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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  WKRC  March 10, 2016 2:07am-2:35am EST

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>> from the funeral home to her final resting place. "e.t." with new funeral details. who is coming and who is skipping the service. >> our exclusive with todd bridges. how the first lady helped him kidrugs. >> just say no. >> our marcia clark exclusive. what she is telling "e.t." about the naked photo sc resurfacing in the people versus o.j. >> this is fake, right? >> no, it's real. >> plus, "e.t." is b the scenes of the new captain america movie. robert downey jr versus chris evans. amazing stunts and epic fights. only our cameras caught on the set. >> don cheadle do that. >> salina gomez's very bad day. first, slashing thepaparazzi. then trapped in an elevator?
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>> what's your son. >> from march 9, 2016, this is entertainment tonight. nancy reagan the perfect mix of hollywood glamour, and white houseestyle. >> transfer from the funer loam to the reagan library and friday's invitation only funeral. entertainment tonight covering every corner. >> nichelle turner has more from the reagan library. >>. >> reporter: after a private prayer service hundreds pa respects to first leady. mourners by this image. mrs. reagan looking raeg eagle. her daughter at a brief service in santa monica where eight secret service agents were pallbearers.
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here to the presidential library northwest of los angeles in simi valley. people watched solemnly along the way as the herst its way here. we're learning more today about mrs. reagan's funeral on friday. eclectic mix hollywood celebrities, including anjelica huston and mr. t. katie couric and sam donaldson house. and melissa rivers will be here. her mother, joan, and mrs. reagan were good fr the first lady was her talk show in 1986. have you to be on your good behavior to behavior behavior tonight joan? >> you always have to be on your best behavior with ladies. >> just say no. clint eastwood and michael jackson. in 1983 making an ap on the sitcom "different strokes." i hope i'm not disturbing you, i'm nancy reagan. >> "e.t." on the set, todd bridges who played willis was 17
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>> the plot of that particular episode of "different stroke is there was drugs being sold a the school. >> years later when bridges hit rock bottom on his own addiction, he credits mrs. reagan's message for helping him turn his life around. he is 23 yea clean and sober. >> when i got sober i completely understood what she meant by that. and a phrase i used to a lot. what i will not do is let someone else take me down. >> h has a fund-raiser for the make-a-wish foundation. check out our web page for more information. >> salina gomez with and glitz. forget about getting stuck in a zipper, she got trapped in an elevator. >> open the door like that. >> salina, in the inciden wasn't her only mishap. there was this wardrobe
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sleek back ground up to there gave photographers a little more than they bargained for. at least she was wearing underwear. in the last hours salina gave us a personal fashion show. she left lax in sweat pant $1400 ensemble -- yeah, you heard that right, wi strappy white sandals. look number two, this lace-up body suit with distressed denim mini. almost $1400. salina then documenting her trip via social media even from inside the louis vuitton fashion show, where sheer another mini, just a cool $2600. number four after the show, leather slacks, long black coat and change of handbags. also in paris, bradley cooper walking red cooper without his girlfriend at loreal obsession party.
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this passionate kiss. oh, amore. >> bradley also has a small role j.j. abrams movie. so small you only see his ace. >> i texted bradley and i asked him if he was interested in doing this. the sweetheart he is, texted back and said, whatever you want. >> bradley's voice is heard in the movie. he and abrams work together with jennifer garner on t series "alias." at the premier, john goodman showing off his former bod and an embarrassing moment when i approached kristen at a party. >> i shouldn't be allow out at social parties. i think she is a genius. i wanted it to meet her. i did the wrong thing and but need a ed butted into a conversation.
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she is adoring. >> and word got around and said this kid is insane man mr. education don't forget them and the wor gonna know your name what's your name, son . >> and tina fey attended "disaster" with brian latrel. >> super stars. i'm excited. little speechless right now. i never am. but super proud. >> we have some footage of bailey that you got to see. he was seven ye when he sang at his parents vow renewal. backstreet boy, father/son flash back is tomorrow. >> last night more than 13 million people watched the voice coaches react it what they may have thought was a newcomer.tit what they may have thought was a newcomer.oit what they may have thought was a newcomer.t what they may have thought was a newcomer. what they may have thought was a newcomer.
