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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati Sunday  CBS  March 20, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. >> breaking news alerts and the weather authority forecast, this is good morning, cincinnati sunday. live, on local 12. >> liz: a local, woman dies in a cliff fall. what we now know about what happened in the lexington area. >> adam: and big, blue tears, wild cat nation in mourning, this morning. ncaa tournament run comes to an end. >> reporter: it is a busy morning here in the kitchen of sacred, heart church as they italier. >> liz: if only this was like
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we will be hearing from megan, i'm liz bonis >> adam: and i'm am adam bonis, cold over night and we will feel the warm up coming here is brandon orr with the no-wait weather >> brandon: it is certainly, no precipitation like we did yesterday, like when we had the rain, mixing with snow at times, and especially east and north of downtown, you can see the precision, doppler 12, hd tv and at least, downtown for the time being and that is the way that it is going to stay for most of the day today. 28 at the airport, and cooler north of downtown, and warmer to the south and west, where it is right at 30 degrees, and at 31, and so no matter where you are, you are freezing and a hard freeze in the location and harrison coming in at 27 degrees and we actually have a report of i, 74, near harrison, and the icy conditions, and any moisture left over from rain, is going to likely be freezing and this is
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get, and this is i74, at morgan road and there are cars on there freezing. and this is at overpasses these are actually pavement, temperatures and overpass, or okays ford, i should say to batesville, and m koing right at 32, the pavement and so just be aware of the slick spots, if you see anything that looks like water, assume that it is ice, we are nice and dry here, off to the west, the no he and the rain coming on, and the snow is not move inning here and that will continue to move to the south and so the forecast looks decent today, and the decent amount of sunshine and we will be in the 40 and still going to be a little bit chilly out, coming up at 8:18 and we are talking about more dry weather ahead and that leads to a warming trend and we will tell you how high the temperatures go what about the storms on thursday and when they move in and coming up in a few minutes. >> adam: this morning, crews on the scene of a fire in new port
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there were no reports of injuries so far, the investigators are trying to determine, what caused it. and also new this morning, i471, back open this morning after it was shut down for about an hour over night. it was all due to an accident. and talking about 3:00 this morning, and right near the south gate, exit, just one vehicle, has pretty heavy damage on it however, we are no the clear what caused the driver to lose control. >> adam: a northern kentucky woman is dead after falling from a cliff in the lexington area, mary, stewart died yesterday, at raven run park, the firefighters had to repel down the cliff to roo etch her body and had to move the body using a boat. but that capsized, the firefighter did swim to safety and the dive team was brought in to retrieve her body. >> the basketball team is involved in a serious bus crash on the way to a semitournament, the driver, who spilled a drink on herself, side swiped the bus
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north, and that is where the tournament was being held, the high school team was traveling from northwest indiana when the bus over turned, the coach was flown to a chicago, hospital and is stable condition, most of the students have been treated and released from the hospital and everyone is expected to be okay. that play off game has been postponed. >> liz: things get heated on the campaign trail, while trump holds a rally in arizona, the protestors block the highway leading to the event, near the phoenix area. in new york city, demonstrations took to the streets, they were marching right near trump and trump tower and they also had the other buildings that he owned that were surrounded and denounced trump and say that it is the current front runner for the republican party. bernie sanders also in arizona. he promises expanded protection for immigrants who do not have legal citizenship, utah, idaho and arizona head to the polls on tuesday. >> and president barack obama, leaves for his historic trip to cuba today. he will become the first u.s.
