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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati Sunday  CBS  March 13, 2016 11:30am-12:00pm EDT

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. >>man: they want me to tell me people to be nice. my people are nice. heated protesters get violent at a donald trump rally. >>man: violence at rallies is not what america is about. democratic candidates weighing in.
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and bernie sanders from the bug eye state today. >>woman: i know it sounds boring but when can you run on columbia park way. thousands of runners are running on columbia park way. it's all for the american heart association. we'll have all the details on this year's mini heart marathon. good morning, thanks for joining us. i want to get a quick check on the forecast. things are looking pretty decent. >> yeah, it will not be that way for long. we have another batch of rain moving into the tri state, including downtown cincinnati. we've been dry at least for the past couple of hours downtown within the 275 loop. as we take a closer look, you see the include coming up right lexington and we're next in line. it will start here within the next 15-20 minutes.
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and we're not seeing any thunder or lightning out of this so that's good news as well. the heavy rain from last night put down half an inch to an inch in parts of the area. you could see how it's just hit-and-miss scattered showers. even breaks in the clouds. wouldn't rule out sunshine later on today. harrison is still less than a mile vizibility. we're going to time out the rain for monday. a few strong thunder storms possible on tuesday. we'll tell you what type to in here. thank you. we are just days away from tuesday's election in the buck eye state.
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bit overshadowed from protesters at some of donald trump's recent rallies. megan is joining us live. she's in westchester where the gop contender is expected to speak in a couple of hours. >>reporter: good morning, guys. we're here at the savannah center. this is set to take off at 2:00 today. hundreds are already lined up. people coming very early. the first people we saw here in line were here the same time the morning. morning. now, of course, some people are wondering if it's becoming the norm to see things getting out of hand at the rallies like we saw yesterday at the dayton international airport. some protesters getting escorted out there and then again kansas city. will we see that today? we don't know.
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inside. the last count was 8 hundred people that i saw. may possibly be able to sit 2 thousand. i'm not sure. this is a much smaller venue. in terms of what trump has had to say about the protesters. he spoke out about that last night at kansas city. >>man: i hope these guys get thrown into a jail. they'll never do it again. it will destroy their record, they'll have to explain to mom and dad why they have a police job. you know what, i'm going to start pressing charges against all these people. and then we won't have a problem. >>reporter: now, something different that we saw today outside, there's actually a designated protest area. that was prearranged with protestors who want to do that outside.
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may see some people inside here. we'll be here as the rally gets going at 2:00. people are already starting to come inside and always brent will be here also covering the story. we'll have a full report coming up later tonight. >> thank you very much, megan. pretickets are required to get into that event. we have link to where you can get more information about that on our website. meanwhile, ted cruz won most of the delegates yesterday in wyoming. he won 9/12 delegates that were up for grabs. they started out as trump supporters but changed their minds. carly joined him at yesterday's event. according to the most recent
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kasich, is five percentage points behind trump in ohio. he's counting on a win in ohio to stay in the race. this included a stop in sharonville. republican party. in strongsville, ohio today, he'll be there. he's encouraging ohio supporters to vote for kasich in hopes of stopping donald trump. rubio picked up ten delegates. trump leads with 160, cruz follows with 37. senator bernie sanders, will
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both sanders and clinton are set to speak at the dinner. if you include the super delegates, clinton maintains a fairly sizable lead over sanders. tuesday night, local 12 is a place to turn as the votes are counted. we will have complete team coverage on the run for the white house. the american heart association's largest annual fundraiser took over downtown this morning. more than 20 thousand people marathon. many people who participate in the walk do so in honor of a loved one who suffers from heart disease. they're expected to raise a lot of money. >>woman: this is american heart fundraiser.