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spinning and blew uptwitter. but she is not new. >> from houston, "girls time." >> girls time became known as destiny party. we had slumber parties. played jokes. then my parents t out of the group. >> we wanted her to have an education. >> we have been through a lot as far as members. >> while beyonce was telling about her group "evolution" tamar was in college, sanging &- back up for prince. >> i always put myself in the background. never coming to the front. >> and last night -- >> you told me to leave you alone >> she killed it and tyler perry watched back stage. tamar, coach christina, had a big moment with another contestant.
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an easy decision aftering a u aguilera did this duet. >> i pick christina. >> she is hopping mad about something and she wanted to set the record straight. >> right. her photo to mark eat diet supplement on the internet but it is a product she told me she would never endorse. >> a bunch of started tweeting me, have you seen this article. is it true. >> she says the company put out this fake tweet from claiming the supplement was the reason some of the biggest loser contestants lost weight. >> the bottom linne one of the best things you learn on the biggest loser is how important health is and how important it is to eat right and work out there are no short cuts. >> once heavier herself, she lost weight through diet and exercise. she went on the offensive of what she called fraudulent advertising through facebook. >> this farm of identity theft. >> how do you correct this situation and is the company still using -- >> yes, we still see it on
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there are lawyers involved and we are getting involved in litigation. we will do what we have to to stop them. they are internet trols ls and people have to be ery careful. >> allison has been very busy. she has recording session for her upcoming novel "opportunity knocks" set in the high pressure world of talk >> i want to know if you b saw this. sharon osbourne strips down kim k. style. why one of her top co-stars couldn't go through with it. >> i dent on't l it. >> naked and afraid, how do they keep it pg? >> they always have to keep look out. things popout. >> marcia clark and all the things that popped up here
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a naked photo. >> you would n't believe what's going to happen. >> closed captioning provided by --
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osbour naked and not afraid. today on the talk she tackled kim kardashian's selfie controversy. kim says the pictures are empowering. so sharon tweeted her own shot out. kim was right and sharon osbourne. >> i must say, it is a bit liberating. >> yoo got the pose down but cheryl underwood also took nude photo. at the last minute decided to post it and the decision brought her to tears. >> i want to be able to show that there is another standard of beauty but i feel like today i couldn't and i don't like that f >> that's vulnerabilit cheryl told everyone she hopes one day she will post the shot. >> cheryl, don't worry about and the everybody needs to stop getting makeed. meanwhile, getting naked is all they do on the reality show "naked and afra they are
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contestants parts. ladies and gentlemee, meet the blur man group. >> seeing things like we thought and butt crack -- can i say butt crack? ? >> executive producer can do it but our own standard and practices won't let us so we will blur their blurs. we are talking the naked part of the show that has two complete strangers trying to survive in the wilderness. >> did or die thing today. >> yeah, i'mhungry. >> general mandate is to make the blur make as natural as possible and still cover up as much as possible. they have to keep a look out because things will pop out. or you know, there is always the side boob, if you wil >> the job of these graphic artist to go through every single fr footage, mark all of t side and other bits and cover them up. they will keep things bag scraps in view to make the blurs less noticeable. >> once our guys blurred the episode, we review the whole
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woman sitting in a dark room hoping not to see a nipple or piece of crotch. >> these artist would rather blur than com on the show. >> it is really dirty. a lot of bugs. i like to hang out on the >> i still don't understand why anybody would go on that show but i love watching it. >> yes, you do. p>> and marcia clark talks it "e.t.." we get the real story behind her relationship with co-council, chris darden. >> a great partner.
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we have thehe stunt,t, explosion and onestar's diva little moment. that next. ' next.