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island in nearly 90 years, cuba has been getting ready for that visit and a very big, promotional campaign and they are preparing for the souvenirs to be purchased and he is expected to meet with castro and talk with other leaders and doing the sight seeing and attend a baseball game >> adam: turning to the coverage of mar mad ch madness, kentucky stanz grumpy after seeing the wild cats fall to indiana. hoosiers no stranger, have not faced each other since 2012, that is when kentucky beat indiana in the sweet 16 on the way to a national title. this year though, it was all crimson and cream to the top, final score, 74-67 iu, and the coach trying to look on the bright side after a disappointing end to the season. >> the kids are not machines they are not put computers and we tried to figure it out and we
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but what i don't want to do is to take away from what indiana did, they play every kid on that had. >> adam: indiana will play, top seeded in being income north carolina and philadelphia in the sweet 16. xavier, has the second round and taking on 7th seed, wisconsin. brad is in st. louis for the game and gives us a preview frmths after taking place, they turned to the next step in the journey to the final four, last night, a round of 32, match ups against wisconsin, and the key for them on the short turn around, just play their game. >> we are definitely here to accept the challenge and you no he that we know that have the great bigs over there and all around team. you know, with 20 and 11 i think in the post season, and they are not a bad team, and with the national championship and they are still on that team last year.
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for them and that will be fun. >> wisconsin is a good team and experienced team and they have been here before and this he mow what it takes and be ready to play. >> they are the team and have a lot of great players as a team and as an individual, and traveling as much as possible, and the guards, consist of every shot, and the big, man and trying to be tough and physical. >> the tip offset for 8:40 tonight right horror on local swefl and make sure that you are here with us on the sports authority, and all here from the region, here in st. louis, i'm brad, local, 12 sports. >> liz: excited for that. one of cincinnati oldest and largest traditions kicked off today, thousands of homemade, italyan dinners going to be served here in cincinnati that is where we find, local 12's megan moore, and we anticipate that you will be able to taste that and it is amazing isn't it? >> reporter: i have not had a chance to taste it yet. but i think that they are going
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we are here with vogal and you have been doing this for 39 years now? >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: how much goes into this, and we have a lot of people, in the kitchen and stirring the sauce and there is a lot that goes into this before today. >> i started about 6 weeks ago, the order, and the order the materials in, and my job to keep the pots and pans, clean and get everything ready to go for the dinner. and as the orders come in, and make sure that it gets in the right place. >> yeah. >> make sure that the right people get what they need for what their job is. >> reporter: you were saying that there are about, and you are making about 600 gallons of pa sta sauce? >> 6,000 meat balls and 220,000 pieces. >> and man, it sounds like a lot but i am sure that this is going to go quick. >> it is usually about two or three it starts, yeah, getting down to the knitty gritty.
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is amazing is that we peeked outside, there are actually people sleeping out there and they have been waiting in line for a while. >> that is standard for us, they bring in the heaters, and the newspapers, and they wait in line. >> wow. and you had a funny little store. and you said that some guy actually came last year from columbus, is that right? >> we had the people come from columbus, and the people from indianapolis that lived here in one time and knew about the dinner and they come, and they take them home. >> thank you so much, bill and we are here in the kitchen at sacred heart, and i am sure that you are going to put me to work here. and this is not easy to stir this pot of pasta sauce and it is probably easier than i am. and hopefully we will get to taste it in a little bit. >> liz: how soon can you pick it up, i heard that the people use it sort of for brunch.
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orders will start at ten, or 10:15, but i hear that the line, gets long pretty quick and so you want to get down here as early as you can. >> liz: i look forward for having you walk us through that assembly line, that is quite a production. if you are looking to get a fill of the authentic meal hurry up, about $12, and $5 for kids who are not age 12. an verse niversary performance, they are celebrating 20 years of making music. >> adam: volunteers helping children sleep a little bit better chl the effort in
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that every chilld >> liz: good morning, cincinnati we are covering the news where you live this morning, a huge, volunteer effort took place this morning, they are hoping to bring the kids a better place to sleep. >> adam: sweet dreams, met and they built, 50 beds and now the organization, planned this project after realizing how many of the children are forced to sleep on the floor. the groups will deliver the beds along with mattresses and sheets and pillows. >> liz: a local community holding a photo competition today and you can see the
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these photos are on display from one to three this afternoon and they are at the universal church on montgomery road, this is the 29th year for the contest and it is really popular. >> adam: a local, orchestra is celebrating the 20th anniversary, with a special, concert, the orchestra will play at 3:00, at setan high school and will play, a special, over tour, commission for today's performance, followed by works, by mozart and admission is free. how a local school is helping kids take charge of their futures coming up >> liz: but first, how far would you go he to save your own mom's life? a student in butler county, is getting a lot of support for her
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will share her >> adam: good morning, a young, butler county, girl is trying to save her mother's life and getting the support from the school.
