shows how the presidential race is shaping up in the battle ground state of ohio. hillary clinton tops bernie sanders 55 percent to 45 percent, among democratic primary voters. donald trump is on top with 31 percent. ohio governor, john kasich follows with 26 percent. ted cruz gets 21. marco rubio 13. ben carson trails with 5 percent. >> everybody is getting slaughtered in their state. we're in the margin of error. it's no question about it. with a little effort in. last thing i want, is whether we will win ohio. >> tonight's republican candidate.
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>> will fight to >> ohio's senator join local faith leaders and doctors who spoke out at the state house today. they say diabetes patients gets breaks at work and accommodations for those who have dui. >> stands to reason that women who are pregnant would also be given those reasonable accommodations and we know that too often though, that's not the case. >> and state senators say they know of 1600 cases of pregnancy discrimination. under current state law, it's illegal for them to deny the reasonable accommodation to the job.
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>> most research shows, he thrives equally with mom and dad. only 70 percent of children whose parents are separated have shared parenting. family 411, focused on the issue of shared parenting. we have a tremendous response for parents who shared custody with kids out of wedlock. greg wishes he could spend every minute of every day with his sons hunter and miles. greg is no longer with the mom. she decides how often he could see his kids. >> basically, you get these days. if you don't like it, you are
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basically she has legal custody. we were never married. >> what do you think about the color? >> jessica and the father of her son are not together either. they are committed to parenting jordan equally. >> i think it's important for him growing up, to see we do get along. i think he's very lucky to have his dad so involved and have such a great relationship with his dad. >> the number of americans getting married has been declining for decades. about 40 percent of the nation's wedlock. that's about four times higher than it was 40 years ago. the most part, laws treated most parents, just like divorced parents. >> and i think there's the bias with many courts. >> groups pushing for laws in every state to make sure parents share routine. >> and i think this helps to sort of break down the kind of rigid gender role that moms of the parents and dads, they earn
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i think the children should see both parents cooking dinner, getting ready for school. >>nd a having both parents involved are better for kids' financial well-being >> this is going to take a while. >> both parents agree the laws should be changed. >> there's a lot of dads who want to get involved. moms and dads, as long as they are equally willing to parent and willing to do it the right way, should be looked out equally in court as well. >> not only are the dads in the situation as well. dads who have been in the situation. we all need to come together. and it needs to change. >> greg says he will spend every minute he's together with greg and miles. these moments have changed his life. >> i know i could take care of my kids i adore my kids.
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>> right now, 20 states are considering legislation which will push for equal shared parenting. a spokesperson for the national organization, many judges and attorneys like the system the way it is. we have a link that includes a report card for states, which includes and just when we were drawing it, lots of rain coming our way. >> 1.5 to 2 inches of rain. my favorite part in the wet rainy day, pink and purple rain boots, with the yellow duckies. when rob, the newsroom goes crazy. >> thank you for pointing it out. >> it's wonderful. earlier, take a look. plenty of sunshine across the area. this is from photograph errandy irwin. you know, we started with plenty of sun.
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now. take a look at the atrium weather camera. this is a mid to low level high core. the storm system that will give the gulf states, plenty of severe weather. chicago, up to 6-9 inches of snow. especially south of chicago. for us, it will be heavy rain, wind and it will be some wet snow. take a look at the weather story. again, it's a massive storm system. heavy rains for us. 1.5 to 2.5 inches of rain. it will end with some wet snow. i don't think it will bring us a lot of problems tip. 53 right now. dew point at 40. and as you could see, if you're heading out in the next couple of hours, there's nothing showing up on radar. so if you're heading out for a bite to eat, heading out to the grocery store, no problems whatsoever here.
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it is climbing out of tennessee and moving into kentucky. and during the daytime hours tomorrow. 1.5 to 2 inches of rain. 20-40 miles an hour, tomorrow and tomorrow night. get ready for that. and nuisance wet snow, beginning around 10:00 to 11:00 tonight. and lasting during the day on thursday. mainly wet roads when the temperatures drops below to 32 degrees. and time line, 7:00 tonight, right on schedule. there's the cloud cover. we have across the area right now. rain moves in around 11:00. we have some heavy stuff. 3:30 in the morning. more heavy rainfall early tomorrow morning.
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into the cincinnati area. and on and off, moderate to heavy rains, during the daytime tomorrow. and few scattered showers. between tomorrow night and during the day on thursday, we're looking at 1:00 -2 inches of snow. and so, if you live near a small stream or small creek, it will rise very rapidly later tonight. if you live in a flood-prone area, beware. driving tomorrow morning, you will see a lot of ponding water. be careful of the scenario. temperatures will drop down to the 40s. they won't drop far. steady rain across the area. eventually they will start to rise early tomorrow morning, back to 48.
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thursday, 36. 35 degrees on friday. we tape, a big dip down into thursday and friday. this weekend, another climb up. 49 on saturday. sunday, 58. we're talking 40s as we get into next week monday and next week tuesday. don't forget. i've been all over the web. doppler tim hedrick on facebook. you could also drop me a line at dopplertim at wkrc. it looked like it could have been done last night, is dead. and it remains a red. today the first day of the workout. brett steinky joins us with more. >> and the gang is finally here. jordan and brandon arrive in kent. the great news, the trade that
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at least not yet. the deal fell through. bruce took the news like a pro. >> trying to not read too much into it. i'm a human being. i'm definitely asking some questions and wondering some stuff, when it goes down. it's part of the business of it all. and, you know, spent a lot of types, you know, the reds are doing what they can to improve the organization. if that's the move they have to make, than me involved in it, it is what it is. >> meantime, great to see reds legends. and they are all doing their best to know the new guys and offering any advice they can. coming at 11:00, we will hear from brandon phillips who turned down the trade with the national >> thanks, brad. we will continue to have coverage from good year all
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we will get to look at the make up and mind-set of the reds club. perfect. and let's go to the extreme of perfect. how about much more aware? and he's wrapped up 16 personal foul penalties and over 200 thousand worth of fines. and he told us he's going to try to change. he said my fine play is impressive and the game has changed and i have to change with it. xavier has one more day to prep for the biggest game of the season. villanova, number one team in the country comes to town. nova is one of three teams who beat out this year. it's not just this year. they have never defeated the wildcats and 0-6 against them. their games is not even close. let's try it again tomorrow. expectations are high. >> we don't worry about the
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we worry about our own expectations. you know, so there's goals set. we have checked some of them off. we have some to check off or at least to tempt to down the stretch. we're going to get to the season, where games matter the most. hopefully our team will respond
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>> six of the smartest cities in kentucky are right here in the area. the career website zippia analyzes census data. it says union is the smartest city in the entire blue grass. it's followed by edgewood, port mitchell and cold springs. checking in at number 6, taylor mill and tenth in the united states. >> quiet right now. nothing on radar across the area. around 11:00, rain should start to enter the 275 loop. little bit earlier than that across northern kentucky. heavier rain, tonight, late tomorrow. and then it turns to snow tomorrow at 10:00 at night.
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here, open minds lead to broken boundaries. and when everyone around you is pushing you forward, nothing can stand in your way. and together, that makes us undeniably
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>> pelley: dangerous weather hit the south. millions of people in five states are on alert for tornadoes. also tonight, more cases of zika in the u.s., spread by sexual transmission. apple's lawyers say unlocking the iphone of a terrorist is a slippery slope. >> apple knows how to do lots of things, buof but it is not an employee of the united states. >> pelley: and who let the dogs out? wait till you see. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news"


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