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it is about to happen. >> what do we do? >> wefight. >> the whole gang is ready to rumble in captain america civil war and this is epic. >> taking on iron man himself, robert downey jr and nischelle turner was on the show with all
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fight choreography, super stunts, only " has them for you. >> oppo views. >> captain. you seem a little defensive. >> and it resultt a little bit of conflict. >> sometimes i want to punch you in your perfectteeth. >> no! >> reporter: team downy versus team evans. and it's war. >> did you just lea captain america so low -- >> oh, believe me i'll take all the help i can get. >> of course, heading to evans is captain america himself, war veteran, falcon. >> nobody has been, you know, filled with the idea of being a celebrity. the one celebrity in the marvel world. >> are you sur >> look me in the eyes. >> see? >> the interview. >> also on team evans, former
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her role model was n team downy. black widow, scarlett johansson. >> i want to know what it feels like to fight like that really bad. what it feels like in my body to things. >> you feel like the new kid? >> i feel less like the new kid. i feel far more comfortable this time arou >> yeah, swirly ies -- >> i feel like we bullied her a lot. >> i'm planning on taking you alive. >> taking the high fall, another evans teammate, former assassin, winter soldier. the competition for best stunt work is fierce. and after work in atlanta, the competition for best dance moves is heated too. >> not to brag, but i can
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i can break the ankle. >> many times -- >> don't be pacquiao to my mayweather. you dent on't want it. you don't want it. >> i think we need to see chris and anthony on the next season of "dancing with the stars." what do you say? we will have more on this movie tomorrow. meanwhile, nischelle was forced on the se of the divergeant series. you may remember kate winslet was killed off in the l movie but there is an even bigger badderville yn running things now played by jeff daniels. >> to me, you are a mi you're genetically pure. come to me. we will turn everybody into just like you and we'll save the world. >> jeff is new to the series. mastermind of the so-called bureau of genetic welfare, trying to create a perfecrace. >> make them too brave, that needs to cool. make them too peaceful then they become pass >> nothing to worry about.
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>> divergence are welcome by the bureau but the reasons are sinister. >> those who want people to be who they are, they're the heros in this. not the people who change you to be like e. >> sharing the screen w hot newcomers in this film, and can you meet them on our websi >> picture of you on the beach, naked. >> oh, my god. >> just a little taste of last night's people versus o.j. simpson. the episode was so dog gone good focused on marcia clark's life. and all the madness that came along with the trial of the vint. i talked to marcia about what it was like to become the tabloid's favorite target. >> this is a fake, right? >> no, it'sreal. my ex-husband. we were on vacation. >> where did you learn about being in the center of the most watched and talked about thing in the world? >> before you get involved, make
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>> this is the topless photo causing a fire storm. marcia in 1979 smiling wearing nothing but biki bottoms. she was on vacation in st. tropez with her first husband. >> i learned what it was like to beekind after of a football. i got kicked around from one end to the other. >> marcia can laugh about it now. but then there were tears. this shows the intimate moment between she and darden and admits, yes, it did happen. >> if it helps. >> what about rumors that the coworkers had an affair. marcia said it's ridiculous. but aconsidereding to darden's book, the singing and dancing was very real. he even used the word relationship. saying he spent more than one night at clark's home, not at all on her couch. chris and i were trenchmates and he kept me out of depression so many da he would be there to say, it's all right.
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he was a great partner. chris and i stayed in touch for a little while then, i went over here and i'm doing what i'm doing. and it's just, life. >> what do you really want, marcia? >> something different. softer. >> all people want to talk about are your clothes. and your hair. >> i thought it was absurd. i t it was just ridiculous. if i paid attention to all of the criticisms, all of the critiques, hair, clothes, make-up, you can get sliver elled up and into a corner so didn't. >> if you were going to whisper something in marcia's ear, what would you wlis per? >> you wouldn't believe will happen. >> the prison guard new knife found and khloe kardashian revolution. >> it'll make your head spin. >> i promise you, it will blow mind. >> now in our entertainment
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age 3? britney snow, rebe wilson or anna kendrick? >> at answer is coming up next. >> felicity huffman makes a revolution. she didn't like her kids until they hit a certain age. >> isn't that like you're not allowed to say that? but yes they're great and i love them and stuff np. >> plus, harrison ford's family secret. the actor reveals list daughter's heroin health battle. >> and hilary duff adopts an adorable dog.
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all on >> travel consideration provided by -- >> welcome back to the show. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which pitch perfect star started modeling at age 3? that's britney snow who turned 30 today.
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have the first interview with her grieving husband and her daughter. >> she was up until the end. >> this conversation gets emotional and can you watch it all on our website,
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t it's comics unleashed, with your host, byron allen. tonight byron well comes chris reid, kim whitley, rod vance and vince florence. now man voted most likely to


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