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friend, and one of the stories where you ask, how far would you life. possible and the students and the teachers there are giving her a lot of support. >> reporter: shelby, is a student who has always loved better. >> i just like boosting people's that. >> reporter: so imagine her sadness, when the one person that she wants the most in the world to help feel better her mom, who she invited to class today, she cannot help her mom at all. >> i have iga and it is total, renal failure. >> reporter: it slowly shuts down the kidney's filtration, rate, so three days a week, her mom connie goes to dialysis, so these machines can filter kidneys. in ethey keep her alive and it is hard to see her be so sick afterwards.
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recovery is a kidney donor, and she is not old enough to be that donor, and when the staff members, noticed the sadness about finding one, they decided they would help. it sounds like the whole school kind of got behind. >> we really did. we really did. >> reporter: they started with yard signs like this one, which they let me use for this story. >> i told them that i have to do a tease for tv, and they thought that i meant a hair tease. that got the team, thinking however, thinking big. >> i said, hey, could we use the marky, that is a huge, yard sign. >> sure enough, watch this, for the whole world to see, when this sign lights up it really says to shelby, we care, we will do, what it takes, you know, to help them be successful and that means, their family. and so when they are having problems, we are all involved with it. >> reporter: it is a colorful message from a team that knows a thing or two about color. >> it should not be very long. >> reporter: it has brought in a handful of potential donors but
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>> we are family here. we truly are. >> i just think that it is cool that there are people out there that care so much for somebody and it is all in god's timing. it is. >> reporter: we are so praying for you, if you or someone that you love mighting willing to be tested to be a live, kidney donor, if you don't match connie you could help someone else and giving out a number, 514-309-5229. we will follow the story and let you know when she finds a match and not if she finds a match. that is through the university of cincinnati through the living donor program. >> adam: let's hope that someone comes forward. >> liz: sometimes they have a match program now and sometimes you can pair up donors across the country. >> adam: excellent, chilly this >> brandon: causing just a the road. >> liz: it is cold, it was 30. >> brandon: a lot colder than yesterday, we were above freezing at least.
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>> brandon: it is, and it started after midnight. >> brandon: i know, but actually our frmg, low temperature is right around 35. and so we are not too far off and we have just been spoiled, and just give me above 50 for the opening day and i am good. that is what we are all hoping for. >> liz: i told him that we are already, reaching and looking. >> brandon: we will have to see in the coming weeks and i am hoping for the nicer weather and just warmer than what it is today, that is for sure. these are the pavement temperatures and you can see that they are below freezing and especially north of downtown, and even other, the downtown, pavement temperatures on the overpasses are below freezing and so any moisture left over from yesterday's rain and snow mix, you will have to watch out for a couple of patchy areas of black ice and we have had reports of that one of which was i74, near harrison and this is not quite down, to harrison but we don't have any traffic cameras, this is the closest one at morgan road. you can see there are cars out there, and you can see the overpasses and especially what you want to be careful for, because the cold air, and i am talking about these temperatures
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20s running underneath those overpasses cools them down faster than the ground, which bit warmer. and that is on the ground. so a lot of us in the 20s and even the middle 20s up to whimming whim wilmington above freezing and as it was falling it was melting upon, contact, and precision, hd shows us that all of that has moved out, and we are not tracking anything in terms of rain or snow today, and in fact it is going to be clear with just a few clouds in the sky a little bit later on, and as we get into the evening hours, it is not going to get much warmer than that and we are going to be staying in the middle 40s for the most part and even later on this afternoon and so it is going to be a nice day with the decent, amount of sunshine from time-to-time. and you can see on the clouds and radar, that we are in between the storm systems and we are sandwiched in between two of them, and you can see it in the snow?