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$3 million today. it's the biggest fundraiser. all funds go to heart disease research locally. >> such a great event. for the first time ever, the heart mini is offering a stay and play after party. that's going on right now and runs until 3:00 this afternoon. lots of fun every year. >> they have the after party. after you run, you can just enjoy. we have severe storms that
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we are tracking a good morning, cincinnati, welcome back. at least four people are dead including a six-year-old child after the string of floods from texas to tennessee. >> thousands of people across the south have been affected by the history making rainfall. they called in the national guard to help with the water
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people had to be evacuated. a zika virus vaccine might be ready by this fall. it's been linked to a birth defect that leaves newborns with a small head and developmental delays. another piece of airplane debris has been found on the mozanbi coast. they'll investigate if this came from the flight 370 that disappeared. a south african teen found it in december and took it home. his family contacted the police after a different piece of debris was found. she failed a drug test. >> she said she was taking meldonium. what is it and why are other
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taking it? >>reporter: a speed skater, weight lifter, and volley ball player, all russian are in trouble for testing positive for the drug. she admitted to using it. >>woman: i made a huge mistake and i let my fans down. >>reporter: in a facebook posting friday, she said she didn't know the substance was banned and promises to fight her suspension. it's available over the counter in eastern europe that's known for boosting endurance by increasing blood flow. the association banned the drug on january 1st. 99 athletes have failed the drug test so far. this latest scandal could not
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russian sports. in november, russian's athletic team was suspended from the 2016 summer olympics after being accused of running a state sponsored doping program. they matched to reconsider reenstating the team. >>man: while progress has been made, the russian authorities need to undertake further significant work to satisfy the recent conditions so ruther should not be reinstated to be the membership at this state. >>reporter: sheryl said her doctor prescribed it for her and she's been taking it for over ten years. suspension.
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upon lost productivity during march madness, buff fet isn't won of them. he's offering one of his employees to win $1 million for the rest of their lives. he's also offering one hundred grand to the person who picks the most consecutive wins. that's a sweet little deal. >> they say that's not bad for office comradery.
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welcome back. 12 minutes till noon. 61 degrees outside. look at the live tower cam
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things have cleared up a bit, but rain coming in a little bit later. jerry seinfeld is passing along his prized possession to the largest bidder. he is putting 18 vehicles, although two of them are porsches up for sale. he said it's time for our thuzists to enjoy it. one of the cars is to nab more than $5 million. >> oh, yeah, oh, my. >> i think a celebrity and cars, i think of jay leno and his 130 car garage.
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he has the comedians and cars talk show. >> we saw some rain overnight, kind of moved out, at least in time for the run downtown. >> but there's still another race that starts at noon. >> this is exactly when the rain is moving in. we have another batch of rain, the area of blue, it's pushing from northern kentucky into downtown cincinnati. it's already arriving right now. if you're down there for the heart mini, it's been dry pretty much all night long. but now we're starting to get a little bit of rain moving in. this is not heavy stuff we're talking about here. you can see the little bit of yellow. it starts to become moderate and is now within the 275 loop. no lightning, no thunder, no severe weather, not even any flooding associated with this.
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overnight for parts of downtown as we had a batch of heavy rain move on through. look how much rain it produced. a little over one and a quarter inches of rainfall. that's a decent amount just for the overnight hours. and up to lonken where they had a little more than three quarters. but nonetheless, a lot of us picked up at least half an inch of rain overnight. we're still getting scattered rain. this is zoomed in over downtown. we couldn't see this at 8:00, we had major fog. great; y greatl y . we have a dense fog advisory
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invisibilities are so low up there, that's where the fog is the thickest this morning. slowly, i'm getting reports that it's fading away as we're getting more rain into the area. 51 at the airport. around northern kentucky is pushing into the 60s. we'll be at 62 degrees by 1:00. slowly starting to rise into the middle 60s. we're going to be right there around 68 degrees later on this afternoon before temperatures start to fall again. can't rule out some peeks of afternoon. we have clearing in between some of the showers here. that's some rain moved to the north earlier. we're still going to see a whole lot of clouds. it's warmer down there as well.
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that moved in overnight tonight. we get a break during monday morning. we'll watch for another storm system on tuesday. that could bring a couple of thunder storms in the evening. weather. scott is going to highlight that today. look at that, 73 degrees, not too bad.
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>> and on tueses morning cincinnati, we have a look at this morning's top donald trump is in town today for a rally in westchester. >> that event starts at 2:00 at the savannah center. join us live at the event coming up at 2:00 and we will be live streaming the donald trump rally live on brackets. it is election sunday. we'll find out which of our local teams will be seated in the ncaa tournament. it looks like they still have a pretty good shot at heading to the big dance. just how high they'll be seated.
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the 2 seat. that starts at 5:30. a little bit of rain moving in. >> it's moving in right now. it's hit-and-miss. there will be breaks in between. you can see it here on radar pushing in from northern kentucky. it's light to moderate. we could even see peeks of sunshine in between some of the hit-and-miss showers later this afternoon. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. that's good news. you can see it hour-by-hour on the app. thanks for spending your sunday morning with us. >> keep it right here and
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