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clear and we are watching the snow and the far western kentucky that is going to continue to move to the south and we are going to be looking okay, especially as we go throughout the day today, and a nice end to the weekend, considering how ugly it was yesterday, in the between, it was cooler, and since we had the cooler skies and you can see how the computer models shows that it moves to the south and even the snow to the south, and there are above, freezing by a few degrees and so a lot of it is melting on contact, just like what we saw in the northeastern counties yesterday, the rain off to the east, scraped by adam's county with a brief, light sprinkle or two, and not going to amount so much whatsoever. and look as we go into monday and a lot of clear skies and we will see the warming trend as we get into the early part of next week, and especially by tuesday, and that is when we return to the 60s. and the 62 by tuesday, and 67 by wednesday and we are starting to increase the clouds a little bit and we have the next sips temperature on the way by thursday and that is going to bring in a chance of rain and thunderstorms in the afternoon. and it is still too early to
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strong and you can imagine with the heating of the day we will be here, 70 degrees, in the afternoon and that a possibility of a couple of strong thunderstorms and we will dry out a little bit by the weekend and that is the good news and get it out of the way. >> it makes for a nice easter forecast. >> we have that coming through on friday and the computer models trending earlier and so we can try out the weekend. >> adam: and 62 on taco tuesday. >> liz: i thought that we are going to have the messy, easter egg hunts. they are going to get muddy. >> liz: a local mother is helping to fight the heroin epidemic, the resource fair she created after her own son battles the addiction. >> adam: a plane crash in russia, what led up to the
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>> adam: good morning, cincinnati, welcome back, open for adoptions today. >> liz: our good friend, harry is here to show us a couple of animals you might be able to take home. >> good morning, i am here with a fine, boxer mix named cain, cain is about 3 months old. and he is going to need plenty of obedience training. a really good dog, but needs plenty of exercise and like we always say, a tired dog is a good dog. then we have an afria, a very night, cat. the cat is about 4 months old. female, of course. spayed and had her microchip and
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companion animal. and they will be available today. at 11900 con way road, at noon, out in sharonville, and we want to remind everybody that the fur ball is coming up. and it is sponsored by bmw of cincinnati north out in the tri county area and so stop by there if you are looking for a new car. and come to the fur ball, on april, 23rd, back to you. >> adam: and that explains, why harry was wearing a cowboy hat >> liz: he was it has a western theme. >> adam: he looks good in a hat >> liz: a special, singing competition, coming up today. we will tell you how the local companies are coming together to make music and support that just ahead. >> adam: plus they are cooking up a feast in camp washington in morning, megan is going to be live as the things get rolling
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>> adam: dozens are killed in a horrific plane crash in russia and the latest on what caused the plane to go down >> liz: stepping up to help pediatric cancer, the gala and it starts now.
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lots of bellies with lots of lots of meat balls, as feeding the masses. >> adam: i have had my belly filled by the dinner there at sacred heart and it is good. good morning, i'm adam clements >> liz: and your mom's cooking, and i'm liz bonis is thank you for joining us, first though, did you step outside today and wonder was it going to be --. >> adam: i did, i am here. >> liz: back to winter and it was warm and now it is cold, welcome to spring, here is meteorologistology, brandon orr >> brandon: you know that there is a warm up on the planning forecast and so we have to get through the next couple of days and it is going to be nice outside, but it is chilly, and we do have a lot of sunshine and it is not nasty like it was yesterday, and you can see the full view of downtown and it looks, nice and hardly a cloud in the sky and that is what it is going to be like for a chunk of today, and the temperatures right now, around, 28 degrees or so, and so it is chilly this morning and we have the frost on the car tops at times.
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and right around, 23. and so it is a little bit chilly off this morning and the temperatures are slightly below average and a lot of us are in the 20s and 25, there over to wilmington that is where they had the on and off snow showers, yesterday with the temperatures only in the 30s for the time in the midday hours, at least. right now we are not seeing anything on precision, doppler hd and it is nice and dry, like we saw on the camera and there are no clouds here and that is off to the west and we have to go west to indianapolis and we have the snow and back to st. louis and that is going to stay to the south and it is going to be nice today and i do have an extra, cloud there, and i think that we will see the clouds there, and 44 degrees will be our temperature right around, 3:00 and i think that we will top out right there in the middle 40 and even though we are getting a lot of sun, it is going to be chilly today. coming up at 8:48, we are talking about more dry weather ahead but there is a chance of thunderstorms in the forecast and a couple of those could be
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timing on those in the workweek, shortly. >> adam: thank you, turning to the coverage of the world, five people are killed in an attack, and two of those that were killed are isly american, citizens. >> liz: happening on a busy shopping street and there were responsibility, but the suspicion right now falls on the islamic state group, and who have claimed the recent attacks, this was the 6th suicide bombing in the past year. and we are learning that a suspect just arrested in the deadly terror attacks in paris, had planned to be one of the suicide bombers, but backed out at the last minute. the paris, prosecutor says that was salam told the belgium, investigating during the questioning that he was actually captured during a police raid in brussles. and he says that he ditched his suicide vest, after driving others to that area, to carry out the attack.
8:33 am
called a terrorist murder. >> adam: authorities are beginning to investigate, what led to a devastating passenger jet crash in southern russia, everyone on board was killed, the pilot who was expecting his first child had just accepted a job with another airline, chris has the latest from washington. >> reporter: a russian, security camera, captured the final moments of the flight, 981, all 62, people on board, including 55 passengers, four of them children, and 7 crew members died in the violent crash. >> everyone in our company is indeed, shocked. >> reporter: while the impact, overrides the boeing, 737, the investigators recovered the cockpit, voice recorder and the flight, data recorder, it happened two hours after the flight from dubi was schedule to arrive in russia, about 600 miles outside of moscow, based on the flight path data, it appears that the plane made an
8:34 am
circled before making a second attempt, the plane ended up about 800 feet short of the runway in bad weather, that included rain and strong wind gusts and the american team from the national transportation board and boeing are joining the investigation. cbs news, washington >> adam: just horrible among the causes, pilot error, or bad weather conditions. >> liz: turning to local news, a local mother takes it upon herself, to help to fight the heroin epidemic by planning a recovery event, she hosted this resource fair yesterday, in sharonville and free and open for everyone, allows those looking for help to go to one place to find resources. it is the kind of event that she wishes would have been there when she needed help for her own son who was addicted to drugs. >> the cure starts now, hosted the annual once in a lifetime. gala and auction, it was held at
8:35 am
of the money raised will go to finding a home run, cure for cancer, it started, they start with pediatric, cancer, and she became a voice, when she battled brain cancer, and her family helped to plan the event and report that 70 million has been raised given the research, since the ee sent started several years ago. >> adam: a special, singing competition is going on, it was started in 2014, by the arts wave, and a local company put the choirs together and compete in the sing offs to participate in today's competition, the semifinals are at two and the finals start at 7:00, the groups from the great, american, insurance and macy's have the final spots, after winning the performances last year. >> a feast, for the masses. and it is a tradition that has been going on now for more than a century at sacred heart, church in camp washington, the local 12, megan moore is there this morning as they prepare to feed, thousands for an
8:36 am
they letting you stir the pot? >> reporter: oh, yeah, they put me to work. these pots. of the event. and you no he that it is funny, you don't want too many cooks in the kitchen but today that is a good thing. and you have been doing this for 30 years now yourself? >> i have been here longer, thatn that but i have been chairman about that long. >> this is a big undertaking and i mean that you are going to be serving thousands of people today. >> yes, we will have about 2,000. >> wow. >> and you know, you and i we just went and peeked outside and there is somebody, first in line, and sleeping soundly. >> all covered up. >> what is the most fun part of this event? i know that it is a lot of work, do you guys prepare weeks ahead of time, what what is the most fun for you. >> the most fun part is being with these guys. you know, they are doctors or lawyers. and you know, and everything else. and they are a bunch of great guys and they all donate their
8:37 am
church and that is what makes it so nice. >> and then the people. >> reporter: to put it into perspective, how many, volunteers, do you think help out with this. >> yesterday, i think that i had, i saw the most that i have ever had here. i must have had 150 people here. >> reporter: and that was for the meat balls. >> and setting up the hall and stuff like that and the sauce. we did that too, yesterday. >> reporter: you were saying that the ravioli you prepare weeks ahead. >> we made, 115,000 two weeks ago and froze them and then we will make another 100,000 today. because we have to keep up with the dinner. that is going to take, 230,000 at least. >> reporter: that is a lot, and he said that some guy came from columbus, from years back and the people that come from indianapolis and people that come out all over. >> i go out in the line and because i know a lot of people in line. how long have you been in line, not long, judge, oh, two are hours, you know, don't worry
8:38 am
from sedanville and dayton and it works out. >> reporter: of course, the meal is worth it. >> that is it, that is always worth it. >> reporter: if you are dining in i know that you get a few extras. >> when you are in you get the salad and cookie and you get the ice cream and carry out you don't get those three and so we like to put a few extra raviols in. >> reporter: you advise the people to get here early. >> thank you, and i hope that you come. >> reporter: we have to let them go and they have a lot of work to do, thousands that they will be feeding here at sacred heart church get here early. send it back to you. >> adam: you and i, get breakfast after the show on sunday mornings i think that it is safe to say you need to bring, breakfast to us, today. >> reporter: absolutely, i will see what i can do. >> adam: thanks, it is a meal that is well worth the wait, $12 for adults and $5 for kids under 12.
8:39 am
a warm up is coming that is the good news, meteorologist brandon orr is going to tell us, what we can expect now that spring is here, his full forth ecast is coming up. >> adam: rising above poverty, a school that is teaching the kids
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> liz: welcome back, good morning, cincinnati local 12, taking a closer look at poverty
8:42 am
morning we hold a town hall meeting. >> adam: our station is looking for ways to overcome poverty, found a school where the children are being taught that they have a say in their future. >> reporter: some girls have just been called to the principal's office here at the brok dale, academy. it is not what you think, visiting the principal, is a reward. like the leadership, trips, showing them a world beyond avondale. >> do you remember the things that we did in chicago? >> we also went to the museums. >> i did what? >> i got to keep up with you guys? >> reporter: here the students are taught dreams can come true. it can happen with something called growth mind set. and grit goals. >> it is, if you are, and if you get it wrong, your mind, and your, brain is getting smarter. and bigger. and that --
8:43 am
>> a growth mind set. >> and grit. >> and what is grit? >> grit is when you don't give up. of two. >> reporter: growth mind set and grit goals, follow these children into every classroom. >> if you would tell me what their growth mind set, monday ter is and what you say to yourself, and what you think, and you want to guarantee going, so raise your hand and we will start with nadia, what do you say? >> reporter: students are taught to see beyond adversity, such as economic, hardship, this lesson is called, my tomorrow and includes a process. >> go to school, go to college. they say save for a house and get married and then have the children. i said that is a process, no cut ing in between. we show them how the gpa is
8:44 am
college costs but you can do it because college is to be prepared for college like you prepare for your credit. you have good grades that is good credit and the colleges take a chance on you. >> one person at a time, a person like miss wallace, she is showing us how to dig ourselves out of poverty together. not the cry baby stuff. and don't have a daddy. i am poor. my mom is on crack. all of those things happen. they happen to all of us. it. and when miss wallace says to these kids, you can. >> reporter: davis is with avon dale, comprehensive development corporation. and he went to the rock dale, academy, and says what is happening there is spilling into the community. >> the kids can change the whole situation. they can change the house. they can set the expectation at
8:45 am
no mommy, no we can't be late. because, we are on excellence, and they may not be on excellence, at the house. but, the school house, that is what the school house is all about. >> reporter: when it is not excellent, at home, there is the groom room. where the children can brush their teeth and get clean cloths including underwear, there are fitting rooms for boys and girls, once a month, a neighborhood, barber cuts the hair. >> what we do to build them up so they can feel great about who they are and going to become. >> it is a nice, and safe, environment for our kids and that is what they want, and when they come here they see a love and they are ready to learn and to pass and share what they have learned. >> reporter: share what they learn about healthy eating for example, no sugary drinks or sweets in this lunchroom, she is eating healthy foods now, because that is what her two children, pick out at the
8:46 am
no sugary, drinks and no junk food. i have adopted it, but when i go shopping, i don't buy none of that junk food. i take my kids and they don't want it no more. >> reporter: no sugary, drinks and exercise. wallace is not just jumping rope, she is teaching it. many of these children don't know how because it is not safe to do it on their streets. one more lesson, about presence, grace, pose, posture. the girls and gals, the boys in sports coats and ballroom dancing as part of the academy's first big production. >> when we talk about what is happen inning rock dale, spilling out into the community that happened last night. for the first concert, they are showing up, which is what it usually happens, and there were 500 here. >> once you dress up and put the suit on and a dress, your
8:47 am
and feel pretty and you want to do your best and feel excellent and ha is what i wanted to give them. >> that word, excellence again, it is the standard here, where the children are taught to lift themselves out of childhood adversity. >> you can do it if you think that you can. >> life is hard, but you should never give up on your dreams. >> reporter: deb bra, dixon local 12 news. >> adam: quite a message, the woman featured in that, is going to be one of the featured pannalists tomorrow, it runs from 7 to 8, at the underground, center, if you would like to attend, e-mail, web master at local, and also will be broadcast live on local 12 and local >> making it a little chilly this morning when you step outside. >> just a little bit. >> less than 30 degrees. >> brandon: the frost on the wind shields and i had to scrape it off this morning, i am hoping
8:48 am
probably not. oh, really? we see the last, 32 degree, day in the middle of april that is when they start the frost and freeze advisories that he don't start it until the middle of april. >> 35 degrees is the average now and we are not too far off from that, and right now the problem is that the water on the roads freezing a little bit and a little bit of black ice and it is not widespread, and you can see the pavement temperatures are below freezing north and northwest of downtown, and again, it is not watch for the problems and we did get the reports on ice, on i74, and that is where the pavement temperatures are and you saw them right there at 32 degrees, and this is i74, in morgan road and you can get it in terms of the traffic cameras on i74, and there is traffic there, and the road, and they are fine in most locations but the bridges and the overpasses and the shady areas that still have a little bit of water left over on the roadways and it is likely not water any more, and it is with
8:49 am
below freezing, like it is below freezing, and it is 25 in fabe fayeit. teville and it is warmer going back to indiana which was at 30 groo ez not too long ago and so we had have it on the precision, doppler hd will be in the form of stow but we are not seeing it out there, but we did have the snow across, butler county, and warren and highland and mixing in with the rain showers and no accumulation, as it is above freezing. and we are fwoeg to be above freedzing and we are going to be in the 40s by the noon hour and 44 by three, and it is going to be mostly sunny and we are going to have the clouds to deal with later on this afternoon and it is not going to be much and you can see the sunshine but you saw the high temperature there and 46 degrees and so we are still pretty cool and that is below frmg for this time of year and typically we are right there in the 50s and. you can see the clear skies that we have around now as we are
8:50 am
and you can see storm, in pittsburgh, and over to the mountains there and nothing is going on here and not even any clouds and you don't see the gray and we are watching the storm system that is in southern illinois and you can see it snowing down there, but the temperatures are above, freezing and you can see that it is 37, and st. louis is 34, and it is not sticking to the ground and we are dry here in between and we are going to stay, dry throughout the day today and you can see that the computer model has it and moving to the south and not to the east, but it could scrape by the adam's county, and the one in pittsburgh, and the spray, and the sprinkle and i think that we are going to stay mostly dry, and a few, afternoon clouds here and there and dry on monday and it looks nice on monday and only see a few clouds from time-to-time and a lot of sunshine and the big warm up will get us going as we get into tuesday and we are going to be in the 60s because we have a big storm system on the way for next week and this is the only player for next week, and this is the cold front moving across st. louis and up through illinois and indiana and that is going to bring a lot of warm air
8:51 am
about the temperatures 70 degrees by thursday, and ahead of it we will get the thunderstorms popping up along the cold front and some of those could be on the strong side and it is going to take a couple of days to figure that out, and pinpoint the dow tails, adam ward will have more coming up, today, during the newscast as well as local, 62 by tuesday and the big warm up by 70 by thursday and i know that we are waiting for that because today is the first day of spring it just does not feel like it. >> it is here. >> adam: but not really. >> liz: they forgot to tell mother nature, it is the first day of spring. >> brandon: i feel like every weekend we are using that spring count down and it is here and we are -- >> adam: it is the first cold weekend in a while. >> liz: you set up the
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> adadam: w we >> liz: good morning, sunshine, if you are looking for it, we are not seeing much here at the bend of the river, with a live look, and as we tell mother nature, this is the first day of spring, we will see a little bit today, you will need, 28, and if you put away your coat, you will need to get it today. brn don will up date that in just a moment. coming up, full measure, and this week, the investigative
8:55 am
the new policy, and at donald trump. and he has previews. >> reporter: this week on full measure, there are a lot of calls to build a wall between mexico and the u.s. we visit a town on the american side of the border, where existing walls, and border guards, make little difference, it is a small town in arizona that says is ripe with the influence of mexico's biggest drug car tell. we take a look at trump, candidate, trump, the man is on track to be the republican nominee, when we first interviewed him last fall, the media was joking he was a candidate that would never last, how could this he get it so wrong? and president obama going to cuba and marking a new open, relationship and we take a look at an old policy, one that continues to give cuba refugees special, status in the u.s., above all others. that and maybe, just a hint of one of washington's favorite festivals is coming early this year, join us on full measure. >> liz: begins at 11 this
8:56 am
and you can catch up on the previous episodes and see the news. we have a look at this morning's top stories, a kentucky woman is >> adam: this happened yesterday, and the investigators are trying to figure out how 22-year-old, stewart fell, and an autopsy is planned for today. >> liz: local 12 news hosting a town hall meeting on poverty, at predom pre prefreedom center, and if you would like to attend, web master and local 12 could help you do that and also, broadcast live, on local >> adam: get the madness, before the madness gets you, xavier has the game in st. louis, and taking on the runner up, wisconsin tip off after 8:30 and you can watch it on tnt and brad is in st. louis and we will get
8:57 am
>> liz: all right and a final lock at our weather. >> brandon: chilly for now and it is going to be chilly and we will get into the 40s and very similar as to what you saw yesterday, and i looked it up, and the average date is april, the 15th, the latest that we have seen on the 32 degrees is may the 25th. >> and we are looking up because we are giving you a hard time. there. >> but it is going to be 70 degrees by thursday and so we will enjoy it. and we are back at 11:30 with more news, we hope that you enjoyed your sunday, thanks for sharing it with us.
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